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An Introduction to eSignatures and DocuSign

Electronic signatures eliminate the need to print, fax, scan, and post paper documents, allowing you to transact business online quickly, easily and securely – anytime, anywhere, on any device – with trust and confidence.

Watch this webinar to see how DocuSign is changing the way business gets done by empowering more than 300,000 companies and more than 200 million users in 188 countries to send, sign and manage agreements and collect payment 100% digitally.

DocuSign stats:
· Average customer savings per document of £26
· 85% of DocuSign documents are completed in 1 day; 64% 1 hour; 53% 15 minutes
· 300,000 new unique users join the DocuSign Global Trust Network every day
Recorded Sep 20 2017 27 mins
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Presented by
Lloyd Williams, Account Executive at DocuSign and Richard Edwards, Head of Product Development, M2
Presentation preview: An Introduction to eSignatures and DocuSign

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  • Accelerate Your Sales Process with Copper, DocuSign and G Suite Nov 13 2019 9:30 am UTC 34 mins
    Ryan Sandoval, Head of Apps Partnerships, Google / Leo Rodriguez, Partner Marketing Dir., DocuSign
    Sales teams that have to perform manual tasks, such as entering data into CRM systems, end up wasting precious time that could be spent on closing deals. Instead they are finding that deals take longer to close, human error is introduced to the process and customers are left frustrated whilst having to wait for their final, error - free agreements.

    With the combination of DocuSign, G Suite and Copper, sales teams can close more deals faster by sending and tracking signed documents, agreements or contracts directly from Copper.

    The Copper + DocuSign integration makes it simpler to upload contact details, apply document templates and send agreements for e-signatures through DocuSign in just a few clicks.

    By being fully embedded into Gmail we make your sales processes simpler streamline your sales process.

    Join this live webinar and enable your sales reps to:

    - Auto-pull in contact details and file information
    - Choose recipients and assign signing roles from inside Copper
    - Auto populate document templates based on the information you can pull through Copper +DocuSign’s artificial intelligence
    - Keep Track of your Document status in Copper
    - Store all related documents sent via DocuSign to relevant accounts and contacts
  • Top Challenges to Modernizing Your Contract Process and How to Overcome Them Nov 6 2019 9:30 am UTC 55 mins
    Andrew Bartels, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester
    Join guest speaker, Andrew Bartels, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester as he takes a deep dive into the world of contract lifecycle management (CLM). Andrew will cover:

    - The current state of contract processes
    - A high-level overview of The Forrester Wave™: Contract Lifecycle Management For All Contracts, Q1 2019
    - Selection criteria to help organizations make the right CLM choice

    Following Andrew's presentation, Erik Severinghaus, AVP, Business Development and Partners at DocuSign, will walk webinar attendees through how DocuSign is helping its customers solve today's contract process challenges.
  • Transform Your HR Experience with DocuSign for Workday Oct 23 2019 8:30 am UTC 33 mins
    Connie Wu, BD Director / Kate Basset, Product Management / Mandy Klin, HRIT Manager
    The world of HR today is changing. The talent pool is becoming more global and tech-savvy, and candidates expect a superior online and mobile experience. HR organizations are looking to improve onboarding, increase employee satisfaction and focus HR staff away from paperwork.

    DocuSign and Workday have partnered to create a platform that transforms HR. By eliminating manual, paper-based processes companies saving up to $46 per document and reducing turnaround time by 85%; all while increasing compliance and boosting candidate and employee satisfaction.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why Workday chose to partner with DocuSign, and how the integration works and is driving value for US Acute Care solutions, including:

    • 95% automation with very little manual intervention
    • 85% reduction in turnaround time
    • Significantly reduction in time spent by attorneys
    • All in just 4-6 weeks
  • Realizing Value and Calculating ROI of DocuSign Recorded: Oct 16 2019 33 mins
    Justin Park, Customer Success Architect, DocuSign / George Faris, Director Account Management, DocuSign
    This hands-on workshop led by our team of strategic advisors will guide you through the process of calculating ROI for your existing DocuSign use cases using real-world scenarios and sample outputs. Take away valuable insights and gain the confidence to share the business value you're delivering with DocuSign. Plus, learn how to get the executive buy-in needed to secure additional budget to grow your DocuSign program.
  • Digital Transformations are Built on a New Foundation of Agreements Recorded: Oct 9 2019 26 mins
    Ted Schadler, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
    With a new foundation for agreements, you will be able to transformation the way you operate, yes, but you'll also be able to support the rise of new business models, bigger ecosystems, and more powerful business growth. In this presentation, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, Ted Schadler, will describe where agreements fit into firms' digital transformations and describe the impact of agreement platforms on your future.
  • Execute Contracts Quickly and Correctly Every Time- Worldpay Case Study Recorded: Oct 2 2019 30 mins
    Daniel Keswick, Account Executive, DocuSign / Beatrice Shelley, HR Project Manager, Worldpay
    Paper processes are slowing down your business. Manually routing agreements, rekeying information, and trying to track down contracts that may or may not have been signed – sound familiar?

