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A practical approach to DevOps: Best practices and lessons learned

Microservices based architecture of modern applications coupled with concepts such as containerization and orchestration brought significant improvement to applications lifecycle. With agile mindset and right set of tools, organisations benefited from improved productivity, bringing deployment timelines from days to hours.

DevOps takes a step ahead by bringing in development and operations teams together, breaking out silos to ensure rapid delivery, robust quality and efficiency. The focus on automation with CI/CD along with embedded code quality checks and unit tests in the development cycle made it possible to bring deployment timelines from hours to minutes.

Please join us when we talk about

- Understanding DevOps and how can it help your organisation achieve faster and more robust application lifecycle
- ForgeRock’s commitment to enable DevOps across your IAM landscape. A look into current state and roadmap
- Best practices and experience from the field. The do’s and don’ts of getting DevOps right for your organisation. Lessons learnt and practical guidelines from customer environment
Recorded Jun 11 2020 61 mins
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Presented by
Stijn Vorstenbosch & Priya Kesar - PwC and Patryk Krolikow - ForgeRock
Presentation preview: A practical approach to DevOps: Best practices and lessons learned

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  • Modernizing the Digital Citizen Experience Feb 23 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    miwyatt@deloitte.com, mary.writz@forgerock.com
    How to Support a Unified, Cross-Agency Experience While Reducing Risks and Costs with IAM

    Citizens can be frustrated when their digital government services don't match their private sector online experiences. Yet, many states struggle to provide a high quality, low-friction user experience due to disconnected agencies and siloed IT systems. So, why don't states unite to offer a single, secure "digital front door" across all state agencies?

    It’s time to modernize identity and access management (IAM) to provide frictionless, omnichannel citizen experiences across agencies while improving security and reducing costs. In fact, the U.S. Federal Government has allocated matching dollars for up to 90% of implementation costs.

    Join Mary Wrtiz, VP Product Management, ForgeRock and Mike Wyatt, Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP Government and Public Service Digital Identity practice as they discuss:

    - Examples and leading practices of how modern IAM can help improve citizen experiences, trust and engagement.
    - How to mitigate risks and reduce costs with capabilities such as automation and self service.
    - Actionable next steps for state government entities planning for constituent-enabling digital transformation services
    - Why change management is critical to drive adoption, and how to market digital identity services to constituents.
    - How to access federal matching dollars for digital identity implementation costs.

    Join us for this 60 minute webinar.
  • ID Bytes: How ForgeRock Enables CMS Final Rules Interoperability Requirements Jan 28 2021 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Justin Chin, Principal Solution Architect, Forgerock
    Identity Bytes Part 4: How ForgeRock Enables CMS Final Rules Interoperability Requirements 

    The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule requires CMS-regulated payers to implement and maintain a secure, standards-based Patient Access API (using Health Level 7® (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources® (FHIR) 4.0.1) that allows patients to easily access their claims and encounter information, including cost, as well as a defined sub-set of their clinical information through third-party applications of their choice. 

    This rule also requires CMS-regulated payers to make provider directory information publicly available via a FHIR-based Provider Directory API. 

    We will show you how ForgeRock can help you quickly meet these new CMS requirements in a complete and secure manor, with little rework to your current applications and services.  Specifically:

    - –OAuth Authorization to FIHR APIs
    - Consent Management
    - SMART on FHIR Scopes and Context
  • Beyond 2020 : Plan for a modern IAM Webinar Series Part 3: Beyond Modernize Jan 27 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Gautam Sehgal, Cyber DevOps, Cloud and Cyber Defense Partner - PwC US LLP and Allan Foster, Chief Evangelist, ForgeRock
    Part 3: Beyond Modernization: Accelerate your cloud adoption

    Leveraging the full potential of a modern IAM platform is the first step towards eliminating your legacy headaches. Today many organizations are looking at cloud based solutions to accelerate their programs, reduce future operational requirements, and future proof their investments. ForgeRock and PwC will be your guides to successfully move your IAM system to the cloud.

