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The Dangers of the Over Provisioned User and How to Identify Them

For many organisations, COVID-19 has prompted an unexpected and sudden migration to cloud and remote technologies. But the pandemic has accelerated everything both good and bad – leading to elevated risk for organisations trying to maintain business continuity amongst changing regulations and restrictions. While 80% of employees remotely working and organisations having to provision in a matter of days and weeks, organisation still need to manage and control access to their systems so as to avoid over provisioning and the dangers that this presents to companies. In this presentation SailPoint will discuss how Identity Security is the foundation to regaining control and managing the new way of working.
Recorded Mar 8 2021 19 mins
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Presented by
Ben Bulpett
Presentation preview: The Dangers of the Over Provisioned User and How to Identify Them

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  • Access Risk Management for SAP and Beyond Recorded: Jul 22 2021 58 mins
    Martin Kuppinger - KuppingerCole, Jody Paterson - ARM, Britta Simms - Accenture Security Services
    An enterprise-wide approach to Identity Governance for business applications.

    Organisations are increasingly under pressure to deliver security, identity, compliance, governance, and risk management for all types of business applications. This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that most organisations have a heterogeneous landscape of business applications both in terms of vendors and deployment models.

    Multiple security models, the trend of business leaders by-passing IT in acquiring cloud-based applications, regular cloud-based software updates, and changing regulations and standards all add to the complexity. It is therefore essential to adopt an Access Risk Management (ARM) strategy to enable a comprehensive enterprise-wide approach to Identity Governance.

    Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, will examine the way business application and workload delivery is changing, and discuss strategies for balancing depth of access control capabilities for certain environments with the need for a broad support of heterogeneous business applications and delivery models.

    Jody Paterson, Senior Director, ARM at SailPoint is an experienced GRC leader and co-founder of ERP Maestro will explain the business benefits of ARM and the value of a cloud-based approach. He will also look at some ARM case studies and provide a detailed overview of how SailPoint provides identity security and access controls for SAP and other business applications.

    Britta Simms, Managing Director at Accenture, leads Platform Security in Europe. She has extensive experience assisting SAP clients in achieving enterprise access risk governance.
  • Shift your identity security program into next gear! Recorded: May 18 2021 50 mins
    Hans-Robert Vermeulen, Identity Strategist EMEA, SailPoint
    Your governance program is up and running, but you are never done in terms of improving it. For many of us, Covid has fast-tracked our digital transformation programs. This has led to an increased speed at which we needed to adopt new technology, on-board new applications into both our company as well as into our governance program and an increased pressure on the governance team to make sure everything is automated as much as possible and all access is reviewed on a regular basis.

    Learn how SailPoint's SaaS-based AI technology helps people to move faster through their digital transformation program. Allows them to add all those new applications with confidence, update their existing role models to absorb all those changes in order to keep the ROI benefits of automation as high as possible. Learn how the AI technology will help you uncover where to focus next, what blind spots you may have in your governance program and how you can remedy those.

    SailPoint's SaaS-based AI technology will help you to move forward with confidence.
  • A People Centric Approach to Security Recorded: May 11 2021 57 mins
    Ben Bulpett SailPoint & Richard Davis Proofpoint
    With 94% of breaches starting with an email attack, it’s more important than ever to protect your users from targeted phishing and malware attacks. With SailPoint’s Identity Security platform and Proofpoint Nexus Threat Platform integration we can help to detect and stop advanced email threats, protect the people they target, and ensure access to targeted applications and data is automatically adjusted when risk is detected.

    Join us at our joint webinar where you will be able to learn how our integrated solution can:-

    - Stop advanced email threats before they reach your people
    - Reduce risk by automatically adjusting or revoking access
    - Protect workers’ email and access from targeted phishing and malware attacks
    - Help enforce and demonstrate compliance by ensuring the right access to your critical data and applications
  • An identity-centric approach for IT transformation in Public Sector Recorded: May 4 2021 15 mins
    Jason Corbishley, CISO, Police Digital Service and Kurt Frary, Deputy Director Norfolk County Council
    The challenge of driving IT transformation whilst remaining secure is something that all organisations within Public Sector are faced with today, particularly in a world where security perimeters no longer exist. Balancing the move to a zero trust model, whilst supporting this transformation and improving collaboration across Public Sector is something that an effective Identity Security approach can deliver.

