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Research results: Assessing if your network is ready for digital transformation

Is your IT team prepared for digital transformation as other IT organizations? In this webinar, leading industry analysts, Dr. Jim Metzler and Steve Taylor will share the results of their landmark research, assessing enterprise network readiness for digital transformation.

Dr. Metzler recently developed a unique network assessment model for digital transformation. Steve Taylor applied that model to more than 200 enterprises across the globe.

Join us as they share their research with Dave Greenfield, technology evangelist at Cato Networks, and learn:

- How to assess your own digital transformation readiness
- The details behind the network assessment model
- The key questions to ask when applying that model to your organization
- What you need to do to determine if your network is ready for digital transformation
Recorded Mar 26 2020 51 mins
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Presented by
Dr. Jim Metzler and Steve Taylor
Presentation preview: Research results: Assessing if your network is ready for digital transformation

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  • Keys to a Successful SASE Deployment Apr 19 2021 11:00 am UTC 36 mins
    Elana Marom and Theresa Abbamondi Directors of Product Marketing at Cato Networks
    You’ve heard all about Gartner’s new term SASE, but is it right and relevant for you? From choosing the right vendor to identifying the right time to finding the budget, you’ve got questions.

    Join us and learn: 

    - Why migrate to SASE?
    - When to start your migration
    - Where to find the budget
    - How to identify a real SASE
    - Where you should be cautious

    In our webinar, Elana Marom and Theresa Abbamondi, both directors of product marketing for Cato, team up to give you the answers you’ll need to ensure a successful SASE migration.
  • SD-WAN: Are Managed Services in Your Future? Apr 14 2021 8:00 am UTC 59 mins
    Scott Raynovich - Founder and chief analyst of Futuriom & Dave Greenfield - Secure Networking Evangelist, Cato Networks
    SD-WAN has long been a key tool in IT’s toolbox. SD-WAN is no exception and now SD-WAN managed services are emerging as the defacto approach for deploying SD-WAN.

    To better understand why, what’s Scott Raynovich, Principal Analyst at Futuriom, recently spoke with Dave Greenfield, Cato’s technology evangelist, about Futuriom’s just completed report “SD-WAN Managed Services Trends.
  • SASE: Networking and Security Architecture for the post COVID-19 World Apr 12 2021 11:15 am UTC 51 mins
    Roy Chua, founder and principal of AvidThink
    Businesses are in the midst of a massive transformation of legacy MPLS and VPN-based networks to cloud-first and work-from-anywhere architecture. Multiple technologies are being introduced to support this transformation: SD-WAN, Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), Secure Web Gateways (SWG), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Most recently, a new architecture has emerged, that is converging all these capabilities into a single platform: The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). 

    IT executives and professionals, like yourself, are asking: what is SASE and how does it enable our WAN transformation initiatives? And, how can it support business access requirements during and after COVID-19? 

    We want to invite you to an educational and insightful webinar to discuss these questions.

    Join Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at AvidThink, and Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks to learn:  

    - The drivers for WAN transformation and the impact of COVID-19 on IT priorities 
    - The key attributes and primary use cases of a true SASE platform
    - When to adopt SASE and what are key considerations 
    - An architectural and functional overview of the Cato Cloud SASE platform 
    - How Cato enables a seamless, secure, and optimal application access from anywhere
    - Customer case studies highlighting the benefits of deploying Cato Cloud
  • Forrester Webinar: The Path to a Successful WAN Transformation Apr 8 2021 8:00 am UTC 54 mins
    Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
    Businesses undergo digital transformation to become leaner, faster and more competitive. The enterprise WAN is a critical pillar of this transformation and must support agile operation, cloud migration, and an expanding mobile workforce.

    But what exactly does this WAN transformation mean for IT, and what architectures and capabilities are available to support this fundamental change in the way business is conducted?

