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Use Parametric Solutions to Deliver Enhanced Business Interruption Cover to SMEs

Can parametric solutions help to restore the confidence of small business owners by delivering enhanced business interruption cover to SMEs?

Join the team from Intelligent Insurer as they talk to Chaucer, Mastercard, Prizm and Qomplx to get the details on how insurers and their broker partners are using parametric solutions to achieve instant claims settlement, reduced time and expenditure on loss- adjusting and the avoidance of legal disputes.

Hear from leading industry experts ready to share their tips, tricks and pointers. In this webinar, you’ll get exclusive insights from:
Andrew Bauckham, Deputy Practice Head–Property & Political Violence, Chaucer
Ruth Polyblank, Vice President, Insurance, Strategic Growth, Mastercard
Peter Robinson, Managing Director, Prizm Solutions
Alastair Speare-Cole, President of Insurance, Qomplx

In just one hour of dynamic discussion and debate, you’ll discover how to:

Consider the limitations of indemnity products and discover how index-based solutions can expand coverage to address gaps in traditional business interruption policies
Get the detail on how to define simple objective triggers to better protect SMEs from wide-ranging business interruption perils, including IT failure, data breach, terrorism and pandemics
Quantify the benefits of parametric products for both SMEs and insurers, including instant claims settlement, reduced time and expenditure on loss-adjusting and avoidance of legal disputes
Explore difference in limits and debate the value of a parametric policy at £100K or less in comparison to an indemnity policy at a much higher limit
Recorded Jul 21 2020 58 mins
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Presented by
Andrew Bauckham (Chaucer), Ruth Polyblank (Mastercard), Peter Robinson (Prizm) and Alastair Speare-Cole (Qomplx)
Presentation preview: Use Parametric Solutions to Deliver Enhanced Business Interruption Cover to SMEs

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  • Equipping brokers to support customers to handle cyber breaches with confidence Dec 14 2021 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Business email compromise, malware, ransomware…when an insured has a cyber security breach their broker is the first person they call. To truly support their clients, brokers must be equipped to guide and advocate for their clients, to help them through the incident with the right answers and empower them to manage the response in a timely, efficient manner.

    Register for this webinar to find out, you will:
    -Help your clients understand the incident response process: Guide them through the journey, tap into forensic experts and clarify key roles and responsibilities
    -Use forensic analysis to help your clients identify what happened: Understand the root cause of the incident and create a narrative of the attack
    -Enable the insured to buy more time and contain the incident: Help clients establish protective barriers during an investigation and identify how attackers gained access, if they’re still present, and what data is most at risk
    -Get your clients back up and running as quickly as possible: Hear how to guide your clients through recovery, get them operational again, and strengthen their future position
    -Work in parallel streams to achieve speed and success: Don’t take a linear approach to incident response, instead ensure teams are working simultaneously, under clear guidance to solve your clients’ challenges and deliver a superior service

    Speakers include these experts:
    -Elissa Doroff, Managing Director, Cyber Product Leader, Lockton Financial Services
    -Monica Minkel, VP, Executive Risk Enterprise Leader, PC, Holmes Murphy & Associates
    -Victoria Dearing, SVP Professional Liability and Risk Management, Breckenridge Insurance
    -Cynthia Zimmerman, EVP, East Coast Cyber Practice Leader, Socius Insurance Services (tbc)
    -Moderator: Jason Rebholz, Chief Information Security Officer, Corvus Insurance

    This webinar is sponsored by Corvus. By registering you agree to share you information with this organisation.
  • Digital Evolution and Industry 4.0: Re/insurers adapt or die Nov 4 2021 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Pravina Ladva (Swiss Re) Joan Cusco (MAPFRE) Anthony Day (DLA Piper) Wyn Jenkins (Intelligent Insurer)
    The continued evolution of technology in commercial insurance, reinsurance and the Lloyd’s Market, has already revolutionised every aspect of the risk transfer chain as well as the operations side of companies, including claims.

    But while some companies are leading the way in innovating towards a better future, others are dragging their feet—and becoming left behind as a result. It’s now clear that organisations with Industry 4.0-aligned cultures, skillsets, and mindsets will have the greatest success.

