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How to protect VMs or Datastores

A quick guide on how to protect virtual machines or a datastore using Quiescence policy in the Reduxio StorApp for VMWare vSphere v2.0.
Recorded May 15 2018 2 mins
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Reduxio Systems
Presentation preview: How to protect VMs or Datastores

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  • How to manage a Datastore Recorded: Jun 19 2018 2 mins
    Reduxio Systems
    A short guide on how to manage a datastore using the Reduxio StorApp for VMWare vSphere V2.0.
  • How to protect VMs or Datastores Recorded: May 15 2018 2 mins
    Reduxio Systems
    A quick guide on how to protect virtual machines or a datastore using Quiescence policy in the Reduxio StorApp for VMWare vSphere v2.0.
  • Malware Prevention: Why Zero Risk Doesn't Exist & How You Can Prepare Recorded: May 9 2018 55 mins
    Mike Grandinetti, CSO/CMO at Reduxio
    During the last few months, ransomware has been a real, dangerous and costly threat to governmental institutions. The example of the city of Atlanta is one of the most dramatic examples not only on both staff and internal working environment but also on the day-to-day life of all citizens. So what can be done to ensure business continuity? What are the keys to avoiding downtime and critical data loss? Whom do they concern?

    Malware-as-a-service has become a real industry and let’s face it, zero risk doesn’t exist. It's no longer a matter of if your organization will be attacked, but when and its origin. The point is to not only get your IT department ready in case of a malware disaster but also to incorporate the entire company into keeping the door shut against any elements threatening the integrity of your data ecosystem.

    Cybersecurity expert, John Bambenek and Reduxio Director of Customer Support, Eli Lopez will cover real-life solutions and industry tips and tricks to optimize your entire IT ecosystem against the rise of malware-as-a-service.

    Who Should Register?
    - System Admins & System Engineers who struggle to identify all incoming ransomware threats and keep their IT ecosystem clean and sterile
    - Server Admins & Storage Admins who want to improve their disaster recovery management and disaster prevention management
    - Infrastructure & Enterprise Architects who want to learn more about technical solutions for ransomware recovery processes and/or techniques

    By attending, you'll learn:
    - The latest ransomware trends and the reason behind attacking precise data points
    - Why malware-as-a-service is a matter for all IT stakeholders and users
    - An intertwined set of technologies to prepare an IT ecosystem for disaster recovery
  • How to recover a Datastore for VMWare vSphere V2.0 Recorded: May 7 2018 2 mins
    Reduxio Systems
    A short guide to recover a datastore for VMWare vSphere V2.0 using BackDating in the Reduxio StorApp.
  • How to recover a VM for VMWare VSphere Recorded: May 7 2018 3 mins
    Reduxio Systems
    A short guide on how to recover a virtual machine for VMWare VSphere V2.0 using BackDating in the Reduxio StorApp.
  • How to store, manage and protect Data: The Life of an I/O Recorded: Apr 23 2018 4 mins
    Reduxio Systems
    Get into the Life of an I/O inside the Reduxio TimeOS™. Discover an innovative technology that is changing the way enterprises store, manage and protect data storage. Get behind the scenes to find out how this technology is able to converge previously isolated primary and secondary storage into a single data management platform. Consolidating global in-memory data reduction, active tiering, instant DR, CDM & advanced mobility.

    Learn more at www.reduxio.com

    Music by Daniel Slabodar
    Created by Narayanan Prasath
  • Conversation with an Enterprise Architect: Solving IT & Storage Challenges Recorded: Mar 22 2018 23 mins
    Mike Grandinetti, CMO/CSO at Reduxio
    Want to learn from your peers and have real valuable feedback on IT Management and Goals? Join this peer-to-peer webcast!

    This webcast has been created as a space to hold conversations with IT Infrastructure professionals who share similar concerns and challenges, as well as success stories and a real-world case study from Jorge Barreto, Enterprise Architect at BFL Canada, on how he addressed the following:


    1. Meet IOPS requirements
    2. Spend time in labor-intensive operations such as VM Recovery
    3. Lack of team expertise for complex operations required his personal time in completing tasks

    Join us for live Q&A and discussion with fellow IT professionals!
  • How to make your IT team cost efficient and productive Recorded: Mar 15 2018 3 mins
    Michael Johnson, Director of Global IT Infrastructure and Desktop at CPP
    Michael Johnson describes how his team has always been a cost center for the company and he managed to transform it into a productive, revenue generating team.

    In this video, he talks about the challenges he faced and how the Reduxio system helped him resolving those challenges.

