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Digital Transformation is probably not what you think!

Many companies don’t know what digital transformation actually is. This webinar will help you understand the complexity behind the digital transformation process and why digitising your paper forms is not even scratching the surface. We'll look at how some well-known companies have innovated in a disruptive fashion, digitally transforming their entire business model into new markets and new revenue streams.
Recorded Sep 12 2019 45 mins
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Presented by
Josh Caid
Presentation preview: Digital Transformation is probably not what you think!

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  • Increase Automation to Improve Cloud-driven Innovation and Oversight Mar 18 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Matt Klassen; Aaron Alexander
    The cloud is transforming how organizations drive innovation, but many IT orgs are struggling with balance between giving teams full control and centralized governance of provisioning and computing costs. Both have issues and impacts, but what if automation could hold the key to both better experience for teams and better visibility and control.

    Join us for this webinar where Matt Klassen and Aaron Alexander will discuss how Cherwell can help you automate cloud services such as provisioning while giving management visibility and control of the cloud environment and costs.
    - 15 minute introduction to key cloud challenges and a proven approach to solve these challenges
    - 15 minute demonstration of a cloud services automation solution from Cherwell
    - Q&A
  • Today’s ITSM Challenges are Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Success. Are you ready? Feb 25 2020 10:00 am UTC 46 mins
    Pierre Andre Aeschlimann
    This webinar will look at how to leverage the latest in ITSM and make sure that you and your organisation are prepared for what’s coming. We’ll be discussing:

    •The current challenges and trends that are already shaping the future of ITSM.
    •The latest ITSM capabilities that will help you be more efficient, achieve higher user satisfaction, faster time to market and a lower total cost of ownership.
    •Tomorrow’s ITSM, what does it look like and what are the benefits for your organisation, including the future of self-service, next generation knowledge management, codeless automation and seamless operations.
  • [Panel] How ITSM Can Drive and Deliver Digital Transformation Recorded: Feb 4 2020 49 mins
    Stephen Mann, ITSM.tools | Matt Klassen, Cherwell | Muddu Sudhakar, Aisera
    Where does ITSM fit in the Digital Transformation landscape? And does it need to evolve to ensure businesses can deliver what their customers expect in 2020?

    Join this panel of ITSM experts as they debate and discuss:

    - How ITSM can help meet and implement the back-office improvement needs of digital transformation
    - How ITSM can fuel Digital Transformation by educating enterprises on the ‘people’ aspect of strategies
    - What tools are paramount to delivering best-in-class, future-proof DX strategies
    - How to ensure your service management strategy keeps pace as technologies advance

    Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst and Content Director, ITSM.tools
    Matt Klassen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Cherwell
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera
  • How to Up Your ITSM Game for Digital Transformation Success Recorded: Feb 4 2020 49 mins
    Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst and Content Director, ITSM.tools. Matt Klassen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Cherwell
    Your organisation’s ITSM capabilities need to play a key role in its digital transformation journey. Not only in delivering and supporting new technology-enabled products and services and enhanced customer engagement, but also because of the important role it can play in delivering the back-office digital transformation required for front-office success.

    In this webinar we’ll look at:

    •The importance of back-office digital transformation in enabling your organisation’s new products and improved customer engagement

    •Which ITSM initiatives to adopt

    •Three practical tips on key ITSM improvements for digital transformation success
  • The best way to automate your IT service management experiences Recorded: Dec 16 2019 30 mins
    Pierre-André Aeschlimann, Solution / Sales Strategist & Evangelist, Cherwell Software
    From the first Unix script 50 years ago, to today's AI-assisted robotic process automation (RPA), the choices for automation in ITSM are numerous.

    Join this session to hear Pierre-André Aeschlimann consider the strategic and technological opportunities of automation, and how it can help you support your employee or customer service experiences.
  • Designing Dashboards for IT Operational Excellence Recorded: Dec 9 2019 47 mins
    Steve Parker, Solutions Strategist, Cherwell
    For IT Service Management professionals, dashboards are an important tool to filter out information and key stats from the flood of data that comes through on a daily basis.

