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Discover How Orchestration Helps Best-in-Class Enterprises Reduce Time-to-Value

Are you falling behind competitors in time-to-value with your multi-stack environment? Discover how you can streamline and improve the management of your multi-stack processes – from mainframe to cloud - by applying orchestration across all the necessary stacks and operating from a unified view and control panel.

ASG Technologies recently launched ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator™, allowing enterprises to gain competitive advantage by automating end-to-end value generating processes across all technology stacks and software packages with less effort, more visibility, and higher success rates.

During this webinar, we discuss critical business process orchestration questions, including:

• Why is business process orchestration important?
• How are these processes currently managed, and what are the risks?
• How to manage critical business processes to reduce errors, risk and most importantly, time-to-value
Recorded Jul 26 2019 52 mins
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Presented by
Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems, ASG Technologies
Presentation preview: Discover How Orchestration Helps Best-in-Class Enterprises Reduce Time-to-Value

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  • Reimagine Commercial Account Onboarding and Continuous Monitoring Dec 14 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brian Lee, TerraLink Global; Brenda Vaughn, TerraLink Global ; Doug Johnson, ASG Technologies & Kyle McNabb, ASG Technologies
    Our commercial banking customers tell us that today’s economic and regulatory uncertainty, volatility and complexity is putting their institutions under tremendous pressure to improve their responsiveness to constant change.

    Opening commercial banking accounts is a significant event for both the customer and the commercial banking institution. Optimizing this process presents challenges as institutions must address how they assess risk, prevent fraud and comply with regulations while delivering seamless and engaging customer experiences. While challenging, the opportunity to reimagine the self-service onboarding experience and continuous monitoring of accounts is ripe for reimagination to drive growth, mitigate risks, and improve performance.

    Join this interactive session with Kyle McNabb, Sr. VP of Product Marketing at ASG Technologies, Brian Lee, VP of ECM at TerraLink Global and your peers to learn how your institution can start the journey to reimagining commercial account onboarding and continuous monitoring through an eight-step modernization of the integrated onboarding and risk management processes. This will:
    - Increase your onboarding completion rates
    - Lower your cost per new commercial account
    - Comply with KYC, AML, PEP, CDD and other regulations
    - Highlight new upsell and cross sell opportunities
    - Instill a risk-managed approach for compliance and fraud prevention
  • Death by Document Bloat Dec 7 2021 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Norfolk, Practice Leader, Dev & Gov, Bloor Research & Kyle McNabb, VP, Product Marketing, ASG Technologies
    Digital transformation remains at the forefront of organizational priorities—but to be truly transformative and remain competitive, companies need to transform how they think about one key enterprise currency: Content.

    Enterprises have been struggling to manage and govern the explosive growth of content that has accelerated since the shift to remote and hybrid work structures. Especially with teams working from dispersed locations, content needs to be captured, managed, accessed, and distributed completely digitally, complicated by privacy and compliance risks.

    Navigating the digital transformation journey requires enterprises to build a content services roadmap that simplifies the way they handle large volumes of information.

    Here’s why businesses must build an intelligent, modernised content strategy to leverage this asset, and how they can get started.

    This forum will give the opportunity to talk about both the explosion of content and why firms need to start thinking of rationalising, governing, and automating how they work with documents and content to improve their responsiveness to today's constant change and volatility.

    Join our Expert Think Tank comprised of:
    • David Norfolk, Practice Leader, Dev & Gov, Bloor Research
    • Kyle McNabb, VP Product Marketing, ASG Technologies, a Rocket Company

    The key topics of our discussion:
    1. The importance of modernising content services to support rationalising today's explosion of content while supporting new ways of working
    2. Scaling automation to content-rich processes, the last mile - automation is a growing demand, what processes and operational areas are "ripe" for automation
    3. Addressing increasing friction between doing more with content (automating processes, improving collaboration) while dealing with ever changing privacy and regulatory demands and cybersecurity challenges
    4. Quick win examples we can share from our experiences with customers, how are they getting started (e.g. federate or migrate)
  • Supercharge Process Automation: Designing for Regulatory & Market Responsiveness Recorded: Sep 16 2021 60 mins
    Greg Wilson, VP, Content Strategies, ASG Technologies & Doug Johnson, VP, Product Management, ASG Technologies
    Success in today's world demands business and technology leaders improve their responsiveness to increasing market & business volatility and regulatory (including privacy) complexity. Improving market responsiveness, while mitigating compliance & privacy risks, has turned leaders' attention to their content-rich processes -- the complex interactions their employees and customers have with content, processes, and systems.

