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Engage with Customers and Employees with a Modern Digital Automation Platform

Digitizing your business requires engaging your Customers, Partners and Employees. The Business User or “Citizen Engineer” is often best able to create and adapt processes that engage and serve. In this webinar, we’ll introduce ASG-Zenith and demonstrate from end-to-end how an application can be assembled and deployed quickly to easily meet business needs.
Recorded Nov 21 2019 33 mins
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Presented by
Vignesh Swaminathan, VP, Product Management, ASG Technologies
Presentation preview: Engage with Customers and Employees with a Modern Digital Automation Platform

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  • Diventa partner di ASG per dare un valore innovativo ai tuoi clienti Apr 14 2021 9:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Stefano Ponta, Regional Vice President, ASG Technologies & Francesco Murgia, Channel Director, ASG Technologies
    Il mondo non si muove più verso il digitale, è già digitale e di conseguenza l’informazione sta aumentando in maniera esponenziale e contestualmente anche la richiesta di potervi accedere in qualsiasi momento, da qualsiasi luogo e con qualsiasi dispositivo. I nostri clienti sono sempre più alla ricerca di soluzioni semplici e veloci per realizzare la loro visione digitale riducendo tempi e costi.

    I partners sono parte integrante e fondamentale nel promuovere un maggior valore aggiunto ai prodotti e alle soluzioni ASG. Negli ultimi tre anni, il contributo dei partners è cresciuto dal 6% ad oltre il 33% e quindi ASG ha intenzione di continuare ad investire in queste collaborazioni per incoraggiare l'innovazione e fornire il più alto valore ai clienti di entrambi. ASG cerca partners in Italia per assicurare un servizio ad ampio raggio con offerte uniche, grande competenza e forte copertura alle grandi imprese e ai clienti del mid-market.

    Lo straordinario approccio di ASG alla gestione delle informazioni e dei sistemi IT si concentra sulla creazione della fiducia, sulla massima rendita degli attuali investimenti e sulla possibilità di una trasformazione digitale basata sulle esigenze delle imprese. Le due linee di business lavorano in sinergia affinchè le aziende possano affrontare al meglio le sfide odierne - dalle normative, all'ottimizzazione, alla modernizzazione e all'innovazione.

    Partecipa a questo webinar per capire come:
    - Il portafoglio di ASG affronta le attuali opportunità di mercato.
    - Il Partner Program di ASG è strutturato per fornire importanti e significative risorse per aiutare i partner ad crescere e migliorarsi nella vendita e nel supporto delle soluzioni ASG.
    - ASG ed i partners possono vincere insieme le sfide del mercato.

    Non vediamo l'ora di conoscervi al prossimo webinar!
  • Mobius Upgrade Best Practices Mar 30 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Theresa Parker, VP, Global Practice, ASG Technologies & Jarein Vlasveld, Engagement Manager, ASG Technologies
    Are you ensuring your ASG Mobius Content Services system remains stable and secure with the latest security patches? Do you have access to the Mobius latest configuration tools to simplify administration and increase efficiencies? Are you well-equipped to stay current with necessary Mobius upgrades?

    If you hesitated on answering any of the questions above, join us for 30 minutes to:
    • Gain advice and insights from a diverse team of our Mobius upgrade experts
    • Explore factors to consider before, during and after a Mobius upgrade
    • Discover options available for engaging ASG for assistance with your Mobius upgrade

    Register today and learn how to empower your knowledge workers with better information access and modern experiences to deliver exceptional service to your customers. We will also review additional resources and other considerations to make your upgrade a success. You cannot afford to miss this.

    Join ASG’s Theresa Parker, VP, Global Practice and Jarein Vlasveld, Engagement Manager to learn more.
  • Optimize Performance & Capacity in Hybrid IT Value Streams - Mainframe to Cloud Mar 16 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Crossno, Director, Product Management, ASG Technologies
    As your organization accelerates digital transformation, the IT systems supporting that change must be optimized for healthy performance and agile availability—from mainframe to cloud.

