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Progress Talks: Migrating to OpenEdge 12

Wondering if migrating to OpenEdge 12 makes sense for your business?

During this expert panel discussion you will learn about the value and benefits of migrating to the OpenEdge 12 series. OpenEdge provides a foundation for business and application evolution, with advanced features and functionality that give you high-availability, agility and scalability to support modern applications – and enables you to focus on new market demands.

Watch the Progress OpenEdge Engineering and Professional Services team as they have an interactive discussion as they share the implementation experiences of customers.

Hear about migration lessons learned and successes achieved as they explore the benefits of migrating to the OpenEdge 12 series
Recorded Jun 25 2020 58 mins
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Presented by
Progress OpenEdge Engineering and Professional Services teams
Presentation preview: Progress Talks: Migrating to OpenEdge 12

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  • Run Business Rules Where Decisions Are Made with Corticon.js Nov 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Thierry Ciot and James Goodfellow
    In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, internal business policies and external industry and government regulations play a huge role in a company’s ability to manage its three biggest goals: minimizing costs, maximizing revenue and reducing risk. For many organizations, the business rules that they implement, manage and monitor can mean the difference between success or failure in the market. In many ways, businesses are modernizing to new, elastic architectures for deploying their critical applications, both back office and customer facing, in an effort to achieve these goals. Cloud and web-based technologies almost exclusively written in JavaScript are replacing many of the legacy, on-premises applications that businesses use to conduct all aspects of their day-to-day operations.

    Easy to use, powerful and accurate, Corticon.js from Progress extends the gold standard in rules automation to the bleeding edge of innovation. JavaScript is the go-to language for web, mobile and IoT developers. By pushing rules to this same architecture, better decisions can be made earlier in the process without the lag of server-side processing.

    Watch this webinar for a full demonstration of rule deployment across the applications where enterprise decisions are made!
  • How to Thrive with an Agile Ecommerce Strategy Oct 27 2020 5:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    Gregg Shupe, Digital Experience Thought Leader, Progress; Hannu Vangsgaard, CEO, Ucommerce
    COVID-19 has thrown some major curveballs at every business. But, within every crisis are the seeds of opportunity. The digital channels you are already using to connect with your audience can also be used to drive new sources of revenue, helping your business survive—and even thrive—in the current landscape.

    Find out how weaving ecommerce into your broader digital strategy can help you pivot in today's business climate by viewing this on-demand webinar with Sitefinity technology partner Ucommerce. You'll learn about:

    - What the evolution of digital commerce means for you
    - How to rapidly launch (or expand) your ecommerce strategy
    - What you need to look for in an agile ecommerce solution

    See how your ecommerce capabilities can quickly become a major revenue driver—and perhaps even your greatest asset.
  • DevOps Dilemmas: Best Practices for Business Leaders Recorded: Oct 15 2020 32 mins
    John Ainsworth, Dion Picco, Charles Connelly from Progress
    Jira, Aha!, GitHub, TeamCity—the DevOps technology stack is growing daily. Successful DevOps relies on tight coordination across teams. However, achieving this coordination is difficult when data silos obscure key information.

    Watch this webinar for an inside look at the challenges businesses face when DevOps data is divided across multiple systems. Our expert panel discusses how they have overcome this “DevOps dilemma” here at Progress—and the steps you can take to overcome it too.
  • Are SFTP and FTP The Same? Recorded: Oct 6 2020 51 mins
    Greg Mooney, Andrew Lorandos
    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the traditional file transfer protocol or the basic way of sharing files (think email attachments). Whereas, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a protocol based on the network protocol SSH. SFTP uses a single connection and encrypts both authentication formation and data files being transferred. Essentially, SFTP adds an additional layer of security where FTP can leave your business exposed to cybercriminals and ‘bad-actors’.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss the key differences between:

    - SFTP and FTP
    - MFT and SFTP
    - And...how to ensure your file transfer activities are secure AND encrypted end-to-end

    SFTP was built from the ground up with security in mind. View this webinar on-demand and learn the fundamental differences between SFTP and FTP!
  • What Should You Monitor on a Physical Server Using WhatsUp Gold? Recorded: Sep 23 2020 56 mins
    Mark Singh, Jason Alberino, Jeff Edwards
    Monitoring a physical server is not a thing of the past. In fact, it’s just as important as ever. With proper monitoring, you can understand system resource usage and identify performance-related issues like utilization, downtime and response time.

