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Are Your Fraud Operations Ready for PSD2?

How will you balance Strong Customer Authentication with customer service? Can you implement PSD2 without causing friction in the customer journey?

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In a few months time, PSD2 becomes law across the European Economic Area. the regulated use of Strong Customer Authentication changes how payment service providers interact with their customers. Managed badly, disruptions to the payment process will see customers take their business elsewhere, but those PSPs who manage it well, will have a competitive advantage.

Join our PSD2 webinar to explore the likely impact of PSD2 on customer relationships and learn what you need to do to prepare.

* Strong Customer Authentication vs Transaction Risk Analysis - Learn how Transaction Risk Analysis helps customer relationships, when you may use is and what you need to do NOW to prepare your fraud operations for PSD2.

*Putting Customer Communications at the Heart of Your PSD2 Strategy - When additional authentication requirements stop your customers from managing their accounts or making payments, how can you communicate with them to get things back on track fast?

*Hype or Reality? PSD2 and Machine Learning - Will PSD2 be the catalyst for you to add machine learning capabilities to fraud management? How will it help and what is it about PSD2 that builds the case for artificial intelligence and machine learning?
Recorded Nov 2 2017 51 mins
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Presented by
Gabriel Hopkins, Matthew Cox, Russell Robinson
Presentation preview: Are Your Fraud Operations Ready for PSD2?

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  • Webinar:Improving Customer Experience Whilst Protecting Against Identity Fraud Sep 8 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Mel Prescott, Deepak Panigrahy
    FICO Webinar: Improving Customer Experience Whilst Protecting Against Identity Fraud

    Customers are increasingly going digital. The pandemic should accelerate this movement even more. So how can ID Proofing and Authentication keep your customer both happy and safe at the same time?

    Join us for a complimentary webinar and learn:

    • Why is digital identity more important than ever?
    • What is the difference between identity validation & verification vs. authentication?
    • Onboarding: making it easy and accurate with OCR/chip/MRZ data extraction and pre-population of application forms
    • Authentication: exploring device recognition, keystroke analysis and voice biometrics
    • Streamlining processes: combining eKYC for compliance and anti-fraud purposes
    • Food for thought: could Telcos actually be digital identity providers?

    Register Today!
  • Collections Demos Webinar Aug 25 2020 10:00 am UTC 120 mins
    Bruce Curry, Vice President, EMEA Collections and Recovery
    Collections Demos Webinar
  • Practice: Collections Demos Webinar Aug 24 2020 10:00 am UTC 120 mins
    Bruce Curry, Vice President, EMEA Collections and Recovery
    Practice: Collections Demos Webinar
  • FICO Webinar: 8 Success Tips for Debt Collection in the Pandemic Jul 30 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bruce Curry, Vice President, EMEA Collections and Recovery
    FICO Webinar: 8 Success Tips for Debt Collection in the Pandemic

    July 30
    2 PM UK BST | 3 PM CEST

    COVID-19 challenges are putting unprecedented pressure on consumers’ ability to repay loans, creating a debt tsunami that is overwhelming collections departments and debt collection agencies. Handling this spike with BAU approaches is a recipe for disaster.
    Join FICO’s Bruce Curry, vice president of collections & recovery solutions and a 2020 Credit 500 Hall of Fame inductee, as he explores 8 vital tips for managing a prolonged spike in collections, and ensuring that you don’t hemorrhage good customers through mismanaged treatments.
    Bruce will answer:
    1. What data do we need to identify vulnerable customers?
    2. How can we better assess affordability?
    3. What data do we need to collect to manage performance and regulations?
    4. What is the best engagement strategy?
    5. How should we manage payment holidays ending?
    6. How can we better segment customers for treatment?
    7. How do we use data-driven strategies?
    8. What should we look for in a review of our operations?

    Join us for this valuable overview of what we’ve learned from the 2008 recession and what collections leaders are doing today.

