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Dramatically Improve Your SecOps and IR with D3 SOAR

Join SOAR experts Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP and Jarrett Cummings in this webinar geared for Australia's security leaders.

See first-hand how to dramatically improve SOC operations and response to key threats such as phishing and ransomware.

Learn the strategies we use in real-world SOAR engagements that have resulted in 90% reduction of security alerts and 10X increase in incident response speed.

Plus, get a valuable sneak peek at how we use the MITRE ATT&CK matrix to keep Tier 2 responders and Tier 3 threat hunters focused on the real threats against your environment.
Recorded May 26 2021 48 mins
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Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP
Presentation preview: Dramatically Improve Your SecOps and IR with D3 SOAR

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  • Dramatically Improve Your SecOps and IR with D3 SOAR Recorded: May 26 2021 48 mins
    Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP
    Join SOAR experts Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP and Jarrett Cummings in this webinar geared for Australia's security leaders.

    See first-hand how to dramatically improve SOC operations and response to key threats such as phishing and ransomware.

    Learn the strategies we use in real-world SOAR engagements that have resulted in 90% reduction of security alerts and 10X increase in incident response speed.

    Plus, get a valuable sneak peek at how we use the MITRE ATT&CK matrix to keep Tier 2 responders and Tier 3 threat hunters focused on the real threats against your environment.
  • [Mandarin] Security Automation and Beyond Recorded: Jul 9 2020 60 mins
    Adrianna Chen, Product Manager
    Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) can help Asia-Pacific organizations achieve higher levels of automation, efficiency and consistency in security operations, far beyond what is possible with SIEM.

    In this Mandarin language webinar, D3 Product Manager Adrianna Chen and D3 Director of Cyber Security Practice Stan Engelbrecht will demonstrate how only SOAR can enhance and simplify SIEM deployments, create a stronger incident investigation platform, and help optimize and scale the Security Operations Center (SOC) or Incident Response team. 

    Join us on July 9th to see first-hand how you can integrate tools with ease, automate incident response workflows, improve investigations, and dramatically reduce manual labor and response times. 
  • Introducing Next-Generation SOAR Recorded: Apr 2 2020 59 mins
    Stan Engelbrecht, Director of Cyber Security Practice
    Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) has been a positive force for SOCs overwhelmed by security alerts, data sources and IR tasks. But security teams still need MORE from their SOAR.

    In this live webinar event, D3 Director of Cyber Security Stan Engelbrecht introduces Next-Generation SOAR—a significant evolution from SOAR "1.0" with MITRE ATT&CK automation, enhanced threat intelligence, and fully codeless playbooks and integrations.

    Join us on April 2nd to learn how Next-Generation SOAR can dramatically improve the speed and quality of your security operations, incident response and threat hunting.
  • SANS Automation & Integration Survey: What's Next in Automation Recorded: Mar 21 2019 62 mins
    Barbara Filkins (SANS), Matt Bromley (SANS)
    In this webcast, attendees will dig deeper to learn how they can overcome their challenges and enhance their automation programs. This webcast will provide actionable advice for next steps in meeting the challenges and achieving the benefits of security automation.
  • Introduction to D3 Security Recorded: Jan 29 2019 2 mins
    D3 Security
    New to D3? New to SOAR? Learn how the D3 SOAR Platform provides connective tissue for your SOC with automated incident response playbooks that save your organization considerable time and money.
  • SOAR to Security Automation Quick Wins (and Measure the SecOps ROI) Recorded: Dec 11 2018 63 mins
    Mike Rothman, President & Analyst, Securosis and Stan Engelbrecht, Director of Cyber Security, D3 Security
    D3 Security and Securosis Present: SOAR to Security Automation Quick Wins (and Measure the SecOps ROI)

    There isn't enough time or skilled resources to stay on top of all your security operations responsibilities. You can't work harder, so you'll need to work smarter. That means embracing Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technology as a means to make your team more efficient and effective.

    But where do you start? Do you have to blow up your existing operational processes to use a SOAR tool? How can you select the best tool for YOUR environment? How easy is it to integrate the tool with your existing controls? Are you saving money? As you can see, there are many questions to answer for those looking at security automation.