    This webinar explores a modern and fully digital solution, purpose-built System of Agreement platform.

    From talent acquisition to contract closing, learn how every phase of the agreement lifecycle can be digitised to save you time and money.

    - Reduce turnaround time; 80% of agreements are completed in less than 24 hours
    - Save £25 per agreement
    - Eliminate errors altogether

    We’ll be joined by Beatrice Shelley, HR Project Manager at Worldpay who will discuss how DocuSign is helping to hire and onboard the best talent quicker.

    Whether you’re new to e-signature or looking to embed DocuSign deeper into your department, join us for the live webinar and start accelerating your business.
  • Accelerate Your Sales Cycles with DocuSign for Salesforce Recorded: Sep 25 2019 37 mins
    Eve Alexander, Snr Dir. Product Marketing, DocuSign
    Your sales process relies on agreements. When the way you prepare, sign, act on and manage those agreements is manual, paper-based, or not fully integrated with Salesforce, the costs to your business are high. If you’ve already digitized signatures with DocuSign for Salesforce, and are looking for the next phase of acceleration, this session is for you. Learn how our growing set of solutions purpose-built for Salesforce can empower B2B sales teams to accelerate revenue, deliver better customer experiences and free up time for selling, with a particular focus on the power of SpringCM contract management + Salesforce CPQ.
  • Scaling Your Environmental Impact with DocuSign Recorded: Sep 18 2019 34 mins
    Amy Skeeters-Behrens, Exec. Director DocuSign Impact
    Saving paper means saving trees. Discover your organization’s environmental impact stats as a result of using DocuSign eSignature and find out how you compare to various benchmarks. Hear how sustainability leaders are using DocuSign to scale their impact and why paper reduction is a critical component of their environmental programs.
  • The ROI of Implementing DocuSign: Featuring Findings from the Forrester TEI Stud Recorded: Sep 11 2019 37 mins
    Reggie Lau, Forrester Principal TEI Consultant
    E-signature can accelerate and simplify the way you do business, but how can organisations quantify these benefits in monetary terms?

    This question is answered in the commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. Conducted by Forrester Consulting, the study determines the potential ROI enterprises may realise with DocuSign, from increased staff productivity to cost avoidance.

    Join guest speaker Reggie Lau, Forrester Principal TEI Consultant, as we provide you with a framework to evaluate the financial impact of DocuSign covering benefits, costs, risk, and flexibility.

    Camelot’s CRM Functional Consultant Leigh Soper will also join us, providing customer insights into the economic impact the UK National Lottery operators have experienced since deploying DocuSign in 2013.

    This webinar is an abridged version of the Forrester TEI of DocuSign study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of DocuSign UK.

    With DocuSign, companies can experience benefits such as:

    • 3-year return of £174,355 from improved internal processes
    • NIGO rates falling from 30 percent to 5 percent
    • Savings of £6.62 per agreement in operational costs

    Join our live webinar and discover the type of ROI your organisation can achieve with DocuSign.
  • DocuSign Click: Reduce your risk by capturing legal acceptance to standard terms Recorded: Aug 21 2019 17 mins
    Kelli Feeley, Product Marketing / Julianne Wu, Director, Product Management
    What if you could easily improve user experience by clearly displaying your terms and reduce your risk of non-compliance to legal standards?

    In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to DocuSign Click, one of our newest products that lets you capture customer acceptance of standard agreement “terms” with a single click on websites or mobile apps.

    Kelli Feeley, Product Marketing Lead for Click and Julianne Wu, Director, Product Management for Click, will show you how companies are using Click to:

    - Ensure sufficient evidence when capturing customer consent.
    - Deploy and maintain with speed and ease to free up their IT team’s time.
    - Reduce the risk of non-compliance to legal standards.
  • Leading HR Processes in the Digital Era Recorded: Aug 14 2019 50 mins
    Michael Erisman, VP Global Human Resources, DocuSign / Laura Clontz, Senior Manager Business Systems at Procore
    The need for HR to go digital is becoming more urgent as candidates and employees expect the same fast, paperless experiences they have as consumers.