    Register Now!
  • Easy Deployment of Python Models as Web Applications with Xpress Insight Jul 15 2020 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Oliver Bastert, VP, Product Management, FICO; Vladimir Roitch and Johannes Mueller - Xpress Optimization Team, FICO
    Data Scientists and Operations Researchers can now easily deploy their Python models into user-friendly apps in FICO Xpress Insight. The models can be of any type, such as statistical regression, forecasting, machine learning models, or optimization models based on any optimization solver. Users can also leverage the Python package ecosystem, explore data, execute and compare models.

    Join us to learn the how you can easily deploy your Python models with Xpress Insight!

    You will learn:
    How to deploy a Python model in Xpress Insight
    Customization options for Python models

    This is the first webinar in a series. In this foundational presentation we’ll show how to develop and deploy an optimization model using the Xpress Solver Python API and demonstrate the various features of Xpress Insight. In a later webinar, the focus will be on developing a data science app based on an analytics model.

    Meet Our Presenters:
    Oliver Bastert, VP, Product Management, FICO
    Vladimir Roitch, Xpress Optimization Team, FICO
    Johannes Mueller, Xpress Optimization Team, FICO
  • Future of Digital Collections with Effortless Affordability Assessments Recorded: Jul 1 2020 57 mins
    John McMahon, Sr. Partner, FICO; Russell Robinson,VP CCS,FICO; Olly Betts - Chief Product Officer, OpenWrks
    How effortless affordability assessments can help you shape the future of your digital collections?
    July 01, 2020, 11:00 am UK BST| 60 mins

    Affordability and driving the right outcomes for customers has never been so front of mind for credit lenders. Over the past couple of months, every market has been challenged to deal with credit-stressed consumers, in situations where they didn’t necessarily expect to be.

    In the UK alone, it is estimated that more than 80 million affordability assessments are completed each year, most of which are done manually over the telephone. To the customer, it can feel like an interrogation of their finances and a cumbersome chore to get done with, which result in rushed and inaccurate answers.

    Channelling the right customers at the right time for online affordability assessments in now available in a quick, safe, forward-looking, and intelligent solution. The combination of Open Banking data with a self-service assessment online can reduce the time of assessment for customers from 30 minutes to 3, while cutting costs by 90% for the creditor and increasing assessment accuracy.

    Attend the webinar to find out more.

    Meet Our Presenters:

    John McMahon - Thought Leader, Senior Partner at FICO
    Russell Robinson - VP for Customer Communications Services at FICO
    Olly Betts - Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of OpenWrks
  • Kritische Kundenkommunikation in Zeiten von COVID-19 und darüber hinaus meistern Recorded: Jun 18 2020 47 mins
    Alexander Clarus, Senior Territory Solution Sales Manager at FICO; Andreas Tafel CeeClub e.V. 1. Vorsitzender
    FICO Webinar: Kritische Kundenkommunikation in Zeiten von COVID-19 und darüber hinaus meistern
    Donnerstag, den 18. Juni 2020
    16:30 Uhr
    kostenfreies Webinar
    45 Minuten

    Jeder, der sich um Zahlungsverzögerungen kümmert oder finanzielle Notlagen bewältigt, weiß, dass die strategische Kundenkommunikation überlebenswichtig ist.
    Dies war noch nie so offensichtlich und kritisch wie jetzt, da wir die katastrophale COVID-19-Pandemie und die wirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen, bewältigen müssen. Zahlungsverzögerungen oder -ausfälle durch Zeitarbeit und Insolvenzen sind die direkte Folge der Pandemie. Im Forderungsmanagement erwarten wir über alle Branchen hinweg einen massiven Anstieg notleidender Forderungen spätestens innerhalb der nächsten 6 Monate.
    In diesem Webinar zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie durch den Einsatz von virtuellen Agenten Ihre Kundenkommunikation auch in schwierigen Zeiten aufrechterhalten. Unabhängig davon, welchen Herausforderungen Sie sich heute oder in der Zukunft gegenübersehen, möchten wir Ihnen anhand verschiedener Fallbeispiele zeigen, wie Sie sich rüsten können. So beschäftigt sich eines unserer Fallbeispiele mit den wiederkehrenden Aufgaben im Call Center. Hierzu zählen heutzutage die Authentifizierung, die Vereinbarung einer Zahlungsstundung, das Aufsetzen und Anpassen von Ratenzahlungen, Online Payments oder das Entgegennehmen von Zahlungsversprechen. All diese repetitiven Aufgaben bieten großes Potential zur Automatisierung und damit zur Optimierung. Erleben Sie in diesem Webinar, wie Sie mit modernen Analytics- und Automatisierungslösungen auf Basis von intelligenten Prozessen mit datengetriebenen Entscheidungen, den Kunden mit gleichbleibendem personellem Aufwand optimal begleiten können.

