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7 Ways to Build Rapport in Sales and Connect with People

Consider this: a CBS News / New York Times poll asked, “What percent of people in general are trustworthy?” The answer: 30%. Pretty sceptical we all are, right? Not necessarily. At the same time, the CBS News / New York Times poll asked a similar group the same question, but with a slight difference. “What percent of people that you know are trustworthy?” The answer: 70%. That’s a huge difference. Goes to show you: when people get to know you and people get to like you, people begin to trust you. This webinar outlines the 7 ways to build trust with your clients
Recorded Jan 10 2018 60 mins
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Tim Robertson
Presentation preview: 7 Ways to Build Rapport in Sales and Connect with People

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  • Why is sales coaching such a misunderstood development tool? Oct 16 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Mike Lever, ISM Champion
    This webinar explores the clear link and transferable skills from selling to coaching. We will bust some of the myths about coaching and show how you can turn on your coachees (the person you are coaching) internal voice. – We will share with you our experience of supporting new directors, managers and supervisors taking a coaching approach by learning to ask not tell.
  • Why don’t your salespeople do what they need to do? Oct 9 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Mike Lever, ISM Champion
    In this webinar, we will explore why you and your sales team might be avoiding the things you really need to do. We will look at confidence and comfort zones in a selling environment. You will also get an introduction to the ABCD of you, your Awareness, Bias, Comfort zone and Decision-making. This is a must if you and your sales people need to know more about what makes you tick and how you might go about improving your personal performance.
  • Your customer journey is broken and here are three things to help you fix it Oct 2 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Nevil Tynemouth, ISM Champion
    This is based on our work on the psychology of consumer behaviour. The real customer journey, challenges you to see things from your clients and customers perspectives. We look at the emotional drivers and associations your consumers and potential consumers have. We will introduce you to the green line and what you need to do to put your customers in a positive emotional state and how this benefits your business.
  • How to create the self belief and self confidence to sell brilliantly Sep 25 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Leigh Ashton
    This webinar is for you if you struggle with sales or specific sales activities and will open the door to understanding how you get in your own way of sales success...and how to develop a winning sales mindset that attracts success!

    •Discover how your thoughts impact on your sales results
    •Learn how to identify your inner barriers...and how to eliminate them
    •Create your personal way of generating consistently great sales
  • The Art of Sales and Management Sep 4 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Laurence Winmill, ISM Fellow
    I keep saying to business owners, C-Suite Executives, Managers and Employees that nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.

    That’s the message of this webinar. Great organisations are those that understand people, create and adapt process and manage with empathy and leadership that inspires everyone in the business to work, breathe and share the core values that underpin everything the brand stands for.

    Sales is all about people and the messages focus on why selling is an emotional experience and the essential human characteristics needed to be successful. It’s not about glittering CV’s or past reputation it’s about what you believe and how persuasive and authentic your messages are during your conversations between you and the client.

    However, structure and processes that keep the business on track are an important part of any organisation’s success and having the right leaders in place that understand people and live and breathe the visions and values of the company is an essential part of the machine.

    Great people, processes that work and inspired leadership is what this webinar is all about.
  • How to Build a Powerful Partner Sales Channel & The 13 Mistakes to Avoid Jul 24 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Marcus Cauchi, ISM Fellow
    Are setting up a new channel or trying to revitalise an old or underperforming sales channel?

    Have you invested time and money recruiting partners but feel disappointed they aren’t producing or have fallen silent?

    Do partners bring you requests for duck-shoot demos that result in sales cycles that seem never to close?

    Channel Partner Sales Managers have one of the toughest jobs in sales or sales management. They have to:

    * Lead and manage without power
    * Carry large targets and are responsible for key accounts
    * Recruit partners who produce predictably & consistently
    * Get the best out of partners
    * Create and maintain engagement across partner organisations (sales, technical & management)
    * Help partners make good money and stay committed & loyal

    If you want to gain marketshare and expand quickly, identifying and selecting the right Channel Partner Sales Managers can be the key. Providing them with the correct tools and resources is essential.

    Join us on 10th July for a webinar introducing a radical new approach to channel sales development.

    Ideal for:

    * Startup businesses looking to build a channel from scratch
    * Established business experiencing erratic or disappointing channel performance
    * Companies looking to launch new products and services
    * Companies launching into new markets
    * Direct sales organisations looking to reduce their sales costs & headcount without a loss of earnings or quality
  • Onboarding: How to Turn an A-Player into a B-player in Under 4 Weeks Recorded: Jul 17 2018 49 mins
    Marcus Cauchi, ISM Fellow
    You’ve just hired James Bond on to your sales team and you have high hopes for his performance. Assuming you really did hire James Bond and not Mr Bean in a Tux, what can you do to ensure disappointment?

    Why! Fail to do a proper onboarding process! Delude yourself into thinking you hired an adult, a professional, someone who can be depended on to hit the ground running. “John is a big boy and doesn’t want me crowding him. I’ll let him get on with it.”

    This is called management by abdication and is one of the cardinal sins of sales management.

