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Lacework Cloud Threat Report: Volume 1

The attack surface just broadened. Are you fully updated on the emerging cloud threats now facing your organization? Watch now to hear Lacework Labs’ security research team discuss their latest in-depth quarterly report covering new Linux malware families, cloud-centric threat groups, and relevant attack techniques.
Recorded Sep 1 2021 40 mins
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Presented by
Tom Hegel, Senior Security Researcher - Lacework
Presentation preview: Lacework Cloud Threat Report: Volume 1

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  • Shift Left Faster: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security For the Win Recorded: Nov 19 2021 30 mins
    James Brown, Rob Schoening
    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is quickly becoming the primary mechanism to manage cloud infrastructure at massive scale. While this significantly increases innovation speed, it also introduces additional risk.
  • Evolution of Cloud Security From DevOps to DevSecOps Recorded: Nov 16 2021 52 mins
    Jose Gonzalez - Competitive Intelligence Senior Analyst | Lacework
    As organizations continue to evolve their DevOps practices, modern software innovation has continued to accelerate, with apps being delivered faster and with better stability. At the same time, development teams continue to move workloads into the public cloud and build new applications and services directly in the cloud. This elevated pace of software delivery and cloud adoption, however, has brought along with it a significant increase in malicious cybersecurity attacks.
  • Essentials To Scaling Your SIEM Recorded: Oct 27 2021 30 mins
    Andrew Bearsley, Senior Solutions Engineer - Lacework
    View this On-Demand webinar with Andrew Bearsley, Senior Solutions Engineer at Lacework. He'll discuss the best practices on using the essentials to smarten and scale your SIEM for optimal cloud security and cost efficiency.
  • The ABCs of Cloud Security Recorded: Oct 20 2021 49 mins
    Mark Nunnikhoven - Cloud Strategist, Lacework
    As more and more companies migrate to the cloud, the cloud environment has evolved into something very dynamic, complex, and almost unwieldy. How do we address the scale and complexity of today’s cloud? Simple: automation. Join Lacework Cloud Strategist, Mark Nunnikhoven as he reviews the Cloud Security Automation For Dummies eBook and provides expert insights on the best practices, challenges, and benefits of cloud security.

    During this Webinar Mark highlights:

    - The flexibility of cloud computing
    - How to protect your cloud assets
    - The challenges to cloud complexity
    - How to strengthen your cloud security posture—and more

    See how understanding cloud behavior beats rules, hands down. Ready to up your cloud security game?
  • Presidio and Lacework Executive Panel Recorded: Oct 18 2021 61 mins
    David Hatfield, Co-CEO Lacework | Jay Parikh, Co-CEO Lacework | Dave Trader, Field CISO Presidio
    Presidio and Lacework have launched this exciting new partnership to bring clients the best in cloud security.

    Co- CEOs David Hatfield and Jay Parikh from Lacework are joining Presidio's Dave Trader, Field CISO, to talk cloud security trends, answer questions and share their expertise.

    David Hatfield brings a wealth of knowledge from his years as President and Vice-Chair of Pure Storage, while Jay Parikh brings a fresh perspective from his former role as VP, Head of Engineering and Infrastructure at Facebook. Coupled with Dave Trader's experience at the FBI CISO Academy and long-time experience as a CISO, this is a discussion you don't want to miss.
  • Cloud Threat Report 2021, Volume 2 Review Recorded: Sep 22 2021 52 mins
    Greg Foss - Principal Cloud Security Researcher - Lacework | Tom Hegel - Senior Cloud Security Researcher - Lacework
    As the cloud risk landscape evolves, the Lacework Labs team is meeting the challenge with research on threats targeting cloud environments. The goal is to expose attacker trends and techniques, while providing actionable information for security leaders and practitioners alike.

    In the latest Cloud Threat Report, 2021 Volume 2, we observe and track new crimeware incidents, vulnerabilities, and attacker opportunities.

    - The landscape of escalating crimeware threats, based on intensive monitoring and investigation
    - Innovative strategies and techniques attackers are using to expose vulnerabilities
    - Insights into how and why threat actors single out specific targets in the cloud
    - Steps security teams can take to identify and counter fast-arising new exploits
    - And much more…
  • Reckless to Fearless The Power of Automated Remediation with Tines and Lacework Recorded: Sep 17 2021 47 mins
    Thomas Kinsella, Founder & COO - Tines | Ryan Henrich, Director of Engineering - Lacework
    Tines and Lacework are partnering up to bring you insights into the latest in cloud automation. Our tools powerfully combine, helping you take action and automatically solve security alerts in real-time as they occur.

    This workshop will be centered around an end-to-end demo, walking through the benefits of our tools in combination.
  • Top 5 Ways Your Current Cloud Security Approach is Burning Budget Recorded: Sep 15 2021 20 mins
    Christine Meyers, Director of Product Marketing
    We distill the top ways organizations can save time and money through a cloud-first approach to security. We cover the steps you can take today to make your cloud environment more secure, all without burning through your security budget.
  • How YOUR Data Can Drive Cloud Security Success at Scale Recorded: Sep 10 2021 54 mins
    Mark Nunnikhoven
    Modern organizations face a ton of cloud complexity—migrations, new applications, acquisitions, multi-cloud, microservices, and more. Change is the only constant in the cloud.

    A strong cloud strategy treats security as one pillar among several and that tight integration with the rest of the business leads to better outcomes.

    The challenge though comes in not just including security, rather getting security to approach things differently. “Security practices don’t take advantage of the data available to them. That's like driving a car with only one wheel, it's ridiculous!”, says Mark Nunnikhoven, resident Cloud Strategist at Lacework.

