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Sneak Peek: Introducing Data Intelligence 9.5

Accurately understanding where data originates and how it flows and changes through the enterprise is imperative for organizations to enable business users to securely collaborate with trusted data.

The latest release of ASG’s DI platform broadens your ability to find, trace, trust and analyze data across today’s growing data landscape. As a result, you can more effectively embrace and benefit from digital transformation initiatives while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

We were listening…

We’ve taken your feedback and incorporated it into our latest DI release. Watch this webinar to learn about DI 9.5's advanced capabilities along with specific use cases, including:
•Self-Service Analytics
•Enhanced Data Governance
•GDPR: Further Automation of Personal Data Identification and Integrated Privacy Impact Assessment Infrastructure
Recorded Jun 26 2018 87 mins
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Presented by
Sue Habas VP, Strategic Technologies ASG Technologies & Yetkin Ozkucur VP, Global Practice, ASG Technologies
Presentation preview: Sneak Peek: Introducing Data Intelligence 9.5

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  • Top 5 Best Practices for Automating Invoice Processing May 23 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jim Maguire, ASG & Eric Howse, Zia Consulting
    Organizations continue to struggle with manual invoice processing, exception handling and data validation. The majority of invoices are still processed as “paper,” regardless of whether they arrive as printed or electronic versions such as PDFs or Word documents. Yet studies have shown that companies with automated invoice processing spend up to four times less per invoice.

    Whether it’s the paper cost or people cost, missed supplier discounts or late payment penalties, the savings can be significant for companies of all sizes. So, what does a best-in-practice solution really include?

    Join this webinar to learn how to:
    - Automate invoice processing from any source, in any form
    - Automatically handle exceptions
    - View your invoice status and KPIs in real time with end to end analytics
    - Integrate with SAP and store all documents in a modern content services platform, on premises or in a hybrid environment
  • Combining Artificial Intelligence and Data Intelligence for Compliance Success May 22 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sue Habas, ASG; Jon Kaufman; Trestle Group & Thomas Gustinis, Trestle Group
    As you modernize and fast track Data Management for more accurate and efficient compliance, is there a role for Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Where can AI streamline your compliance efforts? Can you embed business rules and policies into your data strategy using a more automated method?

    Join ASG and Trestle Group to hear how the combination of Data Intelligence (DI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduces risk and frees resources for new data driven opportunities. Learn how Trestle Group supports their clients with AI integrations into their Enterprise Data Management programs.

    You will walk away with a deeper knowledge of how to:
    - Build the essential Data Management foundation for continued compliance
    - Use Artificial Intelligence to manage and improve compliance accuracy and efficiency
    - Bring together AI and DI to explore new business opportunities
    - Combine Data Management maturity with leading-edge technology to automate reliable and cost-effective compliance
  • Take the Offensive: Unlock Your Siloed Content Apr 25 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Tom DiRusso, ASG & Steve Studer, Zia Consulting
    Are you one of the many organizations with content in a variety of silos? You probably are – and you’re not alone - most organizations today are also siloed. It’s clear that this siloed approach creates a huge challenge for companies in meeting stringent compliance regulations. Sound familiar? Now, imagine if your Teams had the ability to search and action content as though it resided in one location – with easy access and usability. Get the picture?

    Join ASG & Zia to discover how you can gather and understand your content across various silos to ensure you are on the ‘Offensive’ with compliance regulations.

    During this session, we’ll discuss:
    - Why some of the largest financial institutions have taken an ‘Offensive Approach’ to managing static and streaming content to comply with laws and regulations
    - How you can federate, migrate and manage records in one place
    - New ways to identify, classify and dispose of records
    - Why it’s critical to have a records management solution that has a repository of records that is auditable and defendable
  • Conquer all Your Content Services Challenges with Mobius 9.1 Recorded: Apr 4 2019 58 mins
    Brendan English, ASG; Greg Wilson, ASG & Jarein Vlasveld, ASG
    As content is typically stored across a wide-range of disparate repositories, many organizations struggle to consolidate a comprehensive, single view of their content. This lack of visibility is making it increasingly difficult for businesses to realize the value of their content (structured and unstructured) and comply with the increasing number of regulations and governance policies.