    During this session you will hear how two SailPoint Public Sector customers are addressing these challenges by using Identity as an enabler and adopting a zero trust approach whilst paving the way for true IT transformation.
  • Surfing the Unpredictable. Inside the Cyber-mind of Investment Recorded: Apr 22 2021 57 mins
    Panel of presenters including Steve Bradford - Sr. Vice President, EMEA
    The effect of the pandemic, the stampede to remote working, and increased digital connectivity across the value-chain allows risks and vulnerabilities to go unmanaged and undetected. This leaves cyber criminals free to exploit potential threat opportunities and human vulnerabilities in management and operational systems.
    The financial impact of these threats increases by an order of magnitude when those systems are Asset Wealth Management systems.

    To properly combat these attacks requires a deeper understanding of the human psychologies that lie behind cyber security breaches and a greater strategic appreciation of the cyber solutions that might offset them.

    The Investment Association and the Engine invites you to explore cyber security within investment management.

    In the TechTalk we explore a number of topic areas:
    - Organised Crime, Rogue nations, corrupt competitors and insider threat
    - The issue of access vulnerabilities – and how to secure best practice one person at a time.
    - The human insights that sit behind the malevolent agents, their tools, strategies and approaches.
    - Protecting Assets: Client Portfolios, fund assets and shareholder registers
  • The Dangers of the Over Provisioned User and How to Identify Them Recorded: Mar 8 2021 19 mins
    Ben Bulpett
    For many organisations, COVID-19 has prompted an unexpected and sudden migration to cloud and remote technologies. But the pandemic has accelerated everything both good and bad – leading to elevated risk for organisations trying to maintain business continuity amongst changing regulations and restrictions. While 80% of employees remotely working and organisations having to provision in a matter of days and weeks, organisation still need to manage and control access to their systems so as to avoid over provisioning and the dangers that this presents to companies. In this presentation SailPoint will discuss how Identity Security is the foundation to regaining control and managing the new way of working.
  • Identity Security for the Cloud Enterprise Recorded: Mar 1 2021 2 mins
    You can’t do business without technology and you can’t securely access technology without identity security. In today’s era of “work from anywhere”, managing and governing access for every digital identity is critical to the protection of your business and the data that it runs on.

    Only SailPoint Identity Security can help you enable your business and manage the cyber risk associated with the explosion of technology access in the cloud enterprise – ensuring each worker has the right access to do their job – no more, no less.

    Gain unmatched visibility and intelligence while automating and accelerating the management of all user identities, entitlements, systems, data and cloud services.
  • Building a strong foundation: identity at the core of zero-trust Recorded: Feb 17 2021 37 mins
    Paul Trulove, Chief Identity Officer
    The disruption caused by COVID-19, along with the continued digital transformation in the enterprise, is raising the visibility of identity and access management to new levels. In fact, today’s digital business is wholly dependent on identity to make sure the right people and things have the right access at the right time. In this session, Paul Trulove, Chief Identity Officer at SailPoint, will discuss how identity is quickly becoming the new foundation for a zero-trust strategy. As the amount of access continues to increase exponentially, so does the challenge with governing it. Learn how putting identity first can result in a stronger, more secure zero-trust rollout in your enterprise.
  • Insider Threat Recorded: Jan 27 2021 26 mins
    Ben Bulpett
    2020, a year in which the world is turned upside down. Digitisation is therefore essential for many organisations. Now-a-days we work a lot from home, but we just want to be able to access all the information and manage crucial infrastructure remotely. To ensure that only the right person has access to the right information, you need to have a solid Identity & Access Management solution. Do you already have such a solution? Or how can you improve your Identity & Access Management?
    Robert Hanigan, Former Director GCHQ, The World’s Leading Cyber Security Agency
    Industry 4.0 is otherwise known as the fourth industrial revolution. It is another step change in reducing cost and speeding up delivery. Today, manufacturing organisations are already challenged to provision/control user access across ERP instances and production line systems for employees or third parties.

    Advanced digital technology is already used in manufacturing, but with Industry 4.0, it will transform production but will also provide more targets for cyber threat actors with the addition of cloud-based applications, RPA bots, and advancements in AI across networked robots and mobile robots. These changes in the enterprise also makes it more difficult to meet SOX access controls and other regulated access rules. Given that nearly all breaches involve a compromised credential, it is critical to have exacting controls over who gets access to what.

