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Open Your Doors Safely with Presidio TempWatch

Join us to learn how to tap into FLIR and artificial intelligence technologies. We'll be discussing a cutting edge AI face recognition algorithm that can distinguish individuals in a crowd and provide their respective face temperatures.

Presidio brings you real-time temperature recognition accurate to 0.1°.
• Presidio brings a body temperature monitoring system designed to identify individuals with abnormal body temperatures.
• Instantly detect elevated temperatures in employees, contractors, and visitors.
• Turn away those who may be contagious before they could contaminate your facility or infect your workforce.
Recorded May 1 2020 35 mins
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Presented by
Michelle Curtis, Brannon Holliger, Matt Tyler and Brian Johnson
Presentation preview: Open Your Doors Safely with Presidio TempWatch
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  • Managing Cisco UCS and Hyperflex via SaaS tools Dec 9 2020 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rapahel Meyerowitz
    Intersight Workload Optimizer and Intersight are tools that customers can leverage today for managing UCS and Hyperflex. Hear about the benefits and how easy they are to deploy.
  • Overcoming Business Challenges with Presidio's UCM Cloud Nov 19 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Spool and Matt Rehm with Presidio
    Join us as we learn how to simplify your move to the cloud and increase your speed of adoption of the new service with Presidio's Illuminate Lifecycle Services.
  • Data Trends & Protections in the Cloud Nov 12 2020 7:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Stephen Manley - CTO at Druva, and Dave Correa - Sr. Solution Architect at Presidio
    Join the Presidio and Druva experts as they dive into what trends they have seen this year and how to keep your data protected in a cloud environment.

    High-level Agenda:
    - Data protection in the cloud
    - Data growth trends
    - Challenges with backup & recovery/DR
    - SaaS data protection built on AWS
    - Unlocking the value of the cloud
    - How to get started & next steps!
  • Citrix on Azure: Working With Citrix and Microsoft to Manage WVD Nov 10 2020 5:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jonathan Freeman (Citrix), Paul Stanse (Presidio)
    In July Citrix and Microsoft announced a new partnership making Citrix a preferred partner for the management and delivery of Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) in Azure. Join Presidio and Citrix as we discuss what that means for your Citrix environment and where the future of virtual desktops is heading (hint: it’s the Cloud).
  • Next-gen Unstructured: Powerscale Nov 5 2020 7:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Presidio/ Dell Technologies/ Intel
    Join Presidio, Dell Technologies, and Intel in this upcoming LIVE webinar. Powerscale is the NEW unstructured scale out storage product that Dell Technologies announced earlier this year. Come hear from the experts on how your business can benefit from Powerscale.
  • Whiteboard Coordinator: Powerful Intelligence for Hospitals Recorded: Oct 13 2020 29 mins
    Robin Braun, Global Storage CIO for Industries - Dell Technologies and Andrew Gostine, CEO - Whiteboard Coordinator
    This IoT platform uses end-to-end encryption to source and aggregate sensor data (video feeds, Bluetooth, Ultra Low Cost RFID, and voice recognition data) from across a healthcare system.
    On this HIPAA-compliant platform, Whiteboard leverages Dell Technologies and Nvidia to bring unique and powerful solutions to solve productivity, supply chain, care coordination, staffing, security, and satisfaction problems.
  • VMworld 2020: Top 10 New Tech in 10 Minutes Recorded: Oct 8 2020 11 mins
    Bill Oyler - SDDC Principal Consultant, Presidio
    During this presentation we will review the Top 10 new technologies that came out of VMworld 2020.
  • Presidio Tech Talk Series: Windows Virtual Desktop Recorded: Sep 15 2020 59 mins
    Paul Stansel - Engineering Director, EUC and Jenny Sheerin - Senior Engineer, EUC
    Join the Presidio experts as they discuss real world insights into the 7 core components to deploying WVD at scale.

