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COVID-19: Address the real-world implications for insurers

The COVID-19 crisis will have wide-ranging implications for all aspects of the insurance world. From policy wordings and exclusions, to how businesses manage fundamental changes in their businesses and associated risks, it’s unconquered territory.

But help is at hand. This free webinar (sponsored by CRC Group) will drill down into some of the real-time challenges facing brokers, insurers and risk managers. A panel of experts will cover the key questions the industry is facing and give you a step-by-step guide to confronting the COVID-19 crisis.

In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:

Mark J. Barta, Director of Risk Management, City of Fort Worth
Ken Crerar, CEO, The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers (CIAB)
Mike Brennan, President of Commercial Solutions, CRC Group
Patrick Byrnes, Partner, Locke Lord LLP

By listening to this webinar, you’ll get unparalleled advice on:

Property: Discover if policies will be triggered by shutdowns and find out what extensions may be available to companies to cover loss of income. Could policies be triggered by ‘job abandonment’ clauses?

Environmental: Seize the opportunity to engage with the market and offer additional coverage while some carriers are explicitly excluding virus-related risks

Workers’ Compensation and D&O: Discuss the liabilities for employers when a worker contracts or spreads COVID-19, and evaluate if directors and officers firms’ will be held accountable for the impact of COVID-19

Business Interruption: Reconcile the pressure from states and government to invoke BI policies with the reality that most BI policies will not be triggered by the crisis

E&O and Cyber Risks: Explore how remote working has changed the fundamental risks of E&O and cyber

Changing Risks: With so many companies diversifying quickly and assuming new risks as a result, what do risk managers need to consider?
Recorded May 5 2020 61 mins
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Presented by
Mark J Barta (City of Fort Worth), Ken Crerar (CIAB), Mike Brennan (CRC Group), Patrick Byrnes (Locke Lord LLP)
Presentation preview: COVID-19: Address the real-world implications for insurers

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  • Address Business Interruption in a Hyper-Connected World Apr 20 2021 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace (Lloyd's) Monica Tigleanu (Marsh) Jenna McGrath (CyberCube)
    In this webinar you'll hear from:

    - Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Head of Portfolio Risk Management, Lloyd's
    - Monica Tigleanu, Cyber Property Damage Leader, Marsh
    - Jenna McGrath, Senior Cyber Economist , CyberCube

    They'll be exploring:

    - How can the insurance industry respond to the growth of IoT and 5G as the number of connected points increases and bandwidth grows?
    - Understand how vulnerable manufacturing and industrial control systems are to ransomware attacks and find out what the insurance industry can do to help
    - Find out how government and public bodies are working to create standards to prevent cyber-crime as the number of connections mushrooms
    - How do you manage accumulation and aggregation along supply chains – or is it an unsolvable problem?
    - Address the threat of critical infrastructure being hit by a catastrophic cyber incident

    This webinar is sponsored by CyberCube, by registering you agree to share your information with this organisation.
  • Use New Vehicle Technology to Reduce Risk & Improve Pricing in Underwriting Apr 1 2021 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Raja Chakravorti (Root Insurance Company) Jason Verlen (CCC) Marty Ellingsworth (Celent)
    The increasing adoption of new vehicle technology has made calculating the value of a vehicle more difficult. Paradoxically, much of the technology that is driving the industry forward, from increased safety features to access to valuable driving data, is adding a new level of complexity to underwriting.

    Today, many carriers are unaware of the specific costs new advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) features have on vehicles, or how leveraging individualized driving behavior data can inform decision-making. With the speed of innovation increasing all the time, how can underwriters keep up? Find out in this upcoming webinar…

    You’ll hear from:

    - Raja Chakravorti, General Manager, Root Enterprise, Root Insurance Company
    - Jason Verlen, Senior Vice President of Product Management, CCC
    - Marty Ellingsworth, Industry Analyst, Celent

    In this webinar you’ll:

    - Get actionable data points from connected vehicles. Use near-real time insights, such as driving behaviours and patterns, to attract and retain highest performing segments of business and more accurately reflect the price-to-risk relationship.
    - Hear how to use ADAS to improve pricing. Understand how ADAS features, used by policyholders, can lead to a decline in accident frequency and severity, more accurate risk assessment and more refined pricing models.
    - Address the demand for digital. Embrace an artificial intelligence-centred approach to increase the efficiency of existing processes and gain valuable insights, such as potential pre-existing damage, to help reduce risk at the point of quote.
    - Overcome a lack of data: Reconcile the growth in vehicle safety features with a lack of data and a lack of standards and find out how insurers can validate the performance of safety technology.