    Regulations and governance requirements are expanding the need for records management to improve privacy management. The new automated information governance capabilities of Mobius support the need to create records of all types of content and to meet privacy requirements of new regulations such as the GDPR and the CCPA.

    Solving these complex challenges, while securing data, is a topic ASG Technologies understands well.

    Join us as we discuss how we help customers:
    • Enable businesses to meet rapidly changing needs with low-code / no-code workflow tools
    • Realize the benefits of the cloud with the flexibility to adopt at the pace of business
    • Manage records management requirements – reducing risk & improving privacy management
    • Create a single view of content with federation across repositories
  • A Framework for Data Privacy Survival Recorded: Mar 28 2019 58 mins
    Ian Rowlands, Director, Product Marketing, Data Intelligence, ASG Technologies & Kevin Moos, President, Primitive Logic
    Are you protecting your Customer Data in compliance with the latest privacy regulations?

    Watch ASG and Primitive Logic discuss hear how an integrated framework for Customer privacy can enable you to reduce data management and privacy costs.

    Learn how your peers are succeeding with data privacy management and how it is enhancing their business. You will get recommendations on how decision-makers like you, can foster ethical data stewardship to strengthen Customer trust.

    You will walk away with deeper knowledge of:
    • The factors and trends that are shaping consumer privacy protection
    • The business and operational benefits of applying an integrated approach to protecting Customer data
    • The cost-benefits of establishing a comprehensive data privacy framework
  • 5 Key Considerations for Your Hybrid Cloud Content Management Strategy Recorded: Mar 21 2019 29 mins
    Kevin Bender, ASG & Brad Steinmeyer, Zia Consulting
    As companies strive to make the Cloud a coherent part of their overall IT infrastructure, we often hear customers asking, “Are we taking the best approach to get the most from our Content?” Navigating the best path for your organization is more varied and compelling than ‘just moving content to the Cloud’.

    Blending traditional and modern IT models can offer cost savings as well as the agility you need to compete in the digital world. Watch this webinar to hear ASG and Zia Consulting discuss best practices developed while helping organizations construct and implement successful cloud strategies:
    • How Cloud migration can enhance IT agility and business competitiveness
    • What Consolidation vs. Migration really means
    • How Efficiency and Security can and should ‘work together’
    • How to measure immediate gains that align with your long-term vision
    • Why the Cloud is important as you drive digital transformation
  • Modernizing Metadata Recorded: Mar 8 2019 65 mins
    Philip Russom, TDWI; Sue Habas, ASG & Yetkin Ozkucur, ASG
    Metadata is more relevant than ever. It continues to be a powerful enabler for high-value data-driven business activities across operations, analytics and compliance. However, to maintain the relevance, metadata management must deal with the increasing complexity of today’s business use cases and hybrid data environments.

    Metadata management is notoriously manual which makes it slow in development and error-prone in maintenance. MDM needs better tool automation. MDM is typically siloed due to users managing metadata per tool or platform. MDM needs a unified solution that is suited to sharing, reuse, governance and comprehensive views of distributed data.

    Watch this webinar, featuring Phillip Russom from TDWI alongside Sue Habas and Yetkin Ozkucur from ASG Technologies to learn:
    • How intelligent tool automation accelerates access to data value
    • How automated data lineage, impact analysis, cataloging and mapping support data governance and compliance
    • How the value of new semantics enables new practices in self-service data exploration, discovery, analytics and visualization
    • Why unified metadata management’s role is critical as users extend their IT ecosystems with SaaS apps, multiple clouds and hybrid architectures
  • New Approaches for Addressing Consumer Privacy Regulations with Mobius Recorded: Feb 28 2019 39 mins
    Greg Wilson, ASG Technologies & Steve Studer, Zia Consulting
    Are you struggling to keep up with new regulatory and corporate policies?

    The new wave of consumer privacy regulations and the explosive growth of unstructured data are challenging organizations to rethink how they define, implement, adhere to and track their content governance practices.

