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Tackling and Eliminating Technical Debt

Legacy applications, disparate platforms and processes, and outdated technology have caused organizations to amass technical debt that’s dragging down modernization initiatives. According to Forrester Research, maintaining older applications and technology typically consumes 70% or more of the technology budget – and ignoring it drags down modernization efforts.

In this webinar, we explore ways to reduce technical debt and how you can use DNS as a shortcut to eliminating decades of technical debt in your organization.
Recorded Jul 25 2018 24 mins
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Presented by
Devin Bernosky, Lead Solutions Engineer
Presentation preview: Tackling and Eliminating Technical Debt

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  • Meeting Application Delivery Demands with NS1 Enterprise DDI & Cisco Umbrella Nov 20 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Dennis Borin, Solution Architect at NS1; Adam Winn, Product Manager at Cisco Umbrella
    Regardless of industry, today’s enterprises thrive when they deliver the best real-time application experience to end-users. Meeting the demands of traffic in a secure, performant an optimized way is a whole other challenge when serving nearly 90 million daily active customers across over 160 countries--daily.

    On November 13 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET, NS1 Solution Architect, Dennis Borin and Cisco Umbrella Product Manager, Adam Winn will be sharing how NS1 Enterprise DDI and Cisco Umbrella together deliver a secure, policy-driven application experience to:

    - Enhance end-user application experience
    - Ensure business reliability and security
    - Modernize your overall infrastructure
  • Leveraging Integrations to Increase Velocity of App & Infrastructure Delivery Recorded: Nov 5 2019 26 mins
    Matthew Burtless, Senior Integrations Engineer; Rupa Deadwyler, Integrations Engineer
    Whether you’re rolling out a new application, a new infrastructure, or leveraging a variety of public cloud environments, the success of your automated environment relies on the strength and variety of your integrations. A strong integration strategy allows you to increase velocity with continuous development, collaboration, agility, and in turn automation in your infrastructure strategy. But oftentimes, we see solutions which weren’t built for today’s environments -- making automation and integrations seem scary. NS1 believes in the power of delivering users the integrations they need to spend time innovating and stop troubleshooting the delivery environments of their business-critical applications.

    Join us this Halloween, October 31 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET to learn how automation and integrations are less scary when you leverage the:

    - Simplicity of Ansible
    - Optimization of Terraform
    - Automation of Kubernetes
  • Everything You Need to Know About NS1 Enterprise DDI Recorded: Oct 9 2019 25 mins
    Devin Bernosky, Global Director of Solutions Engineering
    Do you struggle with:

    - Slow application rollouts?
    - Antiquated and limiting deployment architectures?
    - Difficulty managing devices on the network?

    Sounds like NS1 Enterprise DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management) is what you need.

    On Wednesday, October 9th at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT, NS1’s Devin Bernosky, Global Director of Solutions Engineering, will breakdown everything you need to know about NS1 Enterprise DDI, so you and your team can:

    - Mitigate code risk and quickly upgrade or roll out new applications with confidence
    - Optimize and rightsize your infrastructure spend to improve IT efficiency
    - Manage and support compliance requirements with a unified view of private IP spaces
  • Keep Your Digital Store Open: Ensuring DNS Performance Around the World Recorded: Aug 1 2019 25 mins
    NS1 & Catchpoint
    DNS is the first interaction that end users have with a brand, so when it falters, it’s like putting up a closed sign on your website. Ensuring that it’s performing strongly for users around the world is vital to your brand and your bottom line.

    Join NS1 and Catchpoint to discuss DNS Monitoring Best Practices and Active Traffic Steering.
  • A Decline in DDoS Attacks: Not Necessarily A Good Thing Recorded: Jul 30 2019 12 mins
    Suomo Nandi, Solutions Engineer at NS1
    As the frequency of DDoS attacks follows a downward trajectory, their sophistication and size have spiked. A 2018 Nexusguard report shows a 500% increase in the size of DDoS attacks and Kapersky reports an increase in the duration of mixed and HTTP flood attacks; suggesting bad actors are turning to more sophisticated methods.

