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Millennialization of the Mainframe and Beyond

The mainframe market is experiencing a generational shift among its infrastructure support professionals. Those who extend to the earliest days of the mainframe have reached the point where they will no longer be part of the day-to-day workforce and millennials are emerging as the new mainframe mavens.

The mainframe remains a critical component of the IT Infrastructure for many enterprises and, whether in-house, outsourced to a GSP, or in zCloud, the transitioning workforce requires changes to the tools, utilities and applications used to perform functions such as Performance Management and JCL Configuration.

Join this ASG webinar to learn more about what these unavoidable changes mean for the user experience administering the mainframe, and how that experience can be provided.
Recorded Jan 16 2020 50 mins
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Presented by
Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems, ASG Technologies
Presentation preview: Millennialization of the Mainframe and Beyond

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  • Automate Your Agency’s Data Foundation for Data Trust Recorded: Aug 7 2020 46 mins
    Susan Laine, VP, Strategic Technologies, ASG Technologies & Chris Robins, President, ClearInfo
    What if your agency could respond to all data inquiries in a matter of seconds? Our Federal clients are telling us that as they prepare for Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR), they urgently need to automate their methods of discovering and managing data versus relying on fallible spreadsheets and manual checks from experts.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how ClearInfo and ASG’s Data Intelligence solution can transform your financial operations and audit readiness outcomes through automation. During this webinar, you will learn how to:
    • Automate the foundational aspect of where data comes from and how it is used to build a foundation for data trust
    • Attest to a financial audit quickly with confidence
    • Create an automated, sustainable, and compliant enterprise through financial data and compliance mapping services
    • Simplify and clean up data to focus on critical data and key data supply chains
    • Understand new Data Intelligence trends and how clients move from securing the data to modernizing and disrupting with data
  • Content Services and PI Discovery for Privacy-Aware Information Governance Recorded: Aug 6 2020 40 mins
    Jarein Vlasveld, ASG Technologies; Tom DiRusso, ASG Technologies & Will Murphy, BigID
    Wondering how to implement the right policies for your documents and unstructured content in response to GDPR and CCPA?

    Concerned about tracking down personal information for data access and deletion rights under these privacy regulations? How can automated insights into your content help you take the rights steps to protect and take action on regulated data?

    The current wave of consumer privacy regulations and the explosive growth of records are challenging organizations to rethink how they find, classify and manage personal information - especially with customer information residing in unstructured format on network drives, SharePoint and Office 365.

    Many organizations have had initial success with structured data, but struggle when it comes to addressing privacy regulations for their vast stores of enterprise documents and records.

    Join industry experts Tom DiRusso, Strategic Specialist, ASG Technologies; Jarein Vlasveld, Engagement Manager, ASG Technologies and Will Murphy, Alliances & Business Development, BigID as they share their insights on how to pave the road to reducing privacy risk and automating compliance requirements for their content and files, including:
    • How best to bring outlying documents and ‘dark data’ into your governance practice
    • Extend information governance and data privacy to shared drives, SharePoint and O365
    • How to automate migration, legal holds, redaction and disposition policies based on classification insights
    • How to leverage personal information knowledge for CCPA, GDPR data access and deletion rights fulfillment
  • Overcome DevOps Fear with DevOps Knowledge Recorded: Jul 23 2020 59 mins
    Anna Murray, Senior Product Manager, ASG Technologies & Paul Casson, Product Manager, Compuware
    Many companies struggle with the idea of changing how Development and Operations interact out of fear that change could damage existing processes and velocity. Many Mainframe development teams have been functioning for decades without DevOps and have clear demarcation lines between groups. Why is change needed? How can DevOps improve delivery? And of course, is it safe to change something that has been ‘working’ forever?

    Watch ASG and Compuware on this webinar as they dive into DevOps in the Mainframe world. Learn how your organization can successfully adopt DevOps, and why it should. During this session, we will discuss:
    • What is the source of fear of DevOps?
    • Why is DevOps important?
    • How can we be sure our DevOps efforts are worthwhile?
    • How are other organizations transitioning to DevOps?