    In this webcast, Securosis president and analyst Mike Rothman and D3 director of cyber security Stan Engelbrecht will give you a wealth of tips for how to select, deploy and operate SOAR, so that you can keep pace with the attacks on your environment. You'll learn:

    • Unfiltered SOAR platform selection criteria from Securosis president and analyst Mike Rothman
    • Security automation use cases that provide a quick win without losing sight of long-term value
    • Product and service integrations that automate IR and yield the most SecOps impact
    • How to substantiate the ROI of your SOAR investment through time and cost tracking

    The webcast will be focused on providing knowledge you can use RIGHT NOW, including use case "blueprints" and business outcomes from real-world SOAR implementations.
  • InfoSec Institute & D3 Security: ATM, Card Skimming and Other Fraud Recorded: Dec 7 2018 35 mins
    Stan Engelbrecht (D3 Security) and Chris Sienko (InfoSec Institute)
    On this episode of the InfoSec Institute's CyberSpeak podcast, Stan Engelbrecht, director of cyber security practice for D3 Security, discusses a scary topic that we’ve been hearing a lot about on the news: the practice of ATM fraud and the implications for other swipe- and chip-based technologies.

    In the podcast, Engelbrecht and host Chris Sienko discuss:

    How did you get started in computers and security? (1:00)

    When did the recent ATM attacks that the U.S. Secret Service has been warning financial institutions about begin? (4:00)

    What warnings signs should ATM users be looking for to ensure they’re not putting their account information at risk? (7:20)

    If you suspect an ATM is compromised, who do you report it to? (10:10)

    Is the technique known as shimming, which uses paper-thin shims containing embedded microchips and flash storage to compromise payment cards, on the rise? (11:40)

    Are there any tips for consumers who will be making additional transactions during the busy holiday season? (15:25)

    Are tap-to-pay systems more or less safe than more traditional methods? (17:50)

    What are the impediments to universal implementation of safer cards? (19:35)

    Are newer ATMs better more secure? (20:55)

    Are their any legislative incentives that could be implemented to make these devices more secure? (24:10)

    Are there any new technologies or methods that can help secure these devices? (25:10)

    Is the firmware/software side of the AMT issue being properly addressed? (28:50)

    Can you tell us a little bit about your company, D3 Security? (31:25)

    Tune in for this engaging, and timely, discussion of ATM and payment fraud.
  • 2018 SINET Innovator Award Presentation Recorded: Nov 9 2018 6 mins
    Gordon Benoit (D3 Security)
    The Security Innovation Network (SINET) named D3 Security one of the most innovative cyber security companies in the world for 2018.

    The only Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technology recognized, D3 Founder and President Gordon Benoit focused his presentation on what matters most: getting the right playbooks in place, and automating their processes.

    This video was recorded at the 2018 SINET Innovator Award Gala at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.
  • How to Prepare Your SOC for Cyber Security Orchestration Recorded: Oct 17 2018 64 mins
    David Monahan, Security and Risk Management Research Director, EMA and Stan Engelbrecht, Director of Cyber Security, D3
    D3 Security and EMA Present: How to Prepare Your SOC for Security Orchestration.

    Sophisticated cyber attacks and a siloed IT ecosystem have prompted the rise of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response technology. To keep up with the threat landscape, security professionals and architects must understand how to prepare for and deploy "SOAR".

    In this webinar hosted by EMA Security and Risk Management Expert, David Monahan, and D3 Director of Cyber Security, Stan Engelbrecht learn how to:

    • Define expectations for security and IR orchestration
    • Map your tools, processes and stakeholders
    • Prioritize compliance and business requirements
    • Automate a full-lifecycle Phishing / BEC playbook

    We'll also do a deep-dive on the latest automation and orchestration capabilities, including threat intelligence enrichment, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and share insight from real-world SOAR deployments and security operations.
  • SOAR Like An Eagle: The Key to Fast, Full-Lifecycle Incident Response Recorded: Jul 19 2018 58 mins
    Jon Oltsik (ESG) and Stan Engelbrecht (D3 Security)
    Join Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow, Jon Oltsik, and Director of Cyber Security at D3 Security, Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP, as they discuss the complexity of today’s security incidents and the need for organizations to utilize SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) tools in order to seamlessly, and rapidly, coordinate the people, technology, and processes that make up their security infrastructure.

