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Zero Trust: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data and Networks

Hear from SANS Institute and Gigamon experts on why, when teams are suddenly doing more with less, adopting a Zero Trust architecture is the first step to staying secure as threats continue to evolve.

You’ll learn:
•About the effective implementation of Zero Trust and its foundational controls
•Zero Trust best practices and concepts of deployment, detection and response
•Why Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT is key to successfully adopting Zero Trust

Presented by:
Dave Shackleford, SANS Senior Instructor
Ricardo Font, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Gigamon
Recorded May 14 2020 61 mins
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Presented by
Dave Shackleford – SANS Sr Instructor + Ricardo Font – Sr Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon
Presentation preview: Zero Trust: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data and Networks
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  • Architecting for the Agentless Dec 15 2020 8:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Andy Hutchison, Senior Sales Engineer at Gigamon
    Today’s networks are swarming with IoT, OT, and virtual devices of every size and shape. As they have proliferated, and the security attack surface has increased, the market has responded with a wide variety of technologies. These technologies are classified as “agentless” and you need to prepare for a future project that comprises such technologies.

    The requirements to enable these technologies is not new. However, organizations implement these on an “ad hoc” basis with little thought to scale or future considerations.

    Understand a strategic approach to agentless products and the need for network visibility:
    - Avoid challenges
    - Data contention
    - Scalability

    Join us to learn how you can architect your organization’s environment for future needs!
  • Exploring Innovations in Networking Dec 15 2020 6:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    Bassam Khan, VP of Product and Technical Marketing Engineering at Gigamon
    In case you haven’t noticed, the enterprise network is changing and changing fast. Traditional physical routers, switches and firewalls are quickly being replaced by their software-defined counterparts. Networks are moving to the cloud and spanning the world.
    How is the enterprise going to not only leverage the latest network innovations but also try to keep pace?
    How will you manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the ever-more-complex network of the future?
    What are the latest solutions available to help make the job easier?
    Join us for this ActualTech Media replay to get those questions answered and more.

    In this webinar, you will:
    - Learn key trends that are reshaping the networking landscape
    - Discover how you can gain complete network visibility to improve security, ensure performance and prevent problems before they happen
  • Upleveling Your Security and Networking Capabilities Dec 8 2020 6:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Stephen Newman, Vice President, ThreatINSIGHT Product Marketing at Gigamon
    We all see data breaches highlighted on the evening news, but that's NOT the kind of notoriety your company needs! Every organization has concerns about data and network security, but what steps should you take to protect yourself?

    In this webinar, you'll hear about:
    • Critical components of network detection and response (NDR) technologies
    • Why visibility is a cornerstone to any NDR technology
    • How Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT™ gives you visibility into all devices and traffic types
  • Insights From The CyberEdge COVID-19 Impact Report Dec 3 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Steve Piper – Founder and CEO of CyberEdge Group
    Steve Piper, Founder & CEO of CyberEdge Group, will share insights from the Group's latest research report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Enterprise IT Security Teams.

    Hear what the research says about:
    * the impact of the work-from-home movement
    * pandemic-related IT challenges
    * the health of security budgets
    * staffing issues, training, and more
  • What Zero Trust Networking means for Network Visibility Dec 1 2020 6:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    Ollie Sheridan, Principal Sales Engineer, Security, Gigamon
    There is much talk in the Industry with regards to Zero Trust Networking (ZTN) - but what does it involve and what does this mean for Network Visibility? In this Webinar we will explore the reason for ZTN, some of the current ideas surrounding the implementations of ZTN and where Network Visibility plays a key role in securing such environments. With one of the key concepts of ZTN being the encryption and authentication of data in motion, we will also discuss the need for Metadata and why this can be an advantage over traditional methods of monitoring.