    Join John Crossno, Director of Product Management, to learn how you can achieve this with a single, comprehensive view of cross-platform system performance and capacity that enables you to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) in business-critical value streams supporting digital change. John will cover how you can leverage ASG performance and capacity management solutions to:
    • Optimize IBM Z mainframe health based on key performance indicators
    • Monitor systems from a centralized heat map view of performance hot spots
    • Identify system trouble areas with agility through graphical alert analysis
  • Mobius: Reasons to Upgrade Mar 9 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Doug Johnson, VP, Product Management, ASG Technologies & Greg Wilson, Director, Content Services, ASG Technologies
    As an existing customer of ASG’s Mobius Content Services platform, you will be glad to know that we have seen more updates and major enhancements in the last 36 months than we have at any other time during our celebrated 30 year history – from Cloud to Connectivity to Governance and Automation.

    If you are not aware of the breadth and quality of Mobius’ latest releases, we think you are going to be pleasantly surprised! Whether you are running Mobius on the mainframe, distributed or Cloud – you are destined to find new features and functionality to transform your business, including:
    • Faster and easier deployments and system administration
    • Reduced IT Infrastructure costs
    • Brand new UI designs and mobile access
    • Automated governance practices related to Consumer Privacy

    Join ASG’s Doug Johnson, VP of Product Management and Greg Wilson, Director of Content Services to learn more.
  • Millennialization of the Mainframe and Beyond Recorded: Feb 25 2021 47 mins
    Wolfram Greis, European Mainframe Academy & Boris Kraaz, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Der Mainframe ist und bleibt für viele Unternehmen weiterhin eine kritische Komponente der IT-Infrastruktur, um z.B. Geschäftsprozesse effizient abzuwickeln und milliarden kritischer Transaktionen zu verarbeiten. Aktuell erlebt der Mainframe einen Generationswechsel: die Profis gehen nach und nach in den Ruhestand während Millennials als zukünftige „Mainframe-Experten“ nachrücken. Egal ob auf dem firmeneigenen Mainframe, ausgelagert zu einem Service Provider oder in der zCloud, es werden fortlaufend Änderungen an Tools, Dienstprogrammen und Anwendungen angefordert, die zur Ausführung von Funktionen innerhalb von Performance Management und JCL-Konfiguration benötigt werden.

    Erfahren Sie in unserem ASG-Webinar, warum diese Änderungen unvermeidbar sind, was sie für die Mainframe Administration bedeuten und wie diesen Anforderungen begegnet werden muss.

    Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir Herrn Wolfram Greis von der „European Mainframe Academy“ als Gastsprecher gewinnen konnten. Wolfram Greis beschäftigt sich seit mehr als 40 Jahren mit Informationstechnologie, vorwiegend im Mainframe-Umfeld. Im Jahr 2008 hat Wolfram Greis zusammen mit Professor Spruth und Volker Falch die European Mainframe Academy gegründet, mit dem Ziel, professionellen Nachwuchs im Mainframe-Umfeld aus- und weiterzubilden.

    Wolfram Greis ist Initiator und Vorstandssprecher des Academic Mainframe Consortium e.V., eine gemeinnützige Organisation mit dem Ziel, Mainframe-Know-how an akademischen Einrichtungen zu fördern und stärken. Nach 20 Jahren als Vorstandssprecher der ceCMG (Central Europe Computer Management Group) leitet er heute noch die Arbeitsgruppe „Enterprise Transformation“ dieser herstellerunabhängigen Expertengruppe.
  • Arch2Arch: General Architecture Approach Recorded: Feb 24 2021 41 mins
    Pascal Vitoux, SVP of Development and CTO, ASG Technologies & Benjamin Adell, Architecture Stack Director, ASG Technologies
    Join ASG’s Chief Product Architects for a series of monthly discussions focused on: daily challenges faced by architects, exciting innovations being explored, new technologies and solutions on the horizon and more.

    In this next episode, ASG’s CTO, Pascal Vitoux, and Architecture Stack Director, Benjamin Adell, discuss how ASG’s architects are working together across our product lines to establish an architecture stack vision that drives the development of our products, while ensuring the highest level of standards on security, resiliency, performance and scalability are met.

    You’ll also hear from Pascal and Benjamin on how ASG thinks about product designs, including:
    - How we are aligning business goals to technology designs
    - How ASG has evolved our product architectures towards an evolutionary model
    - What are the core design patterns we are implementing across our products and why
    - How these concepts translate into products that are easier to deploy, easier to maintain and easier to support
  • Build Your Future with Governed Data Recorded: Feb 4 2021 42 mins
    Asif Shaikh, Solutions Architect, ibi; Ben Morrish, Director of Presales, ibi & Vincent Talfourd, Channels Manager, ASG
    In the new world that is emerging, companies will need more than ever to find new areas for growth, ensure better customer engagement and continue to identify efficiency gains.