    You will leave this webinar with a deeper understanding of DevOps, ideas on how to measure the effectiveness of DevOps in your organization, and some new courage to explore the world of DevOps.
  • LIBOR Replacement: Meeting Challenges in a Process and Technically Efficient Way Recorded: Jul 22 2020 36 mins
    Andreas Schaub, Enterprise Solution Engineer, ASG Technologies & Gary Chitan, Data Intelligence Sales, ASG Technologies
    Due to the manipulation of reference interest rates uncovered in 2011, IOSCO initiated a reform. This resulted in the adoption of the Regulation by the European Union in 2016. By 2021 LIBOR and EONIA - must be replaced.

    This process affects a large number of referenced products - not only derivatives but also referenced securities and loans. In addition to the actual valuation, the entire process chain is affected - settlement, middle office and risk management.

    Banks are facing considerable challenges in implementing this adjustment efficiently and consistently in the affected areas. The complexity lies in the interlocking of business functions, data management and IT systems.

    This webinar will discuss:
    - Challenges related to LIBOR data management and what gaps need to be closed
    - Regulations that will be affected by the transition and how you should deal with them
    - Stages in the process towards full LIBOR transition
    - Automated discovery and inventory of LIBOR data
    - Data Intelligence powering LIBOR transition and organisational change

    In partnership with 4th-IR
  • Accelerating Mortgage Loan Processes Through Automation and Analysis Recorded: Jul 14 2020 33 mins
    Pat Myers, EVP and Co-Founder, Zia Consulting & Tim Asaro, Strategic Specialist, ASG Technologies
    As regulations and expenses increase with mortgage loan processing, the need for a fully automated solution is now more important than ever. Utilizing even a partially manual process opens you up to errors, longer processing times, security issues and unpredictable costs.

    Join Pat Myers, EVP at Zia Consulting and Tim Asaro, Strategic Specialist at ASG Technologies, for a webinar focused on enhancing the loan process through automation and analysis. They’ll discuss:
    ● Decreasing employee hours spent on processing through automated document classification, data extraction and information validation
    ● Enhancing the user experience with easy-to-implement exception handling and time-saving shortcuts
    ● Enabling organizations to have a single robust document repository for underwriting to servicing
    ● Introducing process improvements based on detailed analytics and reporting capabilities
    ● Transforming the end-to-end customer experience from the first contact to the last interaction
    ● Maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations
    ● Utilizing the same technology and configuration to automate into existing business processes including loan origination systems intake, servicing applications, RPA, and much more

    This presentation will include a demonstration and discussion of Zia’s Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) mortgage accelerator. Whether you are a mortgage bank, wholesale bank or service provider, the need to automate document processing is clear. This webinar will help you navigate the mortgage challenges and showcase examples and success stories.
  • Low-Code/No-Code Platform – Accelerate Your Digital Journey Recorded: Jul 9 2020 63 mins
    Kaushik Bagchi, VP, Information Management, ASG Technologies & Husein Vohra, Director, Acxiom Technologies LLP
    It is no longer big beating the small, but instead fast beating the slow. Organisations are focusing on agility and an increased customer focus through technology innovation. Organisations are in the digital journey of reducing sales cycles and reducing cost per transaction, thereby increasing revenues and reducing costs. Technology can empower your sales team to work from anywhere, on any device, while doing all their work from a single app. Customer onboarding has become easier with video KYC, paperless content-centric processes, API-less integration with legacy apps, RPA, actionable automation. Also, costumer’s personal data is redacted or masked, with role-based access to such content, thereby meeting regulatory requirements. However, the cost of innovation is increasing as IT projects become more and more complex. With ASG’s low-code/no-code Digital Automation Platform, all of these can be achieved using a single platform thereby simplifying your IT architecture. Also, digital projects can be delivered at 50% lower time and 50% lower cost as compared to a traditional project implementation.

