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Nous vous proposons de découvrir en 60 minutes la plateforme SDWAN de Cato Netwo

- Qui est Cato Networks?
- Pourquoi Cato Networks?
- Le Cato Cloud : une solution unique pour répondre à de multiples besoins du WAN (sécurité, visibilité, connectivité, réactivité, résilience, utilisateurs mobiles, cloud)
- Démonstration
Recorded May 26 2021 54 mins
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Presented by
Bertrand Delassau, Regional Sales Director, Southen Europe
Presentation preview: Nous vous proposons de découvrir en 60 minutes la plateforme SDWAN de Cato Netwo

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  • Ransomware: Attackers, Defenders, and FBI’s Perspective Jul 15 2021 12:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    Etay Maor Sr. Director of Security Strategy at Cato Networks
    Ransomware attacks are dominating the cyber threat landscape. As a low-risk, high-reward activity, we’re bound to see more attacks against all types of organizations. What can your company do to avoid becoming a victim? And what should you do if you’ve already been attacked?

    In our 2nd session of Cato’s Cybersecurity master class series “Ransomware: Attackers, Defenders and FBI’s Perspective,” SSA Doug Domin, of the FBI, and Etay Maor, Sr. Director Security Strategy at Cato Networks, will answer these questions and also explore:

    - The history of ransomware attacks and types of extortions ransomware groups utilize
    - How to operationalize security frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK
    - Insights from FBI findings, and how to get help if you’re already a victim
    - Tips – from ransomware groups themselves – on how to avoid attacks!
  • IT Roundtable: Network and Security Challenges in Evolving Business Environment Jul 14 2021 11:00 am UTC 54 mins
    Dave Greenfield, Cato’s Director of Technology Evangelism
    Join Dave Greenfield, Cato’s Director of Technology Evangelism, in our next roundtable: Network and Security Challenges IT Leaders Face Today, where you’ll hear first-hand from Steve Waibel, Director of IT at Brake Masters, and Alex Azikov, IT Manager at Diamond Braces, about the critical business challenges they encountered with their legacy networks, and what changed since migrating to SASE with regard to reliability, security, scalability, and more.

    We’ll also dive into some practical issues such as:

    - The importance of branch uptime and disappointment from MPLS
    - Supporting growth alongside the complexity new business expansion entails
    - Centralized management of all users, at all locations
    - The level of security before and after implementing SASE
  • [Ep.5] What to look for in a SASE Provider: Making the Right Choice Jul 13 2021 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Burke - CTO, Nemertes and Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing at Cato Networks
    You’ve heard about the benefits of SASE and why it’s the future of network security, and you’re pretty much set on implementing SASE in your organization. The next step in your SASE journey is to find the right service provider.

    Before approaching service providers it’s good to think practically about the key challenges you need to solve when it comes to your company’s specific network and security needs. Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve makes it easier to identify service providers whose offerings are best suited to your company’s needs. That still doesn’t answer all the questions though, and businesses need to ensure they’re partnering with the right provider who can provide the best service.

    In Episode 5 of Cato’s ‘Superpowered SASE: Network Transformation in 2021’, we’re discussing what organizations need to look for in a SASE provider and sharing how IT leaders can identify who will deliver the best ROI and service for your business in the long-run.

    Join us as we discuss:
    - What needs to be on your SASE provider checklist
    - What to look for in a partner beyond the technical capabilities
    - An overview of the multiple functionalities of SASE, how they can revolutionise your network security and which service provider delivers the best infrastructure
    - What kind of ROI you can expect from the right provider for you
    - And more
  • DEMO: Hybrid Clouds and SD-WAN in a Snap Jul 12 2021 1:00 am UTC 17 mins
    Sean McCarthy, head of Cato’s Americas sales engineering team, and Theresa Abbamondi, director of product marketing for Cato
    Connecting a single cloud datacenter instance to a WAN shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But things can quickly get messy when you have to connect that cloud datacenter to multiple branches and across multiple geographies. Complexity grows exponentially when you have to connect multiple cloud providers to the network. Why waste your valuable time with a configuration quagmire?