    He has over 25 years experience in business and information systems project management with the focus on the implementation of technology-based products, systems, and services on time within budget.
  • How to achieve near-zero RPO/RTO without breaking the bank Recorded: Mar 15 2018 53 mins
    Eric Reinhold, System Manager at Gordon College, MA | Ronen Sde-Or, Technical Marketing at Reduxio Systems
    A webinar on how companies can ensure that their data protection environment meets desired RPO and RTO in a cost-effective way as well as how to achieve optimal data recovery goals.

    - Issues that affect RPO and RTO, such as network, change rate, target speed and technology choices.
    - Verifying data recovery and disaster environments.
    - Converging your primary and secondary storage to reduce complexity and achieve near-zero RPO/RTO’s.
  • The Road to Simplicity: Converging Primary and Secondary Storage Recorded: Feb 15 2018 45 mins
    Jacob Cherian, VP of Product Strategy, Reduxio, Mike Grandinetti, CMO, Reduxio, Keith Worthington, IT Manager, LineMaster,
    In the space of storing, managing and protecting data, different approaches for handling information are used. The advent of cloud has brought in compelling benefits, but the amount of data that organizations continue to store is growing exponentially, resulting in mostly unrelated solutions that have lead to the rise of Hybrid IT. On the Data Protection side, Businesses increasingly demand 100% uptime with no data loss, or what IDC refers to as the "new race to zero" – 0 RPO and 0 RTO. Such scenarios are still unrealistic for all but the most expensive and demanding applications that can afford fully redundant systems.

    IT organizations are improving the performance of their storage stacks and gradually driving down their RPO and RTO. Unfortunately, in most cases, this requires a complex strategy of interrelated components, which are often vendor and platform-specific, leaving IT to manually manage multiple systems and increasing the overall complexity of their environments.

    Join this session to learn about:

    - The latest advances in converging your storage and backup stack and how this can radically change the way you manage data
    - The current challenges of copy data management and how to address them
    - A dive into a TCO study depicting the savings achieved through this architectural change
    - Why snapshots are obsolete and you to achieve near-instant data recovery
    - A look into additional use cases of copy data for DevOps team

    The technology advances presented in this session were recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the award for Technology Innovation for Data Storage and Management.

    Join us for a 360 view from our Industry Expert, Jacob Cherian, VP of Product Strategy at Reduxio and previously Dell Inventor of the Year, as well as a Fireside chat with a Keith Worthington, IT Manager at LineMaster of the technology being presented.
  • Everything you need to know about Benchmarking Application Workloads Recorded: Jan 22 2018 62 mins
    Tony Palmer, Troy Richards (VMWare User), Eyal Traitel
    Watch this webinar to learn everything there is to know about Benchmarking Applications workloads, allowing great performing solutions to save time and money.

    Learn how:
    - IT departments make decisions on investing in Enterprise Storage
    - Differences in how storage products perform according to the applications run
    - Rich information and comparative analysis of different storage products

    Investing in Enterprise Storage is an important decision of any IT department. There are meaningful differences in how storage products perform according to the applications you are running. Unfortunately, using the publicly available information to compare one storage product to the next can be frustrating and this lack of comparable performance testing data can result in unpleasant performance problems that you’ll have to deal with in the future.

    Tony Palmer, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc
    Eyal Traitel, Reduxio
    Troy Richards, Georgia Building Authority (VMware User)
  • How to Recover a Database Using Reduxio BackDating™ Recorded: Jan 22 2018 12 mins
    Eyal Traitel, Director of Technical Marketing
    How to recover a deleted database using Reduxio’s BackDating technology.

    Environment: Windows 2012 Server, SQL Server 2012
    TimeOS, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio & Disk Management Utility

    Eyal Traitel, Director of Technical Marketing
  • How to recover from ransomware attacks using BackDating™ - Near-zero RPO/RTO Recorded: Jan 22 2018 6 mins
    Idit Michael
    Watch this instructive video and learn how this technology achieves near-zero RTO/RPO

    Reduxio's BackDating™ allows you to recover from a ransomware attack with a second level granularity. Meaning you can restore data from right before the second the attack happened. So you lose minimal data and more importantly it is remarkably fast to recover irrespective of the time. Be it to a point 30 seconds earlier or 30 hours earlier, the recovery time is the same.

    With Reduxio, you don't have to worry about Ransomware, you can sit back & relax.

    This content was created by Idit Michael who has over 10 years of experience in infrastructure implementation, managing operational teams, leading and accompanying technological projects in large organizations.
  • How to recover a VM Using Reduxio BackDating™ Recorded: Jan 22 2018 12 mins
    Eyal Traitel, Director of Technical Marketing
    This webcast demonstrates how to recover a deleted VM (virtual machine) using Reduxio’s BackDating technology by Eyal Traitel, Director of Technical Marketing.
  • How to instantly recover databases from any second - BackDating™ Demo Recorded: Jan 22 2018 7 mins
    Idit Michael, Technical Marketing Consultant
    In this screencast learn how:

    - BackDating™ allows you to revert or clone to any second in the past within seconds.
    - See in real-time, how BackDating instantly recovers your data with a second level granularity.
    - Near-zero RTO/RPO supports data recovery and application testing use cases.