    Who should attend this webinar:
    • CIO’s, CDO’s, Head of IT and IT influencers who are looking to simplify their digital transformation journey
    • IT leaders who are looking at Mobility and content-centric business processes automation
    • Leaders looking to reduce time to deliver digital projects
    • Leaders looking to digitize and automate every aspect of the organisation
  • Data Trust: Trace Your Data Automatically and Foster Transparency Recorded: Jul 8 2020 62 mins
    Data & Analytics Leaders from State Bank of India, Max Life Insurance, TVS Motors, PwC India and ASG Technologies
    Organizations are straining daily to modernize their information management systems and make effective use of their data. One factor that complicates these efforts — and routinely goes underestimated — is the task of assessing exabytes of data moving across an organization's sprawling IT networks and then adapting those data streams for the cloud, without disrupting critical work.

    Officials continue to face a host of practical challenges around their data. These challenges include:
    • Collating the nature, value and trustworthiness of their data
    • Knowing where their data actually resides
    • Understanding how it flows and is transformed from one application/system to another and who is using it
    • Managing an unprecedented rate of growth in the volume and complexity of all data and how best to secure it

    In order to meet these challenges, organizations need to understand the structure and meaning of their data assets and have a deeper understanding of data-flow, how data is processed, what services is it supporting, who are the interested stakeholders and how is it deployed and transformed across platforms.

    Join ASG and PwC for a webinar that will help you:
    • Learn about an effective data governance framework to work faster, smarter and collaboratively
    • Learn how metadata lineage & traceability can empower data consumers to find, understand & trust data
    • Provide deep data visibility needed to rapidly pinpoint performance bottlenecks and potential data security risks
    • Evaluate the stages in the process to total transition and compare with your peers
    • Identify potential solutions for data intelligence

    Anup Kumar Mahapatra, DMD, State Bank of India
    Suhail Ghai, EVP and CIO, Maxlife Insurance Company
    Mahesh Calavai, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, TVS Motor Group
    Sudipta Ghosh, Data and Analytics Leader, PwC India
    Mukesh Deshpande, Data Management Leader, PwC India
    Kaushik Bagchi, VP, Information Management, ASG Technologies
  • LIBOR Ablösung - Herausforderungen prozessual & technisch effizient begegnen Recorded: Jul 2 2020 42 mins
    Dr. Selvam Dhamotharan, Senior Manager, PPI AG & Andreas Schaub, Enterprise Solution Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Aufgrund der 2011 aufgedeckten Manipulation an Referenzzinssätzen initiierte die IOSCO eine Reform diverse Benchmarks. Dies mündete 2016 in der Verabschiedung der Benchmark-Verordnung durch die Europäische Union. Bis 2021 müssen relevante Benchmarks - unter anderem der LIBOR und EONIA - ersetzt werden. Dieser Vorgang betrifft eine Vielzahl von referenzierten Produkten - neben Derivaten auch referenzierte Wertpapier aber auch Kredite. Zusätzlich zu der eigentlichen Bewertung ist de facto die gesamte Prozesskette betroffen - Abwicklung, Middle Office und Risikomanagement.

    Banken stehen vor erheblichen Herausforderungen diese Anpassung effizient und konsistent in den betroffenen Bereichen durchzuführen. Die Komplexität liegt in der Verzahnung zwischen Geschäftsfunktionen, Datenhaltung und IT-Systemen.

    Erfahren Sie mehr zu diesem Thema von Dr. Selvam Dhamotharan, Senior Manager, PPI AG und Andreas Schaub, Enterprise Solution Engineer Data Intelligence, ASG Technologies.