    Join us in our upcoming webinar featuring Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research and Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing at Cato Networks, and learn:

    - The business and technical drivers for WAN transformation
    - The architectures that can deliver optimal and secure connectivity to all users and applications
    - The pros and cons of a converged architecture vs. Integration of point solutions -
    - How Cato’s converged SD-WAN and Network Security platform enables the WAN transformation journey
    - Common use cases and customer case studies of successful WAN transformation
  • Cloud-scale Remote Access for Everyone Apr 7 2021 7:00 am UTC 35 mins
    Yishay Yovel,CMO at Cato Networks
    At a time of a global health crisis, remote access needs to be deployed quickly to your entire workforce. Legacy VPN wasn’t designed to support the entire business continuously accessing critical applications, globally. And, adjusting your VPN architecture to achieve that will incur significant costs and take a lot of time. You do, however, have options.  

    Join our upcoming webinar about Cloud-scale Remote Access for Everyone and learn how Cato SDP addresses the scalability, optimization and security challenges of VPN.  

    Cato’s SDP offers rapid self-provisioning of client-based or clientless remote access, multi-factor authentication, full threat prevention on WAN and Internet traffic, and optimized global connectivity for all users in the office, at home, or on the road.  

    Join two Cato experts, Yishay Yovel, Cato’s CMO and Eyal Webber-Zvik, Cato’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Business Development to:  

    Understand the remote access challenges created by transition to work-from-home 
    Learn how a cloud-scale remote access solution, delivered as part of a SASE architecture, overcomes these challenges 
    See a live demo of how Cato onboards users, and securely and optimally enable access to enterprise apps – in minutes.
  • IT Roundtable: Lessons Learned About SASE and Remote Access Apr 6 2021 7:00 am UTC 38 mins
    Dave Greenfield, Secure Networking Evangelist at Cato Networks
    If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything it’s that enterprise networks must be ready for everything.

    Join the “IT Roundtable: Lessons Learned About SASE and Remote Access,” and hear from two IT leaders how they’re preparing themselves to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

    You’ll get the inside scope on:

    - How they were able to deploy hundreds of remote users in minutes with SASE
    - Why they shifted from MPLS to a SASE platform and what they found
    - Lessons learned from coping with COVID-19
    - Practical tips for evaluating SASE solutions
    - Biggest surprises deploying Cato’s SASE platform
  • What SD-WAN Vendors Won’t Tell You About SD-WAN Apr 5 2021 1:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    Steve Garson is the president and founder of SD-WAN Experts.
    What SD-WAN Vendors Won’t Tell You About SD-WAN

    Cut WAN costs, improve performance, increase security — SD-WAN seems to do everything right, but is it too perfect? Find out as we take a hard look at the myths and realities of SD-WAN.

    In our next webinar, long-time WAN consultant, Steve Garson, president of SD-WAN Experts, speaks with Dave Greenfield, Cato’s secure networking evangelist, about the truth and fiction of SD-WAN.

    Join us for a free-wheeling, no holds barred conversation into SD-WAN’s dirty little secrets including:

    Why SD-WAN won’t improve your network performance

    Why reducing WAN costs isn’t a realistic goal for most SD-WAN deployment — and why that shouldn’t matter

    When you need a provider to run your SD-WAN service.

    What SD-WAN vendors mean when they say “security,” and why that’s still not enough security for your organization
  • What is the right Managed SD-WAN Service for you? Mar 26 2021 2:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Roy Chua - Founder and principal of AvidThink
    There is an industry-wide agreement that SD-WAN is a great technology for delivering a fast and reliable enterprise network, but what the best way for you to buy, deploy and use SD-WAN?

    You can manage the network yourself, or hand it over to a telco or a service provider. You can use appliance-based architecture you will own and maintain or a cloud-based one where the provider maintained the service, and you control policy and configuration. There are so many options to choose from.

    To find out which option is the right one for your enterprise, join us on our next webinar as we speak with Roy Chua, principle at AvidThink.

