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A Beginners Guide to Developing Blockchain Applications

Blockchain has gone from a cryptocurrency base to a solid foundation for various industries. Learn how to develop blockchain applications that analyze and innovate with our expert, and ask any burning questions you have.

Febin John James will cover:

1.Basics of Blockchain
2.Applications of Blockchain
3.Introduction to Smart Contracts
4.Applications of Smart Contracts
Recorded May 11 2018 42 mins
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Presented by
Febin John James, CTO at Boutline and author of "Cloud Is a Piece of Cake, Fight The Blue Whale"
Presentation preview: A Beginners Guide to Developing Blockchain Applications

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  • Visualizing a Digital Revolution of the 21st Century Dec 4 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eric Paul McNeil, Sr., Tableau Architect and Cyber-Security/Blockchain Researcher
    The goal of this brief is to quickly introduce Blockchain analytic dashboard usages. It could be said that the average person has no idea what Crypto-Currency is nor, can they explain how the technology works. Some would agree more people are now beginning to comprehend crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are simply some type of electronic investment instrument as in the American dollar.

    However, most individuals in the general population still don’t grasp the potential value of blockchain platforms. Nevertheless, a lot of technologists, researchers and professionals understand distributed ledgers are used to process and store user data associated with various types of transactions within blockchains.

    Herein, we will crack open the cyber wallet/vault using a software platform to briefly demo three user dashboard scenarios which will illustrate Blockchain use case value: Asset Auditor; Purchase Tracker; Anomaly Reporter
  • Trust in Math, Not Humans: Privacy Technology in Crypto” Nov 13 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This expert panel include RICARDO G. DIAZ, Julie Goggin, Ulf Mattsson and other experts
    Trust in Math, Not Humans : Privacy Technology In Crypto

    The blockchain revolution of the past 10 years has seen the biggest surge in open source projects with 90K+ Github repositories dedicated to blockchain (DLT) projects. This massive paradigm shift to decentralized computing has also advanced the field of cryptography with exciting new math that will deliver on the promise of privacy like never before.

    With over 20 years enterprise software and cyber security expertise, Ricardo Diaz, today is the founder of Blockchain CLT, a blockchain consultancy. He will discuss the future and evolution of trust with innovative privacy technologies powering blockchain projects today and in the future.
  • The Invisible Hand (How Algorithms Shape Our Reality) Oct 29 2019 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Arwen Smit, Author Identity Reboot
    In the age of algorithms, A.I.-driven multinationals and an interconnected, global population, our personal identity is more important than ever. With the rise of the internet, our online and offline worlds started to merge, and what identity is and isn’t has become less defined and more complex. In this timely talk, Arwen Smit explains why identity is the most valuable thing you own, standing at the core of your every online and offline interaction. Driving home that when algorithms shape our reality, we humans become the input and output of algorithms. Arwen Smit is the author of Identity Reboot, available early 2020. Find out more at www.arwensmit.com.
  • Livestream Discussion - Enterprise Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges Recorded: Sep 23 2019 30 mins
    Tom Poppe, SWIFT | Mirka Skrzypczak, NatWest | Maria Nymo, DNB ASA | David Bannister, Aite Group
    Applications of blockchain technology within larger corporates and enterprises have been touted as the biggest opportunity for the DLT in recent times. Open-source projects like Hyperledger have led the way in encouraging collaboration and a more seamless process for deployment.
    Join this panel to find out:
    -How to successfully deploy a blockchain strategy for your organisation
    -Opportunities within the global enterprise software market
    -Real-world use cases
    -How to increase transparency, reduce costs, and develop a more holistic strategy

    David Bannister, Senior Analyst - Wholesale Banking, Aite Group
    Tom Poppe, Marketing R&D and Labs, DLT Product manager, SWIFT
    Maria Nymo, Senior Business Developer - New Business Models, DNB ASA
    Mirka Skrzypczak, Head of Working Capital & Trade Products - Non Personal Products, NatWest
  • Enterprise Blockchain: Practical Applications & Industry Trends Recorded: Sep 19 2019 59 mins
    Robin Smith (Gospel Technology) & Vikram Kimyani (Oracle)
    Since its inception, blockchain has quickly evolved to mean much more than just Bitcoin. More and more enterprises are looking to blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for solutions around data security, data privacy, encryption and compliance.

    We are living in an era of hypersensitivity where both employees and consumers are hyper-aware of where, when and how their data is being used. Because of regulations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and others, enterprises need to adopt a proactive instead of reactive approach to data management, security and compliance. Practical applications of blockchain in the enterprise have the ability to push organizations handling large amounts of 3rd party PII and sensitive data into the future, all while remaining safe, secure and compliant.

