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[Webinar en Español] SSL Insight: Visibilidad Total de SSL

El Thunder SSL de A10 es una solución de decodificación desarrollada especialmente para eliminar el punto ciego de SSL/TLS, proporcionando una visibilidad total del tráfico cifrado. Esto aumenta la eficacia de la seguridad en una fracción del costo, descargando las intensas operaciones SSL de la CPU de sus soluciones de seguridad existentes.

Únete a nosotros para entender más sobre el Thunder SSL de A10, una solución de seguridad corporativa atractiva y escalable para componer su infraestructura de seguridad actual y prepararla para el creciente escenario de amenazas cibernéticas sin comprometer el rendimiento o la seguridad de la red.
Recorded Mar 15 2019 43 mins
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Presented by
Pablo Javier Marini, System Engineer SOLA
Presentation preview: [Webinar en Español] SSL Insight: Visibilidad Total de SSL

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  • Migration Best Practices: Moving from F5 - Lessons from the Real World Oct 24 2019 5:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    Paul Nicholson-Sr. Dir, Product Marketing; Saurabh Sureka-Dir. Product Management at A10 Networks
    Application delivery controllers (ADC) have evolved to include options for service consolidation or disaggregation with containerized microservices and basic commodity server load balancing for this new multi-cloud era. A10 Networks ADC provide new alternatives for F5 BIG-IP customers who want to modernize their infrastructures.

    A10 Networks has helped customers of all sizes migrate from F5 BIG-IP and VIPRION software and hardware. This webinar explores the real-world lessons learned and how migration was successfully achieved, all while increasing capabilities, and lowering overall TCO.

    Enterprises and service providers alike are looking to the key factors they have to consider in the future.

    Join the webinar and learn:
    * The state of ADC evolution
    * Multi-cloud adoption challenges
    * How to overcome the top-five BIG-IP migration challenges
    * How to reduce TCO
  • SSL Visibility for Healthcare – Because Prevention is Better than the Cure Recorded: Oct 10 2019 54 mins
    Babur Nawaz Khan and Mike Dunn at A10 Networks
    The healthcare industry is trusted to hold some of the most sensitive and important personal information about individuals from all around the country. Unfortunately, this makes it one of the biggest targets on the radars of cyber criminals.
    With the rise in new sophisticated attacks and the threat of damaging data breaches always looming on the horizon, healthcare providers always need to be prepared to defend themselves against whatever may come their way.

    In this educational webcast, A10 Networks’ Babur Nawaz Khan and Mike Dunn will discuss:

    * The threats that healthcare providers face
    * How encryption is playing a role in helping attackers gain access to sensitive data
    * How centralized decryption, coupled with a multi-layered security approach, can help protect you and your data
  • How To Protect Your Users During a Flash Crowd or DDoS Attack Recorded: Oct 8 2019 58 mins
    Tarun Aggrawal, DDoS Solution Architect, and Don Shin, Product Marketing Manager, A10 Networks
    Your primary goal of DDoS defense should be to ensure the availability of services to legitimate users. Many DDoS defenders miss the nuances of this priority because IT gets graded on a measurable five-nines uptime, but rarely on user experience. This often leads to the use of indiscriminating DDoS prevention measures like Remote Trigger Black Hole (RTBH) and rate-limiting that are plagued with false positives. DDoS defenders must have mitigation strategies that put the user first.

    Join Tarun Aggrawal, DDoS Solution Architect, and Don Shin, Product Marketing Manager from A10 Networks, for another DDoS Defender’s Insights webinar. We will dig into how you can implement defenses that apply adaptive policies that block attackers while protecting users during DDoS attacks or flash crowds events.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • Why traffic shaping and RTBH should be the last course of action
    • How to distinguish users from attackers
    • Types of mitigation strategies and when to apply them safely
    • How to handle a flash crowd event
  • The Security Risk in SSL/TLS Traffic Recorded: Aug 22 2019 60 mins
    Nick Cavalancia - Microsoft, Babur Khan - A10 Networks
    Nearly all commerce, communications, and data traffic going over the web is encrypted. As organizations transform operations, leverage more of the cloud, expanding locations, and utilizing remote workforces, IT’s lack of visibility into encrypted traffic puts the organization at risk for a cyberattack, data breach and compliance failures.