    Historically, enterprises have attempted to design and automate their content processes with a number of disparate technologies including business process management, content capture, retention, policy management, RPA, and artificial intelligence. Scaling these automation efforts often fails due to high training costs and integration challenges.

    This webinar introduces a "governance-first" approach to content-rich process automation, enabling leaders and their teams to effectively balance the need to automate with mitigating compliance and privacy risks.

    You will learn how:
    - The use of low-code design and micro-services effectively arms process designers and policy managers to balance automation and risk-mitigation in content-rich process automations
    - Effective policy management supports scaling content processes for large enterprises that operate in multiple geographic regions and regulatory environments
    - Embracing hybrid-infrastructures, from mainframe to cloud, when designing and deploying content process automations improves time-to-value
  • Using KPIs to Maintain Hybrid IT Performance and Health Recorded: Aug 31 2021 39 mins
    John Crossno, Director, Product Management, ASG Technologies & Mike Siemasz, Product Marketing Manager, ASG Technologies
    The shift to cloud, embrace of remote work, and other ongoing technology changes are disrupting the stability and security of systems in your hybrid IT infrastructure.

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an important way to measure the performance and health of these systems—from mainframe to cloud—to ensure they adequately support the delivery of quality digital value to your business and your customers, on time and on budget.

    Join John Crossno, Director, Product Management, and Mike Siemasz, Product Marketing Manager, as they discuss key performance indicators for maintaining the health and performance of your hybrid IT infrastructure, including:
    • What are KPIs, and what makes them useful?
    • The wrong and right way to measure KPIs
    • Meaningful KPIs for improving IT systems health
  • Accelerate Modernization with a Unified Big Data and Big Content Management PaaS Recorded: Aug 4 2021 61 mins
    Joon Kim, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Cloudera; Bob Alioto, Solution Architect, EIMPlus & Jon Solove, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Zia
    In this webinar hosted by ASG Technologies, Zia Consulting, EIMPlus, and Cloudera, top industry leaders discuss an approach that enables delivery and evolution of operations support solutions at the speed of need. Joon Kim, Senior Solutions Engineer with Cloudera, Bob Alioto, Enterprise Solution Architect with EIMPlus, Jon Solove, Principal Solutions Engineer with Zia Consulting, will focus on a leap forward approach to improve throughput and precision of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) and supporting supply chain operations.
  • Robotic + Batch, Better Together for Hyper-Automation Recorded: Jul 28 2021 53 mins
    Krishnakumar Maurya, CEO, BigIOTA Analytics; Vivek Vallathol, Director, Channel, ASG & Piyush Wattamwar, Solutions Eng., ASG
    The world has changed considerably in the last 2 years. COVID19 has put organizations on a fast track towards digital transformation. Automation is a large part of that Digital transformation. Is your Organisation on the right track?

    We’ve heard from our customers that Asian enterprises are less legacy heavy and have wisely invested in technologies and applications that provided them with a jump start to compete with global players. However due to the availability of human resources, automation was not a major driver for business or IT, barring in a few large enterprises. With the advent of RPA on the global arena, enterprises gained benefits by automating business operations. But the Indian market did not keep pace. IT adoption and maturity were at different levels excluding global captives and IT Services clients.

    Automation in Asian countries must cover both business and IT operations and be cost effective.