    This exclusive session with Robert Hannigan, will show that with the increased connectivity and use of standard communications protocols that come with Industry 4.0, the need to protect critical industrial systems and manufacturing lines from cybersecurity threats increases dramatically. As a result, secure, reliable communications as well as sophisticated identity and access management of machines and users are essential.
  • Security Best Practices in a Cloud Based Workforce Recorded: Jul 2 2020 16 mins
    Donovan Blaylock
    Old school security wisdom in an age of rapid digital transformation: IT and Access Security best practices are tried and true. We know how to eliminate the vast majority of threats that face a corporate enterprise. However because of the speed and complexities with digital transformation and cloud adoption these are often not easily adhered to. We will focus on one specific use case; Applying least privileged to your IaaS infrastructure. This will highlight why this is not being performed today and map out how to bring many best practices into your cloud strategy.

    Speaker Bio: Donovan Blaylock is the Emerging Technology Evangelist for SailPoint. SailPoint provides Identity and Access Governance globally for organizations looking to effectively manage user’s access to Infrastructure, Applications and Data throughout the enterprise. He has held several positions within the company previously ranging from engineering to sales and helped to found the Healthcare and Government Verticals for the company. Previous to SailPoint, he spent over 14 years in the US Defense and Federal government space working on some of the largest identity management systems worldwide. Donovan grew up in Washington, DC but now calls Austin, TX home. He spends a lot of his spare time involved in technology roundtables, startup social events, and enjoying the famous live music scene that the city is known for. All of his remaining time is spent with his two children, travelling the globe and taking on a new woodworking projects in his woodshop.
  • Data Privacy in 2020 and Beyond Recorded: Jun 17 2020 60 mins
    Mali Yared, Robert Razavi, Baber Amin, Lori Robinson & Elliot Dellys
    Is your organization aware of the main differences in data regulations around the world?

    Join this panel of industry leaders for an interactive Q&A roundtable to get a comprehensive look into the different data privacy and security requirements. The panel will also discuss what to expect in 2020 and beyond.

    Viewers will learn more about:
    - What's new on the data privacy and compliance landscape
    - Main differences between data regulations around the world and what this means for your organization
    - Expert recommendations regarding best tools and practices for achieving and maintaining compliance
    - The future of data privacy
    - What to expect in 2020 and beyond

    Mali Yared, Practice Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Coalfire (Moderator)
    Robert Razavi, Senior Security Architect CTO Office, IBM Canada
    Baber Amin, CTO West, Ping Identity
    Lori Robinson, Sr. Director, Product & Market Strategy, SailPoint
    Elliot Dellys, Director, Strategic Consulting, Trustwave
  • A Musical Journey To The True Power of Predictive Identity Recorded: Jun 16 2020 33 mins
    Mike Kiser : Strategist and Evangelist, Office of the CTO, SailPoint
    Great music does not spring out of nothingness. In the hands of a talented producer, trivial melodies become emotionally powerful works of art. Identity plays a similar role with the continuing adoption of cloud networks, weaving disjointed tasks into a coherent whole. We’ll learn from Sting and The Police as we explore how identity can help overcome security challenges within our organizations; just as they overcame obstacles to creating a musical masterpiece. We’ll map out how to use the same tactics to break through implementation barriers as we protect key resources and create new business opportunities.

    As we examine their musical process, we’ll see how to transform your identity program from isolated actions into a cohesive whole, using emerging technologies to build a new model for identity—one that can distill complex cloud environments into a simple and governable infrastructure. This not only improves current identity governance efforts, but also to see what will happen in the future: in short, we will take a musical journey that will show us the true power of predictive identity.

    Attendees will learn:
    (1) How identity can be used to gain visibility into multi-cloud environments and integrate these new arenas into a security strategy
    (2) How to utilize identity in the aggregate to identify areas of “normality” and how to triage potential outliers as threats
    (3) How to preemptively adapt to change by predicting future shifts in identity patterns
  • Tambellini Group Study: Security Gaps in Higher Education Uncovered Recorded: May 14 2019 63 mins
    Michigan State University and the Tambellini Research Group
    MSU’s CISO to Discuss the Effects of Underutilizing Identity

    Did you know higher education is the third most likely source of a data breach?

    What about that cybersecurity is the top concern for higher education IT professionals?

    Institutions must constantly balance safeguarding sensitive information while maintaining an open, collaborative culture for users accessing applications and files.
  • 3 Dozen Reasons Why Identity is Key to Aligning with NIST's CSF Recorded: Apr 23 2019 50 mins
    SailPoint Technologies
    How confident are you in your security and compliance programs?

    Falling short of complete compliance with the myriad of security and privacy regulations can result in significant consequences, and failing to implement the right security controls, in the right place, and in the right way, creates risk.

    To efficiently and effectively maintain compliance and manage risk, both government agencies and commercial enterprises are increasingly looking to NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework to provide the necessary guidance. One of the critical elements for aligning with NIST is the use of identity governance platforms to govern access to sensitive information.