    Roy will share findings from his recently completed report on SD-WAN and network as an overlay “Network as an OTT Service – A New Enterprise Option” with Cato’s Senior Director of Product Marketing and Business Development, Eyal Webber-Zvik, and Technology Evangelist, Dave Greenfield. Together they'll explore the need for CNPs and how they address the challenges enterprises face today.
    Join the webinar and learn:

    -What Managed SD-WAN models are available to enterprises today?
    -How the choice of management model impacts network costs, agility, and flexibility?
    -How emerging managed SD-WAN offerings differ from legacy managed network services?
    -How Cato provides a cloud-native SD-WAN with built-in security and a flexible management model
  • [Ep.2] Using SASE For ZTNA: The Future of Post-Covid 19 IT Architecture Mar 25 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik - VP, Product Marketing at Cato and John Burke - CTO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    Businesses are continuing to feel the ripple effects of Covid-19, and the pandemic-driven move to more distributed and remote workforces - coupled with new demands on digital services and the cloud - continues to complicate and increase security demands. In 2021, maintaining secure remote access while ensuring that your employees have access to the data and information they need to work productively is still top of mind.

    But balancing the need for security with the need for access and agility around digital services is not an easy task. As the world continues to grapple with the changes wrought by the pandemic, how can business and IT leaders best establish a symbiotic relationship between their remote employees and sensitive data? Enter SASE and ZTNA. Last year, Gartner’s Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) projected that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will phase out VPN and use ZTNA instead. With SASE combining network security functions (such as SWG, CASB, FWaaS) with WAN capabilities (i.e., SDWAN, WAN optimization, cloud acceleration and control) it can support the dynamic secure access needs of any organisation and drive ZTNA adoption.

    In episode 1 of Cato’s 'Turbocharged by SASE: Network Transformation in 2021', experts came together to explore what has driven the rise of SASE and to explore the benefits of its adoption. In episode 2, we’re diving deeper into ZTNA, and how exactly SASE and ZTNA are creating the future of cybersecurity.

    Join us to hear:
    - How to leverage SASE for ZTNA
    - What SASE and ZTNA provide to the security stack that point security doesn’t
    How the convergence of networking and security in SASE strengthens security posture and ZTNA
    - Why Network-as-a-Service is the solution businesses needed to thrive in today’s ‘always on’, cloud-driven and digitally accelerated world
    - How SASE offers a balance between connectivity and security and protection needs
    - And more
  • The Ultimate SASE Checklist Mar 25 2021 9:00 am UTC 49 mins
    Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks
    Since it was launched in July 2019, Gartner’s new IT transformational category, the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), has drawn the attention of many IT leaders. SASE is charting a new direction for networking and security for enterprises of all sizes. But, why do we need a new category? Because deploying point products to address emerging connectivity, security, cloud, and mobility requirements at a global scale is not sustainable. A case in point, SASE is a perfect platform to seamlessly address the emerging work-from-home requirement, something current legacy technologies struggle to achieve. Per Gartner, a new architecture is needed, and that architecture is at the core of SASE

    In this webinar we will answer the key questions on what SASE is and what are the core components of a SASE architecture are.

    Join Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks, to learn:

    - The drivers for SASE and why Gartner thinks it will transform IT
    - The 4 architectural requirements of any SASE platform
    - How Cato aligns with the SASE and how customers can future proof their networks
    - Special bonus: Why a cloud-scale, global SASE platform is the PERFECT remote access solution
  • Converged SD-WAN and Security for Global Manufacturers Mar 23 2021 9:00 am UTC 59 mins
    Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks
    Global manufactures everywhere are changing the way they run the business. IT needs to support strategic initiatives such as rapid migration to cloud services, work from anywhere, and cybersecurity risk reduction. At the same time, IT is also required to become leaner, faster, and more agile than ever before.

    This is easier said than done. Manufacturing networks must support mission critical production and business operations with reliable, optimized, and secure connectivity. Yet, a small IT team must to maintain, evolve, and adapt an infrastructure built with expensive and rigid MPLS connectivity, and maintenance-heavy and capacity constraint network security appliances.

