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Introduction to Cryptoeconomics

Economics is the study of resource production and distribution via individual optimization and strategic interaction. Nowhere is this body of knowledge more important than in the development of distributed systems in which a large number of individuals must coordinate their actions to create joint value.

In this session, Dr. Cathy Barrera, co-founder and chief economist at Prysm Group, will discuss the three levels of analysis at which economics can be applied to blockchain technology--the ecosystem level, the protocol level, and the app level——and present lessons development teams should learn from each.
Recorded Jun 11 2018 60 mins
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Presented by
Dr. Cathy Barrera, Co-Founder and Chief Economist Prysm Group
Presentation preview: Introduction to Cryptoeconomics

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  • The Problem With Online Reputation (And Other Online Identity Proxies) Dec 3 2019 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Arwen Smit, Author Identity Reboot
    The design of the internet came with a fundamental flaw. A flaw that hunts it to this day. The internet was never built with an identity layer. A great part of the chaos we find ourselves in today is related to a multitude of players with wide-ranging agendas trying to fill this gap. This gap led us to a strange place to be. There is no unified you, online or offline. Arwen Smit is the author of Identity Reboot, available November 2019. Find out more at www.arwensmit.com.
  • Why A.I. Shouldn't Be Centralised (Data Hoarding ≠ A.I.) Sep 26 2019 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Arwen Smit, Author Identity Reboot
    In the age of algorithms, A.I.-driven multinationals and an interconnected, global population, our personal identity is more important than ever. One of the symptoms of our data-driven society is the centralisation of A.I. The hoarding of data by the tech giants and the centralisation of A.I. go hand-in-hand, with far-reaching consequences. This talk challenges that notion: Maybe the future of AI shouldn't be centralised. Arwen Smit is the author of Identity Reboot, available November 2019. Find out more at www.arwensmit.com.
  • Trust in Math, Not Humans: Privacy Technology in Crypto” Aug 6 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This expert panel include RICARDO G. DIAZ, Julie Goggin, Ulf Mattsson and other experts
    Trust in Math, Not Humans : Privacy Technology In Crypto

    The blockchain revolution of the past 10 years has seen the biggest surge in open source projects with 90K+ Github repositories dedicated to blockchain (DLT) projects. This massive paradigm shift to decentralized computing has also advanced the field of cryptography with exciting new math that will deliver on the promise of privacy like never before.

    With over 20 years enterprise software and cyber security expertise, Ricardo Diaz, today is the founder of Blockchain CLT, a blockchain consultancy. He will discuss the future and evolution of trust with innovative privacy technologies powering blockchain projects today and in the future.
  • The Invisible Hand (How Algorithms Shape Our Reality) Jul 23 2019 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Arwen Smit, Author Identity Reboot
    In the age of algorithms, A.I.-driven multinationals and an interconnected, global population, our personal identity is more important than ever. With the rise of the internet, our online and offline worlds started to merge, and what identity is and isn’t has become less defined and more complex. In this timely talk, Arwen Smit explains why identity is the most valuable thing you own, standing at the core of your every online and offline interaction. Driving home that when algorithms shape our reality, we humans become the input and output of algorithms. Arwen Smit is the author of Identity Reboot, available November 2019. Find out more at www.arwensmit.com.
  • Visualizing a Digital Revolution of the 21st Century Jul 10 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eric Paul McNeil, Sr., Tableau Architect and Cyber-Security/Blockchain Researcher
    The goal of this brief is to quickly introduce Blockchain analytic dashboard usages. It could be said that the average person has no idea what Crypto-Currency is nor, can they explain how the technology works. Some would agree more people are now beginning to comprehend crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are simply some type of electronic investment instrument as in the American dollar.

    However, most individuals in the general population still don’t grasp the potential value of blockchain platforms. Nevertheless, a lot of technologists, researchers and professionals understand distributed ledgers are used to process and store user data associated with various types of transactions within blockchains.

    Herein, we will crack open the cyber wallet/vault using a software platform to briefly demo three user dashboard scenarios which will illustrate Blockchain use case value: Asset Auditor; Purchase Tracker; Anomaly Reporter
  • Blockchain zero knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption Jun 12 2019 4:45 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sal Ceravolo
    We will discuss our views on homomorphic encryption for voice, and blockchain and "Blockchain zero knowledge proofs." We will cover use cases for Homomorphic encryption (HE) that is applicable in secure voice conferencing for untrusted environments such as cloud applications. The thinking is that not having a central decryption point, cyber based cached attacks such as TLBleed would not be able to have any effect. This can secure voice in tactical environments. We define tactical as any environment that has limited computing resources, rapidly changing mission requirements, limited connectivity, and high stress. Such environments are typically tactical military deployments, public safety, or government field offices.
  • The Blockchain Wave in 2019 and Beyond Jun 11 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Prof. Ahmed Banafa , College of Engineering at San Jose State University| IoT-Blockchain-AI Expert
    We’re still in the early days of Blockchain as a technology, and so we’re yet to see the full impact that it will have on the world that we live in. Still, it’s already showing potential across a range of industries and started to enter the public consciousness, so the real question is what will happen when Blockchain technology starts to mature.

