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CET [Ep.2] Contact Center Redesigned: Leveraging WFH

Customer Engagement Transformation [Ep.2] Contact Center Redesigned: Leveraging WFH

Though originally considered a temporary situation, companies are embracing the Work-From-Home (WFH) contact center. Now that the dust has settled with setting up remote agents, CX leaders are leveraging the benefits and tossing aside the disadvantages.

The result? A more functional customer interaction experience that takes advantage of technologies, flexibility, and disaster preparation.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

*How companies are taking advantage of WFH to curtail agent turnover rates
*What technologies have been key to success
*Why the physical contact center is changing, but not going away
*How many agents are working from home, and in what format
Recorded Dec 3 2020 43 mins
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Presented by
Robin Gareiss, President and Founder, Nemertes Research
Presentation preview: CET [Ep.2] Contact Center Redesigned: Leveraging WFH

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  • [Ep.4] Financing the Hybrid Workplace of Tomorrow Oct 14 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Steve Brumer - BH IoT Group | Catherine Roda - Aruba | Markus Maryl - Aruba - Johna Till Johnson - Nemertes
    In the first three episodes of this four-part series, we explored how to create a hybrid workplace strategy, integrate the home office, and reimagine the physical office for the new world of work.

    It’s clear that preparing for the hybrid workplace requires an investment into IT infrastructure. Given the current economic circumstances and unpredictability, however, it’s understandable that organizations are worried about financing these investments. They may feel they’re not able to consider any upgrades beyond what’s immediately necessary in the short-term to return to the office.

    But there is a way. In the final episode of the series: The New Agile Network: Driving the Hybrid Workplace, we’ll explore how – with a few strategic moves – organizations can leverage current budgets and resources to create a network that deliver short and long-term value.

    Steve Brumer - Partner at BH IoT Group

    Markus Mayrl - Aruba Portfolio Manager
    Catherine Roda - HPEFS Business Development Lead at Aruba
    Johna Till Johnson - CEO, Nemertes Research

    Register or Watch on Demand all the episodes:

    [Ep.1] Defining Your Hybrid Working Strategy
    September 2 2021| 11:00 CEST| 12:00 BST

    [Ep.2] Integrating the Longer-Term Home Office
    September 16 2021| 11:00 CEST| 12:00 BST

    [Ep.3] Reimagining the Physical Office and its Connectivity Needs
    September 30 2021| 11:00 CEST| 12:00 BST

    [Ep.4] Financing the Workplace of Tomorrow
    October 14 2021| 11:00 CEST| 12:00 BST
  • New Horizons: Bringing Cloud-Native Security into the Data Center & Edge Oct 6 2021 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Johna Till Johnson, Sameer Vasanthapuram, Aidan Walden
    In the previous episode, we explored designing for transparent cloud network security and how implementing solutions like a gateway load balancing tool can drive business results by enabling consistent performance and security. Building upon that discussion, the next question and focal point of this episode will explore why and how to extend cloud-native security into the cloud data center and edge.

    In this second episode in AWS & Fortinet’s series about next-gen cloud security capabilities, hear from our host Johna Till Johnson of Nemertes alongside speakers Sameer Vasanthapuram of AWS and Aidan Walden of Fortinet to learn best-in-class solutions for extended cloud-native security that help businesses safely enable better transparency for app developers and users. Key topics include:

    -Evolutions in cloud computing that have led to a greater need for cloud-native security solutions
    -Why cloud-native is now particularly relevant for the cloud data center and also computing edges
    -How AWS outposts are implementing cloud-native solution FortiGate and enabling high availability
    -Business outcomes of implementing cloud-native solutions
  • What's the Real Economic Value of Zero Trust? Sep 21 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Johna Til Johnson – CEO and Founder, Nemertes. John Burke – CTO, Nemertes. Jason Garbis – Chief Product Officer, Appgate
    Did you know that Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a catalyst for cloud migration, digital transformation and operational efficiencies? If ZTNA is on your cyber strategy wish list—or you use it for remote access and want to speed your Zero Trust security across your organization—then this session’s for you.

    Join us Tues., Sept. 21, at 11:00 a.m. ET to dive into quantifiable benefits as reported in the Nemertes Real Economic Value study on Appgate SDP, an industry-leading ZTNA solution. We’ll cover:

    The strategic advantages of using a software-defined perimeter architecture for Zero Trust access.
    Top operational benefits such as reduced admin time and staff to provision network access.
    Improved user experience/satisfaction and diminished trouble tickets.
    Industry-specific case studies on how Appgate is used to achieve Zero Trust.
  • What Security Folks Are Afraid To Ask: Data, Identity & Infrastructure Recorded: Sep 15 2021 26 mins
    Johna Till Johnson, CEO, Nemertes & Eric Kedrosky, Research Director & CISO, Sonrai Security
    We’re years into the cloud era, yet companies are still making the same mistakes. Week after
    week, we’re still seeing the same “breach headlines”. The issues have been so well documented—
    what are people missing?