    This webinar is sponsored by CCC and by signing up you agree to share your information with this organization.
  • Embrace Touchless and Virtual Claims to Resolve Customer Pain Points Mar 11 2021 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Bryant Vernon (Aviva) Joel Farvault (AXA) Melissa Hill (AFICS) Sean Duffy (Skyward) Sean Baird (Nuxeo) Robin Roberson
    According to Intelligent Insurer’s Claims Survey, nearly 60% of insurance executives identified touchless claims as the innovation that has the greatest potential to drive efficiency. As more and more customers head online—and use mobile devices in the claims process—it’s the ideal time to discover how you can get ahead through embracing touchless and virtual claims, developing a frictionless customer journey and reducing your costs.

    In this webinar, you'll hear from:

    - Bryant Vernon, Chief Claims Officer, Aviva Canada
    - Joel Farvault, Head of Augmented Claims, AXA Group Operations
    - Melissa Hill, AVP Data & Analytics, American Family Insurance Claims Services
    - Sean Baird, Director, ECM Product Marketing, Nuxeo
    - Sean Duffy, EVP & Chief Claims Officer, Skyward Specialty Insurance
    - Moderator: Robin Roberson, Managing Director North America, Claims Central

    During the 1-hour webinar you’ll find out how to:

    - Create the right talent and technology infrastructure to ensure you’re ready for the touchless claims revolution; get your data strategy in good working order so you can plug automation into the claims process; gain new insights from business-specific AI analysis; and avoid common pitfalls
    - Support each touchpoint in the claims customer journey with the optimum mix of technology and human intervention to seamlessly expedite the process
    - Understand why touchless claims call for a more sophisticated fraud detection process with earlier risk profiling, and use analytics and machine learning to streamline genuine customers through the process with minimal risk and reduced operational costs
    - Move from proof-of-concept initiatives that require AI expertise and instead focus on business-ready tools that support your critical business objectives and processes—such as analysing and gaining actionable insights from image and video content

    This webinar is sponsored by Nuxeo and by signing up you agreed to share your information with this organization.
  • Achieve Customer-Centric, Frictionless Underwriting for a Competitive Edge Mar 4 2021 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Mano Mannoochahr-Travelers Brad Lemons-Nationwide Jeff Duncan-Liberty Mutual Mehdi Tabrizi-Moda Health Stephen Ehikian-Airkit
    It’s no secret that friction throughout the underwriting process remains a bugbear for consumers and carriers alike. Consumers are more reliant than ever on self-service, while underwriting staff need greater levels of support.

    Find out how to reduce friction in the underwriting process in this new webinar where you’ll hear from:

    - Mano Mannoochahr, SVP & Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Travelers
    - Bradley Lemons, SVP of Personal Line Product, Nationwide
    - Jeff Duncan, SVP & Chief Underwriting Officer–Healthcare Practice, Liberty Mutual Insurance
    - Mehdi Tabrizi, Chief Marketing Officer & MD Innovation & Customer Experience, Moda Health
    - Moderator: Stephen Ehikian, Co-Founder and CEO, Airkit

    During the 1-hour webinar we’ll be discussing how to:

    - Provide a superior customer service by reducing friction in the underwriting process. Obtain advice on making the onboarding process quicker and more efficient by simplifying question sets—making it less painful for your customer and less labour-intensive for your workforce
    - Encourage a constant exchange with your customers that goes beyond renewals and claims. Deploy ML techniques to identify the lifetime value of your customers and boost your cross-selling potential
    - Become hyper-aware of customer needs and provide personalised, real-time services to customer segments with tailored, flexible product offerings, using advanced analytics
    - Know your customer. Optimise external data to create customer profiles and deploy dynamic pricing at key contextual points in the customer journey—thereby improving the customer experience
    - Harness data to calculate propensity to churn and implement mitigation measures so you can invest in customers who provide the greatest long-term value to your business—increasing profitability and reducing costs

    This webinar is sponsored by Airkit. By signing up, you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Transform Legacy Claims Processing With Automation Recorded: Feb 23 2021 62 mins
    Shawn Crawley (Sompo), Shannon Harjer (Founders Insurance), Lori Pon (AAA), Will Sellenraad (Pyramid Solutions)
    Customer experience is a top concern for today’s P&C providers. And many of them are turning to automation to drastically improve it. Specifically, in the claims function, automation is a sure-fire way to speed up settlements, optimize your workforce and improve customer experience and retention—it’s a no brainer.

    Find out how automation is transforming claims in this upcoming webinar.