    Onboarding is the lost element of successful recruitment. The best sales managers have a 120 day onboarding plan for new hires. Why 120 days? Because that is the probation period a new hire is typically putting you (their manager, the job they actually bought, the company and the other people on the team) on in case they believe they have made a bad choice of career move.

    You’ve invested time and money in attracting them, selecting them, offering them, legal & HR costs, managing their notice period, paying them, training them and you risk blowing your winnings because you’re too busy, too stupid or too lazy to finish the job you started!

    Onboarding is not about giving them an Ops & Employee Manual to read, giving them some product training and provisioning them with passwords, a laptop and a phone. Those are the tiniest part of a good onboarding process. Onboarding should set up a new hire for success. It should be structured and confirm that you have made the right hire. It should tell you quickly if you haven’t so you can hire slow and fire fast.

    A reliable onboarding process needs to cover 3 things:

    * What do they need to know?
    * By when do they need to know it?
    * Where can they find it?
  • Why Your Sales Manager Is Your Biggest Liability Recorded: Jul 10 2018 53 mins
    Marcus Cauchi, ISM Fellow
    We all think we know the cost of a wrong hire in sales. Many of us have paid the heavy price, but we often do we overlook the person whose job it is to hire the best and get the best out of them, the Sales Manager. If you think hiring the wrong salesperson is expensive, you can multiply that cost by 5-10x when you hire the wrong sales manager.

    * Does your manager try to manage the numbers?
    * Is your manager focused on being a supervisor?
    * Do they treat recruitment as a chore and an interruption to their real job?
    * Are they taking too long or failing to manage turnover?
    * Are they managing from an ivory tower?
    * Do they confused training with coaching and why does this matter?
    * Do they rescue & accidentally create a culture of upward delegation & learned helplessness?
    * Do they believe the excuses they hear?
    * Are they more concerned with being liked than being effective?
    * Are they inconsistent or lack clarity?
    * Do they do what was done to them?
    * Are they blaming their salespeople instead of taking responsibility for fixing the problems you need them to fix?
    * Are they focused on the helping the wrong people?
    * Are they worried about playing favourites?

    If you answered “yes’ to any of these questions YOU have a problem.

    A webinar for owners, CEOs and sales managers who are brave enough to look into the abyss. Not for softies!
  • Secrets of Successful Sales. Pillar 3&4: Sales Strategy and Confidence Recorded: May 29 2018 33 mins
    Alison Edgar
    Over three webinars, Alison will share her Secrets to Successful Sales focusing on her Four Key Pillars of Sales methodology. Alison will teach you the strategies and processes she used to build her own business and become One of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers.

    If you want to hit target? Or better yet, exceed target? Maybe even grow a business? Then you need to tune into these webinars with Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother.

    Webinar 3: Pillar 3&4: Sales Strategy and Confidence

    This webinar is split into two sections, strategy and confidence. Everyone needs a sales strategy, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you supposed to know where to start? I’m going to the strategy that helped me become One of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers and got me to where I am today.
  • The Death of the B2B Salesperson Recorded: May 22 2018 34 mins
    Mike Wilkinson – MD of Advance
    In this webinar, Mike reflects on Forrester’s forecast that 1 million US B2B salespeople will lose their jobs by the year 2020 and how disruptive technology is changing the game. Do you have the right sales model and skills to adapt? He will discuss what customers are demanding, plus the skills and behaviours required for B2B sales professionals to thrive.
  • Secrets of Successful Sales. Pillar 2: Sales Process Recorded: May 15 2018 48 mins
    Alison Edgar, ISM Fellow
    Over three webinars, Alison will share her Secrets to Successful Sales focusing on her Four Key Pillars of Sales methodology. Alison will teach you the strategies and processes she used to build her own business and become One of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers.

    If you want to hit target? Or better yet, exceed target? Maybe even grow a business? Then you need to tune into these webinars with Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother.

    Webinar 2: Pillar 2: Sales Process

    Like anything else, sales is a process. Following the process helps to maintain quality and prevents you from making the old age mistake of ‘selling too soon’. You will never sell to everyone, even Apple haven’t figure out how to do that, but if you know the sales process you will certainly sell to a lot more. I genuinely believe when delivered correctly, sales and customer service are exactly the same thing. That’s why, my sales process shows you how providing great customer service can help you seal the deal.
  • The Missing Link: Measuring the Impact of Sales Enablement on Sales Performance Recorded: May 8 2018 42 mins
    Mike D’Angelo, Sales Director, Qstream
    For many organisations, there’s a persistent gap between sales enablement and selling – one that makes it difficult to connect the influence of training and technology investments to the business results sales leaders care about most.

    During this session, we’ll discuss a new approach to aligning performance, productivity and proficiency that brings sales leadership and sales enablement pros together, aligned to a set of shared metrics and business outcomes.