    In this webinar you will learn how to:

    •Ease the adoption of SOAR through out-of-the-box security product integration
    •Identify, contextualize and rank threats automatically (so your analysts don’t have to)
    •Eliminate silos with visual playbooks that weave human and machine tasks together
    •Automate case management activities, such as incident investigations, link analysis and forensics tracking
    •Extend automation and orchestration capabilities to compliance, privacy and investigative teams
  • Go Beyond Incident Response: The Benefits of Full-Lifecycle Incident Management Recorded: Jan 12 2018 62 mins
    Rear Admiral Robert Day- USCG. Jim Pflaging- TCG. Fraser Retallack- D3, Chris Crowley- SANS.
    Enterprises face significant financial, reputational, intellectual property, and legal risks from data breaches, with all types of enterprises falling victim – from government agencies like Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to high-tech companies like LinkedIn and Snapchat, to Fortune 50 companies like J.P. Morgan, Sony, and Oracle.

    Though the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released best practices for incident response, most enterprises struggle to implement incident response strategies because of a lack of a centralized approach that covers the full incident lifecycle, including workflows and playbooks, root cause analysis, and corrective action. Additionally, high volumes of alerts and incidents, the cyber security labor shortage, and the high costs of response services have made responding to breaches even more difficult and detrimental to the bottom line.

    Coinciding with the convergence of IT and security teams within cyber security and risk management operations, many organizations have recognized the need for a comprehensive incident management platform, one that security and IT managers can use to identify the source of incidents and breaches and leverage lessons learned to prevent them down the road.

    In this webinar, a panel of cyber security experts from The Chertoff Group, The SANS Institute, and D3 Security discuss:

    - Threats, costs, and risks associated with today’s cyber security landscape

    - Convergence of IT and security operations

    - Current incident response strategies and landscape

    - Rise of traditional incident response platforms

    - Capabilities of a comprehensive incident management platform.
  • Next-Generation Threat Management Recorded: Jan 11 2018 62 mins
    Jason Cook- Managing Director, The Chertoff Group. Rear Admiral Robert Day
    Technological shifts, personnel shortages, evolving threats, and other industry trends are changing the way that organizations must think about cybersecurity. The current landscape necessitates convergence between traditionally siloed areas of the business, by bringing together security, risk, and compliance. We call this new approach Next-Generation Threat Management, and in this webinar, a panel of experts from The Chertoff Group and D3 Security break down the steps you can take to implement it in your organization.

    Watch the Webinar to Get Insights from the Former CISO of British Telecom, the Former Commander of the United States Coast Guard Cyber Command, and the Director of D3’s Cybersecurity Practice regarding:

    - The benefits of next-generation threat management and converged IT and security operations.

    - How threat management tools can drive operational maturity within organizations.

    - How D3 helped a global bank establish a unified system across business functions in order to streamline security, risk, and compliance operations.

    - The next steps organizations can take to get started on next-generation threat management.
  • The CyberWire Podcast- Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Public Transport Recorded: Dec 20 2017 19 mins
    Stan Engelbrecht
    In today's podcast, we talk about what the Five Eyes see. Implications of North Korean responsibility for WannaCry. Defense and deterrence go with naming and shaming. The Lazarus Group looks to cryptocurrency theft to redress North Korean financial shortfalls. Copperfield cyber espionage campaign in the Middle East. GDPR approaches, and organizations look to get their data houses in order (and buy insurance). Justin Harvey from Accenture on choosing threat intelligence. Guest is Stan Engelbrecht from D3 Security on the vulnerabilities in public transportation. And what to do if your child gets a phone from Santa.
Enterprise-wide IR, case management, automation and orchestration
D3 Security’s proven incident response platform empowers security operations with a full-lifecycle remediation solution and a single tool to determine the root cause of and corrective action for any cyber threat. Over 100 of Fortune 500 organizations use D3 as a hub to build, demonstrate and orchestrate incident response plans and apply data-driven decisions across an enterprise-wide vision of incidents, investigations and risk.

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  • Title: Dramatically Improve Your SecOps and IR with D3 SOAR
  • Live at: May 26 2021 12:00 am
  • Presented by: Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP
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