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Is Blockchain Right for You? The Million Dollar Question.

Blockchain is a promising technology getting a lot of attention these days; however, organizations aren’t entirely sure how it might improve business operations, what the risk implications are, and the security savviness needed to implement securely.

This webcast will address the most pressing issues and misconceptions surrounding Blockchain today, including:

• What is Blockchain?
• What are the new technologies I need to understand?
• Use Cases: where is Blockchain most advantageous?
• Snooze Cases: where/when is Blockchain a bad idea?
• What are the most common pitfalls with Blockchain?
Recorded Mar 13 2019 34 mins
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Presented by
Mick Ayzenberg, Sr. Security Engineer and Blockchain Center of Excellence Lead
Presentation preview: Is Blockchain Right for You? The Million Dollar Question.

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  • Back to Basics: The importance of security principles in technical roles Recorded: Jul 16 2020 63 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation
    Principle-based approaches have long been at the core of “traditional” engineering disciplines. However, when it comes to building software and IT systems, best practices around encryption, access control, and authorization are often lackluster. The ability to understand and apply security concepts is essential to protecting today’s digital business.

    Join host Ed Adams, a Ponemon Institute research fellow, for a panel discussion with security professionals whose collective experience spans Fortune 500 technology, financial services, and medical device industries.

    Founder of I Am the Cavalry (dot org). His approach to security in the context of human factors, adversary motivations, and social impact has helped position him as one of the most trusted names in security.

    Leader of the Global Information Product Security function at Alcon. She holds several patents in information security, privacy, and reliability and was an invited council member of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC).

    CISSP, CISM, CSSLP. A prolific author and advocate for building security into the SDLC with software-quality and security activities, tools, processes, and education.

    Topics to be discussed:

    * Why and for whom are security principles important?
    * Have principles become a lost art form, or did they never really take off?
    * What is the most underutilized principle? Does it vary based on tech stack and deployment?

    We'll also be raffling off three copies of Mark Merkow's latest book "Secure, Resilient, and Agile Software Development" during the webinar.
  • The PCI Secure Software Life Cycle Standard (SLC) Recorded: Jun 3 2020 60 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski, Principal Security Instructor
    Securing payment software, transactions and data

    The PCI SLC outlines security requirements and assessment procedures to help ensure payment software adequately protects the integrity and confidentiality of payment transactions and data. It provides payment software vendors with nine control objectives that set the stage for secure and repeatable development. These controls are very likely to become requirements for all in the future.

    Join this webcast to understand how to:

    • Identify and mitigate common threats and vulnerabilities defined in the PCI Secure SLC standard
    • Build an environment for secure software development, change control, and management
    • Improve communications for secure deployment, configuration and software updates
    • Document and demonstrate evidence of compliance to validate your practices
  • How to Develop, Test & Maintain Secure Systems (While Being PCI Compliant) Recorded: May 20 2020 62 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski, Principal Security Engineer & Trainer
    To ensure critical data can only be accessed by authorized personnel, it is paramount to integrate security best practices during development. It’s equally important to protect deployed systems, especially in CI/CD (continuous integration and deployment) and DevOps environments.

    Attend this webcast to learn techniques to define, design, develop, test, and maintain secure systems. Particular focus will be paid to software-dependent systems.

    Topics include:
    • Identifying and risk-rating common vulnerabilities
    • Applying practices such as least privilege, input/output sanitation, and system hardening
    • Implementing test techniques for system components, COTS, and custom software
  • Protect Sensitive Data (and be PCI Compliant, too!) Recorded: May 7 2020 59 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski, Principal Security Instructor
    Sensitive data is vulnerable when it is stored insecurely and transmitted over open networks. The PCI Security Council takes a hard line on protecting cardholder data and describes specific methods to comply with its standards.

    Attend this webinar to better understand methods that make data theft more difficult for attackers and render stolen data unusable.

    Topics covered:

    • Properly protecting stored cardholder data - encryption, hashing, masking and truncation

    • Securing data during transmission - using strong cipher suites, valid certificates, and strong TLS security

    • How to identify and mitigate missing encryption
  • Most Dangerous Security Gaps That Enterprises Should Avoid (During WFH) Recorded: May 7 2020 63 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO and President, Security Innovation and Bikash Barai, Co-founder, FireCompass
    Our security practices need to evolve to address the new challenges propped up by the rapid adoption of technologies and products to enable the world to WFH. The mantra of the attacker remains consistent - attack that which yields maximum results - and that is usually something used by a very very large number of users.