    View this on-demand webinar to gain invaluable insights from Michael Erisman, VP Global Human Resources at DocuSign and Laura Clontz, Senior Manager Business Systems at Procore, who will discuss:

    - How to shift your approach to drive digital transformation in your HR organization
    - Top pain points in core HR processes and how these contribute to inefficient operations and poor experiences
    - How Procore is changing the way they hire and onboard employees using a suite of digital solutions including DocuSign, Workday and Greenhouse
  • DocuSign ID Verification: Reduce Your Risk for High-Value Agreement Recorded: Aug 7 2019 24 mins
    Lilia Apostolova, Snr Product Marketing Manager
    For the most important agreements in life, whether digital or not, identity verification is often required to prevent fraud. DocuSign Identify is our family of identification products offering a range of methods for verifying signer identities based on your unique business requirements. Learn how you can reduce risk, support compliance and delight customers with our latest Identify solution, DocuSign ID Verification, the digital way to verify real-world government-issued photo IDs and European eIDs.
  • HR transformation: the benefits of going digital with DocuSign Recorded: Jul 18 2019 49 mins
    Liam Ross, DocuSign / Kashim Uddin, London City Airport
    Despite living in a digital world, 80% of business document processes still involve paper – printing, scanning, filing and storing masses of papers. It’s time-consuming, takes up space and is largely unnecessary.

    There is a better way: a modern System of Agreement. Digital tools allow HR departments to automate internal processes such as payroll management, recruiting and onboarding. By automating and optimising your daily tasks as well as increasing your level of security, every phase of the agreement lifecycle can be digitised to save you time and money.

    In this webinar, brought to you in partnership with DocuSign, we discuss how digital tools have transformed companies and show you how a modern System of Agreement can help you with workflow and improve customer experience.

    Hear from Kashim Udin, HR Officer at London City Airport, who will discuss how DocuSign is helping to hire and onboard the best talent quicker.

    You’ll learn:

    • How to modernise your System of Agreement
    • How digital tools speed up waiting times and reduce errors
    • The impact of digital tools for security
  • Create Fast, Polished Agreements in Salesforce and Close Deals Faster Recorded: Jul 9 2019 15 mins
    Ryan Hickey, Account Executive, DocuSign
    Salespeople that manually generate agreements waste time and close fewer deals.

    Instead of selling, reps are wasting time re-entering data already in Salesforce, using outdated templates, and copying boilerplate language from other systems. These manual activities slow down deals, kill reps’ productivity, and introduce human errors. Meanwhile, customers are left frustrated, waiting for final, error-free agreements.

    With our new product integration, DocuSign Gen for Salesforce, salespeople can close more deals faster by automatically generating polished, configurable agreements with just a few clicks from Salesforce.

    Join this live webinar to learn how, with the integration of DocuSign Gen, DocuSign eSignature, and Salesforce, you can automate the agreement process before, during and after eSignature, enabling your sales reps to:

    - Create fast, polished agreements
    - Prepare, sign and store agreements all within Salesforce (Powered by Lightning)
    - Generate agreements that can be reviewed and edited
    - Save time by inserting the right content for the right situation
  • Modernise your System of Agreements Recorded: Jul 4 2019 19 mins
    Jamie Corrigan
    Every organisation has a system of agreement process, from contracts to offer letters to purchase orders, agreements are the foundation of doing business. Yet many organisations still rely on manual, disconnected processes costing the business time, money and increasing errors and risk.

    To modernise and unify their systems of agreement, organisations are adopting the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. Most start with DocuSign eSignature, then connect and automate other parts of the agreement process to more than a dozen applications and more than 350 integrations that covere the entire agreement process, from preparing to signing, acting on, and managing agreements.

    At each step, the result is the ability to do business faster, simpler, greener, and more cost-efficiently, while delivering a better experience for customers, partners, and employees.

    Join this live webinar and see how you can automate your agreement processes before, during and after eSignature. You will learn to:

    - Prepare agreements with a high degree of automation
    Sign Agreements quickly and securely and complete the process faster with automated routing
    - Act on agreement terms after signing and update records or trigger actions in other systems
    - Manage agreements and leverage features like secure retention, retrieval, and reporting
  • Automating the Contracting Process: How Arm Closes More Deals Faster Recorded: May 15 2019 34 mins
    Graeme Coyne, Account Executive, DocuSign
    Legacy sales motions are slow and inefficient, allowing crucial deals to slip and reducing the amount of revenue that can be realised.