    To do this, transformation programmes must start with a strategic investment in data to build the foundations of any innovative digital project. Ensuring strong foundational principles can provide multiple benefits across your organisation by:
    - Reducing potential regulatory exposure (avoid penalties)
    - Accelerating Go-to-Market decisions through better analysis
    - Improving efficiency of operational teams through easier access to governed data
    - Reduce time taken to implement or restructure your data lake

    Join us for this webinar with our Partner ibi, to discover how to build a sustainable data ecosystem that will support :
    - A 360° view of your data assets
    - End-to-end traceability of critical data – from source to consumption
    - A focus on the actual ‘data’ through exposing relevant data quality measures
    - Data governance as a program across your organisation
  • Arch2Arch: Mobius & Containerization Recorded: Jan 28 2021 44 mins
    Pascal Vitoux, CTO, ASG Technologies & Sudhi Balan, Chief Product Architect, ASG Technologies
    Join ASG’s Chief Product Architects for a series of monthly discussions focused on: daily challenges faced by architects, exciting innovations being explored, new technologies and solutions on the horizon, and more.

    In this episode, ASG’s CTO, Pascal Vitoux, and Chief Product Architect, Sudhi Balan, discuss the evolution of our Content Services solutions towards containerization and cloud-native architecture – solutions that enable organizations to evolve faster and achieve their digital goals.

    Head ‘backstage’ with us and witness how ASG’s Chief Architects took the extra steps needed in order to ensure ASG delivered the most robust, scalable and flexible Enterprise Information Management Solution to the market, with an evolutionary architecture that will enable faster innovation and delivery.
  • Beneficios de implementar soluciones de optimización y detección de eventos Recorded: Jan 14 2021 61 mins
    Jorge Ortega, Subdirector de Arquitectura Tecnica, Grupo Financiero Banorte
    El análisis y la planificación son dos de las áreas más importantes del Departamento de Infraestructura de TI de Banorte México. En esta sesión, el Sr. Jorge Ortega, Subdirector de Arquitectura de TI de Banorte, explicará cómo aprovechan la tecnología ASG-TMON® PA para realizar múltiples tipos de análisis críticos, así como proyecciones, simulaciones, detección y optimización de eventos.
  • From Mainframe to Cloud via Zenith Recorded: Jan 11 2021 53 mins
    Don Estes, Senior Principal, Maven Wave
    In this webinar, we address key questions that ASG customers and partners are facing globally in these unprecedented times. How do we create enhanced experiences so that despite distance, our relationships with all stakeholders are managed and enhanced? How do we bring in process efficiency driving automation around content centric processes to significantly cut down time and cost while still enhancing the experience?

    We discuss why the Digital Automation Platform is essential – a true Swiss Army Knife for your Digital Transformation expedition.
  • See the Future, Work in the Now — Five Ways to Maximize Your Existing Investment Recorded: Jan 11 2021 61 mins
    Mike Mahon, CEO, Zia & Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner and VP of Sales, Zia
    Digital transformation is no longer considered a laborious never-ending project or a luxury only large corporations can afford. In today’s environment, undergoing a digital transformation is essential for all to stay competitive, maintain compliance and future-proof your organization. The good news is that many companies can greatly benefit from maximizing their current software investments and integrating with existing systems along their digital transformation journey. 

    Join Zia CEO, Mike Mahon and Zia Managing Partner, Ryan McVeigh as they explore five strategies for maximizing your content services investments through customer case studies and real-world examples. They address multiple industries including insurance, mortgage and manufacturing as they discuss transformational tools for:
    - Migration
    - Federation
    - Records Management
    - Enterprise Integration
    - Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Using “Business-Ready” Trusted Data for Better Decision Making Recorded: Jan 11 2021 61 mins
    Dennis McLaughlin, VP, Operations & Product Management, ibi
    Your enterprise has made investments in systems, whether in CRM, supply chain management (SCM), ERP, data warehouses or other applications. Your company depends on these systems and the automation they provide to run your business. But what about the information that lives outside of these systems, and in many cases outside of your firewall? Data contained in other databases, spreadsheets and computer-based files—coupled with external data—are used by customers and employees but combining these data sources with internal systems can generate trust issues with the data. They can’t be depended on for accuracy or purpose because they haven’t been treated with the same rigor that’s been applied to the data in your systems of record.

    ibi and ASG Technologies have developed a process to enable trust in previously unvetted data along with the automation to implement that process.