    Join ASG Technologies and BigIota Analytics to learn about a solution that covers automation across operations, cost effectively, in some cases at half the cost of other vendors. Register now to learn how to hyper-automate your IT and business processes using RPA and automated batch processing.
  • Inside Data Lineage: Results Driven Intelligent Lineage Recorded: Jul 21 2021 60 mins
    Bob Doyle, Accenture; Michelle Sorenson, Senior Principal, Daugherty Business Solutions & William Knapik, Accenture
    Before data can be used for analytics, digital transformation or enhanced customer experiences, it must be well-understood and trusted. That’s why data lineage is crucial to any data strategy, tracking data movement from source to consumption while maintaining its quality and compliance.

    Organizations typically start their data lineage journey with manual spreadsheets or limited technical data lineage tools. But as data compounds, manual approaches taking months of IT resources to create are inefficient and impractical. In addition, they only provide a technical view of data lineage without the context that business users need.

    Fortunately, there’s a better way. Automated data lineage tools address the limitations of manual data lineage by programmatically extracting lineage information from source systems and creating data flow visualizations. In addition, it’s enriched with business-friendly views – terms, policies, rules, processes, privacy tags and other artifacts – to drive data literacy across your enterprise.

    Join the third session of this webinar panel series for a discussion with ASG data lineage partners Accenture and Daugherty to learn about:
    • Key differences between manual and automated data lineage
    • How automated data lineage is foundational to data governance and analytics
    • Practical guidance, challenges and considerations for operationalizing a lineage program
    • Benefits of making data lineage part of the enterprise data management strategy vs a business unit or single project approach

    You’ll emerge with new insights into how you can accelerate your data journey with automated, intelligent data lineage.
  • ¡La Gestión de Contenido lo apoya en su Camino hacia la Transformación Digital! Recorded: Jul 15 2021 27 mins
    Eduardo Molinar, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Con el auge por convertirse en una organización digital, las empresas están generando más datos que nunca y esto representa un desafío por la diversidad de plataformas, nuevas y heredadas, con las que trabajan estas organizaciones modernas.

    Existe también, una necesidad creciente de atender el aumento de los empleados móviles, y la complejidad creciente de las regulaciones internas y externas, que son cada vez mayores. Por lo que es necesario que la empresa se conozca a profundidad, para entender el lugar en el que se encuentra dentro de este camino, y así ampliar su potencial, es decir, renovarse.

    En los últimos meses, muchas empresas y negocios se han obligado a revisar sus prioridades, y enfocarse en su transformación digital para así, poder hacer frente a esta "Nueva Normalidad", causada por la pandemia de COVID-19.

    La evolucion de las tecnologias permite ajustarse mas rapidamente a las necesidades del negocio, y así garantizar un crecimiento adecuado, protegiendo su inversión, en esta creciente expansión de datos que son generados día a día.

    Únase a nosotros para explorar cómo puede una Gestión de Contenido adecuada, apoyarle en su camino hacia la Transformación Digital:
    • Utilice sus sistemas actuales para federar y / o migrar las plataformas con contenido redundante;
    • Optimice sistemáticamente el contenido corporativo y reduzca la expansión de los repositorios con modernas Aplicaciones de Contenido (ECM - EIM);
    • Maximice el desempeño operativo para lograr una mayor efectividad de los sistemas y así garantizar que la información sea manejada de manera segura y en conformidad con las regulaciones y estándares de la gobernanza de datos;
    • Disponga de una interfaz de usuario flexible, segura y fácil de usar, para contar con la movilidad necesaria de acceso a la información;
  • Reducing Costs by Outsourcing Output Management to Open Systems/Cloud Recorded: Jul 8 2021 34 mins
    Karl Fontanari, Account Executive, ASG Technologies & Jan Falkenstein, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    We have seen many organisations review their investment in Mainframes in recent years, based on reducing budgets and declining staff expertise.

    There is also a common theme that we have observed, companies are now evaluating all aspects of their Mainframe operations.

    In our webinar we will present and discuss our approach in assisting businesses in this respect, through output and report management.

