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Discovering Dark Data & The Importance of Data Knowledge in Privacy

With the advent of data protection and privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA there’s a growing need for companies to know what data they collect, process, and share on their customers and employees.

However, traditional data discovery technologies – whether classification or cataloging – lack the coverage, detail, or context to effectively protect consumer data, minimize risk, or meet basic privacy requirements.

Join our live webinar with guest speaker Heidi Shey, Principal Analyst at Forrester, as we look at the problem of dark data in privacy and security, historical approaches for locating sensitive data, why those approaches failed in privacy, and how the privacy use cases are ushering in a new era of data knowledge and intelligence.

Join guest speaker Heidi Shey, Forrester Principal Analyst, Security and Risk, and Nimrod Vax, CPO, BigID as they explore these topics and more, including:

● What is Dark Data and Why It’s a Problem in Privacy and Security
● Traditional Approaches for Locating Data and Why They Fail
● How To Rethink Discovery of Dark Data for CCPA and GDPR
● How Privacy Enhances Data Knowledge and Intelligence
● The Benefit of Data Intelligence to Privacy, Security and Building Data Value
Recorded Oct 24 2019 48 mins
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Presented by
Nimrod Vax, CPO at BigID, featuring Heidi Shey, Principal Analyst at Forrester
Presentation preview: Discovering Dark Data & The Importance of Data Knowledge in Privacy

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  • AI in Fintech: Accelerating Profits & Competitiveness in Financial Services Recorded: Jan 13 2021 61 mins
    Elena Kozhemyakina, Fintech4Funds | David Shrier, Imperial College | Peggy Tsai, BigID | Dan Simon, Vested
    AI has become a disruptive technology that helps financial services companies reduce costs, increase profits, and stay competitive in the market. But it is not without complications; while it will help banks reduce risk, it will also increase the possibilities of unknown risks occurring. As AI automates routine work, it will dramatically impact the type of roles within financial services. It will decrease the time required to comply with regulations while increasing the number of rules with which organizations must comply. And it will personalize the customer experience in a new digital way but lose the human touch of the relationship-driven industry.

    Artificial intelligence provides a wealth of opportunities for firms to accelerate their profits and business - but is it worth the investment?

    Join this webinar to understand:
    - How financial services are using AI today
    - The immediate and long term benefits and risk
    - How AI can impact ROI and your profits

    This episode is part of the Driving Fintech Forward series on BrightTALK, with a special focus on AI in Fintech. We welcome viewer questions and participation.
  • Modernizing Data Governance: Data Discovery, Data Quality & Beyond Recorded: Oct 15 2020 154 mins
    Peggy Tsai, BigID. Mike Meriton, EDM Council. Afshin Lotfi, Ataccama. Surabhi Jain, Westpac. Mahesh Calval, TVS Motor Group
    Tune in to hear first hand from experts at EDM Council, Ataccama, Westpac, TVS Motors, & BigID on how to modernize your data governance practices with data discovery, data quality, & more.

    Panel Topics:
    -How to build a sustainable data governance program - one that you can launch quickly while ensuring long-term success; how to keep people in the organization motivated to use it; how to make sure your people are engaged in value-added activity
    -Developing data governance best practices with active consideration for personal data protection laws.
    -How to achieve regulatory compliance and protect customer data, ensuring that all data is detected and described using AI & Automation for data discovery and automated classification
    -Ensuring high quality of data in systems over time to support successful data governance
  • Taming the Wild West of Share Drives Recorded: Oct 14 2020 57 mins
    Will Murphy, BigID. Ryan McVeigh, Zia Consulting, Greg Wilson, ASG
    Collaboration has transformed the modern enterprise. However, the proliferation of collaboration platforms, combined with the sprawl of personal and sensitive data across these platforms and the advent of global privacy regulations has forced companies to fall back on centralization in order to secure this data. Unfortunately, this strategy neither ensures compliance and security nor enables collaboration. A new approach is needed.

