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Your Leadership Revolution

Transparency, trust, and two-way communication. We are no longer in the age of top-down management and we would rather pull than push. The world of work is changing all around us, how can we keep up?

Authenticity and core purpose are the cornerstones of customer and employee engagement. How close are you and your leadership team to your frontline employees and the customers you are all here to serve?

You too can you kickstart a leadership revolution - empowering your people to be more open, helping everyone to take on more responsibility, and working together to make your company grow.

Sharing stories of success and practical tips to overcome internal challenge, Samantha will lead you through why, how, and the enormous potential of getting everyone to lead your business better.
Recorded Mar 15 2018 45 mins
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Presented by
Samantha Woolven, Culture and Change Consultant at SW Consultants
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  • How to write a book when you don't have any time Oct 3 2018 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Hannah Adcock, Content strategist and author, contentedstrategy.com
    I don't know about you, but when I read articles about how you can write a book in two weeks if only you work a bit harder I want to scream; but don’t, obviously, because it might wake the baby. These articles nearly always seem to be written by smug young people with very little in the way of responsibility (and going to the gym and sampling artisan beer don’t count).

    I have managed to write a book – an ebook on content strategy for startups and small businesses – but it has taken me about two and a half years. Which is also the time it takes to have two children, work part time, exercise a dog, and move house.

    In this webinar I'll talk you through how you can write the book you’ve always dreamed about, even with your many responsibilities, if you just follow a few basic guidelines. I also encourage you to bin unhelpful concepts like multitasking, the superwoman (or superman) complex, and feeling guilty.
  • The 5 Essential Elements Of Business Purpose Oct 2 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elliot Kay, MD and founder, Strategic Brilliance Services LTD
    Ever wondered what are the components to have a solid business purpose which ensures that your business is sustainable? A lot of business owners and entrepreneur start businesses which they are passionate about and that they love, yet strategic purpose is often over looked.

    In this webinar we will go through the five key components which must be included in your purpose which ensure you are building a business that you love. A solid business purpose is what keeps the business and the people in business going when times are tough and when times are good. It is what investors love to know when looking into company, it is the heart of any business.
  • What Would the Spice Girls Do?: How the Girl Power Generation Grew Up Oct 2 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Lauren Bravo, Author, What Would the Spice Girls Do?
    The Spice Girls gave a generation their first glimpse of the power of friendship, of anger, of staying true to yourself, of sheer bloody-mindedness.

    What Would The Spice Girls Do? is a nostalgia-filled celebration of the most famous girl band in history as well as a smart and funny look at the ways in which the women who idolised them have benefitted from those five feisty characters who stomped their way to success in the nineties and have remained in our hearts ever since.

    Tune in to this live interview with author Lauren Bravo who will discuss:
    -The evolution of girl power and how it can be applied across all generations and genders
    -What we've learned from recent events and how we can inspire future generations
    -How can we embrace the qualities of a good leader in both our personal and professional lives
    -Speaking up, standing out, and embracing individuality
  • BrightTALK Coding Academy: Taking a Leap into Software Development Oct 2 2018 7:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Amanda Cavallaro, Full Stack Developer and Google Developer Expert
    In this talk, Full-Stack and Google Developer Expert Amanda Cavallaro shares how technology has impacted and affected her life and career. From her empathy and experiences growing up in Brazil, to taking the leap to move to the UK and become a software developer and an advocate for the information technology community, Amanda discusses the challenges and lessons, and how the developer community helps people achieve their potential.
  • Say yes to opportunity: A practical talk about the importance of mindset Oct 1 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ekua Cant, Founder of DrinksBot and Uzo Ijewere, Mindset Coach at Augment Results
    A practical and inspirational talk about the importance of mindset and understanding that only you are holding yourself back.

    The talk will offer practical tips on how you can shift your mindset as well as actionable business tips you can apply to improve productivity and achieve better results.
  • BrightTALK Masterclass Series: The Neuroscience of Learning Sep 27 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ilona Branner, Global Learning and Development Consultant at PwC
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Masterclass Series.