    Key Points To Be Discussed:
    New attack techniques hackers are using targeting WFH
    How to handle decentralisation of IT and technology decisions
    Application risks as enterprises pivot to online/new business model(s)
    New risks in the Cloud due to Shadow IT
    Security risks due to uninformed employees & their home infrastructure
    How to handle Misconfigurations & Third-party risks
    How to build a robust breach response and recovery program?
  • Executive’s Guide to DevSecOps Recorded: Apr 22 2020 50 mins
    Ed Adams, President and CEO, Security Innovation
    DevOps brings the potential of faster time to market and higher quality software applications.  But to accelerate adoption or realize its full benefit, organizations need to adapt to the policy, staff, and technology changes that inherently accompany it.   

    Join us for an educational webinar that examines DevOps from an implementation and risk perspective and how to minimize organizational impact.

    Topics include:
    * What’s the difference? DevOps vs. other development approaches
    * Third-party risk:  COTS, open source, and cloud
    * Implications of accelerated development and automation 
    * Making room for DevOps: organizational changes
  • Securing the Third-Party Software Supply Chain Recorded: Mar 12 2020 45 mins
    Ed Adams, President and CEO, Security Innovation
    Today, a significant percentage of all software is assembled from open-source software and COTS. Akin to a baker who didn’t grow their ingredients, how well do development teams know their ingredients and the inherent risk they carry?

    This webinar provides an understanding of how to “shift left” in a DevOps SDLC by conducting early stage scrutiny to better manage software risk. Topics include:

    •Choosing components wisely to reduce attack surface
    •Ongoing threat modeling
    •Cloud configuration and deployment review
    •Procurement strategies and contracting tools
    •Mitigating weaknesses in supply chain elements
  • Securing the Modern Enterprise: Software Total Risk Management (SToRM) Framework Recorded: Feb 20 2020 55 mins
    Ed Adams, President and CEO, Security Innovation
    The proliferation and complexity of software-enabled systems have amplified risk for many organizations. Conventional approaches to software security don’t work, typically encompassing no more running vulnerability scanning. Executives need a better way to understand which products, systems, and teams are putting their enterprise at most risk – and deploy appropriate action plans.

    SToRM represents a new approach for enterprises to more effectively assess and protect software-dependent IT systems. Change your approach – evolve from a vulnerability focused approached to risk-based one. Learn pragmatic steps to ensure you’re mitigating the most risk with limited resources, time, and budget.

    Topics include:

    • Why traditional approaches aren’t working
    • How to identify risks at the business workflow and IT system levels
    • Techniques to calibrate assessment and mitigation efforts
  • Aligning Application Security & Compliance Recorded: Jan 21 2020 49 mins
    Ed Adams, President and CEO, Security Innovation
    Regulatory compliance mandates have historically focused on IT & endpoint security as the primary means to protect data. However, as our digital economy has increasingly become software dependent, standards bodies have dutifully added requirements as they relate to development and deployment practices. Enterprise applications and cloud-based services constantly store and transmit data; yet, they are often difficult to understand and assess for compliance.

    This webcast will present a practical approach towards mapping application security practices to common compliance frameworks. It will discuss how to define and enact a secure, repeatable software development lifecycle (SDLC) and highlight activities that can be leveraged across multiple compliance controls. Topics include:

    * Consolidating security and compliance controls
    * Creating application security standards for development and operations teams
    * Identifying and remediating gaps between current practices and industry accepted "best practices”
  • How to Hijack a Pizza Delivery Robot with Injection Flaws Recorded: Dec 17 2019 64 mins
    Joe Basirico, VP of Services at Security Innovation
    Welcome to the lighter side of the software security world!

    We’ll explain complex topics like injection flaws, configuration errors, and parameter tampering with real-world analogies, like breaking into your house through your shed, or sneaking into a Coldplay concert using a reflective yellow vest, a walkie talkie toy, and your bravado. If you’ve ever struggled to remember exactly how these issues work or struggled to explain them to someone outside of the security field, this presentation will help (and probably make you laugh).