    Freuen Sie sich auf folgende Details:

    - Herausforderungen im Zusammenhang mit der LIBOR-Datenverwaltung und welche Lücken zu schließen sind
    - Etappen des Prozesses zum vollständigen Übergang
    - Vorschriften, die durch den Übergang betroffen sein werden und wie Sie damit umgehen sollten
    - Potenzielle Lösungen für Data Intelligence
    - Demo
    - Take Aways.
  • Comment réussir son projet de Digitalisation Omnicanal Recorded: Jun 30 2020 60 mins
    Avi Sellem, ASG Technologies; Marouène Makhloufi, ASG Technologies & Thierry Bourges, Capgemini
    Après le multicanal, le crosscanal, nous voilà entrés dans une nouvelle ère de la relation client… L’omnicanalité, ou la promesse d’une expérience client personnalisée, interactive et sécurisée. Focus sur un modèle qui réinvente la gestion du parcours client.

    ASG et Capgemini vous invitent à découvrir comment réussir son projet de Digitalisation Omnicanal au travers d’une méthodologie éprouvée, de retours d’expérience réussis et de solutions dédiées.

    Lors de ce webinaire, vous découvrirez :
    • Les enjeux & défis de la digitalisation omnicanal
    • Une présentation de la méthodologie Capgemini
    • L’offre dédiée ASG Digital Automation Platform
    • Des cas d’usage et retours d’expérience
  • Discover 4 Key Insights to Modernize your Organization Recorded: Jun 23 2020 54 mins
    Doug Johnson, VP, Product Management, ASG Technologies & Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner, Zia Consulting
    Now that you’ve moved various applications to the Cloud, are you still struggling to see the end user or business process benefits from all these efforts? Moving applications and data from on-premises to the Cloud doesn’t always stay on track. Learn how to tackle these challenges and help put your organization’s most important information assets to work for you in the Cloud.

    Join our experts Doug Johnson, Vice President of Product Management at ASG Technologies and Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner at Zia Consulting, for a webinar focused on best practices that will help you construct and implement successful Cloud strategies.

    We’ll discuss:
    - Align compliance, IT and Lines of Business to systematically avoid Cloud migration risks and pitfalls
    - Improve access to legacy content within your Cloud modernization strategy
    - Extend information governance and data privacy policies to the Cloud
    - Unlock your strategy’s potential with an action-oriented checklist that achieves your Cloud goals
  • Niedrigere Kosten, smartere Prozesse – Vorteile des modernen Content Ökosystems Recorded: Jun 19 2020 43 mins
    Jan Falkenstein, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies & Dr. Martin Böhn, VP and Head of CRM and ECM, BARC
    Zielgerichtetes digitales Arbeiten ist ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor – das ist in jüngster Zeit sehr deutlich geworden. Dabei hilft es nicht, möglichst viele Informationen zu speichern, sie müssen auch genutzt werden können. Die Praxis zeigt allerdings, dass Informationen nur eingeschränkt verfügbar und über verschiedenste Anwendungen und Repositories verteilt liegen. Gleichzeitig wachsen die Datenmengen exponentiell. Wie gelingt es also, Content aus diversen Anwendungen zentral verfügbar zu machen und zu nutzen, um Prozesse zu optimieren und Wert aus den Informationen zu generieren?

    Lernen Sie von Dr. Martin Böhn, VP und Head of CRM und ECM von BARC, und Jan Falkenstein, Senior Solutions Engineer von ASG Technologies, vor welchen Herausforderungen Unternehmen stehen und welche Lösungsansätze Erfolg versprechen.

    Folgende Aspekte werden angesprochen:
    - Aktuelle Herausforderungen beim Umgang mit Informationen, dem Prozessmanagement und der Nachweisführung
    - Wie können die Anforderungen aus Sicht des Anwenders realisiert werden, der eine bedarfsgerechte, flexible und komplette Sicht auf die Inhalte benötigt?
    - Informationen zusammenführen, analysieren, klassifizieren und bedarfsgerecht bereitstellen => smarte Wege zu einem Content Ökosystem
    - Wie gelingt eine mögliche Umsetzung, und welche Potenziale ergeben sich daraus?
  • Construisez votre futur avec des données maîtrisées Recorded: Jun 16 2020 55 mins
    Alain Bueno, ASG Technologies; Jérôme Capirossi, DAMA & Eric Frances, Information Builders
    Dans le nouveau monde qui se profile, les entreprises vont plus que jamais avoir besoin de trouver de nouveaux gisements de croissance.

