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Make Security integral to your business

It’s a scary world out there and whilst technology brings opportunities, that also means that there are new security challenges facing us. The dangers are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams – the list is almost endless. It therefore definitely pays to be aware and know what you’re facing, that way you can be prepared and on the front foot.
Recorded Jan 14 2019 46 mins
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Presented by
Steve Benton, BT Deputy CSO, GM Cyber and Physical Security Operations and Programmes, BT
Presentation preview: Make Security integral to your business

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  • Top 3 security risks for your SD-WAN implementation Recorded: Jun 24 2019 30 mins
    Kevin Brown, Adrian Comley, and Peter Sader
    The visibility, control and agility that an SD-WAN can deliver to a global organisation makes it very attractive, but it can come with significantly higher risks. In around 80 per cent of the bids we see, customers aren’t actively considering or aware of these risks. SD-WAN is highlighting the tension between CIOs, focused on supporting the business with technology enabled solutions, and CISOs, concerned with managing information security risks. Are you clear on how to deliver the benefits of SD-WAN, whilst maintaining the security of your organisation?

    Join our webinar on 24 June where Kevin Brown, our Managing director of Security, Adrian Comley, General manager, Dynamic Network Services, and Peter Sader, Security head of business development, discuss the top 3 security risks you need to consider to make sure your SD-WAN implementation is secure.
  • Trends in Advanced Threat Detection & Vulnerability Management Recorded: Apr 16 2019 61 mins
    Wade Woolwine, Rapid7, Ajay Uggirala, Juniper Networks & O'Shea Bowens, Null Hat Security & Paul Crichard, BT Global Services
    As cyber attacks become increasingly common, it is vital for organisations to be armed with the most effective tools and knowledge to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

    Join this interactive Q&A panel with top security experts across the ecosystem to learn more about:

    - Trends in Advanced Threat Detection & Vulnerability Management
    - How to use analytics to fight against cyber attacks – patching, detection and response
    - What are the common mistakes made when it comes to Advanced Threat Detection implementation
    - Best practices and recommendations for improving your security posture

    Panel moderated by:
    Michele Drolet, CEO, Towerwall

    Wade Woolwine, Director of Managed Services, Rapid7
    Ajay Uggirala, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks
    O'Shea Bowens, CEO & Founder, Null Hat Security
    Paul Crichard, Security CTO, BT Global Services
  • Global security roundtable: perspectives, threats and risks per region Recorded: Mar 20 2019 30 mins
    BT's Security experts: Steve Benton, Hila Meller, Juni Yan, and Gary Symes
    Join four of our top security experts to hear their point of view and their vision for security across the globe. Our vice presidents from Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa, America, Europe and the UK will share their frontline experience of dealing with some of the security challenges in their region.

    Cybersecurity is a truly global concern with attacks and threats emanating from all over the world. The way each region tackles the cyber threat is subtly different. Our experts will take you through some effective security strategies and programmes that you can put in place to protect your "crown jewels" against the evolving global threats.

    Whether you're a multinational organisation with worldwide operations, or based in one particular region, our webinar will give you a local and global view on how to find your way around the security minefield.

    - Steve Benton, BT Deputy CSO, GM Cyber and Physical Security Operations and Programmes
    - Hila Meller, Vice President, Security, Europe
    - Juni Yan, Vice President, Security, Asia Middle East, Australia and Africa
    - Gary Symes, Vice President, Security, Americas
  • The Future of Financial Services Security Recorded: Mar 12 2019 58 mins
    Paul Crichard (BT Security), Saso Mickov (Sparkasse Bank), Melike Belli (Cybertonica Ltd), Seema Khinda Johnson (Nuggets)
    Data breaches have risen 480% within Financial Services firms in the UK. With the Financial Services industry being plagued by constant risks and regular threats, professionals need to be at the top of their game to thwart criminals.