    Right now, speculating on the future of Blockchain is like trying to predict the future of the World Wide Web in 1990. It’s just too early to say for sure, but we can at least be reasonably certain that it’s going to continue to grow as more and more uses cases are found for the exciting new technology.

    Blockchain will face many changes and obstacles but still provides many promising applications; this webinar discusses both challenges and applications of Blockchain technology in 2019 and beyond.
  • Smart agreements on Blockchain - Create Blockchain powered Smart agreements Jun 5 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ajay Jasti, Founder of kontrakt.co, New York
    We will discuss Smart agreements on Blockchain and how to create Blockchain powered Smart agreements. It is time for intelligent and self-aware contracts. Create, execute and maintain legal contracts that can be highly customized and automated with a platform powered by Blockchain, Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence. This can ensure secure authentication, minimize fraud and provide complete control of your identity and ensure your privacy.
  • Digital Transformation: Trends in Banking and Payments Jun 5 2019 8:30 am UTC 75 mins
    Leda Glyptis, 11:FS | Jane Loginova, BPC, Megan Caywood, Barclays
    What does the bank of the future look like? What are the opportunities and challenges that technology brings to the payments ecosystem?

    Join this panel where the speakers will discuss:

    -How can data make banking more effective for the modern-day consumer?
    -What are the latest trends in new payments platforms and models?
    -How are different industries like eCommerce, retail, and insurance affected?
    -What are the effects of GDPR and Open Banking?
    -What does connected financial services look like?
    -The security pitfalls that financial institutions need to look out for

    Panel moderated by: Leda Glyptis, Chief of Staff at 11:FS
    Jane Loginova, Global Commercial Officer, BPC
    Further panelists to be announced
  • Blockchain and Risk May 15 2019 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The Head of Product Development and Research for the Blockchain Academy
    This webinar will discuss:
    - Working on the edge of blockchain technology product development.
    - FinTech and original financial products for fiduciary services
    - Blockchain Research at the Blockchain Academy
    - Blockchain and Risk - exploring risk management, frameworks, and distributed ledger technology
  • Last week in blockchain #54 Recorded: Apr 19 2019 7 mins
    Wim Pelgrim
    Listen to Last week in blockchain for week 15 of 2019 dedicated to the Odyssey Hackathon last weekend. I'll be talking about 4 of the 20 solutions build there. Sources:

    The winners:

    The tracks:

    The solutions:

    The ethical deep dives:
  • Last week in blockchain #54 Recorded: Apr 18 2019 7 mins
    Wim Pelgrim
    Listen to Last week in blockchain for week 15 of 2019 dedicated to the Odyssey Hackathon last weekend. I'll be talking about 4 of the 20 solutions build there.
  • Panel Discussion: 3 Game-Changing Innovation Models in Financial Services Today Recorded: Apr 4 2019 61 mins
    Pat Patel, Money20/20 | Dr Leda Glyptis, 11:FS | Drew Graham, Fintech Strategy | Megan Caywood, Barclays
    Innovation has quickly become an overused and distorted word. At Money20/20 Europe expect to cut through the hype, explore what measurements we can use to benchmark innovation and get to the heart of sustainable and commercial step change. A key question which has moved back up the C-Level agenda of established; banks, tech companies and payments companies is:

    "How can incumbents deliver meaningful game-changing innovation?"

    There are three options available for incumbents, and at Money20/20 Europe we’ll be developing deeper into each one:

    1. Can organisations transform their cultures to execute true innovation internally within their organisations? (cultural transformation)

    2. Perhaps tech transformation is the way forward, partnering or acquisitions to do so?

    3. Or do they need to achieve business model transformation by building something entirely new outside of the organisation?

    These options are being heavily debated in boardrooms throughout Europe, with a number of high profile banks recently announcing plans to build brand new subsidiaries. Some of the traditional banks, payments and tech companies are pursuing a few or all of the options while others are sitting on the fence. Which is most effective and why? What are the dynamics at play that determine success for different types of companies? Hear from the leading companies in our industry as they share their incisive insight on the successes but also the failures and the lessons learned.