    It’s also critical to present them in an appealing, clear and simple way, as not all information is useful or helpful at first glance.

    In this webinar, we’ll look at practical examples and discuss how dashboards work, from planning through to technical implementation. They’ll be plenty of time for Q&As afterwards!
  • [Panel] Automation in ITSM: Where Are We? Recorded: Nov 6 2019 42 mins
    Wai Wong - CEO, Serviceaide, Pierre-André Aeschlimann - Solution / Sales Strategist & Evangelist, Cherwell Software
    2019 has seen much of the ITSM industry focus on automation and its impact. From self-service, to AIOps and problem and incident management, the influence of automation has been far-reaching.

    Join this panel to hear ITSM experts take a look back at where automation has taken us, and look forward to where it’ll lead us next.

    Wai Wong, CEO, Serviceaide
    Pierre-André Aeschlimann - Solution / Sales Strategist & Evangelist, Cherwell Software
    Moderated by Harriet Jamieson, Global Content Manager, BrightTALK
  • The Future of ITSM: The Shift from Operational Efficiency to Employee Experience Recorded: Oct 24 2019 31 mins
    Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing, Cherwell Software, Pasi Nikkanen, CPO, HappySignals
    As digital transformation continues to drive the enterprise agenda into 2020, a seismic shift is occurring within IT and the service desk. Whereas IT initiatives once focused primarily on maximizing IT operational efficiency and throughput, the modern IT department is now charged with a new mandate: elevating employee experience and productivity through their engagement with service and support channels.

    Join Matt Klassen (VP, Cherwell Software) and Pasi Nikkanen (CPO, HappySignals) for a case study featuring how one company is navigating the shift from an operational- to experience-driven mindset within IT, and how the outcome has been transformational. We will also share examples from HappySignals global ITSM benchmark, the Happiness Score™.

    You’ll learn how to:
    •Measure the outcomes and impact of IT initiatives with employee happiness and productivity
    •Provide transparency to all your stakeholders – from service desk to C-suite executives
    •Identify the biggest opportunities for improvement in omni-channel support model (can/should we eliminate email as a channel?)
    •Move from traditional SLA metrics to XLAs (Experience Level Agreements)
    •Implement an enterprise service portal including HR, Finance, and Facilities—to create a consistent, integrated service experience across the organization
  • Digital Transformation is probably not what you think! Recorded: Sep 12 2019 45 mins
    Josh Caid
    Many companies don’t know what digital transformation actually is. This webinar will help you understand the complexity behind the digital transformation process and why digitising your paper forms is not even scratching the surface. We'll look at how some well-known companies have innovated in a disruptive fashion, digitally transforming their entire business model into new markets and new revenue streams.
  • Realise the benefits of your self-service portal Recorded: Sep 10 2019 46 mins
    Eddie Potts, Pink Elephant; Steve Parker, Cherwell
    The term self-service has been in vogue for several years now. However, in practice, many organisations are yet to implement it. And for those that have, many fail to exploit the expected benefits. This webinar will discuss the reasons why self-service portal implementations often fail, as well as identify what are the critical success factors you need to make sure self-service is fully integrated into your business.
  • ITSM’s Vital Role in Optimizing Cloud Management Recorded: Aug 28 2019 41 mins
    Ben Perack, AWS, Cloud Management Tools; Kari Nelson, Cherwell Software
    Chances are, your organization is contemplating or in the process of migrating some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud. No matter where you’re at in your cloud journey, you won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar discussing the service desk’s critical role in optimizing—if not transforming—your organization’s approach to cloud management, with an emphasis on business outcomes.

    What we'll learn about:
    - Recent drivers, trends, and insights around cloud adoption
    - Why (and how) ITSM must play a role in your organization’s cloud migration strategy
    - How to ensure key ITSM processes/activities support your hybrid cloud environment
    - A hands-on demonstration of how cloud provisioning, governance, and compliance can be achieved through a centralized self-service portal
  • ITSM 2020: Top 5 Predictions to Guide Your Service Desk Strategy Recorded: Aug 22 2019 62 mins
    Stephen Mann of ITSM.tools, Matt Klassen, Cherwell Software, VP, Product Marketing
    2020 is just around the corner, and it’s time to begin defining your ITSM goals, strategy, and related investments—with a focus on delivering business value. Join Matt Klassen of Cherwell Software and Stephen Mann of ITSM.tools for an in-depth discussion of the five most significant business and industry trends that will shape the service desk in 2020 and beyond.