    Topics covered include:
    - Injection Flaws
    - XSS
    - SQL Injection
    - Broken Authentication
    - Privilege Escalation
    - Information Disclosure
    - Parameter Tampering
    - Configuration Errors

    This webinar is ideal for anyone who wants to understand core Application Security concepts so they can apply risk mitigation strategies with better context.
  • How an Attacker "Audits" Your Software Applications Recorded: Nov 19 2019 63 mins
    Joe Basirico, VP of Services at Security Innovation
    Software runs today’s business; however, security implications are often misunderstood, creating significant organizational risk. Poorly configured servers, 3rd-party software, and continuous release cycles put additional pressure on already stressed teams.

    Hackers no longer just exploit vulnerabilities in code -- faulty cloud deployments, weak database structures, and business logic problems are also easy targets for attackers. To reduce risk, you’ve got to audit your system in the same way an attacker would.

    This presentation demonstrates how attackers compromise the modern enterprise. For each attack demonstrated, mitigation practices will be discussed. WARNING: software will be harmed during this presentation. Viewer discretion advised.

    Topics include:

    - The modern technology stack
    - Easy pickings – hacking demonstrations!!
    - Auditing software-based systems:
    o Standards and policies
    o System updates and patching
    o Data leakage/exfiltration
    o Identity & access management
    o System logs and tracking
    o Tamper protections and detection
    o Authentication and access controls
  • Assessing System Risk the Smart Way Recorded: Oct 16 2019 61 mins
    Ed Adams, President and CEO, Security Innovation
    Information systems in the digital age are complex and expansive, with attack vectors coming in from every angle. This makes analyzing risk challenging, but more critical than ever.

    Attend this webcast to better understand the dynamics of modern IT systems, security controls that protect them, and best practices for adherence to today’s GRC requirements.

    Topics include:
    · Threats, vulnerabilities, weaknesses – why their difference matters
    · How vulnerability scanning can help (and hinder) your efforts
    · Security engineering and the system development lifecycle
    · High impact activities - application risk rating and threat modeling
  • Slashing Cloud Risk: 3 Must-Do's Recorded: Sep 25 2019 55 mins
    Joe Basirico, SVP of Engineering at Security Innovation
    The cloud is a cost-effective way to provide maximum accessibility for your customers. However, organizations often fail to optimize and configure it properly for their environment, leaving them inadvertently exposed.

    Attend this webcast to learn proven techniques that reduce cloud risk, including:

    • Building applications to leverage automation and built-in cloud controls
    • Securing access control and key management
    • Ensuring essential services are running, reachable, and securely hardened
  • A Fresh, New Look for the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Recorded: Sep 10 2019 35 mins
    Lisa Parcella, VP of Product and Marketing and Elizabeth Xu, CMD+CTRL Product Manager
    After running 300+ customer, community and industry events, Security Innovation has received some great feedback to further enhance our award-winning CMD+CTRL Cyber Range. We’ve taken that feedback and made some major improvements to our newly released CMD+CTRL user interface.

    In this live webinar, we will unveil the new and improved CMD+CTRL platform, showcasing how it provides players with an improved learning environment, and administrators now have maximum control over in-house events.

    The new CMD+CTRL experience includes:
    * Enhanced Gamification Experience
    * Seamless Event Switching
    * Dedicated Player Report Card
    * Admin All-in-One mode
    * Instant Event Setup
    * Event Specific Dashboards

    Join us for a first look at all of the new features our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range has to offer.

    Register today to save your seat!
  • Risk-Based Testing for IoT Systems Recorded: Jun 11 2019 48 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation
    IoT Systems provide powerful, flexible features for IT systems — tracking, monitoring, and other data sharing. Today’s IoT devices utilize microservices and APIs that make them easy to put into production. But securing them isn’t as easy.

    This webinar will look at security risks of IoT devices, interfaces, and implementations. We’ll provide practical steps and checklists any DevOps team can use to make their IoT components as secure as possible. We’ll also cover some testing best practices that can be done pre- and post-production to verify security and resilience on an ongoing basis. 

    About the Speaker
    Ed Adams is a software quality and security expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. He served as a member of the Security Innovation Board of Directors since its inception in 2002 and took over as CEO in 2003. Ed is a Research Fellow at The Ponemon Institute, serves on the board of several IT security organizations, and was named a Privacy by Design Ambassador by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Canada.
  • Come See LetSee Cyber Range Recorded: May 23 2019 47 mins
    Lisa Parcella, VP of Product and Marketing and Brandon Cooper, Cyber Range Support Specialist
    Finding security experts is hard, but training emerging experts is becoming easier! Security Innovation’s CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges feature intentionally vulnerable web and mobile applications that teach teams how applications are attacked by actively exploiting them, creating higher engagement and retention.

