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Don't Lose Sleep Over Lost IT Assets

Imagine you’re a shepherd overseeing a huge flock of sheep. How do you keep track of all those little fluff-balls to make sure they’re all accounted for? Such is the plight of an asset manager… who normally resorts to spreadsheets to track his flock of hardware and software. It’s easy to misplace assets when you’re maintaining and manually updating a spreadsheet.
There’s a better way. Join this webinar to learn about the hottest new product in IT asset management: Ivanti Asset Manager Essentials.
Recorded Aug 2 2018 50 mins
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Darren Wilensky
Presentation preview: Don't Lose Sleep Over Lost IT Assets

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  • Leverage Splunk & Ivanti's integration to effectively protect remote endpoints Recorded: Oct 28 2020 38 mins
    Mark Stevens, Ivanti, Todd Labrum, Ivanti, and Don Leatham, Splunk
    Ivanti Neurons & Splunk’s Security Operations Suite

    In the new world of working remotely, IT and Security Operations Teams are facing an explosion of new endpoints and edge devices along with all the expanded cybersecurity threats and challenges that go with them.

    - Are you losing sleep wondering if your network is using the best protection possible against cyber threats?
    - With more of your team working from home, are you concerned about endpoint and edge device protection?
    - Would you be interested in a way that your network could automatically deliver workflows to remediate suspicious activity?

    During this webinar you’ll hear from Splunk and Ivanti's IT experts about how companies are supporting global, remote workforces and protecting endpoint and edge devices from cyber-attacks through auto remediation.

    Then join these Ivanti and Splunk experts:
    Mark Stevens, Vice President Strategic Alliances, Ivanti
    Don Leatham, Global Strategic Alliances Security Markets, Splunk Inc.
    Todd Labrum, Senior Product Manager Ivanti
  • Continuous Vulnerability Management: Adapting to Threat Actors Recorded: Jun 16 2020 69 mins
    Chris Goettl, Melanie Karunaratne
    Without treating security as an ongoing process, hackers will find, weaponize, deploy, and attack your infrastructure faster than your team can patch. At the same time, the experience of your IT team working with the security group is frustrating and leads to many, many hours of manual work. Learn how to stay ahead of the bad guys and improve the experience for your team with continuous vulnerability management.
  • Remote Working: Lessons Learned from the Trenches Part 2 Recorded: Jun 11 2020 57 mins
    David Martinez, Adam Jones
    IT teams are reacting to new remote work challenges as a result of the global spread of Coronavirus. The response to the virus will likely permanently change the way IT supports users and the business. Join Ivanti's David Martinez and Senior Director of IT, Adam Jones, as they share their experience and insights to help global IT teams adjust for the future of remote working.
  • Remote Work: Lessons Learned from the Trenches Part 1 Recorded: Jun 9 2020 60 mins
    Ian Aitchison, Dallin Hudson
    Overnight, nearly 100% of Ivanti's workforce went remote as a result of the global pandemic related to COVID-19. We've heard countless stories from other organizations that also followed suit. Ivanti's IT experts are sharing their experiences in supporting a global remote workforce to help you through this unprecedented time. Join us for the first webinar in this two part series as we share actual stories from the trenches on how to:

    - Support a nearly 100% remote workforce
    - Remotely provide critical IT services
    - Maintain continuity without sacrificing service quality, productivity, and security
    - IT's role in the future of how work gets done
  • CISO Panel Discussion: The Current and Future of IT Security Strategy Recorded: Nov 14 2019 43 mins
    CISO's from Ivanti, Sirius, Secuvant and Lifescan
    Join veteran CISOs Phil Richards (Ivanti, Fidelity, Varian, IHC) Peter Green (Sirius, Verizon, Novell), Dan Anderson (Lifescan), and CEO Ryan Layton (Secuvant), for this panel discussion about IT strategy in 2020 and beyond.
    Where should you place your bets (and your budget)? How can you protect your organization from the new threats? And perhaps, most importantly, what do you say to the CEO when he or she comes looking to you for security answers? Stick around for stories from the trenches. Peter and Phil will get into the IT Security stories that’ll make your skin crawl.
  • Enterprise Service Management: Improving Service Delivery Across the Business Recorded: Nov 6 2019 57 mins
    David Martinez | Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Ivanti
    Do other departments in your organization ask IT how you've improved your service delivery? Departments such as HR, Facilities, and Business Services also offer employee services that can be created, requested, or updated, but are often difficult to find or require many manual steps to fulfill. Join us to hear how one of the world's largest staffing companies is leveraging their ITSM solution and working with other departments to improve the delivery of non-IT services for a more consistent, engaging and satisfying user experience.
  • Ivanti's Analysis of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools Recorded: Sep 12 2019 63 mins
    Kevin J Smith, Ian Aitchison, Alan Taylor, Melanie Karunaratne, David Martinez
    What should you look for in an IT Service Management vendor? What does Gartner say about the ITSM market? It's all in the new 2019 Gartner's Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools report. Join our panel of ITSM experts as they dive deeper into Gartner's analysis, and also share their observations on ongoing trends and predictions for future developments in service management. We'll also discuss the Critical Capabilities report. All registrants will receive a download of the report, compliments of Ivanti.
  • Threat Thursday for September 2019 Recorded: Sep 6 2019 58 mins
    Phil Richards, Chris Goettl
    We're analyzing the biggest security threats currently impacting global IT teams. Here's what we're tracking for the end of August into September:

    -An ongoing ransomware attack that's hit 23 Texas cities
    -An update on a Cybersecurity State of Emergency in Louisiana
    -Updates in the Capitol One data breach

    Join Ivanti's Phil Richards and Chris Goettl as they deliver the insights and news you need to stay vigilant.
  • Risk Management Insights in a World Gone Mad Recorded: Aug 28 2019 54 mins
    Phil Richards
    Join Phil Richards, CISO for Ivanti, as we discuss key concepts and strategies for Risk Management. A few of the questions to be addressed in this session include: Is risk always a bad thing? How do you categorize risk according to your company’s objectives? Do data breaches really impact the big companies? What are the steps to recognizing, assessing and managing risk? The answers to these and many other questions will be discussed in this very important and timely session.
  • Reducing the Pain of Compliance Audits Recorded: Aug 20 2019 27 mins
    Dennis Ranty, Mihai Rosca
    Experiencing the pain of complying with operationally challenging regulatory mandates? Does the fear of a failed compliance audit put a knot in your stomach? Take a deep cleansing breath, and exhale all your worries about regulations, fines, and legal liabilities. We’ve got you covered!
    Join us to explore:
    -Processes to reduce the pain of compliance audits
    -Predictable access to apps, data and services based on Identity
    -Enforcing policies through automation
    -Tracking access to apps and data to simplify audits
    -Case Study: Drastic reduction in the risk of internal threats and vulnerabilities
    Best practices for reducing risk and ensuring compliance standards are met
  • August 2019 Patch Tuesday Analysis Recorded: Aug 14 2019 48 mins
    Chris Goettl, Todd Schell, Brian Secrist
    Join us this month as we recap the Microsoft and 3rd Party security patches released on Patch Tuesday. We will discuss things to watch out for, products to be sure to test adequately, and which patches should be highest priority to roll out.
  • The 3 Seismic Shifts in IT and how to be Ready when they Come Recorded: Aug 7 2019 56 mins
    Kevin J Smith
    The next 10 years will bring changes to IT unlike anything we've seen in the wonderful 30 history of the IT organization. These changes will reshape everything we do every day and transform the relationship between the teams of IT and our customers and the business. Assume nothing, and be ready to question everything.
    This session will look at 3 of the biggest changes coming our way, what each of these really mean and what we can be doing as IT professionals to help our organization to be ready and to elevate the teams of IT as new leaders in the business.
  • Live Updates on the Cybersecurity State of Emergency and CapitalOne Hack Recorded: Jul 30 2019 43 mins
    Phil Richards, Chris Goettl
    Louisiana's governor declares a state of emergency in response to a developing cyber attack affecting school districts. Join Ivanti CISO Phil Richards and Security Product Management Director Chris Goettl as they share:

    -A breakdown of the anatomy of the attack
    -Best practices for limiting your risk
    -How to develop an emergency response plan
    -Advice for both IT security and non-IT security professionals
  • Panel Discussion: Why IT Service and IT Asset Management are Better Together Recorded: Jul 24 2019 58 mins
    Kevin J Smith, Arlen Beylerian
    Too often IT teams get stuck being reactive rather than proactive. You react to service desk tickets, to lost laptops, to end user complaints. But what if you could do more than simply react?
    Get the insights you need to solve business problems proactively with IT Service (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) working together.
  • The Five New Habits of the Successful IT Organization Recorded: Jul 17 2019 52 mins
    Kevin J Smith
    As we navigate the remarkable transformation of IT and the many challenges that lie ahead, we now understand the strategies and tactics that can help IT to be successful in the decade ahead. This session will explore proven models employed by the most successful IT organizations globally, what specific actions can be taken now to start down the path of transformation, and some key mistakes to avoid. We will also take a look at some framework and best practices principles that can be helpful in building a more proactive and strategic IT organization.
  • Overcome Your Tier 1 Support Challenges Recorded: Jul 16 2019 63 mins
    Mark Hodgen, Senior Sales Support Engineer Dave Martinez | Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed from waves of incidents, unhappy end users, and non-stop password reset requests. It doesn’t have to feel that way if you improve your support capabilities to stop your Tier 1 nightmares.

    Join our experts to see how you can optimize your Tier 1 support capabilities and free up resources to support your Digital Transformation initiatives. Learn about the advantages of knowledge, service catalog, voice integration and automated workflows. Hear customer examples that provide practical insights as well as tips and tricks from our experts.
  • Modern cyber threats and prioritizing security controls to combat them Recorded: Jul 15 2019 58 mins
    Chris Goettl | Director, Product Management, Security | Ivanti
    Another year, another security show, what silver bullets are you hunting for this go round? In reality the threats we face today may be more sophisticated than 10 or 20 years ago, but the tactics remain much the same. The challenges and limitations that cause us to fail to defend our environments are still the same.

    Join us as we discuss modern cyber threats, why they are successful, and how we can address these threats to build more effective security programs in our organizations. While there is no 100% in security, we can mitigate risks and reduce attack surface to effectively combat todays cyber threats.
  • July Patch Tuesday 2019 Recorded: Jul 10 2019 82 mins
    Chris Goettl, Todd Schell, Brian Secrist
    Join us this month as we recap the Microsoft and 3rd Party security patches released on Patch Tuesday. We will discuss things to watch out for, products to be sure to test adequately, and which patches should be highest priority to roll out.
  • File Director - Hybrid Storage Sync Solution Recorded: Jul 9 2019 54 mins
    Andrew Swindells and Oliver Giordimaina
    Join us to discover how Ivanti File Director can consolidate the management of your on-premises and cloud storage, delivering user profile data on-demand to physical and multi-user virtual workstations. We will also cover our modern device management capabilities by means of Intune.
  • IT in the Cloud Recorded: Jun 19 2019 52 mins
    Roger Pimental, Adam Smith
    In IT we have too many data sources, not enough resources, and too many discourses about what to do about it. We love to talk about Unified IT at Ivanti, but what does that look like? Come see the future of IT with Ivanti Cloud. 

    In this webinar, we’ll have short discussions with the Ivanti Cloud Product Team around topics like: 
    - The state of IT in the Cloud
    - How Unified IT has to start with unified data
    - Instant data vs. trending data vs. aggregated data
    - Interesting customer use cases we’ve seen so far using Ivanti Cloud. 
    Join us and discover what you can do for IT in the Cloud.
We Make the Everywhere Workplace Possible
Ivanti makes the Everywhere Workplace possible. In the Everywhere Workplace, employees use myriad devices to access IT applications and data over various networks to stay productive as they work from anywhere. The Ivanti Neurons automation platform connects the company’s industry-leading unified endpoint management, zero trust security and enterprise service management solutions, providing a unified IT platform that enables devices to self-heal and self-secure and empowers users to self-service. Over 40,000 customers, including 78 of the Fortune 100, have chosen Ivanti to discover, manage, secure, and service their IT assets from cloud to edge, and deliver excellent end user experiences for employees, wherever and however they work.

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