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Flexibly Allocate and Distribute Secure Application Services

With the evolving nature of application deployment, it is critical that these services be dynamically allocable, fully portable, scale on-demand and procured by a simplified license.

You will see a live demonstration of FlexPool™, a software subscription for capacity pooling. This will allow you the flexibility to allocate and distribute secure application services whenever and wherever you need them.

Join A10 Networks and learn how to:
•Achieve on-demand provisioning of app services in seconds
•Maximize ROI with license portability and pay-as-you-grow
•Use modern DevOps tools to simplify license management
Live online Nov 15 7:00 pm UTC
or after on demand 45 mins
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Presented by
John Gudmundson, A10 Networks
Presentation preview: Flexibly Allocate and Distribute Secure Application Services

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  • Flexibly Allocate and Distribute Secure Application Services Nov 15 2018 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    John Gudmundson, A10 Networks
    With the evolving nature of application deployment, it is critical that these services be dynamically allocable, fully portable, scale on-demand and procured by a simplified license.

    You will see a live demonstration of FlexPool™, a software subscription for capacity pooling. This will allow you the flexibility to allocate and distribute secure application services whenever and wherever you need them.

    Join A10 Networks and learn how to:
    •Achieve on-demand provisioning of app services in seconds
    •Maximize ROI with license portability and pay-as-you-grow
    •Use modern DevOps tools to simplify license management
  • How to Defend Against Reflected Amplification DDoS Attacks Recorded: Nov 8 2018 41 mins
    Don Shin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at A10 Networks, Takahiro Mitsuhata, Technical Marketing Lead at A10 Networks
    DDoS attacks are growing in complexity, but to effectively protect your business against them, it’s essential to have a deeper understanding of your attacker’s tactics, techniques and procedures.

    Join us on this first webinar in the DDoS Defense Insights series, to learn how to defend against one of the most common and disruptive types of cyberattacks: reflected amplification flood attacks. Spoiler alert: port blocking isn’t the right answer.

    We will also show you a demonstration on how A10 Networks’ solution can protect your network against these devastating attacks.

    In this webinar you will learn about:
    * Reflected amplification DDoS attacks and how they are preformed
    * Weapons that are used in these types of attacks
    * Strategies for blocking these attacks without damaging legitimate users
  • The Threat You Can’t See: SSL, Cyberattacks, and You Recorded: Oct 24 2018 58 mins
    Nick Cavalancia, IT Pro Today; Babur Nawaz Khan and Almas Raza, A10 Networks
    The goal for every security strategy is to spot the threat before an attack is successful. But, without visibility into encrypted traffic, identifying threat activity (whether involving internal or external threat actors) via deep packet inspection is not only difficult, but probably impossible. With cyber criminals increasingly using encryption for cyberattacks, your security strategy can be left with a visibility gap, keeping you in the dark and unaware of current threat activity.

    So, why is SSL visibility important to your security strategy, and what should you do about it?

    In this educational webcast, join IT Pro Today contributor and Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP, Nick Cavalancia, along with Parth Jagirdar and Almas Raza from A10 Networks as they discuss:

    * The state of the art of attack – Encryption trends, benefits and popularity
    * What’s hiding within your network traffic – Challenges of encryption
    * Best practices for complete visibility for superior network security without compromising performance
  • [SPANISH WEBINAR] La entrega de aplicaciones acaba de volverse más eficiente Recorded: Sep 21 2018 55 mins
    Yovani Piamba, Manager, Systems Engineering - NOLA, at A10 Networks
    Adoptar una estrategia híbrida y en múltiples nubes para la entrega de su aplicación también puede llevar a perder la percepción del rendimiento de su aplicación. Compartiremos y demostraremos las últimas funciones de análisis centradas en la aplicación en Harmony Controller 4.1. Nuestro controlador más nuevo ayuda a las organizaciones a obtener información útil sobre el rendimiento de las aplicaciones, la experiencia del usuario final y los problemas de seguridad, y permite una resolución de problemas más rápida y fácil.