    NS1’s Domain Security Suite tackles the major headaches organizations face in the wake of a DDoS attack. DNS-layer protection ensures massive overcapacity and advanced filtering to block malicious traffic, and redundant DNS ensures your site never goes down even when under attack. Once the fire’s been put out, overage cost protection guarantees you won’t have to pick up a massive bill for the malicious traffic.

    Join NS1 Solution Engineer, Soumo Nandi on Thursday, July 25th at 1:00 PM EDT to learn how our customers ensure business reliability and security by implementing a comprehensive, turnkey DNS security solution.
  • Optimizing Application Delivery: Point and Click Traffic Management Strategy Recorded: Jul 18 2019 29 mins
    Monica Miller, Solution Expert
    Say goodbye to manual updates, and time-consuming code to manage your traffic. On July 18th, NS1 Product Manager, Emily Pali and Solution Expert, Monica Miller give a deep dive on how to leverage NS1’s Pulsar Active Traffic Steering.

    Customers tell us with Pulsar Active Traffic Steering they:
    - Enhance End User Application Experience
    - Ensure Business Reliability
    - Improve Efficiency & Modernize their CDN Infrastructures
  • Simplify DNS and IP Address Management in a Complex Infrastructure Recorded: Jul 2 2019 31 mins
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing
    Enterprise infrastructures are more distributed and diverse than ever before. This often results in a disparate mix of DNS and IP address management systems that need constant coordination.

    In this webinar, we show how NS1’s unified approach to DNS and IP address management makes it easier to deploy and manage applications across distributed data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

    Join us on July 2nd to learn why companies tell us NS1’s unified approach to DNS and IP address management helps them achieve:
    - Improved IT efficiency
    - Ensured business reliability and security
    - Modernized infrastructure
  • Four Steps to Multi-CDN: How to make the most of your investment Recorded: Jun 25 2019 24 mins
    Emily Pali, Product Manager, and James Royalty, Principal Engineer
    CDNs are critical in a globally distributed world where users expect optimal performance regardless of where they are located.

    The reasons for implementing a multi-CDN environment might seem obvious--high availability and redundant infrastructure--but if set up correctly, it can actually impede the user experience.

    The reality is, if you’re not routing traffic efficiently across your multi-CDN environment you’re not truly benefiting from it. NS1’s Pulsar Active Traffic Steering allows you to truly harness the power of multi-CDN without the headache.
  • Four Steps to Multi-CDN: How to make the most of your investment (EMEA) Recorded: Jun 25 2019 22 mins
    Emily Pali, Product Manager, and James Royalty, Principal Engineer
    CDNs are critical in a globally distributed world where users expect optimal performance regardless of where they are located.

    The reasons for implementing a multi-CDN environment might seem obvious--high availability and redundant infrastructure--but if set up correctly, it can actually impede the user experience.

    The reality is, if you’re not routing traffic efficiently across your multi-CDN environment you’re not truly benefiting from it. NS1’s Pulsar Active Traffic Steering allows you to truly harness the power of multi-CDN without the headache.
  • How Programmatic DNS Propels Global Application Distribution Recorded: May 21 2019 31 mins
    Haseeb Budhani, CEO & Co-founder at Rafay Systems; Alex Conners, Head of Advocacy at NS1
    In the next 5 years, application traffic will grow an average of 35% each year. This growth in traffic coupled with a growth in the number of applications has changed the way applications are built and deployed. To provide the experience end-users demand, applications now run in multiple places.

    Containerization and other flexible deployment models make application configuration faster and simpler but application delivery becomes more complex. Efficiently directing traffic is now harder.

    These complex, hybrid and distributed systems require new solutions. Rafay Systems leverages NS1 to enhance end-user application experience and get application users where they need to be. How do they do it?