    Traditional approaches—often manually executed tactics—are siloed, expensive, inconsistent, and not scalable. A fresh approach is required when it comes to governing these large volumes of content and wide array of data types that are spread across disparate systems.

    Watch ASG and Zia Consulting discuss best practices for addressing consumer privacy regulations, including:

    • Defining content policies to comply with governance and regulations
    • Managing the enormous volumes of electronic records with a solution that automates all processes
    • Using ASG Mobius to create a granular, event-based retention and deletion process
  • Mission Leads, Technology Follows Recorded: Feb 13 2019 47 mins
    Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems, ASG Technologies
    Technology serves business and people. Business serves people - not technology. Having a perfectly tuned mainframe, server, virtual, or cloud technology stack won’t provide your business with value – only the ability to leverage the technology to focus on business outcomes will add that insight.

    As Gartner wrote in its Insights from the 2018 CIO Agenda Report, “The CIO role is changing from IT-outcome-focused to business-outcome-focused." Does your enterprise support this view?

    In this session, find out what you should be looking for from software products and the vendors supplying them to ensure you can focus on mission critical processes, and less on the underlying technology.
  • Over or Under Capacity? No Multi-Platform Plan? Lessons from the Industry. Recorded: Feb 12 2019 25 mins
    Denny Yost, Enterprise Systems Media; Gary Henderson, ASG
    Are you over-provisioning server capacity, experiencing unplanned capital expenditures or just lacking the necessary capacity planning information to help you make critical decisions? If you answered “YES!”, you are not alone. In a recent independent study conducted by Enterprise Systems Media, more than 50% of respondents acknowledged that they do not have a single, consistent multi-platform solution that provides information to managers, internal buyers, or end-users about performance and capacity across their enterprise. Additionally, close to 30% responded that they did not know if this capability even exists within their organizations.

    Watch this webinar featuring Enterprise Systems Media’s Denny Yost and ASG’s Gary Henderson to learn how your organization compares.

    During this presentation, the results of the survey are reviewed and you’ll discover strategies for tackling challenges in enterprise capacity planning such as:
    -Accurate Tracking
    -Optimization of Resource Use
    -Controlling Costs
    -Improving Service Availability across all Platforms
  • Control Monthly License Charges and Contain MIPS Growth on IBM Z with TMON PA Recorded: Jan 23 2019 27 mins
    Frank Alber, Solutions Architect, ASG Technologies
    Today’s business demands are fueling application growth and increases in computing capacity at record rates. One of IT’s primary objectives must be to allow for business growth while controlling costs and capacity. Understanding how existing MIPS capacity is being utilized and where you can make adjustments is key! Watch this 30-minute demo to find out how ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer can help you manage MLC and prevent unnecessary MIPS upgrades by effectively using GPU and lower cost zIIP processor resources.
  • What’s Ahead in Data Management in 2019? Recorded: Dec 19 2018 60 mins
    Philip Russom, Senior Research Director for Data Management, TDWI; Sue Habas, VP, Strategic Technologies, ASG
    According to Bob Dylan, “The times they are a-changin’.” In the field of data management today, this means a number of exciting but challenging developments.

    Data itself is evolving into larger volumes from new sources in a broadening array of structures, containers, interfaces, and latencies. New data-driven business use cases are rising in prominence, especially those for analytics, self-service, and agile operations. In response to user demands, the software vendor and open source communities are supplying many new data platforms, tools, and capabilities—all purpose-built for modern data and its use cases.

    This webinar is a “must see” for technical users and business managers who are facing these changes. The expert panel on this webinar will help you understand what’s ahead in 2019 and beyond for data management. Attendees can then apply that information to prioritize the data management changes they must address and how they will prepare via hiring, training, budgeting, making a business case, and adopting the right data platforms and tools.

    The webinar panel, moderated by Philip Russom, TDWI’s lead analyst for data management, brings together a number of experts including Sue Habas, VP, Strategic Technologies at ASG Technologies.