    BackDating™ acts as a time machine for your data. Clone any volume to any point in time in the history of the system, for data recovery or application testing purposes.

    You can learn more about BackDating here http://www.reduxio.com/products/timeo...

    Find out more cool content on our blog BeyondtheBlocks

    Follow Us on
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/ReduxioSystems
    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/reduxio
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/reduxiosystems/

    Created by Idit Michael, Technical Marketing Consultant
  • Customer Story - Catbird Recorded: Jan 20 2018 11 mins
    Holland Barry, Chief Technology Officer & Shane Thorson, Principal Architect.
    Interview with our customers at Catbird: Holland Barry, Chief Technology Officer, and Shane Thorson, Principal Architect.

    Questions discussed in this video:
    1. Tell us about Catbird
    2. Tell us about the storage infrastructure at Catbird
    3. Describe the problems you were facing that ultimately led you to use Reduxio
    4. How long has Catbird been using OpenStack and Reduxio's Cinder driver?
    5. What are the other benefits of using Reduxio?
    6. Anything else you want to add before we open for questions?
    7. Describe your experience with the Reduxio support team
    8. What is the data size on which you are performing recovery?
    9. How did Reduxio help you overcome your challenges?
    10. Was the UI your primary interface or did you use command line?

    For more information visit http://www.reduxio.com
  • Customer Story - Anna Maria College Recorded: Jan 20 2018 5 mins
    Michael Miers
    In this video, listen to Michael Miers, Chief Information Officer at Anna Maria College as he shares his experience with Reduxio. And how he and his team benefitted from the solution that helped transform his IT infrastructure.

    About Michael Miers

    With over 15 years of experience in IT and a proven track record of success in many aspects of higher education. Michael is charged with overseeing the Information Technology Department and to maintain the security and integrity of college data, manage all IT budgets, organizing all computer application training, guide long-range technology planning, represent the college on all issues of technology, oversee and implement new technologies to keep the college current and competitive with other institutions.
  • Ransomware - Sit back and relax | On demand Webinar Recorded: Jan 20 2018 61 mins
    John Bambenek, Michael Martell, Jacob Cherian
    The number of Ransomware attacks on businesses tripled since last year. It’s the trending topic on cyber-security right now, and over 4000 attacks happen every day, the total ransom amounts close to $1Bn and it’s getting worse. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and VM’s are no longer safe. So, should you be worried? We think not.

    Speakers: John Bambenek, Michael Martell, Jacob Cherian
    John Bambenek, Manager of threat systems at Fidelis Cybersecurity/incident handler at internet storm center (ISC)
    John has been engaged in security for 15 years researching security threats. He is a published author of several articles, book chapters, and one book.

    Michael Martell, 30-year experience in IT infrastructure.
    Systems Manager at Dingley Press, the largest catalog printers in the US . Before Dingley, Michael led IT infrastructure & operations at Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
  • The Evolution of VM Back Up - Webinar On Demand Recorded: Jan 19 2018 59 mins
    Ronen Sde-Or, Technical Marketing at Reduxio | Francis Leong, IT Manager at One Workplace
    A session designed to explore the past, present, and future for data protection in a VMWare environment.

    Traditionally, enterprises have implemented a complex, siloed backup architecture with disk hardware and tapes to reduce costs for server backup. Unfortunately, these legacy multi-tiered solutions add more complexity, limit scalability, and dramatically increase storage costs. And as data continues to sprawl out of control, infrastructure silos are expanding to unmanageable footprints.

    Ronen Sde-Or, Technical Marketing at Reduxio
    Francis Leong, IT Manager at One Workplace

    Mike Grandinetti, CMO & CSO at Reduxio

    Learn more about Reduxio at https://www.reduxio.com

    You can find interesting and useful resources on VM BackUp at https://beyondtheblocks.reduxio.com"
Unify your data storage and backup, simplify data management.
Founded In 2012 by a group of storage industry veterans, Reduxio is redefining data management and protection with the world’s first unified primary and secondary storage platform.
Powered by the patented TimeOS storage operating system, Reduxio provides breakthrough storage efficiency and performance along with the unique ability to recover data to any second. This capability far exceeds anything available on the market today.

Reduxio's unified storage platform is also designed to deliver near-zero RPO and RTO as a feature of its storage system, while significantly simplifying the data protection process. It also delivers built-in data replication for disaster recovery.

This channel is designed to support the exchange of ideas and collaboration in the IT community for unifying primary and secondary storage. Find unique webinars, step-by-step video guides, customer reviews, and more.
To learn more about Reduxio, visit www.reduxio.com.

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