    Alexander Clarus, Senior Territory Solution Sales Manager bei FICO
    Alexander Clarus ist zuständig für Customer Communications Services aus dem FICO Produktportfolio und verantwortet dabei die DACH Region sowie Osteuropa.
  • FICO Webinar: Managing Risk using Scores in a Pandemic | 10 June 2020 Recorded: Jun 10 2020 63 mins
    Ian Read, Senior Principal Consultant, FICO Advisors and Elena Koneva, Director, FICO Scores
    Managing Risk using Scores in a Pandemic

    Wednesday, June 10 2020
    1 PM UK GMT | 3 PM KSA time
    Complimentary Webinar
    Duration: 60 min

    COVID-19 is going to cause a deterioration in repayments once deferral arrangements expire.
    •How are you going to change your portfolio and origination strategies to deal with new risk levels?
    •How are you going to manoeuvre your business through the storm and emerge more resilient?

    Join FICO for an important online presentation, “Managing Risk using Scores in a Pandemic” on 10 June 2020 at 3 PM KSA time. We will explore lessons learned from prior downturns and natural disasters, and share with you insights into:
    • The effects of COVID-19 on the Middle East economies
    • What to monitor to ensure you’re not surprised by shifts in credit bureau score distributions and odds-to-score changes
    • How payment holidays and other actions impact credit bureau scores
    • How credit bureau scores continue to rank-order risk across the credit lifecycle, even during turbulent economic times
    • How you can navigate shifts in consumer credit behaviour and market dynamics using credit bureau scores and other analytics

    Register now!

    Meet our presenters:

    Ian Read, Senior Principal Consultant, FICO Advisors;
    Elena Koneva, Director, FICO Scores
  • Vor dem Corona Tsunami: Bereiten Sie Ihr Forderungsmanagement jetzt darauf vor. Recorded: Jun 10 2020 57 mins
    Ulrich Wiesner
    FICO Webinar: Vor dem Corona Tsunami: Bereiten Sie Ihr Forderungsmanagement jetzt darauf vor.
    Mittwoch, den 10. Juni 2020
    10:00 Uhr
    kostenfreies Webinar
    45 Minuten

    Die Corona-Kontaktsperre hat schwerwiegende Auswirkungen auf die Finanzen vieler Verbraucher und Kleinunternehmen. Einige dieser Folgen könnten vorübergehender Natur sein, wie z.B. verringerte Arbeitszeiten und Löhne sowie geringere Einnahmen für die Unternehmer. Andere könnten von einer Arbeitslosigkeit oder Insolvenz betroffen sein.
    Das Forderungsmanagement vieler Banken wird bald mit einem erheblichen Zustrom an Kunden konfrontiert sein, die von einer finanziellen Notlage betroffen sind. Es liegt im Interesse sowohl der Kreditgeber als auch der Kunden, dass angemessene Ratenplananpassungen, wie vorübergehende Stundungen oder Ratenkürzungen, zur Verfügung stehen. In vielen Ländern haben Kunden inzwischen einen gesetzlichen Anspruch auf eine Ratenstundung während der Corona-Krise.
    Wenn sich der Sturm legt und die obligatorischen Hilfsprogramme auslaufen, werden viele Volkswirtschaften mit einem erheblichen wirtschaftlichen Abschwung konfrontiert sein. Daraus resultiert, dass die Forderungsabteilungen über den gesamten Lebenszyklus der Forderung wahrscheinlich mit viel höheren Volumen konfrontiert sein werden.
    In diesem Webinar lernen Sie:
    - Welche zusätzlichen Daten jetzt erfasst werden sollten.
    - Warum die Segmentierung relevant sein wird und auf welche Entscheidungsbereiche man sich konzentrieren sollte.
    - Welches Analytik Instrument in welcher Phase der Krise helfen kann.
    - Ob Segmentierungen und Vorhersagemodelle im Vorfeld der Wirtschaftskrise helfen werden, um nützlich zu bleiben.

