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Reducing Application Risk: What Technology Can & Can’t Protect Against

Applications are the primary target of attack due to their prevalence and inherent exposure, and require a solid defense in depth strategy to reduce risk. This on-demand webinar aims to educate IT and development teams on technologies available to build and deploy more secure software systems and debunks common myths about what each can and cannot protect.

Topics include:

- Network vs. Application Security
- Secure Communication Technologies: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), -
Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
- Hardening and Lockdown Tools: integrity checkers, anti-virus, access control, vulnerability assessment, and run-time application self-protection (RASP)
- Shields Up: building stronger defenses
Recorded Jan 12 2018 49 mins
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Presented by
Mike Cooper, Sr. Security Manager, Security Innovation
Presentation preview: Reducing Application Risk:  What Technology Can & Can’t Protect Against

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  • Slashing Cloud Risk: 3 Must-Do's Sep 25 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Joe Basirico, VP of Services at Security Innovation
    The cloud is a cost-effective way to provide maximum accessibility for your customers. However, organizations often fail to optimize and configure it properly for their environment, leaving them inadvertently exposed.

    Attend this webcast to learn proven techniques that reduce cloud risk, including:

    • Building applications to leverage automation and built-in cloud controls
    • Securing access control and key management
    • Ensuring essential services are running, reachable, and securely hardened
  • Take the Industry’s Most Authentic Cyber Range for a Security Test Drive Recorded: Sep 18 2019 31 mins
    Brandon Cooper, Sales Support Engineer
    Unique to the industry, CMD+CTRL are interactive cyber ranges where staff compete to find vulnerabilities in business applications in real-time – learning quickly, that attack and defense are about thinking on your feet, creativity and adaptability.

Every two weeks, we will offer the opportunity to test drive CMD+CTRL for 24 hours. We'll open up our CMD+CTRL to anyone to participate, score points, and see how they do.

We will start with a 30 minute live demo to go over the features and functionality of CMD+CTRL, Q&A, and provide the login URL and credentials for your free 24 hour access and you can begin testing your skills immediately.

Sign up to test drive CMD+CTRL!
  • A Fresh, New Look for the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Recorded: Sep 10 2019 35 mins
    Lisa Parcella, VP of Product and Marketing and Elizabeth Xu, CMD+CTRL Product Manager
    After running 300+ customer, community and industry events, Security Innovation has received some great feedback to further enhance our award-winning CMD+CTRL Cyber Range. We’ve taken that feedback and made some major improvements to our newly released CMD+CTRL user interface.

    In this live webinar, we will unveil the new and improved CMD+CTRL platform, showcasing how it provides players with an improved learning environment, and administrators now have maximum control over in-house events.

    The new CMD+CTRL experience includes:
    * Enhanced Gamification Experience
    * Seamless Event Switching
    * Dedicated Player Report Card
    * Admin All-in-One mode
    * Instant Event Setup
    * Event Specific Dashboards

    Join us for a first look at all of the new features our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range has to offer.

    Register today to save your seat!
  • Risk-Based Testing for IoT Systems Recorded: Jun 11 2019 48 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation
    IoT Systems provide powerful, flexible features for IT systems — tracking, monitoring, and other data sharing. Today’s IoT devices utilize microservices and APIs that make them easy to put into production. But securing them isn’t as easy.

    This webinar will look at security risks of IoT devices, interfaces, and implementations. We’ll provide practical steps and checklists any DevOps team can use to make their IoT components as secure as possible. We’ll also cover some testing best practices that can be done pre- and post-production to verify security and resilience on an ongoing basis. 

    About the Speaker
    Ed Adams is a software quality and security expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. He served as a member of the Security Innovation Board of Directors since its inception in 2002 and took over as CEO in 2003. Ed is a Research Fellow at The Ponemon Institute, serves on the board of several IT security organizations, and was named a Privacy by Design Ambassador by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Canada.
  • Come See LetSee Cyber Range Recorded: May 23 2019 47 mins
    Lisa Parcella, VP of Product and Marketing and Brandon Cooper, Cyber Range Support Specialist
    Finding security experts is hard, but training emerging experts is becoming easier! Security Innovation’s CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges feature intentionally vulnerable web and mobile applications that teach teams how applications are attacked by actively exploiting them, creating higher engagement and retention.

    The CMD+CTRL Cyber Range suite includes several banking websites - you may have heard of ShadowBank, the original and most popular cyber range - as well as a back-office HR application, social media app , mobile fitness tracker app and our newest edition, LetSee!