    Pour ce faire, les programmes de transformation doivent démarrer par un investissement stratégique sur les données et ainsi capitaliser sur son patrimoine pour construire les fondations de tout projet digital innovant.

    Lors de ce webinaire, vous découvrirez comment construire le futur de vos données grâce à :
    - Une vue à 360° de votre patrimoine de données
    - Une traçabilité de bout en bout des données critiques - de la source à leur consommation
    - Des mesures pertinentes de qualité de données
    - Des analyses d’impact et d’écarts impactant la qualité dans les phases de transformation des données

    ASG et Information Builders proposent un socle complet de Data Management pour valoriser vos données facilement et rapidement. Basées sur des approches très structurantes et itératives, les solutions offrent un retour sur investissement (ROI) dès 3 mois.
  • Save with Automated Invoice Processing Recorded: Jun 10 2020 47 mins
    Jim Maguire, VP, Strategic Content Services, ASG Technologies & Mark Plunkett, Enterprise Sales Director, Zia Consulting
    Many of our customers tell us they struggle with manual accounts payable invoice processing, exception handling and data validation. Most invoices are still processed as “paper”, regardless of whether they arrive as printed or electronic versions such as PDFs or Word documents.

    Studies show that companies with automated invoice processing spend up to four times less per invoice. Whether it’s the paper cost or people cost, missed supplier discounts or late payment penalties, the savings can be significant for companies of all sizes. So, what does a best-in-practice solution really include?

    Join our experts, Mark Plunkett, Enterprise Sales Director, Zia Consulting and Jim Maguire, VP Strategic Content Services, ASG Technologies and learn how to:
    • Automate invoice processing from any source, in any form
    • Automatically handle exceptions
    • View your invoice status and KPIs in real time with end to end analytics
    • Integrate SAP and store all documents in a modern content services platform, on premises or in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Wie fügt sich das Mainframe JCL Management in Ihre DevOps Strategie ein? Recorded: Jun 10 2020 36 mins
    Boris Kraaz, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies & David Fleishman, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies
    Mainframe JCL läuft schon so lange und zuverlässig, dass sie bei der Umsetzung einer DevOps Strategie leicht übersehen werden kann. Ein kurzer Blick auf Google Trends zeigt deutlich, dass das Interesse an DevOps so groß ist wie nie zuvor, es ist heute zehnmal größer als noch vor vier Jahren. Immer mehr Unternehmen erzählen uns von ihren DevOps-Initiativen und wollen wissen, wie sie das JCL-Management in diese Bemühungen mit einbinden können.

    Folgende Themen sind vorgesehen:
    - Was ist DevOps?
    - Wie ist der Zustand der JCL in Ihrem Rechenzentrum?
    - Wie kann eine hochwertige JCL-Management Lösung helfen?
    - Wie fügt sich das JCL-Management in die DevOps Toolchain ein?

    Abschließend werden wir über eine Fallstudie sprechen sowie eine Live-Demonstration unserer führenden JCL-Management-Lösung in Aktion als Teil einer DevOps-Toolchain unter Verwendung von Compuware Topaz Workbench mit einem Eclipse-Plugin zeigen.
  • Télétravail, Digitalisation Omnicanal, Modernisation des Processus Documentaires Recorded: Jun 3 2020 60 mins
    Eric Le Ven, Archimag; Caroline Buscal, Consulting du Groupe Serda; Avi Sellem, ASG & Marouéne Makhloufi, ASG
    La communication BtoC évolue au même rythme que les usages digitaux. Dans leurs échanges documentaires avec les entreprises, les consommateurs utilisent aujourd’hui avec une certaine agilité plusieurs canaux de communication (mail, services en ligne, app mobile, etc.). Il convient d’appréhender au mieux ces différents canaux et d’en tirer des avantages compétitifs, tant au niveau de la contractualisation que de la fidélisation client. Ce qui passe par une modernisation du système d’information. En effet, les solutions traditionnelles ne répondent que partiellement (ou plus) à ces nouvelles exigences omnicanales.

