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Impacts for Workspace Management and Transformation Providers

Join Principal Analyst Dr. Andreas Stiehler from PAC, and Michael Collins from ASG as they present current trends, and discuss the concept of employee experience and its impacts on the consulting and managed services business in the workspace segment.

In this webinar you will learn how:

- To expand revenue opportunities by hosting and managing customizable desktops for your customer base regardless of job role, enterprise and industry

- To differentiate your offerings through a customizable platform to deliver applications, services, content and self-service

- A context-aware and policy-driven solution allows administrators to control access to content and services based on context and policies

- We will also showcase the brand new ASG Technologies’ Workspaces 10 – exclusively for Managed Service Providers and Systems Integrators
Recorded Jan 23 2018 61 mins
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Presented by
Dr. Andreas Stiehler, Principal Analyst, PAC & Michael Collins, ASG
Presentation preview: Impacts for Workspace Management and Transformation Providers

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  • Accelerate Your Digital Business with Modern Content Services Nov 1 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; David Downing, EVP, ASG; Greg Wilson, Director of Sales, Content, ASG
    Modern content services and flexible platforms have won the generational war over traditional monolithic suites. A third of enterprises are leveraging newer, modern content platforms … is your organization one of them?

    Attend this webinar hosted by ASG, and featuring guest speaker Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to learn about the top trends shaping the ECM market and benchmark your own program against industry peers.

    Businesses today demand agility, integrations and interoperability. Documents contain data that is hard to mine for insights in older suites – thus analytics increasingly drives content management roadmaps. Join us and hear how companies like yours are addressing new use cases for content management and delivery.

    Come discover:
    - Latest emerging technologies, such as analytics and intelligent content services in the context of content
    - Where other businesses are in their content management maturity, how they govern their programs, and where they are re-thinking their business cases
    - Where the future of content services is moving and why a platform approach can help overcome top challenges such as user adoption and content sprawl

    Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how you can accelerate your digital transformation with modern content services.

    Register Now.
  • Jumpstart Workforce Productivity with Digital Workspaces Recorded: Sep 26 2018 59 mins
    Licia Williams, EVP Global HR & Corporate Counsel, & Taj Aljundi, Enterprise Solution Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Successful onboarding is NOT just a matter of completing paperwork, selecting benefits, and getting a tour of the office. Getting your workforce up and running quickly and effectively will accelerate productivity. With digital workspaces, IT and HR can partner to ensure every new employee hits the ground running on Day 1.

    Join ASG Technologies on Wednesday, September 26th, to hear from digital workspace expert, Taj Aljundi, and Global Head of HR, Licia Williams, on how you can quickly onboard new staff, whether employees, contractors, or consultants, with the tools and information that they need, right from the start. All while reducing your onboarding costs substantially. You’ll learn how digital workspaces:
    • Support any device, anywhere – so you can engage the best talent regardless of location.
    • Embed IT policies regarding security, governance, and regulatory compliance.
    • Are tailored to an employee’s role, but support personalization to suit individual work styles.
    • Offer a single point of control to facilitate a secure offboarding process.

    Wondering how to maximize your workforce’s productivity? It all starts with their first day and your company’s onboarding process. Effective onboarding can mean 50% greater new-hire productivity, and with talent acquisition costs at 1/3 an employee’s compensation that’s a fact that can’t be ignored. Yet, many organizations struggle to develop a cost-effective and streamlined approach to technology enablement, though it’s critical to their onboarding efforts.

    Join us on September 26th and find out how.
  • GDPR Comes to America (CCPA) — Be Prepared Recorded: Sep 20 2018 52 mins
    Kevin Moos, President of Primitive Logic; Ian Rowlands, Director of Product Marketing, ASG
    The State of California recently passed the strictest data privacy law in the United States: the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). The new law grants California residents a broad array of rights related to their personal information and requires companies to rethink their entire approach to capturing, storing, and sharing personal data.