    LetSee is an online marketplace that lets users shop and sell a variety of hand-made and vintage goods. LetSee is also our first Single Page App (SPA) with a heavy focus on API vulnerabilities.

    Come see LetSee along with our entire Cyber Range suite and get 24 hour access post-webinar to test your hacking skills with our newest application!
  • Cyber Ranges: A New Approach to Security Recorded: May 9 2019 38 mins
    Chad Holmes, Product Marketing Manager
    In order to address the widening security skills gap, organizations are beginning to investigate non traditional methods for identifying, training, improving and retaining talent.

    Among the methods being adopted are more immersive experiences that focus on teaching team members how to think and act like an attacker. This approach supplements the traditional engineering “find the bug, fix the bug” focus and enables a much wider pool of talent to become aware, educated and improved.

    This talk will provide an introduction to simulation environments like Cyber Ranges, differentiate them from gamification systems, and discuss the emerging delivery, adoption and organizational lessons learned that are driving further adoption. Additionally, information will be available to anyone who wants to try a Cyber Range at the end of the session!
  • Connected Cars: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Recorded: Apr 3 2019 55 mins
    Dr. Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute and Ed Adams of Security Innovation
    Millions of cars with tens of millions of lines of code are already talking to servers and each other. According to the Ponemon Research Institute, 63% of manufacturers test less than half of the technologies in your car for vulnerabilities and only 33% train developers on secure coding methods.

    However, there is a new IT system going into cars that was built with security and privacy by design. This “Talking Cars” safety of life program, which is estimated to save 10,000 lives per year, is one of the few automotive technologies that is secure and private for drivers.

    This webinar discusses the trade-off between safety, privacy, and convenience. It will also examine the 10-year Privacy by Design system used in “Talking Cars” and how other technology projects can benefit from similar due diligence.

    • Connected cars – threats and attack surface
    • Review of the most current research on automotive IT security and privacy
    • Blueprint for excellence: Security & Privacy in the “Talking Cars” program

    Though basic knowledge of cybersecurity and privacy is helpful, this webinar is for anyone who wants to better understand connected car technology and how to design resilient IT systems. The speakers, Dr. Larry Ponemon and Ed Adams, are experts in their field and deliver this information-rich webinar.
  • Is Blockchain Right for You? The Million Dollar Question. Recorded: Mar 13 2019 34 mins
    Mick Ayzenberg, Sr. Security Engineer and Blockchain Center of Excellence Lead
    Blockchain is a promising technology getting a lot of attention these days; however, organizations aren’t entirely sure how it might improve business operations, what the risk implications are, and the security savviness needed to implement securely.

    This webcast will address the most pressing issues and misconceptions surrounding Blockchain today, including:

    • What is Blockchain?
    • What are the new technologies I need to understand?
    • Use Cases: where is Blockchain most advantageous?
    • Snooze Cases: where/when is Blockchain a bad idea?
    • What are the most common pitfalls with Blockchain?
  • Privacy: The New Software Development Dilemma Recorded: Feb 28 2019 62 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski, Principal Security Engineer and Trainer
    Software runs our world — the cars we drive, the phones we use, the websites we browse, the entertainment we consume. In every instance privacy risks abound. How do software development teams design and build software to ensure privacy data is protected?

    Attend this webcast to learn practical tips to build software applications that protect privacy data. Understand the requirements of new laws such as GDPR and the impact they have on software development.

    Topics covered:
    • Designing for Privacy: least privilege and compartmentalization
    • Creating privacy impact rating
    • Implementing application privacy controls
    • Techniques for effective privacy testing
  • Creating an Effective Application Privacy Policy Recorded: Feb 12 2019 61 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski, Sr. Security Engineer and Trainer
    From executives to software developers and database administrators, each role plays an important part in protecting privacy data. But what does an effective privacy program look like for the teams that build and operate the software applications that powers your enterprise?

    This webcast will describe how to build powerful policies that can be easily understood and implemented in today’s continuous delivery and DevOps approaches.

    Topics include:

    Privacy Concerns for Software Applications
    Threats, Regulations, and Laws
    Guidelines for Building Privacy Policy
    Privacy Engineering Principles
    Data Collection, Retention, and Consent

    This Webcast is ideal for policy makers, program leads, compliance managers, and privacy officers. Development and IT Operations teams will also gain valuable insight into how to protect data throughout the entire application lifecycle.
  • Privacy Secrets Your Systems May Be Telling Recorded: Jan 29 2019 60 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski, Principal Security Instructor, Security Innovation
    Privacy has overtaken security as a top concern for many organizations. New laws such as GDPR come with steep fines and stringent rules, and more are certainly to come. Attend this webcast to learn how everyday business operations put customer privacy data at risk. More importantly understand best practices on protecting this data and dealing with disclosure requirements. 