    This webinar will explore:
    •Key shifts in both business and IT that will revolutionize the role of the service desk
    •Common barriers to embracing emerging trends and the opportunities they present
    •The imperative of shifting from an operational mindset to a business value mindset
    •How to build a practical roadmap that ensures not only the success but the very survival, of the IT service desk
  • Love It or Leave It: Making the Business Case for Your Next ITSM Solution Recorded: Jul 23 2019 45 mins
    George Spaulding of Pink Elephant and Matt Klassen of Cherwell Software
    Most enterprises today have some sort of IT service management (ITSM) solution in place, but the vast majority aren’t receiving the business value they had anticipated—or been promised. While the most basic ticketing tools will never deliver the maturity, efficiency, or ROI they seek, the more expensive, complex solutions require too much time, development, and administrative overhead.

    Join George Spaulding, VP at Pink Elephant and Matt Klassen, VP at Cherwell, for a discussion about the most common ITSM technology challenges, and how to overcome them with your next ITSM investment. You’ll learn:
    • Why not ITSM tools are created equal
    • Key factors to consider when evaluating ITSM solutions for your organization—with a focus on business value
    • How to make a compelling business case for your next ITSM solution
  • Take Your Service Desk to “Eleven” with The Right ITSM Tech Stack Recorded: Jul 16 2019 47 mins
    Adam Thumm, Senior Solutions Architect at Cherwell and Ayla Anderson, Technology Alliances Manager at Cherwell
    As IT teams come under increasing pressure to deliver services more quickly, effectively, and affordably, the ITSM tech stack must evolve to provide greater efficiency for service desk staff, as well as a better experience for end users. This means the seamless blending of technologies into an integrated ecosystem, and, in many cases, replacement of legacy systems and ineffective tools.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:
    •The ideal ITSM ecosystem, and the technologies it must include
    •Which capabilities should be native to your ITSM platform, and which can (and should) be integrated
    •Common barriers to achieving true integration—and how to overcome them
  • 3 Tips for Maximizing the Business Value of ITIL and ITSM Recorded: Jul 10 2019 64 mins
    George Spaulding of Pink Elephant and Matt Klassen of Cherwell Software
    Value may be overused word, but there is no escaping the reality that IT is faced with pressure to deliver more of it with each passing day. So how can you take what some would make you believe is a legacy framework like ITIL and a commodity technology like ITSM and extract maximum value?

    Join us for this relevant and compelling webinar in which George Spalding, VP at PinkElephant and Matt Klassen, VP at Cherwell Software, will unpack the key challenges IT faces today such as self-service, accelerating pace of change, AI and automation technology, Agile and devops practices, and more. They will show you which value levers have the most effect and give you 3 practical tips you can use today in your organization to impact the business in a real way.
  • ITSM Trends You Can't Ignore, and How Your Tech Stack Must Support It Recorded: Jun 19 2019 60 mins
    Josh Caid, Chief Evangelist, Cherwell Software
    The pace of change within the modern enterprise is nothing short of dizzying. Evolving workforce demands, emerging technologies, and increasing expectations that IT deliver quantifiable business value means that pressure on the service desk has never been higher. Unfortunately, many IT organizations continue to rely on a combination of poorly integrated, legacy technologies that create friction for end users, consume precious IT resources, and prevent IT from taking a proactive and strategic role within the business.

    Join Cherwell’s Josh Caid, Chief Technology Evangelist, for a lively discussion on the top trends shaping IT service management, and how IT teams must evolve their ITSM tech stacks in order to keep pace with digital transformation initiatives and ever-changing business needs.
  • How to Create a Self-Service Portal that Revolutionizes the Employee Experience Recorded: Jun 12 2019 46 mins
    Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing, Cherwell Software
    IT teams are under increasing pressure to deliver a service experience that meet both the needs and the expectations its users. As today’s workforce comes to expect greater self-sufficiency, along with personalized and instantaneous service, IT organizations must establish a self-service strategy that elevates—if not revolutionizes—the employee experience.