    You need to measure the quality of the data for your key business metrics. These data quality measures can have multiple dimensions, such as completeness, accuracy, consistency, etc. These measures are documented in ASG Data Intelligence and the technical measurement is performed weekly, monthly, etc. in OmniGen with the results passed back to ASG to provide a data quality dashboard so you can see how the quality of these key business metrics are trending.

    Data lineage is also key. Data lineage enables users to see where a field came from, and with our partnership with ASG you can easily see that lineage in your dashboards and reports making your decisions more informed based on data your trust.
  • Fireside Chat: The Role of COBOL in the Global Enterprise Recorded: Jan 11 2021 61 mins
    Dr. Cameron Seay, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor, East Carolina University & Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, ASG
    For over 60 years, COBOL has been the foundational computer programming language for large enterprises and government agencies that run business-critical applications on the mainframe. While COBOL will continue to be essential in the long term for these organizations, most companies and agencies are in desperate need of COBOL programmers, as became more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In their fireside chat, Dr. Cameron Seay, enterprise systems thought leader and adjunct professor at East Carolina University, will join Jeff Cherrington, VP of Product Management at ASG, to discuss the role of COBOL in the global enterprise, the opportunities available to next-generation technology professionals, and how organizations and education systems can better support educational and professional paths into mainframe application development.
  • Taming the Wild West of Share Drives Recorded: Jan 11 2021 57 mins
    Will Murphy, VP, Business Development, BigID & Greg Wilson, Director, Content Strategies, ASG Technologies
    Collaboration has transformed the modern enterprise. However, the proliferation of collaboration platforms, combined with the sprawl of personal and sensitive data across these platforms and the advent of global privacy regulations has forced companies to fall back on centralization in order to secure this data. Unfortunately, this strategy neither ensures compliance and security nor enables collaboration. A new approach is needed.

    Will Murphy and Greg Wilson share their insights on how to pave the road to reducing privacy risk and automating compliance requirements for content and files, including:
    • How best to bring outlying documents and ‘dark data’ into your governance practice
    • Methods to extend information governance and data privacy to shared drives, SharePoint and O365
    • Best practices for automating migration, legal holds, redaction and disposition policies based on classification insights
    • How to leverage personal information knowledge for CCPA, GDPR data access and deletion rights fulfillment
  • High-Volume Scanning: Intelligence Accelerated™ at Micron Technology Recorded: Jan 11 2021 37 mins
    Michael McNea, IT Lead Metadata, Micron Technology
    Organizations are inundated with data. To realize its value, organizations must first understand the data that they are collecting. With an automated inventory of data, users can quickly find out what data they have, where it is, where it’s from, who has touched it and how it has transformed. This knowledge, especially about personal information, is critical to establishing trust and complying with data privacy regulations.

    In this session, Micron Technology details the fundamentals of coordinating and implementing a high-volume scanning operation to update 1.6M tables, over 9K ETL jobs and almost 20K reports at peak efficiency. Michael McNea will take you through the nuts and bolts of Micron’s data environment, inventory and workload automation, architecture design and other steps.

     If you’re looking for best practices for scanning at enterprise scale, watch this webinar!
  • Phillip Morris International: Roadmap to the Cloud Recorded: Jan 8 2021 20 mins
    Mariano Gadea, Lead IS Solution Architect, PMI & Daniel Eduardo Tavella Rossi, Senior IS Analyst, PMI
    Cloud-based systems and applications are increasingly popular across enterprises in all industries today. According to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report 73% of organizations plan to optimize their use of cloud this year, making it the top technology initiative for the fourth year in a row. Phillip Morris International (PMI) is one of those organizations. Watch this session to hear about PMI’s journey to the cloud and how Mobius Content Services is playing a key role in that journey.
  • Empowering Data Democratization & Regulatory Compliance w/ ASG Data Intelligence Recorded: Jan 8 2021 58 mins
    Vinay Jha, EVP and CDO, Citizens Bank & James Varkey, SVP, Data Management, Citizens Bank
    As the pace of business transformation accelerates, ad hoc initiatives around data management aren’t enough for sustainable success. What’s needed is a data strategy built on timely access to trusted data supporting a wide spectrum of traditional and rapidly evolving business needs.