    Join Gigamon and (ISC)2 for an examination of:
    · Understanding the ZTN trust model at a high level
    · Which ZTN components are most critical and why
    · Why the perimeter is changing and why the need for segmentation goes beyond physical devices
    · The crucial role of metadata in understanding applications on the network
  • Ransomware Prevention Report: How to Address a Pervasive and Unrelenting Threat Recorded: Nov 23 2020 64 mins
    Justin Henderson, Certified SANS Instructor
    Ransomware is a fast-growing threat affecting thousands of government agencies and municipalities and now it’s even targeting itself toward halting critical ICS/SCADA operations. This webcast will explain why and how ransomware is spreading, introduce standards and provide guidance for detecting and recovering from ransomware, based on US-CERT and NIST resources.

    Attendees will learn how to:

    * Adapt their architectures to enable more effective ransomware detection and response
    * Secure their systems against phishing, USB, web drive-bys and other attack vectors
    * Reduce vulnerabilities through appropriate policies and user training
    * Use baselining, monitoring, logging and analysis to detect ransomware
    * Engage reporting, forensics and secure storage in the battle against ransomware
    * Address RIPlace ransomware and its abuse of the Rename operation

    The webcast will also provide special considerations that ICS/SCADA organizations need to address.

    SPEAKER BIO: Justin Henderson is a certified SANS instructor who authored the SEC555 SIEM with Tactical Analytics course and co-authored SEC455 SIEM Design and Implementation and SEC530 Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering. He is a member of the SANS Cyber Guardian Blue Team who is passionate about making defense fun and engaging. Justin specializes in threat hunting via SIEM, network security monitoring and ad hoc scripting.
  • Is Work From Home the New Normal for Federal Agencies? Recorded: Nov 19 2020 14 mins
    Dennis Reilly – Public Sector VP + Martyn Crew – Director, Industry Solutions, Gigamon
    What have we learned from the transition to work-from-home and how can government agencies operate going forward? Will this be the new normal and which new guidelines and best practices will we bring with us? Hear Dennis Reilly, Vice President Public Sector Sales for Gigamon, answer these questions and more. 
    We’ll discuss:  
    * Challenges of a work-from-home environment specific to government organizations
    * How Gigamon can help workers transition back into the office 

    * Why COVID-19 may ultimately be a force for good in government IT
  • Here Be Dragons: The Double-Edged Sword That Is TLS Recorded: Nov 17 2020 60 mins
    Ian Farquhar, Consulting Sales Engineer at Gigamon
    TLS is becoming ubiquitous, but it’s a double-edged sword. On the one side, organizations can mitigate risk vectors using this protocol. On the flipside is the misuse of TLS by threat actors trying to hide their activities and prevent your security monitoring infrastructure from detecting their activities. How do you benefit from TLS, but avoid the risks? Is decrypting everything the right approach? And if so, where? What about non-decrypting approaches to threat detection, like JA3? TLS 1.3 was a significant change, what do I need to know about it? Join Gigamon and (ISC)2 to get answers to these questions and more.

    Watch this replay webinar to learn the answer to this question, plus:
    · Whether or not decrypting everything the right approach
    · How non-decrypting approaches to threat detection, such as JA3, compare
    · What you need to know about TLS 1.3
  • Zero Trust: Keeping Secure in a Transitional World Recorded: Nov 10 2020 58 mins
    Ricardo Font – Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon
    Over the last decade, many publicly reported breaches have caused organizations to re-think and re-architect their internal network, eschewing older conventions and replacing them with frameworks that continually ensure that the implicit trust granted to users, devices and applications, is reduced. However, these new frameworks, generally categorized as Zero Trust frameworks, are often misunderstood, and their implementation, delayed. Join Gigamon and (ISC)² as we examine Zero Trust architectures.

    You’ll learn:
    · Common conventions of Zero Trust
    · Necessary network changes that support Zero Trust architecture
    · Best practices and implementation strategies
    · Caveats and gotchas
  • Encrypted Things – Finding Threats in an Obscure World Recorded: Nov 3 2020 57 mins
    Ricardo Font – Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon
    With the release of TLS 1.3 and the continued rise of external and internal encrypted traffic use, security teams are faced with the dilemma of finding threats within traffic streams that are increasingly obscured. Though many organizations decrypt and inspect traffic due to both security and regulatory concerns, there are many that are effectively blind to threats that are communicating via encrypted channels. However, the news is not all grim; join (ISC)² and Gigamon as we dive into discovery methodologies that can be used to detect threats within encrypted traffic without the need for decryption.

