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Deploying Highly Resilient File Services

What’s an ‘Immortal File Service’ and how does its impact to your business? Watch this session to learn how to deploy highly resilient Windows file services that meet the needs of your business processes and compliance requirements. The session is delivered by a Microsoft data storage solution expert who will share what you need to know about File Servers and how to keep them highly available. In addition, it will cover HPE SAN integration and best practices to make them operate better together.
Recorded Nov 12 2020 65 mins
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Presented by
Chris Lionetti, Technical Marketing Engineer, Microsoft Storage solutions, HPE
Presentation preview: Deploying Highly Resilient File Services

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  • Solving the Latest IT Challenges with SQL Server on HPE storage Recorded: Mar 24 2021 51 mins
    Mike Harding, Product Manager, Microsoft solutions, HPE
    IT teams face a growing list of requests for more application performance, larger data lakes, increased resiliency, and of course reduced cost. Organizations can enhance their Microsoft SQL Server environments to meet these demands, and more, thanks to new and improved solutions on HPE Storage. This session covers the range of new products and technologies comprising solutions for departmental, accelerated, big data and up to the most mission critical databases. Learn about HPE’s broadest range of SQL Server infrastructure solutions, and how they can transform your datacenter, today.
  • Cloud-connected hyperconverged with Azure Stack HCI on HPE Apollo 4200 Recorded: Feb 16 2021 42 mins
    Mike Harding - Product Manager, HPE Storage
    Ready for the most cloud-connected hyperconverged infrastructure? The new Azure Stack HCI connects easy to use software-defined HCI directly with the powerful cloud services in Azure. This recently updated solution built on the HPE Apollo 4200 adds leading data capacity and density to create a platform unmatched for your virtualized data-intensive workloads like email, SQL Server, analytics and secondary storage. The webcast will share what’s new with this second generation solution, how it stands out from other HCI offerings, why HPE, and where to get more info.
  • Accelerate Microsoft SQL Server w/ Storage Class Memory powered by Intel Optane Recorded: Nov 12 2020 62 mins
    Chris Tobias - General Manager, Optane Solutions Division, Intel & Rambo Wang - Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Storage
    Growing enterprise data is driving the need for increased system performance, yet most companies are limited in datacenter space or SysAdmin time. The latest acceleration technology – Storage Class Memory in the form of Intel® Optane™ solid state drives – increases system performance without increasing system footprint or administration.
    This session will show how demanding Microsoft SQL Server workloads, such as OLTP, benefit from a high performance caching layer that reduces read latency and speeds overall system responsiveness and performance. It will include best practices, lessons learned, and recent performance testing results across different storage platforms and configurations.
  • Deploying Highly Resilient File Services Recorded: Nov 12 2020 65 mins
    Chris Lionetti, Technical Marketing Engineer, Microsoft Storage solutions, HPE
    What’s an ‘Immortal File Service’ and how does its impact to your business? Watch this session to learn how to deploy highly resilient Windows file services that meet the needs of your business processes and compliance requirements. The session is delivered by a Microsoft data storage solution expert who will share what you need to know about File Servers and how to keep them highly available. In addition, it will cover HPE SAN integration and best practices to make them operate better together.
  • HPE Powershell Toolkits Recorded: Oct 21 2020 52 mins
    Chris Lionetti - Technical Marekting Engineer - HPE Storage
    Learn how HPE Powershell Toolkits make your deployment of infrastructure easier.
  • Bridging Data lakes and Traditional Databases with SQL Server Big Data Clusters Recorded: Oct 9 2020 22 mins
    Andrea Fabrizi, HPE Senior Product Manager for BigData & Analytics
    Today many enterprises are challenged with growing volumes of data of different formats, stored across siloed data systems. These include traditional SQL Server databases versus newer Hadoop environments, and can span various data sources typically including Oracle, Teradata, MongoDB or Azure blobs. In this session, we’ll introduce a new solution in this area, SQL Server Big Data Clusters on HPE Storage, and share use cases, deployment options and best practices learnt so far, with specific topics including the use of HPE Ezmeral Container platform for Kubernetes management.
