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Middleware modernization: Foundation to your Digital success

The ability to rapidly connect applications and deliver data-driven insights at scale and at the right time is the key to digital success. The increase in the number and variety of endpoints, expectations around faster delivery of integration solutions and the need to support rapid Innovation are forcing customers to extend and modernize their integration platform.
Recorded Apr 19 2018 57 mins
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Presented by
Harman Chadha, Lead Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software; Karthik Sathyamurthy, Solutions Architect, Wipro Limited
Presentation preview: Middleware modernization: Foundation to your Digital success

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  • Cost optimization and enhanced experience with Siebel 20 Recorded: Mar 11 2020 40 mins
    Sarath Kumar Ganesan, Practice Head & Ragunath Iyengar, Infrastructure Architect || Oracle CRM/CX Services, Wipro Limited
    Customer preferences has changed with the evolution of digital channels. This calls for new ways of managing customer relationships, new channels for engagement and better insights for decision making, compelling organizations to adopt modern CRM systems. With Oracle’s latest Siebel 20, organizations can take a step further in this direction and achieve their digital transformation goals.

    Wipro is a strategic systems integrator for Oracle Siebel. Wipro’s strong expertise in Siebel – coupled with home-grown tools, accelerators and expertise in Cloud hosting – enables clients with the right blend of modern UI and digital technology augmentation, while ensuring high ROI on their Siebel implementations.

    Wipro's Siebel assessment offerings:
    1. Upgrade assessment
    2. Health assessment
    3. User experience assessment
  • Essentials of a Successful Digital Integration Strategy Recorded: Jan 21 2020 63 mins
    Aravind Ajad Yarra, Wipro Fellow and Danesh Hussain Zaki, Senior Member - Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Wipro
    Join this exclusive session by the editors of the State of Digital Integration 2019 report, to hear the key takeaways from the report and crack your enterprise integration puzzle.