    The topics we will cover are:
    • Challenges in output and report management
    • Advantages in offloading mainframe tasks
    • Practical approach to implementation
    • How our clients have achieved considerable savings in terms of time & money

    We look forward to you joining this webinar to understand how to free up Mainframe resources, so that you can claim back capacity and reduce licensing costs.
  • Output Management : Modernisez & Réduisez vos Coûts Mainframe Recorded: Jul 8 2021 40 mins
    Avi Sellem, Content Expert, ASG; Marouéne Makhloufi, Expert Avant-Ventes, ASG & Alain Le Bras, CEO, Arondor
    Au cours des dernières années, de nombreuses entreprises ont dû faire évoluer leur stratégie d’investissement Mainframe, notamment en raison de la pression budgétaire et de la raréfaction des compétences. Il y a également un thème commun que nous avons observé, les entreprises évaluent comment optimiser leurs ressources Mainframe et améliorer les processus de modernisation et de transformation digitale.

    Par la rationalisation, la migration, le ré-hébergement, il est possible de réduire les coûts d'exploitation des applications grâce au transfert de certains services Mainframe tels que la gestion de contenu (archives, données du Legacy, etc…) vers des plateformes distribuées. Décommissionner, c’est réduire de manière conséquente les MIPS, et donc les coûts, valoriser les services sans compromettre la fiabilité et la sécurité.

    Lors de ce webinaire, ASG vous propose de découvrir comment libérer vos ressources Mainframe, optimiser la capacité de vos systèmes et réduire les coûts de licence.

    - Pourquoi décommissionner ? Comment ?
    - Quels sont les freins au décommissionnement ?
    - La technologie de migration Mobius Content Services pour Mainframe
    - Des retours d’expérience concrets & réussis, notamment dans les secteurs de la banque et les assurances
  • Mainframe offloading: Kosten senken durch die Verlagerung von Output-Management Recorded: Jul 7 2021 34 mins
    Carsten Lux, Field Account Executive, ASG Technologies & Jan Falkenstein, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Der Mainframe wird verschwinden – diesen Satz hört man in verschiedenen Ausprägungen seit vielen Jahren. Aber immer noch spielen Mainframes eine zentrale Rolle in vielen Unternehmen und das wird sich auch auf absehbare Zeit nicht ändern.

    Gleichzeitig führen aber Kostendruck und ein Mangel an Mainframe-Experten dazu, dass Unternehmen überdenken müssen, WIE sie den Mainframe nutzen und welche Applikationen und Aufgaben in der dezentralen Welt besser aufgehoben wären.

    In unserem Webinar werden wir das Thema Output- und Report-Management unter diesem Hintergrund beleuchten und folgende Themen ansprechen:
    - die Herausforderungen im Output- und Report-Management,
    - welche Vorteile bringt Ihnen ein Offloading von Mainframe-Aufgaben,
    - die praktische Umsetzung,
    - Beispiele, wie Kunden Einsparungen im siebenstelligen Bereich erreicht haben.

    Registrieren Sie sich hier, um zu erfahren, wie auch Sie Ressourcen optimieren und dabei Kosten senken können.
  • ASG Audit & Analytics Services: supporta e rafforza le tre linee di difesa Recorded: Jun 24 2021 27 mins
    Nadia Casagrande, Account Executive, ASG & Marco Pedinotti, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG
    Oggi in tutte le aziende, di qualunque settore, i processi di Audit & Analytics devono seguire i cambiamenti dettati dalla "Digital Transformation" allo stesso ritmo dei processi aziendali.

    La trasformazione digitale dei processi implica un aumento esponenziale del volume di dati e flussi, sempre più complessi ed eterogenei.

    In questo contesto le operazioni di controllo, verifica e riconciliazione che un tempo erano lunghe, parziali o addirittura impossibili, possono essere automatizzate per elaborare la totalità dei dati disponibili in tempo reale.