    This was the case for Arm Holdings, a leading provider of software design, which needed to evolve to keep up with an increasing volume of customers and contracts come quarter-end.

    In this live webinar, Delivery Director James French will demonstrate how he automated Arm’s selling cycle with a modern System of Agreement. Learn how, as a result, Arm:

    •Prepares contracts in ServiceNow to populate documents and updates records automatically
    •Signs the contracts 8x faster with DocuSign
    •Manages contract data with Seal Software
  • Going Beyond e-Signature: Automate your Agreement Processes Recorded: Feb 28 2019 33 mins
    Alex Goulding, Major Account Executive
    Agreements are often plagued by slow, costly processes due to a lack of automation. These disconnected steps require customers or employees to re-enter the information you already have, hinder the ability to get business done, and provide a poor user experience.

    There is a better way: a modern System of Agreement.

    The DocuSign System of Agreement Platform connects the world's No. 1 eSignature technology to every other aspect of the agreement process.

    Discover all that’s possible, next, and new, with DocuSign during this webinar. We’ll give you the know-how, insights, and inspiration so you can:

    •Prepare agreements with a high degree of automation
    •Sign agreements quickly and securely
    •Act on agreement terms after signing
    •Manage agreements with flexible options
  • Create Digital Relationships with Your Current and Future Employees Recorded: Oct 24 2018 59 mins
    Michael Erisman, VP and GM Global Human Resources, DocuSign; Teja Vora, Director of Commercial Marketing, DocuSign
    Industry experts predict that all successful businesses will soon become 100% digital. The biggest challenge is the “how”. The HR world is rapidly changing; candidates and employees are becoming more tech-savvy and expect to engage with HR digitally, instead of with paper. Now more than ever, HR teams need to think about how to put best practices in place to facilitate digital relationships with employees, candidates and talent. Going digital in HR will help your organization attract and retain the right talent and enrich the overall employee experience.

    Watch this webinar to learn different ways that HR teams can make meaningful progress in their digital transformation. You will also learn:

    - Top HR pains in the workplace and how going digital can help
    - How other companies achieved success in digital transformation in HR
    - Short and longer-term applications for eSignature in core HR processes, like hiring and onboarding

    Featured Speakers:
    Michael Erisman, VP and GM Global Human Resources, DocuSign
    Teja Vora, Director of Commercial Marketing, DocuSign
  • Getting to Grips with the GDPR: How to Fast-Track Your Compliance Recorded: May 23 2018 32 mins
    Phil Lee, Partner at Fieldfisher and Jacqueline de Gernier, AVP at DocuSign
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents the most important data protection regulation change in 20 years. All companies processing and holding the personal data of subjects residing in the EU must comply once it comes into effect on 25 May 2018, regardless of location.

    One of the biggest changes is around obtaining consent to use personal data. The new requirements not only impact how businesses attain and renew consent but also introduce the need to record the details for auditing purposes.

    Hear from Phil Lee, Partner at Fieldfisher, who will discuss the key changes under the GDPR, the challenges facing businesses, and how digital tools like eSignatures can streamline your compliance.

    Join this webinar to understand:

    - The impacts of the GDPR on businesses
    - How to obtain and record consent in a compliant manner
    - How to re-procure suppliers with contracts that contain the terms of the GDPR
    - How digital tools can be part of a GDPR solution
  • Enhancing GDPR Compliance: How to Obtain Consent with DocuSign Recorded: May 16 2018 26 mins
    Tom Wilson and Iain Jones of DocuSign, Paul Day of Filestream
    Under the GDPR, consent must be obtained in an understandable and easily digestible format, using clear and simple language. By offering people genuine choice and control over how you use their data, it helps you build trust and enhance your reputation.

    The problem for a lot of businesses is that their legacy systems usually don’t document the level of data required to prove that a valid, unambiguous consent or contractual acceptance was obtained. Manual processes and paper plague the most common transactions and introduce friction in the moments that matter most to their business.

    Whether acquiring consent from new customers or renewing consent from your existing database, you can do so with DocuSign’s secure and user-friendly solution. Attend this webinar to:

    - Learn how DocuSign's eSignature solution can help customers collect consent to demonstrate compliance
    - See a demo of DocuSign's consent-capture process, with built-in documentation and tracking
    - Hear from Filestream's Technical Director on how the company is using DocuSign for GDPR purposes
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  • Title: An Introduction to eSignatures and DocuSign
  • Live at: Sep 20 2017 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Lloyd Williams, Account Executive at DocuSign and Richard Edwards, Head of Product Development, M2
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