    Will Murphy, Ryan McVeigh, and Greg Wilson will share their insights on how to pave the road to reducing privacy risk and automating compliance requirements for content and files, including:

    -How best to bring outlying documents and ‘dark data’ into your governance practice
    -Methods to extend information governance and data privacy to shared drives, SharePoint and O365
    -Best practices for automating migration, legal holds, redaction and disposition policies based on classification insights
    -How to leverage personal information knowledge for CCPA, GDPR data access and deletion rights fulfillment
  • Rising Above the Fray: Building a Privacy Office with Impact Recorded: Oct 9 2020 62 mins
    Heather Federman, VP of Privacy & Policy, BigID. Greg Pemberton, Global Privacy Officer, at Sony Interactive Entertainment
    The day-to-day reality of running a privacy office is a balancing act, and growing regulatory complexity, as well as enterprise concern about privacy risk, has amplified the demands on the privacy team’s expertise, guidance and resources. How can privacy offices avoid being submerged and build a sustainable, responsive, and agile privacy program? How can privacy teams take a proactive role in ensuring privacy protection, facilitate collaboration for the ethical use of data and ensure that the enterprise is taking the right steps to uphold their customer commitments?

    Join us for a conversation with Greg Pemberton, Global Privacy Officer, at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and BigID Vice President of Privacy & Policy Heather Federman on key considerations for the privacy office within a global enterprise and best practices to manage compliance and operationalize data protection policies. They’ll share practical advice on how to build a data protection program and build privacy-oriented behaviors within an organization’s culture.

    Join the discussion to learn more about:

    -Some of the main challenges and opportunities that the privacy team is facing today.
    -How business considerations and regulations can play a role in data-driven decisions and associated risks.
    -The pros and cons of “test and learn” pilots that companies perform.
    -Best practices on aligning privacy principles with the organization’s overall data strategy.
  • Automatisation de l'analyse des données sécurisées avec Privitar et BigID Recorded: Oct 1 2020 45 mins
    Sebastien Cognet, Privitar and Jean-Michel Kaçmann, BigID
    L'avènement de l'ère de la confidentialité des données amplifie les contraintes liées à la conformité et à la réglementation. Ce phénomène empêche à de nombreuses organisations de mettre en œuvre des stratégies de croissance et d'innovation fondées sur les données. La pression concurrentielle étant de plus en plus forte, pour mieux comprendre les attentes des clients et y répondre, il est nécessaire de s'appuyer sur les données des entreprises ainsi que celles des sources externes.

    Les réglementations relatives à la gouvernance et au respect de la vie privée ainsi que le risque inhérent aux données sensibles entraînent des pratiques de gestion des données lourdes qui bloquent les projets.

    L'automatisation des stratégies de réduction des risques liés à la protection des données peut permettre aux entreprises de tirer avantage de la flexibilité technique et financière des offres de services « cloud » comme Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google (GCP) ou Microsoft Azure pour accélérer l’innovation par les données.

    Rejoignez nous pour découvrir comment BigID et Privitar s'associent pour:

    - Rationaliser la découverte des données afin d'identifier toutes celles qui doivent être protégées
    - Appliquer à ces données à caractère personnelle un large éventail de règles pour assurer leur protection afin de minimiser les risques
    - Fournir aux applications d'analyse, des données dans le « Cloud » riches, sûres et pleinement exploitables.

    Grâce à ces nouvelles possibilités, les entreprises seront en mesure de d'accélérer leur initiative data-driven dans une économie toujours plus digitaler.
  • GDPR, Data Sharing and Data Privacy Controls in an AI World Recorded: Sep 30 2020 46 mins
    Peggy Tsai, BigID. Rick Hawkins, HSBC. Santiago Castro, FBN Bank (UK). Stephanie Opdam, Notion Capital
    Hear first hand from experts at BigID, HSBC, FBN Bank, and Notion on how GDPR has changed 2 years after implementation and why companies need to be more diligent in storing and managing their data.