    You’ll learn:
    - Threat detection methodologies
    - Encryption-agnostic detection techniques
    - Detailed breakdown of what encrypted traffic can reveal
    - Best practices
  • Getting the Most Out of Your SIEM Using Application Metadata Recorded: Nov 2 2020 37 mins
    Muhammad Durrrani – Technical Marketing Engineer, Gigamon
    Get more from your SIEM and reduce expenses at the same time. Watch now to hear Gigamon Technical Marketing Engineer, Muhammad Durrani discuss today’s common SIEM challenges, our Gigamon Application Intelligence for Splunk, built-in security and performance use cases, options for custom use cases and a live demo.

    Speaker: Muhammad Durrani, Gigamon Technical Marketing Engineer
    Recorded: Gigamon Customer Bootcamp | October 2020

    Learn more about SIEM optimization: Gigamon.com/siem
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3: A New Private World Recorded: Oct 27 2020 60 mins
    Ricardo Font – Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon
    TLS 1.3 brings major changes to internet encryption in the name of privacy and security. Without properly understanding these changes, however, IT professionals will be caught unable to detect security threats hidden in TLS 1.3 encrypted traffic.

    Watch the Gigamon (ISC)2 Security Briefing where we will share:
    • Revealing statistics associated with encrypted traffic
    • Important new capabilities and advantages of TLS 1.3
    • Implementation caveats, gotchas and best practices for deployment

    Presenter: Ricardo Font, Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT™
  • 5 Reasons You Don't Need New Budget to Buy Gigamon Recorded: Oct 22 2020 38 mins
    Martyn Crew – Director of Solutions Marketing, Gigamon
    It’s not always easy to get approval to invest in the solutions you need, especially in these uncertain times. Let us help. Gigamon solutions enable you to save money in your tools budget so you can re-use that money to drive high impact digital transformation initiatives.

    Attend the live webinar to learn how to:
    • Reduce duplicate traffic on your network by 50%
    • Filter out low risk, irrelevant traffic and focus on high-risk traffic

    • Minimize the number of new tools you’ll need as your data volumes increase
    • Use existing tools on upgraded, faster networks
  • Gigamon Product & Solutions Overview Recorded: Oct 13 2020 24 mins
    Ananda Rajagopal - VP of Products, Gigamon
    Interested in network visibility and threat protection? Get an in-depth look into the current Gigamon innovation and product roadmap.

    You'll learn how Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric enables you to access, aggregate, transform, and analyze your network traffic across your physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure.

    You'll also learn how ThreatINSIGHT, Gigamon high-velocity cloud native network detection and response (NDR) provides unequaled visibility across your attack surface, high fidelity threat detection, and rapid and informed response.

    Speaker: Ananda Rajagopal - VP of Products, Gigamon
    Recorded: Gigamon Customer Bootcamp | October 2020
  • Illuminate Applications to Secure Workloads and Optimize UX Recorded: Oct 12 2020 59 mins
    Cameron Smith, Director of Product Management at Gigamon
    Multi-cloud deployments are the hot new trend and VMware with NSX-T is leading the charge. You need your application visibility solution to follow. Find out how fully integrated Gigamon next-gen network visibility capabilities allow you to identify and filter apps to your security and performance monitoring tools, maximize their effectiveness, and minimize scaling.