    In this webinar, Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing for Cherwell, will discuss how (and why) the employee experience has become central to mission of IT, and why the IT self-service portal must become the new “face of IT.” He will offer practical guidance on how to create an IT self-service portal that:

    • Maximizes portal utilization and engagement
    • Automates and streamlines the request and fulfillment process
    • Provides the visibility needed to spot trends and identify areas for improvement
    • Improves productivity for both IT staff and employees
  • Take the Pain Out of ITSM Tool Selection - 5 Tips to Simplify the Process Recorded: Jun 5 2019 62 mins
    Stephen Mann of ITSM.tools and Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing, Cherwell Software
    The IT industry continues to see a high level of IT service management (ITSM) tool churn, along with the associated pain. In order to stop this cycle of tool replacement, and to achieve your goals, your IT team needs to optimize its approach to ITSM tool procurement, delivery, and use—starting with getting the ITSM tool selection process right.

    Please join this webinar with Stephen Mann, of ITSM.tools, to understand how to select the ITSM tool that best fits your organization’s goals, maturity level, and budget. It will include valuable takeaways, such as:

    1.The most common reasons for ITSM tool replacement
    2.How create an RFP that focuses on desired outcomes, not just features and functions
    3.The key capabilities required for modern—and ongoing—ITSM success
  • ITIL 4: Creating an Integrated Value Chain Among Dev, Ops and the Service Desk Recorded: Mar 26 2019 56 mins
    Troy DuMoulin, VP, Pink Elephant and Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing, Cherwell Software
    As IT teams look to create higher velocity and improved speed to market, they are recognizing the need to integrate various specialized domains that traditionally operated as silos.

    Until the recent release of ITIL 4, best practice frameworks covering ITSM, Software Development, Project Management, and others have not helped in this regard, as they each focused on their own area of specialization, with little to no direction on how they integrate.

    Come to this informative webinar to hear Troy DuMoulin, VP at Pink Elephant, and Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing at Cherwell, discuss new guidance offered by ITIL 4, including:

    •How the ITIL 4 service value chain provides an integrated model
    •How different types of demand follow different value streams
    •How ITIL 4 elevates the importance of service relationship management
    •How the service desk plays a key engagement role
  • ITIL 4 is Here! How to Apply Service Value Chain Guidance for Maximum Impact Recorded: Mar 19 2019 59 mins
    Stephen Mann, ITSM Analyst and Matt Klassen, VP of Product Marketing, Cherwell Software
    The newly-released ITIL update, ITIL 4, does away with the ITIL v3 service lifecycle that was based around the five elements of service strategy, design, transition, and operation, plus continual service improvement (CSI). The ITIL 4 service value chain offers a new approach to managing services within IT that transcends traditional silos and drives significant benefits to the business.

    In this ITIL-4-focused webinar, Stephen Mann of ITSM.tools and Matt Klassen of Cherwell will discuss the most significant changes to ITIL v3, including:

    •An overview of the ITIL 4 service value chain, what it includes, and how it differs from v3
    •Guidance for applying the ITIL value chain to IT, and the benefits of doing so
    •How the ITIL value chain can be applied to other areas of the business to support enterprise
    service management or digital transformation strategies
Powerful & Intuitive Software for IT Service Management—and Beyond
Cherwell delivers IT service management, workforce and business enablement solutions that allow IT to become a true partner to the business. Built on a modern, metadata architecture, the Cherwell platform enables IT teams to rapidly build, configure or merge new ITSM or business functionality—without touching a single line of code or living in fear of the next upgrade. Because of Cherwell’s focus on delivering a solution that is easy to configure, customize, and use, IT organizations extend Cherwell to solve a wide range of IT and business problems. With an unwavering commitment to putting customers first and being easy to do business with, Cherwell enjoys 98%+ customer satisfaction rating. Learn more at www.cherwell.com.

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