    Additional Topics:
    -Two years on from GDPR implementation, has the reality reached up to the anxiety of what was expected?
    -How has GDPR changed how we think about storing and managing data?
    -What is the role of RegTech as a solution to enable GDPR?
    -What are the data protection concerns as a result of the adoption of AI and how can they be addressed?
  • Unlocking Unstructured: Leveraging Data Discovery Recorded: Sep 29 2020 38 mins
    Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions, BigID
    Whether you are building out an analytics program or maturing your data management process, the first step begins with finding and understanding the data that is available in your organization. The integrity of your data initiatives begins with knowing that you are using the right data. Learn how ML-based data discovery transforms data quality, compliance, and privacy initiatives - adding context, enhancing integrity, and enabling data management organizations to improve their data coverage. We will share use cases and customer success stories that benefited from leveraging an in-depth discovery tool to gain insights on their entire structured and unstructured data landscape.
  • Applying New ML Techniques to Uncover Duplicate & Derivative Data Recorded: Sep 15 2020 61 mins
    Roger Hale, CSO, BigID, Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    With data growing exponentially, data sources spread across many areas, including data and multiple clouds. This leads to difficulty in proactively reducing risk and protecting critical and sensitive data. One of the largest sources of risk comes from duplicate and redundant sensitive data migrating across multiple data sources and stores. Blindspots into your derivative data can create unnecessary data exposure risks; stall cloud migration initiatives, data minimization initiatives, and M&A processes; and present an additional layer of compliance challenges across the board. Join BigID and (ISC)2 on September 15, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. BST for a discussion about these risks and how to discover, identify, and minimize duplicate and similar data. Areas covered will include:

    · How to identify and tag duplicate, similar, and redundant data
    · Map Data migration and identify original data sources
    · Best practices for minimizing critical data across data sources and removing duplicate data
    · How to apply next-gen ML techniques to reduce risk and increase confidence in your data
    · Build a data driven risk profile of your data sources
  • Coping with Turbulence: Managing Cross-Border Data Transfers Recorded: Sep 8 2020 58 mins
    Heather Federman, VP of Privacy & Policy, BigID. Tomer Elias, Director of Product Management, BigID
    There's now more pressure than ever for managing data flows across jurisdictions, governing third party data sharing and enforcing data residency requirements. With what are likely to be tectonic changes ahead for bulk data transfers, what can enterprises do better prepare themselves for the new environment?

    In this webinar, we will explore how the regulatory environment has shifted, and key steps enterprises can take to understand, monitor and audit how data flows between data jurisdictions.

    Join us to learn more about:
    -What are the key changes in rules governing cross-border data transfers
    -How to build a sustainable, automated approach to mapping data flows
    -How to incorporate a data residency dimension into data flows
    -How to assign data residency to individuals' data
    -How to evaluate data flows at scale against policies & contractual requirements
    -How a data-driven approach allows for greater responsiveness as regulations change
  • Data Discovery & DLP Programs for Risk Reduction and Improved Efficiencies Recorded: Sep 3 2020 61 mins
    Roger Hale, CSO, BigID. Paul Starrett, CEO, Starrett Consulting. David Sockol, CEO, Emagined Security
    Data Protection is a must for every organization: but where do you start to build an effective and sustainable data protection program?

    This live webinar will explore how organizations can increase the operational efficiency and protection across an organization's digital footprint by integrating next-gen data discovery techniques with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions.

    Join security experts from BigID, Starrett Consulting, and Emagined Security in a lively discussion on how data discovery programs enrich various DLP solutions - and extend organizations’ security posture.

    In this webinar, we’ll explore:
    - Risk reduction techniques: from data mapping to data minimization
    - How to leverage a common policy enforcement approach
    - Why organizations should focus on Policy Management to address the most critical data first
    - How to manage oversight around other cybersecurity and data-protection teams to integrate data-discovery and DLP
    - How to Provide Steering Committee Guidance and Oversight to setting the proper course for holistic success

    *BigID has partnered with Starrett Consulting and Emagined Security to bring you this webinar. Your registration information will be shared with both companies. Please go to Starrett Consulting's and Emagined Security's Privacy Policy for more details
  • Fueling digital transformation with data discovery Recorded: Aug 31 2020 60 mins
    Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions, BigID. Cara Dailey, CDO at Silicon Valley Bank
    Data is at the heart of data management, governance, and enablement initiatives - but ultimately their success is dependent on the data itself. To ensure complete data management coverage and quality, Chief Data Officers must employ next-generation data discovery technologies to build out a data foundation for the enterprise - and improve the quality for all data domains.

