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Browser Isolation: The Safe and Disposable 'Browser Sandbox'

Threat actors are using more and more sophisticated techniques and tools to compromise organisations' assets.

They are leveraging social engineering, phishing and other methods which are becoming more and more complex to detect.

It is possible to allow employees access to the internet without worrying about their safety or putting your network at risk. With browser isolation, companies can be assured that destructive viruses and malware will not enter the network through compromised web-pages.

Remote browser isolation enables safe access to web content by separating a user from the actual web application. By creating an “air gap” between the user and potentially risky web content, organisations can confidently stop attacks from advanced threats and protect sensitive data as well as employees.

During this session, our experts will present use cases and a demo.
Live online Jun 16 1:00 pm UTC
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Presented by
Dan Hume - Sales Engineer, Zscaler

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  • Browser Isolation: The Safe and Disposable 'Browser Sandbox' Jun 16 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Dan Hume - Sales Engineer, Zscaler
    Threat actors are using more and more sophisticated techniques and tools to compromise organisations' assets.

    They are leveraging social engineering, phishing and other methods which are becoming more and more complex to detect.

    It is possible to allow employees access to the internet without worrying about their safety or putting your network at risk. With browser isolation, companies can be assured that destructive viruses and malware will not enter the network through compromised web-pages.

    Remote browser isolation enables safe access to web content by separating a user from the actual web application. By creating an “air gap” between the user and potentially risky web content, organisations can confidently stop attacks from advanced threats and protect sensitive data as well as employees.

    During this session, our experts will present use cases and a demo.
  • The Importance of IT in Merger/Acquisition Strategies Jun 2 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ivan Rogissart - Sr. Manager, Sales Engineering, Zscaler
    Mergers and acquisitions create a lot of business challenges, but this webinar will show you how to position the IT department as a strategic business partner during the integrations.

    As more businesses adopt Digital Transformation strategies, M&A synergies are more and more related to IT. According to McKinsey, IT could represent up to 60% of the total M&A synergies (including direct IT ones and IT-enabled ones).

    Cloud Applications (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) are often perceived as a way to accelerate the IT integration. Adopting a Secure Access Service Edge architecture will also add a lot of flexibility and agility to match the "100 Day" milestone.

    In this webinar, we will explain how SASE solutions can help enterprises execute their M&A strategy in a more secure, reliable and faster way.
  • 4 Steps to a Successful Office 365 Deployment May 19 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Luc Van Deuren - Solutions Architect
    Office 365 is one the largest collaboration tools used by enterprises. While these applications have moved to the cloud, it has a significant impact on network architecture. The geometry of the network has changed.

    As Office 365 continues to extend its suite of offerings, during this session, we'll share best practices and key learning from the trenches, so you can make best use of Office 365 for your enterprise.
  • How to Get Contractors Connected... Quickly and Securely Apr 28 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Danny Phillips - Senior Manager of Systems Engineering, Zscaler | Romain Chicot - Security Architect, Kering
    In an extended enterprise, partner and 3rd party access is becoming more and more critical to the success of key projects. Providing network access to non-employee users requires agility and enhanced security.
    During this session, our experts will demonstrate Zero Trust Network Access models and how to implement this architecture in the real world.

    -Keeping your third-party users secure, no matter where they are or how they are connected
    -How you can transform your network from open access to a secure, policy-driven framework
    -How to gain visibility of application access in a multi-cloud environment
    -Hide internal services from potentially malicious internet users

    We'll be featuring a case study from Kering.
  • How to Fight What You Can't See: Advanced Threats in Internet Browsing Apr 7 2020 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Yogi Chandiramani - Zscaler | Lidor Pergament - Zscaler | Yohann Royer - Schneider Electric
    Threat actors are sneaking malicious content into encrypted traffic, making it difficult for enterprises to detect and prevent against threats.

    During this session, our experts will demonstrate on how to inspect encrypted traffic at scale and ensure best practice from a business and legal standpoint.