    This webinar covers:
    - The new norm for application delivery
    - How Rafay Systems enables delivery of containerized microservices—easily!
    - Why your application traffic stack is critical for great end-user experience
  • DNS Georouting – From Miles to Milliseconds Recorded: May 8 2019 32 mins
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing
    DNS georouting is a commonly used technique for connecting users to the closest web site or application point of presence. Most DNS services offer georouting but not all are created equal. What they do and how they do it matters for performance and manageability. In addition, georouting alone may not deliver the performance targets your business needs.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - How georouting works on different DNS providers and what you should look for.
    - Geo-targeting vs Geo-fencing.
    - Why georouting often does not provide the best response and how to know if that is impacting your business.
    - How you can improve application performance by combining georouting with active traffic steering on the NS1 platform.
  • Modernizing Your DNS Platform with NS1 and ThousandEyes Recorded: Apr 30 2019 43 mins
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing (NS1) & Angelique Medina, Director of Product Marketing (ThousandEyes)
    The availability, performance and security of your DNS infrastructure is essential to offering a good digital experience to your users—yet DNS is an often overlooked aspect of architecting digital offerings.

    Managed DNS provider NS1 joins ThousandEyes to provide insight into modernizing your DNS platform for improved digital experience. We'll cover ThousandEyes performance findings on managed DNS providers, techniques to improve performance for your users, and monitoring DNS infrastructure for availability and performance.

    In this webinar, you'll learn about:
    - Optimizing the TTL values of your records
    - Advanced traffic steering to improve user web performance
    - Monitoring your DNS infrastructure at scale, including tips for setting performance thresholds and alerting
  • Keeping Your DNS Secure with NS1 and ThousandEyes Recorded: Apr 30 2019 54 mins
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing (NS1) & Angelique Medina, Director of Product Marketing (ThousandEyes)
    Even with the tightest defenses of your systems and infrastructure, you may still be vulnerable to disruption if you're not paying attention to the security and maintenance of your DNS.

    Join ThousandEyes and NS1 to get insight into architecting your DNS for security and resilience, as well as monitoring your DNS infrastructure to get alerted to issues that could disrupt or compromise your service delivery.

    In this webinar, we discuss:
    - Registrar security
    - DNSSEC with traffic management
    - DNS resilience and using a managed provider for failover
    - Monitoring your nameservers and BGP routing to alert to man-in-the-middle attacks and DNS hijackings
  • Internal DNS for Modern Enterprises - 1 PM EST Recorded: Mar 6 2019 26 mins
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing
    Cloud architectures, microservices, and infrastructure scale have exposed unmet needs in DNS that now hamper modernization efforts, including the need for flexible traffic management, service discovery, rapid propagation, and comprehensive API support.

    In this webinar, we discuss Private DNS, NS1's next-gen software only DNS that helps solve the performance, traffic management and automation challenges of modern enterprises.

    Private DNS is designed primarily for deployment within enterprise intranets to meet the needs of user-to-user, user to device/application and application to application communication. It's massively scalable, automated, fast and smart.

    Join us if you’d like to learn how Private DNS can:

    - Reduce deployment delays in DevOps
    - Speed up DNS service discovery
    - Improve traffic management and load balancing
    - Get your DNS sprawl under control
  • Securing Business Continuity with Redundant DNS Recorded: Feb 19 2019 31 mins
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing
    Your online services are business-critical, and so is your DNS. Industry analysts agree that having a redundant DNS is a best practice for business continuity; and businesses that have experienced a DNS outage have learned that as well.

    That said, 68% percent of enterprises are not using redundant DNS.

    In this webinar we’ll discuss:

    -The risks associated with single provider DNS
    -The different ways you can set up dual provider, redundant DNS
    -How NS1 Dedicated DNS makes it easier than ever to have a redundant DNS setup

    Webinar attendees will come away with a solid understanding of the benefits of a redundant DNS as a means of securing business.
  • The Evolution and Future of DevOps Recorded: Dec 12 2018 45 mins
    Jonathan Sullivan, CTO
    At NS1, we see DevOps as helping improve scalability and the application delivery process as a whole. Despite its benefits, moving to DevOps can be a challenging undertaking, especially for organizations riddled with legacy applications and technology. Many companies fail to reap the benefits because making the shift requires substantial changes to culture, processes and the resulting toolset.

    As we move into 2019, the emergence of DevOps continues to be a part of a growing number of global enterprises. With the rise of this methodology, what new DevOps trends have yet to appear?