    Dans ce contexte, ASG Technologies, en partenariat avec le groupe Serda-Archimag, vous convie à un webinar où vous pourrez :
    - Obtenir un panorama des pratiques documentaires actuelles.
    - Découvrir l’état de l’art du marché et les nouveaux défis des industries à forte interaction client (Banques, Assurances et Mutuelles).
    - Assister à une démonstration du socle technologique ASG autour de cas métiers concrets
    - Comprendre au travers d’un retour d’expérience client comment moderniser son système d’information pour améliorer la qualité des services
  • Cloud, Repositories, Anwendungen – gewinnen Sie die Hoheit über Ihren Content! Recorded: May 28 2020 34 mins
    Jan Falkenstein, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies & Joerg Ribbeck, Partner Manager, Comline AG, Dortmund
    Content, seine Vernetzung und Verfügbarkeit ermöglichen fundierte betriebliche Entscheidungen und das Entstehen neuer Ideen für Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Weiterhin enthält er sämtliches Wissen zu Geschäftspartnern, das Unternehmen benötigen, um Erwartungen zu bedienen und einen Mehrwert gegenüber Wettbewerbern bieten zu können.

    Oftmals liegt dieser Content jedoch eingeschränkt verfügbar über verschiedenste Anwendungen und Repositories verteilt. Zudem wachsen die Datenmengen exponentiell. Sind Unternehmen aktuell in der Lage all diese Informationen zu verwerten und ihren Wert zu nutzen?

    Sehen Sie in unserem praxisorientierten Webinar, wie ein modernes Content Ökosystem hilft, Informationen effektiv in zentrale Geschäftsprozesse einzubinden, um diese zu optimieren. Unternehmen schützen so ihre Investitionen, können aber gleichzeitig digitale Initiativen vorantreiben und auf sich verändernde Rahmenbedingungen reagieren.

    Folgende Themen erwarten Sie:
    - Ausgangslage: verteilte Informationsquellen und Content Silos plus Einhaltung regulatorischer Anforderungen
    - Kosten senken, Digitalisierung vorantreiben und dann noch migrieren? Wir haben einen anderen Ansatz: Unser Vorgehen an einem Kundenbeispiel aus der Praxis
    - Wie gelingt es, Content aus diversen Anwendungen zentral verfügbar zu machen und zu nutzen, um Prozesse zu optimieren und Wert aus den Informationen zu generieren?
    - Smarte Wege in ein Content Ökosystem
  • Data Trust - Your Data, Your Confidence, Your Decision Recorded: May 27 2020 47 mins
    ASG Technologies, Syncsort & Catapult BI
    The stakes for data compliance and reliability could not be higher. Our clients have told us that there is increased concern when regulators and management question the data and analytics in a report if the numbers reported appear to be implausible.

    Join ASG, Syncsort and Catapult BI to learn how implementing defensive and offensive data strategies by capturing and governing information supply chains, empower stakeholders to find, understand, share and analyze trusted data and remain compliant.

    In this webinar, you will hear from industry experts who will discuss:
    • How data quality and data intelligence enable cell to source traceability
    • Establishing a credible traceable path of data sources to reports
    • Benefits of automated metadata collection
    • The path to data quality ensuring completeness, validity, uniqueness, consistency, timeliness and accuracy for data driven decision making
    • Enrichment of data across multiple sources with geo-location and socio-demographic information for quicker profiling, segmentation and reporting.

