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5 Trends in Customer Experience for 2020

"The phone is dead”. “Millennials never use the phone”. “The future is automation”. Is this fact or fiction?

As new contact channels emerge and the capabilities of AI continue to grow, businesses need to decide where to take their contact centre. But which channels and technologies are worth investing in? How do customers really want to communicate with you?

We have been tracking consumer contact preferences for ten years now, and our experts are ready to share their insight. Watch the webinar to find out what the trends mean for your business as we explore five key questions:

- Is it the end of the road for person-to-person voice calls?
- Is messaging mania here to stay?
- Do video and social media for contact have a future?
- How can businesses build trust and security around identification, verification and payments?
- What AI-powered technologies are customers ready to accept?

Dr Nicola Millard, Head of customer insight and futures, BT
Kate Denison, Head of portfolio marketing and partners, BT
Andrew Small, Digital Solutions Director, BT
Recorded Feb 27 2020 25 mins
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Presented by
Experts from BT - Dr Nicola Millard, Kate Denison, and Andrew Small
Presentation preview: 5 Trends in Customer Experience for 2020

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  • When two worlds collide: How to define your IT/OT Security strategy Mar 30 2021 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Security experts from BT
    Many organisations are looking to connect their OT and IT environments as part of their Digital Transformation, but this will make their critical OT infrastructure more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

    Threat actors are increasingly targeting OT as an entry point as it's often less well protected. The impact of an attack is far-reaching, from operational disruption to potentially physical safety issues.

    Join our latest webinar in our Security and Insights trends series as we share insight on how to:
    • gain visibility of threats
    • maintain ongoing monitoring
    • integrate your OT management into your infrastructure
    • define the right use cases for your organisation
    • implement controls

    • Tristan Morgan, Director, Security advisory services, BT
    • Hila Meller, VP security, Europe, BT
    • Bryan Fite, Security advisory services, BT
  • The journey to private cloud: a best practice approach Mar 11 2021 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Experts from BT and VMware
    Moving to private cloud as part of your hybrid cloud strategy is the first step in your journey to experiencing the agility of cloud without losing the strict security and governance you’ve been used to. But why is it so important and what’s the best practice for making the move? And how do you make sure you’re getting the most from your Managed Service Provider as you navigate the change?

    Join experts from BT and VMware for a virtual webinar that is designed to help you develop a best practice approach to private cloud.

    - Dave Funnell, Senior manager, Cloud provider business, VMware
    - David Simpkins, Senior manager, Hybrid cloud managed services, BT
    - Maurice Nettesheim, Head of cloud compute and shared service portfolio, BT
    - Sujoy Mukherjee, Head of portfolio, Private compute, BT (host)
  • Do more brilliant remote meetings - and less time on mute Mar 10 2021 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Experts from BT and Poly
    Coronavirus completely transformed the way organisations enable their workforces. The pandemic has accelerated the shift to creating an effective digital office and utilising collaboration tools, with video meeting usage increasing more than 300%. As many organisations continue to rely heavily on remote working, they face the challenge of how to provide an engaging, effective and productive meeting experience for their workforces.

    Join us as we explore the trends, insights and expertise behind enabling a brilliant remote meeting experience.

    - Dr Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner, BT
    - Binita Jilka, Senior manager, User adoption, BT
    - Chris Moss, Vice president & sales CTO, Poly
  • Having your head in the cloud may be a good thing Mar 9 2021 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Experts from BT and Genesys
    Today, consumers want to communicate with brands like yours through a whole range of digital channels. Can your on-premise contact centre provide the ‘always-on’, personal service they’re increasingly expecting?

    Will your data be safe and accessible? And will it integrate with your legacy systems? Cloud-based solutions can help. You can be flexible, test and try, go to market at speed and adapt as needed. But there are key considerations when planning a move to the cloud.

    Hear from our experienced team about what to do, and just as importantly what not to do… so that your migration is simple, cost-effective and delivers what you set out to achieve. We can help you navigate through the maze of cloud-based options whether public, private or hybrid.

    Laura Trapp, Senior marketing manager, BT
    Vijay Venugopalan, Global head of contact centre specialists, BT
    Morgan Hallahan, Partner director, BT EMEA at Genesys
  • How to create a connected, secure office, ready for your return Recorded: Mar 4 2021 32 mins
    Experts from BT and Cisco
    Is your office ready for the future? As the new workplace emerges, you’ll need to combine more agile remote and home working with a safer approach for those returning to the corporate space. All with inherent flexibility to deal with whatever happens next. Join BT and Cisco to explore how you can make this happen:
    - connecting your teams, no matter where they are working
    - creating resilience through a more responsive infrastructure
    - securing your new world approach
    - the questions you need to be asking to ensure you’re making the right infrastructure choices to support this.