    Dr Leda Glyptis, Chief of Staff, 11:FS
    Drew Graham, Fintech Strategy
    Megan Caywood, Managing Director, Global Head of Digital Strategy, Barclays

    Hosted by Pat Patel, Global Content Director, Money20/20
  • Blockchain or Bust? The Pros and Cons of using Blockchain in Financial Services Recorded: Mar 12 2019 61 mins
    Diana Kelley, Ed Moyle, Pete Lindstrom, Eric Parizo, Dan Blum
    Judging from the headlines, any financial institution that isn't building out a
    blockchain strategy is potentially missing the next big digital gold rush.
    Blockchain is touted as an immutable ledger system that will revolutionize
    financial services and provide the platform for the future of currencies and

    Is blockchain really as safe as advertised? Is Proof of Work
    more secure than Proof of Stake? What are the potential downsides or attacks
    against it? And, perhaps most importantly, will it scale? Join a panel of experts
    who will discuss these questions and more for this engaging panel.

    Pete Lindstrom (IDC)

    Diana Kelley (Microsoft)
    Ed Moyle (Prelude Institute)
    Eric Parizo (Global Data Technology)
    Dan Blum (Security Architects Partners)
  • Blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency anti-money laundering Recorded: Mar 8 2019 52 mins
    John Jefferies
    We will discuss blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency anti-money launderingthe. 20 top cryptocurrency exchanges globally that revealed that 97% of direct bitcoin payments from identifiable criminal sources were received by unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges. We will also discuss Use Cases in digital asset businesses, regulators and law enforcement on investigations, analytics and anti-money laundering. John also led blockchain initiatives at Samsung Innovation Center.
  • Blockchain Solutions and Post-Quantum Cryptography Recorded: Feb 27 2019 55 mins
    Dr. Rachid El Bansarkhani CEO of QuantiCor
    We will discuss solutions for Blockchain Solutions and Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Challenges of Key Management in Blockchain Recorded: Feb 12 2019 33 mins
    Ulf Mattsson and Tasso Mangafas, VP North America Presales Unbound Tech
    We will present the challenges of Key Management in Blockchain and discuss cybersecurity, Cryptography, Strong Authentication, Multi-Party Computation and Blockchain.
  • How to Keep Real Life Artificial Intelligence Fit Recorded: Feb 12 2019 32 mins
    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology, 6point6
    AI, machine and deep learning are making strides in organisations. However, the results of the projects will start to lose their effectiveness as the business environment evolves over time. In order to keep the AI fit and effective you need to rapidly evolve into Model Operations or ModelOps.

    This talk will cover how ModelOps will keep AI fit and consistently deliver business value by:
    - Keeping an eye on model performance
    - Capturing and retraining models whilst constantly engineering features
    - Providing model explainability so all stakeholders can interpret the results
    - Generating the decision vault to capture the inputs, model and outputs
    - Confirming the decision by enabling parallel consideration

    Rather than provide you real world examples of AI in action we will give you a peak behind the machine of how you keep AI working in the real world.

    About the speaker:
    Gary Richardson, MD, Emerging Technology

    Gary is the Managing Director for Emerging Technology at 6point6. With over 17 years’ of consulting experience, Gary leads a team of data scientists and data engineers in the agile development of Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning solutions. The focus of the team is bringing a collaborative approach to analytics, underpinned by machine learning and data engineering. He believes mainstream business adoption of AI solutions are the key to accelerating innovation enabling businesses to compete, reduce cost and ensure compliance.

    Prior to joining 6point6, Gary was the Head of Data Engineering at KPMG focussing on blockchain and bringing sound data engineering to the world of AI.
  • Blockchain interoperability and co-opetition Recorded: Feb 6 2019 63 mins
    Cindy Mallory, Emergent Tech Strategist, Blockchain Co-chair
    This webinar will discuss Blockchain interoperability and co-opetition
  • How blockchain will drive the automotive sector forwards Recorded: Feb 5 2019 36 mins
    Arwen Smit, Co-founder & CMO at DOVU
    Blockchain is all over the news nowadays, but what does it mean to the automotive industry?

    Understanding Blockchain technology: zooming out to observe structural challenges in the automotive industry

    How could blockchain address these challenges?
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  • Title: Introduction to Cryptoeconomics
  • Live at: Jun 11 2018 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dr. Cathy Barrera, Co-Founder and Chief Economist Prysm Group
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