    Join ForgeRock and PwC to learn how to leverage a modern IAM platform as a business enabler, and learn from the experts on

    - Migrating your IAM system to the Cloud with ForgeRock Identity Services
    - Deploying in a private cloud or hybrid cloud model with PwC’s one-click deployment
    - Use Case Spotlight - Customer Successes

    Join us for this highly informative webinar. Space is limited. Register to reserve your spot today.
  • Identity Bytes: Easily address IAL2/AAL2 using ForgeRock’s solutions Recorded: Jan 21 2021 29 mins
    Rob Miller - Principal Solution Architect, Jeff DeLong - Principal Solution Architect
    Part 3: Easily address IAL2/AAL2 using ForgeRock’s solutions

    Addressing digital methods of identity verifications and using related credentials to access corresponding protected assets has always been a desirable function for Government organizations. The need for reliable mechanisms to address IAL2/AAL2 flows is accelerated during times where in-person interactions are not advisable, or practical. Utilizing purpose-built, flexible and intelligent workflows where confidence in the transactions meets or exceeds their in-person analogs is imperative not only in order to meet regulatory mandates, but also to enable business functions and confidence in their execution.

    We will:
    - Demonstrate how to orchestrate digital identity enrollment via flexible workflows (IAL1 and IAL2)
    - Consume supplied credentials, tying them into previously validated identities to provide access capabilities that correspond to the value or importance of protected assets. Additionally, enable stronger authentication methods (MFA) that map to calculated risks when accessing protected assets (AAL and AAL2)
    - Address operational aspects of enforcing relevant standards and rapidly support IAL2 and AAL2 requirements
  • Beyond 2020 : Plan for a modern IAM Webinar Series Part 2 How to Modernize Recorded: Dec 16 2020 61 mins
    Brian Mozinski, Dir. Cybersecurity, IT Security, Privacy, and Risk - PwC US LLP and Allan Foster, Chief Evangelist, ForgeRock
    Part 2: How to Modernize: Best way to plan and execute the migration

    Based on the state of your organization’s legacy IAM system, what is the best plan for migrating to a more modern platform? What is the best way to execute that plan, while also maintaining the current platform, its availability and integrity of data?

    Join ForgeRock and PwC to learn exactly how much to modernize an IAM platform, and learn from the experts on

    - How to migrate efficiently, successfully and securely
    - Capabilities and Accelerators to expedite modernization
    - Use Case Spotlight - Successful client journeys

    This is your chance to understand the mechanics of migrating IAM systems seamlessly and consider the best strategies for deployment. How PwC and ForgeRock make it easy to predict, plan, and execute your migration while getting business owners excited about it.
  • Acelerando la transformación digital con ForgeRock Recorded: Dec 16 2020 21 mins
    Javier Drake & Alejandro Fernandez
    El ciclo de vida del acceso de clientes (CIAM) es una de las prioridades de las organizaciones y organismos, como punto principal de conexión con sus clientes y usuarios.

    Empresas financieras y aseguradoras, de comercio electrónico, telecomunicaciones, hoteleras… requieren de una gestión sencilla y amigable con sus usuarios y clientes. Es la primera toma de contacto con su negocio, la primera impresión cuenta.

    La situación actual ha provocado un cambio en la forma de consumir servicios y realizar trámites con la administración. Esto nos obliga a implementar una transformación digital ágil, segura y rápida, manteniendo siempre una gran experiencia de usuario.

    Le contaremos con una taza de café en mano, cómo ForgeRock puede ayudar en su estrategia CIAM, contándole cómo nuestros clientes están revolucionando sus negocios online.

    Enlace de la emisión del evento le será enviado dos días antes.
  • Open Banking Accelerators to Cut CDR Costs by Up to Two-thirds Recorded: Dec 16 2020 53 mins
    Adam Biviano(ForgeRock), Malcolm Broad (ForgeRock)
    Please join ForgeRock for our upcoming webinar where we will share our recently launched Consumer Data Right (CDR) Open Banking Accelerators. The tools give banks and financial service providers a low-cost way to build and test CDR systems, which can help them save up to 66% of the costs associated with meeting the mandatory roadmap to compliance.

    Our Accelerators address three primary use cases in the open banking framework for Onboarding, Consent, and Access Authorisation and include a variety of features to help you deploy Open APIs quickly and securely.

    During the session we will demonstrate the solution benefits, features and highlights of how our Open Banking Accelerators can help you achieve CDR compliance
  • Identity Bytes: Simplify Your Deployment Through DevOps Recorded: Dec 15 2020 28 mins
    Steven Jarosz - Distinguished Solutions Architect, ForgeRock
    DevOps is an ever growing area covering tools and processes which allow an organization to deliver services at a faster manner, through automation and continuous delivery. While DevOps is gaining more adoption, it is also a new to many organizations. ForgeRock has made significant investments to deliver a modern identity and access management solution that supports a multi-cloud DevOps deployment model utilizing containerization and orchestration technologies.

