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Is Data Still the New Currency?

Getting your company ready for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws isn’t about putting a few new processes in place — it’s about rethinking your entire approach to personal data, including how to get value from it. For decades, companies have collected and stored all kinds of personal information “just in case” they ever needed it.

Today's data privacy regulations require a different approach. You need to be proactive in thinking about how to get value from your data, and you need to understand exactly what your company is doing with personal data and why.

Join Jill Reber and Kevin Moos of Primitive Logic to learn:
- How to work with third parties who process personal data on your behalf
- How preparing for data privacy laws helps you understand your data on a whole new level (and why that’s a good thing)
Recorded Aug 15 2019 36 mins
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Presented by
Primitive Logic CEO Jill Reber & President Kevin Moos
Presentation preview: Is Data Still the New Currency?

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  • Smart Synthetic Data Oct 13 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Adam Cornille, Harry Keen, & Tom Davis
    The data economy is booming and the pioneers are winning competitive advantage by safely and efficiently mining the value in their data sets, gaining new customer insight and delivering products to market more quickly. Unfortunately, many enterprises are still blocked from accessing cutting edge technology, innovative tools, and 3rd party services by their lengthy internal data governance processes.

    Hazy solves this challenge by creating safe lookalike, synthetic datasets that preserve all the value and insight of your real data but don’t contain any of the sensitive information. Synthetic data can be dropped into any existing data workflow without any change in process. Using synthetic data, financial firms can increase the speed of innovation while maintaining control of information and avoiding the risk of a data security breach.

    Join Hazy and Logic20/20 for our upcoming webinar, Smart Synthetic Data, on October 13th from 10:00 am-11:00 am PST to learn more.
  • Machine Learning: Accelerating Submission Time for Clinical Trials Recorded: Aug 4 2020 27 mins
    Anne Lifton
    Clinical trials are an essential process that requires considerable time and resources to safely ensure new treatments are readily available to those who need them. Organizations must deal with complex operations in order to safely get their products to market, including pulling insights from hundreds of documents and make substantial investments. Time to submission is a critical metric that determines how competitive a company can be in the ever-changing landscape of pharmaceutical and medical device innovation. From discovery to post-marketing trial, each phase can take years before the treatment reaches patients.

    Fortunately, technology has evolved to provide new, innovative solutions that support and streamline clinical trial operations.

    In this webinar, we will guide you through our four-step method to reduce time to submission through machine learning and automation. With experience in this space, Logic20/20 has created a strategic model to help organizations accelerate treatments to market and gain a competitive advantage.

    Each of the 'four pillars' addresses the following pain points:
    - Rapid submission
    - Awareness of documents
    - Visibility of progress
    - Enforcement and reducing repetition

    By using machine learning in a product management mindset, you can get your treatments to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Modernizing Your Digital Marketing Operations Recorded: Jul 29 2020 54 mins
    Nicol Chadek, Eric Nelson, Steve Sack, Deb Lackey
    Join us for our virtual panel event featuring leaders in Digital Marketing Operations. Our group of experts will share their knowledge regarding channel management, marketing processes, governance, operational excellence and overall campaign strategy.

    Nicol Chadek, Microsoft, Director, Digital Marketing Operations
    Deb Lackey, Logic20/20, Practice Area Lead - Digital Marketing
    Steve Sack, Logic20/20, Practice Area Lead - Digital Marketing
    Moderator - Eric Nelson

    As technology continues to advance and customer demand focuses on both diversity and personalization, organizations must unify their marketing operations in order to produce content effectively and stay competitive. By modernizing your Digital Marketing Operations, your business can optimize marketing efforts and maximize ROI.

    By the end of this event, you will have a strategy for success that is aligned with business best practices. View our panelists below and register today!
  • The New Self-Service: Enabling People to Combine Reports & Dashboards Recorded: Jul 9 2020 59 mins
    Nick Kelly & Jeff Dean
    Research shows that on average only 23% of employees have access to the information they need, and the industry average BI adoption rate is sitting at just 34%. Organizations have recognized the importance of data, but users are still wasting valuable time finding the information they need and using it to make better informed business decisions.