    Find out how government agencies and commercial enterprises can apply this technology to streamline their compliance initiatives, while reducing the cost and effort associated with aligning to the NIST Framework.

    In this live webinar presentation, you can expect the following takeaways:
    - Better understand the NIST Cybersecurity Framework approach to security and compliance
    - Learn why aligning with NIST’s Framework increases operational efficiency and efficacy
    - Discover how identity addresses 3 dozen critical subcategories in the NIST Framework
  • 2019 Make-or-Break CIO Priority List Recorded: Apr 23 2019 43 mins
    SailPoint Technologies
    Being a CIO is not an easy responsibility. There are countless challenges to overcome, especially as organizations continue to adopt new technologies and evolve their business capabilities. In addition to the digital transformation many enterprises are now undergoing, and the new security threats they face on a daily basis, determining the most critical priorities as a CIO is a daunting task.

    No matter how you support your organization’s security and information system landscape, whether you’re a CIO or not, it’s important to know what will make-or-break the coming year.

    Tune into this webinar to hear from SailPoint's CIO, Kevin Hansel, to get his views on:
    - Why CIOs must continually adapt to keep up with today’s business environment
    - Why IT needs to innovate faster than ever
    - How partnering with the CISO leads to success
    - How identity can enhance your security and risk management posture
  • The 5 Myths of Identity Governance Recorded: Feb 6 2019 34 mins
    SailPoint Technologies
    Today, identity governance is consistently one of the top priorities of CIOs.

    A successful identity program can empower users while addressing the growing security and regulatory landscapes.

    Over the past 10 years, identity governance has guided organizations navigating the digital transformation. Yet, many enterprises are just beginning their identity journey, and confusion persists about what it is and is not.

    During this webinar, we will debunk 5 Identity Governance Myths, and learn the real truths behind them. And importantly, the value that identity governance can deliver to your organization.

    Tune into the webinar to:

    - Decipher what identity governance is and what it is not
    - Debunk 5 identity governance myths and discover the real truths behind them
    - Understand the value identity governance can deliver to your organization
  • Thinking about Security AND Compliance? Think Identity! Recorded: Feb 1 2019 56 mins
    SailPoint Technologies
    Here is your reality: Your business is growing. Your users are demanding new apps and technology daily. Data privacy and other regulations are intensifying. The risk of a data breach is ever present.

    What should be your focus today: Security, growth, or compliance?

    Maybe you do not have to choose.

    Identity governance bridges the gap between risk, compliance and productivity. This webinar will explain the fundamental role that identity plays in securing access to your most sensitive data, while ensuring your audits are a success and keeping your users productive with new applications. And if you think identity governance is too complex for you and your staff, think again!

    In the webinar you’ll learn:
    - Why identity is foundational to strong security
    - Ways to quickly simplify compliance efforts
    - How to greatly increase productivity throughout the business
  • The 2018 Identity Report – The Identity Industry’s First Benchmark Recorded: Jan 30 2019 32 mins
    SailPoint & Identropy
    Based on answers from hundreds of technology professionals just like you, SailPoint has created the industry’s first comprehensive benchmark report on the state of identity governance today. In this webinar, we’ll review the results from our in-depth analysis of hundreds of Identity Scores and the themes those scores have brought to light with regards to how well organizations are doing in their identity efforts.

    Watch this webinar as SailPoint and Identropy:
    - Discuss the benchmark report findings
    - Explain what organizations can do to improve their security strategies
    - Share insights and give best practices
  • The New Frontiers of Identity Recorded: Jan 1 2019 34 mins
    SailPoint Technologies
    Don’t Fear Digital Transformation. Embrace It With Identity Governance.

    Our world is always evolving, and organizations are racing to keep up. Digital transformation is only increasing the complexity enterprises are managing, and while it has opened new paths to success, it’s also created new frontiers for identity governance that must be addressed.

    All organizations – no matter their size or stage in their digital transformation – need to be able to secure access for all users across all applications and all data, especially as new frontiers of identity take shape, including:
    - Non-human identities
    - Cloud platforms and applications
    - Unstructured data stored in files

    Register today to learn how you can take a comprehensive approach to identity governance, including the new frontiers.
Rethink Identity
The leader in identity management, SailPoint helps the enterprise ensure that everyone and everything has the exact access they need, exactly when they need it, intuitively and automatically. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform is designed to securely accelerate the business while delivering adaptive security, continuous compliance and improved business efficiency.

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  • Title: The Dangers of the Over Provisioned User and How to Identify Them
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