    - Dr Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner at BT
    - Dom Elliot, Segment leader service provider EMEAR at Cisco
    - Rehana Smith, Senior manager, Edge Solutions at BT
  • Supply chain consequences: managing a dirty network Recorded: Feb 23 2021 33 mins
    Security experts from BT
    Many organisations rely on a complex chain of suppliers and partners to operate, many of which have access to critical systems and information. Supply chain security is a growing concern and vulnerabilities at any point in the chain can leave you open to serious threat and disruption.
    With recent incidents throwing into question many of the assumptions upon which supply chain security approaches are based, how will you evolve your strategy and response?
    Join our latest webinar in our security insights and trends series as we share unique insight on:
    • The right approach to take – assume a breach position
    • Steps to manage and secure a dirty network
    • How to maintain full estate visibility
    • Putting the right controls and mechanisms in place

    • Tristan Morgan, Director security advisory services, BT
    • Natalie Walker, Virtualised security lead, BT
    • Steve Benton, Deputy CISO director protect services and operations, BT
  • Wanted: human CX experts. Your Bot needs you. Recorded: Feb 23 2021 27 mins
    Customer experience experts from BT
    Today’s new normal will have a significant impact on the adoption of AI within contact centres. Gartner even predicts 69% of routine work currently done by Managers will be fully automated by 2024.

    Whilst it’s recognised that AI powered agents can augment the conversation and help you reduce costs, how do you deploy and integrate an AI assistant that your customers and employees will actually want to use? Find out how AI is revamping the contact centre and helping redefine customer experience.

    Kate Denison, Head of portfolio and product marketing, BT
    Andrew Small, Digital solutions director, BT
    Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner, BT
    Riccy Sidoli, General manager, CRM and UC applications, BT
  • The multi-cloud imperative: a best practice approach Recorded: Feb 18 2021 20 mins
    Experts from BT and Dell Technologies
    Are you in the process of moving to multi-cloud?
    It’s vital you don’t waste time or money on the wrong decisions. To help you plan your strategy, you need to understand the real-world challenges and opportunities that multi-cloud presents, so that your whole business can move forward with confidence.

    In our virtual roundtable, together with Dell Technologies, we’ll explore:
    • the true reality of multi-cloud: not just the theory
    • what you need to consider when designing your strategy end-to-end
    • what hurdles to expect, and how to overcome them
    • what outcomes you could expect as a result.

    • David Simpkins, Senior manager, Hybrid cloud managed services, BT
    • Sujoy Mukherjee, Product manager, Private cloud, BT
    • Ian Heath, Director, EMEA service providers, Dell Technologies
  • Is the clock ticking for you to move to a virtualised data centre? Recorded: Feb 16 2021 24 mins
    Experts from BT and Equinix
    With legacy infrastructure approaching end-of-life, and predictions that 80% of enterprises will migrate entirely away from on-premises data centres by 2025, you’re most likely already starting to put in place the steps to ensure a smooth transition.
    But what’s the best approach to moving to a virtualised data centre, and how can interconnectivity help make this journey simpler for you?

    In our webinar, together with Equinix, we explore the big questions:
    • How do I approach the challenge of legacy infrastructure?
    • How can interconnectivity help me as I migrate to the cloud, and why is it so important?
    • How do I ensure security, compliance, and governance in my new environment?
    • What will my business be able to do differently, or even better as a result, and what can I learn from other companies who have already made the move?

    • Adrian Comley, Senior Manager, Managed Network Services, BT
    • Simon Walker, Senior Manager, Cloud Networking Solutions, BT
    • Angie Jackson, Senior Manager DYNS Technical and Service Design, BT
    • Brenden Rawle, Director of Interconnection, EMEA, Equinix
  • The great agent and supervisor skills shift in the virtual contact centre Recorded: Feb 9 2021 32 mins
    Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner; Karine Palacios, Global product director
    Coronavirus has significantly disrupted the workplace for your agents and supervisors who need to find new ways of staying connected with their teams. There may be important changes you’ll need to embrace in the new normal. You may want to offer more choice to your agents about where they work. But what will be the impact on the supervisor’s role in a dispersed contact centre workforce?