    This webinar focuses on how to enable and encourage the discovery of insight through Analytics Hubs to access data, find reports, and enable proper interpretation of data. In the webinar, The New Self-Service: Enabling People to Combine Reports & Dashboards, you will learn:

    • 3 ways to ensure adoption of your analytics hub
    • The benefits of a personalized, hybrid self-service analytics portal experience
    • What makes a practical and useful visualization for your organization
    • Real-world advice from industry experts
  • Data Privacy: The “How” Behind the “What” Recorded: Jun 12 2020 53 mins
    Jill Reber, Kevin Moos, Kina Ratanjee, and Sarah Davis
    Protecting personal information is the new normal, and personal data privacy will be the most prominent issue affecting how businesses gather, store, process, and disclose data in 2020. Gartner includes data ethics and privacy on their list of the top 10 strategic technology trends of 2019 and moving into 2020, placing it on the same level as AI-driven development, blockchain, and edge computing.

    Businesses have been inundated with information on what recent privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA require, but many are still trying to figure out how to comply with them on a practical level. Many companies are focusing on data privacy from the legal and security side, which are definitely foundational, but are missing the focus on data. The good news is that these data privacy regulations compel businesses to get a handle on personal data — how they get it, where they get it from, which systems process it, where it goes internally and externally, etc. In other words, the new norms of data privacy require proactive data management, which enables organizations to extract real business value from their data, improve the customer experience, streamline internal processes, and better understand their customers.

    In this webinar, Logic20/20 will provide a practical “how-to” guide to data privacy so that you can understand where your data is and ensure that your business processes and technical systems will allow you to comply with data subject requests such as the “right to be forgotten.”

    Key takeaways include
    - Creating a strategy for aligning your data systems and processes with privacy law requirements
    - Building a data privacy foundation across 4 areas: data management, security, policies, and contracts
    - Capturing your data inventory and processing activities
    - Mapping your data systems, data processes, and data flows (both within and outside of the company)
    - Designing a data privacy governance strategy
    - Planning for “triggers” that could impact your compliance status
  • 5 Steps to Reduce Reporting Costs with an Analytics Hub Recorded: Jun 11 2020 62 mins
    Nicholas Kelly, Heena Sood, Donald Farmer
    A current issue organizations face is that there’s a proliferation of data analytics technologies. The new normal is to have a multi-technology approach to BI and analytics. The cause and effect of this is that employees are faced with getting their insight from several different technologies which has significant costs and lowered adoption rates.

    With an Analytics Hub, you can create a scalable and cohesive portal for engaging with business intelligence and analytics assets from across your organization. In this webinar, you’ll learn the about the many cost saving opportunities of an analytics hub, including:

    •The potential size of savings – up to 35% of existing BI license costs
    •The 3 primary barriers to optimizing BI spend
    •5 steps to take now to save on costs and increase productivity
    •Practical advice from industry leaders from Logic20/20 and ZenOptics
  • Reducing Physician Burnout with a Healthcare Analytics Portal Recorded: May 27 2020 33 mins
    Nicholas Kelly, Director of Visual Analytics at Logic20/20
    Wondering how to prevent or reduce physician burnout? Join us for an in-depth look at the tool that can change hospital culture for the better. You'll learn:

    • why physicians and other healthcare stakeholders struggle with data
    • key features of an analytics portal and how they address these struggles
    • steps to implementing a portal
    • positive outcomes physicians will see when using a portal
  • Real-World Approach to Data Literacy: Practical Steps for Starting the Journey Recorded: May 14 2020 64 mins
    Nicholas Kelly & Jordan Morrow
    Analytics and BI have come a long way and surmounted many challenges around data and technology. However, the challenges now faced are around people and change, challenges not solved by technology. The new frontier is how do we drive adoption by acting on data and accelerating the data culture.

    This webinar focuses on the practical and real-world tips and tactics that can be used to enable data literacy, no matter where you or your organization are in the journey. In the webinar The Real-World Approach to Data Literacy, you’ll learn:

    1. Where to focus for maximum impact
    2. The 3 primary barriers to a data literate culture
    3. 5 iterative and practical steps to immediately drive change
    4. Real-world advice from two thought leaders
  • Crisis Management for Call Centers Recorded: Apr 2 2020 27 mins
    Juliana Su & Amit Unadkat
    Crisis Management for Call Centers will be addressing quick fixes businesses can implement now during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Attendees will walk away from this event with short term actions they can take to improve workforce management and communication, as well as middle/long term initiatives surrounding automation tools and data optimization. 
  • Uncover analytics insights across your business Recorded: Mar 13 2020 50 mins
    Nicholas Kelly
    Businesses typically use multiple dashboard technologies, each having its own portal and features. It can be challenging for users to access dashboards if they don’t have permission, access, or even knowledge of where to find the information they need. That makes access to insight a technology-dependent paradigm. This is further compounded by departmental and geographic silos.

