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Financial Aggregators: Friends, Foes, or Attack Surface?

Third-party financial aggregators might make life easier for users, but they can be a new attack vector for those looking to defraud your institution and its customers.

Each time a new list of leaked credentials goes into circulation, criminals use them for credential-stuffing attacks on aggregators, as well as other targets. Once working aggregator credentials have been identified, attackers move on to siphon funds out of their victims’ accounts.

Furthermore, some aggregators explicitly aim to use their positions to disintermediate banks and other financial institutions from their customers.

What steps can banks take to:

Protect their infrastructure?
Protect their customers?
Enforce the API use agreements that they have entered with the aggregators?

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Recorded Aug 11 2020 46 mins
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Presented by
Dan Woods, VP Shape Intelligence Center, Shape Security now part of F5
Presentation preview: Financial Aggregators: Friends, Foes, or Attack Surface?

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  • Enabling Advanced Application Security Mar 3 2021 7:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    Peter Scheffler Cyber Security Solutions Architect, F5 | Corey Marshall Director of Solutions Engineering, F5
    Today’s threat landscape requires applications to be available, secure and agile. Agile to meet the ever changing demands of today’s business world, available across all platforms and secure from prying eyes and hackers. Meeting these needs is a continuous challenge for security professionals.

    F5’s App Protect Solutions meet these needs head-on, providing security that integrates with CI/CD pipelines to ease and responds to new and changing threats. See how our App Protect Solutions for both customer-managed and outsourced solutions can be tailored to your needs.

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  • The Risks and Rewards of Expanded VPN Deployments Recorded: Feb 24 2021 36 mins
    Malcolm Heath, Sr. Threat Researcher, F5 Labs
    With the massive shift to work-from-home caused by COVID-19, many organizations rapidly deployed VPN and other remote access solutions to their workforces. These approaches present both rewards and risks to an organization’s overall security posture.

    In this webinar, we will identify four major risk areas: overall network architecture, access control, denial-of-service, and endpoints.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    - How VPNs can change an organization’s network security posture in unexpected ways
    - Insights into the importance of authentication and VPN Application Risks
    - Understand the issues with end user bandwidth and networking and the complexities of troubleshooting access issues when VPN is involved.

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  • Stop Fraud Without Friction: How to stay ahead of motivated attackers Recorded: Feb 23 2021 60 mins
    Dan Woods, VP Threat Intelligence Center, Shape Security Part of F5
    Competing for customer loyalty in a digital world is hard. To add to this challenge, leaders must defend the business from motivated adversaries who have evolved their tactics to bypass security defenses and evade detection. Any business that operates e-commerce applications or manages user accounts of value is a potential target and the consequences are significant - account takeover (ATO), fraud losses, and damaged brand to name a few.

    Join us for this webinar as Dan Woods, VP Shape Threat Intelligence Center and former FBI Agent, discusses:

    - Attacker economics and the attractive ROI of cyber crime
    - Where attacks originate – automation
    - How attackers adapt – imitation and human fraud
    - How to defeat your adversaries and protect your business from online fraud

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  • Balancing App Innovation in Financial Services Recorded: Feb 17 2021 37 mins
    Gee Chow, DevOps Specialist, F5 | Roy Muermann,Solutions Architect, F5
    Attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in banking and financial services. Bad actors are now exploiting new vulnerabilities associated with innovative apps aimed to improve customer convenience. Indeed, only 43% of consumers believe companies are doing enough to protect their personal information.

    In this webinar, discover how financial services institutions can balance customer convenience with evolving cybersecurity threats. You’ll learn:

    - A best-fit approach for balancing app innovation with cybersecurity risks
    - Analysis around available app innovation models in financial services
    - The steps needed to implement an evolved enterprise app methodology

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  • Application Security with NGINX Recorded: Jan 27 2021 56 mins
    Chris Witeck,Director of Product Management, F5 | Rajiv Kapoor Sr. Product Marketing Manager, F5
    In this webinar, we demonstrate how to implement effective security controls for your application infrastructure, without impacting release velocity or application performance.

    Join Chris Witeck and Rajiv Kapoor as they showcase NGINX App Protect and the upcoming security capabilities within NGINX Controller, with specific business use cases in mind.