    Ever wanted to know the best way to learn to help you maximise your own potential? This webinar will delve into the neuroscience of learning, looking at what happens when your reptilian brain takes over and hijacks the system, and ways in which you can boost different neurochemicals, which will help you learn in more effective ways. This will result in positive changes and helping you feel happier too.
  • Women On Top: How to navigate male dominated industries to empower your career Sep 27 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Jillian Kowalchuk, Founder & CEO, Safe & The City
    In this webinar, you will learn how to navigate male dominated industries, some of the challenges women can face in the workplace and be empowered with the information, tools and strategies available to climb to the top.

    We will cover:

    Unconscious biases that may be impacting your career.

    How to identify sexual harassment and strategies to remain in control.

    Your rights in the workplace and what key resources are available.

    How you can take action to create a positive workplace culture for other women to climb to the top.
  • BrightTALK Masterclass Series: Building a Possibility Mindset Sep 26 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Belma McCaffrey, CEO and Founder of Work Bigger
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Masterclass Series.

    Scarcity and fear are deeply ingrained in our society: politics, business, the way we live our lives and how we make decisions around family or work.

    Why is it important to NOT make a decision from a place of scarcity, but instead a place of possibility? Because possibility equals potential. When we operate from a place of possibility, we tap into creativity, innovation and better problem solving. These are critical if we’re going to build thriving and life-changing businesses and careers.

    In this Masterclass, Belma McCaffrey, CEO and Founder of Work Bigger, a career change platform for women will talk about:

    -How a mindset of possibility can help you build a more successful business and career
    -Strategies and tactics to adopt this new mindset and help you become a better problem solver
    -Learning how to expand your career opportunities
  • The Myth of the Nice Girl: Tips for speaking up, negotiating & staying authentic Recorded: Sep 25 2018 49 mins
    Fran Hauser, Author, The Myth of the Nice Girl
    Named “Best New Book” by People Magazine and Refinery29, "The Myth of the Nice Girl" is a candid guide for ambitious women who want to succeed without losing themselves in the process.

    Join this webinar interview where Ina Yulo from BrightTALK speaks with author Fran Hauser on her career journey and some of the key takeaways from her acclaimed book.

    Some topics that they will discuss include:
    -Tips for speaking up, negotiating, and finding confidence
    -The negative perception of "niceness" that many women struggle with in the business world
    -Tips for not sacrificing your values or showing your personality in the pursuit of success
    -Navigating business relationships
    -How to balance being empathetic with being decisive
    -How to cultivate authentic confidence
  • Four Laws of Success Recorded: Sep 24 2018 36 mins
    Craig Hallenberger, motivational speaker and success coach
    The Four Laws of Success provides someone a set of rules to take control of their life and identify what needs to change from thoughts to habits to decisions making for lasting and permanent change.

    Craig Hallenberger is an expert in helping people determine their true barriers and then defeat them. After struggling for most of his life, he discovered that his life was being driven by a mental program he was not consciously aware of. After extensive research, Craig discovered a simple brain hack to identify this mental program and change it.

    Today, he shares his discovery with people all over the world. He has helped thousands of people change their lives and achieve their goals with a simple process anyone can learn and implement in their life.

    In addition, Craig provides a unique experience for someone in the financial services industry. A majority of his career has been spent representing or training for financial organizations like Ameriprise, Northwestern Mutual and State Farm. The combination of being in the trenches of the industry and his mental discoveries provide extremely valuable information for someone dealing the unique challenges of the financial services industry.
  • 6 Stealth Resume Errors That Prolong Your Job Search Recorded: Sep 20 2018 51 mins
    Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser, Founder & CEO of Liberated Expressions, LLC
    Resume writing is a daunting process, especially if you have obtained help from resume writing services, obtained resume tips from online sources, and participated in resume workshops but you’re still not securing the job you desire.

    Even when you have done your due diligence to create a quality resume, there can be atypical resume errors that secretly impact the effectiveness of your document.

    Join Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser, Founder & CEO of Liberated Expressions, LLC, to learn how to identify and fix those errors so you can obtain your next awesome opportunity.
  • Personal Branding: So your next client or job finds you Recorded: Sep 19 2018 64 mins
    Jennifer Riggins
    What is personal branding? What you are projecting to the world online and off -- and what people are saying about you. How do you maintain your authentic self and be someone easily found and regarded as a (very hire-able) thought leader in your field? That's what today's conversation is about, talking to five women who have built their own businesses (and brands!) around some aspect of personal branding and personal growth.

    Who should attend? This is a no-brainer for anyone really because we are all looking to improve how our work is perceived and how we can convert that perception into more work and better networking.