    Key topics include:
    •Obtain comprehensive application-layer visibility into multi-clouds
    •Gain insights into NSX-T and NSX-Service insertion
    •Understand the advantages of next-generation network visibility solutions

    Presented by:
    Cameron Smith, Director of Product Management at Gigamon
  • 2020 SANS Enterprise Cloud Incident Response Survey: A Panel Discussion Recorded: Oct 8 2020 58 mins
    SANS Survey Author, Chris Dale & Survey Advisor, Matt Bromiley + Expert Panel
    Survey author Chris Dale and survey advisor Matt Bromiley join experts representing the survey sponsors to discuss results from the 2020 SANS Enterprise Cloud Incident Response Survey. This roundtable also explores best practices for detecting, responding to and remediating incidents in the multi-cloud world.
  • Case Study: Australian National University | 2020 Virtual Roundtable Recorded: Oct 2 2020 57 mins
    Suthagar Seevaratnam | ANU CISO
    After finding themselves in a data breach in late 2018, the renowned Australian National University (ANU) published an extensive transparent report, outlining the timeline of events and the level of sophistication behind the hack.

    A 2020 global intelligence threat report by NTT, found the education sector attracted 38% of all attacks last year and was the 2nd most attacked industry after government.

    This rise of attacker techniques combining ransomware and data exfiltration illustrates that defense against either approach in isolation is insufficient. Compounded with the complexity of University environments, this also makes an endpoint-only approach unviable.

    Join us for an exclusive fireside chat with the CISO of ANU, Suthagar Seevaratnam, as we discuss some of the changes they've made post-incident and what they see as their next steps to improve cybersecurity resiliency in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.
  • Navigating Your Cloud Journey and the New Tomorrow Recorded: Oct 1 2020 30 mins
    Rich Mogull – CEO of Securosis + Bassam Khan – VP of Product and Technical Marketing at Gigamon
    There's no right or wrong way to migrate to the cloud, but how you get there means the difference between smooth sailing or nothing but obstacles. Rich Mogull, CEO of Securosis, whiteboards the four common migration patterns, explains the benefits and risks of each and recommendations for a safe cloud journey.

    Watch the video to learn:
    • Risk level and tooling associated with each type of migration pattern
    • Factors that make some migration patterns riskier than others
    • Why whether an industry is regulated or not impacts which migration pattern to use
    • How network visibility is the first step in your journey

    Presented by:
    Rich Mogull, CEO of Securosis
    Bassam Khan, Vice President of Product and Technical Marketing at Gigamon
  • Enabling a Smooth Digital Transformation in the Post-Pandemic New Tomorrow Recorded: Sep 30 2020 49 mins
    Gordon Beith – Senior Director, Product Marketing, Gigamon
    Learn strategies for a smooth DX in a post-pandemic world. For any organization, this means having the ability to manage and secure without network disruption.

    You’ll hear why visibility into data in motion across hybrid, on-premise or cloud infrastructures, is critical and how to accomplish this in the most cost-effective way possible.

    You’ll learn how to:
    • Optimize data delivery and monitoring
    • Gain visibility into all data for improved analytics
    • Better manage and secure applications and services

    Presented by:
    Gordon Beith, Senior Director Product Marketing at Gigamon
  • Securing the Hybrid Enterprise with Gigamon and RSA Recorded: Sep 23 2020 42 mins
    Marc Edun, Senior Sales Engineer at Gigamon + Kelly Ahlers, Senior Solutions Consultant at RSA
    In challenging times when work-from-home is the new normal, malicious actors are getting more prolific with the expanded threat landscape. Security teams need to be especially vigilant against evolving Cyber Threats. This webinar will highlight how RSA and Gigamon deliver Visibility, Insights and Actionable Response across Network & Cloud Traffic, enabling security organizations to get a stronger security posture against new and existing security risks.

    You’ll hear from RSA and Gigamon leadership on:
    • The increase in Canadian cyberthreats during the current pandemic
    • How Gigamon can solve critical NetOps and SecOps problems
    • How RSA can prevent and thwart new and existing security risks
    • Plus, have your questions answered during the open Q&A
Visibility into physical, virtual, and cloud environments
Gigamon provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic, enabling stronger security and superior performance. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric and GigaSECURE, the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, deliver advanced intelligence so that security, network and application performance management solutions in enterprise, government and service provider networks operate more efficiently and effectively.

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  • Title: Zero Trust: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data and Networks
  • Live at: May 14 2020 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dave Shackleford – SANS Sr Instructor + Ricardo Font – Sr Product Marketing Manager, Gigamon
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