    You’ll hear from these claims trailblazers:

    - Shawn Crawley, SVP, 1st Party Claim, Sompo International
    - Shannon Harjer, VP Claims – Personal Lines, Founders Insurance Company
    - Lori Pon, Director, Claim Transformation and Claim Service Center, AAA – The Auto Club Group
    - Moderator: Will Sellenraad, Insurance Practice Lead, Pyramid Solutions

    During the webinar you’ll find out how to:

    - Accelerate Settlements: Reduce the steps it takes to settle a claim, eliminate the need for manual data entry, and ways to optimize your entire claims process from FNOL to settlement to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs
    - Sidestep Costly Legacy Replacements: Hear ways to extend the life of legacy systems by integrating new capabilities and get up to speed with the latest tools to upgrade your current systems, including data capture, robotic process automation, cognitive computing, advanced case management, enterprise content management and electronic signature
    - Drive Customer Loyalty through Transparency: Empower your claims department to provide quick and accurate information to customers by being able to quickly find the right claim and knowing exactly where it sits within the claim process
    - Optimize Your Workforce for A Post-COVID-19 World: Grasp the tools your employees need to route and settle claims effectively, and leverage sophisticated data and analytics to identify and resolve common bottlenecks to improve productivity with real-time insights

    This webinar is sponsored by Pyramid Solutions. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organization.
  • Integrate AI and Machine Learning into the Claims Process to Unlock Efficiencies Recorded: Dec 10 2020 62 mins
    Mario Riccò (Generali), Joël Farvault (AXA), Liz Ryan (Zurich), Patricia Diaz (Hyperscience)
    When it comes to deploying AI and ML in claims, the message from senior claims executives is clear: approach it in manageable chunks. To succeed, you need to select one inefficiency—whether it be document processing, fraud, the employee experience, or the customer experience—and then build on your learnings.

    By embarking on your AI/machine learning journey piece by piece will you be able to beat the competition, save on costs and reallocate your workforce to deliver real value—rather than being bogged down in mundane tasks. Find out how to do this in our upcoming webinar:

    • Mario Riccò, Head of Group Claims, Generali
    • Liz Ryan, Head of Claims Performance & Insights, Zurich
    • Joël Farvault, Head of Data Analytics and Data Innovation, AXA
    • Patricia Diaz, Director of Product Marketing, Hyperscience
    • Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

    In this one-hour free webinar you’ll:

    • Put an end to paper-based, mundane tasks: Hear tips on how to leverage AI and machine learning—particularly document capture and processing—to extract, classify and validate data to boost productivity
    • Decide which claims will benefit from straight-through processing and which demand human intervention, and refocus your employees on the more important, skilled tasks
    • Get the best from intelligent automation on a small budget: How do you prepare for the next steps without incurring vast costs? Is personnel reduction the most obvious win or should you reinvest in different skills?
    • Put automatic fraud tools in place: Use AI to identify fraudulent factors for claimants and combine with government and social media data to assess the propensity for fraudulent claims
    • Discover how to use AI and automation to improve the customer experience

    This webinar is sponsored by Hyperscience, and by signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Discover How AI Uncovers the Hidden Value of Unstructured Data in Underwriting Recorded: Dec 1 2020 63 mins
    Dante Guevara (Chubb), Mahfuj Munshi (Nationwide), Hélène Stanway (AXA XL), Reid Colson (Markel), Pamela Negosanti, expert.ai
    Accurate and efficient underwriting is the cornerstone of profitable growth for insurers. To drive productivity, AI is key, but unfortunately not all data is structured and ready to use. In fact, 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, in the form of emails, text documents, legal reports, voice recordings, videos, social media.

    Get to grips with unstructured data and you’ll be able to extract and organise data to evaluate risk and mimic human understanding. Ultimately, you can reduce your costs, increase your win ratio, and boost market penetration.

    In this 1 hour free webinar you will:

    - Examine key AI use cases, like image and voice recognition, robotics, predictive analytics and NLU, to extract data, check and modify policies and triage submissions - especially for commercial lines where the risk is higher, and the conditions are unique
    - Reduce customer friction through technologies, like Natural Language Understanding, chatbots and virtual assistants, that allow you to tap into unstructured data
    - Enhance renewals and accurately evaluate your exposure by using AI to streamline manual, slow and error-prone processes and analyse non-standard policies
    - Transform submission triaging and processing through technology, like OCR and NLU, to drive efficiency and free up underwriters’ time for high-value tasks
    - Use AI to align underwriting with your risk appetite and make better decisions: Classify and code standardised, historical risk data to decide what’s viable

    Speakers include:

    Dante Tellez Guevara, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Chubb
    Reid Colson, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Markel
    Mahfuj Munshi, AVP of Commercial Lines Advance Analytics & AI, Nationwide
    Hélène Stanway, VP, Global Head of Technology Innovation, AXA XL
    Moderator: Pamela Negosanti, Head of NA Sales & Sector Strategy - Insurance and Financial Services, expert.ai

    This webinar is sponsored by expert.ai, by registering you will be sharing your data with this organization.
  • Leverage Automation in Underwriting to Reduce Costs & Speed-Up Response Times Recorded: Nov 24 2020 61 mins
    Tim Yorke (AXA), Michael Zimmer (Zurich), Bradley O'Connor (Beazley), Claudio Morando (Swiss Re), Ed Challis (Re:infer)
    Delivering quick response times is now vital for any high-growth business. But most underwriters don’t have the infrastructure to automate unstructured communications at scale—especially when it comes to the broker relationship.