    L'implementazione di una piattaforma automatizzata di Audit & Analytics permette di rispondere a questi problemi con la possibilità di impostare un'attività di “Continuous Auditing” per garantire un modello sistematico di auditing.

    Partecipa con ASG Technologies al webinar “ASG Audit & Analytics Services: supporta e rafforza le tre linee di difesa” - Giovedi 24 giugno alle 11.00 e scoprirai come:

    • Garantire processi di audit interni più regolari
    • Incrementare la produttività
    • Eliminare i silos
    • Avere una visibilità trasversale sulle attività.

    Non vediamo l'ora di vedervi!
  • Inside Data Lineage: Lineage at Large Customer Panel Recorded: Jun 23 2021 57 mins
    Ryan Doupe, American Fidelity Assurance; Shaun Rankin, Huntington Bank & Isabelle St-Cyr, CSX Transportation
    As businesses scale the use of data as a transformative power to innovate and increase efficiency, usage of intelligent data lineage is exploding. It’s not a mystery why. Before data can be used for an initiative, it’s essential to understand where the data came from, how it’s being used, and if you can trust it. Data lineage delivers this understanding with end-to-end views of your data’s journey, along with the business context that makes it meaningful.

    Join the second session of this panel webinar series for a special discussion with ASG customers that will include:
    • Popular use cases of lineage, including compliance, analytics, data privacy, legacy app modernization, cloud migrations and more
    • Approaches companies can take to implement data lineage
    • How data lineage addresses challenges presented by legacy and multiple systems
    • Potential business and operational benefits of lineage

    This panel of data lineage leaders from American Fidelity Assurance, Huntington Bank, and CSX Transportation will introduce you to real-world use cases of data lineage and share lessons learned along the way. You’ll emerge with new insights into how you can accelerate your data journey with automated, intelligent data lineage.
  • Adotando o Gerenciamento de Fluxo de Valor DevOps, desde o Mainframe até à Nuvem Recorded: Jun 16 2021 24 mins
    Sérgio Venâncio Oliveira, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    A ruptura digital vem ocorrendo há anos, mas foi colocada em foco para muitas organizações por meio dos desafios de 2020. Para seguir em frente com maior resiliência e agilidade, os líderes dessas organizações devem alinhar decisões de tecnologia com a estratégia de negócio no Fluxo de Valor DevOps que abrangem sua infraestrutura de TI híbrida, incluindo o Mainframe.

    Junte-se a Sérgio Venâncio Oliveira, Enterprise Solutions Engineer na ASG Technologies, para conhecer como você pode aproveitar o Gerenciamento do Fluxo de Valor DevOps para otimizar os processos de negócios, melhore a eficiência dos recursos e forneça valor ao cliente com maior qualidade, velocidade e eficiência.

    Sérgio vai discutir:
    • A mudança acelerada da Automação do WorkLoad para o Gerenciamento do Fluxo de Valor.
    • Incluindo Mainframe em seus fluxos de valor ponta a ponta.
    • Superando desafios com Automação e Orquestração DevOps.
  • Panel: The New Frontier of Content Modernization Recorded: Jun 10 2021 57 mins
    Greg Wilson, Director, Content Services, ASG; Ryan McVeigh, EVP & General Manager, Zia & Dan Champ, Sales Manager, Ephesoft
    Our enterprise content management customers tell us that increased competition, shrinking IT budgets and heightened compliance regulations are disrupting 'business as usual' and forcing the move towards more agile content services. Recent industry studies have stated that the success of achieving true modernization is directly linked to transforming the classification, access, and automation of documents and unstructured content across the enterprise.

    Join industry experts from ASG Technologies, Ephesoft, and Zia Consulting as they discuss:
    - Automation: Steps to becoming a truly data-driven organization and automating the manual gaps throughout your enterprise
    - Modernization: Best practices (and lessons learned) for consolidating, migrating and getting the most from the Cloud
    - Governance: The reality of end-to-end governance from identification through to disposition—on an enterprise scale
  • Reducción costes mainframe - Output Management de mainframe a open systems/cloud Recorded: Jun 3 2021 37 mins
    Jorge Lapa, Field Account Executive, ASG Technologies
    El aumento de los costes y la escasez de personal especializado en mainframes mueven a las empresas a considerar y evaluar estrategias para reducir los costes de sus recursos mainframe.