    El controlador Harmony de múltiples nubes brinda inteligencia conectada a través de múltiples servicios de aplicaciones seguras A10: ADC / balanceo de carga, inspección SSL, Gi-Firewall y NAT de grado de operador.

    Al unirse al seminario web, aprenderá cómo:
    * Simplificar y agilizar sus operaciones de TI
    * Asegurar la disponibilidad de la aplicación
    * Desglosar fácilmente a datos contextuales y rápidamente identificar las áreas problemáticas
    * Acceder a aplicaciones centralizadas, redes y análisis de seguridad desde un único panel de cristal
    * Habilitar el análisis de autoservicio para varios propietarios de aplicaciones
  • [PORTUGUESE WEBINAR] A entrega de aplicações acaba de se tornar mais eficiente Recorded: Sep 21 2018 44 mins
    Ricardo de Melo, System Engineer Brazil, A10 Networks
    Adotar uma estratégia híbrida e em várias nuvens para a entrega de suas aplicações tambiém pode levar a perda da percepção de rendimento de suas aplicações. Compartiremos e demostraremos as últimas funções de análises centralizadas nas aplicações com o Harmony Controller 4.1. Nosso mais novo controlador ajuda as organizações a obter informação útil sobre o rendimento das aplicações, a experiência do usuário final e os problemas de segurança, além de permitir uma resolução de problemas de forma muito mais rápida e fácil.

    O Harmony Controller de múltiplas nuvens nos entrega inteligência conectada através de uma série de serviços de aplicações seguras da A10: ADC / balanceamento de carga, inspeção SSL, Gi-Firewall e Carrier Grade NAT.

    Ao se conectar a este webinar, você aprenderá como:
    * Simplificar e agilizar suas operações de TI
    * Assegurar a disponibilidade da aplicação
    * Separar facilmente os dados contextuais e rapidamente identificar as áreas problemáticas
    * Acessar aplicações centralizadas, redes e análises de segurança a partir de um único painel
    * Habilitar a análise de auto-serviço para vários proprietários de aplicações
  • Optimize Your Application Delivery, Gain Visibility and Cut Cloud Costs Recorded: Sep 20 2018 58 mins
    Greg Schulz, Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert, and founder of Server StorageIO & Kamal Anand, Vice President, Cloud A10 Networks
    Businesses today are migrating their application workloads to hybrid infrastructures, spanning from on-premises to public clouds. They expect to get better ease of use, rapid deployment, elastic scaling, automation, and increased operational efficiency. They don’t expect hidden costs or a loss of control—but that is exactly what many organizations experience.

    Learn to manage cost, complexity, and control of your application workloads in this interactive fireside chat. Greg Schulz, MVP, StorageIO, and Kamal Anand, Vice President of Cloud, A10 Networks, will be looking at the trends, tools, and best practices you can apply right now to make your cloud-based application delivery a success.

    In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn to:
    * Boost your productivity and application performance
    * Avoid getting locked into a single public cloud platform
    * Gain visibility and deep insights into your applications
    * Eliminate unexpected monthly expenses
    * Steps you can take today, during, or right after the fireside chat
  • SSL Traffic Inspection: Needed Visibility But At What Cost? Recorded: Sep 19 2018 61 mins
    Barbara Filkins, Sr. SANS Analyst; Parth Jagirdar, A10 Networks
    We all agree encryption on network traffic is necessary, both to improve the confidentiality and integrity of the information in motion as well as to comply with numerous regulations (like HIPAA). But while we think of it as being used for good, it can also be used for evil. Hackers can use it to hide malicious intent, whether stealing data sent via email or to cloud storage to protecting malware C&C communications.

    Given the growth in both the use of network-based encryption and network attacks targeting encrypted traffic to bypass controls, how can organizations keep up?

    Simply turning on SSL inspection in a NG firewall can substantially degrade performance. Buying a new firewall is a costly endeavor. SANS will explore the concerns faced by an organization that realizes it must improve visibility into its encrypted traffic, laying out both the business and the technical issues and how to approach both.
  • The 5 Benefits of Implementing Advanced Load Balancing in Azure Recorded: Sep 13 2018 50 mins
    Kamal Anand, Vice President of Cloud at A10 Networks; Keith Vidal, Director, Marketplace at Microsoft
    Businesses today are rapidly migrating their application workloads to Microsoft Azure Cloud or hybrid infrastructures, spanning on-premises to public clouds. Application teams are also embracing containers and Kubernetes for container orchestration. They expect to get better ease of use, rapid deployment, elastic scaling, automation, and increased operational efficiency.

