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Catch Your Leadership Stride: Behaviors that Drive Success

A successful and effective leader is like an athlete- they must continuously train to stay ahead in an ever-changing business climate. Many leaders come with “built-in” skills and behaviors that give them an advantage, while others may need to learn new behaviors just to stay in the race.

In this session, we’ll discuss what it takes to be a great leader – from a high degree of self-awareness to a stomach for ambiguity, to be an effective communicator, and of course, maintain a positive attitude. These are just a few of the behaviors we’ll uncover that are needed for both the aspiring and current leader to catch and maintain a leadership stride. We’ll also highlight real-life examples of current executives and leaders, and share some key tips to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

In this interactive session, you will learn:
•What it takes to have a leadership mindset.
•Identifying behaviors that we need to "unpack" or need to evolve.
•Understand core attributes great leaders must have when they are leading a team, running a company or communicating.

Leslie A. Rubin, CEO, Image Matterz Consulting, Author, and Co-Founder of Executive Greatness Institute
Kendra Dahlstrom, CEO, Aspire to Be International, Author & Coach
Recorded Mar 8 2018 59 mins
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Presented by
Leslie A. Rubin and Kendra Dahlstrom
Presentation preview: Catch Your Leadership Stride: Behaviors that Drive Success

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  • Women On Top: How to navigate male dominated industries to empower your career Sep 27 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Jillian Kowalchuk, Founder & CEO, Safe & The City
    In this webinar, you will learn how to navigate male dominated industries, some of the challenges women can face in the workplace and be empowered with the information, tools and strategies available to climb to the top.

    We will cover:

    Unconscious biases that may be impacting your career.

    How to identify sexual harassment and strategies to remain in control.

    Your rights in the workplace and what key resources are available.

    How you can take action to create a positive workplace culture for other women to climb to the top.
  • [Ep.3] Next Generation Leaders: Negotiating for yourself and your company Aug 8 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Caritta Seppa (Tespack), Ina Yulo (BrightTALK)
    This is the third episode in the Next Generation Leaders series where our panel of young business people discuss challenges that they face in their careers and provide tips for how to solve them.

    Have you always wondered how to close that big sales deal or nail a job interview? Do you want to learn tried and tested techniques for getting a pay rise? Have trouble speaking up and asking for more in your job and in your personal life? Join this webinar where our panel will share their stories where they've had to negotiate for both themselves and on behalf of their organisation and will provide actionable tips for you to do the same.
  • Why Not Being Frightened Should Terrify You (Using Fear to Achieve ANYTHING) Jul 26 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ali Golds, Growth Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author
    Ali Golds is a survivor. Having experienced childhood abuse, an attempt on her life, a shocking marriage breakdown, and a spell in a women's refuge after escaping an abusive partner, Ali overcame it all to become a best-selling author, UK government adviser, motivational speaker, and charity founder; and was named as one of UK broadsheet The Independent's 20 Extraordinary Women of 2017.

    Of all the skills and traits that she has developed through her many challenges, Ali lists overcoming bone deep fear – the kind that reduces your life to literally just breathing (and, sometimes, even that can be a struggle) – as the one that ultimately enabled her to achieve a level of success that most people can only imagine.

    Join her on July 26th to hear more about her incredible story, her fightback against fear, and the key strategies she used to get to where she is today.

    One of the things she credits as helping her to move forwards, and away from her past challenges, is her ability to set big goals (the kind that make other people quake with fear!) - and then achieve them. From writing a bestselling book, to becoming a motivational speaker - and now travelling whilst running her businesses - Ali knows what she wants, and goes all out to achieve it.

    Join her on July 26th to hear more about her extraordinary story, and her top tips for achieving your own big league goals; whatever they may be.
  • How to Overcome Your Distractions and Supercharge your Productivity Jul 20 2018 11:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Nicole Lipkin, CEO of Equilibria Leadership Consulting
    Are you interested in learning what's happening inside your brain and discover how to become more aware of you personal habits and tendencies in order to enhance focus?

    Join this webinar with Nicole Lipkin, who is the CEO of Equilibria Leadership Consulting. She specializes in executive coaching and leadership development. She is also the author of What Keeps Leaders Up at Night and Y in the Workplace.

    Some highlights include:
    The science of stress, distraction and productivity
    How your biology is triggering distraction
    8 steps to regain control over your focus and supercharge your
    How to reclaim self-control in the fight against distraction
  • How to Build Real Connection by Telling Stories with Soul Jul 19 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Christina Blacken, strategist, performer, storyteller and founder of TheNewQuo.com
    We live in a world of information overload -- how do you get your community/consumer/audience to pay attention and buy into your big ideas? In this webinar, we'll discuss how to create stories with emotional depth and value to capture attention and move people to action.

    You'll learn:
    -what the soul of your idea is and why it's critical for building connection with your audience
    -what personal experiences best communicate your idea and what tactics to use to create powerful stories around them
    -the one key thing you must do to gain attention and engagement with your audience

    About the speaker:
    Christina Blacken is a strategist, performer, storyteller and founder of TheNewQuo.com, a platform + consultancy that helps people and organizations transform the soul of their ideas into powerful stories that cause change and move people to action. Throughout her career she's leveraged the power of stories for changing behavior and influencing action, including motivating 300k young people to volunteer on social issues through cause marketing projects she worked on, to securing 3.8M in profits for a variety of companies she's worked for while building stories that connected them to the communities they care about.
  • What to Do When Lack of Confidence Becomes Your Biggest Roadblock Jul 12 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Belma McCaffrey, CEO and Founder of Work Bigger
    Lack of confidence, self doubt, imposter syndrome. Feel familiar? When you’re stepping out of your comfort zone in business, the fear of failure or rejection is intensified. Even though it’s extremely common to work through these issues as an entrepreneur, lack of confidence can kill your business (and your joy).

    If you want to succeed and bring your vision to life, you have to first believe that it’s possible, and that you’re worthy of your success.

    In this webinar, Belma McCaffrey, CEO and Founder of Work Bigger, will cover how to cultivate confidence so you can execute on your vision powerfully.

    We’ll cover:
    -How to build your self awareness so you can identify what’s getting in your way and holding you back (i.e. negative self talk, a bad habit, etc),
    -Key strategies to cultivate confidence and resilience
  • The Future of the Business Coach and the Agile World Jul 11 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jennifer Riggins
    What exactly is a business coach? An agile coach? How do you build a career as a coach? What are the hurdles facing the coaching world as agile turns from software niche to taking over the business world? Grab a cuppa and join this conversation (or watch the recording later) as our agile and coaching influencers try to answer these questions and more (and yours!)

    Meet our Agile Mavens: Andrea Darabos is an agile coach at HSBC as well as a leadership coach; Portia Tung is an executive and personal Coach, agile coach and play researcher; Nikoletta Tatár is a Certified Scrum Professional, agile coach and Scrum Master; and Marjan Venema is an agile advocate, storyteller, developer and designer.

    Who should join? Anyone interested in making a career in coaching or anyone who is involved in a company considering or going through an agile transformation. Questions welcome!
  • Goal Setting Masterclass: Set goals that bring you clarity & support your action Jul 6 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Sandrini, lifestyle and business coach, timezillionaire.com
    Goals are contagious. Once you achieve one, you can’t wait to get to the next one.
    After a while, you gain extra momentum and confidence, and you start feeling like you have some sort of superpower.

    And yet, goals can also get pretty frustrating. How often have you set a target that made you feel pumped, only to revise or fall short in the future?

    Even worse, badly structured goals can take you off track and create all sorts of problems for your business or lifestyle.

    Our host Matt Sandrini, is the founder of timezillionaire.com and personal coach to many founders in sectors across design & dev, block chain, e-commerce, food products, property development (and more) get the clarity and structure to achieve meaningful goals in their life and business.

    In this webinar, we will learn how to set goals that allow you to have a clear direction plan of action, and how to adjust so you can accelerate your growth. No more trying.

    You will learn:
    Why setting goals is important
    Long term goals versus short term goals
    How to align your personal and business goals
    Share organisational goals with your team and break them down in clear actions
    How to understand what action to take
    How to measure and accelerate your progress
    And much more!
  • Role modelling vulnerability Jul 4 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Kate Rees, Individual and Team Coaching, Kate Rees Coaching Limited
    As a coach I absolutely love what I do, as I help individuals and teams to break down their barriers and unlock amazing things that they didn't think were possible for them to achieve.

    In particular I have a passion for coaching women and empowering them to become inspiring role models, in areas where there may not be so many already visible.

    I believe by embracing vulnerability we can be stronger, more resilient people and leaders by building more powerful connections and empathy with others. Also by telling our own raw, real, personal stories we can inspire people as a role model where they maybe haven't found inspiration before.

    I will share my own experiences of bringing vulnerability into work and why I believe it is so important.

    You will learn:
    - How you can use vulnerability to help create high performing teams
    - How you can use your vulnerability to be a better leader
    - Why being vulnerable can help you be more resilient
  • The Psychology of Success Jul 3 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rebecca Morley Founder, Rebecca Morley Coaching
    Rebecca’s work is based on one simple principle, thoughts = behaviour = results. What and how you think impacts literally everything you do.

    How you think and feel about yourself, your business and the people you work with has an incredibly powerful impact on the results you achieve, which in turn makes it incredibly important to take control of your mindset.

    Attendees will walk away from the event having learnt:

    - how your brain works for and against you

    - easy hacks to reprogram yourself for success

    - mindset tricks to unlock your best self

    Rebecca will share her insights to help you develop the confidence to take on the challenges of growing a business and stepping into the unknown. She will help you to create clarity, energy and the drive to think bigger, unlock business potential and create a plan that drives profit and growth.
  • Make your passion your job: Tips for starting a business Jul 3 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Lucinda Watkinson, Accountant at Crunch
    Looking for the freedom and flexibility to do what you love, whilst living life to the full? Baffled by company structures, taxes and funding sources? Pour yourself a cuppa and learn the ropes, without the jargon.

    It’s time to turn your passion into reality. There are a lot of important factors to consider that might seem daunting, but don’t worry, our friendly Crunch accountant Lucinda Watkinson is here to offer advice on how to get set up and master your paperwork.

    Also, stick around for a live Q&A afterwards where Lucinda will help with any pressing concerns you might have about your new lifestyle.

    This webinar is best suited to people based in the UK, as it touches on taxes and other legal aspects that are only relevant for the UK.
  • How To Improve Your Entrepreneurial Wellbeing Jul 2 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Jennifer Agwunobi, CEO of hairgoals Doctoral/PhD student at Loughborough University London
    Join this webinar to learn how to improve your entrepreneurial wellbeing! You will learn about general wellbeing and some tips such as coping, breaks, and self-awareness. This session will aim to help attendees solve challenges in their professional lives, especially if they are not aware of their current wellbeing.

    The webinar will collectively be catered to your needs, please fill in the following survey before the webinar: http://www.bit.ly/entrebeing2018
  • Conscious and Sustainable Happiness Jun 29 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Adriana Mendez Snowden, Life Coach/Speaker/Author
    Adriana Méndez Snowden is a happiness coach, author and an international speaker. She firmly believes that anyone not only can overcome any challenge but also truly find happiness in their life.

    She uses her own experiences, a journey in recovery and other tools to help others re write their story. To let go of what holds them back. To be who ever they want to be. To step into alignment and free their souls.

    In this webinar, she will share:

    -How happiness is possible when we develop the power of choosing consciously.
    -Finding the newfound consciousness to get a profound sense of responsibility to take 100% control of our lives
    - How to develop a healthy resilience to overcome any challenges along the way
    -Learning to have a clear understanding of the Universal Laws
    -The building blocks a deep gratitude practice and clarity in our intentions
  • Implementing Diversity: Tips for event organisers Jun 28 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Charlotte Jee, Founder of Jeneo
    In 2016, Charlotte Jee created a list of women in the UK who could speak at tech events. The list went viral, with women contacting Charlotte to be added and the list got passed around to many conference organisers who others felt needed a lesson in diversity.

    Join this webinar where Charlotte will discuss the reasons why she created the list, what's happened since, and will also provide best practice tips for organisers who are looking to ensure a more diverse audience and speaker line-up.
  • Leading with Executive Presence Jun 27 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Yvette Gavin, Leadership and Executive Presence Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Yvette Gavin Consulting
    What does it take to get to the next promotion? Performance, hard work, and sponsors get top talent recognized and promoted. But "leadership potential" isn't enough to move men and women into the executive suite. Leadership roles are given to those who also look and act the part. Research by the Center for Talent Innovation reveals that the top jobs often elude women and professionals of color because they lack "executive presence" (EP), or underestimate its importance. Where presence alone won't get you promoted, its absence will impede your progress.

    In this webinar, you will get the guidance needed to acquire and increase your Executive Presence by:

    Learning the three heartbeats of Executive Presence
    Practicing mindfulness to sustain positive energy and monitor assumptions
    Obtaining proven techniques that will help you command a room
    Creating a professional brand while remaining authentic
  • How to Design the Career You Love Jun 27 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jennifer Riggins
    We all want to say “I love my job!” but it’s not a magic wish. Job satisfaction is something you have to design into your daily life, from your work choices to your profile to your networks. This episode we sit down for a cup and conversation with Mia Sherman from the popular Escape the City (https://www.escapethecity.org/) job transformation coaching in London and New York, and two women who have successfully redesigned happiness at work.

    This episode we'll learn the stories and ask questions of two fabulous female entrepreneurs: Vix Anderton, talking about her journey from an Royal Air Force intelligence officer to building a portfolio career and her own company The Practical Balance (thepracticalbalance.com), a platform to promote the wellbeing and mental health of founders; and Luzana Costa, talking about her purposeful pivot from the oil and gas industry to working with a couple of social enterprises in Angola and a crowdfunding company for social enterprises here in London, and working full time with tech startups -- plus check out her inspiring blog: A Woman about the World (https://medium.com/woman-about-the-world) Both women are heavily dedicated to empowering diversity.

    Get ready to ask your own questions and learn from those that have been there, done that in designing careers they truly love!

    Women and men alike are welcome to listen in (live or sign up now for link to recording later) to learn and ask our WIT women at work experts for advice!
  • The Art of Negotiation Jun 26 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Lucy Chamberlain, Founder, C&C Search
    This webinar will provide you with the opportunity to improve your negotiating styles so that you can develop your optimum assertive and effective negotiating approach. It will also enable you to detect others' negotiation ploys and strategies!

    Key takeaways will include:

    What is negotiation
    Essential planning and preparation
    Results versus relationship orientated negotiation
    Assertive trading
    Negotiating tools and tactics
  • Speak Up! Don't Let Fear Rule Your Life Jun 26 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Holly Chessman, Holly Chessman Marketing
    Are you nervous that if you make your voice heard at the office, you will build a reputation as a "troublemaker"? Are you sure if you just work hard enough, someone will notice and speak up for you? It's time to get over it, ladies.

    Join me to learn:
    Why it's important to let your thoughts and opinions be heard at work and beyond
    Why mentors (and mentoring) are critical - and how to find them
    How to build a supportive network that will back you up as you find your voice
  • The 13 Steps From Employee to Entrepreneur Jun 25 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Kathy Ennis, Founder, LittlePiggy Associates Ltd
    Many people dream of leaving their job to start a business and become their own bss. But it’s not easy leaving the (relative) security of a regular income to follow your dream. Being your own boss can be an attractive pull to the (perceived) greener grass the other side of the P45.

    To many employees who are fed-up with their job or their employer it may seem that there are only two steps to becoming your own boss: leave your job and start your own business.

    While it is entirely possible to transition from employee to entrepreneur, it’s a bit more complicated than that. And, as anyone who runs a small or micro business will tell you, the grass isn’t always greener on the self-employed side.

    So, how do you ensure that running your own business is the right thing for you; and what steps should you take to create a smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur?

    Join Business Mentor and Trainer, Kathy Ennis, to explore the 13-steps you will need to take on your road to becoming your own boss.
  • The Art of Success – a guide for women embarking on careers in the City Recorded: Jun 22 2018 41 mins
    April French, PR Manager at Reed Smith and Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director at WeAreTheCity
    What does it take to survive and thrive as a female leader in the City of London? Reed Smith and WeAreTheCity launched an open call to senior women in the City to find the answers to those questions you might never normally ask: from considering which ‘persona’ to adopt in the workplace; to making decisions on working part-time or taking a career break and weighing up what impact it might have on your career progression; to looking ahead and wondering, what is life at the top actually like?

    The Art of Success is the result of that appeal. More than 100 women shared their experiences to help create a roadmap for those following in their footsteps. In this webinar we’ll take you through those findings and share some of the inspirational advice and words of wisdom.
Highlighting women in the workforce, business leaders & entrepreneurs
The state of women in the workplace is constantly evolving. Each year we make new strides to be more inclusive, close the gender pay gap across industries, and promote and support more women in business. This series will outline the current state of the industry, the challenges women are facing in their careers, as well as opportunities and solutions for women climbing the corporate ladder.

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