    In fact, according to a recent case study by Hiscox, 97% of broker requests are incorrectly routed. Leverage automation in underwriting and you’ll maximize the likelihood of a timely response, saving both time and money.

    In this webinar, you'll find out how automation is reducing manual workload for underwriters, streamlining operations, and elevating the broker experience.

    You’ll find out how to:

    - Avoid intellectual waste: Exploit automation to reduce the time skilled underwriters spend on repetitive tasks and redirect labour to adding real value—developing the client relationship
    - Streamline communications: Integrate robotic process automation, machine learning, language processing, optical character recognition and analytics to triage submissions from multiple sources, detect and remove duplications, reduce human error and ultimately reduce processing time
    - It’s not just about being faster…use automation and analytics to make better quality underwriting decisions and select the right risk
    - Pinpoint the opportunity automation creates to reduce costs in terms of new hires and efficiency savings
    - Explore how automation can be used to elevate the broker experience, drive efficient operations, and dramatically speed up response times

    And hear from these automation experts:

    - Tim Yorke, Chief Operating Officer, AXA Commercial, AXA
    - Bradley O’Connor, Head of Operations Technology Platforms, Beazley
    - Dr. Michael Zimmer, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Zurich Group Germany
    - Claudio Morando, Head Portfolio Analytics & Strategy EMEA, Swiss Re
    - Moderator: Ed Challis, CEO, Re:infer

    This webinar is sponsored by Re:infer. By signing up you agree to share your information with this organisation.
  • Rapidly Roll-Out Innovation: Deploy AI & Cloud in Operations & Infrastructure Recorded: Oct 22 2020 64 mins
    Jeanette Ward (Texas Mutual) Kevin Kirby (State Auto) Mary Bahna-Nolan (Pacific Life and Sean Baird (Nuxeo)
    To survive and thrive in the modern business world, you need to effectively leverage your content and data. But not all digital initiatives lead to digital transformation. Hobbled by a risk-averse culture, most insurers focus their investments on optimizing existing processes. While focusing on automation to improve productivity or delivering a better customer experience can provide value to the business, they rarely transform it.

    Discover how to achieve true digital transformation in this upcoming webinar, sponsored by Nuxeo. You’ll explore how leading organizations are using digital technologies – including process automation, cloud, and artificial intelligence – for more transformative objectives.

    In this 1-hour free webinar you’ll learn how to:

    - Think big to strengthen your competitive position: Ensure you’re ready to seize new opportunities or disrupt markets with new products, services, and business models
    - Modernize your systems and use the cloud to increase flexibility and scalability
    - Drive streamlined, touchless processes and better decision-making to boost customer satisfaction
    - Overcome the limitations of legacy platforms to rapidly roll-out innovation
    - Leverage AI during the claims process: Intelligently manage multimedia files, like videos, images, and audio to add more context to the claims process

    …by listening to these expert speakers:

    - Jeanette Ward, Chief Operating Officer, Texas Mutual Insurance Company
    - Mary Bahna-Nolan, SVP, Head of Product Innovation and Strategy, Pacific Life
    - Kevin Kirby, Digital Transformation Product Owner, State Auto
    - Moderator: Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing, Nuxeo

    This webinar is sponsored by Nuxeo – by signing up you agree to share your data.
  • Modernise Legacy Systems for Enterprise-Compatibility and Claims Decisions Recorded: Oct 8 2020 62 mins
    David Nichols (Zurich), Hugo Emanuel Fernandes (Hiscox), Martin Kroos (Achmea) and Adrian McKnight (WNS Global Services)
    Disruptive changes call for game-changing agility and innovation. Shifting customer expectations, a looming talent shortage, and advances in technology have compelled many insurers to make their claims management process future-ready.

    While companies are witnessing a surge in claims, they are also struggling to contain rising costs, optimize workforce productivity and drive customer experience. But what will enable insurers to solve these challenges and transition to a future-ready state?

    Join the team from Intelligent Insurer as they talk to Zurich, Achmea, Hiscox and WNS to get the details on how to deliver a roadmap for claims transformation.