    Digital evolution has become the new key battleground for success and market share. To explore the different strategic approaches of companies in this space attend Intelligent Insurer’s upcoming webinar, where you’ll:

    Get a unique perspective on Industry 4.0 and what it means for insurers, reinsurers and brokers
    Discover how consumer behaviour and demand is driving this dynamic and will ultimately determining market share
    Examine the competitive landscape through the lens of Industry 4.0: how early are smart adopters of technology are stealing a march on their rivals?
    Discuss how the operations of companies have been transformed—and what this means for margins
    Delve into the revolutionary changes in distribution, including the emergence of new channels and markets for insurers, and the legal and regulatory challenges to be navigated
    Address the unintended consequences of digital transformation, such as increased cyber risk

    In this 1-hour free webinar, you’ll listen to:

    Pravina Ladva, Group Digital Transformation Officer, Swiss Re
    Joan Cusco, Global Head of Transformation, MAPFRE
    Anthony Day, Partner, DLA Piper
    Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

    This webinar is sponsored by DLA Piper. By registering you agree to share your information with this organisation.
  • Optimize your portfolio management with strategic underwriting leveraging AI Oct 19 2021 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Guenter Kryszon (Markel), Claudio Morando (Swiss Re), Will Roscoe (Beazley), Simone Bohnenberger-Rich (Eigen Technologies)
    To stay ahead of the competition, insurers need to capitalize on AI to manage the concentration of risk across portfolios, increase efficiencies in the underwriting process and drive revenue-generation.

    *If you can’t join live, you’ll automatically receive the recording if you register.

    Hear from:

    - Guenter Kryszon, Executive Underwriting Officer, Global Property, Markel
    - Claudio Morando, Head of Portfolio Analytics and Strategy (EMEA), Swiss Re
    - Will Roscoe, Head of Alternative Portfolio Underwriting, Beazley
    - Dr. Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, SVP, Product, Eigen Technologies

    Discover how to:

    - Transform underwriting into a strategic hub of value creation. Build a stronger portfolio management capability with technology to ensure you can better manage risk, understand and improve the financial stability of different parts of your business and maximize revenue-generation opportunities.

    - Extract, analyze and action critical insight from your data using AI technology. Capitalize on the systematic extraction of more granular submission and policy data to remove manual reviewing and triaging making the process quicker, freeing up time for more strategic tasks and reducing errors and omissions for better underwriting profits.

    - Improve underwriting performance. Underwrite more risk by automating the compilation of data from binders, policies, slips, engineering or safety reports, addendums and other sources on an ongoing basis and accelerating administrative processes to achieve great operational efficiency.

    - Take a proactive approach to portfolio steering. Better understand how to flex your portfolio throughout the cycle, manage volatility, derisking and capitalize on key data insights to proactively shape decision-making and remain agile for maximum capital efficiency.

    This webinar is sponsored by Eigen Technologies. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Leverage technology and expedite claims to enhance CX and employee experience Recorded: Oct 1 2021 62 mins
    David Fineberg (Generali), Kirsten Westly (HDI Global Specialty SE), Martin Kroos (Achmea), Gijsbert Cox (Appian)
    The need to innovate and automate claims processes is nothing new for insurers. However, how do you avoid technology for technology’s sake? How can you quickly identify and adopt solutions that are scalable, adaptable and, most importantly, improve your value offering to customers?

    How can you leverage technology to expedite claims and empower your workforce to meet ever-growing customer expectations?

    *If you can’t join live, you’ll automatically receive the recording if you register.

    Hear from:
    David Fineberg, Head of Claims, Generali UK
    Kirsten Westly, Head of Financial and Professional Lines Claims, HDI Global Specialty SE – UK
    Martin Kroos, Head of Claims, Achmea
    Gijsbert Cox, Industry Leader, Insurance (EMEA, APAC), Appian
    Moderator: Adrian Gilbert, Claims Director, SX3 Claims

    Discover how to:

    - Optimise FNOL and claims validation processes. Combine people, technologies and data in a single workflow by using low-code automation, hyper-automation and segmentation to create a superior experience designed around the customer.

    - Reduce claims leakage to protect the bottom line. Leverage connected ecosystems to increase control, visibility, productivity and efficiency across the claims life cycle through scalable and adaptable systems.

    - Empower your workforce. Remain competitive and evolve your claims process to meet the digital expectations of today’s workforce. Enable agile collaboration between IT and the business to more effectively target resources to expedite claims handling.

    - Combine legacy systems with new innovations. Conquer the challenge of growing technical debt by creating a process landscape around the customer journey. Make legacy data accessible through indexing libraries and consolidate systems into a single platform to increase efficiency and build more robust data.

    This webinar is sponsored by Appian. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Streamline your financial data management to increase profitability Recorded: Sep 21 2021 61 mins
    Mehul Nathwani (Aspen Insurance Group), Edosa Odaro (AIG), Piers Williams (AutoRek)
    Without a robust, streamlined and efficient data management strategy, insurers face the risk of failing to fulfil their financial, operational, risk control and reporting obligations. How can you streamline your data management across the business?

    *If you can’t join live, you’ll automatically receive the recording if you register.