    The truth is, security teams are using outdated paradigms that lead them to repeat old mistakes.
    Join Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson and Eric Kedrosky, Research Director & Chief
    Information Security Officer at Sonrai Security as they discuss "Top Five Ways To Get Cloud Security Right" in a lively, interactive discussion. They’ll sketch out the challenges and highlight the steps that enterprise security technologists need to take to get cloud security right.

    Participants will learn what they’re missing in next-generation cloud security, and how to tackle the
    knotty issues of cloud identity, access management, and policy enforcement.
  • AI / Machine Learning & Analytics – Executive TechTalks [Ep.3] Recorded: Sep 8 2021 17 mins
    Dharm Kapadia, Assoc. Director, Data Strategy/Architecture and Governance at EquiLend and Johna Tilll Johnson, Nemertes CEO
    Hype or reality? How are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and analytics changing how FinTech firms do business?

    In our newest episode, sponsored by ModelOp, Equilend’s Dharm Kapadia joins Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson to break down the current landscape and key considerations for FinServ firms, such as:
    In our newest episode, sponsored by ModelOp, Equilend’s Dharm Kapadia joins Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson to break down the current landscape and key considerations for FinServ firms, such as:
    • leveraging your current internal talent and finding the right new hires to guide your progress
    • managing the integration of available tools & technologies including open source
    • examining the future possibilities and limitations of AI and Machine Learning

    Executive TechTalks is video series featuring candid conversations where FinServ execs discuss their technology tribulations & triumphs. New episodes premiere every other Wednesday.
  • The Advantages of Transparent Cloud Network Security Recorded: Sep 7 2021 36 mins
    Aidan Walden, Sameer Vasanthapuram, Johna Till Johnson
    Maintaining and enhancing cloud network visibility has never been more important for driving business results — and yet the challenges to enabling this necessary transparency are quickly evolving and increasingly complex, with 75% of organizations now in need of better network visibility. In a cloudscape of more insidious network threats and sophisticated attackers, how can businesses better protect their workload applications without compromising availability for both users and developers, which is imperative to their organization’s productivity and growth?

    In this inaugural episode in AWS & Fortinet’s series about next-gen cloud security capabilities, hear from our host and expert guest speakers to learn about best-in-class solutions for cloud network security that help businesses safely enable better transparency for app developers and users — ultimately, driving their organization’s bottom line. Key topics include:

    -Challenges to maintaining cloud network transparency — and why doing so is critical
    -Solutions for enabling network security transparency that doesn’t compromise security
    -Business outcomes of implementing the solutions

    Presented by Fortinet's Aidan Walden, Global Director of Public Cloud Architecture and Engineering; AWS's Sameer Vasanthapuram, Partner Solutions Architect; and Johna Till Johnson, CEO of Nemertes
  • Digital Transformation - Executive TechTalks [Ep.2] Recorded: Aug 18 2021 16 mins
    Presented By: Jeanne Andreana, UBS & Johna Till Johnson, Nemertes
    How can FinServ companies successfully drive their digital transformation to elevate the shared human connection between advisors and clients?

    Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson and Jeanne Andreana, Head of Digital Strategy & Platforms at UBS, talk us through the following points in this incredibly practical discussion about the human side of digital transformation:
    • personalizing a customized interaction and curating information though AI and machine learning
    • creating a truly human-centered end-to-end digital experience to drive organic growth
    • embedding change in an organization to take a client-centric approach
    • aligning your technological and business need to collaborate and build together

    Executive TechTalks is a video series featuring candid conversations where FinServ Execs discuss their technology tribulations & triumphs. New episodes premiere every other Wednesday.
  • Strategies for WFH & RTTO – Executive TechTalks [Ep.1] Recorded: Aug 4 2021 19 mins
    Presented By: James Kostulias, TD Ameritrade & Johna Till Johnson, Nemertes
    There’s a lot of talk about the future of work, but what are the top considerations for financial firms?

    In our first episode of Executive TechTalks, sponsored by Verizon Business, we delve into how to handle Return to the Office (RTTO) and Work from Home (WFH) from the technology, process, and culture perspectives.

    Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson and James Kostulias, Managing Director, Integration Management Office for TD Ameritrade/Schwab, guide us through:
    • Types of infrastructure that enable remote working like VDI and 2FA
    • Challenges and necessities of returning to the office
    • Best practices at home
    • Increasing security awareness training
    • Collaboration, the human component, and hybrid environments
    • Farther out ideas for Working from Home

    Executive TechTalks is video series featuring candid conversations where FinServ Execs discuss their technology tribulations & triumphs. New episodes premier every other Wednesday.
    Nemertes: https://nemertes.com/
    Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA): bit.ly/ETT-video-series
    Verizon Business: https://www.verizon.com/business/
  • [Ep.6] Superpowered SASE: Ask-Me-Anything about SASE - Live! Recorded: Jul 27 2021 48 mins
    John Burke - CTO, Nemertes and Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing at Cato Networks
    In Cato’s six-part ‘Superpowered SASE: Network Transformation in 2021’, we’ve covered everything from what SASE is, how it fits into a ZTNA strategy and what businesses need to look for when selecting the right SASE provider.

    In this final episode, Cato experts are here live to answer everyone’s questions on all things SASE-related. Join us to have your questions answered, and ask us about the how, the why, the when, the who… any questions you have on SASE.

    Eyal Webber-Zvik, VP of Product Marketing at Cato and John Burke, CTO at Nemertes Research will answer both pre-submitted and live questions. Join us LIVE to be a part of this open and interesting session and submit your questions ahead of time by emailing hjamieson@brighttalk.com
  • [Ep.5]: Partner for Success in SASE and Beyond Recorded: Jul 15 2021 27 mins
    Presented by: John Burke, CTO, and Johna Till Johnson, CEO, at Nemertes
    Episode 5 of “Beyond SASE, SCAPE: Secure Cloud Access and Policy Enforcement” Research Series

    All tools are not created equal. Which ones do the more successful professionals use?

    Join Nemertes for this final episode in our BEYOND SASE, SCAPE Research Series as we dive into the success correlations of specific tools. Across key security spaces–including CASB, SASE, and SDP–we look at which vendors and solutions are more likely to be used by the most successful security organizations.

    Come find out which solutions to look at in your next RFI/RFP process!
  • [Ep.5] What to look for in a SASE Provider: Making the Right Choice Recorded: Jul 13 2021 49 mins
    John Burke - CTO, Nemertes and Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing at Cato Networks
    You’ve heard about the benefits of SASE and why it’s the future of network security, and you’re pretty much set on implementing SASE in your organization. The next step in your SASE journey is to find the right service provider.

    Before approaching service providers it’s good to think practically about the key challenges you need to solve when it comes to your company’s specific network and security needs. Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve makes it easier to identify service providers whose offerings are best suited to your company’s needs. That still doesn’t answer all the questions though, and businesses need to ensure they’re partnering with the right provider who can provide the best service.

    In Episode 5 of Cato’s ‘Superpowered SASE: Network Transformation in 2021’, we’re discussing what organizations need to look for in a SASE provider and sharing how IT leaders can identify who will deliver the best ROI and service for your business in the long-run.

    Join us as we discuss:
    - What needs to be on your SASE provider checklist
    - What to look for in a partner beyond the technical capabilities
    - An overview of the multiple functionalities of SASE, how they can revolutionise your network security and which service provider delivers the best infrastructure
    - What kind of ROI you can expect from the right provider for you
    - And more
  • [Ep.4]: Cybersecurity Endgame - Zero Trust Recorded: Jul 1 2021 40 mins
    John Burke, CTO, and Johna Till Johnson, CEO, at Nemertes
    Episode 4 of “Beyond SASE, SCAPE: Secure Cloud Access and Policy Enforcement” Research Series

    Should it take a hundred products to secure enterprise resources? No.
    The endgame in cybersecurity is Zero Trust: an environment in which only sanctioned communications flow. But how to get there?

    Join Nemertes as we dive deeply into Zero Trust to discover:
    • what it means (hint: not actually *Zero* Trust, but rather, Zero *implicit* Trust)
    • what kinds of tools help you achieve it, such as software defined perimeter (SDP) systems
    • how to structure your transition

    It's not an instant-on miracle cure, but a journey. Take the first step with Nemertes! We look forward to having you join us.
  • [Ep.4] The Future of Security: Do All Roads Lead to SASE? Recorded: Jun 24 2021 42 mins
    John Burke - CTO, Nemertes and Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing at Cato Networks
    For decades, enterprises have designed both their networks and network security around appliances deployed in physical locations. However, increased migration to the cloud and the pandemic-driven shift to ‘working from everywhere’ has rendered these appliance-centric network and security designs obsolete.