    Join us in this webinar to learn:

    - How to enforce SecOps-authorized security without disrupting the DevOps CI/CD process
    - How to deploy and manage application security controls across distributed environments such as containers and microservices
    - How to set, manage, and tune consistent security policies across your applications on premises and in multiple clouds
    - How to gain an overview of your application security posture with centralized visibility and statistics
  • Gain End-to-End Application Visibility With F5 Beacon Recorded: Jan 13 2021 59 mins
    Adil Laari, Sr. Product Manager, F5 |. Forrest Crenshaw, Sr. Product Management Engineer, F5
    Applications are the driving force behind value creation in the age of digital transformation. Gaining visibility into all your applications is the cornerstone of properly managing and leveraging your application portfolio.

    Attend this webinar to learn how you can:

    - Gain full visibility into the health and performance of your entire application portfolio, complete with robust analytics

    - Reduce Mean Time To Innocence (MTTI), and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) by quickly identifying where issues are in the application path
    Get easy-to-consume, actionable insights to help you make informed decisions

    This webinar will include a live Beacon demo.
  • How 5G Success Starts With Your Cloud-Native Infrastructure Recorded: Jan 6 2021 43 mins
    Philip Klatte, Sr. Product Mgr, F5 | Shawn Wormke, VP Engineering, F5
    Cloud-native infrastructure is foundational to a Service Provider’s 5G success. The ability to define, manage, and control 5G cloud-native infrastructure enables Service Providers to bring processing power within sub millisecond latency to the edge of the network, opening up a new world of innovation opportunities for customers.

    In order to provide optimal customer experience, it’s best practice to deploy cloud-native infrastructure based on Kubernetes from the core all the way to the edge and far edge of the network. The challenge is that Kubernetes isn’t natively equipped to meet the visibility, control and security requirements of the teams that manage the infrastructure.
    In this session we will examine the F5 solution for efficiently deploying and managing your 5G cloud-native infrastructure.

    Learn how to support your transition from 4G with:

    - BIG-IP Service Proxy for Kubernetes (SPK), a multi-protocol container-based signaling control, security and visibility solution.

    - Carrier-Grade Aspen Mesh, a service mesh based on Istio that provides critical features for operating at the scale required by carriers.

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  • WAF Security + CDN Performance: Better together with F5 and AWS Recorded: Jan 5 2021 31 mins
    Josh Mendoza, Sr Product Owner, F5 | Shawn Brady, Head of Global Partnerships Edge Services, AWS
    You want to deliver personalized experiences to customers and partners. Developers want to move fast to innovate quickly and get rapid feedback from their applications. Infrastructure teams know that customers will not tolerate a poor experience, and that reliability, performance, and low latency are non-negotiable. And security teams must seamlessly protect company and customer data at all costs.
    Performance is non-negotiable. Neither is security. You can have both.
    F5 Essential App Protect, is your instant out-of-the-box SaaS security solution for protecting web applications. Coupled with Amazon CloudFront, a highly performant content delivery network (CDN), the process is simplified to consistently deliver the reliable digital experiences that customers and partners seek.

    n this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
    •Reduce the time and effort needed to deliver and secure applications
    •Protect your business from existing and emerging threats
    •Deploy F5 Essential App Protect in conjunction with AWS CloudFront content caching
  • Fake Reservation Story: The Power of Signals & Sharing Data to Stop Application Recorded: Dec 29 2020 25 mins
    Dan Woods, VP Threat Intelligence Center, Shape Security Part of F5
    Shape Security threat research recently partnered with one of our customers to investigate a mysterious case involving online bookings that were producing a spike in no-shows. An innovative automation attack was uncovered, impacting not only this customer but a number of brands across industries – Shape brought deep data and insights available from the Shape Network to the investigation.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how:
    - Shape can contribute data-driven insights derived from defending many of the world’s most popular – and attacked – brands
    - To improve security for your business, at no cost and without additional work on the part of your teams AI, ML and sharing data can defeat attackers and prevent fraud

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  • The Evolution of Application Security Recorded: Dec 29 2020 41 mins
    Chris Fuller, Sr. Manager, Solutions Engineering, Shape Security, Part of F5
    Cyberattacks have rapidly evolved since the advent of online transacting almost 25 years ago, with attackers continually escalating and refining their evasion techniques. While organizations and individuals continue to mobilize in an attempt to mitigate the global disruptions taking place around them, cybercriminals have wasted no time in exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, attackers and fraudsters call upon a sophisticated suite of tools, including human-powered click farms, social engineering, and malware – all designed to defeat traditional defenses such as CAPTCHAs.