    This session introduces the rapidly emerging world of analytics/BI portals as a means of accessing all the dashboards in an organization, irrespective of technology, location, and department. The result is improving ROI on data investments and increasing the potential for user adoption. It covers the key elements needed in a successful portal and related processes to ensure sufficient mechanisms for user access, discovery, and feedback.

    By the end of this webinar you will have a clear step-by-step approach and checklist for choosing the right portal for your needs.
  • Enterprise Dashboard Process Recorded: Mar 4 2020 52 mins
    Nicholas Kelly
    Start seeing the ROI on the investments made into your business intelligence processes by making your data valuable and actionable. We have a free training that shows the step-by-step process to make this happen.

    Nicholas Kelly shares the dashboard consulting process that has helped Fortune 100 companies implement practical and successful approaches to deal with analytics challenges.

    Discover the key processes to:

    1. Ensure your dashboards have true business value
    2. Include actions to change behavior
    3. Own adoption & make a lasting impact
  • Data Privacy in 2020: Data Management for a Multi-Regulation Environment Recorded: Jan 21 2020 37 mins
    Jill Reber, CEO & Chair | Kina Ratanjee, Delivery Director, Primitive Logic
    When GDPR first arrived, some companies addressed it by implementing data privacy measures solely for their EU data subjects — only to have to go through the same exercise for California residents when CCPA came along. With major data privacy laws now in effect on both sides of the Atlantic and more on the way (possibly including U.S. federal legislation), organizations must adopt a holistic approach to managing personal data in an ethical, compliant manner.

    Join the data privacy experts from Primitive Logic to explore data management strategies for achieving and maintaining readiness for CCPA, GDPR, and other current and future privacy regulations.

    You will learn:

    - Why traditional master data management (MDM) can lay the groundwork for multi-regulation readiness, but won’t make you compliant on its own
    - How to address common threads in data privacy legislation while maintaining flexibility to adapt to future requirements
    - How to build a single source of truth for personal data as a cornerstone of your data privacy strategy
    - Governance strategies for adapting to “triggers” in maintaining data privacy readiness
  • U.S. Banks and Data Privacy: CCPA, GDPR, and Beyond Recorded: Nov 21 2019 62 mins
    Jill Reber & Kevin Moos (Primitive Logic) & Ron Whitworth (SunTrust)
    Gartner includes data ethics and privacy on their list of the top 10 strategic technology trends of 2019, placing these issues on the same level as AI-driven development, blockchain, and edge computing.

    With the enforcement of GDPR in May 2018, the enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) one month later, and other state and federal data privacy proposals not far behind, financial institutions of all sizes are having to devote time, personnel, and resources to the task of getting a handle on their data practices.

    This webinar will explore how these regulations — and new data privacy laws appearing around the world — are changing the way financial institutions gather, process, and share personal data. Learn key highlights of GDPR and CCPA readiness, steps to consider in approaching expanded definitions of personal data and individual privacy rights, triggers that can impact compliance status, and business benefits of aligning with data privacy requirements.

    Jill Reber, CEO, Primitive Logic
    Kevin Moos, President, Primitive Logic
    Ron Whitworth, SVP and Chief Privacy Officer, SunTrust

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn!
    - http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Architecting Your Data and Systems to Address Data Subjects' Rights Recorded: Oct 24 2019 58 mins
    Primitive Logic CEO Jill Reber and President Kevin Moos
    The ability to search, discover, review, and delete personal data is a critical component of data privacy compliance. But if that data is stored in multiple systems, and potentially shared with multiple partners, the tasks become dramatically more complex – requiring the technological ability to find and address all affected data promptly. Accommodating the exercise of data privacy rights requires a new level of enterprise-wide data mapping, data governance, data architecture, and system management. Join Primitive Logic’s technology solution experts and learn how to address data subject access requests (DSARs) from the technology perspective.
  • Keeping the Gears in Motion: How IIoT Drives Predictive Maintenance Recorded: Oct 9 2019 42 mins
    Primitive Logic
    Unplanned machine downtime can disrupt operations, diminish employee productivity, and generate high costs for emergency repairs. IIoT devices offer an effective solution by transmitting data on temperature, vibration, friction, and other factors, enabling you to detect potential failures ahead of time and repair or replace equipment proactively.