Topics include:
    * Types of privacy and threats to them
    * How is privacy different than security?
    * Business systems putting you most at risk
  • The Great DevOps Debate: Evolution or Revolution? Recorded: Dec 13 2018 63 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO and Roman Garber, Development & Security Manager
    DevOps continues to be a buzzword in the software development and operations world, but is it really a paradigm shift? It depends on what lens you view it through.

    Roman Garber, an active software security engineering and software team lead thinks so. Ed Adams, Security Innovation CEO, a 20-year software quality veteran and former mechanical engineer, curmudgeonly disagrees.

    Watch our on-demand session to decide which side of the fence you're on.
  • Your Bank’s Digital Side Door Recorded: Nov 27 2018 55 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation
    A widely-used but little known technology has created a vulnerable “Side Door” to thousands of financial institutions in North America. This discovery started with a simple question: why does my bank require multi-factor authentication (MFA), but Quicken does not? This led to an exploration of the 20-year old Open Financial Exchange (OFX) protocol and the 3000+ North American banks that support it.  The conclusion:  80% of banks supporting OFX have no MFA support, putting consumers at risk by exposing login credentials. 

    This presentation provides a summary of our research. It also describes how organizations can assess and mitigate enterprise risk posed by OFX.  Topics include:

    · Open Financial Exchange (OFX) protocol — how it works and where it’s vulnerable 

    · Research findings —  OFX security vulnerabilities that create enterprise and consumer risk

    · Compliance implications - using a known vulnerable component creates headaches

    · Assessment techniques — commercial scanning tools don’t work with OFX. Learn how to assess this risk quickly

    ·Mitigation techniques — compensating controls that reduce exposure while using the OFX protocol
  • Security Best Practices for Regular Users Recorded: Oct 4 2018 48 mins
    Roman Garber
    Data breaches happen all the time, but that only happens to large enterprises, right? What about me? How can you alter behaviors to better protect yourself and your family from personal attacks, phishing scams and the like?

    In this webinar, geared to everyday users, we will show you how to easily and quickly protect yourself from the breaches that lurk all around us:

    •The What and How Behind Your Personal Threat Model
    •Quick and Easy Steps for Password Protection and Two Factor Authentication
    •Everyone’s Watching: How to Manage Your Online Privacy While Remaining Social

    Join cybersecurity expert, Roman Garber, from Security Innovation for an inside look into protecting your and your families’ personal assets so you won’t become a victim of online threats and breaches.
  • 5 Best Practices for Slashing Enterprise Risk Recorded: Oct 2 2018 62 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation and Holger Schulze, CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders
    Despite software being the primary target of attacks, organizations still fall woefully short with even basic security hygiene:

    53% lack significant resources to detect and remediate application vulnerabilities

    42% blame "rushing to release” for not establishing secure coding procedures

    Limited budgets, low-security awareness, and lack of skilled personnel compound problems.

    Join cybersecurity experts from Security Innovation and Cybersecurity Insiders as they explore the current security landscape and present actionable measures for integrating best practices into your software development process that will help slash enterprise risk.

    You will learn:
    - How your organization stacks-up in comparison to your peers
    - Top challenges and roadblocks to effectively protect your applications
    - Best practices to improve your security posture
  • IoT Security – Debunking the “We Aren’t THAT Connected” Myth Recorded: Jun 12 2018 56 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation
    In a world where convenience is key, consumers are adopting every new connected device that hits the shelves - and doing so with the assumption that due diligence security has been considered. But recent IoT attacks suggest otherwise.

    As organizations migrate from a primarily offline to online business model, they are failing to consider IoT’s unique threats which traditional solutions are unable to secure. As a result, steps must be taken to ensure that the device, connections and infrastructure are hardened, especially software which runs IoT devices and is the source of ~90% of attacks.

    This webinar is ideal for risk, technology, and security professionals that want to understand why a hacker would want to attack their “harmless” IoT device and what the stealth risk to their organization and consumers is.

    Topics covered include:

    - IoT security – why it’s so different….and tough
    - The IoT ecosystem and attack surface
    - Managing liability - IoT risks to consumers and vendors
    - Auditing IoT software development
  • Threat Modeling – Locking the Door on Vulnerabilities Recorded: May 9 2018 63 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO by day, engineer at heart
    Did you lock the door before leaving your house this morning? If you did, you threat modeled without even realizing it. Threat modeling is identifying potential threats (house robbery) and implementing measures to mitigate the risk (locking your door).