    The CMD+CTRL Cyber Range suite includes several banking websites - you may have heard of ShadowBank, the original and most popular cyber range - as well as a back-office HR application, social media app , mobile fitness tracker app and our newest edition, LetSee!

    LetSee is an online marketplace that lets users shop and sell a variety of hand-made and vintage goods. LetSee is also our first Single Page App (SPA) with a heavy focus on API vulnerabilities.

    Come see LetSee along with our entire Cyber Range suite and get 24 hour access post-webinar to test your hacking skills with our newest application!
  • Cyber Ranges: A New Approach to Security Recorded: May 9 2019 38 mins
    Chad Holmes, Product Marketing Manager
    In order to address the widening security skills gap, organizations are beginning to investigate non traditional methods for identifying, training, improving and retaining talent.

    Among the methods being adopted are more immersive experiences that focus on teaching team members how to think and act like an attacker. This approach supplements the traditional engineering “find the bug, fix the bug” focus and enables a much wider pool of talent to become aware, educated and improved.

    This talk will provide an introduction to simulation environments like Cyber Ranges, differentiate them from gamification systems, and discuss the emerging delivery, adoption and organizational lessons learned that are driving further adoption. Additionally, information will be available to anyone who wants to try a Cyber Range at the end of the session!
  • Connected Cars: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Recorded: Apr 3 2019 55 mins
    Dr. Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute and Ed Adams of Security Innovation
    Millions of cars with tens of millions of lines of code are already talking to servers and each other. According to the Ponemon Research Institute, 63% of manufacturers test less than half of the technologies in your car for vulnerabilities and only 33% train developers on secure coding methods.

    However, there is a new IT system going into cars that was built with security and privacy by design. This “Talking Cars” safety of life program, which is estimated to save 10,000 lives per year, is one of the few automotive technologies that is secure and private for drivers.

    This webinar discusses the trade-off between safety, privacy, and convenience. It will also examine the 10-year Privacy by Design system used in “Talking Cars” and how other technology projects can benefit from similar due diligence.

    • Connected cars – threats and attack surface
    • Review of the most current research on automotive IT security and privacy
    • Blueprint for excellence: Security & Privacy in the “Talking Cars” program

    Though basic knowledge of cybersecurity and privacy is helpful, this webinar is for anyone who wants to better understand connected car technology and how to design resilient IT systems. The speakers, Dr. Larry Ponemon and Ed Adams, are experts in their field and deliver this information-rich webinar.
  • Is Blockchain Right for You? The Million Dollar Question. Recorded: Mar 13 2019 34 mins
    Mick Ayzenberg, Sr. Security Engineer and Blockchain Center of Excellence Lead
    Blockchain is a promising technology getting a lot of attention these days; however, organizations aren’t entirely sure how it might improve business operations, what the risk implications are, and the security savviness needed to implement securely.

    This webcast will address the most pressing issues and misconceptions surrounding Blockchain today, including:

    • What is Blockchain?
    • What are the new technologies I need to understand?
    • Use Cases: where is Blockchain most advantageous?
    • Snooze Cases: where/when is Blockchain a bad idea?
    • What are the most common pitfalls with Blockchain?
  • Privacy: The New Software Development Dilemma Recorded: Feb 28 2019 62 mins
    Kevin Poniatowski, Principal Security Engineer and Trainer
    Software runs our world — the cars we drive, the phones we use, the websites we browse, the entertainment we consume. In every instance privacy risks abound. How do software development teams design and build software to ensure privacy data is protected?

    Attend this webcast to learn practical tips to build software applications that protect privacy data. Understand the requirements of new laws such as GDPR and the impact they have on software development.

    Topics covered:
    • Designing for Privacy: least privilege and compartmentalization
    • Creating privacy impact rating
    • Implementing application privacy controls
    • Techniques for effective privacy testing
Securing software in the connected world
In today's connected world, software runs everything - from smart phones to banking applications, cars to home security systems, even refrigerators, garage doors and other every day devices are "connected." Software is everywhere – and unfortunately, it provides the largest attack surface for hackers. We are a cybersecurity company leveraging our deep knowledge of software security to create relevant products and services.

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  • Title: Is Blockchain Right for You? The Million Dollar Question.
  • Live at: Mar 13 2019 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mick Ayzenberg, Sr. Security Engineer and Blockchain Center of Excellence Lead
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