    Join Primitive Logic's experts to learn:

    - How predictive maintenance helps minimize unplanned machine downtime
    - How IIoT reduces the need for on-site maintenance checks
    - How to make the most of your IIoT investment by integrating device management onto a single platform
    - How one of our clients leveraged IIoT devices to reduce the need for on-site maintenance, resulting in significant time and cost savings
  • Data Virtualization: Key Foundation of a Cloud-First Strategy Recorded: Sep 25 2019 57 mins
    Kevin Moos, President, Primitive Logic; Jay Livens, Director of Product, Actifio
    As more organizations adopt a cloud-first strategy, the task of migrating high-volume transactional workloads presents a unique set of challenges, particularly in handling the large amounts of data involved. Join Primitive Logic and Actifio as we discuss the most pressing challenges around transactional data migrations … and the solutions that can help address them. You will learn:
    • The unique challenges in migrating transactional data to the cloud
    • How to handle data for applications with both on-prem and cloud components
    • How to approach transactional data as part of a multi-cloud strategy
    • How data virtualization helps resolve issues of security, governance, multi-cloud coordination, and more
  • GDPR Comes to America (CCPA) — Be Prepared Recorded: Sep 10 2019 51 mins
    Kevin Moos, President of Primitive Logic; Ian Rowlands, Director of Product Marketing, ASG
    Join Kevin Moos, President of Primitive Logic and Ian Rowlands, Director of Product Marketing, ASG, to learn
    • How this regulation affects your company, regardless of where you’re located
    • What you need to do now to get ready for CCPA’s deadline of January 2020
    • If you’re ready for GDPR, do you have to do anything more for CCPA?
    • Useful tools and technologies to help you meet the new law’s requirements
    • How you can turn CCPA readiness into a benefit (not just a cost)
  • Is Data Still the New Currency? Recorded: Aug 15 2019 36 mins
    Primitive Logic CEO Jill Reber & President Kevin Moos
    Getting your company ready for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws isn’t about putting a few new processes in place — it’s about rethinking your entire approach to personal data, including how to get value from it. For decades, companies have collected and stored all kinds of personal information “just in case” they ever needed it.

    Today's data privacy regulations require a different approach. You need to be proactive in thinking about how to get value from your data, and you need to understand exactly what your company is doing with personal data and why.

    Join Jill Reber and Kevin Moos of Primitive Logic to learn:
    - How to work with third parties who process personal data on your behalf
    - How preparing for data privacy laws helps you understand your data on a whole new level (and why that’s a good thing)
  • CCPA: How Startups and SMBs Can Prepare Without Panicking Recorded: Aug 6 2019 58 mins
    Jill Reber, CEO, Primitive Logic; Kevin Moos, President, Primitive Logic; David Jarzabek, Attorney, Royse Law
    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) impacts companies of all sizes, including startups and SMBs. CCPA will expand the privacy obligations of all organizations far beyond those required by current state privacy legislation (CalOPPA, etc.), and all organizations who gather and process personal data of California residents must be prepared. Fortunately, the right strategies can make this process easier than you may have thought.

    Join Primitive Logic and Royse Law to learn
    - Why CCPA readiness doesn’t have to “break the bank”
    - How to develop a cost-effective plan to get ready for CCPA
    - How to prepare for private right of action under CCPA and potential amendments
    - How data privacy is becoming part of standard M&A due diligence practices
  • The No-BS Guide to Data Privacy in 2019 … and Beyond Recorded: Jul 24 2019 37 mins
    Kevin Moos, Kina Ratanjee, and Sarah Davis
    Now that data privacy has entered mainstream conversations around the world, some businesses are finding it difficult to separate fact from fiction — "Is an updated privacy policy all we really need?" "This company says their data tool will make us compliant — is that true?" "Can't I just use a survey to find out what we're doing with personal data?"

    Join Primitive Logic at our next webinar, where we'll bust the most common myths about data privacy as we show you how to adapt to the demands of our current environment and prepare for what lies ahead.

    You will learn:

    The most common myths around data privacy … and the real truth behind them
    How to build a foundation for alignment with present and future data privacy laws
    How to address the four key areas of data privacy compliance
    The realities of where technology products can help your compliance efforts
    Common challenges and pitfalls to avoid


    Kevin Moos, President, Primitive Logic
    Kina Ratanjee, Delivery Director, Primitive Logic
    Sarah Davis, Senior Consultant, Primitive Logic
Mindful Digital Transformation and Business Consulting
We have been solving large-scale, complex digital business strategy challenges for over thirty years. Our solutions are designed to evolve with an ever-changing digital landscape. What makes us different? Primitive Logic’s unique, time-tested approach applies mindfulness to digital transformation. Cut through the noise to empower your business to thrive in the rapidly changing digital world.

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