    So, how should organizations ensure all traffic is inspected - even in the most complex of environments?

    In this educational webcast, join Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP, Nick Cavalancia, and Babur Khan, Technical Marketing Engineer with A10 Networks, as they discuss:

    * The state of encryption: for better and for worse
    * Why encryption puts the organization at risk
    * How to make decryption certain while maintaining centralized visibility
  • [Webinar em Português] Thunder TPS, o anti-DDoS da A10 Recorded: Jul 5 2019 33 mins
    Ricardo de Melo, Systems Engineer Brazil
    Ricardo de Melo, engenheiro da A10, irá apresentar o anti-DDoS da empresa em um panorama técnico e de forma sucinta. Ou seja, como a solução estaria posicionada na topologia de um provedor de internet ou outra empresa, como funciona seu sistema de detecção e mitigação e seu suporte. Ao final, abriremos para perguntas.
  • Application Traffic Visibility - What You Can’t See Can Cost You Recorded: May 28 2019 43 mins
    Almas Raza, Product Marketing, A10 Networks
    Apps are spanning across on-premises to multi-cloud. The path to digital transformation will enable organizations of all sizes to compete by using the right technology to drive innovation and time-to-market. The freedom to run applications on-premises and in multi-cloud can provide flexibility, simplify enterprise IT infrastructure, reduce cost and deploy innovative solutions that drive growth. But it also can have unique challenges.

    In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn:

    * Why traffic visibility plays a critical role in application delivery
    * The challenges in gaining deep insights into highly distribute applications on-premises and in multi-cloud
    * How visibility helps you secure your application, increase operational efficiency, and reduce administrative workload
  • How to Defend HTTP/HTTPS Applications from DDoS Attacks Recorded: May 23 2019 62 mins
    Rich Groves and Don Shin, A10 Networks
    DDoS attacks against encrypted web and application-based services continue to skirt traditional volumetric-focused DDoS defenses.

    To distinguish real users from malicious bots, organizations must implement a layered defense that provides full attack spectrum protection with minimal exposure of private data for HTTP and HTTPS services.

    Join our webinar to learn best practices to ensure your users have unfettered access to the applications that drive your business.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • HTTP and HTTPS attack techniques
    • How layered DDoS and application security pipelines can achieve DDoS resilience
    • Mitigation strategies that prevent collateral damage against real users
    • Techniques that minimize the expense of decrypting attack traffic

    Featured presenters:
    Rich Groves, Director of Research and Development, A10 Networks
    Don Shin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, A10 Networks
  • Best Practices for Application Delivery, Security, & Visibility in the Cloud Recorded: Apr 30 2019 43 mins
    Almas Raza, Product Marketing, A10 Networks
    A key initiative in the path to digital transformation is developing new and migrating existing application workloads to include a multi-cloud infrastructure. Applications span from on-premise to public, private, and hybrid environments and include modern application architecture based on containers and Kubernetes.

    Organizations expect to achieve agility and rapid deployment, better ease of use, elastic scaling, automation, and increased operational efficiency. But in this brave new world, how can you ensure that your applications are secure and that you have visibility regardless of where your apps reside?

    In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn how to:

    * Deliver consistent application policy control wherever apps reside
    * Provide integrated security and compliance across multiple-environments
    * Manage more distributed and complex application environments with automation
    * Gain visibility and deep insights into applications traffic for faster troubleshooting
  • Requirements of Optimized Traffic Flow and Security in Kubernetes Recorded: Apr 10 2019 41 mins
    John Allen, Sr. Systems Engineer, A10 Networks
    The adoption of containers is an accelerating trend in the application deployment space and Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration and management. However, many are still learning about Kubernetes and how it can benefit their organization.