    We'll be featuring a case study from Schneider Electric.
  • Bedrijfscontinuïteit? 4 uitdagingen voor effectief en veilig thuiswerken Apr 2 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Joost Hage, Solutions Architect at Zscaler
    Thuiswerken is niet nieuw, vele organisaties doen dit al jaren. De schaal waarop
    thuiswerken plaatsvindt is door de recente ontwikkelingen echter wel sterk toegenomen. Dit brengt nieuwe uitdagingen met zich mee. Hoe stel je werknemers in een organisatie in staat thuis te werken zonder productiviteit te verliezen of de organisatie bloot te stellen aan onnodig risico? Neem deel aan ons webinar op 2 april om hier meer over te leren.

    Werknemers kiezen de makkelijkste manier om hun dagelijks werk te doen Ze willen hun computer of mobiele apparaat aanzetten en direct aan de slag gaan. Cloud-applicaties, zoals SalesForce en Office 365, worden het best rechtstreeks benaderd terwijl applicaties op het interne netwerk via een VPN worden ontsloten.

    Maar hoe bescherm je gebruikers als ze niet meer door het interne netwerk beschermd worden? Hoe voorkom je dat thuiswerkers toegang krijgen tot het complete interne netwerk als ze slechts enkele applicaties hoeven te benaderen? En hoe zorg je ervoor dat applicaties in Azure of AWS direct gebruikt kunnen worden zonder gebruikers eerst via een VPN te verbinden, maar ook zonder deze applicaties rechtstreeks op het Internet aan te sluiten?

    Tijdens dit webinar zal Joost Hage, Solutions Architect bij Zscaler, dieper ingaan op vier uitdagingen van organisaties op het gebied van thuiswerken. We behandelen onder andere:
    - Hoe werknemers toegang krijgen tot iedere bedrijfsapplicatie, zowel SaaS, cloud alsook apps op het interne netwerk.
    - Hoe werknemers in staat worden gesteld om vanaf iedere locatie of apparaat te werken
    - Hoe een goede gebruikerservaring gegarandeerd kan worden.
    - Hoe de ‘attack surface’ kan worden geminimaliseerd.

    Wil jij weten hoe jouw werknemers effectief en veilig kunnen thuiswerken? Schrijf je dan nu in voor dit webinar.
  • 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Multi-Cloud Strategy Recorded: Mar 17 2020 37 mins
    Wolfgang Hustaedt, Solutions Architect, Zscaler
    Using more than one cloud provider is becoming the norm for enterprise architectures.

    But how will you provide unified access to them in a secure and reliable way?

    Learn how you can avoid the 3 common pitfalls of setting up a multi-cloud architecture. Furthermore, we will discuss ways you can provide access to multiple cloud environments, as well as the services in your own data center.
  • Cloud Application Security Recorded: Mar 11 2020 50 mins
    Nathan Howe, Director, Transformation Strategy, Zscaler
    Protecting your resources is never a simple topic. This becomes even more of a challenge when the resources are hosted outside of your typical controls.

    Applying the correct security for your assets needs to be seen in terms of:
    Who should be allowed access?
    What should they be accessing?

    Join Nathan Howe to discuss the depths of protecting your assets within the cloud.
  • 2020 Security Technology for the Multi-Cloud Recorded: Mar 9 2020 56 mins
    Jeremy Snyder, DivvyCloud | Chris Romano, Mandiant | Sol Cates, Thales | Nathan Howe, Zscaler | Chris DeRamus, DivvyCloud
    Multi-cloud adoption is on the rise, but the challenge of securing organizations against cyber attacks remains.

    Discover the cost of data breaches in 2020, as well as the technologies CISOs are using for keeping track of their assets, assessing and managing cyber risk and mitigating threats against the enterprise.

    Join this Q&A panel of experts as they discuss:
    - CISO priorities in a multi-cloud environment
    - Biggest threats to the enterprise
    - How to assess and mitigate cyber risk
    - Technologies powering security
    - Best practices and recommendations for a more secure organization

    Jeremy Snyder, VP of Business Development & Corporate Development, DivvyCloud (moderator)
    Christopher Romano, Senior Consultant, Mandiant
    Sol Cates, VP of Technical Strategy, Thales
    Nathan Howe, Director of Transformation Strategy, ZScaler
  • Security Across Clouds Recorded: Mar 9 2020 51 mins
    Nathan Howe, Director, Transformation Strategy, ZScaler
    Traditional network security made sense when all your applications were hosted in the data center and users were all on the network. But with apps moving to the cloud, and users increasingly mobile, the stacks of appliances sitting in the data center are increasingly irrelevant. This model forces all traffic through the centralised data center for security and access controls—a complex configuration that results in a terrible user experience.