    Learn the benefits of implementing modern, advanced load balancing in Azure – cloud-native in Azure, integrated with Kubernetes and multi-cloud. See a demonstration!

    In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn how to:

    * Gain visibility and deep insights into your applications
    * Increase security of your applications
    * Reduce troubleshooting times
    * Leverage the same technology and policies across Azure and on-premise
    * Boost your productivity and application performance
  • Seeing Inside Encrypted Traffic Recorded: Sep 6 2018 90 mins
    Randy Smith - Ultimate Window Security; Parth Jagirdar - A10 Networks
    Most of the traffic flowing through your firewall today is encrypted. In some ways that’s a good thing because encryption enables businesses to communicate securely with customers/partners and protects the privacy and integrity of data. But it creates new problems for information security folks because the only data you can actually see in the packet header is nothing but IP addresses and port numbers. There’s some monitoring and analytics you can do with that information such as with threat intelligence feeds and session profiling, but your hands are really tied if you can’t decrypt the traffic.

    The bad guys know that and actively use encryption to evade network-based security technologies. They are increasingly enhancing their APT payloads to hide their communications with command and control servers as well as the actual exfiltration of stolen information inside encrypted connections disguised to look like legitimate web traffic.

    Attackers passively benefit from the prevalence of encryption. For instance, when an attacker compromises a legitimate website and uses it to deliver or stage malicious content, the fact that that legit website uses https means your network-based probes and monitoring agents are blind to the content. This leaves organizations wide open to malware attacks amongst others.

    So, we obviously need visibility into encrypted data flowing between our network and the Internet and ideally even between portions of our internal network. But how do you get that visibility in the first place? Without breaking network performance? And what about compliance requirements specific to certain types of data or privacy regulations?

    In this webinar we will show you how:
    * SSL decryption works
    * Common sources of performance degradation
    * ICAP support is critical to successful SSL decryption
    * Decryption needs to be policy based to avoid compliance problems
  • Application Delivery Just Got More Efficient Recorded: Aug 28 2018 36 mins
    Kamal Anand, Vice President of Cloud Business Unit at A10
    Embracing a multi-cloud and hybrid strategy for your application delivery can also lead to losing insight into your application performance. We will share and demonstrate the latest application-centric analytics features in Harmony Controller 4.1. Our newest controller helps organizations gain actionable insights on application performance, end-user experience, and security issues and enable faster, easier troubleshooting.

    The multi-cloud Harmony Controller brings connected intelligence across multiple A10 Secure Application Services: ADC/Load-balancing, SSL inspection, Gi-Firewall and Carrier Grade Nat.

    By joining the webinar, you will learn how to:
    * Simplify and make your IT operations more agile
    * Ensure application availability
    * Easily drilldown to contextual data and quickly pin-point problem areas
    * Access centralized application, network and security analytics from a single pane of glass
    * Enable self-service analytics for various application owners
  • [SPANISH WEBINAR] Protección contra ataques DDoS en proveedores de servicios Recorded: Aug 28 2018 48 mins
    Roberto Araneda, Manager, Systems Engineering - SOLA
    Los ataques de denegación de servicios (DoS/DDoS) no son un fenómeno nuevo en la industria, también vale la pena mencionar que los mecanismos utilizados son conocidos y entendidos por los especialistas del área de seguridad, muchas empresas esperan que sus proveedores de servicio de Internet les ayuden a protegerse contra este tipo de ataques, lo cual abre una importante oportunidad de negocios.
    En este webinar A10 Networks presentara información sobre el estado actual de la industria de protección contra DoS/DDoS, así como también nuestra visión sobre cómo implementar una solución que permita a los proveedores de servicios monetizar esta aplicación.