    ‘State of Digital Integration’ is a global research and thought leadership report by Wipro to guide enterprises in crafting their integration strategy and amplify the outcomes of their Digital Transformation initiatives.
  • Wipro AIOps with Appdynamics Recorded: Dec 5 2019 61 mins
    KV Vijayaraghavan Practice Head AMS & AIOps, MAS. Tanmoy Nandy AIOps Architect MAS. Krishna Kumar Enterprise Architect Cisco
    Today enterprises operate in a world of complex IT environments amidst their digital transformation journey. The wave of AIOps is becoming a key element of IT Operations changing the way of enabling IT to support dynamic and growing business requirements.
    Register for the webinar to hear from experts of AIOps COE on how AIOps is changing today’s IT Operations for application service management that aligns with business intent on a continual basis. You will also learn how to develop a well-defined AIOps roadmap and clearly communicate the business value of evolving new ways of managing ITOps for enterprise applications landscape.
  • Wipro’s Safe Passage to Azure – Faster, Cheaper & Easier Migrations to Azure Recorded: Dec 2 2019 51 mins
    Sreedhara Padmanabhuni: Wipro Ltd | Tushar Gupta: Microsoft | Chandu Cheeti: Microsoft
    SAP implementations are becoming increasingly complex, while applications are under constant pressure to perform on various business metrics. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of the various benefits provided by running their SAP workloads on Azure cloud to achieve business agility, cost savings and better availability. These migrations also act as the first step towards the SAP mandated HANA transformations by leveraging the vast HANA capability of Azure cloud. Wipro has leveraged its SAP migration experience in building a robust SAP Cloud Migration framework called ‘Safe Passage to Azure’ that comprises of SAP best practices, Azure native tools and proprietary tools that aims at an accelerated, non-disruptive and risk-free migration to Azure Cloud. This framework enables customers to perform cloud migration end-to-end and beyond. Wipro’s IP consists of utilities for automated discovery, quick build, rapid migration, automated testing during SAP migrations and enhanced user experience in managing cloud operations post migration.
  • Transformation towards digital and automated ordering process Recorded: Aug 20 2019 65 mins
    Katherine Gilbert-O'Neil, Anand Sagar- Wipro | Neil Becker, Lokesh Verma- Apttus
    Wipro and Apttus on Cognitive Commerce & CPQ
  • 7 Steps of Cloud Application Migration Recorded: Jul 29 2019 76 mins
    Akhilesh Laddha, Cloud practice director, distinguished member of the technical staff, Wipro Limited
    Reap benefits such as agility, elasticity and cost optimization by moving to the cloud. Learn how Wipro's well-defined migration framework can help curate a suitable road-map for transformation.
  • Accelerating insights for intelligent enterprises Recorded: Jul 17 2019 56 mins
    Rajat Sinha, Director Alliances, Data, Analytics, AI at Wipro & Joshua Moskovitz, Director, Global Solutions Engg. at Looker
    Organizations are rapidly embracing new age data, analytics & AI solutions to transform into intelligent enterprises. These solutions must deliver insights to data analysts and business users in real time thereby rapidly deliver meaningful results at scale.
    Join us for a webinar and understand the technology innovations that are driving this acceleration in a data hungry world and how to take advantage of them.
    •Adoption of cloud and modern technology stack to deliver faster insights
    •Evaluation of new age data platforms viz. Data Apps, APIs & Embedded BI
    •Road-map to accelerate and operationalize predictive models using AI/ML.
  • Building data-driven Intelligent Enterprises Recorded: Jun 26 2019 62 mins
    Guy Baldwin, Director, Snowflake Inc.& Amit Jha, APJ Leader, Wipro & Rajat Sinha, Director Alliances, Wipro
    Enterprises are becoming data-driven organizations. How do their efforts stack up against their peers? And what’s at stake if they don’t transform?
    Tune in to our webcast to hear from featured guest speaker Guy Baldwin, (Director, Alliance and channel, Snowflake Inc.), Amit Jha, (APJ Leader, Data, Analytics & AI, Wipro) and Rajat Sinha, (Director Alliances, Data, Analytics & AI, Wipro)as we bring to you the findings from latest Harvard Business Review (HBR) report, An Inflection Point for the data-driven Enterprise. The report reveals key strategies that can help decision makers in accelerating their data to decisions journey.
  • Advance Securely through Rapid7 Solutions & Wipro Expertise Recorded: May 15 2019 55 mins
    Yogesh Kulkarni, Senior Security Consultant, Rapid7, And Akshay Kant, Practice Head, Cybersecurity Assurance Group, Wipro
    Cybersecurity basics are being missed or insufficiently deployed even among very large, mature, and well-resourced organizations. Keeping up with the never-ending task of maintaining a comprehensive security program is a challenge for organizations of all sizes—particularly when there is always more to be done amid constrained time and resources. It’s time to break down silos and drive secure innovation, together. The practice of SecOps creates an alliance between Security, IT, and DevOps to make security an inherent outcome of all business innovation and operations.
  • Windows end of life migration Recorded: Apr 2 2019 57 mins
    Rekha Kodali, Practice Head and Sridhar Agamuri, Senior Architect
    By the end of 2019, Microsoft will no longer support Windows server 2008 and SQL server 2008. With the looming end of life (EOL) of these software, It’s time for organizations to develop a migration plan.
    Join our webinar to understand the various EOL scenarios and get insights on how Wipro can help you in building your migration path with the customized assessment and support
  • Accelerating Data to Decisions Journey Recorded: Mar 6 2019 62 mins
    Jennifer B., Principal Analyst, Forrester & Alex S., Head Strategy & Mktg., DAAI & Shekaran S, Head Consulting, DA&AI, Wipro
    Organizations are significantly investing in new-age data technologies to transform into an intelligent enterprise. As there is an ongoing challenge to adopt the best fit of technologies, it has become an imperative for data-driven organizations to harness data and turn them into effective business decisions.

    Tune in to our webcast to hear from featured guest speaker Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. (Principal Analyst, Forrester) and Alex Soejarto (Head, Strategy & Marketing, Data, Analytics & AI, Wipro) and Shekaran Sury, (Head, Consulting, Data, Analytics & AI, Wipro) on trends in Data, Analytics & AI technologies, which can be useful for decision makers in accelerating their data to decisions journey.
  • Transformation towards adaptive and cognitive commerce Recorded: Dec 6 2018 64 mins
    Anand Sagar, Digital Transformation Partner, Wipro Ltd.
    In this highly competitive ecosystem, businesses are finding ways to become more efficient in sales operations and customer services. The focus is shifting towards building more engaging channels which can help customers make purchase decisions more confidently and eliminate the repetitive sales processes to use those efforts in value creation.
    Join our webinar to learn how the leaders are coming together to address the upcoming trends in digital commerce and define more integrated and efficient sales strategy.
  • Service Virtualization & Micro services testing - Wipro Limited Recorded: Dec 6 2018 65 mins
    Sunitha Anil Kuamar - Practice Leader – Service Virtualization, Mahesh Kumar - Lead Consultant - Service Virtualization
    Simulations/ Mocks have been leveraged for long time now given the boundaries. Service Virtualization is the need of the hour to address typical challenges that customers face on constrained environment, infrastructure costs and time to market with no compromise on quality, time and cost.