    The modern, mobile world has seen Cloud become an enabler for many wonderful new ways of working. We have seen a huge shift in the majority of the IT industry but the security methods have struggled to keep up.

    So, let's talk about how we can securely access the internet and private applications through a cloud architecture.
  • 3 Key Initiatives to Secure Your Remote Users in the Modern World Recorded: Mar 5 2020 36 mins
    Thomas Quinlan, Director of Solution Architecture, EMEA, Zscaler
    As users leave offices, and applications leave the data centre, the internet is becoming the new corporate network. Learn how you can utilise Gartner's SASE architecture to protect your users' access to the Internet and SaaS applications, wherever they may be - even when they're roaming.
    Learn how to take advantage of traffic forwarding (directly or with SDWAN) from fixed locations, how to enable roaming users to be secure and how to apply a consistent policy across the enterprise that follows each user.

    Zscaler provides Security as a Service to thousands of organisations worldwide, enabling them to leverage the latest in security technology, protecting users when accessing both the internet and their private applications.
  • Office365 è meglio se accedi in modo sicuro e con performance ottimizzate Recorded: Nov 13 2019 34 mins
    Marco Catino
    Sempre più aziende stanno adottando Office 365 per ridurre la complessità e migliorare la produttività e la possibilità di collaborazione da parte dei dipendenti. Ciò nonostante, secondo un recente sondaggio, il 63% degli intervistati ha affermato che l'utilizzo di Office 365 è impattato negativamente da problemi di network performance.

    Non c'è dubbio che la migrazione a Office 365 comporta un impatto significativo sulla rete e sulla sicurezza:

    - La banda a disposizione è sufficiente?

    - L'esperienza utente sarà all'altezza delle aspettative?

    - Microsoft suggerisce un approccio Direct-To-Internet per l'accesso a Office 365. Che impatto può avere un'architettura Hub-and-Spoke?

    - É garantita la sicurezza di tutti i device (Laptop personali e aziendali, tablet, smartphone, etc)?

    - L'IT ha una visibilità globale sull'utilizzo di Office 365?

    Unisciti a noi per questo webinar di 60 minuti per esplorare i punti fondamentali da considerare prima di un deployment di Office 365, approfondire le best practice raccomandate da Microsoft e scoprire il nostro approccio per aiutarvi a vincere queste sfide.
  • Optimizar y Securizar el despliegue de O365 con la plataforma Cloud de Zscaler Recorded: Nov 5 2019 44 mins
    Axel Pérez
    5 de Noviembre - 11:00

    Empresas migran hacia Office 365 para reducir la complejidad de los SI y mejorar la productividad y la colaboración de sus usuarios. No obstante, un reciente estudio demostró que un 63% observan problemas con 0365 a causa de la arquitectura de red.

    Es cierto que el despliegue de Office 365 tiene impactos significativos sobre red y seguridad:

    - ¿Está bien dimensionado el ancho de banda?

    - ¿Va la experiencia de usuario corresponder a las expectativas?

    - ¿Van todos los usuarios y dispositivos a ser correctamente protegidos (portátil personal/corporativo, tablet, smartphone, etcétera)?

    - ¿Tiene la dirección de Sistemas de la Información visibilidad global sobre el uso de Office 365?

    Acompáñanos durante este webinar de 60 minutos, en el cual descubrirás los puntos clave que considerar antes de la migración, las mejores prácticas recomendadas por Microsoft, así como nuestra visión moderna en Zscaler para responder a esos desafíos.

    El webinar será presentado por Axel Pérez, CISSP, Sales Engineer Iberia
  • Why SDP Spells the End of Remote Access VPN Recorded: Sep 17 2019 60 mins
    Lisa Lorenzin, Director, Emerging Technology Solutions at Zscaler
    “Many enterprises will begin using SDP to deliver a more seamless user experience.” – Jon Oltsik, ESG Research.

    Employees are no longer tethered to the corporate network. Many can now work from anywhere and from any device. To enable this mobility, network teams must ensure that employees can connect to applications in a seamless and secure way. In today’s digital environment, that means decoupling application access from network access while doing away with the remote access VPN -- and creating a software-defined perimeter (SDP).