  • Introducing the HPE Storage Extender for Azure Stack Hub Recorded: Apr 30 2020 49 mins
    Mike Harding, Product Manager, Microsoft Storage solutions, HPE; Chris Lionetti, Nimble Storage Technical Marketing Manager,
    Need more data capacity for your Azure Stack Hub but don’t want to buy a whole new one? Or just want to learn more about how to reduce the cost of Hybrid Cloud computing? Watch this webinar on the HPE Storage Extender for Azure Stack Hub. This new solution brings flexibility to previously rigid Azure Stack Hub configurations. It lets organizations expand just the data storage capacity without having to add compute nodes or buy a whole new Azure Stack Hub. Watch the webinar to understand more about hybrid cloud and save capex.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters Expert Interview Recorded: Mar 26 2020 54 mins
    Andrea Fabrizi, HPE Senior Product Manager for Big Data/A; Mike Harding, Product Manager, Microsoft Storage solutions, HPE
    This free webcast features an interview with HPE Senior Product Manager for Big Data & Analytics, Andrea Fabrizi, who calls in to provide an overview and technical insight on the new Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster (BDC) capability. Among other enhancements, this product update supports Linux, Containers and a scale-out architecture making it perfect for Big Data use in the enterprise. Topics include typical BDC architecture, components, polybase, container management, security considerations, and additional resources. Learn how these Big Data Clusters will let organizations manage more data with existing SQL Server tools and expertise.
  • SAP HANA Native Storage Extension with HPE Storage Recorded: Feb 11 2020 44 mins
    Anshul Nagori, Technical Marketing Engineer; Chris Kinzler, SAP HANA/Storage Solution Manager
    SAP environments are always growing and creating new valuable data for your business. The old data still has value, but decreases in business value the older it gets. However, storing all of this older data in the server memory is very expensive. HPE Storage can help you solve this problem by implementing SAP HANA Native Storage Extension, a technology that keeps only the high-value data in memory and stores the remaining lower-value data on disk. Join us in this BrightTalk webinar to learn how to implement SAP HANA Native Storage Extension (NSE) using HPE Storage.
  • Redefining Data Management with HPE and Cohesity Recorded: Jan 28 2020 53 mins
    Ryan Brooks–Category Manager/HPE; Nikitha Omkar-Sr. Solutions Mktg Mgr/Cohesity; Chris Klosterman-Solution Architect/Cohesity
    Secondary data has become the primary problem. Learn how HPE and Cohesity allow organizations to protect, store, and easily manage their non-latency sensitive (secondary) data starting with backups, and extending to archiving, file & object storage, test/dev and analytics with a web-scale, software-defined platform that spans seamlessly across core, edge and cloud - eliminating legacy infrastructure silos and mass data fragmentation while providing a single point of global control. The joint HPE-Cohesity solution, now complete with HPE Nimble snapshot integration, empowers customers to do more with their backup data, freeing it from being just an expensive insurance policy and enabling them to repurpose it for business advantage.
  • Simplify your Big Data Infrastructure with Azure Stack HCI on HPE Apollo Recorded: Oct 29 2019 48 mins
    Mike Harding, Product Manager, Microsoft Storage solutions, HPE
    Want a simpler on-prem infrastructure for your Windows analytics and data-centric workloads? The new Azure Stack HCI on HPE Apollo 4200 solution combines Microsoft Windows Server 2019 hyper-converged technology with the leading storage capacity/density data platform in its class. Learn the basics of this new ‘Big Data HCI’ approach that combines the familiarity and economics of Windows with the big data heritage of HPE Apollo.
  • Single Scalable Modern File Storage for Video Surveillance with HPE & Qumulo Recorded: Oct 15 2019 41 mins
    Keith Nargi: Director Systems Engineering ; Molly Presley: Director Global Product Marketing ; Vivek Pamadi: Sr. Product Mgr.
    The steady rise in worldwide safety and security concerns for private and public organizations has continued to drive the massive growth in the need for video surveillance. Surveillance cameras and security devices are used everywhere; in schools, sports venues, concert arenas, government buildings, city streets, hospitals, scientific facilities and
    laboratories, as well as law enforcement vehicle dashboards and body cameras. With the implementation of more IP video surveillance systems utilizing high-definition cameras to obtain the best quality images, video surveillance data will continue to grow, and with this growth, comes unique storage challenges.