    Register now to learn how to maintain trust in data with automated governance and data quality.
  • DevOps, Mainframes and the Economic Rebound Recorded: May 21 2020 59 mins
    Anna Murray, ASG Technologies; Jeff Cherrington, ASG Technologies & Mitchell Ashley, Accelerated Strategies Group
    Disruption is upon us. Businesses are quickly dealing with the economic impact from COVID-19. At the same time, organizations must innovate by shifting to contactless services, increasing digital forms of commerce, and accelerating time to market in the post COVID-19 world.

    Mainframe applications underpin many critical business processes, executing vast numbers of financial transactions, storing terabytes of data and supporting major brands around the globe. Organizations continue to invest in software tools to move to DevOps, automated workflows, CI/CD and IDE integration to accelerate development and manage the complexity. Mainframes are and will be a critical part of organizations path to economic growth.

    On this webinar, ASG Technologies and Mitch Ashley, a former CIO and current CEO of the analyst firm Accelerated Strategies Group, share the importance of advancing mainframes with DevOps processes and toolchains and the vital role mainframes will continue to play in an organizations future.
  • Digitally Transform InsurTech: Growth in a Highly Commoditized Insurance Market Recorded: May 21 2020 44 mins
    Eric Howse, Director, Enterprise Sales, Zia Consulting & Jim Schmidt, Strategic Solution Specialist, ASG Technologies
    Many of ASG’s insurance customers have told us that they are dealing with increasing volatility, uncertainty and commoditization driven by our changing world.

    Consumers and policyholders may have shopped for the best price or the best experience but now they want immediate answers to their quickly changing needs. Brokers may have had the luxury of time to determine policy terms, rates and their commission payments when working with their customers, but today they need immediate answers.

    Group policy administrators now need immediate insights on layoff and furlough provisions, enrollment rules and where they can find policy certificates. Responsive insurers, able to quickly satisfy the needs of multiple stakeholders, will succeed.

    In response to this, ASG and Zia Consulting, will demonstrate how targeting costly and complex document processing tasks seen in applications, underwriting and claims can deliver a rapid ROI.
  • A “Real-Life” Data Governance Journey Recorded: May 21 2020 60 mins
    Ian Rowlands, VP, Product Marketing, ASG Technologies & Scott Peachey, Director, Data Governance & QA Enterprise, Nationwide
    It’s a volatile and uncertain world. There’s exponential data growth, an increasing number of regulations and the COVID-19 pandemic has added a new layer of complexity. The strategic digitization imperative cannot be neglected, but costs are being locked down. Data Governance is more relevant than ever before. But how do you navigate these tricky waters so that your Data Governance journey is successful?

    Data Governance in challenging times is nothing new for Nationwide Insurance. Under the direction of a Chief Data Officer, Nationwide has been on a Data Governance journey for more than 10 years—starting with Data Governance as a functional challenge, moving to an enterprise-wide perspective and progressing to a mature Data Governance environment.

    ASG is a recognized industry leader with proven Data Governance capabilities that have been supporting customers for more than 30 years.

    Join this webinar featuring thought leaders from Nationwide and ASG in a conversation about:
    • Nationwide’s Data Governance Journey
    • Recognizing your level of Data Intelligence Maturity
    • The essential tools required for a successful Data Governance journey
Solutions to help you capture, understand, trust & govern your data
ASG Technologies is an award-winning, industry-recognized and analyst-verified global software company providing the only integrated platform and flexible end-to-end solution for the information-powered enterprise. ASG’s Information Management solutions capture, manage, govern and enable companies to understand and support all types of information assets (structured and unstructured) and stay compliant. ASG’s IT Systems Management solutions ensure that the systems and infrastructure supporting that information lifecycle are always available and performing as expected. ASG has over 3,500 customers worldwide in top vertical markets including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Government. Visit us at www.asg.com.

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  • Live at: Jan 16 2020 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems, ASG Technologies
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