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss why Gartner recommends the SDP as the best alternative to VPN. Learn how:

    - Software-defined perimeter architectures deliver a better user experience
    - SDP’s are not vulnerable to abuse of trust like many legacy remote access solutions
    - Cloud-hosted SDP services spell the end of VPN inbound gateways (DDoS, RAS, VPN, LB)

    About the Speaker:
    Lisa has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of network and information security. She specializes in zero-trust networks, software-defined perimeter solutions, and creating seamless user experiences across cloud and mobile environments.
  • SD-WAN and Security - What You Really Need to Know Recorded: Sep 3 2019 57 mins
    Dhawal Sharma, Sr. Director of Product Management at Zscaler and Jen Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Zscaler
    Organisations are increasingly turning to local breakouts and using SD-WAN to reduce MPLS costs, simplify branch IT, increase agility, and deliver an improved user experience. But securing SaaS and internet-bound traffic for all users at all locations, without compromising on security, can present significant obstacles. If unaddressed, these challenges can undermine the intended benefits of your SD-WAN deployment and can potentially lead to deployment hurdles raised by your security team.

    Join this webinar, where Dhawal Sharma, Sr. Director of Product Management at Zscaler, and Jen Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Zscaler, will explore your SD-WAN security options and obstacles, and show how you can deliver secure SD-WAN and secure local internet breakouts across your enterprise. In this webinar, we will discuss:

    - Key factors driving the adoption of SD-WAN
    - Why security must change to support SD-WAN
    - The best approach to deliver secure SD-WAN and direct-to-internet connections
  • Three Secrets to SD-WAN Success Recorded: Aug 20 2019 39 mins
    Dan Shelton, Director Product Management at Zscaler
    Will 2019 be the year of SD-WAN?
    With more than 60% of branch traffic bound for the internet, organisations are turning to SD-WAN to provide intelligent routing and to directly, quickly, and securely connect branch users to the internet and the cloud applications they need to do their jobs.

    But, navigating the journey to secure SD-WAN can present challenges. How do you prepare for your SD-WAN deployment and ensure you can achieve your intended outcomes? Join this webinar to learn from a real-world example:

    - What is driving SD-WAN and the core issues impeding deployments
    - How to get the most out of your SD-WAN deployment
    - Why it is critical to address security before you begin your SD-WAN journey

    About the Speaker:
    Dan Shelton is an IT Executive and Change Agent with over 20 years experience in managing large multi-faceted global IT organisations. Prior to joining Zscaler, Dan served as the Senior Director for Global Networks & Telecom at Kelly Services where he led a large-scale, multi-phased Digital Transformation Program that leveraged several cloud-based infrastructure and security services to positively impact business operations across 900 locations in 22 countries.
  • Make SDP The Next Step In Your Cloud Transformation Recorded: Aug 5 2019 58 mins
    Dhawal Sharma, Sr. Director of Product Management
    Gartner recommends embracing a zero trust networking strategy, due to an increasing number of users connecting to private apps from outside the network as well as a rise in the number of apps they consume. This begins with an initial step of "zero trust," but trust must inevitably be established through contextual access for users. Software-defined perimeters (SDPs) help make zero trust networking possible. In this webinar, we’ll review enterprise use cases, and you’ll see how SDPs deliver zero trust networking by:

    - Decoupling application access from network access
    - Providing inside-out connectivity, never exposing ports to the internet or DDoS attacks
    - Delivering app segmentation via TLS-encrypted micro-connections to limit over- privileged access
    - Enabling secure access to multi-cloud environments, secure third-party access, and accelerate M&A timeframes—so you can EoL VPNs.

    About the Speaker:
    Dhawal Sharma has more than 10 years of hands-on Product Management experience in the field of Internet and Cloud Security, Networking, Data Path, IoT, NFV, DLP and Compliance, NPM and User Experience Monitoring.
  • Accélérer sa transformation vers le Cloud avec le Software Defined Perimeter Recorded: Jun 19 2019 53 mins
    Cyrille Larrieu
    Cloud et mobilité impactent grandement l’organisation des entreprises, avec à la fois des utilisateurs connectés à distance et des applications privées hébergées en dehors du réseau de sécurité traditionnel.