    They will walk you through what a well-architected Windows Virtual Desktop deployment looks like, complete with examples and tips to make your deployment as streamlined as possible.
  • Leveraging Mass Notification to Communicate During Uncertain Times Recorded: Aug 26 2020 53 mins
    Pat Scheckel - Executive Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Singlewire Software
    Join Presidio and Singlewire Software to understand how your organization can leverage industry-leading solutions to communicate with their people during uncertain times. Learn how implementing a mass notification system can help you reach all of your people with critical updates using technology you already have. At this event participants will see a demonstration and learn industry best practices for:
    • Emergency Preparedness and Response
    • Remote Worker Communications
    • Industry Trends
    • Incident Management and Reporting
    Register to learn how your organization can benefit from communicating life-safety information with remote staff.
  • Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud with Presidio and VMware on AWS Recorded: Aug 25 2020 58 mins
    Rocky Giglio, Presidio ; Mark Vaughn, Presidio ; Matt Ritchart, Presidio; Jennifer Marshall, VMware
    Join the experts for a Digital Transformation virtual chat. Presidio and VMware offer organizations a faster, secure path to the cloud. With VMware Cloud™ on AWS you can migrate datacenters to the cloud for rapid datacenter evacuation, disaster recovery, and application modernization.

    Learn how Presidio and VMware together can provide practical guidance and insight around cloud strategy, architecture and implementation to accelerate your journey to the cloud
  • Cisco Intersight Simplifying Next Generation Systems with Cloud-Based Management Recorded: Aug 20 2020 59 mins
    Randall Scheffer, Presidio
    As workloads become more globally distributed, learn how your organization can leverage Cisco Intersight to analyze, simplify and automate your environments. Cisco Intersight is a cloud-based management tool, combining artificial intelligence and global reach with the simplicity of a SaaS delivery model. Join us as we discuss how to manage the complexity of next generation systems with Cisco Intersight.
  • Presidio Tech Talk: Microservices & EKS Cluster Observability with Appdynamics Recorded: Aug 11 2020 56 mins
    Raj Revuru, Engineering Director, Enterprise Analytics w/Presidio + Mike Lanci, Consultant, Enterprise Analytics w/Presidio
    As more and more organizations are embarking on getting cloud right journey, it’s absolutely critical to have visibility into microservices application on the Public or private cloud.

    Organizations cannot optimize or achieve IT operational excellence when they cannot measure, or have visibility blind spots within their Microservices application architecture.

    Presidio will demonstrate on instrumenting a microservices application with AWS Elastic Kubernetes Cluster(EKS), and leveraging Appdynamics to provide full stack visibility from Application layer to Kubernetes layer.
  • Yeti or Not.....SSL is Here to Stay! Recorded: Aug 6 2020 42 mins
    Adam​ Barber Presidio, Peter Scheffler F5, Orlando Santiago Jr,F5
    Presidio, and F5 will present on a combined solution for enhancing the security you already have with your Firepower and WSA deployments by providing enhanced SSL offload with F5’s SSL Orchestrator solution. The Webcast will cover use cases, advantages, and additional benefits that you can realize with the deployment of SSL Orchestrator in your network environment.
  • Presidio Tech Talk Series: DevSecOps Recorded: Aug 4 2020 61 mins
    Brad Sollar, Presidio Business Development Manager & Justin Tibbs, National Security Practice Manager - CSO
    Join the Presidio experts as they discuss DevSecOps and how it is a fundamental shift in how applications are built and deployed.

    Not only are new tools introduced but organizational communication is rearranged to be inclusive of all teams in the development lifecycle; developers, security, and operations teams have more collaboration and input into the creation and maintenance of applications and systems.

    Presidio has a prescriptive methodology for creating holistic secure platforms capable of creating these DevSecOps pipelines as well as the expertise to help organizations through the internal change that is needed to be successful with this new paradigm shift.
  • Win with Nutanix Solutions for End-User Computing Recorded: Jul 29 2020 31 mins
    Rex Manseau Sr. Director, EUC Nutanix and Paul Stansel Director, End User Compute Presidio
    Traditional data center infrastructure isn’t up to the challenge of providing a great end user experience for virtual applications and desktops. Even worse, poorly designed implementations pose security, business continuity and disaster recovery risks. Up until now, EUC projects have been complex and slow, CapEx intensive, and unpredictable.

    Nutanix solves the challenges of traditional virtual desktop and application implementations. Whether you decide to run your virtual desktops and apps in the cloud or in the data center, deploy virtual applications up to 8x faster with Nutanix.