    Jetzt anmelden!
    Dr. Ulrich Wiesner, Senior Consultant bei FICO
    Ulrich Wiesner ist ein Senior Consultant im Analytik-Team von FICO in EMEA.
  • FICO Webinar:Turn Your Software Platform into a Digital Transformation Launchpad Recorded: Jun 4 2020 57 mins
    Darcy Sullivan, VP, EMEA Marketing FICO; Richard Lagerweij, VP & Managing Director Growth Industries and DMS at FICO®
    FICO Webinar: Turning Your Software Platform into a Digital Transformation Launchpad
    Thursday, June 4th, 2020
    2pm BST / 3pm CEST / 9am EDT
    Complimentary Webinar
    60 Minutes
    Presenter: Richard Lagerweij, Business Development Lead, FICO Decision Management Solutions

    To successfully complete a digital transformation—or to simply protect themselves from a digital disruption—businesses must ensure that customer-facing actions happen expeditiously. Each customer touchpoint must factor in all relevant data, reconcile all inter-implications, and produce the highest expected ROI. In an effort to create these fast, optimized customer engagements, many organizations merely network their disparate vital decision assets, which means their systems often still aren’t truly interoperable in real-time. Thus, despite substantial investments, enterprises find themselves falling behind in the digital race to attract and retain customers. Fortunately, it’s not too late to achieve lift-off.

    Register for this live webinar to learn how a platform strategy will launch your business into a superior digital transformation that accomplishes all of your objectives and exceeds your ROI. Join Richard Lagerweij, FICO’s Business Development Lead for Decision Management Solutions, as he discusses how a platform approach powers the smartest, fastest, most profitable decisions.

    If you have a stake in your firm’s digital strategy, you won’t want to miss what Richard has to say. Register for our webinar today!
  • Video Recorded: Jun 3 2020 43 mins
    Darcy Sullivan, VP, EMEA Marketing FICO; Richard Lagerweij, VP & Managing Director Growth Industries and DMS at FICO®
  • FICO Webinar: Outsmarting the competition with optimization - April 23 2020 Recorded: Apr 23 2020 54 mins
    Marc Drobe, Decision Management Solution Sales at FICO | Petr Kapoun, Chief Risk Officer, Home Credit and Finance Bank
    Innovative pricing strategies that optimize profits and risk in fast-changing times. The need to make smarter, faster pricing decisions has never been more critical.
    How can you empower teams to work within one collaborative environment with interactive visualizations, and an interface designed for business users to work with models in easy-to-understand terms to account for trade-offs and sensitivities implicit in the business problem?

    Register today and join Petr Kaprun, Chief Risk Office at Home Credit Russia, Marc Drobe, Decision Management Solution Sales at FICO, and Neill Crossley, Director of Product Management at FICO.

    • How advanced analytics in the hands of business users, can reduce reliance on IT and driving down costs.
    • What needs to be done to deliver the best alternatives to help you remain profitable, reduce risk and drive stronger consumer and third-party connectivity
    • How Home Credit specifically reached 26% increase in portfolio profit and a 29% increase in new sales; optimized strategies are forecast to add $16 million in portfolio profit per year, and $41 million in new sales.
  • FICO Webinar: Taking Control of Your Digital Transformation Recorded: Apr 21 2020 60 mins
    Darcy Sullivan, VP, EMEA Marketing FICO; Richard Lagerweij, VP & Managing Director Growth Industries and DMS at FICO®
    Taking Control of Your Digital Transformation

    Tuesday, April 21, 2020
    2PM GMT | 3 PM CET

    According to recent studies, most enterprises list “digital transformation” as their driving business priority, and they’ve collectively spent more than a trillion dollars towards achieving it. However, despite these lucrative investments, only a small percentage of firms believe they’re achieving their digital goals.