    This session will focus on;

    - Introducing you to DevOps tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Helm/Kustomize, and Skaffold
    - Highlighting our Architecture and Deployment using our Cloud Deployment Model and Cloud Development Kit
    - Showing a demonstration of ForgeOps
    - Describing the relationship with microservices
  • Identity Bytes: Digital Transformation Initiatives Need To Address Fraud Recorded: Dec 9 2020 31 mins
    Michael McCarthy - Principal Solution Architect, ForgeRock
    Organizations are embracing digital transformation to find new business opportunities and increase digital interaction with their customers. This reality opens up a new threat vector for fraudulent activity. When delivering new digital services, it is in an organization’s best interest to deploy controls to mitigate fraudulent activity by malicious entities.

    The key takeaways from demo session will include;

    - Delivering exceptional digital experiences while enforcing security intelligently
    - Securing the registration of a new user identity through proper identity verification
    - Providing stronger security through continuous authentication and authorization
    - Enabling end user control through self-service without compromising security
  • Beyond 2020 : Plan for a modern IAM Webinar Series Part 1: Why Modernize Recorded: Dec 2 2020 62 mins
    Avinash Rajeev, IAM Practice leader - PwC US LLP and Allan Foster, Chief Evangelist, ForgeRock
    Part 1: Why Modernize: Building the case for replacing legacy IAM systems

    Why make the investment when everything seems manageable as it is now? We build the case for replacing legacy IAM systems – from cost savings and risk reduction to driving customer experience, deploying new commercial services, and addressing corporate compliance.

    Join ForgeRock and PwC to learn exactly why a modern IAM platform its critical for for your digital transformation, and learn from the experts about

    - Short-term and long-term benefits of modernizing IAM
    - Preview of what a modern IAM deployment looks like
    - Potential roadblocks to consider and how to overcome them

    Bring your thoughts, questions and challenges to the table as we uncover the true value of modernizing your IAM system.
  • Solving CIAM Challenges To Drive Customer Loyalty & Revenue Recorded: Nov 19 2020 60 mins
    Andras Cser, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Mary Writz, VP of Product Management at ForgeRock
    Forrester has recently published The Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), Q4 2020, which provides a thorough overview of the market and ForgeRock was named a leader in this report. CIAM is among the most exciting and important area in technology, as customer experience is key to driving loyalty and revenue.

    Many organizations are moving more to the cloud to support customer-facing opportunities but also need to support their on-prem legacy applications. To support this reality and enable a smooth migration to the cloud, today’s enterprises require a comprehensive hybrid cloud IAM strategy.

    Join Forgerock and guest speaker Forrester for a compelling webinar to learn how to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud through a comprehensive hybrid cloud IAM strategy and more about the criteria and methodology of the Forrester report. You will learn:

    - Key trends affecting customer experience
    - Easy-to-deploy technologies that enable customer registration, authentication and self-service
    - Technology buying behaviors, recommendations, and predictions in access management.

    If time does not permit you to join us, no problem, register today and we'll send you the replay.
  • Automate & Accelerate IAM Deployment with DevOps and Kubernetes Recorded: Nov 19 2020 45 mins
    Nick Caley (ForgeRock) & Folkert Potsma (Midships)
    Our presenters will discuss and demonstrate the benefits of automating your IAM deployment with Midships ForgeRock Accelerators.

    Nick & Folkert will explore how DevOps, automation, and infrastructure orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes are providing organisations with core tools and capabilities to securely deploy identity and access management solutions on any platform and at any time in an agile manner.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how Midships DevOps accelerators can help you to:

    - Reduce risk as your IAM services are completely immutable
    - Drastically reduce deployment time to market
    - Save costs through efficient management of resources

    Nick Caley - ForgeRock
    Folkert Potsma - Midships
    Taweh Ruhle - Midships
    Juan Redondo - Midships

    By registering for this webinar you agree ForgeRock will maintain and process your personal information for communicating with you. The following partner(s) of the above webinar(s) will have access to the list of registrants, including your contact information: Midships (https://www.midships.io/)
  • Digital Identity: Enabling the Contact Centre of the Future Recorded: Oct 15 2020 26 mins
    Adam Butler, Telco & Media Industry Lead & Steve Gerrard, Senior Manager, Solution Architecture, ForgeRock
    When customers are calling, how do you offer a secure but great customer experience?