    In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:

    David Nichols, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich
    Martin Kroos, Head of Claims, Achmea
    Hugo Emanuel Fernandes, Group Claims Innovation Lead, Hiscox
    Adrian McKnight, Executive Vice President Transformation & Quality, WNS Global Services

    In this live and interactive session, we will discuss:

    ● Transforming the claims operating model during and post- COVID-19: Explore the impact of working remotely on data security and systems, the feasibility of burst capacity to process critical claims, and assess whether your systems can support rapid updating of products in the face of COVID-19
    ● Tackling legacy claims technology and data challenges to enable automation: Get non-homogeneous, asynchronous data from multiple systems in the same format to prepare for robotic process automation (RPA) and allow better underwriting, actuarial and claims decisions
    ● A changing claims workforce: Address the lack of skills to manage legacy systems and redeploy staff to manage data integration for claims for digitization
    ● A digital ecosystem to safeguard against market disruptions: Migrate your claims process into an agile, flexible digital operating model underpinned by technology platforms to ensure your data investments hold strong, with the digitization of the customer journey at the core
  • Touchless Claims: Reduce Manual Touchpoints to Resolve Customer Pain Points Recorded: Aug 20 2020 73 mins
    Cyril Steffen (AXA) Paul Dixon & Liz Ryan (Zurich) Jan Mohlmann (Tractable)
    According to Intelligent Insurer’s Claims 2020 Survey, 86% of respondents say automation is transforming claims, and 58% feel that touchless claims has the greatest potential to drive efficiency. Get to grips with touchless claims and you’ll reap the benefits in terms of an improved customer experience, reduced loss adjustment expenses and faster cycle times.

    Find out how Zurich, AXA and LV= are achieving this in our webinar, “Seamless to Touchless: Reduce Manual Touchpoints to Resolve Customer Pain Points”, which is sponsored by Tractable. (August 20 at 3pm BST/10am EST)

    - Create the right talent and technology infrastructure to ensure you’re ready for the touchless claims revolution; get your data strategy in good working order so you can plug automation into the claims process and avoid common pitfalls
    - In a post-COVID-19 world, get expert insights on how to move from traditional hands-on processing to virtual and touchless claims, supported by remote technologies
    - Move from AI pilots and proof-of-concept initiatives and instead focus on business objectives and process improvements, that are immediately implementable and scalable
    - Support each touchpoint in the claims customer journey with the optimum mix of technology and human intervention to seamlessly expedite the process

    You'll hear from these claims experts:

    - Cyril Steffen, Chief Claims Officer - European Markets, AXA
    - Mike Hall, Director of Property and Liability Claims, LV=
    - Paul Dixon, Head of Claims Proposition and Market Insight & Liz Ryan, Head of Claims Performance & Insights, Zurich
    - Jan Mohlmann, Engagement Management Director, EMEA, Tractable
    - Claire Churchard, Deputy Editor, Intelligent Insurer (Moderator)

    This webinar is sponsored by Tractable. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Clarity In Changing Times: Bermuda’s Response to Tackling the COVID-19 Crisis Recorded: Jul 22 2020 92 mins
    Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), Intelligent Insurer, and Bermuda Re+ILS
    Bermuda’s evidence-based response and collaborative taskforce has weathered the COVID-19 crisis, maintaining business continuity and resilience in tackling the pandemic.

    Hear from Bermuda’s Minister of Finance and leading industry experts ready to share the details on Bermuda’s response and recovery to the fallout from the pandemic. In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:

    The Hon. Curtis Dickinson, JP MP, Minister of Finance, Government of Bermuda
    Craig Swan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA)
    Kathleen Reardon, Chief Executive Officer, Hamilton Re
    Patrick Tannock, Managing Director, AXA XL; CEO Insurance XL Bermuda; Chairman, Association of Bermuda International Companies
    Sarah Demerling, Partner, Walkers; Chair & Executive Committee Member, Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA)
    Greg Wojciechowski, President & CEO, Bermuda Stock Exchange; Board Member, Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA)

    In our dynamic discussion, you’ll:

    Discover how the government of Bermuda is leveraging industry knowledge through an expert taskforce to lead an evidence-based approach to tackling the COVID-19 crisis

    Understand why the regulator’s role is so important in managing the pandemic, and how the BMA is ensuring service continuity while continuing to champion innovation

    Explore how the risk transfer sector has remained open for business, continuing to pay claims with minimal disruption, and how Bermuda’s wealth solutions are seeing an an uptick in enquiries as investors seek certainty and innovative solutions in the aftermath of the pandemic

    Debate post-COVID-19 scenarios for Bermuda, including new opportunities arising from the pandemic

    This webinar is delivered in partnership with Intelligent Insurer, Bermuda:Re+ILS and the BDA (Bermuda Business Development Agency) and by signing up you agree to share your details with these organisations.
  • Use Parametric Solutions to Deliver Enhanced Business Interruption Cover to SMEs Recorded: Jul 21 2020 58 mins
    Andrew Bauckham (Chaucer), Ruth Polyblank (Mastercard), Peter Robinson (Prizm) and Alastair Speare-Cole (Qomplx)
    Can parametric solutions help to restore the confidence of small business owners by delivering enhanced business interruption cover to SMEs?