    Join Kevin Moos, President of Primitive Logic and Ian Rowlands, Director of Product Marketing, ASG, to learn:
    • How this regulation affects your company, regardless of where you’re located
    • What you need to do now to get ready for CCPA’s deadline of January 2020
    • If you’re ready for GDPR, do you have to do anything more for CCPA?
    • Useful tools and technologies to help you meet the new law’s requirements
    • How you can turn CCPA readiness into a benefit (not just a cost)
  • A 21st Century Approach—Enterprise Content in the Cloud Recorded: Sep 6 2018 58 mins
    Greg Wilson, Content Service, ASG and Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner, Zia
    As leading-edge enterprises Modernize their Infrastructure, Content Solutions are increasingly moving toward Cloud delivery. Research confirms that 67% of businesses are looking at the Cloud to extend their Content Solutions and provide device-agnostic access to employees.

    Join Greg Wilson of ASG Technologies and Ryan McVeigh of Zia Consulting to learn how enterprises are utilizing cloud and hybrid environments to achieve agile business processes and workflow flexibility and manage content for regulatory compliance. They will share the top six reasons to move your content to the cloud along with a methodology that removes risk from the process and helps enterprises more strategically meet their business goals.
  • Critical Actions to Finalize Your GDPR Compliance Program Recorded: Aug 8 2018 78 mins
    Sue Habas, ASG Technologies & Naheed Bleecker, TrustArc & Barbara Cosgrove, Workday & Timothy Yim, Imperva
    The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rule looms in May 2018, but only a third of companies are on track to be compliant by the due date. GDPR is the most significant change in data privacy regulation in more than 20 years. It represents an extraordinary shift in the way businesses will be expected to operate when they gather, process, maintain, and protect customer data. Any organization that retains information of EU citizens must be in compliance or face huge fines of up to 4% of worldwide turnover.

    In this webinar series you will hear from industry experts facing the same challenges you face and find out how they're meeting and surpassing critical implementation check points, and you will learn what actions other organizations are taking in preparation for data protection – not only for GDPR, but for long-term data protection.
  • Your Future with Content Manager OnDemand - Three Considerations Recorded: Jul 31 2018 34 mins
    Greg Wilson, Director, ASG & Jim Ilardi, Sr. Solutions Engineer, ASG & Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner, Zia Consulting
    In 2016, IBM announced their partnership with UNICOM for future development of Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD). While IBM maintains that nothing has changed from a business perspective, they have significantly reduced the CMOD sales team and are no longer handling support. Therefore, it appears that the future of CMOD is uncertain. If you are a current or prospective customer of CMOD, there are three things to consider when analyzing a product that has recently been sold to another corporation.

    - Can the new provider deliver the support you need to be successful with a product they didn’t build?

    - Are they truly committed to the product’s features?

    - Are they trying to lock you into a proprietary cloud service?

    During this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of maintaining the CMOD platform and offer an alternative solution: Mobius by ASG Technologies. Zia and ASG have experience in the intricacies of a CMOD rollout and customization as well as in the planning and execution of migrating from a mainframe (or other legacy) repository to Mobius—on-premises or in the cloud.
  • GDPR: Beyond Compliance Recorded: Jul 25 2018 59 mins
    Ronald Jonker, Partner, KPMG & Ian Rowlands, VP Product Marketing, ASG Technologies
    Congratulations you’ve made it past the GDPR compliance May 25th, 2018 deadline. But getting to this point has needed many workarounds and been expensive. The question: How do we identify and move beyond workarounds to being able to industrialize and automate governance and compliance to keep data trusted, secured, and governed and GDPR compliant?

    The next step in your GDPR compliance journey will be making GDPR compliance as natural part of “business as usual” — keeping you agile so when things change and, new reasons for using personal data or, new business opportunities arise your organization can accommodate them without excessive effort.

    In building your GDPR compliance environment you’ve gone a long way towards documenting your information supply chain and how its driving your business. Join us as we welcome Ronald Jonker from KPMG and Ian Rowlands from ASG Technologies to dive into the details on how organizations are changing the GDPR narrative to drive opportunities and demand. They’ll share:

    - How organizations are maximizing the value of data lineage
    - How technical solutions can provide concrete support for compliance with imprecise regulations
    - How customers are turning GDPR compliance into a win for the business

    This webinar will be hosted by the respected, award-winning journalist Mike Simons.
  • Six Strategies for Balancing Risk with Data Value Recorded: Jul 17 2018 63 mins
    Philip Russom, Senior Research Director, TDWI & Ian Rowlands, VP of Product Marketing, ASG Technologies
    Managing data for value is a business-oriented focus on the potential of data. It complements the all-too-common obsession with data’s technical requirements. Data value recognizes that data is a valuable business asset and should be leveraged accordingly. If you are managing data for value, your asset portfolio of data should be protected, grown, and governed.