    * Mecanismos y tipos de ataque de denegación de servicios
    * Arquitecturas de protección
    * Soluciones de A10 para protección contra DDoS
  • [PORTUGUESE WEBINAR] Proteção contra ataques DDoS em provedores de serviços Recorded: Aug 28 2018 57 mins
    Thiago de Lima, System Engineer Brazil
    Os ataques de denegação de serviços (DoS/DDoS) não são um fenômeno novo na indústria, vale a pena mencionar que os mecanismos utilizados são conhecidos e entendidos pelos especialistas da área de segurança, muitas empresas esperam que seus provedores de serviço de Internet os ajudem a se proteger contra este tipo de ataque, o qual abre uma importante oportunidade de negócio.

    Neste webinar a A10 Networks apresentará informações sobre o estado atual da indústria Soluções da A10 para proteção contra ataques DDoS, assim como também nossa visão sobre como implementar uma solução que permita aos provedores de serviço monetizar esta aplicação.

    * Mecanismos e tipos de ataque de denegação de serviço
    * Arquiteturas de proteção
    * Soluçõe da A10 para proteção contra ataques DDoS
  • 4 Techniques to Modernize Your DDoS Defenses Recorded: Jul 24 2018 60 mins
    John Pescatore, Director of Emerging Security Trends at SANS
    DDoS attacker have evolved by weaponizing IoT devices. However, defenders continue to depend on technologies developed in the 2000s that lack the precision, scalability or automation needed to fight in the current cyber battlefield.

    Join us on this webinar with John Pescatore and Don Shin, Security Advocate at A10 Networks, to learn the techniques you must incorporate into your security strategy to prepare for the next wave of multi-vector DDoS attacks.

    In this webinar you will learn how to:

    * Minimize collateral damage from false positives and negatives
    * Automate responses to multi-vector attacks
    * Leverage threat intelligence for your defense
    * Choose the right architecture to meet your business objectives
  • [SPANISH WEBINAR] Application Delivery Controllers en ambientes Multi-Cloud Recorded: Jun 27 2018 43 mins
    Jose de Abreu, Manager, Systems Engineering at A10
    La gran mayoría de las empresas están acelerando su migración a plataformas de software y virtualización. A nivel global más del 70% de las empresas ya están usando ambientes híbridos para la distribución de su contenido y se espera que más de la mitad de aplicaciones sean completamente virtualizadas en 2020. Estos cambios imponen una serie de retos a las empresas, sobre cómo administrar su contenido en ambientes multi-cloud, y como optimizar la experiencia de sus usuarios y clientes.

    En este webinar A10 Networks presentara información sobre el estado actual de la industria de distribución de aplicaciones y contenido, así como también nuestra visión sobre cómo implementar una solución altamente eficiente y eficaz para el mercado empresarial.

    * Estado del mercado de virtualización y multi-cloud para empresas
    * Retos de migrar y operar un ambiente multi-cloud
    * Soluciones de A10 para automatizar la migración y operación de ambientes multi-cloud
  • [PORTUGUESE WEBINAR] Application Delivery Controllers em ambientes Multi-Cloud Recorded: Jun 27 2018 34 mins
    Thiago de Lima, System Engineer Brazil at A10
    A grande maioria das empresas está acelerando sua migração para plataformas de software e virtualização. Globalmente, mais de 70% das empresas já estão usando ambientes híbridos para a distribuição de seu conteúdo e espera-se que mais da metade dos aplicativos sejam totalmente virtualizados até 2020. Essas mudanças impõem uma série de desafios para as empresas, sobre como gerenciar seu conteúdo em ambientes com várias nuvens e como otimizar a experiência de seus usuários e clientes.

    Neste webinar, a A10 Networks apresentará informações sobre o estado atual do setor de distribuição de aplicativos e conteúdo, bem como nossa visão sobre como implementar uma solução altamente eficiente e eficaz para o mercado empresarial.