    Join the team from Intelligent Insurer as they talk to Chaucer, Mastercard, Prizm and Qomplx to get the details on how insurers and their broker partners are using parametric solutions to achieve instant claims settlement, reduced time and expenditure on loss- adjusting and the avoidance of legal disputes.

    Hear from leading industry experts ready to share their tips, tricks and pointers. In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:
    Andrew Bauckham, Deputy Practice Head–Property & Political Violence, Chaucer
    Ruth Polyblank, Vice President, Insurance, Strategic Growth, Mastercard
    Peter Robinson, Managing Director, Prizm Solutions
    Alastair Speare-Cole, President of Insurance, Qomplx

    In just one hour of dynamic discussion and debate, you’ll discover how to:

    Consider the limitations of indemnity products and discover how index-based solutions can expand coverage to address gaps in traditional business interruption policies
    Get the detail on how to define simple objective triggers to better protect SMEs from wide-ranging business interruption perils, including IT failure, data breach, terrorism and pandemics
    Quantify the benefits of parametric products for both SMEs and insurers, including instant claims settlement, reduced time and expenditure on loss-adjusting and avoidance of legal disputes
    Explore difference in limits and debate the value of a parametric policy at £100K or less in comparison to an indemnity policy at a much higher limit
  • Cyber Risk and Covid-19: Managing Cyber Risks Arising From The Pandemic Recorded: Jul 16 2020 74 mins
    Timothy Zeilman (HSB) Jacob Ingersley (The Hartford) Jon Laux (Aon) Darren Thomson (CyberCube) Claire Churchard (II)
    Ransomware attacks skyrocketed 148% in March 2020 (according to VMware Carbon Black data) with financial services, healthcare and manufacturing being the hardest hit. There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis has escalated the risk of malicious cyber-attacks as organisations large and small increase their reliance on remote working and online services.

    Cyber insurance has gone from a key cog in a modern company’s insurance portfolio, to a top priority in a matter of weeks. As COVID-19 reshapes the corporate landscape how can you prepare? How can you work with risk managers more effectively? And how can you make faster, more accurate assessments of the best risks to insure, based on your company’s approach and risk tolerance?

    Find out in this upcoming webinar, sponsored by CyberCube, and featuring these expert speakers:

    - Timothy Zeilman, VP, Global Product Owner – Cyber, The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
    - Jacob Ingerslev, Head of Global Cyber Risk, The Hartford
    - Jon Laux, Head of Cyber Analytics, Aon Reinsurance Solutions
    - Darren Thomson, Head of Cyber Security Strategy, CyberCube
    - Moderator: Claire Churchard, Deputy Editor, Intelligent Insurer

    You'll find out how to:

    · Identify the new cyber risks associated with COVID-19, including compromised network security for remote working, increased vulnerability to phishing and the emergence of Covid-19 related cyber scams

    · Consider the practical steps insurers can take to deliver proactive risk management advice that supports policyholders to reduce exposure and remain cyber resilient amid the Covid-19 crisis

    · Harness the opportunity to review cyber catastrophe potential and assess how (re)insurers might consider accumulation risk in the light of the pandemic

    This webinar is sponsored by CyberCube. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Risk Management & Liability Insurance after COVID-19 & Social Inflation Recorded: Jul 9 2020 62 mins
    Loren Nickel (Google) Nancy Bewlay (AXA XL) Amanda Lyons (Aon) Bob Reville (Praedicat)
    With COVID-19 emerging at the same time as the social inflation crisis, transformation of liability insurance is inevitable. How can liability insurance achieve greater coverage certainty? Will COVID-19 lead to new types of catastrophe cover for liability, or even insurance-linked securities? Will naming specified perils, or parametric solutions, lead to more certain coverage for risks such as pandemic liability or emerging risks from 5G to PFAS?

    Get the answers to these questions in our upcoming webinar - sponsored by Praedicat. You’ll find out how technology and modeling can make liability insurance more relevant to risk manager’s largest liability issues after COVID-19.