    This is why global manufacturers like Dexko Global, Fisher & Co, ASL Aviation, Komax, New Wave Group, and Juki turned to Cato Networks to streamline their WAN and security and optimize costs.

    Based on Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge framework, Cato Networks provides manufacturers, with a simple, secure, and optimized network built for the digital business.

    Presented by Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks, this webinar will teach you

    - The challenges faced by global manufacturers looking to evolve their IT infrastructure
    - What converged network, security, cloud and remote access capabilities are available to global manufacturers to address these challenges
    - How the Cato solution helps manufacturers IT to support digital transformation while eliminating complexity and reducing costs

    Who is this webinar for?

    IT leaders and network and security managers, looking to position their teams and infrastructure to readily support the modern global manufacturing business.
  • Cato Networks Demonstrating Easy Management for a Real SASE Mar 18 2021 9:00 am UTC 41 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing
    Cato is the provider of the world’s first SASE platform, converging SD-WAN and network security into a global cloud service. Cato optimizes and secures application access for all users and locations. Cato replaces legacy security products and network services with an agile and secure global network that is ready for whatever’s next.
    In this demo, Eyal will show what a management application of a real SASE looks like. How all network, access and security functions are fully converged with each other, offering an unparallel degree of simplicity, visibility and control over the enterprise network.
    Eyal will walk through the key configuration areas of Cato’s SASE platform: Network, Security and Access. And then show the real-time and historical network analytics and built-in SIEM, which together enable IT to regain control of their network and security.
  • Waarom is SASE de toekomst van SD-WAN & Security Mar 17 2021 9:00 am UTC 52 mins
    Wim Timmer Sales Engineer, Benelux, Cato Networks
    Webinar overzicht

    Waarschijnlijk wilt u, net zoals de meeste IT-professionals, uw netwerkkosten verlagen.

    Maar voordat u wordt meegenomen in de kostenbesparingsbelofte van SD-WAN, moet u er zeker van zijn dat SD-WAN kan voldoen aan de bredere behoeften van uw bedrijf.

    Recent onderzoek naar SD-WAN en SASE geeft aan dat de meeste bedrijven te veel focussen op SD-WAN-kostenbesparingen, waardoor deze bedrijven op langere termijn minder tevreden zijn over SD-WAN.

    Schrijf u in op ons webinar “Waarom is SASE de toekomst van SD-WAN & Security “.

    Hierin geven we u meer inzicht in de redenen waarom bedrijven SD-WAN overwegen.

    Wim nam deel aan tientallen SD-WAN-evaluaties met bedrijven over de hele wereld. Hij deelt zijn inzichten waar deze bedrijven rekening mee houden wanneer ze SD-WAN evalueren.

    Verder deelt Wim de belangrijkste bevindingen van onze recente 2020 WAN onderzoek. De studie evalueert de impact die de WAN transformatie heeft op het vertrouwen in de IT, voor en na de digitale transformatie.

    Volg het webinar en ontvang een exemplaar van het onderzoeksrapport.

    Daarnaast gaan we in op:

    - Wat is SASE en hoe verschilt het van SD-WAN.
    - Waarom SD-WAN faalt als lange-termijn oplossing.
    - Het belang van inzicht in de bredere behoeften van digitale transformatie die verder gaan dan alleen WAN-connectiviteit.
  • SD-WAN for the Office vs. SASE for Everywhere Ask me Anything Mar 15 2021 2:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik Vice President of Product Marketing
    Even before COVID-19, Gartner predicted that by 2024, more than 60% of SD-WAN customers will have implemented SASE, compared to 35% in 2020. Why? Because the digital business requires enterprise-grade security and optimized connectivity to everyone, everywhere; and IT can’t deliver this with just SD-WAN, global crisis or not.

    Network solutions designed to support only people in the office are no longer relevant. Unlike SD-WAN, SASE was designed in the cloud, as an agile network infrastructure to support the way business is done today. SASE delivers converged networking and security to all edges and locations. With SASE business continues as usual.