    Join us for a live demonstration as Sean McCarthy, head of Cato’s Americas sales engineering team, and Theresa Abbamondi, director of product marketing for Cato, team up to show how simple it is to build a hybrid- and multi-cloud environment can be with Cato.

    Join us and learn:

    The good — and bad — of cloud datacenters

    How a cloud-based SD-WAN can streamline cloud datacenter integration

    See a live demonstration of how Cato instantly connects cloud datacenters to your network
  • What SD-WAN Vendors Won’t Tell You About SD-WAN Jul 8 2021 1:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    Steve Garson is the president and founder of SD-WAN Experts.
    What SD-WAN Vendors Won’t Tell You About SD-WAN

    Cut WAN costs, improve performance, increase security — SD-WAN seems to do everything right, but is it too perfect? Find out as we take a hard look at the myths and realities of SD-WAN.

    In our next webinar, long-time WAN consultant, Steve Garson, president of SD-WAN Experts, speaks with Dave Greenfield, Cato’s secure networking evangelist, about the truth and fiction of SD-WAN.

    Join us for a free-wheeling, no holds barred conversation into SD-WAN’s dirty little secrets including:

    Why SD-WAN won’t improve your network performance

    Why reducing WAN costs isn’t a realistic goal for most SD-WAN deployment — and why that shouldn’t matter

    When you need a provider to run your SD-WAN service.

    What SD-WAN vendors mean when they say “security,” and why that’s still not enough security for your organization
  • The Ultimate SASE Checklist Jul 5 2021 4:00 am UTC 49 mins
    Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks
    Since it was launched in July 2019, Gartner’s new IT transformational category, the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), has drawn the attention of many IT leaders. SASE is charting a new direction for networking and security for enterprises of all sizes. But, why do we need a new category? Because deploying point products to address emerging connectivity, security, cloud, and mobility requirements at a global scale is not sustainable. A case in point, SASE is a perfect platform to seamlessly address the emerging work-from-home requirement, something current legacy technologies struggle to achieve. Per Gartner, a new architecture is needed, and that architecture is at the core of SASE

    In this webinar we will answer the key questions on what SASE is and what are the core components of a SASE architecture are.

    Join Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks, to learn:

    - The drivers for SASE and why Gartner thinks it will transform IT
    - The 4 architectural requirements of any SASE platform
    - How Cato aligns with the SASE and how customers can future proof their networks
    - Special bonus: Why a cloud-scale, global SASE platform is the PERFECT remote access solution
  • Demo: Bi-directional QoS, advanced bandwidth management, and real-time applicat Jun 29 2021 1:00 pm UTC 18 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing
    In this video, Cato’s Solution Architect Jack Dolan demos the power of bi-directional QoS, advanced bandwidth management, and real-time application analytics.

    Jack explains the Cato Cloud SASE architecture, and how network traffic is routed, managed and optimized. Going through the management console, Jack shows how network rules are set to control traffic priorities, and how Cato’s advanced and real-time analytics give IT leaders an unprecedented view into their WAN.
  • Webinar: Varför SASE är framtidens SD-WAN och Säkerhetslösning Jun 28 2021 12:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    Michael Norin
    Om du är som de flest andra IT-chefer, letar du troligen efter sätt att reducera dina nätverkskostnader. Men innan du faller för löftet om kostnadsbesparingar med hjälp av SD-WAN, säkerställ att SD-WAN verkligen kan uppfylla hela företagets behov. Den senaste marknadsundersökningen visar att allt för många företag fokuserar för mycket på kostnadsbesparingar som i sin tur underminerar den långsiktiga nöjdheten med SD-WAN lösningen.

    För att få veta mer vad andra ledande företag beaktat vid en SD-WAN utvärdering, titta på vårt webinar ”Varför SASE är framtidens SD-WAN och Säkerhetslösning” där Michael Norin (Regional Sales Director Nordics/Baltics) och Alex Jost (Sales Engineer) presenterar resultatet ifrån undersökningen.

    Vi har erfarenheter ifrån 100-tals SD-WAN utvärderingar över hela världen och vi kommer att presentera vad många av dessa företag beaktar vid en utvärdering av SD-WAN samt resultatet ifrån vår senaste marknadsundersökning ”2020 Networking Survey”.