    Hear from:
    - Mehul Nathwani, Group Director of Business Change & Innovation, Aspen Insurance Group
    - Edosa Odaro, Head of Data, AIG
    - Piers Williams, Relationship Manager, Insurance, AutoRek
    - Moderator: Jacob Abboud, Managing Partner & Founder, Petraenovus Consulting

    Discover how to:

    - Automate financial reporting processes and improve actuarial reserving. Simplify complex intersystem reconciliation processes, reduce manual effort, empower business users and remove dependencies on IT. Increase transparency and consistency by standardising large volumes of ledger, claims, premiums, adjustment and regulatory data

    - Overcome legacy data challenges. Combine historical policy and claims data to gain a more granular and consistent view for better risk analysis, modelling and claims reserving. Leverage existing IT systems to achieve tech-driven future-proof infrastructure whilst engaging and upskilling the workforce

    - Capitalise on more granular data to write new business and improve profitability. Gain a clear view of financial positions by quickly identifying inaccuracies to allow prompt downstream resolution

    - Build a robust control framework. Embrace digitisation to ensure control and governance across manually reconciled data in Excel, paper contracts and remittance advices to increase accuracy and auditability

    This webinar is sponsored by AutoRek. By registering you agree to share your information with this organisation.
  • Digitize The Claims Submission Process Recorded: Sep 9 2021 60 mins
    Becky Kenyon (Amerisure), Lori Pon (The Auto Club Group), Chris Holcombe (Protective Life), Robin Roberson (Wilbur)
    Customers want services on demand. Lengthy, complex, error-prone paper-based processes sound the death knell for the success of your customer care strategy. Failing to digitize the claim submission process and accelerate customer journeys will result not only in a poor customer experience, but also in an unfulfilling employee experience—ultimately hitting your bottom line profit. How can you provide a streamlined digital journey for your customers and agents?

    *If you can’t join live, you’ll automatically receive the recording if you register.

    You’ll hear from industry experts including:

    - Becky Kenyon, VP, Field Claims Operations, Amerisure
    - Lori Pon, Director, Claims Transformation and Claim Contact Center, The Auto Club Group (AAA)
    - Chris Holcombe, Head of Business Transformation, Protective Life
    - Kyung Bae, Head of Solutions, Airkit
    - Moderator: Robin Roberson, Managing Director, Wilbur

    In just one hour, you'll discover how to:

    - Tackle the challenge of high call volumes from customers wanting updates on the status of their claim, and leverage digital workflows to reduce rising call centre traffic relating to claim status

    - Accelerate customer care by providing self-service digital journeys, proactively communicate with customers about the status of their claim via email, SMS, or chat, and cultivate transparency and ease of access to information for the benefit of customers

    - Reduce the time agents spend on routine status enquiries, increase agent efficiency with digital customer care, and streamline contact center operations to mitigate the escalation of servicing costs

    - Put automation to work in service of employees and customers, achieve the right balance between customer experience and agent productivity, and explore valuable use cases for transforming the claims submission process to drive better outcomes for customers and employees

    This webinar is sponsored by Airkit. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Embrace Continuous Underwriting to Empower Underwriters And Customers Recorded: Jul 22 2021 63 mins
    Donna Nadeau (AXA XL), Mike Karbassi (Corvus), Julie Pingree (Northbridge), Eugene Lee (Guidewire) and Jojo Dutta Roy (EY)
    Find out how underwriting is advancing by joining Intelligent Insurer’s upcoming webinar “Embrace Continuous Underwriting to Empower Underwriters And Customers, Improve Risk Assessment, And Drive Profitability” (Thursday July 22, 3pm BST/10am EDT*).

    *If you can’t join live, you’ll automatically receive the recording if you register.

    You’ll hear from industry experts championing the underwriting evolution:

    Donna Nadeau, Chief Underwriting Officer, Americas, AXA XL
    Mike Karbassi, Chief Underwriting Officer, Corvus Insurance
    Julie Pingree, Senior Vice President, Underwriting Transformation, Northbridge Financial Corporation
    Eugene Lee, Senior Vice President & General Manager, InsuranceSuite, Guidewire
    Jojo Dutta Roy, Partner, FSO–Insuransce Advisory, Global Underwriting Technology, NextGen Solutions and Insurtech Leader, EY

    In just one hour you’ll find out how to:

    Proactively collect and manage relevant and predictive data insights before, during and after the risk evaluation timeframe, and leverage real-time data flows to improve decision-making and deliver dynamic services to customers

    Fine-tune risk assessment by combining the most useful external and internal data to help differentiate risk, and pave the way for more sophisticated segmentation, risk selection and pricing decisions

    Cultivate smart operations to enable a streamlined and frictionless experience for customers, establish simpler business processes with fewer steps from application to quote, and leverage pre-fill to ask fewer questions and cut the turnaround time to issue a policy