    You probably have some doubts and many questions. Join our open-ended Q&A session, where Eyal Webber-Zvik, Cato’s VP Product Marketing, will relieve any doubts and answer all your questions.

    Here are some examples to get you started: 

    - What exactly is SASE, and how is it different from SD-WAN, SWG, firewalls, WAN optimizers, etc.?  
    - Secure and optimized remote access has become absolutely critical. How does SASE help?
    - Will I need to manage SASE myself, or is it offered as a managed service?
    - SD-WAN reduces MPLS costs, and there’s no way I’m giving that up. Why can’t I just ask my carrier for SASE?
  • 5 MPLS Migration Challenges SD-WAN Solves Mar 8 2021 2:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks
    It’s no secret that enterprises are looking beyond MPLS for their new WANs. For some, it’s the rigidity and high costs of MPLS services; for others, it’s MPLS’s complexity and incompatibility with the cloud. But how exactly will migrating to SD-WAN help you overcome MPLS’s limitations?

    Find out on our next webinar, as Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks shares the stories of businesses from around the globe who made the transition to SD-WAN.

    Join us to hear:

    - How DSM Pharmaceuticals and Fisher & Company solve global latency issues without paying through the nose.
    - The ways UMHS and Pet Lovers Center, with its 100+ site Cato implementation, deliver direct, secure Internet access without deploying a heap of branch office security appliances.
    - What Brady PLC and Adroll did to optimize cloud access at the branch and on the road.
    - How companies reduce costs and optimize global voice and UCaaS delivery without relinquishing the control of MPLS.
  • [Ep.1]: Introducing SASE: The Secure Network for the Digital Business Recorded: Mar 4 2021 51 mins
    Yishay Yovel - CMO, Cato Networks and John Burke - CTO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    Secure access service edge or SASE (pronounced “sassy”), is the ‘future of network security in the cloud’ according to Gartner’s report of the same name from August 2019. With Gartner also predicting that “by 2024, at least 40% of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE, up from less than 1% at year-end 2018”, it’s safe to say that now is the time for business, technology and and security leaders to get acquainted with what the SASE security model can do for their businesses.

    SASE has emerged from the fact that current network solutions and technologies no longer provide the security and access control that companies in the digital age not just need, but demand. With increased remote working due to the pandemic, more organizations than ever are ‘always on’ and using the cloud, and so a Zero-Trust approach is now a must. With users requiring uninterrupted, secure and instant access to their SaaS applications and digital services, SASE has risen to meet this need.

    In episode 1 of Cato’s 'Superpowered SASE: Network Transformation in 2021' series, we’re bringing together SASE experts to share what’s behind its meteoric rise and what is essential for the modern business to know about this converged, cloud-delivered platform.

    Join us to hear:
    - What SASE is - and what it isn’t
    - What the user, technology and customer benefits of implementing a SASE security model are
    - The trends driving SASE growth and what they mean for the future
    - Essential strategic insights into how best to implement SASE
    - Why SASE is essential for future proofing your network and transforming your IT
    - And more
  • 5 Things SASE Covers and SD-WAN Doesn’t Recorded: Mar 4 2021 33 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik Vice President of Product Marketing
    SD-WAN lacks five critical capabilities that can seriously impact IT’s ability to deliver the level of networking and security enterprises demand. Luckily Gartner’s SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) takes up where SD-WAN left off.