    Protecting valuable assets, no matter if personal assets or business-related assets such as the software you are developing, threat modeling should become an instinctual and necessary part of your process.

    Our talk highlights how nearly 50% of security flaws can be mitigated through threat modeling. We help you prevent and mitigate risks by utilizing a reliable and hard-hitting analysis technique that can be applied to individual applications or across an entire portfolio. We show you how to effectively apply these techniques at the start of the design phase and throughout every phase of the development lifecycle so you can maximize the ROI of your security efforts.

    Topics covered include:
    • Threat Modeling 101
    • The propagating effect of poor design
    • Tabletop exercise – a world with and without threat modeling
    • Best practices and metrics for every stakeholder
  • GDPR: The AppSec Twist Recorded: Mar 21 2018 63 mins
    Roman Garber, Development Manager at Security Innovation and Edward Skraba, Lead Penetration Tester at Smarttech247
    When GDPR becomes law in a few months, it will be the most wide-ranging and stringent data protection initiative in history. To prepare for this sea change, most organizations have streamlined and detailed their information security policies; however, many are unaware that immature application security programs arguably pose the biggest threat of a data breach. This oft-forgotten piece of data protection puts organizations at risk of GDPR fines.  

    Attend this joint webinar with Security Innovation and Smarttech247 to learn practical tips on incorporating application security best practices into an InfoSec program to achieve GDPR compliance. 

    Topics include:  
    * Summary of GDPR key concepts
    * Security of data processing in software and the CIA triad
    * The people and process problem of GDPR: Governance
    * Using Data Protection by Design for secure design and business logic
    * Assessments to verify the security of processing

    Roman Garber, Security Innovation
    Edward Skraba, Smarttech247
  • The OWASP Top 10 2017 - Let's Cut to The Chase Recorded: Feb 7 2018 60 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski and Mark Burnett
    What Do You REALLY Need to Know About the New OWASP Top Ten?

    The OWASP Top Ten is the de-facto web application security standard because it reflects the evolving threat landscape, providing organizations a framework to manage and mitigate application security risk.

    This dual-presenter format will examine the critical newcomers and pesky incumbents from both an offensive and defensive perspective. Attend to get our expert insight on how to harden Web applications and align your program towards OWASP compliance.

    Topics covered include:

    - The newcomers – why they are so tricky and elude traditional test efforts
    - XSS and Injection – mistakes organizations keep making that land these preventable threats on every Top Ten list
    - Design flaws that cause them and coding errors that expose them
    - High impact activities that reduce exploitability, prevalence and impact

    Meet the Presenters:

    Kevin Poniatowski, Sr. Security Instructor & Engineer at Security Innovation, brings an optimal blend of speaking ability, technical savvy, and an insatiable passion for security to Security Innovation's training customers. Kevin entered the application security field in 2007 with Security Innovation, where he has split time between application security course development and delivering instructor-led courses.

    Mark Burnett is a security consultant, author, and researcher who specializes in application security, authentication, and hardening Microsoft Windows-based servers and networks. Since 1999 he has worked in numerous areas of IT security, developing unique strategies and techniques for protecting critical assets. Mark is author and coauthor of a number of security books and publishes security articles for several web sites, newsletters, and magazines.
  • Reducing Application Risk: What Technology Can & Can’t Protect Against Recorded: Jan 12 2018 49 mins
    Mike Cooper, Sr. Security Manager, Security Innovation
    Applications are the primary target of attack due to their prevalence and inherent exposure, and require a solid defense in depth strategy to reduce risk. This on-demand webinar aims to educate IT and development teams on technologies available to build and deploy more secure software systems and debunks common myths about what each can and cannot protect.

    Topics include:

    - Network vs. Application Security
    - Secure Communication Technologies: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), -
    Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
    - Hardening and Lockdown Tools: integrity checkers, anti-virus, access control, vulnerability assessment, and run-time application self-protection (RASP)
    - Shields Up: building stronger defenses
Securing software in the connected world
In today's connected world, software runs everything - from smart phones to banking applications, cars to home security systems, even refrigerators, garage doors and other every day devices are "connected." Software is everywhere – and unfortunately, it provides the largest attack surface for hackers. We are a cybersecurity company leveraging our deep knowledge of software security to create relevant products and services.

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  • Title: Reducing Application Risk: What Technology Can & Can’t Protect Against
  • Live at: Jan 12 2018 7:50 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Cooper, Sr. Security Manager, Security Innovation
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