    Micro services testing plays a vital role w.r.t Service Virtualization

    Join this webinar to get insights how Service Virtualization and Micro services testing fit into Cloud Native Apps / on premise and Wipro’s capabilities on these areas

    The Webinar will cover the following
    Overview of Service Virtualization , Micro services industry trends
    Service Virtualization Consulting , Best practices
    Tools and accelerators – COTS , Open source , Wipro
    Solutions and Differentiators
  • MCiT: A connected intelligence platform enabling digital airports Recorded: Dec 5 2018 41 mins
    Wayne Miller, Practice Director - Airports vertical, Wipro and Michael Bozorgnia, Director, Global Airlines Business - TIBCO
    Airports are awash with data from a variety of applications and systems within and outside Airports. But most airports are unable to derive value out of this data because they lack comprehensive capabilities to integrate, co-relate and act on all this data. Maximize Connectivity, Integration and Analysis of Airport Information and Technologies (MCiT) is a digital airport solution jointly built by Wipro and TIBCO which will enable airports to interconnect everything and derive actionable intelligence at real-time from the data that flows through their system.
  • Test Environment Management Service aligned with Cloud Recorded: Nov 22 2018 61 mins
    Jayakrishnan Sasikumar. Practice head – Cloud Assuranc; Ravindra Kulkarni, Sr Manager; Vikram Jadhav, Principal Consultant
    As Cloud adoption is seen as accelerating trends among most of the existing and new customers, it is very essential to align Test Environment Management services (TEMS) with cloud technology.
    Also, DevOps adoption is another growing trend we have considered and have enhanced our service catalogue with additional service.

    Each client has a unique problem statement with respect to the non-production environments, based on the nature of projects, releases and heterogenous infrastructure.

    Wipro TEMS service provides Environment services aligned to each of these problem statements and adoption models by validating all the associated changes, risks and helps clients in implementing TEMS function with confidence.

    Join this webinar to get in-depth insights on TEMS aligned with Cloud

    The Webinar will cover the following
    •Test Environment Management Service(TEMS) Framework – aligned with Cloud
    •TEMS – Service Catalogue
    •Wipro – Enablers, IPs Tools and alliances
  • Applications migration Assurance to cloud Recorded: Nov 15 2018 58 mins
    Jayakrishnan Sasikumar, Practice head – Cloud Assurance and Manisha Bagal, Principal Consultant – Cloud App Migration
    As the customers are embracing cloud technology and platforms in various forms and scale, it’s imperative to have the right Assurance mechanisms to ensure that the end objective of the business in terms of business application functionality, flexibility, and velocity and cost optimizations are realized as planned. For this it’s important to have an effective and optimized assurance mechanisms to validate at each phase of the cloud implementation phase and ensure the objectives are met.
    The cloud adoptions can be at the following levels –
    •Migrate the existing workload to Cloud platforms
    •Adopt cloud SaaS solutions
    •Design and develop applications on cloud – through micro services- cloud native architecture
    Wipro cloud Assurance service provides testing aligned to each of these adoption models by validating all the associated changes, risks and helps clients roll out the applications on to the cloud platforms with confidence.

    Join this webinar to get in-depth insights on Application migration assurance to cloud and Wipro’s capabilities o

    The Webinar will cover the following
    •Overview on testing dimensions and approach for applications moving to cloud
    •Automating the testing process
    •Wipro tools and accelerators.
  • Move your SAP workloads to the AWS Cloud with Wipro Recorded: Nov 14 2018 58 mins
    David Payne, AWS | Dr. Manish Govil, Wipro Ltd. | Sreedhara Padmanabhuni, Wipro Ltd.
    Learn how Wipro & AWS are transforming the SAP landscapes for customers by improving agility and optimizing cost through Cloud computing approaches.