    * Situação do mercado de virtualização y multi-cloud para empresas
    * Desafios de migrar e operar um ambiente multi-cloud
    * Soluções A10 para automatizar a migração e operação de ambientes multi-cloud
  • Automating Load Balancing in App Defined Multi-Cloud Recorded: Jun 14 2018 57 mins
    Jeevan Sharma - Sr Solution Architect at A10 , Maryam Sanglaji - Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix
    Given modern application API services and the dynamic nature of containers, traditional load balancers fail to handle rapid config change. In this webinar we will share real world A10 & Ansible customer use cases in Nutanix Acropolis platform. Come and learn how to deploy A10’s load balancers and deliver advanced app services and lifecycle management—including auto scaling, automation and per-app analytics all through A10’s Harmony Controller within Nutanix Cloud. Simplify complex network and application delivery with A10’s recommended best practices for effective automation.
  • DDoS: Preparing for massive attacks and new regulations Recorded: May 8 2018 58 mins
    Jeff Wilson at IHS Markit; Ahmad Nassiri at A10 Networks
    In a world with 31 billion devices already connected to the Internet, and a seemingly unstoppable march towards connecting everything and everyone, the DDoS attack surface is becoming practically infinite. Complex BotNets that recruit all types of IoT devices are leading to DDoS attacks nearing the 2Tbps mark, with no limit in sight. While there are a limited number of service providers that need to worry about mitigating a 2Tbps attack today, there is a new set of regulations (GDPR) requiring companies to guarantee security and availability, and GDPR will apply to companies of all sizes. How can enterprises and service providers embrace this change and make the best of it? This webinar will explore how companies worried about the confluence of massive DDoS attacks and new regulations can seize this opportunity to re-imagine their DDoS mitigation infrastructure.
  • Prepare for the 5 Ways IoT Will Crush Your DDoS Defenses Recorded: Mar 28 2018 61 mins
    Andrew Shoemaker at Nimbus, Rich Groves at A10 Networks, Don Shin at A10 Networks
    Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attackers have weaponized the Internet of Things (IoT). Nefarious actors exploit millions of vulnerable, persistent IoT devices to create sophisticated malware-based DDoS botnets and use them to launch devastating attacks. Legacy defenses can’t stand up to the scale, sophistication and breadth of these DDoS of Things assaults.

    Join experts from A10 Networks and NimbusDDOS to learn:

    * The 5 ways IoT-based attacks have forced changes in DDoS defense strategies
    * Proven ways to prepare for the attack from the DDoS of Things
    * Fresh new approaches to achieve IoT DDoS resilience

    You will also see a live demonstration of a DDoS attack against A10 DDoS defense.
  • Redefine Your Mobile Network Security Strategy: Prepare for 5G & IoT Recorded: Mar 28 2018 62 mins
    Jim Hodges at Heavy Reading; Lakshmi Kandadai at A10 Networks
    You’re invited to witness the sheer impact 5G and IoT has brought to telcos and service provider organizations today and to gain the best approaches for securing your network.

    Join Heavy Reading and A10 Networks experts as they provide valuable research into the expanding attack surface and share how you can protect your network for your customers.

    Don’t risk your CAPEX and OPEX. Learn how to manage the evolving threat landscape and hear the common use cases to know how to build a robust security strategy. You’ll walk away with the following insights in this webinar:

    * The top security vulnerabilities in the era of 5G and IoT
    * How to achieve Gi/SGI LAN efficiencies
    * Approaches to strengthen security postures in mobile networks
    * Use cases and solutions for differentiating service offerings
  • The Anatomy of DDoS - Understanding and Surviving the 3 Most Rampant Attacks Recorded: Feb 20 2018 86 mins
    Randy Smith at Monterey Technology Group; Don Shin at A10 Networks
    The advent of botnets comprising countless IoT devices has ushered in a new era for DDoS attacks. Companies of all sizes find themselves the victim of at least one of the three most prevalent DDoS attack types: volumetric, network, and application.

    Join us with industry veteran Randy Smith of Ultimate Windows Security and Don Shin of A10 dig deep into the anatomy of volumetric, network, application attack types, and share the steps you can take to protect against their devastating effects.
Secure Application Services
A10 modernizes the delivery of applications with analytics-driven visibility, performance and security solutions, via hardware or software, on premise or in the cloud.

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