    Join this live panel discussion with Robin Smith, Presales Consultant at Gospel Technology, as we discuss key use cases and trends for Blockchain in the enterprise.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
    Join BrightTALK's BI & Big Data group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PJlPHm
  • How Blockchain and Digital Assets are set to change finance Recorded: Sep 19 2019 43 mins
    Jonny Fry, CEO, TeamBlockchain
    Join Jonny Fry, CEO of TeamBlockchain, where he will be discussing:

    - How does Blockchain work
    - What the potential impact is on Finance
    - Funds and the Future
    - The Asset Management battle
    - Drivers for adoption and how to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in Blockchain
  • That's not my tuna: blockchain applications in the real world Recorded: Sep 19 2019 36 mins
    Kate Baucherel, Digital strategist and COO City Web Consultants
    Behind the hype, there are enterprises across all sectors using blockchain effectively to meet business needs. Author Kate Baucherel presents case studies, success stories and cautionary tales from her forthcoming book Blockchain Hurricane (Business Expert Press, Spring 2020)

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Can Education on the Blockchain open MORE opportunities for emerging economies? Recorded: Sep 19 2019 61 mins
    Karnika Yashwant (KEY Difference Media), Mitch Rankin (English Forward Blockchain), Earl Flormata (Mind of a Markeer)
    Education is a highly valuable accommodation to both individuals and to society, especially to democratic societies. This makes questions about who has access to high-quality educational opportunities, and how educational opportunities should be distributed, particularly important.

    Karnika Yashwant, KEY Difference Media
    Mitch Rankin, English Forward Blockchain
    Earl Flormata, Marketing, Mind of a Marketer

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases in Production Recorded: Sep 19 2019 52 mins
    Vikram Kimyani, Cloud Solutions Architect and UK Blockchain Champion, Oracle
    Vikram Kimyani, UK Blockchain Champion at Oracle and contributor to the Commercializing Blockchain book published by Wiley, will take you on a journey through Oracle customer success stories.

    The focus of this session will use cases that are in production right now and we will do a deep dive of a couple of these use cases. We will run through examples in supply chain around provenance tracking and shipping. We will also cover an international payments system implemented in the Middle East. This session has been specially made for BrightTalk and will not be available anywhere else.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Ensure Successful Token Sale Amidst Rising Blockchain Enterprises in 2019 Recorded: Sep 19 2019 61 mins
    Karnika Yashwant, Chairman & Managing Director, KEY Difference Media
    Startups conducting Token Sales face increasingly stiff competition, especially from Enterprises moving into blockchain who are a way ahead in terms of resources. Which is why ICO/IEO/STO organizers must deploy effective marketing campaigns if they hope to attract token buyers in the fast-changing landscape.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Battling Cyber Threats: How to sleep at night knowing your data is safe Recorded: Sep 18 2019 39 mins
    Lou Senko, Chief Information Officer & SVP, Q2 Holdings, Inc.
    Great financial experiences are built on a foundational confidence and trust that an account holder’s data will be protected. Recent studies show that nearly 70% of account holders expect their financial institution to protect them from fraud and nearly half of executives and small business owners say human error caused a data breach in their organizations. With highly skilled cybercriminals working around the clock leveraging new, sophisticated tactics, consumer data has never been more vulnerable.

    In this webinar, Q2 CIO Lou Senko will explore a real-life example of how blockchain-based advancements in data management and protection can deliver detailed data intelligence and reporting while protecting critical data assets at rest.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
    Join BrightTALK's BI & Big Data group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PJlPHm
  • Blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency anti-money laundering Recorded: Sep 18 2019 51 mins
    John Jefferies, CMO, CipherTrace
    We will discuss blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency anti-money launderingthe. 20 top cryptocurrency exchanges globally that revealed that 97% of direct bitcoin payments from identifiable criminal sources were received by unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges. We will also discuss Use Cases in digital asset businesses, regulators and law enforcement on investigations, analytics and anti-money laundering. John also led blockchain initiatives at Samsung Innovation Center.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Blockchain and biometrics: The perfect couple for identity management Recorded: Sep 18 2019 56 mins
    Armin Ebrahimi - CEO and Founder of ShoCard
    A discussion on improving the identity management and sharing protocols of today, which are currently fraught with vulnerabilities that turn them into lucrative honeypots for malicious actors – consider the recent breaches of Equifax, Facebook, etc.

    Ebrahimi will explain how the use of new technologies (blockchain, zero-knowledge cryptography) can be used to lay the foundations for a revolutionary new identity ecosystem, and assess the impact it will have on legacy sectors.

    As fintech rapidly iterates over a traditionally conservative banking industry, it’s important that identity, which is heavily linked to this (consider KYC/AML, signing up for services, etc.), evolves in tandem. It’s now possible to replace inefficient and unsafe practices with vastly more secure offerings that put end user privacy and security at their core.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • What is tokenization in Blockchain Recorded: Sep 17 2019 63 mins
    Ulf Mattsson, Head of Innovation, TokenEx
    Tokenization on Blockchain is a steady trend of 2018. It seems that everything is being tokenized on Blockchain from paintings, diamonds and company stocks to real estate. Thus, we took an asset, tokenized it and created its digital representation that lives on Blockchain. Blockchain guarantees that the ownership information is immutable.