    This webinar will provide insights into important business and technical considerations for a risk free and cost effective cloud migration.
  • Cloud Applications Assurance Recorded: Oct 25 2018 62 mins
    Ajay Pandey, Practice Leader – Cloud Applications Assurance, QET, Wipro
    SaaS is an important component of the Cloud stack and is growing exponentially. Quality engineering becomes a key imperative to drive SaaS adoption across enterprises. Join this webinar to get in-depth insights on Cloud applications assurance and Wipro’s capabilities on Cloud apps assurance solutions.

    Key highlights of the webinar:
    Overview of applicable Cloud Apps QE
    •MS CRM

    Solutions and Differentiators
  • Insider Threats – Best Practices for Detecting and Preventing an Attack Recorded: Oct 25 2018 61 mins
    Josey George – Practice Head, Cyber Security and Risk Services and Des Powley – Director Security Alliances, CA EMEA
    Your biggest security risk may be inside your organization. Today’s most damaging threats don’t originate from criminal outsiders or malware but from insiders - both malicious and careless. So, are there preventative options?

    Join this candid discussion of cybersecurity experts – featuring Des Powley, Director Security Sales CA EMEA Partners and Josey George, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Cybersecurity & Risk Services, Wipro – as they reveal best practices to protect your organization and review key findings from two key research reports around cybersecurity and insider threats answering questions including:

    •Why 90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attack
    •Spread of the breach notification laws across globe and its impact.
    •How enterprises around the globe are tightening their cyber defences?
    •How weapons of cyber destruction are getting more sophisticated with widespread availability?
    •What popular technologies can help detect, deter and prevent insider attacks
    •How the use of behaviour and data monitoring is accelerating?
    •What future opportunities can be envisaged in the security automation space?
  • Data Assurance to Data Engineering - Wipro Ltd Recorded: Oct 10 2018 50 mins
    Manish Bhatia and Sathiya Narayann, Data Assurance Practice - Wipro Ltd
    Almost all industries have realized the value of a strong digital presence and the need to be on a digital platform. But having a digital presence and interacting with end users requires data integrity and system security. Data intelligence & quality assurance keep the digital facade of a business secure and robust, augmenting service offerings and highlighting strong brand quality.

    Modern day IT service providers have become strategic differentiators for enterprises by augmenting data engineering , fueling end to end testing automation & by enabling cutting edge business intelligence

    Join this webinar to get in-depth insights on New ways of working for Data platform assurance focus towards Data Engineering’ and Wipro’s capabilities around building data assurance services & solutions.
Wipro Application Services
Every business is becoming a digital business and applications & technology are driving this transformation. Business Applications Services (BAS) at Wipro, creates value by addressing a set of client problems ranging from designing their customer journeys to rationalizing their application portfolio to managing their cyber security risks. We have a suite of industry business solutions that includes our IP solutions and partner solutions from Oracle, IBM, Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and others.

• We thrive in managing large complex projects with multi country rollouts, driving architecture simplification with our with mature application development platforms and consulting offerings
• We offer next generation integrated Application Managed Services that drive hyper automation and boost organizational effectiveness for our clients
• We help enterprises to become future ready through our pack of smart applications, intelligent process automation that is powered by Wipro HOLMES our artificial intelligence platform.
• We also infuse speed in our clients’ businesses through our Customer Experience, Cloud and As-a-Service offerings across the enterprise front office (Sales/Marketing) to back office (Finance/HR/Supply Chain)
• Our cyber security and risk services protects our clients’ reputation from rising data thefts and risks
• We own a comprehensive set of Quality Engineering and Assurance services that’s rated best in the industry and is leading the DevOps/Agile disruption.
In addition, we have continued to stay ahead through combination of M&A (Appirio), 7 Venture investments (Avaamo, Vectra, Demisto, Emailage, Tricentis, Intsights and Headspin) and 5-7 Horizon program to organically accelerate next generation solutions across practices.

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  • Title: Middleware modernization: Foundation to your Digital success
  • Live at: Apr 19 2018 3:30 pm
  • Presented by: Harman Chadha, Lead Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software; Karthik Sathyamurthy, Solutions Architect, Wipro Limited
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