    As such, network security in 2021 needs to stand guard between the user and the resource or application, but too often, appliance-based solutions are forcing IT to choose between security or performance.

    SASE changes that. The right global cloud service can both secure all resources and all edges, and not only avoid performance degradation, but even improve application and network performance without any compromise.

    In episode 4 of Cato’s ‘Turbocharged by SASE: Network Transformation in 2021’ series, we’re looking at how SASE offers this balance and addressing how ‘All Roads Lead to SASE’.

    Join us as we ask:
    - Must network security be cloud-delivered?
    - What is the technology innovation that allows security and performance to coexist in harmony?
    - Is the technology proven? And is it mature?
    - What are the best practices to evaluate SASE for security, and what should I be wary of?
  • [Ep.3]: The Tools & The Talent - Best Practices for SASE & More Recorded: Jun 17 2021 29 mins
    John Burke, CTO, Nemertes and Ian Poynter, Nemertes Research Fellow
    Episode 3 of “Beyond SASE, SCAPE: Secure Cloud Access and Policy Enforcement” Research Series

    Which technologies and practices do the most successful organizations deploy?

    Join Nemertes in this episode of our series to find out:
    • What the most successful organizations do more of than everyone else
    • The impact that deploying specific technologies has on the SIPI metric (explored in Episode 1 of this series)
    • The impact embracing specific security practices has on success

    We look forward to having you join us!
  • [Ep.3] Implementing SASE in the Global Enterprise: Best Practices for Success Recorded: Jun 14 2021 49 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik - VP, Product Marketing at Cato and John Burke - CTO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    IT teams across the globe performed heroic feats in March 2020 when the COVID pandemic struck, moving metaphorical mountains to get workforces set-up quickly to work from home and remain productive. With many security systems dependent upon people using VPNs or physically being inside a network, future plans of cloud-based security-as-a-service suddenly became accelerated.

    In episodes 1 and 2 of 'Superpowered SASE: Network Transformation in 2021', we looked at what SASE is, what trends and demands are behind its acceleration and why it’s the best security option for the 2021 business. In episode 3, we’re taking a practical look at how businesses and IT teams can implement successful SASE models.

    Join us to learn:

    - Practical insights into how to implement SASE into your security stack
    - How SASE enables business to intelligently adapt to the evolving risk landscape
    - What real-world SASE and Zero-Trust approaches look like
    - How SASE can deliver seamless and secure transition from office to home
    - How SASE can extend security to all edges: branches, people, clouds
  • [Ep.2]: Sorting Out The Acronym Soup - CASB, SASE, SCAPE, SDP Recorded: Jun 3 2021 37 mins
    John Burke, CTO, Nemertes
    Episode 2 of "Beyond SASE, SCAPE: Secure Cloud Access and Policy Enforcement" Research Series

    Is the security team caught up with debates on the relative merits of EDR and XDR, CASB vs SASE, Zero Trust or SDP?

    Join us for episode two of this series and we will cut through the thicket of overlapping and ambiguous acronyms. We will also share:
    - fresh data on technology adoption
    - integration data
    - an evaluation checklist to work with.

    We look forward to having you join us and to answering your questions!
  • [Ep.1]: How Successful is Your SASE? Recorded: May 20 2021 22 mins
    John Burke, CTO, and Johna Till Johnson, CEO, at Nemertes
    "Beyond SASE, SCAPE: Secure Cloud Access and Policy Enforcement" Research Series

    How should an enterprise measure how well its SASE is performing?
    As you deploy the cluster of technologies coming collectively to be known as SASE, as well as technologies beyond SASE, it is crucial to ask:
    - How are we doing?
    - Is this investment delivering the value it should?

    Join Nemertes as we begin exploring our latest round of research data on how enterprises are securing access to internal and external clouds, as well as enforcing policy independent of where users and resources are.

    Episode one of this series will focus on our success metric for quantifying the value delivered by these security solutions, SIPI:
    - What is SIPI?
    - Why SIPI is the right metric to look at
    - How SIPI relates to our overall security success metric, the MTTC

    We look forward to having you join us and to answering your questions!
  • [Ep.2] Using SASE For ZTNA: The Future of Post-Covid 19 IT Architecture Recorded: Mar 25 2021 45 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik - VP, Product Marketing at Cato and John Burke - CTO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    Businesses are continuing to feel the ripple effects of Covid-19, and the pandemic-driven move to more distributed and remote workforces - coupled with new demands on digital services and the cloud - continues to complicate and increase security demands. In 2021, maintaining secure remote access while ensuring that your employees have access to the data and information they need to work productively is still top of mind.