    Register Today

    Join our webinar to learn how your business can take control of its digital transformation. Through decades of experience in helping enterprises around the world digitize their operations, FICO’s technologies and unique methodology have enabled clients to achieve the transformation they’re seeking. We’ll dive into some of the details on this webinar, including:

    Real-world examples of the seemingly intractable challenges faced by our clients.
    How we start by identifying the decisions that are paramount to a client’s success, then reverse-engineer those decisions back to the analytical data that drives them (in whatever form it exists).

    The innovative solutions that result, which empower customers to complete their transformation and crush their KPIs.

    While businesses are correct to prioritize their digital transformations, the extremely high failure rate makes it clear that poor execution can derail the right strategy. In this webinar, we’ll share our playbook for taking control of your transformation and staying on-track to accomplish all of your digital goals.
  • COVID | Adaptando la Operativa bancaria: Riesgo, crédito y liquidez Recorded: Apr 16 2020 55 mins
    Daniel Melo
    Si bien es cierto que nuestro sistema bancario se enfrenta a una situación sin precedentes, no es menos cierto, que entidades financieras de otros países han sufrido ya episodios equiparables que nos pueden servir como referencia a la hora de tomar medidas.

    FICO, con el objetivo de ayudar en estos tiempos de incertidumbre, al sector financiero, organiza el próximo 16 de Abril un Webinar con recomendaciones en diferentes operativas bancarias y financieras, basadas en nuestros más de 60 años de experiencia asesorando al sector financiero.

    Temas a tratar:

    • Operativas de crédito:
    ¿Cómo gestionar los modelos analíticos con el historial de retrasos de pago involuntario tras superar la situación actual?

    • Operativas de Riesgo:
    Insolvencia involuntaria y su impacto en el NPL

    • Operativas de Pagos:
    Impactos en la gestión de riesgos y liquidez originadas por las moratorias de pagos impuestas por los reguladores

    • Operativas de liquidez:
    Impactos y medidas ante la extensión de liquidez por parte de los reguladores.
  • FICO Webinar: Digital Transformation: Are You a Disruptor or a Disruptee? Recorded: Mar 26 2020 36 mins
    Darcy Sullivan, VP, EMEA Marketing FICO; Richard Lagerweij, VP & Managing Director Growth Industries and DMS at FICO®
    Is your business succeeding at digital transformation — or are you being disrupted by other firms that are doing a better job?

    What are the key components that make the disruptors so much more successful?

    In this complimentary FICO webinar, we’ll discuss the state of digital preparedness across the financial services industry.
    * See the results of a recent FICO survey that shows how well financial institutions and fintechs think they are doing at digital transformation.
    * Find out how leading firms are using a customer-centric approach to avoid being disrupted.
    * Learn how you can make the move from disruptee to disuptor.

    This webinar will provide a new perspective on how to ensure your firm’s response to digitisation is the winning one.
  • FICO Webinar - What have been the IFRS9 learnings on models and operations? Recorded: Mar 24 2020 43 mins
    Bruce Curry, VP, EMEA Collections and Recovery, FICO & Daniel Hensel, Principal Consultant, FICO Analytic Consulting
    IFRS 9 does not allow any tolerance for those not totally on top of avoidable losses. Whether true loss or through impairment, organisations need to really push their data science teams to address the customer in the round and provide those in collections and recovery with forensic-level insight on how customers arriving in collections need to be managed and what the outcomes are likely to be. Anything less and organisations face a risk of haemorrhaging customers and losses.
    Those organisations where Finance, Risk, IT and Operations are collaboratively joining the dots of multiple challenges, and working through how to put the required solutions into production, will soon see a clear competitive advantage.