    The panel discusses the hotter trends in data management, including:

    - Evolving data volumes, structures, sources, interfaces, and latencies
    - New data platforms, such as Hadoop, clouds, object store, and databases based on columns, NoSQL, graph, etc.
    - Cloud for data management, including data warehousing, integration, and analytics
    - Advancements in catalogs, glossaries, and metadata
    - Automation for development productivity and production optimization
    - Data-driven business practices that need modern technologies, namely analytics, self-service, intelligent operations, and data governance, stewardship, or curation
    - Examples of what successful real-world organizations are doing today
  • Demo: True IT Performance Optimization Needs to be Proactive, Not Reactive Recorded: Dec 19 2018 24 mins
    Frank Alber, Solutions Architect, ASG Technologies
    IT must ensure that capacity meets current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner, but it takes more than just monitoring your infrastructure for current problems. It’s about preventing issues tomorrow, through proper planning and implementation today. Watch this 30 minute demo to find out how ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer can help you move beyond reaction to prevention.

    During this demo, you will discover how TMON PA can:
    - Help improve IT systems and business application availability while controlling costs
    - Achieve IT utilization competency by providing an integrated and consolidated ASG-TMON performance management solution
    - Enable cross team collaboration and uniformity with centrally stored data that is summarized, analyzed, and presented/reported in commonly used distributable formats
  • The Road Forward with ASG and the Mobius Content Services Platform Recorded: Dec 18 2018 61 mins
    David Downing, EVP, Product Management and Marketing, ASG; Greg Wilson, Director, Content Services, ASG
    The advances in technology and the growth of information are dramatically changing the landscape – constantly & expeditiously.

    ASG’s Mobius Content Services Platform (CSP) enables your organization to establish a digital automation foundation on which to transform your business.

    In this session, learn how ASG and its Mobius CSP delivers the technology to help you and your company thrive in the rapidly changing information management environment, prepare for the emerging digital automation economy and use Mobius to bring people, process and information together at digital speeds with web scaling.
  • Data Intelligence Drives Digital Business Success Recorded: Dec 11 2018 39 mins
    Marcus MacNeill, SVP, Product Management, ASG Technologies
    In the digital era, an organization’s business strategy is inextricably linked to its data strategy.

    Yet increases in data volume, variety and velocity continue to challenge data management strategies and capabilities making it difficult for enterprises to effectively satisfy defensive (run the business) and offensive (drive the business) needs.

    In this session, we explore the state of data management including key trends and their impact on the direction and evolution of ASG’s Data Intelligence offering.
  • Balancing Compliance and Value in Data Management Initiatives Recorded: Dec 10 2018 60 mins
    Ian Rowlands, ASG; Bob Cumberbatch; Consultant; Gaurav Bansal, RCloud Consulting; Garry Manser, Visa
    Over the past few years, about 90% of data management has been dedicated to the operational requirements of data governance and regulatory compliance, but this is changing rapidly as financial institutions look to exploit and drive business value from data.

    At a growing number of institutions, close to 70% of data management resource is focused on understanding data and implementing analytics that help the business work faster, smarter and identify new opportunities.

    How can you shift the balance between operations and business analytics safely and successfully, and ensure investment in data management initiatives delivers proportionate business value?

    This panel discussion, including Ian Rowlands from ASG Technologies and moderated by the A-Team Group, covers:
    - The shift from operations to business led data management
    - Ongoing challenges and solutions of regulatory compliance
    - How to identify value in data and drive business benefit
    - Approaches to balancing operational and business needs
    - Technology tools and solutions to sustain the balance
    - Ensuring return on investment in data management initiatives
  • Improve Visibility of Your IT Resources & Achieve 179% ROI Recorded: Nov 29 2018 54 mins
    Jon Erickson, Vice President, TEI, Forrester & Gary Henderson, Director of Product Management, ASG Technologies
    Most IT professionals today face a lack of visibility into how their IT resources are being used. Disparate, silo-based tools create gaps in infrastructure coverage and data collection, resulting in a limited understanding of resource utilization and creating difficulties for collaboration and decision-making. Does this sound like your organization?

    Watch guest speaker, Forrester Consulting’s Jon Erickson and ASG Technologies’ Gary Henderson discuss how ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer can provide you with the insights needed to accurately track and optimize resource use, control costs, improve service availability and effectively predict and plan with a single, consistent enterprise solution for analysis and reporting.