    In this BrightTalk, you will learn how to future-proof your video surveillance system with Qumulo and HPE.

    Further details: https://qumulo.com/solution/surveillance/hpe/
  • Choosing the Right Storage for Video Surveillance Recorded: Sep 24 2019 38 mins
    Vivek Pamadi Sr. Product Manager HPE Storage
    The ability to store high volumes of IP video surveillance data efficiently is critical for the overall performance and reliability of the surveillance solution. Storage is the foundation yet organizations tend to overlook it with the potential risk of unsupported devices, scale issues and unplanned costs.
    Join the webcast to learn:
    - Video Surveillance Market
    - How HPE solutions are solving customer requirements
    - Customer success stories
  • SAP HANA data tiering using HPE 3PAR StoreServ Recorded: Jul 12 2019 56 mins
    Anshul Nagori - Technical Marketing Engineer - HPE Storage; Chris Kinzler - HPE Solution Product Manager - SAP
    SAP HANA distinguishes frequently accessed mission-critical ‘hot’ data from less frequently accessed ‘warm’ data by pushing it latter to a lower cost hardware tier using dynamic tiering or extension nodes technologies. This session talks about how HPE 3PAR StoreServ offers tiered storage provisioning for these technologies to efficiently manage warm data in SAP HANA.
  • Get more from your data with Microsoft on HPE Storage Recorded: Jun 6 2019 39 mins
    Mike Harding
    Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server and Exchange are keys to productivity, but some versions are nearing the end of extended support. Look ahead to the next software generation and refresh your storage infrastructure with HPE storage.
  • Accelerate your Business with HPE Solutions for SAP HANA Recorded: May 30 2019 27 mins
    Chris Kinzler
    SAP HANA rapidly delivers insights from data and is important for digital business. This talks about the important role of storage in SAP HANA environments and how HPE Storage delivers maximum value for SAP HANA deployments.
  • Improve Performance and Reduce Cost for Oracle Environments with HPE Storage Recorded: May 23 2019 35 mins
    Bharath Ram Ramanathan
    Oracle databases are core to strategic IT, but data quantities are increasing. The cloud is ubiquitous, flash memory is taking hold, & data protection remains critical. Rethink your Oracle environment with HPE Storage solutions for Oracle.
  • A Farewell to LUNs - Discover how VVols forever changes storage in vSphere Recorded: May 16 2019 64 mins
    Eric Siebert - WW Product Manager, HPE & Pete Flecha - Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
    To borrow a phrase from a popular song from REM, “It’s the end of the LUN as we know it and I feel fine”. VMware VVols changes everything we know about storage for vSphere in a good way, with VVols LUN management is a thing of the past. VMware VVols represents the future of external storage for vSphere and that future is here right now. VVols also represents many years of engineering work by both VMware and its storage partners. The result of that work is a new storage architecture for vSphere that solves many of the hidden complexities inherent in VMFS and levels the playing field between file and block protocols. Learn from experts at HPE & VMware how VVols transforms external storage in vSphere, eliminates complexities and provides very real benefits to customers.
  • Best Practices for Windows Server 2019 on Intelligent Infrastructure Recorded: Apr 11 2019 64 mins
    Mike Harding, Product Manager - Microsoft Storage Solutions, HPE; Chris Lionetti, Nimble Storage Technical Marketing Manager
    Abstract: With Microsoft releasing a new set of server products, 2019 will be a busy year for Windows Admins and IT staff responsible for managing them. Learn how the right enterprise infrastructure products and tools will help ensure smooth upgrades, and the ability to unlock the highest levels of performance, availability & new functionality. Windows solution experts share info on best practices and the latest HPE Storage Integrations, plug-ins and tools covering SCOM, SCVMM, PowerShell and more.
  • HPE Recovery Manager Central : Delivering a DataOps experience for Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Mar 22 2019 60 mins
    Bharath Ram Ramanathan, Principal Technical and Solutions Marketing Manager - HPE Storage
    Data is the lifeblood of business. A company’s data is usually copied at least once, and often multiple times, to meet the needs of various use cases such as clones for test/dev or analytics, backup copies for data protection, archival copies for compliance, instant recovery copies, or, any particular set of data is likely to have spawned one or more copies. Copies are so important that they now consume 60% of total storage capacity for the average enterprise – even more than production data. While these copies are nearly always made for a good reason, in many organizations they have spiralled out of control, creating a copy data sprawl that is tough for IT to get its arms around, let alone manage.
    So how do you protect this important asset, grant copies to all who need it, and avoid paying for extra storage capacity – on-premises and in the cloud? HPE Storage’s Recovery Manager Central (RMC) for 3PAR and Nimble Storage platforms delivers a single-pane-of-glass for Copy Data Management and Data Protection for a variety of workloads such as VMware, Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, SAP HANA and more. In this talk, we will cover how RMC delivers a DataOps experience for 3PAR and Nimble platforms with live demos.
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A channel dedicated to HPE Storage and technology related to storage products and solutions such as virtualization, databases, applications, containers and data protection.

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  • Title: Deploying Highly Resilient File Services
  • Live at: Nov 12 2020 12:00 am
  • Presented by: Chris Lionetti, Technical Marketing Engineer, Microsoft Storage solutions, HPE
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