    Join us as we share best practice ideas on how your supervisors can support remote work, how to foster good remote habits and procedures and how the digital enablement of your teams will help you today and into the future.

    Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner, BT
    Karine Palacios, Global product director for cloud contact centres, BT
  • 5 trends dominating the 2021 contact centre Recorded: Jan 28 2021 25 mins
    Experts from BT and Cisco
    Last year, we looked at five trends in customer experience for 2020. Coronavirus has been a huge catalyst for change in the contact centre. But how has the pandemic changed what consumers expect from you and equally, how your agents feel? Are new expectations and behaviours here to stay?

    Our research with Cisco shows that the phone is definitely not dead, but what’s surprising is that a huge 85% of consumers now want to use video chat when things go wrong with self-service.
    Join us as we discover the top three trend shifts and what it means for your business.

    Kate Denison, Head of portfolio and product marketing, BT
    Andrew Small, Digital solutions director, BT
    Nicola Millard, Principal innovation partner, BT
    Jeff Boslem, Regional director, EMEAR Cloud and hosted collaboration, Cisco
  • 5 cybersecurity insights that will shape 2021 Recorded: Jan 26 2021 33 mins
    Marcus Hickman from Davies Hickman Partners; and Tristan Morgan, Robert Daniels, and Joanna Steed from BT
    Cybersecurity – and user perceptions of cybersecurity – will determine the success of digital businesses everywhere.

    For the first time, we’ve canvassed the opinions of over 7000 business leaders, employees and consumers from across the world on their attitudes to cyber security. We've identified five major trends that are changing the role of the CISO, and some worrying behaviours that show the need for a strategic response.

    - Marcus Hickman, Director, Davies Hickman Partners
    - Tristan Morgan, Director of security advisory services, BT
    - Robert Daniels, Senior manager, Security portfolio strategy & propositions, BT
    - Joanna Steed, Senior manager, Security marketing, BT
  • 5 key considerations when choosing a cloud managed service provider Recorded: Jan 19 2021 29 mins
    Experts from BT and VMware
    The decisions you take now about your cloud strategy will undoubtably impact your business in the future. So, how do you know you’re making the best choices? It all starts with picking the right managed service provider.

    In our webinar, together with VMware, we explore:
    • the value of a managed service provider in delivering a hybrid cloud strategy
    • the top 5 most important considerations when working with a managed service provider
    • the criteria you need to make a fair evaluation.

    Join us and partner VMWare to learn how we are using our experience and expertise to get it right for customers. Reshape your infrastructure today.

    • Dave Funnell, Senior manager, Cloud provider business, VMware
    • David Simpkins, General manager, managed services and public cloud, BT
    • Sujoy Mukherjee, Product manager, Private cloud, BT
    • Maurice Nettesheim, Head of cloud compute and shared service portfolio, BT
  • Create consistent user experiences to get your business thriving again Recorded: Jan 12 2021 19 mins
    Network experts from BT and Riverbed
    No-one could have predicted how quickly you’ve had to re-think the way your teams connect and collaborate. But now you have the infrastructure in place for flexible working, what happens next? If you’re to succeed and create greater resiliency for the future, you’ll need complete visibility and control of how users are consuming applications in order to ensure the best, most secure experiences.

    In our virtual roundtable, together with Riverbed we’ll explore:
    •why visibility of end user experience is so critical right now
    •the limitations of traditional network and application performance management
    •how visibility and acceleration can be used to help achieve business goals.

    •Joe Bombagi, Director, Solutions engineering, Riverbed
    •Mark Burton, Senior technical alliance manager, Riverbed
    •Adrian Comley, Senior manager, Managed network services, BT
    •Lotie Parker, Senior consultant, BT Consulting
  • Why SD-WAN is crucial to realising the benefits of cloud Recorded: Dec 15 2020 28 mins
    Infrastructure experts from BT and VMWare
    Great cloud experiences can be yours if you get the building blocks of your infrastructure, SD-WAN and security right. We’d like to share with you how we’ve done it. Spend some time with us as we examine each of these key pillars in our webinar. We’ll be looking at different types of internet connectivity, the role of cloud gateways and the importance of SASE to your solution.

    Scott Cowling, who leads our Global infrastructure portfolio will be joined by Sanjay Uppal (SVP & GM VMWare and founder of VeloCloud), Anne-Gaelle Santos (Head of BTs SD-WAN portfolio), and Paul Graham (Head of infrastructure, BT’s CTO team). Together we’ll share insight on how to choose the right core components and make those choices work for your business.
  • SASE: how to define the most effective strategy Recorded: Dec 15 2020 33 mins
    James Todd, Security CTO; Tristan Morgan, Director of security advisory services; David Stark, Security portfolio director
    Security thinking has been moving towards Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for some time now to protect the new dynamic perimeter. It brings together connectivity and network security into a single policy-driven service that provides consistent centrally-managed access and security from edge to edge.