    Who is grabbing a cuppa and having a conversation around personal branding — that is geared towards women but could benefit men too? This episode features the following branding goddesses:
    - Diana Berryman on social media and content marketing
    - Remi Erogbogbo on style and beauty, finding the right color to wear for your next important interview or meeting
    - Vibeke Foss on her niche building websites for female entrepreneurs
    - Sophie Russell-Ross on how to create your own website and build a freelance brand

    And all of these amazing women on growing a business, building a niche, and promoting yourself as a brand, online and off!
  • Strategic Student Loan Repayment in a Rising Rate Environment Recorded: Sep 19 2018 32 mins
    Laurel Road - Your trusted financial partner on the road to success
    IAW has partnered with Laurel Road to provide our members with discounted interest rates on your student loans.

    During this interactive think session, Laurel Road provide an overview of the new benefit and how you can utilize it to lock in a lower interest rate amidst a rising interest rate environment. The following topics will be covered:

    - How do rising interest rates in the economy impact me?
    - Is there any way to lock in a rate now before they increase any more?
    - Is income driven repayment and/or loan forgiveness right for me?
    - How will the proposed legislative changes to federal repayment programs affect me?
    - What is student loan refinancing, and am I eligible?
    - What are the considerations surrounding the decision of whether to refinance vs. pursue loan forgiveness?

    This will be an interactive session with time for Q&A so please submit your questions.
  • How To Create Your Mindset for Career Change Success Recorded: Sep 19 2018 53 mins
    Amechi Udo , Career Change Strategist, Your Career Matters
    We've all met people wishing to change career, often after the Summer holidays or New Year - 75.7 per cent of UK professionals wanted to do the same at the start of 2018. Yet when we meet them a few months (or years) later nothing has changed. What stopped them – and possibly you? Our retiring later, increasing family/caring commitments and rising job insecurity mean more and more of us are having to consider changing career once, twice or three times in our lives. But how do we make career change work?

    Joining this webinar will answer these questions, helping you move past the confusion, doubt, fear and uncertainty often associated with career change; give you the seven vital elements to keeping focused, motivated and happy during career change and share examples of women like you making their career change ambitions happen.


    At 29, Amechi experienced an unexpected redundancy. He had no job, no home, and no clue as to what the next career step was. The career advice he had learned at school and university was outdated. In figuring out how to make a successful career change Amechi met many men and women facing the same midlife career challenges. Since then Amechi has coached and trained people internationally in successfully making career changes through his company, Your Career Matters. A firm believer that life's too short to be unhappy at work, Amechi's clients value his ability recognise the talents, abilities and opportunities they have overlooked and show them how to transform these into the platform for career change success.
  • How to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm Recorded: Sep 17 2018 64 mins
    Corinne Worsley, Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker
    Feel like you're on a never ending treadmill, like a hamster on a wheel with no way of getting off?

    The pace of life and the weight of expectations on our shoulders can often leave us feeling trapped and like our life isn't our own. If we're not careful we can even find ourselves heading for burnout.

    Thankfully there is another way.

    In this webinar we'll cover:

    - What stress really is
    - The causes of stress and overwhelm
    - How to take back control of your life and your to do list
    - Practical solutions you can start implementing straight away

    If you're ready to start living instead of simply surviving, don't miss this!
  • BrightTALK Masterclass Series: Improving Your Confidence Recorded: Sep 14 2018 48 mins
    Helena Stone, Change Management Consultant and Mentor
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Masterclass series.

    Are you holding back from achieving your goals and dreams?
    Do you want to be and feel more confident?
    Are you ready to make a change and take action to becoming confident?

    If the answer to all three questions is YES, this confidence webinar is for you! Helena is delighted to be hosting her confidence for women webinar on September 14th. She hopes you can join her and other women, who are ready to make the changes to unlock their best self.

    By registering for the event, you receive a workbook to accompany the webinar allowing you to take practical steps as you learn, PLUS a free e-book on confidence. If you can’t join live, you’ll receive a recording of the webinar…so you don’t miss out.