    Mediante la racionalización, la migración y el realojamiento, es posible reducir los costes de explotación de las aplicaciones, trasladando a plataformas cloud u “open-systems” determinados servicios de mainframe, como específicamente la gestión de contenidos: salidas de impresión, archivos, datos heredados, etc.

    Dicha transferencia dará como resultado: una reducción de costes a través de la racionalización de la capacidad de uso en MIPS y la eliminación del impacto del licenciamiento basado en mainframe.

    Mas allá del efecto directo en los costes, este enfoque, además da soporte a los procesos de modernización sin comprometer la seguridad y fiabilidad de los servicios involucrados.

    Con nuestra probada experiencia en entornos de mainframe y con una solución líder de gestión de contenidos, Mobius, ASG le mostrará cómo iniciar este proceso para sus aplicaciones de gestión de contenidos (salidas de impresión, archivos, datos heredados, etc.).

    En este seminario web, compartiremos:
    • Nuestra estrategia para la reducción de recursos mainframe.
    • Output Management desde mainframe a cloud/open systems.
    • Tecnología de migración Mobius.
    • Casos de éxito.

    Únase a este seminario web para comprender por qué y cómo liberar recursos de mainframe y mejorar los procesos de modernización y digitalización en su organización.
  • Forge Ahead with Mobius & Zenith: Hyper-Automate Content-Rich Processes Recorded: May 27 2021 80 mins
    Doug Johnson, Basanth Kumar, Kaushik Bagchi, Saurabh Kothari & Vignesh Swaminathan from ASG Technologies
    Is your organization challenged to deliver digital innovation while maintaining or improving information governance and security? If so, you are probably being asked to improve user experiences, especially on Mobile devices, as well as improve processes amongst people and systems. Additionally, automating difficult-to-reach systems while providing intelligence across relevant touch points is important. Lastly, the entire solution must have consistent information access control and management so sensitive information remains well-managed.

    In this session, learn how your organization can take advantage of the latest ASG innovations to lower costs while increasing the richness and security of content-rich digital solutions. Your team will understand the new possibilities with Mobius 11.1 and Zenith 7.0 through visual tools inside of ASG Studio. This empowers solution builders to compose user experiences, processes, manage information, drive intelligence with other capabilities though visual tools. These ASG tools can help your teams quickly and confidently solve real-world problems that help you drive new revenues.

    Join VP of Product Management, Doug Johnson and ASG’s Mobius and Zenith experts, Vignesh Swaminathan, and Basanth Kumar Neeli in this session.
  • Acelere su transformación digital en la "Nueva Normalidad" Recorded: May 26 2021 34 mins
    Guillermo Avendaño, Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Ahora más que nunca, las organizaciones necesitan utilizar una estrategia ágil, flexible y predecible, para mantenerse competitivas ofreciendo servicios digitales rápidos a sus clientes. La falta de una estrategia puede significar la pérdida de ingresos y cuota de mercado, hasta la quiebra de empresas consideradas tradicionales. ¿Cómo ofrecer mejores servicios a sus clientes, reduciendo costos y al mismo tiempo aumentar la eficiencia de su negocio?

    Para acompañar a la Transformación Digital en la economía de la “Nueva Normalidad”, las empresas en todo el mundo están acelerando sus Procesos de Negocio a través de Plataformas de Automatización Digital que utilizan tecnologías modernas, incluyendo IA y Machine Learning, listas para usar en dispositivos móviles y en la Nube.