    Join our latest webinar in our Security insights and trend series as we share our experience and give you unique insight into:
    • the BT approach to SASE
    • how to move to SASE in the most simple and cost effective way
    • how to mitigate the risks of change.

    • James Todd, Security CTO, BT
    • Tristan Morgan, Director of security advisory services, BT
    • David Stark, Security portfolio director, BT
  • New BT and Cisco research goes beyond the office Recorded: Dec 8 2020 29 mins
    Experts from BT and Cisco
    Coronavirus has dramatically changed working lives, and with it the attitudes and methods of collaborating beyond the office. What does this mean for global organisations?

    We’ve partnered with Cisco to research how businesses can make the most of these changes. Over 800 business executives and 400 IT decision-makers took part and shared their views on the future of collaboration. Interestingly we found:
    • on average, a person now uses 3.5 collaboration tools (30% using six tools each)
    • 85% of business executives want a better way of integrating different collaboration tools
    • three in four IT decision-makers suggest security is more important than user experience
    Using the findings we’ve identified six priority building blocks which businesses should consider as they transition to a new working environment.
    Join us on 8 Dec to explore these building blocks.

    Andrew Small, director, digital solutions, BT
    Dominic Elliott, CTO service provider, Northern Europe, Cisco
    Dr Nicola Millard, principal innovation partner, BT
    Ruth Holland, Digital Workplace Marketing lead, BT
  • How do you ensure security and experience when working from home? Recorded: Dec 1 2020 27 mins
    Experts from BT and Cisco
    Homeworking is here to stay, but everybody who works from home knows the frustration of poorly performing applications. At the same time IT leaders are struggling to keep their services secure and get the visibility and control they need. That’s why they’re looking to deliver the same network services they deploy in the office at home.

    In our latest webinar, together with Cisco we explore:
    o why you need to think about SD-WAN at home as an option
    o different options to support different employees in your organisation
    o how the costs of the solution balance against an office solution.

    o Andrew Small, Digital Solutions Director, BT
    o Dominic Elliott, CTO BT global relationship, Cisco
    o Paul Crichard, Chief security technology strategist, BT
  • How to shape your data centre for the new normal Recorded: Nov 24 2020 21 mins
    Data centre experts from BT and Cisco
    The new normal has accelerated the pace of change. Digital transformation means that your existing data centre needs to deliver more.

    In the next webinar of our 'Shape the future of infrastructure' series, we’ll explore:
    •how to implement new technology in private data centres
    •how to get cloud-like agility within your data centre
    •the features of Cisco ACI and what it delivers.

    Our data centre optimisation portfolio expert, Charles Greenaway, will be joined by Louise O’Neil, head of new customer sales and Gareth Furse, an account manager in solutions SP sales from Cisco to offer their views on the options available to you.

    •Jonathan Sumner, Head of marketing, Network, Cloud & Consultancy, BT
    •Louise O’Neill, Director, Banking & Financial Services, BT
    •Charles Greenaway, Customer CTO, BT
    •Gareth Furse, Service creation & portfolio manager, Enterprise networking, Cisco
  • Protect your data – Key decisions you need to make Recorded: Nov 19 2020 32 mins
    Tristan Morgan, Director, Security advisory; Steve Benton, Director Protect; & Lee Stephens, Principal, Security advisory
    In a recent BT Security study, we found over half of organisations lose IP as employees leave.

    The rise in hybrid ways of working now means that your data is everywhere, so managing it correctly is more critical than ever. It can be difficult to track though, which could leave you open to threats.

    In our next webinar, we will share our experiences and give you unique insight on:
    • the threats you face – both inside and outside your organisation
    • the best strategies and detection methods for organising your data
    • the importance of good cyber hygiene
BT for global business
We are a leading business connectivity, communications and IT services provider to major multinational corporations in around 180 countries. We own an extensive global voice and data network providing managed services, security and network and IT infrastructure services, enabling customers’ digital transformations.

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  • Title: 5 Trends in Customer Experience for 2020
  • Live at: Feb 27 2020 2:10 pm
  • Presented by: Experts from BT - Dr Nicola Millard, Kate Denison, and Andrew Small
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