    Data’s value should be documented and quantified centrally to provide data intelligence for both business and technical users who work with data. Data intelligence is a combination of data and metadata, plus additional information and functionality, such as lineage tracking, quality metrics, data cataloging, glossaries, and machine learning for the automation of data management. Without data intelligence, the fullest value of data cannot be realized.

    Data value, data compliance, and data intelligence have an indivisible relationship. This is critical, considering that the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective in May 2018. For example, data value provides strong fundamental skills and infrastructure for teams who must achieve data compliance. Furthermore, when data intelligence includes governance and sensitivity metrics, it can contribute significantly to achieving data compliance and proving such compliance in an audit.

    In this TDWI webinar, we’ll consider data value and intelligence in the context of compliance. You will learn about:
    - Definitions of data value and data intelligence
    - The evolving data compliance landscape, especially the EU’s GDPR
    - How data value and intelligence can impact data compliance efforts
    - Six strategies for balancing compliance with data value
  • Sneak Peek: Introducing Data Intelligence 9.5 Recorded: Jun 26 2018 87 mins
    Sue Habas VP, Strategic Technologies ASG Technologies & Yetkin Ozkucur VP, Global Practice, ASG Technologies
    Accurately understanding where data originates and how it flows and changes through the enterprise is imperative for organizations to enable business users to securely collaborate with trusted data.

    The latest release of ASG’s DI platform broadens your ability to find, trace, trust and analyze data across today’s growing data landscape. As a result, you can more effectively embrace and benefit from digital transformation initiatives while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

    We were listening…

    We’ve taken your feedback and incorporated it into our latest DI release. Join ASG Technologies on this webinar to learn about DI 9.5's advanced capabilities along with specific use cases, including:
    •Self-Service Analytics
    •Enhanced Data Governance
    •GDPR: Further Automation of Personal Data Identification and Integrated Privacy Impact Assessment Infrastructure
  • Modernize and Migrate Applications Off Legacy Databases Recorded: Jun 19 2018 37 mins
    Dana Rafiee, Executive Director, Destiny Corporation & Wayne Monk, SVP Global Alliances and Channel, ASG Technologies
    Having the right processes run on the right platforms makes sense, but meeting this challenge can be harder than it seems. In many cases, these processes have been running on their current platforms for years and the team that set them up is no longer with the company. This type of situation leaves the IT department with big software maintenance costs and outdated infrastructure.

    Join ASG and Destiny in this webinar as we share information and guidance to help IT managers modernize their legacy environment, including how to:
    •Understand upstream/downstream application interactions
    •Refactor to a modern toolset and architecture
    •Surface “unseen” personal data that may impact compliance risk
    •Leverage change analysis and application understanding into a foundation for regulatory compliance and ongoing application management
  • Governance for your Content with Mobius 8.0 Recorded: Jun 13 2018 40 mins
    Greg Wilson, Director, ASG & Jack Marcus, Solutions Engineer, ASG & Jarein Vlesveld, Director, ASG
    Today’s digital organizations are generating more data and content than ever before and are faced with increased scrutiny and increased regulations for how they manage, govern and interact with their content. This is a challenge for all modern organizations running on a complicated array of new and legacy platforms and receiving content in every format imaginable.

    In this 30 minute demonstration led by ASG’s Mobius Product and Solutions teams, you’ll learn:
    • How built-in encryption at rest and redaction capabilities ensure that private information remains private whether deployed on-premises, in the Cloud or in Hybrid/Cloud environments.
    • How event-based retention and hold functionality can broaden your governance reach and reduce unwanted risk and exposure of your enterprise content.
    • How capabilities like full text search can empower your business to better leverage dormant content and respond faster to audit requests.

    Don’t miss your opportunity to find out more.
  • The FIMA 2018 Report: The Journey to CDO 2.0 Recorded: Jun 6 2018 60 mins
    Hemant Waradkar, Practice Head – FRC, Analytics, Wipro & Ian Rowlands, Director, Product Marketing, ASG Technologies
    Today’s CDO must navigate significant change. Just how significant is one of the insights revealed in this newly released report. ASG Technologies, in collaboration with Wipro, surveyed senior data management and governance executives to produce “Uncovering the Progress of the CDO 2.0.”