    You’ll hear from these leading industry speakers:

    - Loren Nickel, Director Business Risk & Insurance, Google
    - Nancy Bewlay, Global Chief Underwriting Officer, AXA XL
    - Amanda Lyons, Managing Director, AON Benfield
    - Bob Reville, CEO, Praedicat, Inc. (Moderator)

    Tune-in to delve into:

    - Technology-Assisted Risk Management: Discover how technology and models can improve the emerging risk identification process and defend against litigation, improving the insurance purchasing process and empowering risk managers
    - The Future of Underwriting: How can analytics fill the coverage gap; serve your customer better and leverage AI to help with renewals
    - Named peril coverage: Covid-19 is shedding light on the importance of coverage certainty, which new product innovation should solve
    - Parametric cover: Create a more robust market and utilize parametric cover to provide more tailored coverage for the liability cat market that may facilitate risk transfer expansion beyond carriers

    This webinar is sponsored by Praedicat and by signing up you agree to share your data with this organization.
  • Harness External Data in Underwriting: Increase Profitability & Drive Value Recorded: Jul 8 2020 73 mins
    Adrian Sweeney (RSA) Megan McConnell (Hiscox) Kassie Bryan (Swiss Re) Simon Perry (Precisely) Wyn Jenkins (Intelligent Insure
    To get ahead of the competition, insurers must combine both internal and external data to gauge risk precisely. But managing growing mounds of data is no mean feat. The danger is that if you don’t operationalise and enrich your data, you’re going to lose out when it comes to accurate pricing, enhanced profitability and delivering value to your customers.

    The solution is an all-encompassing approach to mastering external data, which is the key theme of this webinar, and features these top-level speakers:

    - Adrian Sweeney, Chief Underwriting Officer, RSA
    - Megan McConnell, Chief Underwriting Officer, Hiscox
    - Kassie Bryan, Head Solutions P&C Americas, Swiss Re
    - Simon Perry, Insurance Client Director, Precisely
    - Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

    You’ll find out how to:

    - Eliminate guesswork by utilising granular, accurate and predictive risk variables to mitigate risk, across commercial property, home and auto – ultimately driving underwriting profitability
    - Leverage real-time data from satellite imagery, location data, remote sensors, and connected devices to enhance risk mitigation and accelerate eligibility decisions and provide fair, accurate, and bias-free policy pricing to consumers
    - Augment, enrich and connect 3rd party data across your business to make better underwriting decisions for properties impacted by flood, hail, hurricane and fire
    - Overcome obstacles around legacy systems, data integration and a lack of statistical skills to improve accuracy and drive efficiencies in the underwriting process
    - Create transparency: Make risk data more readily available to policy holders and brokers so they can better understand their risk and become partners managing risk

    This webinar is sponsored by Precisely and by signing up you agree to share your details with this organisation.
  • Grow SME Insurance with Next Generation Digital Capabilities Recorded: Jun 30 2020 76 mins
    Marianne Haenggi (Zurich), Kevin Mooney (Ascot), Ranila Ravi-Burslem (Aviva), Frédéric Valluet (Vlocity)
    With business risks becoming more complex, and new risks such as cyber and supply chain increasing exposures, underinsured SMEs present a significant growth opportunity for insurers. But as business customers increasingly demand quick decisions and user-friendly functionality, it is critical that insurers streamline workflows to speed up quote-to-bind processes, get products to market faster, and simplify tasks for their network of brokers.

    Can new digital capabilities help insurers grow a profitable SME book of products and services that better meet the needs of small business customers?

    Join the team from Intelligent Insurer as they talk to Aviva, Zurich, Ascot and Vlocity to get the details on how insurers and their go-to-market partners are working together to expand their SME business with next-generation digital capabilities.

    Hear from leading industry experts ready to share their tips, tricks and pointers. In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:

    Marianne Haenggi, Head of eCommerce Strategy, Zurich
    Kevin Mooney, Senior Vice President Head of SME Casualty Business, Ascot
    Ranila Ravi-Burslem, SME Solutions Director, Aviva
    Frédéric Valluet, Head of Insurance EMEA, Vlocity

    In just one hour of dynamic discussion and debate, you’ll discover how to:

    Help small business customers to better identify and manage risk, create value through customer and risk intelligence, and reduce the coverage gap by targeting the right customers with innovative products and services

    Explore strategies to reduce complexity for small business customers, identify how to simplify and introduce transparency to the buying process, and deliver a faster and simpler underwriting experience

    Adapt your distribution strategy, get closer to your customer with increased touch points, and consider what it takes to manage changing customer and broker/channel partner expectations
  • Augmented Underwriting: Power the Data-Driven Underwriter of The Future Recorded: Jun 25 2020 63 mins
    Elena Rasa (Zurich), Todd Rissel (e2Value), Shawn Homand (Ironshore), William Dine (Farmers of Salem)
    Advanced analytics, AI and the availability of data is heralding a new era of augmented underwriting. Streams of data are now being continuously collected, feeding algorithms and machine learning tools that convert that data into immediate, actionable insights, with a predictive view of risk.

    Crack augmented underwriting and you’ll get a colossal competitive advantage; respond quicker to changes in behaviour, competition, and demand, underwrite portfolios more efficiently and adjust rates on a live basis.