    Studien utvärderar även vilken effekt en digital transformation har på förtroendet för företagets IT-nätverk.

    JVälkommen att delta och få en kopia av marknadsundersökningen samt få en bild av:

    - Vad SASE är och hur det skiljer sig ifrån SD-WAN
    - Varför och var SD-WAN fallerar som en långsiktig lösning
    - Vilka andra krav som en digital transformation medför och varför detta sträcker sig förbi WAN anslutningen
  • DEMO: How to configure VoIP and ERP optimization for 3000 employees across Jun 25 2021 1:00 pm UTC 13 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Business Development
    In this video, Cato’s Sr. Sales Engineer Sylvain Chareyre demos IT agility as he configures VoIP and ERP optimization for 3000 employees across the world in minutes.

    Sylvain shows how an IT manager can instantly make enterprise-wide network changes with Cato. In less than 10 minutes, he deploys UCaaS worldwide, optimize access to an on-premise ERP system, and prepare the network for cloud migration.
  • [Ep.4] The Future of Security: Do All Roads Lead to SASE? Jun 24 2021 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Burke - CTO, Nemertes and Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing at Cato Networks
    For decades, enterprises have designed both their networks and network security around appliances deployed in physical locations. However, increased migration to the cloud and the pandemic-driven shift to ‘working from everywhere’ has rendered these appliance-centric network and security designs obsolete.

    As such, network security in 2021 needs to stand guard between the user and the resource or application, but too often, appliance-based solutions are forcing IT to choose between security or performance.

    SASE changes that. The right global cloud service can both secure all resources and all edges, and not only avoid performance degradation, but even improve application and network performance without any compromise.

    In episode 4 of Cato’s ‘Turbocharged by SASE: Network Transformation in 2021’ series, we’re looking at how SASE offers this balance and addressing how ‘All Roads Lead to SASE’.

    Join us as we ask:
    - Must network security be cloud-delivered?
    - What is the technology innovation that allows security and performance to coexist in harmony?
    - Is the technology proven? And is it mature?
    - What are the best practices to evaluate SASE for security, and what should I be wary of?
  • True SASE in 30 Minutes Jun 23 2021 1:00 pm UTC 28 mins
    Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks
    2020 challenged IT leaders like never before. Many realized their legacy networks – comprised of point solutions – were inadequate to support their digital business needs. Rather than asking if IT could have been better prepared, the question to ask is what type of network will enable IT to address current needs and be ready for 2021 and beyond.

    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is, according to Gartner, the future of network and security. Converging SD-WAN and security into a global, cloud-native service, SASE presents “a compelling model that can be partially or fully implemented today.” And, Cato SASE Cloud is the world’s first true SASE platform, which is already implemented successfully across enterprises worldwide.

    Join Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks, for a quick webinar where he expands on:

    - The key principles set by Gartner for a true SASE service

    - How SASE eliminates the complexity of a rigid and fragmented infrastructure

    - The importance of regaining control of the network to support business growth

    - How to effectively deliver access, connectivity, and security to all users at all locations
  • What to Consider Before Renewing your SD-WAN Product or Service Contract Jun 22 2021 1:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Yishay Yovel
    Over the past 6 years many organizations deployed SD-WAN to achieve better agility and resiliency for their networks. However, the scope of WAN transformation goes well beyond these requirements. Getting your network ready to support cloud migration, work-from-anywhere, and do it at scale anywhere in the world, isn't something standalone SD-WAN can achieve.

    In 2019, Gartner introduced the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture to address the full WAN transformation journey. SASE starts with SD-WAN and layer security, remote access, cloud optimization, and global delivery – in a single platform.

    This is why Gartner predicted that by 2024, more than 60% of SD-WAN customers will have implemented SASE, compared to 35% in 2020.