    In this webinar you will learn to:
    * Make your application development more agile
    * Enhance security and compliance between microservices
    * Correlate traffic flow and security
    * Drill down to contextual data and quickly pin-point problem areas
  • Detecting Threats in Encrypted Traffic Recorded: Mar 28 2019 77 mins
    Babur Khan, Product Marketing
    In this webinar, learn how SSL decryption works from a technology standpoint and the technical challenges related to performance, network topology and routing.

    You will learn:

    * Encryption trends, benefits and popularity
    * What’s hiding within your network traffic – Challenges of encryption
    * Best practices for complete visibility for superior network security while Preserving Security, Compliance and Performance
  • [Webinar en Español] SSL Insight: Visibilidad Total de SSL Recorded: Mar 15 2019 43 mins
    Pablo Javier Marini, System Engineer SOLA
    El Thunder SSL de A10 es una solución de decodificación desarrollada especialmente para eliminar el punto ciego de SSL/TLS, proporcionando una visibilidad total del tráfico cifrado. Esto aumenta la eficacia de la seguridad en una fracción del costo, descargando las intensas operaciones SSL de la CPU de sus soluciones de seguridad existentes.

    Únete a nosotros para entender más sobre el Thunder SSL de A10, una solución de seguridad corporativa atractiva y escalable para componer su infraestructura de seguridad actual y prepararla para el creciente escenario de amenazas cibernéticas sin comprometer el rendimiento o la seguridad de la red.
  • [Webinar em Português] SSL Insight: Visibilidade Total de SSL Recorded: Feb 27 2019 44 mins
    Ricardo de Melo, Systems Engineer Brazil
    O Thunder SSL da A10 é uma solução de decodificação desenvolvida especialmente para eliminar o ponto cego de SSL/TLS, fornecendo visibilidade total do tráfego criptografado. Isso aumenta a eficácia da segurança em uma fração do custo, descarregando as intensas operações SSL da CPU de suas soluções de segurança existentes.

    Junte-se a nós para entender mais sobre o Thunder SSL da A10, uma solução de segurança corporativa atrativa e escalonável para compor sua infraestrutura de segurança atual e prepará-la para o crescente cenário de ameaças cibernéticas sem comprometer o desempenho ou a segurança da rede.
  • How to defend DNS services from DDoS attacks of all types Recorded: Feb 26 2019 58 mins
    Don Shin, Security Product Marketing; Jian Liu, Systems Engineer at A10 Networks
    DNS services continue to be one of the top targets for DDoS attacks. When DNS services are disrupted, service providers and their subscribers are taken offline, which can inflict damage and result in loss of revenue and customers.

    Join this DDoS Defense Insight webinar to learn how to defend against one of the most common and disruptive types of cyberattacks: DNS DDoS attacks.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    * How DNS works and what makes it vulnerable
    * Which strategies DNS attackers use including the infamous water torture attack
    * What are the strategies for blocking brute force, DNS floods and pseudo random domain attacks
    * How to minimize damage to your legitimate users during an attack
  • Preventing DDoS Attacks Requires More Than Just Blocking Traffic Recorded: Feb 7 2019 79 mins
    Randy Smith, Monterey Technology Group; Don Shin at A10 Networks
    In the past 12 months we’ve seen groundbreaking volumetric attacks that exceed 1.2 terabytes, but it takes much less than that to shut the doors of most businesses.