    What makes him think this? Can he back it up? Join us for a live webinar on Sept 10th where Mark answers these questions and more.

    - Tips for integrating security into your cloud strategy
    - How to get the most from your security practice in the cloud
    - What data sources are available to your team
    - Cloud account security and developer-driven innovation
    - Why analyzing and understanding behavioral data at scale drives security success
  • 7 Key Considerations Before Sending Your AWS CloudTrail Logs to a SIEM Recorded: Sep 8 2021 40 mins
    David Segura, Senior Solutions Engineer - Lacework
    We cover the 7 most important factors to consider if your organization sends raw AWS CloudTrail logs to a SIEM tool.
  • Automate Security, Compliance, and CI/CD with Lacework and CircleCI Recorded: Sep 7 2021 60 mins
    Chris Black, Solutions Architect - CircleCI | Scott Ford, Principal Architect - Lacework
    It's no secret that high performing dev teams push quality code quickly with best-of-breed tools to match their speed and scale. That's why Lacework has partnered with CircleCI to deliver build-time to run-time threat detection for CI/CD workflows, making software delivery faster and more secure.
  • Lacework Cloud Threat Report: Volume 1 Recorded: Sep 1 2021 40 mins
    Tom Hegel, Senior Security Researcher - Lacework
    The attack surface just broadened. Are you fully updated on the emerging cloud threats now facing your organization? Watch now to hear Lacework Labs’ security research team discuss their latest in-depth quarterly report covering new Linux malware families, cloud-centric threat groups, and relevant attack techniques.
  • Cut Security Investigation Time by 90%: From Cloud Sprawl to Proactive Security Recorded: Aug 25 2021 58 mins
    Eugene Mu, Solutions Architect at AWS | Abner Germanow, VP Product at Lacework
    As companies scale their cloud environments, context can easily become buried. Check out this webinar as we cover how to get visibility and unparalleled context to build and run secure & compliant infrastructure at cloud speed.
  • The Cost of a Compromise in the Cloud Recorded: Aug 13 2021 53 mins
    Sean Henry - CipherTechs | Chris Pedigo, Field CTO - Lacework
    Lacework and CipherTechs discuss the true cost of a compromise in the cloud.
  • Delivering Secure Innovation at Record Speed Recorded: Aug 13 2021 58 mins
    Scott Ford - Lacework | Mike Fonseca - HashiCorp | Jean-Philippe Lachance & Denis Blanchette - Coveo
    How do elite performing orgs deliver innovation at record speed, while maintaining overall security? Experts from Lacework, HashiCorp, and Coveo cover how the new generation of cloud builders are shipping secure cloud apps faster and safer.
  • Essential Steps to Container/Kubernetes Security and Vulnerabilities Recorded: Aug 13 2021 58 mins
    Jonah Jones, Solutions Architect - AWS | Ryan Henrich, Senior Solutions Engineer - Lacework
    AWS and Lacework cover runtime security, infrastructure security, regulatory compliance and containers, along with incident response and security forensics.
  • Achieve Cloud Security Savings through SIEM Optimization Recorded: Aug 12 2021 29 mins
    David Segura, Senior Solutions Engineer - Lacework
    Organizations have traditionally turned to a SIEM vendor to analyze and manage their security events. They load a ton of log types, write rules for potential use cases, and then comb through alerts to better understand their environment. What they didn’t know was that there is a better way to manage those logs and score cloud security savings in the process. Our speaker, David Segura, Senior Solutions Engineer at Lacework, goes over strategies you can implement to start saving on cloud security through SIEM optimization. He will go over these three tips and more to help get you on the right path forward: 1. Management costs: Resource hours, compute, and storage 2. Rule writing and tuning: There’s a better way for cloud environments 3. Augmenting your SOC through better correlation and investigation management
  • Do's and Don'ts for Scaling your SIEM for the Cloud Recorded: Aug 12 2021 21 mins
    Aaron Kornhauser, Solutions Architect - Lacework
    Are you getting value from your SIEM? Sadly, a third of organizations say no. Despite deploying a SIEM, are you missing out on its benefits by only partially using or configuring it? This workshop shows you how to flex your SIEM’s powers and scale. Lacework SIEM expert Aaron Kornhauser walks you through the dos and don’ts of scaling your SIEM. In just minutes, learn to:- Speed SIEM adoption and implementation- Sharpen alert context- Save time by focusing on critical areas- Minimize manual rule creation and shrink alert volumes
  • Addressing Compliance & Audits Challenges in the Cloud Recorded: Aug 12 2021 33 mins
    Galen Emery, Senior Solutions Engineer - Lacework
    Overcome the challenges of public cloud compliance and learn how to automate security and compliance across AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • 3 Tips for Solving Your Cloud Security Challenges During M&A Recorded: Aug 12 2021 30 mins
    Andre Elizondo, Senior Solutions Engineer - Lacework
    Learn how to overcome the challenges faced by security teams during mergers and acquisitions. We cover the top 3 tips to help get you on the right path forward: 1.) Identifying and prioritizing risks early 2.) Defining a realistic security ramp timeline 3.) Making feedback loops automated and easy
Security For The Cloud Generation | Build Fast, Run Fearlessly
Lacework is the security company for the cloud. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform is offered as-a-Service and delivers build-time to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and cloud compliance across AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes services, workloads, and containers. Trusted by enterprise customers worldwide, Lacework significantly drives down costs and risk, and removes the burden of unnecessary toil, rule writing, and inaccurate alerts.

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  • Title: Lacework Cloud Threat Report: Volume 1
  • Live at: Sep 1 2021 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Tom Hegel, Senior Security Researcher - Lacework
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