    This webinar will dive deeper into how organizations can keep pace with this precipitate shift and adjust their security postures accordingly, to more accurately reflect the realities of an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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  • Fact vs Fiction: What security practices really protect your business Recorded: Dec 22 2020 50 mins
    Luke Lehman, Sr. Product Manager, Shape Security Part of F5
    The number of cloud-based and SaaS apps across your organization is growing fast. So is the number of attacks that target them. There are a number of myths about how to best protect your online applications from vulnerability exploits, from bots, and from denial of service attacks.

    What are these myths and how do you sidestep them to effectively protect your apps, without scaling out your infrastructure and hiring hard-to-find security experts?

    With F5 Silverline managed application security services, you can bust through these myths to deploy advanced, integrated security services for every app, anywhere, without upfront investments in IT infrastructure and personnel.

    In this informative webinar, you’ll learn about:

    - Cybersecurity myths that could be harming your business today

    - The core application security feature set you need to defend your apps – and your business from these attacks

    - Innovative ways to deliver improved application protection and performance, with lower operating costs

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  • OWASP Top 10: A Real-World Retrospective Recorded: Dec 17 2020 56 mins
    Peter Silva, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, F5 Networks | Byron McNaught, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
    Hindsight is 2020. That holds true for the OWASP Top 10, the threat awareness report that details the most critical security risks to web apps each year. Come learn the real-world impact of the OWASP Top 10, and why the guidance is relevant in maintaining a foundational security posture in an era of digital transformation.

    We’ll dive into real attacks that have recently exploited OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - How the explosion of open source technology and cloud-based architectures has made the threat surface so challenging to protect against

    - Why the OWASP Top 10 still matters and how to use it effectively to stay ahead of the curve

    - What could change with the 2020 OWASP Top 10

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  • Cybercriminal Evasion Techniques & Tools Recorded: Nov 18 2020 41 mins
    Melissa McRee, Threat Intelligence Analysis, Shape Security, Part of F5
    Cybercriminal’s are getting better and smarter, making traditional defenses such as CAPTCHA and MFA vulnerable.

    Join us for this webinar for an online discussion on how attackers are continually evolving and refining their evasion techniques and tools used against web and mobile applications.
  • COVID Changes Everything: How users and fraudsters are responding Recorded: Nov 11 2020 20 mins
    Sumit Agarwal, Co-founder, Shape Security, Part of F5
    COVID-19 has rapidly transformed many brick-and-mortar industries and restrictions impacting real-world experiences such as in-store shopping and dine-in services have driven an explosion in online orders and curbside or delivery, all powered by web and mobile applications. Fraudsters are cashing in on COVID-19 with new online schemes that are costing businesses millions in new fraud losses.

    In this webinar learn:
    - The latest fraud schemes working against online applications.
    - Methods fraudsters use to recruit their audience of unwitting consumers via social media.
    - How the criminals monetize these schemes – and what that means for fraud losses.
  • Reimagining DNS with F5 Cloud DNS Services Recorded: Nov 3 2020 61 mins
    Rick Salsa, Cloud Services, NGINX (Part of F5) | Eric Chen, Solution Architect, Cloud, F5
    According to Gartner, 81% of enterprises use two or more cloud providers. In addition, more than 90% of enterprise networks must grapple with technical debt. How do you shed this debt and modernize your DNS? That’s where F5 Cloud DNS Services comes in. F5 Cloud DNS Services empowers your network operations teams and DevOps teams to provision and configure DNS in seconds. That means you can automate DNS management and scale instantly to meet the growing demands on your network. These improvements in efficiency and agility help you speed up innovation.

    Attend this webinar to:

    - Learn about key trends in networking and application infrastructure that are propelling the need to modernize networks.

    - Learn about the F5 suite of Cloud DNS services consisting of primary DNS, secondary DNS, and global load balancing services

    - Watch a live demo of F5’s suite of Cloud DNS services.

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  • How to Improve the ROI of SSL/TLS Visibility Solutions - Featuring Forrester Recorded: Oct 28 2020 45 mins
    Kevin Stewart, F5 | Reggie Lau Director and Principal Consultant and Sri Prakash Gupta Consultant Forrester Consulting
    Forrester Consulting recently conducted a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study on behalf of F5, showing an analysis of F5’s SSL/TLS Visibility solution and found that the average customer will see an ROI of 373%.

    Join F5 and guest speakers from Forrester as they walk through the details of the financial analysis to understand the benefits that F5 brings when combatting security threats that hide within encrypted traffic.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    - Why visibility into encrypted traffic is critical to your security program.
    - How F5’s approach provides operational efficiencies in managing your security inspection tools like Next-Gen Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls, malware sandboxes, and more.
    - The ROI you can expect from investing in F5’s SSL/TLS visibility solution.