    In this panel we will cover:

    - What DevOps looks like at NS1
    - What has the evolution of DevOps looked like?
    - What are some of the remaining challenges left for DevOps to solve?
    - What we still see as lacking from the DevOps tool belt?
    - What is the future of DevOps?
  • DNS for a DevOps Future Recorded: Nov 21 2018 33 mins
    Jonathan Lewis, VP of Product Marketing
    Advancements in DNS (Domain Name Systems), including the ability to communicate via APIs and the power to couple real-time telemetry with automation capabilities, give this often overlooked but foundational component of the application delivery stack a critical role in a DevOps-driven world.

    Leading-edge enterprises have stopped viewing DNS as just a "phone book" and are now leveraging next-generation DNS to better manage their infrastructure, improve application performance and lower costs.

    In this webinar we'll focus on 3 case study examples of next-generation DNS in action:

    - How a gaming company integrated and automated multiple CDNs to cut content delivery costs in half
    - How an ad delivery platform delivers impressions 70% faster using a multi-cloud strategy managed by DNS
    - How a security SaaS organization used DNS to improve performance and reduce help desk calls
  • 3 Ways Gaming Companies Can Leverage DNS to Their Advantage Recorded: Oct 10 2018 29 mins
    James McCarthy, Solutions Engineer
    In the incredibly complex world of gaming development, network engineers and application developers come up against a unique set of challenges. Aside from simply having a compelling product, performance and uptime are two of the most mission-critical aspects to keeping users happy. When either one is lacking, gaming companies see an immediate, negative impact on reputation and revenue.

    Solving these challenges with low hanging fruit, like DNS, are often discounted or overlooked. However, DNS technology has made vast strides in the past few years and has the potential to make a significant impact on network reliability, performance, and ultimately - end-user experience.

    In this webinar, we'll explore three ways gaming companies can leverage the 30-year old protocol to their advantage and look at specific use cases that may apply to some of the challenges you are facing today.
  • Leveraging Elasticsearch as a Time Series Database Recorded: Oct 3 2018 60 mins
    Christian Saide, NS1 & Tanya Bragin, Elastic
    Leveraging Elasticsearch as a Time Series Database - Lessons from a DevOps Engineer

    The DevOps team at NS1 realized that we were spending more time managing our telemetry system, rather than the services being monitored. A reevaluation of the alternatives led us to replace our time series database with Elasticsearch. The criteria to replace our time series database included:

    - A single system for metrics and unstructured telemetry
    - Granular control over what data is stored and retained
    - Easy scalability
    - Large diverse community
    - Sufficient analysis capabilities

    Watch this discussion to hear about our evaluation process and the lessons learned, and learn how NS1 simplified operations and reduced operational costs by combining logs and metrics in the Elastic Stack.
  • Managing Costs and Getting Better Application Performance from CDNs Using Pulsar Recorded: Sep 27 2018 29 mins
    Devin Bernosky, Lead Solutions Engineer
    NS1's Pulsar is the only RUM solution that is natively integrated with authoritative DNS and designed to easily boost application performance and reliability without any complex third-party add-ons.

    Managing CDN performance and cost is a challenge. You want the best performance for your applications but you don't have an unlimited budget. Join us to learn how our new Pulsar stabilization, priority and cost feed features now make it a lot easier to control costs and deliver a great application experience. Here is what we'll cover:

    - How leading-edge NS1 customers are gaining as much as 70% performance improvements with Pulsar
    - How to balance performance with contract commits and not leave money on the table
    - How to use DNS traffic steering to improve cache hit ratios
    - Hands-on demonstration of setting up DNS traffic steering using Pulsar
Webcasts on achieving precision control over your internet traffic
NS1 provides an intelligent DNS and traffic management platform leveraging a data-driven architecture and a filter chain routing engine to enable large internet and enterprise brands to challenge network outages and malicious attacks and to optimize application delivery and keep their websites up and running. Customers include LinkedIn, The Guardian, Dropbox, Weight Watchers, Salesforce, and others.

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  • Live at: Jul 25 2018 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Devin Bernosky, Lead Solutions Engineer
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