    An independent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ASG Technologies revealed that ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer delivers 179% ROI, Net Present Value (NPV) of $1.5M over three years, and savings of $54K in OPEX and $180K in CAPEX. Don’t miss your opportunity to find out more.
  • Accelerate Your Digital Business with Modern Content Services Recorded: Nov 27 2018 58 mins
    Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; David Downing, EVP, ASG; Greg Wilson, Director of Sales, Content, ASG
    Modern content services and flexible platforms have won the generational war over traditional monolithic suites. A third of enterprises are leveraging newer, modern content platforms … is your organization one of them?

    Watch this webinar hosted by ASG, and featuring guest speaker Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to learn about the top trends shaping the ECM market and benchmark your own program against industry peers.

    Businesses today demand agility, integrations and interoperability. Documents contain data that is hard to mine for insights in older suites – thus analytics increasingly drives content management roadmaps. Hear how companies like yours are addressing new use cases for content management and delivery.

    You'll discover:
    - Latest emerging technologies, such as analytics and intelligent content services in the context of content
    - Where other businesses are in their content management maturity, how they govern their programs, and where they are re-thinking their business cases
    - Where the future of content services is moving and why a platform approach can help overcome top challenges such as user adoption and content sprawl

    Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how you can accelerate your digital transformation with modern content services.
  • Effective Information Management Enables Digital Transformation Recorded: Nov 13 2018 46 mins
    Rob Perry, VP, Product Marketing, ASG Technologies
    “Digital Transformation” may be an over-used phrase, however, its objectives and value remain strong. To survive and thrive in an information-driven economy, enterprises must leverage digital means of connecting with their employees, customers and partners. Information is fundamental as it drives processes, enables insight and is increasingly a product in itself. In this webinar, we explore the state of digital transformation and how enabling information plays a core role in transforming companies in the information economy.
  • Jumpstart Workforce Productivity with Digital Workspaces Recorded: Sep 26 2018 59 mins
    Licia Williams, EVP Global HR & Corporate Counsel, & Taj Aljundi, Enterprise Solution Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Successful onboarding is NOT just a matter of completing paperwork, selecting benefits, and getting a tour of the office. Getting your workforce up and running quickly and effectively will accelerate productivity. With digital workspaces, IT and HR can partner to ensure every new employee hits the ground running on Day 1.

    Watch this webinar and hear from digital workspace expert, Taj Aljundi, and Global Head of HR, Licia Williams, on how you can quickly onboard new staff, whether employees, contractors, or consultants, with the tools and information that they need, right from the start. All while reducing your onboarding costs substantially. You’ll learn how digital workspaces:
    • Support any device, anywhere – so you can engage the best talent regardless of location.
    • Embed IT policies regarding security, governance, and regulatory compliance.
    • Are tailored to an employee’s role, but support personalization to suit individual work styles.
    • Offer a single point of control to facilitate a secure offboarding process.

    Wondering how to maximize your workforce’s productivity? It all starts with their first day and your company’s onboarding process. Effective onboarding can mean 50% greater new-hire productivity, and with talent acquisition costs at 1/3 an employee’s compensation that’s a fact that can’t be ignored. Yet, many organizations struggle to develop a cost-effective and streamlined approach to technology enablement, though it’s critical to their onboarding efforts.
Solutions to help you capture, understand, trust & govern your data
ASG Technologies is an award-winning, industry-recognized and analyst-verified global software company providing the only integrated platform and flexible end-to-end solution for the information-powered enterprise. ASG’s Information Management solutions capture, manage, govern and enable companies to understand and support all types of information assets (structured and unstructured) and stay compliant. ASG’s IT Systems Management solutions ensure that the systems and infrastructure supporting that information lifecycle are always available and performing as expected. ASG has over 3,500 customers worldwide in top vertical markets including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Government. Visit us at www.asg.com.

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  • Title: Sneak Peek: Introducing Data Intelligence 9.5
  • Live at: Jun 26 2018 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sue Habas VP, Strategic Technologies ASG Technologies & Yetkin Ozkucur VP, Global Practice, ASG Technologies
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