    Augment straight-through processing with advanced data and analytics to enable automated coverage and pricing recommendations, and empower underwriters to focus on complex risk decision-making and strategic relationship-building with customers and brokers

    This webinar is sponsored by Guidewire. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Identify and Take Action on Cyber Risk Signals for Profitable Underwriting Recorded: Jul 8 2021 63 mins
    Kelly Castriotta (Markel) Michael Palotay (Tokio Marine HCC) Jacob Ingerslev (The Hartford) John Anderson (CyberCube)
    Digitisation and interconnectivity continue to drive global change at an unprecedented pace. With this comes an inevitable rise in ransomware, data breaches, operating system exposures and for insurance carriers, cyber claims. Cyber risks are constantly evolving and being able to identify and separate the good from the bad through specific data signals has become crucial to allow underwriters to make informed, profitable decisions.

    What risk signals are important and how do you interpret them? How can underwriters use these risk signals to make informed decisions? What steps can be taken to mitigate cyber incidents and losses?

    Find out in this webinar, where you’ll hear from:

    Kelly Castriotta, Managing Director - Global Cyber Underwriting Executive, Markel
    Michael Palotay, Chief Underwriting Officer, Tokio Marine HCC
    Jacob Ingerslev, Head of Global Cyber Risk, The Hartford
    John Anderson, Principal, Client Product Advisory, CyberCube
    Moderator: Stuart Rose, Senior Analyst - P&C Insurance, Aite Group

    By registering for this webinar, you will:

    - Understand the key risks that contribute to cyber insurance claims today and the technology trends that are driving them
    - Explore how making data-driven decisions on cyber risk selection can shine a path to profitable books of cyber business
    - Consider the challenges of changing attack vectors in the search for relevant cyber risk signals and point in time assessments vs on-going monitoring in the policy period
    - Discuss what signals and indicators suggest cyber vulnerabilities and offer actionable recommendations for interpreting those into better, more informed underwriting decisions
  • Integrate Claims to Transform Decision-Making, Information Sharing and CX Recorded: Jun 24 2021 62 mins
    Corinne Southarewsky (AXA XL) Peter Edgar (RSA) Andrew Pedler (Liberty Specialty Markets) John Bailey (Blue Prism)
    Claims are one of the precious few opportunities that insurers have to deliver impactful customer experiences. Only a holistic process will deliver tangible and sustained improvements whilst simultaneously driving down operating costs. However, legacy systems, siloed functions and budgetary pressures all create roadblocks that are hard to shift.

    How can modern claims professionals drive change at board level? What business outcomes should you be targeting, and how is success measured? And how are advances in automated claims processing enabling the purpose-driven transition?

    Find out in this webinar, where you’ll hear from:

    - Corinne Southarewsky, Chief Claims Officer, APAC & Europe, AXA XL
    - Andrew Pedler, Head of Claims Client Relationships and Innovation, Liberty Specialty Markets
    - Peter Edgar, Head of Motor Claims Operations, RSA
    - John Bailey, International Solutions Consulting Manager, Blue Prism
    - Moderator: Adrian Gilbert, Managing Director, SX3 Claims Limited

    By registering for the webinar, you will:

    - Define your organisational strategy and lead the claims revolution to reengineer claims as a holistic service, offering risk management and risk mitigation techniques that are designed to prevent losses
    - Instigate seamless data sharing between claims and other business units to help underwriting teams make better risk decisions, price effectively and predict supply and demand
    - Understand how remote working is impacting the future of claims and learn to effectively manage customer experience in a remote environment
    - Build fairness and value into the claims process to capture accurate customer feedback and improve on customer retention levels
    - Refine and enhance your claims automation strategy to transform the organisation into an integrated information sharing ecosystem that connects the entire customer journey

    This webinar is sponsored by Blue Prism. By registering you agree to share your information with this organisation.
  • Harness Mature Cyber Catastrophe Models to Make Critical Business Decisions Recorded: Jun 10 2021 67 mins
    Jamie Pocock (Guy Carpenter) Matthew Hogg (Liberty Specialty Markets) Matt Harrison (RMS)
    Cyber cat modelling has come of age: advances in machine learning, data aggregation and novel usage of science are enabling P&C insurers to make crucial business decisions. Understanding the impacts and drivers of cyber “perils” from Data Breaches, Ransomware/Malware, Business E-mail Compromise and service provider outages, and the impacts that these have on insurable coverage, is now possible with far greater accuracy and transparency than ever before.

    But what are the critical factors in cyber cat models that are enabling P&C business decision making? How has transparency and rigorous modelling increased insurer confidence in risk selection and pricing? Has model maturity now made ransomware insurable?

    Find out in this webinar, where you’ll hear from:

    - Jamie Pocock, Head of GC Cyber Analytics - International, Guy Carpenter
    - Rory Egan, Senior Cyber Actuary, Munich Re
    - Matthew Hogg, Strategic Head of Cyber Underwriting, Liberty Specialty Markets
    - Matt Harrison, Director, Product Management, Cyber, RMS
    - Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

    By registering for the webinar, you will:

    - Identify the P&C assets that are most susceptible to systemic cyber events and assess future threat levels to accurately inform business decision making.
    - Assimilate critical information on whether you should be covering ransomware, discover the implications of disclosure bias and future proof your decision making from factors including the legality of fines
    - Define the key cyber perils in portfolios that will be the most likely drivers of accumulated risk and define strategies for mitigating these
    - Create an actionable plan to capitalise on uncertainties in the cyber (re)insurance market, improve your portfolios to maximise certainty and RoE, and gain confidence in what coverage you should be offering to whom

    This webinar is sponsored by RMS. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • One Year On: Execute A Winning Post-Pandemic Claims Strategy Recorded: Jun 3 2021 62 mins
    Tori Santos - USAA, K Max Koonce - Sedgwick, Joseph Olmedo - Guidewire, Seth Rachlin - Capgemini
    In this webinar, you'll hear from an esteemed line-up of property experts:
    Tori Santos, Director Claims Modernization, USAA
    K Max Koonce, Chief Claims Officer, Sedgwick
    Joseph Olmedo, Global Practice Leader, Claims Reimagined, Guidewire
    Seth Rachlin, Ph.D., Executive Vice President Global Insurance Industry Leader, Capgemini

    Moderator: Christopher Frankland, Founder, InsurTech360

    In one hour of dynamic discussion and debate, you’ll discover how to:

    ● Get to grips with how COVID-19 and the economic fallout accelerated the digital agenda. Discover changing customer behaviours and other drivers of claims digital transformation. Find out the critical things you need to know to improve the digital journey of your customers.
    ● Refresh your claims strategy so that you can deliver an exceptional claims experience leveraging technology and taking into account speed, efficiency and transparency.Take actionable steps to streamline your digital claims journey to make claims processing faster and less costly.
    ● Ensure you have a strategy in place to continue to deliver digital-first customer experience. Tackle the challenge of rising claims volume post-pandemic. Learn how to maintain the momentum on your post-pandemic digital transformation initiatives and debate how the industry can adapt in order to stay relevant.
    ● Explore current best practice for automating the entire claims handling process from first notice of loss, triage and settlement to improve customer experience and reduce operational costs.
  • Digitise Commercial Underwriting To Streamline Workflows Recorded: May 27 2021 62 mins
    Jason Chambers (Aviva) James Proferes (Markel) Juan de Castro (Cytora) Dogan Kaleli (Stere.io)
    The digitisation of commercial insurance is accelerating, and while progress has been made on many fronts, the time spent on manual administration tasks by front-line underwriters is estimated between 30-40% by McKinsey. The past twelve months of disruption and today’s hardening market have only exacerbated the need for commercial insurers to streamline underwriting operations and remain competitive.

    But how can insurance workflows be streamlined? Which processes can be automated, and which benefits from underwriters' direct involvement? What does this mean for the C-suite’s ability to actively steer a portfolio? Find out in this upcoming webinar, where you’ll hear from:

    - Etienne Champion, Chief Underwriting Officer, APAC & Europe, AXA XL
    - Jason Chambers, Chief Underwriting Officer - SME, Aviva
    - James Proferes, Global Executive Underwriting Officer, Professional Liability, Markel
    - Juan de Castro, Chief Operating and Commercial Officer, Cytora
    - Moderator: Dogan Kaleli, Founder & CEO, Nion Network

    During the 1-hour webinar you’ll find out how to:

    - Tackle the gap between underwriting strategy and frontline execution, by identifying the most profitable, valuable, and strategic risks automatically
    - Relieve underwriters of low-value administrative tasks, to refocus intellectual capital on risk decisions, portfolio steering, and customer experience
    - Digitise submission intake and stream validated risks directly into the workflows of frontline underwriters, equipped with data and insight to support faster, more effective, decisions
    - Accelerate organisational growth by empowering underwriters to spend time only on risks that are aligned to strategy, in-appetite, and are winnable

    This webinar is sponsored by Cytora. By registering you agree to share you information with this organisation.
  • Automate Underwriting to Reinvent Customer Experience and Drive Business Growth Recorded: May 18 2021 61 mins
    Steve Robinson (Bestow) George Beattie (Beazley) Crystal McQueen (Great American) Charlie Newark-French (Hyperscience)
    “Automate to dominate” is the modus operandi within insurance companies now, with a revolution in underwriting and submissions well underway. Consumers demand a transparent, digitized, personalized insurance buying experience equal to that of which they’ve become accustomed to with popular online retailers. For insurance companies slow to embrace change or digitization, there is a real risk of becoming an industry laggard and losing customers and market share to more progressive competitors.

    But how are large insurers articulating and operating against their digital transformation agendas? What is the best way to find, evaluate and implement solutions to automate submissions and underwriting? Register for this upcoming webinar to find out.

    You’ll hear from:

    - Steve Robinson, Chief Distribution Officer, Bestow Life Insurance
    - Crystal McQueen, Divisional Assistant Vice President, Great American Insurance Group
    - George Beattie, Head of Incubation Underwriting, Beazley
    - Charlie Newark-French, Chief Operating Officer, Hyperscience
    - Moderator: Jacob Abboud, Managing Partner & Founder, Petraenovus Consulting

    And you’ll find out how to:

    - Free up critical employee resources to focus on delivering more innovative products and services
    - Develop modern underwriting practices while protecting data and customers
    - Unlock accurate, actionable data to make swifter and smarter underwriting decisions and improve customer experience
    - Get advice on how to choose an automation solution that balances speed with quality, including mechanisms for bringing “humans-in-the-loop” to supervise machines

    This webinar is sponsored by Hyperscience. By registering you agree to share you information with this organisation.
  • Transform Commercial Property Underwriting with AI and NLU Recorded: Apr 29 2021 61 mins
    Maria Grace (Everest) Guenter Kryszon (Markel), Edward Leibrock (Munich Re), Sander van Voorden (Generali).
    What practical steps can insurers take to tackle ambiguity in current policy wordings? How can silent cyber in existing property portfolios be translated into explicit contract wording? What can underwriting leaders do to avoid unintended exposure and minimise litigation risk?

    Find out how industry leaders are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) to review and grow their commercial property book in our live webinar.

    You'll hear from an esteemed line-up of property experts:

    ● Maria Grace, Chief Underwriting Officer, Property & Inland Marine, Everest Insurance
    ● Guenter Kryszon, Executive Underwriting Officer, Global Property, Markel
    ● Edward Leibrock, Senior Vice President, Head of US Corporate Property, Munich Re America
    ● Sander van Voorden, Global Head of Property and Engineering, Generali

    Facilitated by: Pamela Negosanti, Head of Sales and Sector Strategy, FSI, Expert.ai

    In one hour of dynamic discussion and debate, you’ll discover how to:

    ● Tackle ambiguity in current policy wordings, support underwriters with the right tools to understand, extract, and summarise unstructured information in manuscript policies, and improve the readability of current wordings before renewal to avoid unintended exposure and potential losses
    ● Analyse the cyber exposure in your existing property portfolio, make sure the exposure you have is intended, not unintended, and transform silent cyber with explicit contract wording about what is covered and what is not by a policy
    ● Develop enhanced capabilities to verify the compliance of policies and improve the transparency of policy wordings to avoid disputes with business customers, regulatory intervention, and expensive litigation
    ● Speed up the time it takes for underwriters to review submissions, empower your property team to quickly provide brokers and customers with a tactical price, and leverage automation beyond efficiency gains to win more business
  • Address Business Interruption in a Hyper-Connected World Recorded: Apr 20 2021 66 mins
    Siobhan O’Brien (Guy Carpenter) Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace (Lloyd's) Monica Tigleanu (Marsh) Jenna McGrath (CyberCube)
    The hyperconnectivity caused by the advent of IoT and 5G is making business-critical supply chains and industrial control systems ever more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The threat is increasing in sophistication too, with state-supported actors ushering in a new era of covert warfare. How can insurers adequately manage and mitigate the existential risk to businesses?

    Find out in this webinar upcoming webinar where you'll hear from:

    - Siobhan O’Brien, Leader, Guy Carpenter Cyber Centre of Excellence, International and Global Specialties, Guy Carpenter
    - Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Head of Portfolio Risk Management, Lloyd's
    - Monica Tigleanu, Cyber Property Damage Leader, Marsh
    - Jenna McGrath, Senior Cyber Economist, CyberCube
    - Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

    During the 1 hour free webinar you will:

    - Debate how the insurance industry can respond to the growth of IoT and 5G as the number of connected points increases and bandwidth grows
    - Understand how vulnerable manufacturing and industrial control systems are to ransomware attacks and find out what the insurance industry can do to help
    - Find out how government and public bodies are working to create standards to prevent cybercrime as the number of connections mushrooms
    - Discover how to manage accumulation and aggregation along supply chains—or is it an unsolvable problem?
    - Address the threat of critical infrastructure being hit by a catastrophic cyber incident

    This webinar is sponsored by CyberCube, by registering you agree to share your information with this organisation.
  • Use New Vehicle Technology to Reduce Risk & Improve Pricing in Underwriting Recorded: Apr 1 2021 78 mins
    Kumi Walker (Root Insurance Company) Jason Verlen (CCC) Marty Ellingsworth (Celent)
    The increasing adoption of new vehicle technology has made calculating the value of a vehicle more difficult. Paradoxically, much of the technology that is driving the industry forward, from increased safety features to access to valuable driving data, is adding a new level of complexity to underwriting.

    Today, many carriers are unaware of the specific costs new advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) features have on vehicles, or how leveraging individualized driving behavior data can inform decision-making. With the speed of innovation increasing all the time, how can underwriters keep up? Find out in this upcoming webinar…

    You’ll hear from:

    - Kumi Walker, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer, Root Insurance Company
    - Jason Verlen, Senior Vice President of Product Management, CCC
    - Marty Ellingsworth, Industry Analyst, Celent

    In this webinar you’ll:

    - Get actionable data points from connected vehicles. Use near-real time insights, such as driving behaviours and patterns, to attract and retain highest performing segments of business and more accurately reflect the price-to-risk relationship.
    - Hear how to use ADAS to improve pricing. Understand how ADAS features, used by policyholders, can lead to a decline in accident frequency and severity, more accurate risk assessment and more refined pricing models.
    - Address the demand for digital. Embrace an artificial intelligence-centred approach to increase the efficiency of existing processes and gain valuable insights, such as potential pre-existing damage, to help reduce risk at the point of quote.
    - Overcome a lack of data: Reconcile the growth in vehicle safety features with a lack of data and a lack of standards and find out how insurers can validate the performance of safety technology.

    This webinar is sponsored by CCC and by signing up you agree to share your information with this organization.
  • Embrace Touchless and Virtual Claims to Resolve Customer Pain Points Recorded: Mar 11 2021 62 mins
    Bryant Vernon (Aviva) Joel Farvault (AXA) Melissa Hill (AFICS) Sean Duffy (Skyward) Sean Baird (Nuxeo) Robin Roberson
    According to Intelligent Insurer’s Claims Survey, nearly 60% of insurance executives identified touchless claims as the innovation that has the greatest potential to drive efficiency. As more and more customers head online—and use mobile devices in the claims process—it’s the ideal time to discover how you can get ahead through embracing touchless and virtual claims, developing a frictionless customer journey and reducing your costs.

    In this webinar, you'll hear from:

    - Bryant Vernon, Chief Claims Officer, Aviva Canada
    - Joel Farvault, Head of Augmented Claims, AXA Group Operations
    - Melissa Hill, AVP Data & Analytics, American Family Insurance Claims Services
    - Sean Baird, Director, ECM Product Marketing, Nuxeo
    - Sean Duffy, EVP & Chief Claims Officer, Skyward Specialty Insurance
    - Moderator: Robin Roberson, Managing Director North America, Claims Central

    During the 1-hour webinar you’ll find out how to:

    - Create the right talent and technology infrastructure to ensure you’re ready for the touchless claims revolution; get your data strategy in good working order so you can plug automation into the claims process; gain new insights from business-specific AI analysis; and avoid common pitfalls
    - Support each touchpoint in the claims customer journey with the optimum mix of technology and human intervention to seamlessly expedite the process
    - Understand why touchless claims call for a more sophisticated fraud detection process with earlier risk profiling, and use analytics and machine learning to streamline genuine customers through the process with minimal risk and reduced operational costs
    - Move from proof-of-concept initiatives that require AI expertise and instead focus on business-ready tools that support your critical business objectives and processes—such as analysing and gaining actionable insights from image and video content

    This webinar is sponsored by Nuxeo and by signing up you agreed to share your information with this organization.
  • Achieve Customer-Centric, Frictionless Underwriting for a Competitive Edge Recorded: Mar 4 2021 65 mins
    Mano Mannoochahr-Travelers Brad Lemons-Nationwide Jeff Duncan-Liberty Mutual Mehdi Tabrizi-Moda Health Stephen Ehikian-Airkit
    It’s no secret that friction throughout the underwriting process remains a bugbear for consumers and carriers alike. Consumers are more reliant than ever on self-service, while underwriting staff need greater levels of support.