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  • Cybersecurity Myths That Are Harming Your Business Recorded: Oct 21 2020 60 mins
    Dan Woods, VP Threat Intelligence Center, Shape Security Part of F5
    Myths have always made up some of the most well-known stories and folklore around the world. But the last thing you want to do is base real business decisions and security outcomes on a well told story, even if it does sounds convincing. A misunderstanding of what does and does not protect your digital footprint can lead to devastating breaches.

    Join us for this webinar as Dan Woods, VP Shape Intelligence Center and former FBI Agent, separates fact from fiction when it comes to defending your apps from sophisticated adversaries, including:

    - Understanding how MFA just adds more information to the dossier of a targeted account
    - Password schemes won’t protect user accounts from being taken over - CAPTCHA is a fabled response to a sophisticated problem

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  • Defeating Application Fraud in a Multi Cloud World Recorded: Oct 14 2020 41 mins
    Shuman Ghosemajumder, Global Head of AI, Shape/F5
    Get the new blueprint for keeping your financial services institution secure

    Online fraud losses from application attacks are estimated to exceed $48 billion per year by 2023, making applications the single most lucrative targets for cybercriminals. Financial services institutions are naturally at risk, especially those currently maintaining open-banking platforms, migrating cloud applications or struggling to rapidly develop and deploy applications.

    Join F5 Global Head of AI, former CTO Shape Security Shuman Ghosemajumder to explore:

    •New and emerging fraud and cyber threats for financial services institutions
    •How to maintain top security through outcome-based methodologies
    ●The role AI plays to proactively secure financial institutionsBillions of dollars, reputation and critical online services are at stake.

    To remain secure, financial services institutions need to hold their partners and technology accountable for outcomes rather than only relying on them for functionality that cybercriminals render ineffective.
  • Breaking the Cycle of Online Fraud Recorded: Oct 7 2020 59 mins
    Mike Plante, VP Product Marketing, Shape Security Part of F5
    Enterprises find that despite spending billions annually on tools to detect online fraud, direct fraud losses continue to climb. Juniper Research estimates that online fraud losses in aggregate are projected to exceed $48 billion per year by 2023.

    Current fraud tools require extensive configuration, generate uncertain risk scores, require fraud teams to develop their own rules to defeat fraud applying a lot of friction to legitimate users, hurting revenue.

    In this informative webinar, you’ll learn:

    - The major sources of online fraud, including bad bots and malicious humans

    - Some of the shortcomings of today’s approaches to online fraud detection

    - Provocative metrics to help you understand online fraud and its impact on business outcomes

    - A totally new approach to preventing online fraud using AI

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  • F5 Labs Breach Trends: New Architectures, Old Attacks Recorded: Sep 24 2020 62 mins
    Sander Vinberg Threat Research Evangelist, F5 | Byron McNaught Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, F5 | Ray Pompon, F5
    While gathering data for the 2019 Application Protection Report, F5 Labs focused on the theme of how trends in application architecture are driving risk. The results were hugely impactful—the attack techniques that bad actors employ have not only remained viable, but are still quite profitable.

    In our upcoming webinar, F5 Labs researchers are diving into what we learned from the 2019 report and what actions organizations need to take to stay protected.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    - What the growing correlation means between sector and breach modes

    - How and why attackers are targeting the retail sector using an injection technique known as formjacking

    - More about credential abuse and phishing and the causes of the growing number of API breaches

    - How to reap the benefits of the emerging architectures without increasing risk

    Register Today
Your apps—fast, available and secure—in any cloud.
At F5, our mission is based on the fact that businesses depend on apps.
Our long-standing belief that applications are the most valuable assets of any organization in the digital age has been the foundation of our strategy to become the leader in multi-cloud application services. When you combine F5 and NGINX's expertise powering over half of the world's applications across all types of environments, with Shape's insight from mitigating 1 billion application attacks per day, you have a company that knows how to deliver and secure more applications, and more value, than any company in the industry.
This means that we are able to deliver and protect applications—revenue generating, brand-anchoring applications—from the point at which they are created through to the point where consumers interact with them. In other words, from "code to customer." This makes the combined forces of F5, NGINX, and Shape absolutely essential to every digital organization in the world, including the world's largest enterprises, service providers, financial and educational institutions, government entities, and consumer brands.

Visit F5 at: https://www.f5.com/company

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  • Title: Financial Aggregators: Friends, Foes, or Attack Surface?
  • Live at: Aug 11 2020 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dan Woods, VP Shape Intelligence Center, Shape Security now part of F5
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