    In this session, Citizens Bank will take you on their journey from compliance to data democracy. You’ll learn about their new Data Marketplace solution that enables end-users to seamlessly search for data across multiple data assets. With it, users can find trusted data sources, understand the data’s context and terms of use and receive access to selected datasets from within a governed workflow.

    This same data foundation has helped Citizens to quickly comply with regulatory requirements in the highly regulated financial industry, including GLBA, CCPA, privacy initiatives, the upcoming retirement of the LIBOR exchange rate and more.

    You will emerge from the session with a fresh perspective of how a foundation built on trusted data can empower defensive use cases to run the business and ensure compliance, while also driving innovation and digital transformation throughout the enterprise.
  • How to Make Your Company’s Data Reliable and Simplify Regulatory Compliance Recorded: Jan 8 2021 19 mins
    Pascal Dury, VP, Data Management, JEMS Group
    Watch this session as we discuss how to easily implement a data governance program even when your data comes from different business lines and teach you how to create a dynamic data map.
  • Take Your IG Program to the Next Level with Continuous Auditing and Analytics Recorded: Jan 8 2021 59 mins
    Ann Snyder, Manager, Content Development, ARMA International & im Maguire, VP, Strategic Content Solutions, ASG Technologies
    Information governance (IG) is not a one and done effort. To fully enable your information to be a useful asset and reduced liability, it must be effectively governed throughout its lifecycle. But, often, IG projects are executed in silos or as single point in time/one-off efforts.

    Have you encountered any of these scenarios?
    - You’ve updated your policies and trained your employees on handling sensitive information. Are you sure they understood the policy and are complying? What if you could identify and correct policy deviations as they occurred?
    - You’ve done a massive data remediation project, cleaning up file shares and data stores. Have people resorted to the habits that led to the cleanup? What if you could keep your information stores tidy and avoid a costly redo of the remediation?
    - You’ve performed a data reconciliation as part of a one-off cleanup or of a periodic reconciliation. Are the same errors and inconsistencies still cropping up? What if you could catch and clean these things in real time, improve the quality and reliability of your information and reduce the burden of manual reconciliation?

    Continuous auditing and analytics can help you do all the above (and more). By monitoring your information and alerting you when there are policy deviations or data inconsistencies, continuous auditing and analytics can help you address these issues in real time.

    Watch this session and you’ll learn how to use continuous auditing and analytics to monitor and improve compliance, identify and correct data inconsistencies in real time, improve efficiency, reduce the need for one-off cleanup efforts and gain insight into your data.
  • How to Optimize Data Privacy Requests by 80% and Be CCPA/GDPR Compliant Recorded: Jan 8 2021 58 mins
    Ray Azarm, VP, Enterprise Practice, ArkCase
    In a post-WikiLeaks world, data privacy requests are growing as people worry about companies and agencies storing privately identifiable information (PII). Privacy laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are posing numerous challenges to entities that store and manage PII. The freedom of information laws that enable citizens to request disclosure of information require governments and organizations to be open to the public, while adhering to these strict privacy laws. Companies and agencies who collect, process and store PII are struggling to remain compliant with regulations and remain open to people’s requests to access their data quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Citizens/consumers can now ask a company to disclose and delete any PII that the company owns on the citizen/consumer. The challenge with data privacy requests is that companies and organizations will need to be able to quickly search through all their data, find all PII pertaining to a specific individual and send the requested information to the requester. If the requester demands that this data be deleted, the company will need to have the capability to delete the data completely. ArkCase, powered by ASG Mobius Content Services, offers organizations a data privacy management solution that will receive, process and respond to requests from citizens/consumer for data disclosure, while following the strict legal frameworks dictated by GDPR, CCPA, FOIA and others.
Solutions to help you capture, understand, trust & govern your data
ASG Technologies is an award-winning, industry-recognized and analyst-verified global software company providing the only integrated platform and flexible end-to-end solution for the information-powered enterprise. ASG’s Information Management solutions capture, manage, govern and enable companies to understand and support all types of information assets (structured and unstructured) and stay compliant. ASG’s IT Systems Management solutions ensure that the systems and infrastructure supporting that information lifecycle are always available and performing as expected. ASG has over 3,500 customers worldwide in top vertical markets including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Government. Visit us at www.asg.com.

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  • Title: Engage with Customers and Employees with a Modern Digital Automation Platform
  • Live at: Nov 21 2019 3:00 am
  • Presented by: Vignesh Swaminathan, VP, Product Management, ASG Technologies
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