    Learn how BigID’s ML-based data discovery transforms data quality, analytics, and privacy initiatives - adding context, enhancing integrity, and enabling CDOs to achieve faster time-to-value. Join us to hear more about how a data discovery-first data governance program at Silicon Valley Bank can scale their data management programs and improve their customer data quality.
  • Finding Common Ground: Strategies for Data Privacy and Governance Collaboration Recorded: Aug 26 2020 64 mins
    Heather Federman, VP of Privacy & Policy, BigID. Chris Stephens, VP of Data Technology, American Eagle Outfitters
    Growing complexity in the regulatory environment is certainly keeping the privacy office busy. But for those within the enterprise who hold the responsibility of managing and governing data, protecting privacy, and ensuring compliance can complicate or even potentially disrupt their data strategies. These two perspectives — the chief privacy officer and chief data officer — have different skill sets, expertise and perspectives, but ultimately need to establish common ground.

    Join us for a conversation with American Eagle Outfitters Chief Data Officer Chris Stephens and BigID Vice President of Privacy and Policy Heather Federman on what approaches can be effective at establishing that common ground, facilitating collaboration and aligning a company’s data governance protocols with its data protection policies.

    Join the discussion to learn more about:

    ● The different perspectives a CDO and CPO bring to an organization and how their paths can cross.

    ● How current and future regulatory- and data-related privacy trends are establishing the need for more effective collaboration.

    ● What are the hurdles and opportunities for improved collaboration.

    ● How aligning privacy principles with data management strategies can strengthen and inspire trust between the organization and its clients.
  • The Innovation Community Podcast: Peggy Tsai - Data Governance Thought Leader Recorded: Aug 19 2020 40 mins
    Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions
    Peggy Tsai is a financial data strategy executive and has some fantastic insights into accelerating data governance, AI and machine learning programs.
  • Schrems II & Cross-Border Data Transfers - Now What? Recorded: Aug 12 2020 63 mins
    Heather Federman, BigID. Julian Flamant, Hogan Lovells. Ben Shorten, Accenture. Cobun Zweifel-Keegan, BBB National Programs
    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has just invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield pact in the “Schrems II” judgement. Over 5,000 companies who leverage the Privacy Shield as a legal mechanism when transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States are now left wondering what to do next.

    This essentially affects all businesses of any size, in any sector that processes EU data. This affects the way that personal data is collected, moved and shared across countries and borders, with potential ramifications across industries from social media to retail to the financial sector and everything in between.

    Tune in to this webinar to hear from Hogan Lovells' Julian Flamant, Accenture's Ben Shorten, BBB National Program's Cobun Zweifel-Keegan & BigID’s Heather Federman to hear about top considerations for privacy professionals as they brace themselves from the fallout of Schrems II and what the future holds for cross border data transfers.

    Agenda Topics:

    1.(Background) What happened // explanation of court case history

    2.(Legal) What can companies do in lieu of Privacy Shield - BCRs / SCCs

    3.(Technical) What can companies do to make sure they are in compliance with the legal mechanisms they leverage - monitor/validate data residencies and track x-border data flows

    4.(Future) What are the long-term implications - trade relations between EU/US and UK/US, how this will impact other non-EU countries besides the US?

    *BigID has partnered with Accenture, BBB National Programs, and Hogan Lovells to bring you this webinar. Your registration information will be shared with all three companies. Please go to Accenture's, BBB National Programs', and Hogan Lovell's Privacy Policy for more details
  • Justifying Your Cybersecurity Budget Even In Uncertain Times Recorded: Aug 10 2020 53 mins
    Roger Hale, CSO, BigID
    As a CISO, how do you make a compelling case and ask for budget, despite likely falls in overall revenue? Join Roger Hale, CSO at BigID, as he discusses best practices in justifying your security budget even in uncertain times like what we are all experiencing today.
  • Content Services and PI Discovery for Privacy-Aware Information Governance Recorded: Aug 6 2020 40 mins
    Jarein Vlasveld, ASG Technologies; Tom DiRusso, ASG Technologies & Will Murphy, BigID
    Wondering how to implement the right policies for your documents and unstructured content in response to GDPR and CCPA?

    Concerned about tracking down personal information for data access and deletion rights under these privacy regulations? How can automated insights into your content help you take the rights steps to protect and take action on regulated data?

    The current wave of consumer privacy regulations and the explosive growth of records are challenging organizations to rethink how they find, classify and manage personal information - especially with customer information residing in unstructured format on network drives, SharePoint and Office 365.

    Many organizations have had initial success with structured data, but struggle when it comes to addressing privacy regulations for their vast stores of enterprise documents and records.