    Únase a nosotros para explorar cómo puede optimizar su Automatización Digital:
    • Acelere el ritmo del cambio y disminuya la presión sobre su departamento de TI con una plataforma tecnológica “Low Code/No Code”.
    • Agilice el descubrimiento, administración y control del contenido digital de su negocio en ambientes altamente regulados.
    • Amplíe la funcionalidad de RPA a través de BPM, proporcionando flexibilidad a su negocio.
    • Actualice fácilmente sus reglas de negocio a través de un Motor de Reglas.
    • Impulse su Viaje de Transformación Digital, a través del uso de interfaces flexibles y modernas en cualquier dispositivo, para mejorar la experiencia de clientes, socios y empleados.
  • Gestão de Conteúdo Suportando a Jornada da Transformação Digital! Recorded: May 20 2021 46 mins
    Paulo Passianoto, Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Com a explosão da organização digital atual, as empresas estão gerando mais dados do que nunca e este é um desafio dado o complicado conjunto de plataformas novas e herdadas nas quais as organizações modernas executam.

    Também são crescentes as necessidades de atender a ascensão dos trabalhadores móveis e as complexidades da regulação do setor. Cada vez mais as empresas necessitam se conhecer profundamente para entender o ponto que estão nessa jornada para poder ampliar o seu potencial, ou seja, renovar-se.

    Como resultado da pandemia de COVID-19 muitas empresas e negócios estão sendo obrigados a rever suas prioridades devido a necessidade de acompanhar a transformação digital neste "Normal Atual”. É muito importante acompanhar as necessidades de evolução para garantir o crescimento adequado e proteger seu investimento na crescente expansão dos dados criados.

    Junte-se a nós para explorar como a Gestão de Conteúdo pode auxiliar na jornada da sua Transformação Digital:
    • Utilize facilidades para federar e/ou migrar plataformas de conteúdo redundantes.
    • Racionalize sistematicamente o conteúdo corporativo e reduza a expansão dos repositórios com os aplicativos de conteúdo modernos (ECM).
    • Maximize o desempenho operacional para atingir maior eficácia do sistema e ter a garantia de que as informações são gerenciadas para serem seguras e estarem em conformidade com regulamentações e padrões de governança.
    • Disponibilize uma interface flexível, segura e de fácil utilização para prover a mobilidade necessária de acesso as informações.
  • Governance-First Content in Customer-Facing Processes Recorded: May 5 2021 56 mins
    Sandy Kemsley, Industry Analyst, Kemsley Design & Tom DiRusso, Strategic Specialist, Content Services, ASG Technologies
    Gaining control over end-to-end customer-facing processes is an essential part of modernization initiatives that seek to improve customer satisfaction and operational performance. Although simple customer-facing processes can be completely driven by structured data, more complex processes can include a variety of unstructured content provided by the customer, third parties or created internally. This content may be documents such as application forms, letters and contracts; or multimedia such as photographs and video.

    Process automation typically provides control over what specific tasks and structured data are available to each participant in the process, but the content that drives and supports the process must also be served up to participants when necessary for completing a task. This requires governance policies that control who can access what content at each point in a process, based on security rules, privacy laws and the specific participant’s access clearance.

    In this webinar, we will examine what is required for a governance-first approach to content within customer-facing processes:
    • The range of content-rich processes, from straight-through transactions driven by the receipt of customer documents, to more complex case management that collects a set of documentation to support a decision.
    • The complexities created by a mix of process automation and content management systems, with the need to present the right task and its related content at any point during a process.
    • Applying security and privacy policies at the time that content is presented, based on the participant’s access clearance (i.e., internal worker, the customer, or a third party).
Solutions to help you capture, understand, trust & govern your data
ASG Technologies is an award-winning, industry-recognized and analyst-verified global software company providing the only integrated platform and flexible end-to-end solution for the information-powered enterprise. ASG’s Information Management solutions capture, manage, govern and enable companies to understand and support all types of information assets (structured and unstructured) and stay compliant. ASG’s IT Systems Management solutions ensure that the systems and infrastructure supporting that information lifecycle are always available and performing as expected. ASG has over 3,500 customers worldwide in top vertical markets including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Government. Visit us at www.asg.com.

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  • Presented by: Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems, ASG Technologies
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