    The report reveals that 50 percent of respondents do not have solutions in place to support data inventory, 66 percent do not use data lineage solutions and 53 percent lack automated governance, workflow and issue management. These findings suggest that most organizations lack the insights needed to maintain regulatory compliance and make informed business decisions.

    Join ASG Technologies and Wipro as we share actionable insights to help data management executives tackle big challenges including:
    • Lagging and uncertain governance tactics: Enhancing governance models requires strategic use of data discovery and lineage to determine where data moves and how it gets transformed.
    • Inefficient governance processes: Automating governance, workflow and issue management improve data practices and are fundamental with timely compliance and full data value.
    • Unseen data and lost value: Pushing for business value-added digitization calls for an enhanced governance model capable of supporting a much-changed environment.

    Learn how maturing Data Governance can help you move towards CDO 2.0.
  • Transform Your Business with Intelligent Information Management: Mobius 8 Recorded: May 23 2018 31 mins
    Greg Wilson, Director, ASG & Jack Marcus, Solutions Engineer, ASG & Jarein Vlesveld, Director, ASG
    Digital information is the lifeblood of every enterprise business. You need content services that integrate with your existing on premise and Cloud technologies to ingest your content and store that information in accessible pieces so it can be found, managed and viewed across the globe in real time. Join ASG’s Product and Solutions Consulting team to discover how the powerful content services offered by Mobius can help transform the way you do business and access information.

    During this 30 minute webinar, you’ll explore the granular policy management that lies at the foundation of Mobius’ architecture and see how Mobius allows your teams to manage content easily through regulations and corporate policies while ensuring your business remains competitive.
  • Die neue Freiheit des Arbeitens Recorded: Mar 15 2018 55 mins
    Michael Collins, Global Vice President, Workspaces Practice, ASG & Manfred Bremmer, Senior Editor IoT & Mobile, COMPUTERWOCHE
    Zwei Drittel aller Arbeitnehmer wünschen sich flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle – und den standortunabhängigen Zugriff auf alle Daten. So das Ergebnis einer aktuellen IDG Research Services-Studie.
    Doch welche konkreten Vorstellungen und Wünsche sind mit dem Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft verbunden und welche Lösungen gibt es dazu bereits?
    Im Webinar von IDG Research Services am 15. März diskutiert COMPUTERWOCHE-Redakteur Manfred Bremmer mit Michael Kelch von ASG u.a. über:
    •die zeitgemäße Bereitstellung von Daten, Services und Applikationen – gemäß Richtlinien, Kontext und Endgerät
    •die neuartige Nutzererfahrung als Konsument von Enterprise-Infrastruktur, Verteilung und flexibler Verwaltung
    •einen spannenden HR-Use-Case – mit einer deutlichen Zeit- und Kosteneinsparung beim "Mitarbeiter-Onboarding“
  • GDPR Programme Insights for GDPR Readiness (with Data Management Review) Recorded: Feb 5 2018 60 mins
    Scott Snively, Data Intelligence Strategist ASG Technologies; Gary Manser Head of Data Governance at VISA;
    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, requiring financial institutions to meet stringent new rules on managing the personal data of EU residents, and setting astronomic fines for those that fail to comply. The webinar will discuss the broad data management challenges posed by the regulation, the GDPR articles your data management programme will need to consider, and how compliance can best be addressed. Referring to a recent survey conducted by A-Team Group and sponsored by ASG Technologies, the webinar will also explore approaches to the regulation, explain the importance of governance to successful implementation, and offer guidance on new technologies that support compliance.
    Register for the webinar to find out about:
    •GDPR requirements
    •State-of-play on compliance
    •Data management challenges
    •Approaches and solutions
    •Expert views on implementation
  • Desire & Reality: What is needed for the Workplace of the future? Recorded: Jan 24 2018 58 mins
    Manfred Bremmer, Senior Editor IoT & Mobile, COMPUTERWOCHE & Michael Collins, Global Vice President, Workspaces Practice, ASG
    Higher productivity and efficiency, greater employee satisfaction, a better positioning in the war for talents: these and other aspects are in the minds of companies when developing a strategy for new work and mobility concepts.