    In the meantime, Helena invites you to join her closed facebook group to meet likeminded women who are working on their confidence, career and business goals: https://www.facebook.com/groups/makeithappenwithhelena

    Helena Stone is a Change Management Consultant and mentor for women. She supports both organisations and individuals who know they need to change to reach the performance improvements they're looking for…but they can't quite figure out how to do it.
  • BrightTALK Masterclass Series: Presentation Secrets Recorded: Sep 12 2018 64 mins
    Bridgett McGowen, President, BMcTALKS, LLC
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Masterclass Series.

    It's time to let out the secrets and address some of the biggest questions you have as a presenter!

    How do you establish your credibility if you do not have tons of experience? How do you immediately grab and keep an audience's attention regardless of your topic? How do you create audience engagement without a lot of bells and whistles?

    You'll leave this interactive session knowing the biggest, never-before-revealed presentation secrets!
  • Speaking Up: First Steps in Speaking and Presenting Recorded: Sep 12 2018 49 mins
    Kathy Ennis, Founder, LittlePiggy Associates Ltd
    Being able to speak with passion, integrity and enthusiasm about your products and services is a vital skill for any business person. However, the idea of giving a presentation makes many people break out into a cold sweat of apprehension.

    Effective public speaking, pitching and presenting is about getting your message across. It’s not just about engaging your audience with what you have to say; it’s also about how you say it.

    In this session, you will:
    •Understand how to manage any fears or concerns you have about speaking in public
    •Learn to structure what you say in both formal and informal speaking and pitching opportunities to ensure you deliver a clear and concise message with a specific call to action
    •Know how to ensure a call to action is included in any speaking / pitching opportunity
    •Understand the need to manage your personal impact when speaking and pitching
    •Know which presentation tools are most appropriate for use in different environments and with different groups
  • BrightTALK Masterclass Series: Leadership Recorded: Sep 11 2018 59 mins
    Scarlet Batchelor (Business Leader & Fitness Guru, COEO Fitness) & Sam Batchelor (Architect and Former Elite Athlete)
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Masterclass Series.

    Bringing together teams requires clarity of mission, definition of culture, time for group assimilation, and a tolerance for failure. Scarlet and Sam will share anecdotes from their experiences to bring light to important tenets of leadership.

    In this masterclass you will learn:
    -Clarity of mission
    -Definition of culture
    -Time for group assimilation
    -Tolerance of failure
    -The design process

    Scarlet Batchelor - Business Leader and Fitness Guru - Founder&CEO, COEO Fitness
    In her career Scarlet has been both an entrepreneur (COEO) and an intra-preneur (New Balance, Ocean Spray). Consistent to all of her roles is a creative leadership that wills diverse and sometimes under-resourced teams to drive incredible results. In addition to her corporate experience Scarlet is a 20-year yogi practitioner and a yoga instructor. Scarlet is an authority in fitness and an expert in fitness community on the power of technology in today’s marketplace. Her startup, COEO was part of the prestigious WINLab accelerator and drives 10x community traction vs. its closest competitors.

    Sam Batchelor - Architect and Former Elite Athlete - Partner, designLAB Architects
    Sam is an architect specializing in expressing the missions of cultural institutions in powerful built environments. A long-time partner at designLAB, he was the 2016 recipient of the Earl R. Flansburgh Young Architect Award. He is also an Adjunct Professor of DesignBuild at Mass College of Art. His work is informed not only by his love of design and materials, but also by his background as a rower. The heavyweight captain of Yale Crew and a member of the US Junior National Rowing Team, Sam uses his athletic background to bring together teams behind a common mission.

    Sam and Scarlet have been married for 16 years, cycled 4,000 miles from Seattle to Boston together, and have three young children ages 8, 6, and 6 (yes, twins!)
  • Get your sparkle back: Kick your sugar habit and double your energy Recorded: Sep 7 2018 35 mins
    Lauren Chiren, Global Health Coach & Mentor, Women of a Certain Stage
    Discover how sugar is impacting you and learn about the psychological and physical manifestations which keep you wanting more! Take away top tips on how to reduce your sugar dependency and improve your energy & mood.
Highlighting women in the workforce, business leaders & entrepreneurs
The state of women in the workplace is constantly evolving. Each year we make new strides to be more inclusive, close the gender pay gap across industries, and promote and support more women in business. This series will outline the current state of the industry, the challenges women are facing in their careers, as well as opportunities and solutions for women climbing the corporate ladder.

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  • Presented by: Samantha Woolven, Culture and Change Consultant at SW Consultants
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