    But balancing the need for security with the need for access and agility around digital services is not an easy task. As the world continues to grapple with the changes wrought by the pandemic, how can business and IT leaders best establish a symbiotic relationship between their remote employees and sensitive data? Enter SASE and ZTNA. Last year, Gartner’s Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) projected that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will phase out VPN and use ZTNA instead. With SASE combining network security functions (such as SWG, CASB, FWaaS) with WAN capabilities (i.e., SDWAN, WAN optimization, cloud acceleration and control) it can support the dynamic secure access needs of any organisation and drive ZTNA adoption.

    In episode 1 of Cato’s 'Turbocharged by SASE: Network Transformation in 2021', experts came together to explore what has driven the rise of SASE and to explore the benefits of its adoption. In episode 2, we’re diving deeper into ZTNA, and how exactly SASE and ZTNA are creating the future of cybersecurity.

    Join us to hear:
    - How to leverage SASE for ZTNA
    - What SASE and ZTNA provide to the security stack that point security doesn’t
    How the convergence of networking and security in SASE strengthens security posture and ZTNA
    - Why Network-as-a-Service is the solution businesses needed to thrive in today’s ‘always on’, cloud-driven and digitally accelerated world
    - How SASE offers a balance between connectivity and security and protection needs
    - And more
  • [Ep.1]: Introducing SASE: The Secure Network for the Digital Business Recorded: Mar 4 2021 51 mins
    Yishay Yovel - CMO, Cato Networks and John Burke - CTO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    Secure access service edge or SASE (pronounced “sassy”), is the ‘future of network security in the cloud’ according to Gartner’s report of the same name from August 2019. With Gartner also predicting that “by 2024, at least 40% of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE, up from less than 1% at year-end 2018”, it’s safe to say that now is the time for business, technology and and security leaders to get acquainted with what the SASE security model can do for their businesses.

    SASE has emerged from the fact that current network solutions and technologies no longer provide the security and access control that companies in the digital age not just need, but demand. With increased remote working due to the pandemic, more organizations than ever are ‘always on’ and using the cloud, and so a Zero-Trust approach is now a must. With users requiring uninterrupted, secure and instant access to their SaaS applications and digital services, SASE has risen to meet this need.

    In episode 1 of Cato’s 'Superpowered SASE: Network Transformation in 2021' series, we’re bringing together SASE experts to share what’s behind its meteoric rise and what is essential for the modern business to know about this converged, cloud-delivered platform.

    Join us to hear:
    - What SASE is - and what it isn’t
    - What the user, technology and customer benefits of implementing a SASE security model are
    - The trends driving SASE growth and what they mean for the future
    - Essential strategic insights into how best to implement SASE
    - Why SASE is essential for future proofing your network and transforming your IT
    - And more
  • CET [Ep.3] 5 Steps to Self-Service Success Recorded: Dec 16 2020 34 mins
    Robin Gareiss, President and Founder, Nemertes Research
    Customer Engagement Transformation {Ep.3] 5 Steps to Self-Service Success

    CX leaders want to improve their self-service capabilities to accomplish key goals: Get customers what they need without having to wait for a live agent; and offload agent interaction volume.

    Ultimately, they want to improve the customer experience, achieve higher CSAT, and drive more revenue to the company.

    But companies often have challenges establishing a successful self-service strategy. We have conducted research on what makes a self-service success, and will address these issues:

    *Why don't more customers use our self-service knowledge base?
    *How can AI virtual assistants improve adoption?
    *What are the concerns with using AI in self-service, and how can we hedge against them?
    *What should I expect my self-service transaction volume to be?
    *What are the benefits of using self-service?

    We'll provide 5 essential steps to making your self-service strategy successful.
Better data. Better decisions.
Nemertes is a research-based advisory and strategic consulting firm that analyzes the business value of emerging technologies. Since 2002, we have provided strategic, client-centric recommendations based on data-driven operational and business metrics to help organizations deliver successful technology transformation to employees and customers. Simply put: Nemertes’ better data helps clients make better decisions.

Please note: Nemertes owns the copyright to all content in this channel. You may not use, post, print, or repurpose any of material without the express, written consent of Nemertes. You may retweet or share only that content that Nemertes posts on its social media sites.

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  • Presented by: Robin Gareiss, President and Founder, Nemertes Research
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