    In the year that everything changed, organisations have seen large portions of their customer base switch from traditional physical channels to interacting in digital channels for the first time. This has presented its own set of challenges, from trying to meet an unprecedented demand, to providing a superior customer experience with a workforce that has often been forced to work remotely, away from their normal office environment.

    Often when customers are navigating digital channels and run into an issue, their usual next step is to reach out to the contact centre to seek human involvement to solve the problem. The key challenges for any business operating a contact centre are:

    - Reducing Average Handling Time (AHT) and increasing First Call Resolution (FCR)?
    - Authenticating customers quickly and effectively, so that you are positive that the person you are speaking with is the person they claim to be
    - Extracting important and valuable context from a digital channel interaction, seamlessly into the contact centre channel?

    During this 30 minute demo, we will walk you through the customer journey to highlight these use cases. There are many more, however this is designed to show you just some of the key features that are currently available.
  • Why Your Enterprise Should Embrace Passwordless Authentication Recorded: Oct 14 2020 60 mins
    Johan Fantenberg(ForgeRock), Barney Chan(Tindo), Amit Lavi(Secret Double Octopus)
    Please join ForgeRock, Tindo, and Secret Double Octopus for our upcoming panel discussion on “Why Your Enterprise Should Embrace Passwordless Authentication” where we will delve into how true passwordless authentication will change the security landscape for enterprises.

    Today, passwords are no longer a viable authentication factor but instead a liability as they have become the favored entry point for attackers. Current alternative solutions consist of traditional two-factor authentication solutions, software tokens, SMS delivered codes, biometric scanners but are they enough to secure your enterprise?

    Johan, Amit & Barney will explore how to achieve the strongest passwordless solutions that are built on proprietary cryptography which is provenly resistant to user-side and man-in-the-middle attacks and provides a smooth and universal user experience.

    By registering for this webinar you agree ForgeRock will maintain and process your personal information for communicating with you. The following partner(s) of the above webinar(s) will have access to the list of registrants, including your contact information: Tindo (https://www.tindogroup.com/), Secret Double Octopus (https://doubleoctopus.com/legal/website-privacy-settings/)
  • Éliminez les risques et réduisez les coûts grâce à Autonomous Identity Recorded: Oct 13 2020 38 mins
    Léonard Moustacchis
    Découvrir comment l'analyse des identités et des autorisations basée sur l'IA peut aider à réduire les coûts, atténuer les risques et automatiser les privilèges d'accès.

    Les équipes informatiques et de sécurité ont du mal à gérer les anciennes solutions d'identité et à suivre manuellement des milliers de demandes d'accès et d'approbations quotidiennes. Combiné à des problématiques de contrôles d'accès basés sur les rôles (RBAC), la situation est encore plus difficile à gérer car de plus en plus d'employés travaillent à distance.

    Une nouvelle approche est en train d'émerger. Les solutions d'identité basées sur l'intelligence artificielle (IA) aident à identifier la sécurité et à accéder aux angles morts, permettant aux entreprises de comprendre rapidement qui a accès à quoi et pourquoi.

    Inscrivez-vous ici

    Dans ce webinaire, découvrez :

    - Pourquoi les anciennes solutions d'identité ne peuvent pas répondre aux besoins des entreprises d'aujourd'hui
    - Comment réduire les coûts en tirant parti d'une solution basée sur l'IA
    - Comment optimiser vos investissements en gouvernance des identités
    - Comment améliorer la visibilité, le contrôle et la gestion des accès dans toute l'entreprise
  • Maximize Your Identity Investments with AI-Driven Identity Analytics Recorded: Oct 8 2020 58 mins
    Merritt Maxim - VP, Research Director, Forrester and Tim Bedard Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Forgerock
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming even more popular in addressing security risks as it enables organizations to quickly understand who has access to what and why. With new AI-driven identity analytics solutions, IT and Security teams can take action based on user access confidence scores that can help automate an organization’s access and certification requests. AI is more than not just your father’s Oldsmobile, it’s like your neighbor’s Tesla Model X.