    Join Eyal Webber-Zvik, Cato’s VP of Product Marketing, and Elana Marom, Director of Product Marketing, to explore:

    - The five critical shortcomings of SD-WAN and the impact these limitations have on the digital business  
    - Why Gartner emphasizes convergence and claims SASE is the ideal architecture for supporting the modern enterprise
    - How Cato’s SASE platform addresses the five key shortcomings of SD-WAN, empowering IT to deliver a network that supports businesses, today and in the future
  • Webinar: Varför SASE är framtidens SD-WAN och Säkerhetslösning Recorded: Mar 2 2021 38 mins
    Michael Norin
    Om du är som de flest andra IT-chefer, letar du troligen efter sätt att reducera dina nätverkskostnader. Men innan du faller för löftet om kostnadsbesparingar med hjälp av SD-WAN, säkerställ att SD-WAN verkligen kan uppfylla hela företagets behov. Den senaste marknadsundersökningen visar att allt för många företag fokuserar för mycket på kostnadsbesparingar som i sin tur underminerar den långsiktiga nöjdheten med SD-WAN lösningen.

    För att få veta mer vad andra ledande företag beaktat vid en SD-WAN utvärdering, titta på vårt webinar ”Varför SASE är framtidens SD-WAN och Säkerhetslösning” där Michael Norin (Regional Sales Director Nordics/Baltics) och Alex Jost (Sales Engineer) presenterar resultatet ifrån undersökningen.

    Vi har erfarenheter ifrån 100-tals SD-WAN utvärderingar över hela världen och vi kommer att presentera vad många av dessa företag beaktar vid en utvärdering av SD-WAN samt resultatet ifrån vår senaste marknadsundersökning ”2020 Networking Survey”.

    Studien utvärderar även vilken effekt en digital transformation har på förtroendet för företagets IT-nätverk.

    JVälkommen att delta och få en kopia av marknadsundersökningen samt få en bild av:

    - Vad SASE är och hur det skiljer sig ifrån SD-WAN
    - Varför och var SD-WAN fallerar som en långsiktig lösning
    - Vilka andra krav som en digital transformation medför och varför detta sträcker sig förbi WAN anslutningen
  • DEMO: How to configure VoIP and ERP optimization for 3000 employees across Recorded: Mar 1 2021 13 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Business Development
    In this video, Cato’s Sr. Sales Engineer Sylvain Chareyre demos IT agility as he configures VoIP and ERP optimization for 3000 employees across the world in minutes.

    Sylvain shows how an IT manager can instantly make enterprise-wide network changes with Cato. In less than 10 minutes, he deploys UCaaS worldwide, optimize access to an on-premise ERP system, and prepare the network for cloud migration.
  • RingCentral Talks SD-WAN, SASE, and Digital Transformation Recorded: Feb 26 2021 35 mins
    Carlo Curato, Director of IT at RingCentral & Dave Greenfield secure networking evangelist for Cato Networks.
    Digital transformation and SASE — two buzzwords sweeping the industry. Few know them better than the Director of IT Infrastructure at RingCentral, Carlo Curato. Carlo’s team runs the internal network for this leading cloud communication and collaboration company and recently completed an evaluation of SD-WAN and SASE solutions.

    He’ll share his insights about those areas, digital transformation, and how a cloud-native company like RingCentral is coping with COVID-19 when he sits down with Dave Greenfield, Cato’s technology evangelist.

    Join us and learn about: 

    - What to keep in mind when building an infrastructure for digital transformation.
    - The importance of going cloud-native for legacy enterprises.
    - Key considerations when evaluating SD-WAN solutions.
    - The operational impact of convergence and visibility.
    - His experience using Cato to connect location, cloud resources, and his many remote users.
Weekly webinars about SD-WAN, MPLS alternative, and WAN transformation
Cato Networks provides organizations with a cloud-based and secure global SD-WAN that replaces rigid and expensive MPLS and network security point products -- to power the digital business. Cato connects all data centers, branches, mobile users, and cloud resources into a global, optimized cloud network that is tightly secured by a cloud-based network security stack and backed by expert managed security services. Cato cuts MPLS costs, improves performance between global locations and to cloud applications, eliminates branch appliances, provides secure Internet access everywhere, and seamlessly integrates mobile users and cloud datacenters into the WAN.

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  • Title: Research results: Assessing if your network is ready for digital transformation
  • Live at: Mar 26 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dr. Jim Metzler and Steve Taylor
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