    Dès lors, de nombreux défis s’imposent aux experts IT : comment sécuriser ces connexions sur un réseau que l’on ne contrôle pas ?

    L’une des réponses à cette problématique repose sur le concept de « zero trust », où seule une politique d’autorisation propre à chaque utilisateur lui permet de se connecter à une application spécifique. Pour mettre en place ce type de réseau, une solution Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) est nécessaire.

    Durant ce webinaire, vous verrez comment notre solution Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) peut vous permettre d’adopter cette approche moderne et améliorer l’expérience de vos utilisateurs en :

    - Dissociant l’accès aux applications de l’accès au réseau
    - Mettant en place une politique de segmentation des applications pour améliorer la gestion des accès
    - Sécurisant l’accès aux environnements multi-cloud
    - Facilitant les interconnexions sécurisées indispensables lors de phases de fusion-acquisition
    - Définissant un nouveau framework pour permettre un échange de données sécurisé avec vos différents partenaires et prestataires de services

    Retrouvez notre expert ZPA Cyrille Larrieu pour ce webinaire de 45 minutes et découvrez comment, avec nos solutions cloud, vous débarrasser de vos VPN inefficaces et de vos appliances coûteuses.
  • Transformation digitale : Sécuriser l’expérience phygitale des visiteurs Recorded: May 28 2019 43 mins
    Mélissa Lafitte (Cloudi-Fi) & Ivan Rogissart (Zscaler)
    Plus qu’un accès rapide et sécurisé à Internet, offrez de la valeur à vos visiteurs grâce au partenariat innovant entre Cloudi-Fi et Zscaler.

    Zscaler et la pertinence du modèle pour le retail

    • Pertinence du modèle Cloud Security pour le vertical Retail

    • Evolution des infrastructures Retail vers Zero Trust pour les Shops/Stores

    • Présentation de l’écosystème Zscaler

    Cloudi-Fi et la phygitalisation des points de vente à travers le smartphone

    • Introduction au Phygital

    • Réinventer le WiFi pour offrir une expérience omnicanale réussie

    • Présentation de la technologie Cloudi-Fi

    Rejoignez-nous pour ce webinaire de 45 minutes, qui vous permettra de découvrir comment les solutions conjuguées de Zscaler et Cloudi-Fi peuvent vous aider à améliorer et sécuriser l’expérience phygitale de vos clients.

    Ce webinaire sera présenté par Mélissa Lafitte (Cloudi-Fi) et Ivan Rogissart (Zscaler)
  • Sécurisez votre transformation digitale avec Microsoft + Zscaler Recorded: Jan 30 2019 55 mins
    Ivan Rogissart (Zscaler) - Thibault Bougon (Microsoft)
    Offrez un accès rapide et sécurisé au Cloud avec le plus haut niveau d'intégration technologique de l’industrie : Microsoft + Zscaler.

    Zscaler pour Office 365
    Offrez une expérience utilisateur rapide et sécurisée à Office 365, comme le recommande Microsoft.

    Zscaler pour Microsoft Cloud App Security
    Découvrez et contrôlez les applications Cloud et le Shadow IT sur ou hors réseau.

    Zscaler pour Microsoft Azure
    Sécurisez l'accès à distance aux applications privées sur Microsoft Azure, sans avoir besoin de VPN.

    Rejoignez-nous pour ce webinaire de 45 min, qui vous permettra de découvrir tous les points importants du partenariat technologique Microsoft et Zscaler pour accélérer et sécuriser votre transformation vers le Cloud.

    Ce webinaire sera présenté par Bertrand Dequivre de Zscaler et Yann Duchenne de Microsoft
Revolutionising cloud security
Back in the day when your users were all on the network and your applications resided in your physical data center, it made sense to establish a secure perimeter around your network. But those days are over, the perimeter is gone, and network security is all but irrelevant.

Instead, you need to put your defenses and controls where the connections occur— the internet — so that every connection is fast and secure, no matter how or where users connect or where their applications reside.

By moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud and untethering employees from their desks, you can realize tremendous advantages in productivity, agility, and cost containment. With our 100% cloud built secure platform, Zscaler can help you make the move to the cloud, securely.

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  • Title: Browser Isolation: The Safe and Disposable 'Browser Sandbox'
  • Live at: Jun 16 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Dan Hume - Sales Engineer, Zscaler
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