    Unfortunately, some problems need to be solved before we can successfully tokenize real-world assets on Blockchain. Main problem stems from the fact that so far, no country has a solid regulation for cryptocurrency. For example, what happens if a company that handles tokenization sells the property? They have no legal rights on the property and thus are not protected by the law. Another problem is that this system brings us back some sort of centralization. The whole idea of Blockchain and especially smart contracts is to create a distrustful environment.

    Tokenization is a method that converts a digital value into a digital token. Tokenization can be used as a method that converts rights to an asset into a digital token. The tokenization system can be implemented local to the data that is tokenized or offloaded to cloud. Tokenization in cloud can provide a lower total cost of ownership by sharing resources implementation and administration. A high level of security can be achieved by separating the tokenization system into a container that can be run on-prem or isolated in a remote private cloud.

    This session will discuss tokenization, blockchain and tokenization in blockchain. In this session I will describe what it means to tokenize an asset on Blockchain and how it applies to physical assets.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Why Smart Cities Must Embrace Decentralization: The Case for Blockchain Cities Recorded: Sep 17 2019 60 mins
    David Lee Kuo Chuen, Co-Founder, BlockAsset Ventures & LeftCoast ** Boyd Cohen, Co-Founder, IoMob Tech
    The concept of smart cities has evolved greatly in the past decade. One common trend we have noticed is the growing appreciate for active citizen engagement and contribution towards smarter, more efficient and happier cities.

    At the same time there are competing models for the role of technology in society: proprietary, venture capital-backed and frequently extractive (Web 2.0) versus open, co-creative and decentralized (Web 3.0).

    In this webinar, blockchain professors and entrepreneurs, David Lee and Boyd Cohen will explore the myriad of reasons why a blockchain approach to the evolution of cities is the superior choice for improving quality of life, ensuring resilience and for enabling urban innovation.

    David LEE Kuo Chuen: BlockAsset Ventures and LeftCoast co-founder
    Boyd Cohen: Dean of Research at EADA Business School and CEO, Co-founder of IoMob

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
    Join BrightTALK's BI and Big Data group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2PJlPHm
  • What if Blockchain Based Private Digital Money becomes part of global supply? Recorded: Sep 17 2019 39 mins
    Lasse Meholm, CEO, Finansit
    Central banks work on CBDC (Central bank Digital Currencies), Commercial banks like JP Morgan work on commercial digital currencies and tech companies like Facebook have projects like Libra. What might happen next few years?

    Join this webinar to learn what might happen if these new money becomes a significant part of global money supply.

    Join BrightTALK's FinTech Insights group on LinkedIn!
    - http://bit.ly/2PLQXG3
  • Myths , Facts and Challenges Facing Blockchain Recorded: Aug 24 2019 54 mins
    Ahmed Banafa, IoT-Blockchain-AI Expert & Professor, San Jose State University
    In this webinar Prof. Banafa will discuss Myths, Facts and Challenges facing Blockchain Technology, he will explain Libra the new cryptocurrency of Facebook , list the 7 mistakes to avoid in Blockchain projects , he will explore the job market for blockchain technology , the webinar will cover applications of blockchain technology too.
  • Understanding the Libra Ecosystem Recorded: Aug 22 2019 60 mins
    David Siegel
    In this one-hour presentation, I will give a nontechnical overview of the Libra proposal by Facebook, followed by Q&A.
  • How Blockchain and Digital Assets are being used commercially Recorded: Jun 27 2019 49 mins
    Jonny Fry, CEO, TeamBlockchain Ltd
    Join Jonny Fry, CEO of TeamBlockchain as he reviews how, where, and why Blockchain technology and or Digital Assets are being used by different companies in various jurisdictions.

    Looking at why adoption of the technology and this New Asset class is being driven "Top Down" - compliance departments, multinational corporations and governments and less reliance "Bottom Up" - small start up looking to raise capital as society increasingly becomes more digital.
  • Self-sovereign identity powered by Blockchain Recorded: Jun 25 2019 33 mins
    Ravikant Agrawal
    Existing identity management models are showcasing growing concerns to the emerging online identity management. Self-sovereign identity (SSI) powered by decentralized network could provide solution to many of such concerns. SSI provide control in the hand of the user to manage identity and decentralize the trust.
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  • Title: A Beginners Guide to Developing Blockchain Applications
  • Live at: May 11 2018 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Febin John James, CTO at Boutline and author of "Cloud Is a Piece of Cake, Fight The Blue Whale"
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