    If you’re not there yet, it’s time to move faster. Merger and acquisition activity will increase over the next couple of years, and organisations need to decide if they want to be an acquirer or an attractive target.
  • FICO Webinar - Affordability, a moving target! Recorded: Mar 12 2020 48 mins
    Bruce Curry, Vice President, EMEA Collections and Recovery, FICO & Dr Gerald Fahner , Senior Principal Scientist, FICO Scores
    FICO Webinar – Affordability, a moving target!

    Thursday, March 12, 2020
    2PM UK GMT
    Complimentary Webinar
    Duration: 45 min
    With: Bruce Curry, Vice President, EMEA Collections and Recovery, FICO & Dr. Gerald Fahner, Senior Principal Scientist, FICO Scores

    Affordability checks, specifically for indebted customers, no doubt has a huge impact, on all the parties involved. In order to drive a right outcome for customers, creditors and debt management servicers - there has to be a better way than lengthy manual form filling.

    Fortunately, assessing affordability is getting easier! Learn more from this webinar.

    Register Today!

    Did you know:
    The biggest headache for most organizations is demonstrating compliance.
    Only 45% of organizations can complete income and expenditure analysis in less than 20 minutes.
    72% of organizations believe that they need to refresh the affordability assessment with the customer every 3 or 6 months.
    In this webinar, you will hear about Affordability Assessment innovations and developments that can affect you and your customers. You will learn about a new, forward-looking analytic that captures consumers’ sensitivities to incremental card debt, gain insights into behavioural profiles of sensitive consumers, and see how lending decisions can be improved with this knowledge.
  • FICO Webinar: How to Avoid Digital Disruption in the Digital Age Recorded: Feb 27 2020 48 mins
    Darcy Sullivan, VP, EMEA Marketing FICO; Mark Collingwood, VP & Managing Director Growth Industries and DMS at FICO®
    Banks are universally worried about digital disruption and how it will impact their customer relationships. In response, many are working hard to design strategies that will keep them ahead of the digital curve by delivering products and services that are more personalized, convenient and consistent across channels.

    Please join us for this webinar where we will discuss the results of a recent American Banker survey that asked more than 200 professionals from banks and FinTechs about digital disruption and the evolving needs of their customers. Topics will include:

    *How banks and FinTechs perceive the digital disruption threat
    *Digital strategies for improving customer centricity
    *The relationship between digital disruption and customer expectations
    *How to assess and compare your company’s preparedness for digital disruption to peers
  • FICO Webinar: Debt Management in the Age of Digitalization and AI Recorded: Dec 5 2019 32 mins
    Alexander Clarus, Senior Territory Solution Sales Manager at FICO
    FICO Webinar: Debt Management in the Age of Digitalization and AI
    05. December 2019
    02:00 – 02:30 pm

    Nowadays, customer communication in debt management is an important part of a successful business process. However, different customer groups prefer individual communication and want to use self-service options to pay directly or adjust payment terms without having to negotiate with a call center employee. New ways are needed that often challenge companies.
    Join this 30-minute webinar and learn more about it:
    - Efficiency and effectiveness improvement in recovery despite constant manpower
    - The Problem of Scaling Outbound Communication
    - Self-service solutions for your customers without configured customer portal
    - New ways in debt management automated and digital

    Alexander Clarus, Senior Territory Solution Sales Manager at FICO
    Alexander Clarus is responsible for Customer Communications Services from the FICO product portfolio within the DACH region and Eastern Europe. Prior to this, he was involved in strategic business development in various start-ups (digitization and payments as well as cloud computing and infrastructure) and successfully introduced digital business models in various markets. With his passion for disruptive business models and technologies, he understands himself as a part and driver of the digital transformation. He holds a Diploma in Business Engineering from the University of Lübeck.
FICO: Managing Fraud for PSD2
As PSD2 is launched payment service providers will need help to understand the impact of PSD2 on their fraud operations and get themselves ready for implementation. On this channel FICO will bring together resources that will help PSPs make better decisions about how they manage fraud for PSD2

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  • Title: Are Your Fraud Operations Ready for PSD2?
  • Live at: Nov 2 2017 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Gabriel Hopkins, Matthew Cox, Russell Robinson
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