    But the way to get there is not easy. In addition to the implementation of modern technologies, the organizational and cultural changes also play a decisive role in the success of a company.

    Based on a recent study by IDG Research Services, we will inform you about the goals, wishes and concerns associated with the topic "workplace of the future“ – not only from the company’s point of view but also from the perspective of the employees.

    Michael Collins from ASG Technologies will address details like:

    - How to close the gap between the needs of the enterprise and personalization
    - Why it is important to include employees in the planning of their workplace at an early stage;
    - How to implement the right mix of standardization and individualization and:
    - Why more flexibility & agility for employees leads to higher productivity.

    In addition, Michael will share a use case with you to demonstrate the advantages of modern workplace concepts, e.g. in the HR department (employee onboarding).
  • Impacts for Workspace Management and Transformation Providers Recorded: Jan 23 2018 61 mins
    Dr. Andreas Stiehler, Principal Analyst, PAC & Michael Collins, ASG
    Join Principal Analyst Dr. Andreas Stiehler from PAC, and Michael Collins from ASG as they present current trends, and discuss the concept of employee experience and its impacts on the consulting and managed services business in the workspace segment.

    In this webinar you will learn how:

    - To expand revenue opportunities by hosting and managing customizable desktops for your customer base regardless of job role, enterprise and industry

    - To differentiate your offerings through a customizable platform to deliver applications, services, content and self-service

    - A context-aware and policy-driven solution allows administrators to control access to content and services based on context and policies

    - We will also showcase the brand new ASG Technologies’ Workspaces 10 – exclusively for Managed Service Providers and Systems Integrators
  • Winning with Data Quality & Data Governance Recorded: Dec 20 2017 60 mins
    Ian Rowlands, Product Marketing Manager of ASG and Harald Smith, Director, Product Management of Trillium Software
    Successful businesses will best utilize enterprise data for effective “defense” (e.g., compliance, such as GDPR and CCAR) as well as “offense” (increased customer engagement and revenue).

    View our on-demand webcast and discover how integrated data quality and data governance tools help you confidently achieve regulatory compliance, as well as revenue-building initiatives requiring a 360-degree view of your customers.

    Data management experts Ian Rowlands, Product Marketing Manager of ASG and Harald Smith, Director, Product Management of Trillium Software discusses how Trillium Software for data quality, integrated with ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence solution, helps you pinpoint where data quality impacts your business, ensuring your enterprise data can be trusted to drive regulatory compliance as well as better business decisions.
  • Find Personal Data for GDPR in your ERP/CRM system Recorded: Dec 19 2017 47 mins
    Ian Rowlands, Product Marketing Manager for ASG Technologies & Nick Porter, Technical Director for Silwood Technologie
    The date for being compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is getting closer. Many organisations are now seriously engaged in programs to ensure that they meet the new requirements and avoid the potential to incur large fines and brand embarrassment.

    One of the key early steps is to create a baseline view of the Personal Data stored within your organization and mapping that to the applications that process it. If you have a packaged application from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or Microsoft you probably already appreciate the difficulties involved in finding all the Personal Data locations.

    ASG and Silwood Technology have combined to deliver a solution which will help you to complete this task quickly and accurately. Join us and learn how ASG and Silwood Technology can help you prepare for compliance with the GDPR.
Solutions to help you capture, understand, trust and govern your data
ASG Technologies Group, Inc. provides global organizations with a modern approach to Digital Transformation to succeed in the Information Economy. ASG is the only solutions provider for both Information Management and IT Systems. ASG’s Information Management solutions enable companies to find, understand, govern and deliver information of any kind, from any source -- whether structured or unstructured -- through its lifecycle from capture to analysis to consumption. The IT Systems Management solutions empower companies to support traditional and modern digital initiatives, operate their IT infrastructure more efficiently and effectively and reduce the cost of managing and running their internal IT systems landscape. ASG is proud to serve more than 3,000 customers worldwide in 60 countries and in top vertical markets including Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and Government. For more information, visit ASG.com.

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  • Title: Impacts for Workspace Management and Transformation Providers
  • Live at: Jan 23 2018 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dr. Andreas Stiehler, Principal Analyst, PAC & Michael Collins, ASG
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