    Watch this webinar to learn about attack techniques and gain insight into weapons used for massive DDoS attacks. We will discuss the four critical strategies needed to prevent system failure, while protecting your users.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    * How to identify anomalies in attacker behavior
    * How Threat Intelligence can go from informational to actionable
    * How machine learning assists with identifying patterns
    * Which multi-modal defense techniques can help improve your security posture
  • Intent-Based Network Load Balancer And Ansible Recorded: Jan 31 2019 46 mins
    Andrius Benokraitis, Ansible, Red Hat; Jeevan Sharma, A10 Networks; Fadi Hafez, A10 Networks
    Automating applications also requires automation of provisioning, configuration, and management of application delivery services with the ability to scale out elastically with load. In this webinar, you will learn and experience real-world Enterprise customer use cases on Ansible automation modules from configuring network functions, automating load balancer clusters, and creating L4-L7 configuration.
  • Estrategias para extender la vida útil de IPv4 y introducir IPv6 en proveedores Recorded: Dec 12 2018 57 mins
    José de Abreu, SE LATAM from A10 Networks
    El agotamiento global de los bloques libres de direcciones IPv4 disponibles y la adopción de IPv6, imponen una serie de nuevos retos al crecimiento y la rentabilidad de los proveedores de servicios. En la gran mayoría de los casos, los proveedores de servicios deben diseñar e implantar estrategias de corto y largo plazo, para preservar un recursos extremadamente escaso como lo son sus direcciones IPv4 y migrar su red, servicios y suscriptores hacia IPv6.

    - Preservación de direccionamiento IPv4
    - Migración y coexistencia con IPv6
    - Aspectos legales, visibilidad y trazabilidad de los usuarios
  • Estratégias para extender a vida útil de IPv4 e introduzir IPv6 em provedores Recorded: Dec 12 2018 56 mins
    Thiago de Lima, SE Brazil from A10 Networks
    O esgotamento global dos blocos livres de endereços IPv4 disponíveis e a adoção de IPv6, impõem uma série de novos desafios ao crescimento e a rentabilidade dos provedores de serviços. Na maior parte dos casos, os provedores de serviços devem desenhar e implantar estratégias de curto e longo prazo, para preservar recursos extremadamente escasso como são seus endereçamentos IPv4 e migrar sua rede, serviços e assinantes para IPv6.

    - Preservação de endereços IPv4
    - Migração e coexistência com IPv6
    - Aspectos legais, visibilidade e acessibilidade dos usuários
  • Amplie seu portfolio com A10 Recorded: Dec 5 2018 49 mins
    Bruna Wells, Channel Sales Director LATAM
    Durante este webinar você conhecerá mais sobre a empresa A10 Networks, seus principais produtos e seu programa de canais.
  • Flexibly Allocate and Distribute Secure Application Services Recorded: Nov 15 2018 47 mins
    John Gudmundson, A10 Networks
    With the evolving nature of application deployment, it is critical that these services be dynamically allocable, fully portable, scale on-demand and procured by a simplified license.

    You will see a live demonstration of FlexPool™, a software subscription for capacity pooling. This will allow you the flexibility to allocate and distribute secure application services whenever and wherever you need them.

    Join A10 Networks and learn how to:
    •Achieve on-demand provisioning of app services in seconds
    •Maximize ROI with license portability and pay-as-you-grow
    •Use modern DevOps tools to simplify license management
  • Evolution of Security in 5G Networks Recorded: Nov 15 2018 58 mins
    Roy Chua, Founder & Principal, AvidThink; Yasir Liaqatullah, VP, Product Management, A10 Networks
    As communications service providers (CSPs) upgrade their networks to support new 5G and IoT applications, new security considerations will come into play. Beyond just scaling up traditional protection again DDoS and improving SGi/GiLAN firewalls, CSPs need to take a more comprehensive view of mobile security. This joint analyst webinar between SDxCentral and A10 Networks will highlight new security concerns and architectural considerations that CSPs need to understand in light of new business and consumer applications on their 5G networks.
Secure Application Services
A10 modernizes the delivery of applications with analytics-driven visibility, performance and security solutions, via hardware or software, on premise or in the cloud.

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  • Live at: Mar 15 2019 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Pablo Javier Marini, System Engineer SOLA
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