    Find out how to reduce friction in the underwriting process in this new webinar where you’ll hear from:

    - Mano Mannoochahr, SVP & Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Travelers
    - Bradley Lemons, SVP of Personal Line Product, Nationwide
    - Jeff Duncan, SVP & Chief Underwriting Officer–Healthcare Practice, Liberty Mutual Insurance
    - Mehdi Tabrizi, Chief Marketing Officer & MD Innovation & Customer Experience, Moda Health
    - Moderator: Stephen Ehikian, Co-Founder and CEO, Airkit

    During the 1-hour webinar we’ll be discussing how to:

    - Provide a superior customer service by reducing friction in the underwriting process. Obtain advice on making the onboarding process quicker and more efficient by simplifying question sets—making it less painful for your customer and less labour-intensive for your workforce
    - Encourage a constant exchange with your customers that goes beyond renewals and claims. Deploy ML techniques to identify the lifetime value of your customers and boost your cross-selling potential
    - Become hyper-aware of customer needs and provide personalised, real-time services to customer segments with tailored, flexible product offerings, using advanced analytics
    - Know your customer. Optimise external data to create customer profiles and deploy dynamic pricing at key contextual points in the customer journey—thereby improving the customer experience
    - Harness data to calculate propensity to churn and implement mitigation measures so you can invest in customers who provide the greatest long-term value to your business—increasing profitability and reducing costs

    This webinar is sponsored by Airkit. By signing up, you agree to share your data with this organisation.
  • Transform Legacy Claims Processing With Automation Recorded: Feb 23 2021 62 mins
    Shawn Crawley (Sompo), Shannon Harjer (Founders Insurance), Lori Pon (AAA), Will Sellenraad (Pyramid Solutions)
    Customer experience is a top concern for today’s P&C providers. And many of them are turning to automation to drastically improve it. Specifically, in the claims function, automation is a sure-fire way to speed up settlements, optimize your workforce and improve customer experience and retention—it’s a no brainer.

    Find out how automation is transforming claims in this upcoming webinar.

    You’ll hear from these claims trailblazers:

    - Shawn Crawley, SVP, 1st Party Claim, Sompo International
    - Shannon Harjer, VP Claims – Personal Lines, Founders Insurance Company
    - Lori Pon, Director, Claim Transformation and Claim Service Center, AAA – The Auto Club Group
    - Moderator: Will Sellenraad, Insurance Practice Lead, Pyramid Solutions

    During the webinar you’ll find out how to:

    - Accelerate Settlements: Reduce the steps it takes to settle a claim, eliminate the need for manual data entry, and ways to optimize your entire claims process from FNOL to settlement to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs
    - Sidestep Costly Legacy Replacements: Hear ways to extend the life of legacy systems by integrating new capabilities and get up to speed with the latest tools to upgrade your current systems, including data capture, robotic process automation, cognitive computing, advanced case management, enterprise content management and electronic signature
    - Drive Customer Loyalty through Transparency: Empower your claims department to provide quick and accurate information to customers by being able to quickly find the right claim and knowing exactly where it sits within the claim process
    - Optimize Your Workforce for A Post-COVID-19 World: Grasp the tools your employees need to route and settle claims effectively, and leverage sophisticated data and analytics to identify and resolve common bottlenecks to improve productivity with real-time insights

    This webinar is sponsored by Pyramid Solutions. By signing up you agree to share your data with this organization.
  • Integrate AI and Machine Learning into the Claims Process to Unlock Efficiencies Recorded: Dec 10 2020 62 mins
    Mario Riccò (Generali), Joël Farvault (AXA), Liz Ryan (Zurich), Patricia Diaz (Hyperscience)
    When it comes to deploying AI and ML in claims, the message from senior claims executives is clear: approach it in manageable chunks. To succeed, you need to select one inefficiency—whether it be document processing, fraud, the employee experience, or the customer experience—and then build on your learnings.

    By embarking on your AI/machine learning journey piece by piece will you be able to beat the competition, save on costs and reallocate your workforce to deliver real value—rather than being bogged down in mundane tasks. Find out how to do this in our upcoming webinar:

    • Mario Riccò, Head of Group Claims, Generali
    • Liz Ryan, Head of Claims Performance & Insights, Zurich
    • Joël Farvault, Head of Data Analytics and Data Innovation, AXA
    • Patricia Diaz, Director of Product Marketing, Hyperscience
    • Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

    In this one-hour free webinar you’ll:

    • Put an end to paper-based, mundane tasks: Hear tips on how to leverage AI and machine learning—particularly document capture and processing—to extract, classify and validate data to boost productivity
    • Decide which claims will benefit from straight-through processing and which demand human intervention, and refocus your employees on the more important, skilled tasks
    • Get the best from intelligent automation on a small budget: How do you prepare for the next steps without incurring vast costs? Is personnel reduction the most obvious win or should you reinvest in different skills?
    • Put automatic fraud tools in place: Use AI to identify fraudulent factors for claimants and combine with government and social media data to assess the propensity for fraudulent claims
    • Discover how to use AI and automation to improve the customer experience

    This webinar is sponsored by Hyperscience, and by signing up you agree to share your data with this organisation.
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