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Integration + Cloud: A Match Made In Heaven

We believe every developer has that one special technology they love – whether ESB, open source, or NodeJS. So we decided to put it all together in one easy to use place. That said, you don't have to use iPaaS to deploy this tech. You can even choose to deploy them on-premises, to a private cloud, to devices, or to serverless environments.

Watch this webinar to learn how integration + cloud is a perfect match to:

· Rapidly build applications the way you prefer them
· Choose to deploy them wherever you want
· Use the same application model when porting these apps
Recorded Apr 18 2018 40 mins
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Presented by
Leon Stigter, Developer Advocate and Senior Product Manager, TIBCO Software
Presentation preview: Integration + Cloud: A Match Made In Heaven

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  • Unlocking the Power of Data for Manufacturing Jul 23 2020 3:00 pm UTC 24 mins
    Alessandro Chimera, Director of Digitalization Strategy & Stephen Archut, Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Every manufacturer understands the importance of data. But getting the right data to the right people at the right time is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers today. Whether you’re an industrial, high-tech or consumer manufacturer, watch this webinar to learn how TIBCO’s Intelligent Manufacturing solutions can help you overcome these challenges.

    What you will learn:
    - Data’s main challenges and value drivers and how you can stay ahead of the competition
    - Why digitization is so important for the manufacturing industry
    - How to provision data without moving or replicating it across your data infrastructure
    - How higher data quality minimizes costs and maximizes production
    - How to create trust in data and secure it
    - How to improve data and reduce costs

    The webinar also highlights customer case studies from our clients who have completed successful implementations of TIBCO Intelligent Manufacturing models.
  • High Tech Manufacturing in the COVID-19 Era Jul 22 2020 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    Mike Alperin, Manufacturing Industry Consultant & Saurabh Tadelkar, Campaigns Marketing Manager
    Manufacturing continues to face game-changing challenges. From geopolitical upset to the current pandemic, manufacturers today need to constantly evolve to survive and thrive. Most manufacturing companies believe that digital transformation is still the best way to address these long-term challenges.

    Watch this webinar to learn how TIBCO can help transform your entire manufacturing value chain. Mike Alperin, Manufacturing Industry Consultant with the TIBCO Data Science Team, will talk about:

    - Current situation and trends
    - TIBCO’s platform for digital transformation
    - How TIBCO’s intelligent manufacturing solutions can help

    TIBCO manufacturing solutions can help you transform your business to improve the way you manage your products, processes, equipment, factories, and supply chains to face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Next generation of Data Virtualization has arrived Jul 22 2020 8:00 am UTC 57 mins
    Erik Fransen, Connected Data Group, Dr. Gero Presser, QuinScape, Robert Eve & Ulrich Hatzinger, TIBCO Software
    Achieve better business outcomes more quickly. Free yourself from silos to take full advantage of your data without adding complexity.

    Critically important to business success, every organization yearns for consistent, well-governed data that is easy to access and use. The next generation of data virtualization is proving to be the solution to this challenge.

    TIBCO’s next-generation data virtualization solution can help you drive greater business value from your data in six important ways.

     Turn data silos into opportunity
     Address ad-hoc data needs faster
     Gain a business edge with real-time data
     Support analytics and application data needs with one solution
     Manage data assets for competitive advantage
     Drive more value from the cloud
  • Hoe creëert u een 360°-view van uw gegevens? Jul 21 2020 8:00 am UTC 84 mins
    TIBCO, TIBCO partners Connected Data Group and Systemation, and TIBCO customers Havensteder and Jumbo
    Hoe kunt u deze uitdagingen oplossen, uw analytische capaciteiten volledig benutten en uw data omzetten in een strategische asset voor uw bedrijf?
    TIBCO, samen met haar partners Connected Data Group en Systemation en haar klanten Havensteder en Jumbo hun ervaringen met u delen. En waarin u de mogelijkheid hebt van deze experts te horen welke stappen zij hebben gezet om van hun data strategische asset te maken.
  • TIBCO Data Virtualization Webinar with Novartis Pharma AG & Prodato Jul 16 2020 8:00 am UTC 168 mins
    Dr. Michael Daum, Dr. Johannes Held @ PRODATO Integration Technology GmbH , Ulrich Hatzinger @TIBCO, Vishal Rosha @ Novartis
    Decisions based on advanced analytics methods might be the primary enablers for the strong business of the future—But, easy data access and clear focus on data quality and metadata management are not always easy to achieve in a culture of data silos and power-protective thinking.

    Your path to individualized customer satisfaction, optimized business processes, and faster go-to-market for products and ideas, could begin with this webinar. It will introduce the TIBCO Unify portfolio, the basis for a solid data foundation. Furthermore, Novartis Pharma AG, as an early adopter intensively using Data Virtualization, will explain how TIBCO Data Virtualization supports the daily work of their data engineers, data scientists and business analysts.

    In addition, PRODATO Integration Technology and TIBCO show you how to tackle your challenges with:

    - Data Virtualization: A one-stop data access point for 360 degree views of customers, channels, products, and more
    - Master Data Management: Shared and standardized use of data assets, and reference & master data
    - Data Analytics: Fast, relevant insights using self-service data analytics and a flexible interaction with machine learning models
  • From the Analysts: How Emerging Technologies Are Driving Operational Excellence Jul 15 2020 3:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    Guannan Lu, Forrester Analyst & Steve Siu, CEO at CargoSmart & Robert Merlicek, CTO-APJ at TIBCO
    To achieve operational excellence and seize breakthrough opportunities, your organization needs to leverage advanced digital capabilities and adopt emerging technologies. Join us to learn how the adoption of emerging technologies like advanced analytics, IoT connectivity, AI, and event-driven operations can lead to competitive disruption.

    Innovation is not only about staying relevant. More importantly, you hope to trailblaze a market revolution. Join this webinar with guest speakers from Forrester and CargoSmart to:

    - Hear Forrester’s advice on how to become an adoption leader that enhances its customers’ decision-making capabilities.
    - Understand how CargoSmart identified key challenges and solutions to meet the data demands.
    - Learn how emerging technologies transform the entire analytics lifecycle.
  • New iPaaS Capabilities that Boost Business Agility - TIBCO Cloud Integration Recorded: Jul 7 2020 23 mins
    Kevin Larsen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Software Inc.
    Business agility is now a business imperative. It starts with a modern application architecture that is highly responsive: able to operate, adapt, and scale quickly. Modern application architectures increase business resilience today, and create a foundation for rapid innovation in the future.

    TIBCO Cloud Integration enterprise is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that increases business agility by accelerating API-led and Event-driven integration processes. It empowers more people across the enterprise to connect any app, data, or device across hybrid environments.

    In this webinar, you’ll be provided with an overview of TIBCO Cloud Integration, including new features that boost agility by helping your people work smarter and faster.
  • A Blueprint for the Modern Application Architecture Recorded: Jul 1 2020 17 mins
    Kevin Larsen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Software Inc.
    The TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh blueprint guides your organization through application architecture modernization, and through best practices for strategy, people, process, and technology.
  • Driving Self-service Analytical Applications with Data Catalogs Recorded: Jun 18 2020 29 mins
    Nelson Petracek, CTO, TIBCO Software Inc.
    The success of today’s digital transformation programs is heavily based on data and analytics. However, as organizations collect and store more data in a variety of forms, and as this data becomes distributed and used across cloud and on-premises platforms, it can be difficult to identify what data is available, the quality of the data, and the consumers of the data.

    Without knowing this level of detail, it is impossible to derive maximum value from your data initiatives. Watch this on-demand webinar to:
    - Discover how to initiate self-service analytics applications through data catalogs.
    - Learn how data catalogs may be used to facilitate the entire analytics lifecycle.
    - Understand the key data catalog capabilities needed to meet the demands of today’s data challenges.

    Don’t let a lack of knowledge about data be a bottleneck to achieving your data competency goals. Gain control and allow people to do more as you move towards the data-driven enterprise.
  • Neuf étapes applicables à toute problématique de data science Recorded: Jun 18 2020 13 mins
    Olivier Lebret, Consultant Analytique
    Faciliter l’accès aux données, comprendre leur structure en s’appuyant sur des outils de data visualisation, préparer les données, identifier les facteurs influents afin de mettre en œuvre des algorithmes... L’exploitation des environnements big data implique un certain nombre d’étapes qui conduisent à la prise de décision. Bien identifier ces étapes est un préalable à la réussite de tout projet de data science.

    Découvrez en neuf points une synthèse des processus qui permettront à votre organisation de créer de la valeur à partir de ses données.
  • Data Science in Formula One and Beyond Recorded: Jun 10 2020 47 mins
    Colin Gray, Data Scientist
    Data Science is having an increasing impact in sports. TIBCO actively supports teams such as Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One, TIBCO-Silicon Valley Women’s Cycling, and the NFL.

    In this webinar, we will discuss the impact analytics and data science is having for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula digital twins how TIBCO technologies are used to analyze lap performance, predict lap times, and the likelihood of a crash.
  • Open Banking Solutions Whiteboard Recorded: Jun 9 2020 4 mins
    TIBCO Software Inc.
    The combination of new technology and serving your customers lies at the heart of open banking. Banks slow to adapt will be left behind, but those that can quickly embrace open banking solutions with new digital capabilities and partnerships will create sought-after personalized digital experiences that keep customers coming back.

    Watch this short whiteboard video to learn about the elements that constitute a successful open banking ecosystem.
  • Kafka, Pulsar, Mosquitto, Oh My! Recorded: Jun 4 2020 34 mins
    William McLane, TIBCO thought leader for global data distribution
    You are certainly not in Kansas anymore! With the rise in open source options for data distribution, stream processing, IoT, and messaging, what’s a person to do when choosing the best solution for enterprise communications requirements?

    What use cases best fit prominent open source options like Apache Kafka, and how can communications be facilitated between various cloud platforms?

    The road might not be paved with bricks, but in our ever changing world, a solid communications nervous system is the key to unlocking data for analytics, stream processing, and event driven architectures. Open source is one of the many paths that you can follow, so let this session be your guide on an adventure into open source messaging.
  • Webinar TIBCO Data Management avec Atos, Apgar Consulting, CS Group, Micropole, Recorded: Jun 4 2020 72 mins
    TIBCO, Atos, Apgar Consulting, CS Group, Micropole, Umanis
    70% des collaborateurs d’une entreprise n'accèdent pas aux données pertinentes, moins de 50% des données structurées sont utilisées dans les prises de décision. Comment relever ces défis afin d'exploiter pleinement vos capacités analytiques et transformer vos données en actifs stratégiques ?

    Visionnez ce webinar sur le data management avec la participation d'Atos - Apgar Consulting - CS Group - Micropole - Umanis. L’occasion pour ces experts d’explorer les étapes qui permettent de faire de la donnée un véritable patrimoine de l’entreprise.

    - Table ronde : État de l’art du data management - MDM, données de référence, gouvernance, qualité de données, métadonnées - et ses perspectives. Stratégie de l’intégration des données autour de la data virtualisation
    - Du rôle du data management dans un projet analytique
    - Positionnement et stratégie de TIBCO Unify, plateforme de data management
  • Accelerating Innovation in Insurance Recorded: Jun 3 2020 42 mins
    Tym Lawrence, Director, Solutions Consultants at TIBCO Software
    The Insurance industry is facing major disruptions from trends including expectations of more personalised and engaging services, the rise of virtual platforms and insurtech competitors and the use of machine learning / AI. As IDC wrote, "Insurers that fail to act on the trends driving demand for insurance worldwide will eventually lose to more agile, flexible competitors who are adapting to the new world."

    In this presentation, you’ll learn how insurance companies can leverage new technologies to adapt to changing business drivers while still protecting their combined ratio. In 45 minutes, we will show you how insurers can develop a data fabric to unify siloed information and then use this to confidently predict outcomes and optimize their business. It will include a number of case studies and a sneak peek at the dynamic pricing accelerator that provides a freely available fast-start for AI-based pricing for insurance companies.
  • Webinar découverte TIBCO Cloud Metadata Recorded: May 29 2020 52 mins
    TIBCO Software, Apgar Consulting, CS Group, Micropole, Umanis
    Gouvernance, Catalogue de données, Métadonnées techniques et métier, Glossaire métier, Self-provisionning...Vous souhaitez comprendre ce qui se cache derrière ces concepts liés au data management?

    Découvrez-le à travers ce webinar qui s'articulera comme suit:

    Introduction des concepts cités plus haut, présentation de TIBCO Cloud Metadata, nouvel outil de gestion de métadonnées venant enrichir l’offre de data management TIBCO Unify suivi d'une démostration.
  • Webinar découverte TIBCO Data Science Recorded: May 29 2020 89 mins
    Olivier Lebret, Consultant Analytique
    Atelier virtuel: sans écrire de code, apprenez comment établir des prédictions en quelques clics, accéder aux algorithmes et exploiter votre environnement big data sous un angle prédictif sans connaissance préalable des langages statistiques grâce à TIBCO Data Science.

    TIBCO® Data Science est un logiciel destiné aux citizen data scientists. Il propose des fonctionnalités de machine learning, essentielles pour exploiter le big data, dans une interface visuelle et collaborative. La visualisation des données constitue la base nécessaire pour communiquer des informations. Le machine learning permet de construire des modèles visant à identifier des tendances, élaborer des prédictions ou générer des recommandations. La combinaison machine learning et data visualization se révèle particulièrement puissante et moteur de transformation.
  • Webinar découverte TIBCO Data Virtualisation Recorded: May 29 2020 75 mins
    Michael Matovic, Senior Solution Engineer
    Atelier virtuel: sans écrire de code, apprenez comment établir des prédictions en quelques clics, accéder aux algorithmes et exploiter votre environnement big data sous un angle prédictif sans connaissance préalable des langages statistiques grâce à TIBCO Data Science.

    Lors de ce webinar nos consultants présenteront des cas d’usage, des démonstrations et répondront aux questions suivantes:
    Comment simplifier et accélérer l’accès aux données pour les utilisateurs ? Comment fournir rapidement des vues aux métiers sans avoir à répliquer la donnée et à construire des flux d'alimentation complexes ?
  • Webinar découverte TIBCO Spotfire Recorded: May 29 2020 78 mins
    TIBCO Spotfire Expert
    Visionnez ce webinar et apprenez au travers de démonstrations à créer des visualisations, analyser vos données, réaliser et partager des tableaux de bord en quelques clics grâce à TIBCO Spotfire.

    TIBCO Spotfire® est une solution analytique agile et puissante qui vous permet de découvrir et de comprendre facilement vos données. L’intelligence artificielle et le langage naturel de TIBCO Spotfire® offent à tout utilisateur métier d’adopter une approche data-driven collaborative dans son organisation sans avoir besoin de compétences informatiques.
  • 6 Steps to Develop Your Inner Data Science Superhero Recorded: May 28 2020 45 mins
    Danny Stout, Senior Lead Solutions Consultant at TIBCO Software Inc
    Data science is a differentiator (or secret weapon) for many companies today. Make data science your superpower and bask in the glory of saving the day.

    Much like superheroes, demand for data scientists outstrips supply. That shortage is due largely to the amount of training that goes into becoming a super data scientist. With so many skills needed to an effective, powerful data scientist, it’s often smart to focus on the top six:

    1. Captain Obvious: Focus on Python
    2. Agent Collaboration: Develop those people skills
    3. The Incredible Scaler: Develop your ability to scale
    4. Doctor Data: Develop your inner data engineer
    5. Ethos: Keep ethics in mind
    6. Vog: Learn to soar in the cloud

    Focus on these abilities to set yourself apart. But don’t feel overwhelmed, unlike many superheroes on the screen, you don’t have to do it alone. Let us be a part of your superhero team and get started on your quest to protect and strengthen your company with data science.
TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people, we interconnect everything, capture data in real-time wherever it is, and augment the intelligence of your business through analytical insights. Thousands of customers around the globe rely on us to build compelling experiences, energize operations, and propel innovation. Learn how TIBCO makes digital smarter at www.tibco.com.

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  • Title: Integration + Cloud: A Match Made In Heaven
  • Live at: Apr 18 2018 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Leon Stigter, Developer Advocate and Senior Product Manager, TIBCO Software
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