    -The common pitfalls of traditional sales enablement
    -Why proficiency can be your secret weapon in driving performance
    -The build vs. buy argument of sales development

    About your presenter:

    Mike D’Angelo is responsible for enterprise sales at Qstream, with a focus on helping customers drive sales performance, productivity and proficiency for better results. Mike is an experienced sales professional who has held positions at SAVO Group, IBM, Microsoft, Novell and TrendMicro. With two Bachelor of Science degrees under his belt, Mike can apply an analytical and data-driven mindset to his sales approach, and his results have been recognised through numerous sales performance and President’s Club awards.
  • Secrets of Successful Sales. Pillar 1: Understanding Behaviours Recorded: May 1 2018 49 mins
    Alison Edgar, ISM Fellow
    Over three webinars, Alison will share her Secrets to Successful Sales focusing on her Four Key Pillars of Sales methodology. Alison will teach you the strategies and processes she used to build her own business and become One of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisers.

    If you want to hit target? Or better yet, exceed target? Maybe even grow a business? Then you need to tune into these webinars with Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother.

    Webinar 1- Pillar 1: Understanding Behaviours

    People buy people. It’s a lot easier for us to sell to people we like, but what about those we don’t. There are some people we just don’t understand. Using DISC methodology, Alison will teach you how to understand your customer behaviours and adapt to those who are not like you. Once you understand your customer’s behaviour and how they buy, it became a lot easier to sell to them. The webinar will teach you how to sell to more people and exceed your goals and targets.
  • Procurement Part 2: Reducing Buyer Opening Demands Recorded: Apr 10 2018 41 mins
    Sue Preston
    The webinar takes participants through a journey from 'reacting to responding' to unreasonable Buyer demands and participants will start to build a toolkit to help maintain control of the outcome of any Negotiation

    Learning outcomes

    By the end of this webinar event participants will have:

    - Understood the motivation behind buyer demands.
    - Developed strategies to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’
    - Created a toolkit to respond to and counter aggressive buyer behaviour
    - Commitment to application of new tactics
  • Procurement: Part 1: Successful Telephone Negotiations Recorded: Apr 3 2018 43 mins
    Sue Preston
    This webinar aims to provide participants with a 'foolproof' plan for all telephone Negotiations. Many Negotiations are held over the phone today when buyers can 'catch us out' if we are not fully prepared. Attend this webinar to ensure you are driving better outcomes from any telephone negotiations.

    Learning outcomes

    By the end of this webinar participants will have:
    - Explored the advantages of telephone negotiations
    - Explored the disadvantages of telephone negotiations
    - Created a 'foolproof' preparation document
    - Committed to applying the learning to their real-world telephone negotiations
  • Overcoming Objections through Creating Certainty Recorded: Mar 20 2018 24 mins
    Paul Blair, ISM Fellow
    I will share my thoughts on how we overcome a lot of objections by creating certainty around our products/services, us and our companies. Increase credibility, position ourselves as the expert or authority figure to gain control of an inquiry so we may find it easier to close. I will also look at how this will have a positive impact upon your prospect.
  • What to say in LinkedIn messages to your ideal potential customers Recorded: Mar 6 2018 53 mins
    Tom Mallens, MD of SI Media Ltd
    One of the challenges that people face when using LinkedIn for business, is knowing what to say to their connections and ideal potential clients.
    We will share with you some of the proven messages that we and our clients use on LinkedIn, so that you will know what to say to your ideal potential clients in order to generate more leads, appointments and sales for your business.
  • 3 Tips for Selling to the Senior level Execs Recorded: Feb 20 2018 50 mins
    Tim Robertson
    Most of us want to have better meetings with senior executives. Meetings that feel like conversations, not pitches. Meetings that build deeper relationships. Meetings that uncover more ways in which they can help their customers. Behind closed doors, when I ask what's holding people back, many will tell me things like, "I don't feel comfortable," "I have nothing to offer to them,"" or "I'm not at their level." Selling to Senior level executives can be difficult, and getting a first meeting can be a real challenge. But, in our experience, the most difficult part is not getting the first meeting. It's getting the second one. Or the third one. This webinar explores the ways that you can get to that second and third meeting
  • Making a Difference Recorded: Feb 6 2018 57 mins
    Peter Thomson - BESMA 2017 Lifetime Achievement Winner
    How to implement a ‘Making a Difference’ mentality into your sales teams. This webinar will motivate and help you and your sales teams to connect personal meaning and passion to your processes which in turn will deliver better and longer-term results.
  • 4 Things to Do When Clients Pressure You for Lower Fees Recorded: Jan 23 2018 49 mins
    Tim Robertson
    "Your fees are too high; can you do it for less?" In the highly competitive marketplace we hear dreaded phrases like this all of the time. The easy thing to do is to offer a discount, but that cuts into your profit margins and sets a precedent for the future. You don’t want to become a victim of discounting gone wrong. So what do you do when clients push back on your fees? This webinar runs through the 4 things you can do when clients put pressure on you to lower your fees
Raising the Value of Sales
Established for over 100 years, the Institute has striven to be the authoritative voice of selling and the custodian of sales standards, ethics and best practice throughout its existence.

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