    - Make the move to data-driven pricing decisions: Utilize low-touch data from insureds, agents and brokers to make more accurate pricing decisions, grounded in sophisticated analytics and rules-based decision support

    - Reduce the cost of supporting infrastructure and transform into a truly data-driven underwriter by reducing field services through contactless data gathering and parametrics and streamlining valuations and claims

    - Discuss if straight-through processing is a reality for property underwriters and what role parametrics will play in touchless claims settlements

    - Exploit the vast amounts of data being generated by your customers and harness that data to develop new services - plus, get tips on the best way to share these insights with your customers

    - Avoid underinsurance caused by outdated valuation methods and mitigate against out-of-pocket costs for clients, claim delays, mispriced books and unhappy clients by using technology such as data scoring and geo-imagery to deliver more accurate property valuations

    Hear from:

    - Elena Rasa, Chief Underwriting Officer, Zurich
    - Shawn Homand, SVP, Chief Underwriting Officer, Property, Ironshore
    - William Dine, SVP Corporate Operations, Farmers of Salem
    - Guenter Kryszon, Executive Underwriting Officer, Global Property, Markel
    - Todd Rissel, Chairman & CEO, e2Value (Moderator)

    By registering for this webinar you agree to share your information with Intelligent Insurer and our sponsor e2Value.
  • Streamline claims, empower your workforce and provide a seamless CX Recorded: Jun 17 2020 61 mins
    Corinne Southarewsky (AXA XL), Jeremy Trott (Allianz), Gijsbert Cox (Appian), Bryant Vernon (Aviva Canada)
    Striking the right balance between automation and the human touch is a top concern for every insurance individual, and it’s especially crucial in claims.

    The challenge remains how to utilise technology to enable efficient, accelerated claims management and in turn, provide a smoother customer journey to reduce customer query response times from days to seconds. But it’s a big ask – so how do you achieve this?

    Help is at hand. Intelligent Insurer has gathered senior claims experts, from AXA, Allianz and Appian to provide insight on what technologies are transforming the claims space and how their digital transformation journey is going so far.

    In this one-hour free webinar (sponsored by Appian) you’ll hear how to:

    Build a strategy to drive innovation: Invest strategically in technology to streamline claims & underwriting and create hyper-efficient workflows with limited resources
    Create a superior employee experience: Reallocate your claims teams to focus on complex claims to maximise human efficiencies and provide true job satisfaction
    Transform the customer journey: Find the perfect balance between automation and personalisation
    Turn innovation into a competitive edge: Foster a culture of innovation capable of harnessing multiple technologies to dynamically meet your customer’s needs
    Learn lessons on what’s worked – and what hasn’t – and build the confidence to take risks to make a positive change in your claims department

    You’ll hear from these expert speakers:

    Bryant Vernon,Chief Claims Officer, Aviva Canada
    Corinne Southarewsky, Global Head of Claims Operations, AXA XL
    Jeremy Trott, Head of Operations, Claims, Allianz
    Gijsbert Cox, Industry Leader, Insurance Europe, Appian

    This webinar is sponsored by Appian. By signing up you agree to share your details with this organisation.
  • Keep Up With The New Kids On The Re/Insurance Blockchain Recorded: Jun 16 2020 73 mins
    Victor Boardman (R3), Bob Crozier (Allianz Technology) and Richard Phipps (Swiss Re)
    It is widely tipped that re/insurers are likely to build some of the biggest blockchain applications outside the payments sector. The potential wins include the removal of costly and error-prone rekeying and duplication; reduced processing times and costs for placement, compliance and claims settlement; and better access to new markets or products.

    At this juncture clarity around practical use cases is essential, to ensure that blockchain solutions address specific business problems.

    Join the team from Intelligent Insurer as they talk to Allianz, Swiss Re and R3 to get the details on which use cases offer the highest benefits and lowest barriers to implementation.

    Hear from leading industry experts ready to share their tips, tricks and pointers. In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:

    Victor Boardman, Head of Insurance EMEA & APAC, R3
    Bob Crozier, Head of Global Blockchain Centre of Competence & Chief Architect Customer Platforms, Allianz Technology
    Richard Phipps, Senior Project & Delivery Lead, Swiss Re

    In just one hour of dynamic discussion and debate, you’ll discover how to:

    Assess the short-term use cases and long-term R&D opportunities for blockchain in re/insurance, and identify those with the highest benefits and lowest barriers to implementation;

    Hear tried and tested examples of how to leverage blockchain to remove processing expenses, claims leakage and fraud, and deliver faster placement and settlement to boost client satisfaction and retention;

    Explore the most promising platform models and ecosystem partnerships to get blockchain initiatives off the ground; and
    Consider what it takes to creatively manage multiple stakeholders to drive interaction and build trust.
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