    Join our guests from Forrester and ForgeRock to hear how AI-driven identity analytics can maximize the business value of your existing identity solutions.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    * Why Legacy Identity Solutions are Falling Down?
    * How To Grow The Business By Leveraging an AI-driven Solution
    * How modern AI-driven solutions can increase the business value of existing Identity Governance investments
    * How companies can gain better user access visibility, control and remediation across their enterprises
  • Elimine el riesgo y reduzca los costos con el análisis de identidades Recorded: Oct 8 2020 32 mins
    Carlos Scott
    Las organizaciones globales están bajo una presión constante para reducir costes, mientras mitigan los crecientes riesgos de seguridad. Los equipos de TI y Seguridad luchan por administrar las soluciones de identidad heredadas y mantenerse al día mediante procesos manuales, con miles de solicitudes de acceso, aprobaciones y revisiones todos los días. Combinado con problemáticos controles de acceso basados en roles (RBAC), esto lo hace aún más difícil de administrar, máxime con el período actual y el incremento del número de empleados trabajando remotamente.

    Está surgiendo un nuevo enfoque. Las nuevas soluciones de identidad basadas en inteligencia artificial (IA) están ayudando a identificar la seguridad y el acceso a puntos ciegos, lo que permite a las organizaciones comprender rápidamente quién tiene acceso a qué y por qué.
  • Containerization of Directory Services - Enabling a new deployment paradigm Recorded: Sep 30 2020 61 mins
    Ludovic Poitou and Steve Giovannetti
    ForgeRock is changing the future of Directory Services with the latest update to the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

    Containerization of Directory Services, once a potentially complex deployment option, is now an entirely possible and streamlined solution!

    Join ForgeRock and Hub City Media for a look at the latest updates, suggestions for a successful containerized deployment, and the possibilities that come with the new enhancements in ForgeRock's Identity Platform.

    ForgeRock Product Management Director - Ludovic Poitou - will review the seismic updates and the new functionality available with ForgeRock Identity Platform, providing expanded options and new frameworks. Deployments can now be delivered more efficiently and succinctly, as well as with simplicity to run on containers. Ludovic will also cover which elements of the platform are auto-scalable and which are not.

    Hub City Media CTO and Founder - Steve Giovannetti - will dive into the consistently valid and successful architectures and implementations traditionally used to deploy Directory Services.

    Join this webinar to explore all of the new options that the ForgeRock Identity Platform delivers.
  • AI and Analytics in IAM Recorded: Sep 10 2020 63 mins
    Dennis Haake, AI Architect - ForgeRock & Gaurav Tandon, Sr Manager - Accenture
    (virtual meetup)

    The goal of IAM is to ensure that all users have access to all the data and systems they need to do their job while at same time minimising the attack surface by not over provisioning access.
    As systems becomes larger and more complex and the user populations grows this becomes harder and harder.

    Artificial intelligence and analytics offers a way to focus the identity and access governance on key objects that offers the greatest potential for improved security at the lowest cost.

    How do you avoid entitlements creep? How do you avoid that recertification campaigns end up being just a mechanical click fest where that only serves to annoy the business? How can you distinguish normal access pattern from a covert attack?

    Dennis Haake from ForgeRock will provide an overview of AI in IAM and Gaurav Tandon from Accenture will provide some examples of the key use cases where AI can improve outcomes and lower costs.

    Due to covid this meetup will be held online and the event is presented in cooperation with Amsterdam Digital Identity Meetup.
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation with ForgeRock Digital Identity Recorded: Sep 8 2020 53 mins
    Darryl Jones, Product Management Director at ForgeRock, Andrei Dumitru Executive Partner at IT Smart Systems.
    Join ForgeRock and IT Smart Systems as they share their insights on how to adopt a Modern Digital Identity Platform in your organization.

    In this interactive discussion, we'll talk about:
    - The value of a modern IAM solution integrated across all digital touch-points
    - The ForgeRock modernize IAM accelerator toolkits and how they can help your migration project
    - How to accelerate migration from Legacy CA SiteMinder to the ForgeRock Identity Platform
    - What's next after modernization? Zero Trust, Cloud, Passwordless...

    Bring your thoughts, questions and challenges to the table as we uncover the true value of modernizing your Identity and Access Management system.
The Modern Identity Platform for Your Consumers, Workforce, and Things
ForgeRock®, the leader in digital identity, delivers modern and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solutions for consumers, employees and things to simply and safely access the connected world.

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  • Title: A practical approach to DevOps: Best practices and lessons learned
  • Live at: Jun 11 2020 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Stijn Vorstenbosch & Priya Kesar - PwC and Patryk Krolikow - ForgeRock
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