    Join industry experts Tom DiRusso, Strategic Specialist, ASG Technologies; Jarein Vlasveld, Engagement Manager, ASG Technologies and Will Murphy, Alliances & Business Development, BigID as they share their insights on how to pave the road to reducing privacy risk and automating compliance requirements for their content and files, including:
    • How best to bring outlying documents and ‘dark data’ into your governance practice
    • Extend information governance and data privacy to shared drives, SharePoint and O365
    • How to automate migration, legal holds, redaction and disposition policies based on classification insights
    • How to leverage personal information knowledge for CCPA, GDPR data access and deletion rights fulfillment
  • How To Build A Sustainable Data Minimization Strategy Recorded: Jul 28 2020 63 mins
    Anju Jain from BigID along with Brijesh Prabhakar and Ritu Khanna from LTI
    With data becoming the new currency, the natural tendency has been to accumulate vast amounts of consumer data by one and all. This proliferation has made it possible to multiply the use cases of data and bring speed to converting from hypothesis to predictions and forecasting. Excitement for the prospect of being able to grow and create new demand purely based on data, has fueled even further hunger for data.

    And the world slipped smoothly into a circle of more data, more possibilities, more data, more possibilities….

    But the other side of this data strategy is fraught with risks of poor accuracy, compromises in integrity and breach of sensitive consumer information. And, privacy regulations like the EU GDPR and others across the globe emphasize that enterprises collect only what they need under the principle of data minimization. Do you know the degree to which consumer data held in your organization is stale, incorrect and unused? Are you holding multiple duplicates of the same files and data? This can lead to increase in threat surface area, poor data process output, longer and inadequate response to privacy requests, not to mention storage costs for data that should not be in the system in the first place!

    Addressing privacy regulations can now also serve as a response strategy to these risks.

    In this interactive session, we will discuss
     The different contexts in which data minimization can be applied
     Realignment of business processes to embed minimization as a design principle
     Best practices on data minimization techniques
     Business case studies on benefits of data minimization realized across industry

    *BigID has partnered with LTI to bring you this webinar. Your registration information will be shared with LTI. Please go to LTI’s Privacy Policy for more details
  • How Much Risk Exposure Do You Have With Your Data? Recorded: Jul 24 2020 56 mins
    Nimrod Vax, Co-Founder and CPO, BigID. Deepak Sood, CTO, Auritas
    How can data drive better decision-making and profitable outcomes at your enterprise? Organizations need to be able to identify and balance their risk tolerance while managing ever changing regulations with a proactive data management strategy.

    Join Auritas CTO, Deepak Sood, and BigID CPO, Nimrod Vax, as they discuss how to uncover customer insights that will fuel better business decisions and profitable outcomes.

    -Common risk challenges with your data and how to address them: from getting rid of silos to lowering operational costs by automating privacy mgmt, giving you more $$ for strategic transformations such as the move to S/4
    -Identify how Data Discovery in SAP with BigID can uncover customers insights that fuel better business decisions
    -How to discover, protect, and govern data across your organization with a holistic approach
    -Customer stories: where data management strategies have driven data security and governance at scale
    -Demo: Quantify your data risk exposure with BigID & data governance
  • The Privacy Briefing: Looking the Board in the Eye Recorded: Jul 22 2020 59 mins
    Heather Federman, BigID. Tom Anderson and Ben Shorten, Accenture
    Two years after the General Data Protection Regulation was passed in the European Union, and with the onset of the California Consumer Privacy Act in the U.S., regulators are now enforcing these regulations — bringing more fines and penalties for companies that fail to meet their obligations. Now that privacy comes with a financial, regulatory and reputational risk, board members are looking to better understand their organization’s data privacy posture.

    Privacy practitioners in turn, need to be ready to demonstrate how they have operationalized their privacy compliance strategy. This requires data knowledge in order to protect and delete consumer data when they no longer have legitimate need for it.

    Join us for an interactive privacy education web conference featuring BigID and Accenture to:

    -Discuss how the stature of data privacy has risen to be an enterprise priority for Boards and C-Suite leadership.
    -Review how knowledge of the data environment delivers value to business beyond compliance.
    -Discuss the key considerations for data privacy leaders in providing effective updates to senior managers as programs continue to evolve.

    Dave Cohen, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, Knowledge Manager, IAPP

    Tom Anderson, Director, