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Own Your Story--A Personal Brand Workshop

An organization's vision and purpose is communicated from the top down. CEOs, Executive Directors and Leadership Teams are charged with motivating varying audiences to their goal or cause, e.g. invest, volunteer, give, attend, work with us. What's essential in effectively communicating a vision and purpose that includes both the logical--the head, and the emotional--the heart?

Olivia Christian’s early professional career was dedicated to working with and on behalf of elected representatives that were committed to improving the lives of individuals and families living in the San Francisco Bay Area’s most vulnerable communities.

In 2005 Olivia left city hall and began working as a brand development consultant. Her clients have included organizations providing access to life advancing services to the underserved and female entrepreneurs developing resources and opportunities that support the professional and personal growth of other women. Through her workshop, OWN YOUR Story, Olivia coaches individuals and teams who want to effectively convey the why, how and what of their personal brand story for any given audience.
Recorded Mar 8 2018 31 mins
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Olivia Christian Brand Strategist, Workshop Lead
Presentation preview: Own Your Story--A Personal Brand Workshop

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  • Resilience Ninja: More than Food & Fitness with a dash of Yoga May 30 2019 7:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Kathryn Jackson, Leadership Coach and Author, careerbalance Ltd
    Wellbeing at work is a seriously hot topic around the world; but what if our significant focus on food, fitness and yoga to tackle this was preventing us from truly making a long-term difference? Women in business are often the ones who focus on helping other people grow (and stay) resilient…supporting partners, children and extended family members - and I think it’s time we learned how to become resilience ninjas. If we’re going to step into the world of “Continuously Awesome” then we need new strategies and resources to help us enjoy the ride.

    Learn about the importance of emotional honesty as a foundation for true resilience.
    Explore how your levels of self-care influence your ability to re-energize and stay strong.
    Consider how having the right sort of connections play a part in your ability to flourish.
    Reflect on how you have been learning (and changing) along your journey to resilience already.

    If you’re ready for finding new ways to overcome obstacles to your success, and hungry to understand how to build and maintain strength then this is the webinar for you.

    During this webinar we will:

    Consider what wellbeing and resilience actually is, and how it impacts us at work
    Understand what it takes to be resilient in our workplaces so we can more confidently navigate the change and uncertainty that exists in our business world every day.
    Learn about a toolkit of resources for better management of wellbeing and resilience at work.
  • Holacracy: An alternative system for structuring organizations May 8 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brian Robertson, Partner, HolacracyOne
    Holacracy® is a self-management system that empowers team members to make informed, effective and meaningful decisions about their work.
    The Holacracy practice includes a carefully-designed set of rules that ensure each decision is made in alignment with your company’s True North.
    This practical webinar offers an introduction to the Holacracy practice. It’s for anyone interested in conscious leadership, going Teal, the future of work, distributed authority, taking blockchain principles into the organization itself, or the principles of conscious capitalism.
  • The Stress Buster: Dynamic & Effective Techniques to Reduce Stress Now Apr 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nicola Pitt, Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Join this talk to learn a range of techniques in beating stress. From the latest in brain science, to enabling listeners to enhance relations with clients and colleagues immediately, viewers will adopt dynamic strategies to get life and work in harmony and eliminate stress along the way.

    As an Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nicola PittI tailors her coaching to the needs of the individuals and teams to ensure highly-effective results.
  • Share What You Know with the World Apr 24 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin, Author and Speaker, www.JennyRankin.com
    Whatever you know - whether it's a research discovery, a problem-solving idea, a strategy to help your field, product information, or something else entirely - you can share it with the world so thousands upon thousands of people known about it. This webinar will help you take a variety of stages – be they live, recorded, or written – and rock those stages with your knowledge.

    You will learn about a variety of dissemination opportunities and strategies to maximize those opportunities to reach varied audiences. Learn how to move listeners in your next TED Talk, conference, media interview, or broadcast. Learn to move readers in your next chapter, paper, book, op-ed, article, or any other venue. Get insider tips and resources so more diverse perspectives are represented in your field's dialogue. This webinar will help you move people to understand, care about, remember, apply, and tell others about whatever you have discovered.
  • I am a champion: How to think, feel and perform like one Apr 17 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Els Kolster, Corporate athlete, boxing coach, co-founder of WEBOX Lesley Sakey - Former GB Boxer, co-founder of WEBOX
    Champions are not born, they are made.

    Join Lesley Sackey, former GB boxer and mother of three girls, and Els Kolster, Corporate Athlete and boxing coach, on a journey to discover how to be a champion at work.

    Learn how to plan and achieve goals with a champion's mindset and overcome challenges with a winning attitude.
  • Breaking through the 8 stages of your career transition Apr 11 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Reshma Jobanputra Title: Founder, Life and Career transition coach, Iridium Life Coaching
    A career transition can be challenging, but ultimately immensely rewarding.

    This webinar will help you identify which stage of the journey you’re at and gives you tried and tested tools, tips and techniques to overcome those doubts, fears and knowledge gaps. Taking you from first thoughts to taking concrete steps towards your desired career.
  • Panel Discussion: 3 Game-Changing Innovation Models in Financial Services Today Apr 4 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Pat Patel, Money20/20 | Drew Graham, Standard Chartered Bank | Megan Caywood, Starling Bank
    Innovation has quickly become an overused and distorted word. At Money20/20 Europe expect to cut through the hype, explore what measurements we can use to benchmark innovation and get to the heart of sustainable and commercial step change. A key question which has moved back up the C-Level agenda of established; banks, tech companies and payments companies is:

    "How can incumbents deliver meaningful game-changing innovation?"

    There are three options available for incumbents, and at Money20/20 Europe we’ll be developing deeper into each one:

    1. Can organisations transform their cultures to execute true innovation internally within their organisations? (cultural transformation)

    2. Perhaps tech transformation is the way forward, partnering or acquisitions to do so?

    3. Or do they need to achieve business model transformation by building something entirely new outside of the organisation?

    These options are being heavily debated in boardrooms throughout Europe, with a number of high profile banks recently announcing plans to build brand new subsidiaries. Some of the traditional banks, payments and tech companies are pursuing a few or all of the options while others are sitting on the fence. Which is most effective and why? What are the dynamics at play that determine success for different types of companies? Hear from the leading companies in our industry as they share their incisive insight on the successes but also the failures and the lessons learned.

    Drew Graham, Director, Fintech Strategy & Engagement, Standard Chartered Bank
    Megan Caywood, Chief Platform Officer, Starling Bank,

    Hosted by Pat Patel, Content Director - Europe + Asia, Money20/20
  • How women can prepare for financial risk (and take control) Apr 3 2019 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jana Hlistova, Founder, The Purse Ltd.
    Women are exposed to more financial risk over the course of their life.

    We have a different life trajectory compared to men which exposes us to more financial shock. Women not only have more career interruptions, we work in part-time, temporary or insecure employment and live longer than our male partner.

    Despite this women are less engaged when it comes to money and tend to save less and invest less. However report after report states that women want to learn more about money and investing.

    So what is going on? And how can women take control of their financial future?

    This webinar will outline how women can start to engage around money and what we need to do to build financial resilience. The aim is for the 'money conversation' to become accessible, fun and inspiring. At the same time we want to support women in having courage, clarity and confidence when it comes to money and investing.

    The Purse is dedicated to empowering women financially so they can build the life of their dreams. We provide coaching, training, a community and tools so we can all support, learn and grow together.
  • How To Prepare For Interview Success Mar 27 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Amechi Udo, Career Change Strategist, Your Career Matters
    Imagine. After countless applications and rejections, you have finally landed an interview for your ideal job. However, your excitement and delight quickly turns to dread. You have not had an interview for a while - possibly never. How an earth should you start to prepare for the most important moment in your career to date? On this webinar you will learn proven, practical steps you can take to present yourself confidently, clearly and professionally at your next interview.

    This webinar is for you if you are experiencing any of the following:

    - You are regularly not making it through first round interviews

    - You are failing to get job offers after interviews

    - You have not had an interview for a while and need to update your knowledge and skills

    This will be an interactive webinar. Come and get your questions answered live.
  • Be More Calm, Energised & Productive Recorded: Mar 22 2019 60 mins
    Harriet Waley-Cohen, Speaker and certified coach
    With devices constantly pinging and stealing our attention and flow, and ever increasing demands on our time from all quarters, it can feel hard at times to stay calm, keep your energy up and maximise the use of your time to get everything you want done.

    So often when you ask friends and colleagues how they are, they they snap back that they are 'tired', 'stressed', 'got far too much on to fit into the day' or even 'can't stop to chat, must keep going' usually with a big sigh and a look of slight panic or despair on their face. Instead of being one of those people, wouldn't it be amazing to feel energised, to feel calm and to know how to stay productive so that you feel in control of your professional and personal life?

    Take an hour out and reflect on
    - What eats away at and what creates energy, so that you can feel full of bounce when it matters most to you.
    - Ways to stay calm no matter what, and how to understand triggers and behaviours that destroy your calm.
    - Productivity hacks, including examining whether it really is possible to multitask or whether it's all just a myth.
  • A Global Vision for A Golden Civilization Recorded: Mar 12 2019 111 mins
    George Kinder
    Participate in a global visioning exercise. George Kinder, internationally-recognized thought leader and father of the financial Life Planning movement, invites you to Life Plan civilization!
    Imagine a thousand generations in the future where there is a Golden Civilization. What does it look like? Feel Like? How do people communicate, exchange goods, and govern themselves? Bring your wildest ideas and most personal values to a conversation about what could be. Let’s paint a vision of the future and then ask ourselves “How can we live into that vision now?”
    This BrightTALK is one of hundreds of conversations happening globally since the launch of Kinder’s latest book, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness (available for pre-order on Amazon now and for purchase March 4, 2019). The grassroots movement of community conversations asks attendees to vision a Golden Civilization and then work to establish it now.
    Be part of the movement that is changing the world one conversation at a time. With George Kinder as the conversation facilitator, you’ll practice inner listening, hear the perspectives of others worldwide, share your own perspective, and together you’ll create a vision statement that captures the kind of future you want for yourselves and your grandchildren. With a clear and energizing vision of a Golden Civilization, Kinder will challenge you and each member of the group to think of how you can live into this vision now. Offering no judgement to the steps participants choose, Kinder values each contribution and demonstrates the art of empathic listening. At the end of the conversation, participants are invited to host their own conversations with friends, family, or any group they represent. More resources are available at www.agoldencivilization.com.
    “Golden Civilizations radiate from the light inside each of us, Delivering freedom and modeling integrity in all things.” – George Kinder, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness
  • 5 Secrets to Succeeding as an Woman Entrepreneur in Tech Recorded: Mar 8 2019 32 mins
    Erin Michelson, Founder + CEO, Summery
    The world of tech entrepreneurship is a rough & tumble one. And women entrepreneurs have it even tougher, with female founders historically securing less than 2.2% of all venture capital. As a solo female founder of a data analytics company, Erin Michelson had successfully navigated this environment and will share what is working for her. The discussion will focus on specific steps to take as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey and build a roadmap of success.

    Erin Michelson is creator of The Kind Quiz and Founder + CEO of Summery, a data analytics company that builds quantified applications to help companies engage employees and achieve cultural alignment. Erin has been profiled in @BBCTech, @Entrepreneur, @NPR, @NatGeoTraveler, @FoxNews, and @HuffPost. www.summery.ai
  • Cracking the Code: Lessons learned from tech leaders Recorded: Mar 8 2019 61 mins
    Christa Proper, Lisa Woodley, Reena Tiwari
    Diversity and inclusion starts from the top, however the top is often where the lack of both is most obvious.

    Join this panel where our experts will discuss:
    -How can we create a more open and inclusive tech industry?
    -What are some of the hiring challenges organisations face?
    -What can senior executives do to ensure their employees have clear career paths and feel supported?
  • Living the Agile Life: How the agile approach can boost your career Recorded: Mar 8 2019 51 mins
    Rachel Lyubovitzky, Marissa Fayer, Rachel Obstler
    The only constant thing in both our lives and our careers is changing. Having the ability to adapt to all the obstacles thrown at you is a skill that will no doubt help you become a more effective and successful professional.

    Join this session to learn:
    -What is agile and how can you implement it into your daily life?
    -How to successfully adapt agile methods across different teams and departments
    -Picking the right agile method that's right for your organisation
    -Agile at the corporate level
    -Improving and giving important to softer skills
  • How to Share Your Research with the World Recorded: Mar 8 2019 30 mins
    Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D. Lecturer/Author University of Cambridge (Post Doc Masterclass)
    For research to have maximum impact, it can’t languish on a single website or dusty shelf. It can’t blend in with all the other studies being shared.

    This keynote will help you take a variety of stages – be they live, recorded, or written – and rock those stages with your findings. You will learn about a variety of dissemination opportunities and strategies to maximize those opportunities to reach varied audiences.

    Learn how to move listeners in your next TED Talk, conference, media interview, broadcast. Learn to move readers in your next chapter, paper, book, op-ed, article, or any other venue. Get extra tips and resources for traditionally underrepresented groups so more diverse perspectives are represented in field dialogue. This keynote will help you move people to understand, care about, remember, apply, and tell others about whatever you have discovered.

    Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D.
    University of Cambridge (Post Doc Masterclass)
  • More than tech: The importance of non-tech roles in the technology industry Recorded: Mar 8 2019 48 mins
    Harriet Allner, Debbie Phillips & Anna Flach
    The technology industry is one that is robust, complex, and dynamic. However, many forget that there are many career paths that one can take within the industry, and many of these may not be tech-focused.

    Join this panel to hear from speakers who will discuss:
    -How to make the technology industry inclusive for those who don't want tech-focused roles
    -What are the different career paths within tech?
    -How can organisations embrace candidates who don't have tech experience?
  • Gender Equity and how that means Business Recorded: Mar 8 2019 61 mins
    Helene Li, Sally Eaves, Antonio Santos, Debra Ruh
    Beyond societal benefits, improving gender equity is a solid business case. As we celebrate International Women's Day, join these 4 global experts and thought leaders for a comprehensive take on Inclusion and Sustainable Development.
  • Making An Impact! How You Add Value To An Organisation – And How to Show It Recorded: Mar 8 2019 39 mins
    Lee Lam, Managing Director, Lee Lam Consultancy Ltd
    Your qualities, strengths and the impact you can have on an organisation can be misunderstood by those around you, leading to frustration on all sides. So why is it that you can see what you are capable of doing, but nobody else can?

    In this talk I describe the different ways that we can contribute to organisations and demonstrate why the current strategies of how to get given the respect and gravitas that you deserve may actually be hampering your chances. Be a leader on your terms and have others recognise and appreciate the impact that you can have, given the opportunity.
  • Inclusion from the Ground Up: Inclusivity in Systems Design and Implementation Recorded: Mar 7 2019 27 mins
    Amy McLaughlin, Director of Information Services, Oregon State University
    Many of the systems, processes, and policies organizations rely upon on a daily basis are binary in nature, while the world we live in is non-binary. As a result, despite our best intentions, our organizations are often unwelcoming to potential customers and employees, and reflect unconscious bias.

    This webinar will discuss identifying and recognizing bias in the systems and processes we use every day, and identify strategies for designing systems to be inclusive and welcoming.

    Amy McLaughlin found her professional niche when she integrated her commitment education and inclusion with her passion for information security and technology. A 20+ year veteran of state, local, and federal government and education employment with 15 years of management and leadership experience in information technology, information security and data privacy, she is currently serving as the Director of Information Services for Student Health at Oregon State University. Amy is an ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and a CoSN Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL).
  • What Is Sextech & Why Does It Matter Recorded: Mar 7 2019 31 mins
    Alison Falk, Founder, SexTechSpace & Women In Tech PGH
    This talk will be discussing a sector of the tech industry that is often swept under the rug. It will give an introduction to what sextech is and is not, as well as the importance of including it in conferences and meetups in order to validate it as a professional career path.

    It will also discuss why keeping sextech in the shadows can lead to harmful outcomes such as objectification, stifled innovation and the possibility of remote sexual assault.
Highlighting women in the workforce, business leaders & entrepreneurs
The state of women in the workplace is constantly evolving. Each year we make new strides to be more inclusive, close the gender pay gap across industries, and promote and support more women in business. This series will outline the current state of the industry, the challenges women are facing in their careers, as well as opportunities and solutions for women climbing the corporate ladder.

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