    Learn how Nutanix EUC solutions provide:
    •Scalability for consistent user-experience from hundreds to thousand end users, plus 1-click infrastructure upgrades.
    •Reliability with increased operation velocity, reduce deployment time by 61% and spend 2/3rd less time on management.
    •Security to prevent cyber threats and data theft by enabling access to company data without end user local access.
  • Presidio Tech Talk Series: Introduction to Public Cloud Automation Recorded: Jul 28 2020 74 mins
    Brad Hass, Presidio Engineering Director - DevOps & Bret Gessner, Presidio Senior Solution Architect
    Join Presidio as our experts host a public cloud automation workshop covering the value of automation with AWS, a leading partner for automation solutions, use cases, and live demonstrations.

    Presidio will discuss AWS CloudFormation templates, target platforms (EC2, EKS, Lambda), popular options such as Terraform & Ansible, and demo deployments to EC2 using CloudFormation and Lambda using AWS CLI.
  • Create a Stronger Ransomware Strategy Recorded: Jul 28 2020 46 mins
    Daniel Ott, PANW and Andy Richter, Presidio
    New variants and delivery models have made Ransomware an increasingly resilient attack method. This is particularly true in the public sector, where hackers have successfully targeted multiple state and local governments, as well as higher education institutions, with sophisticated exploits.

    Get ahead of this persistent threat and learn how to create your modern ransomware strategy. Join Presidio and Palo Alto Networks for an informational seminar on lessons learned from recent attacks, current trends and pillars for successful prevention.

    Attendees of this complimentary session will learn:

    • About recent Ransomware attacks and the lessons learned

    • Key elements to consider for prevention and remediation

    • Technology best practices and considerations for your modern Ransomware defense
  • The Future of Storage is Here Recorded: Jul 23 2020 45 mins
    Presidio + Dell Technologies
    Dell Technologies recently announced PowerStore, which is a scale-out array that can run virtual machines. Join Presidio, Dell, and Intel as we provide all the technical details on PowerStore.
  • Delivering Agility and Rethinking Resiliency with Hyperautomation Recorded: Jul 22 2020 53 mins
    Craig Reardon, VP of Sales, Presidio, Philippe Bourdon, C&S Wholesale Group, and Chet Chambers, Chief Evangelist, UiPath
    The need for increased agility and better business continuity has never been more clear. The economy is changing rapidly and only companies agile enough to quickly adapt their processes and resources will thrive. Workplace disruption and challenges supporting key business processes remotely require exploring new approaches.
    Fortunately, the technology is here to provide a better approach. Companies embracing this approach will see lower costs, greater efficiency, and more flexibility around their people and processes. Join Presidio and UiPath to hear how companies are slashing costs and improving outcomes with robotic process automation. Learn how easy it can be to start automating key business processes to deliver greater agility and business resiliency.
    Shae Fogg Sr Partner Business Manager North America NVIDIA
    Join Presidio and NVIDIA as we discuss
    how to deliver reliable and powerful
    performance to tackle critical day-to-day tasks
    and compute heavy workloads -
    wherever you need to work

    BONUS! One attendee who joins and completes a short survey will receive a NVIDIA Shield
Presidio is a leading IT solutions provider assisting clients in harnessing technology innovation and simplifying IT complexity to digitally transform their businesses and drive return on IT investment. Our Digital Infrastructure, Cloud and Security solutions enable our almost 7,000 middle market, enterprise and government clients to take advantage of new digital revenue streams, omnichannel customer experience models, and the rich data insights generated by those interactions.

Our mission is to enable our clients to capture economic value from the digital transformation of their businesses by developing, implementing and managing world class, cloud ready, secure and agile IT Infrastructure solutions. We deliver this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation and design.

By investing in the future of IT solutions we stay at the forefront of technology trends. And to ensure our clients have access to a wide range of technologies and best-of-breed solutions, we partner with over 500 OEMs including market leaders and emerging providers to bring our clients integrated, multi technology solutions.

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  • Title: Open Your Doors Safely with Presidio TempWatch
  • Live at: May 1 2020 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Michelle Curtis, Brannon Holliger, Matt Tyler and Brian Johnson
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