    If you are new to SD-WAN or are ready to renew your SD-WAN product or service, join our educational webinar with Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks, to learn:

    - What are the key WAN transformation requirements that SD-WAN alone can’t address?
    - How does SASE evolve SD-WAN capabilities to address them?
    - How did Cato customers deploy Cato SASE cloud to cut costs and complexity, and support their WAN transformation journey?
  • RingCentral Talks SD-WAN, SASE, and Digital Transformation Jun 18 2021 11:00 am UTC 35 mins
    Carlo Curato, Director of IT at RingCentral & Dave Greenfield secure networking evangelist for Cato Networks.
    Digital transformation and SASE — two buzzwords sweeping the industry. Few know them better than the Director of IT Infrastructure at RingCentral, Carlo Curato. Carlo’s team runs the internal network for this leading cloud communication and collaboration company and recently completed an evaluation of SD-WAN and SASE solutions.

    He’ll share his insights about those areas, digital transformation, and how a cloud-native company like RingCentral is coping with COVID-19 when he sits down with Dave Greenfield, Cato’s technology evangelist.

    Join us and learn about: 

    - What to keep in mind when building an infrastructure for digital transformation.
    - The importance of going cloud-native for legacy enterprises.
    - Key considerations when evaluating SD-WAN solutions.
    - The operational impact of convergence and visibility.
    - His experience using Cato to connect location, cloud resources, and his many remote users.
  • [Ep.3] Implementing SASE in the Global Enterprise: Best Practices for Success Recorded: Jun 14 2021 49 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik - VP, Product Marketing at Cato and John Burke - CTO and Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research
    IT teams across the globe performed heroic feats in March 2020 when the COVID pandemic struck, moving metaphorical mountains to get workforces set-up quickly to work from home and remain productive. With many security systems dependent upon people using VPNs or physically being inside a network, future plans of cloud-based security-as-a-service suddenly became accelerated.

    In episodes 1 and 2 of 'Superpowered SASE: Network Transformation in 2021', we looked at what SASE is, what trends and demands are behind its acceleration and why it’s the best security option for the 2021 business. In episode 3, we’re taking a practical look at how businesses and IT teams can implement successful SASE models.

    Join us to learn:

    - Practical insights into how to implement SASE into your security stack
    - How SASE enables business to intelligently adapt to the evolving risk landscape
    - What real-world SASE and Zero-Trust approaches look like
    - How SASE can deliver seamless and secure transition from office to home
    - How SASE can extend security to all edges: branches, people, clouds
  • 5 Things SASE Covers and SD-WAN Doesn’t Recorded: Jun 8 2021 33 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik Vice President of Product Marketing
    SD-WAN lacks five critical capabilities that can seriously impact IT’s ability to deliver the level of networking and security enterprises demand. Luckily Gartner’s SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) takes up where SD-WAN left off.

    Join Eyal Webber-Zvik, Cato’s VP of Product Marketing, and Elana Marom, Director of Product Marketing, to explore:

    - The five critical shortcomings of SD-WAN and the impact these limitations have on the digital business  
    - Why Gartner emphasizes convergence and claims SASE is the ideal architecture for supporting the modern enterprise
    - How Cato’s SASE platform addresses the five key shortcomings of SD-WAN, empowering IT to deliver a network that supports businesses, today and in the future
  • How (and Why) to Apply OSINT to Protect your Enterprise Recorded: Jun 7 2021 57 mins
    Etay Maor Sr. Director of Security Strategy at Cato Networks
    Cybersecurity Masterclass: Episode 1

    We live in an era of oversharing. People share too much information on social networks; PDF and Excel files with sensitive data are out in the open; and devices expose their open ports and services. All this publicly available information makes room for Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) – a common tool used by threat actors to collect and identify data that may be putting your business at risk.

    What can you do about this? Sign up for our new master class webinar series on cybersecurity. These webinars will teach and demonstrate cybersecurity tools and best practices, as well as provide research and real-world case studies.

    Join Etay Maor, Sr. Director Security Strategy of Cato Networks, for the first session “What is OSINT?” You’ll get insights into:

    - Tips and tricks for better understanding OSINT
    - How to apply OSINT tools to protect users, processes, and technologies
    - Available (free) tools and techniques for performing OSINT
    - How Google Hacking, Shodan and Censys are used to collect valuable data
    - Why the remote workforce is at higher risk since the pandemic
  • Cato Demo: How a SASE with a private backbone optimizes access to cloud applicat Recorded: Jun 3 2021 14 mins
    Eyal Webber-Zvik Vice President of Product Marketing
    In this video, Cato’s Sales Engineer Nick Gagliardi demos how traffic to specific cloud applications can be optimized by keeping it on Cato’s private backbone instead of the public Internet.