    Join this panel where our experts will discuss:
    -What is the current state of Financial Services security?
    -How can organisations prevent and detect threats?
    -What are the key questions FIs should be asking their security teams?
    -Are new regulations doing enough to keep FIs and their customers safe?
  • Expert panel: How to Secure your Business from Network to Cloud Recorded: Jan 23 2019 29 mins
    Rob Daniels, GM, security portfolio strategy & propositions, & David Simpkins, GM, managed services & public cloud
    You’re under immense pressure for digital transformation. Moving to the cloud presents new possibilities: but the security of your data and apps is critical. It’s not all plain sailing because the cloud requires a fundamentally different approach to security. If you dig your heels in, you’ll find that Shadow IT increases and people will circumvent you. It’s also increasingly difficult to keep an eye on your entire network, so you’ll need to continually reassess where you’re most exposed.

    In this webinar, live from the studio, you’ll discover how to:
    - Create a security strategy that works as an enabler to support your cloud migration, not a separate work stream or standalone function
    - Take steps to protect your new cloud infrastructure as well as your legacy network
    - Avoid certain pitfalls when it comes to cloud migration that could open up new vulnerabilities and threats
  • Make Security integral to your business Recorded: Jan 14 2019 46 mins
    Steve Benton, BT Deputy CSO, GM Cyber and Physical Security Operations and Programmes, BT
    It’s a scary world out there and whilst technology brings opportunities, that also means that there are new security challenges facing us. The dangers are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams – the list is almost endless. It therefore definitely pays to be aware and know what you’re facing, that way you can be prepared and on the front foot.
  • Masterclass: How To Address Risk and Master Security in 2019 Recorded: Nov 21 2018 42 mins
    Hila Meller, VP, Security, Europe, and Daniel Lawrence, General Manager, Threat Intelligence and Investigations
    Imagine if you could combine intelligence from multiple sources – including government, partners and your own global network – to get a birds-eye view of what’s going on in your organisation, and accurately address your risk and measure its impact? Well now you can and with the right understanding and intelligence, you can better anticipate trends and patterns, your policies and standards, as well as strengthen your day-to-day security.
    Having the right information at your fingertips is like gold dust and means you can continually learn, improve and be more robust in your cyber defence.
    Join Hila Meller and Daniel Lawrence on our webinar as we share with you the key things you need to understand to ensure that your organisation stays safe and secure from rapidly evolving threats – and then turn them into opportunities.
  • Make Security integral to your business Recorded: Sep 27 2018 47 mins
    Steve Benton, BT Deputy CSO, GM Cyber and Physical Security Operations and Programmes, BT
    It’s a scary world out there and whilst technology brings opportunities, that also means that there are new security challenges facing us. The dangers are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams – the list is almost endless. It therefore definitely pays to be aware and know what you’re facing, that way you can be prepared and on the front foot.
  • Securely manage multiple cloud providers and platforms Recorded: Jun 22 2018 40 mins
    Paul Crichard, Security CTO, BT and Richard Baker, Futures Security Architect, BT
    77% of CISOs working with BT are actively moving to the cloud or planning to adopt cloud services. Of these, 71% said they have some policies, but 30% stated they don't understand what they are in reality.

    If you’re thinking about cloud or multi-cloud environments you will need to take a deeper look at your security. Yes, it’s quicker, and agile model and therefore cheaper but it does come with an extra level of risk that previous data centre options mitigated. You’ll need to validate your cloud vendor to make sure your company’s data is separated from other data, that you are getting the context rich information back and that the right people and devices are accessing it. The big thing is to put the necessary and sufficient security and compliance controls in place, and to keep checking that they’re appropriate, effective, and moving forward while you take up the cloud (and beyond).

    Join our live discussion with BT’s Security CTO to find out what’s required to identify, manage and control threats across your hybrid estate and multiple clouds. We’ll look at how to discover where your data is, who can see it or access it or process it, and how to avoid data sovereignty violations. The webinar will also cover how vital it is to know what we are all responsible for and how can you mitigate for the risks and new threats in order to stay secure..
  • Are you doing enough to protect your organisation and ensure compliance? Recorded: May 22 2018 18 mins
    Deborah Moir, Head of Security Consulting, BT & Alison Springate, Global Head of Security Enablement, BT
    With the launch of GDPR imminent, we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss how you can ensure you are doing enough to ensure compliance.

    Join our webinar to hear from our compliance expert Deborah Moir, Head of Security Consulting, where she will discuss the reality of GDPR compliance for large enterprises and what you should be doing to ensure you are in the best possible position to be ready and compliant.

    GDPR often means a huge overhaul of cyber security, network and processes and because failure to comply can result in a fine of up to four per cent of a company’s turnover or €20 million — whichever is higher you need to do everything you can to ensure you are on top of it.

    Adapting to GDPR means shifting how you view data protection and security. At its most basic, you need to know you have the right cyber security tools and processes in place to prevent the loss or theft of your customers’ data. And getting it right will open new doors.

    While data protection might be something you have to do, the new regulation should also be seen as an opportunity to redesign your security strategies in a way that builds a strong brand based on customer trust.
  • Using threat intelligence to stay one step ahead of the criminals Recorded: Mar 22 2018 34 mins
    Melanie Johnstone, Head of Intelligence, BT
    Most organisations are too passive in their approach to security. The response to most breaches is passive defence. Battles can be won this way, but not the War.

    To stay ahead of the game, businesses need an effective digital/threat intelligence strategy. An approach that enables proactive threat hunting, pre-emptive control mitigation based on intelligence and process, visibility over an entire estate and the tools, people, and process to solve problems when they are discovered.

    We talk to customers often who pay for threat intelligence feeds only to realise that knowing a problem exists doesn’t mean the problem will be solved. Having the right teams and people in place are a lot harder than it sounds.

    Building a digital threat intelligence capability is about much more than collating technical information on the systems used to launch attacks.
    • You need to gather evidence-based information on potential attackers, the tools they use, their motivation and the vulnerabilities they exploit, and how understand how this interacts with your business.
    • Intelligence means improving your understanding and visibility of the risk context your business is in; getting to know your threat landscape better. Creating the perfect blend of people, process and technology for your business.
    • By sharing data, you can improve your own security and cut intelligence-gathering costs. All of this should be seen not only in the context of present but also future threat.
    •Sharing intelligence product throughout your business, in a way that everyone can understand.

    Basically, you need to be one step ahead of the criminals.
  • How do you implement digital transformation securely? Recorded: Feb 8 2018 59 mins
    Mark Hughes Pres, Security BT, Martin Courtney, Principle Analyst, Tech Market View, & Danny Longbottom Dir Gov & Health, BT
    Security needs to be embedded in any digital transformation strategy. What are the fundamental things you need to get right for your organisation?

    We cover:
    - What are key issues you need to focus on?
    - What are the practical things you need to do to get your business case signed off?
    - How do you get ahead and stay ahead in this complex area?
  • The Five Steps to Cyber Maturity: how to avoid the dangerous traps Recorded: Jan 31 2018 30 mins
    Mark Lavender, Head of Threat Intelligence, BT
    The global scale of the recent ransomware attacks has shown the astonishing speed at which even the most unsophisticated of attacks can spread around the world. But how is it possible to spend millions on cyber security, and still get caught out? And what good are the latest solutions, if you haven’t fixed the basics?

    In ‘The cyber security journey — from denial to opportunity’, you’ll find out why reaching true cyber security requires a five-stage journey. There is no silver bullet when it comes to security and in order to avoid the dangerous traps along the way, don’t try to run before you can walk.
  • Are You Ready for GDPR? Key Things to Consider Recorded: Jan 25 2018 22 mins
    Deborah Moir, Head of UK Security Consulting - BT
    Are you faced with GDPR information overload? We've pulled together the key things you need to know to make sure you're prepared. We cover:
    - What is GDPR?
    - Why is this new regulation important for your organisation?
    - Are you ready for the change?
  • How to make security a key part of your future network strategy Recorded: Jan 24 2018 50 mins
    Paul Crichard, Security CTO, BT, and Martin Barnes, Head of Security Propositions, BT
    SD WAN offers some inherent advantages in terms of security and compliance but also introduces a number of new potential ‘attack surfaces’, which must be considered. Join our webcast where Paul Crichard, Security CTO, BT, and Martin Barnes, Head of Security Propositions, BT, will take you through a range of scenarios and show how security can be “built-in” as an inherent part of the overall design.
  • Geopolitical Cybersecurity panel session at WEF Davos 2018 Recorded: Jan 23 2018 61 mins
    Mark Hughes, CEO, Security, BT, Ciaran Martin, Chief Executive, NCSC , Jayne Plunkett, CEO Asia, Swiss Re Asia Ptd. Ltd
    With today’s global cyber threat as real as ever, there is still considerable work to be done in the area of threat awareness. At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos a distinguished panel of experts discussed how to harness the power of threat information and data. Mark Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, Security, BT, demonstrated using the BT Cyber Platform how visual analytics and big data can help bring to life trends and geographic patterns and set them in a new context.

    Panelists Ciaran Martin, Chief Executive, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Jayne Plunkett, CEO Asia and Member of Group Executive Committee, Swiss Re Asia Ptd. Ltd., Young Global Leader, talked about the role that public and private partnerships can play and looked at the topic from a risk perspective. The session was moderated by Rob Wainwright, Director, Europol.

    The session was filmed live at WEF on 23rd Jan 2018. You can find out more about the full WEF programme here: https://www.weforum.org/events/world-economic-forum-annual-meeting-2018/programme
  • Is Quantum Key Distribution a business reality yet? Recorded: Dec 12 2017 45 mins
    Professor Tim Spiller from York University and BT’s Andrew Lord
    Watch Professor Tim Spiller from York University and BT’s Andrew Lord talk about the latest developments in quantum key distribution.
  • The Role that Machine Assisted Detection and AI can play in your Defences Recorded: Dec 12 2017 35 mins
    Dr Ben Azvine - Head of Security Futures, BT & Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock - Chief Researcher, BT
    Watch BT's Head of Security Futures Dr Ben Azvine and our Chief Researcher Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock talk about cyber security and how threats to businesses like yours are constantly changing

    The evolving threat environment needs ever-evolving strategies to keep vital and highly confidential data secure.

    The traditional ways of preventing cyber attacks are being challenged by highly organised hackers on the one hand, and a rapidly changing technology landscape on the other.

    We need to complement our preventative approaches with machine-assisted detection and prediction.

    In this film, Ben and Robert explore and demonstrate some of the latest technologies we’ve developed to achieve better cyber defence.
  • Staying secure is all about keeping one step ahead Recorded: Dec 12 2017 3 mins
    BT Security
    BT’s cyber security services will help you, in real-time, contextualise every relevant internal event with external intelligence, providing a rich picture of what is happening. We can determine immediately which systems may be under threat using our behaviour analytics capability and detect and respond faster to risks, threats and vulnerabilities thanks to world class visualisation and analytic techniques.
  • GDPR - Back to basics Recorded: Dec 11 2017 12 mins
    Deborah Moir, Head of UK Security Consulting - BT
    Deborah Moir takes a brief look at what General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is and how it will affect you.
BT – protecting your business, the way we do ours
As a global leader in managed security, we’re helping customers thrive in a digital world. With operations in over 180 countries, a team of 2,500 experts and 14 SOCs around the world, we have a unique perspective on cyber crime.

We’re constantly watching, learning, predicting and responding to the latest threats to protect our customers, using unique tools and insight to stay one step ahead of criminal entrepreneurs.
In supporting some of the world’s largest companies, nation states and critical national infrastructures we have an unparalleled insight into the targeted threats and advanced malware on global networks.

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  • Title: Make Security integral to your business
  • Live at: Jan 14 2019 11:00 am
  • Presented by: Steve Benton, BT Deputy CSO, GM Cyber and Physical Security Operations and Programmes, BT
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