    However, you need all this important information available in a single pane of glass. This ensures you have complete visibility into your entire environment so you can respond quickly to potential issues. In this webinar, you’ll hear from product experts about the keys to monitoring a physical server, including:

    How fan, power supply and temperature sensors work for Dell/HP systems

    How to add CPU, memory and disk utilization monitors and configure alerts on them

    How to create a service monitor for critical Windows services

    Register today and learn how WhatsUp Gold helps you quickly identify and fix problems with your servers before anyone even notices.
  • How to Build Outstanding Customer Experiences Like Hughes Federal Credit Union Recorded: Aug 21 2020 42 mins
    Kerry Graham, Marketing Manager, Hughes Federal Credit Union
    Progress Sitefinity and Americaneagle.com discuss successful approaches for defining and executing a digital experience strategy. Learn how Hughes Federal Credit Union, 2020 Sitefinity Site of the Year winner, has a competitive advantage with a DXP that delivers the experiences that customers have come to expect.

    Today, the banking industry has continued to struggle since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008/2009. In addition, customers’ demands have shifted as they expect to be able to do most of their banking online and banks’ online services are critical to attracting and retaining consumers. Physical banks are disappearing around the world as consumers prefer banking digitally.

    Because of this, digital experiences are driven by the need to empower customers to do what they want to do, when and where they want to do it. With the explosion of available data and analytics, these experiences also need to be tailored to improve relevance. A digital experience platform (DXP) is an integrated array of technologies designed to deliver a breadth of unique experiences to a wide variety of audiences. Learn why a DXP should be the foundation of your digital transformation strategy and how our customer example, Hughes Federal Credit Union implemented an award winning example of just that. During this webinar we’ll explore:

    - The challenges a business need to address, including multisite management at scale, data source integration and delivering experiences that support the entire customer journey
    - Why a content management system (CMS) should be the foundation of your DXP
    - Tangible results of digital experiences, such as personalized interactions across all digital touchpoints
  • Building Great Digital Experiences Recorded: Aug 17 2020 60 mins
    Ted Schadler, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester
    48 percent of business leaders believe that their organizations must make significant inroads toward improving digital experiences within the next 12 months—or face negative financial and competitive impact.

    If digital experiences are short- and long-term strategic imperatives for your organization, you’ll want to watch this thought-provoking discussion about how to build successful digital experiences on every device and channel.

    Industry expert, Ted Schadler, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, joins Progress’ Gregg Shupe to discuss:

    - Why you should re-evaluate your digital strategy
    - How a well-planned roadmap enables you to future-proof your digital experiences
    - Why savvy businesses lead with a digital experience platform
  • Digital Transformation in the Time of COVID-19 Recorded: Aug 14 2020 58 mins
    Michael Barnes, VP & Research Director, Forrester; Tim Evans, Designer, Websilk
    The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the implementation of digital strategies worldwide. Forrester Research and Progress partner, Websilk, provide insight into how businesses like yours are embracing digital to thrive in “the new normal.”

    In the first session, Websilk breaks down how one Sitefinity customer adapted its business model to fit today’s digital-first world. An integrated and agile approach enabled this transformation in just a few weeks—even with a limited budget and small team.

    Then, Forrester Research’s Michael Barnes takes a look at the future of digital experiences. He’ll discuss why digital experience platforms are critical to respond to changing economic and customer needs.

    By watching these sessions, you’ll discover how to:
    - Capitalize on digital trends to succeed in today’s digital business environment
    - Take advantage of continuous development and integration
    - Streamline digital analysis and speed up time to market with smart data and insights
  • The Successful Six: OpenEdge Management + Table Partitioning Recorded: Aug 12 2020 30 mins
    David Atkins, Principal Sales Engineer, Progress
    The final session in our “successful six” series dives into how to keep everything in your business running smoothly. Ensure your database is running as efficiently as possible with OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Table Partitioning, two of the six key features in OpenEdge RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE).
  • The Successful Six: Multi-tenancy + Change Data Capture Recorded: Aug 5 2020 40 mins
    Dan Mitchell, Principal Sales Engineer, Progress
    Database performance is critical to every successful business, so the second session in our “successful six” series dives into how you can make the most of your database. See how you improve database performance by using OpenEdge Multi-tenancy and OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC), two of the six key features in OpenEdge RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE).
  • The Successful Six: Securing Your Data with OpenEdge Replication + Transparent D Recorded: Jul 29 2020 38 mins
    Marv Stone, Principal Sales Engineer, Progress
    Securing your data is a top priority, and the first session in our “successful six” series dives into why. See how you can secure your data without negatively impacting database performance by using OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and OpenEdge Replication, two of the six key features in OpenEdge RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE).

    This session highlights the value of both TDE and Replication. With these two solutions, users can:

    Balance security and performance with OpenEdge TDE. As a complete out-of-the-box solution, TDE uses standard encryption libraries and encryption key management to secure your data.
    Keep your operations up and running with OpenEdge Replication. By minimizing outages and unplanned downtime, you can avoid lost revenue, brand damage and angry customers.
  • Top 5 Issues to Look Out for in the WFH Environment Recorded: Jul 28 2020 28 mins
    Andrew Lorandos
    With the majority of the workforce working remotely, new IT risks have emerged, ranging from maintaining file transfer security to managing shadow IT. Additionally, while any change in how your workforce operates can open the door to new risks, the current situation is especially unique and may have long-lasting ramifications for remote work moving forward.

    You need to ensure that your employees can send and receive files without violating various compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI and the GDPR. In this webinar, managed file transfer expert Andrew Lorandos looks at the top five issues many IT teams are currently facing.
  • When Work-From-Home Ends: IT Best Practices for Transitioning Back to the Office Recorded: Jul 22 2020 46 mins
    Jeffrey Edwards
    By now, most IT teams have a handle on today’s work-from-home reality. Now, many are looking ahead to the days when offices will re-open, and users will go back to work.

    For some, getting the office back up and running is as simple as turning everything back on. For others, there’s lots of work to be done as they adjust to the “new normal.” In this webinar on-demand, we’ll discuss some best practices for getting your workplace back up and running, including how to:

    Manage and support both on-prem and remote workers
    Monitor critical resources and ensure uptime across the office
    Check for any expired licenses and certificate
    Communicate new processes and policies to users
    Handle equipment in a manner that keeps your team (and your users) safe
  • State Electric’s Application Evolution Journey Recorded: Jul 21 2020 38 mins
    Tanya O'Connor, Progress
    For 60+ years, electrical products distributor State Electric Supply Co. has run by the motto “customer focused, quality driven.” To live up to that promise, State Electric wanted to evolve how it engaged customers by transforming its ecommerce site.

    State Electric used Infor SX.e, an OpenEdge-based ERP, and Sitefinity and Americaneagle.com to deliver a frictionless B2B ecommerce experience that capitalized on ERP capabilities like warehouse logistics, catalog product management and pricing. The end result is a modern ecommerce experience that streamlines warehouse activities and drives customer engagement.
    Watch to learn how State Electric evolved its OpenEdge application and modernized its customer experience with Progress—and how you could do the same.
  • How Excel Industries Utilizes Progress MDBA Recorded: Jul 16 2020 39 mins
    Mike Furgal, Progress & Gyles Garber, Excel Industries
    For many companies, their databases lie at the heart of their operations. Do you know how to anticipate database issues before they disrupt your business?

    Excel Industries excels at database administration by leveraging the Progress Managed Database Administration (MDBA) Service. From day-to-day operational monitoring to QAD maintenance or project work, watch this on-demand webinar to see how Excel Industries uses Progress to proactively keep their system running with superior performance and availability.
  • Elevate Your Enterprise with the Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform Recorded: Jul 15 2020 51 mins
    Alex Oliveri and Jonathan Read, Progress
    In today’s unpredictable and extraordinary business environment, customer behavior and buyer preferences have changed, in some cases, permanently. This affects both internal and external customers as well as all of your partners within the supply chain.

    All organizations are facing the threat of being disrupted by competitors that deliver exceptional digital experiences. This trend will accelerate as companies conduct more business and more customer engagement online. In this session, you’ll learn how Progress Sitefinity:

    Elevates the way your enterprise enables customer self-service
    Automates processes to meet your customers’ needs dynamically
    Engages with customers in personalized and innovative ways

    Plus, we’ll look at how Sitefinity can integrate with applications like QAD EE.
  • Getting Ahead of the Hybrid Data Curve with Progress DataDirect Recorded: Jul 15 2020 23 mins
    Ken Beutler, Product Manager and James Goodfellow, Product Marketing Manager at Progress
    As enterprises shift more and more of their data assets to the cloud, many essential data systems remain on-premises. While this hybrid data may be housed in various locations, users still demand the ease of access and security they’ve come to expect with data stored locally.

    At Progress, we are committed to delivering innovative products that keep you connected to your data—no matter where it lives. Progress DataDirect’s Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) was built for this hybrid data landscape, enabling secure, real-time access to on-prem and cloud-based data.

    In this webinar, participants will learn;
    - Trends in data as businesses move more of their data to the cloud
    - The challenges of maintaining hybrid data
    - How businesses can seamlessly connect data across multiple on-prem and cloud-based applications.
  • Optimize Your QAD Database Performance with Pro2 Archive Recorded: Jul 14 2020 30 mins
    Mike Furgal, Director of Database & Pro2 Services, Progress
    Getting optimal performance for your QAD applications has never been more difficult. Progress Pro2 Archive is the ultimate solution for managing your growing QAD database, on-premises or in the cloud, so you can improve your database performance, accessibility and reporting.

    Join us to learn about Pro2 Archive Services, a two-step approach that blends the best of Progress Services Archive Delete Utility (ADU) and Pro2 data replication. Continually archive (but never lose) your data, then replicate it to MSSQL and Oracle repositories to satisfy all your reporting needs.
  • How to Monitor Remote Employees from the Comfort of Your Couch Recorded: Jun 26 2020 34 mins
    Mark Singh
    Network and system administrators across the world have suddenly been asked to perform a network stress test. How are you ensuring a functional, secure IT infrastructure with virtually no warning?

    With much of the global workforce working remotely, network performance matters now more than ever. A steady, secure IT infrastructure helps employees stay productive—especially as they adjust to co-working with kids, pets and significant others, all with the latest Disney movie or Tiger King looping in the background.

    In this webinar on-demand to see how you can get instant visibility into your company’s IT infrastructure and optimize your network performance, all from the comfort of your own couch. A network monitoring solution like Progress WhatsUp Gold can help you:

    - Monitor anything with an IP or Mac Address, plus various aspects of the VPN
    - Get at-a-glance visibility into the status and performance of your network
    - Manage everything on your network from a single interface
  • Healthcare and Data Protection with MOVEit Recorded: Jun 26 2020 42 mins
    Andrew Lorandos
    File transfer in healthcare is a mission-critical operation, so how are you protecting your data? As a healthcare professional ensuring the security and safety of your patients’ data is your number one priority. MOVEit Managed File Transfer can help you get there. With our award-winning, compliant software you can have:

    Increased productivity – Easily share files of any size or type with internal and external users
    Ease of Reporting – Compliant with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, HITECH
    Reduce Risk of Data Loss – Increased visibility, control, security, and auditability of data transfers
    Hundreds of healthcare organizations use MOVEit to assure compliance with data protection regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.
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