    Nick shows how simple and straightforward it is to set an ‘egress rule’ that keeps the network traffic of a specific cloud application on Cato’s private backbone, rather than exposing it to the unpredictability of the Internet. By doing so, cloud applications benefit from all the optimization and security of Cato’s SASE platform, making them perform as good as private applications hosted on private datacenters.
    (Tip: Watch until the end to see what’s #1 on Netflix in Germany).
  • 5 MPLS Migration Challenges SD-WAN Solves Recorded: Jun 1 2021 52 mins
    Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks
    It’s no secret that enterprises are looking beyond MPLS for their new WANs. For some, it’s the rigidity and high costs of MPLS services; for others, it’s MPLS’s complexity and incompatibility with the cloud. But how exactly will migrating to SD-WAN help you overcome MPLS’s limitations?

    Find out on our next webinar, as Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks shares the stories of businesses from around the globe who made the transition to SD-WAN.

    Join us to hear:

    - How DSM Pharmaceuticals and Fisher & Company solve global latency issues without paying through the nose.
    - The ways UMHS and Pet Lovers Center, with its 100+ site Cato implementation, deliver direct, secure Internet access without deploying a heap of branch office security appliances.
    - What Brady PLC and Adroll did to optimize cloud access at the branch and on the road.
    - How companies reduce costs and optimize global voice and UCaaS delivery without relinquishing the control of MPLS.
  • The network built for the modern Credit Union Recorded: May 28 2021 45 mins
    Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks
    Credit Unions everywhere are changing the way they run the business. IT needs to support strategic initiatives such as rapid migration cloud services, work from anywhere, and tightening of security defenses. At the same time, IT is also required to become leaner, faster, and more agile than ever before.

    This is easier said than done. MPLS and P2P networks are not optimized to support increased use of the Internet and lack visibility. Security defenses are not optimized for branch internet access. Remote access solutions are difficult to use and can’t scale.

    This is why Guardian Credit Union turned to Cato Networks to transform their WAN and security.

    Based on Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (‘SASE’) framework, Cato Networks provides Credit Unions, with a simple, secure, and optimized network built for the digital business.

    Come to this timely Webinar and discover:

    - How to affordably overcome the challenges CUs face in evolving their IT infrastructure
    - What converged network, security, cloud and remote access capabilities are available to CUs
    - Ways to use SASE to eliminate complexity and reduce costs

    Who is this webinar for?

    IT leaders and network and security managers, looking to position their teams and infrastructure to readily support the modern Credit Union business.

    Who Should Attend: Credit Union IT leaders and network and security managers looking to increase IT agility while reducing costs and risks.
  • Nous vous proposons de découvrir en 60 minutes la plateforme SDWAN de Cato Netwo Recorded: May 26 2021 54 mins
    Bertrand Delassau, Regional Sales Director, Southen Europe
    - Qui est Cato Networks?
    - Pourquoi Cato Networks?
    - Le Cato Cloud : une solution unique pour répondre à de multiples besoins du WAN (sécurité, visibilité, connectivité, réactivité, résilience, utilisateurs mobiles, cloud)
    - Démonstration
Weekly webinars on NG network & security architecture
Cato Networks provides organizations with a cloud-based and secure global SD-WAN that replaces rigid and expensive MPLS and network security point products -- to power the digital business. Cato connects all data centers, branches, mobile users, and cloud resources into a global, optimized cloud network that is tightly secured by a cloud-based network security stack and backed by expert managed security services. Cato cuts MPLS costs, improves performance between global locations and to cloud applications, eliminates branch appliances, provides secure Internet access everywhere, and seamlessly integrates mobile users and cloud datacenters into the WAN.

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  • Title: Nous vous proposons de découvrir en 60 minutes la plateforme SDWAN de Cato Netwo
  • Live at: May 26 2021 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Bertrand Delassau, Regional Sales Director, Southen Europe
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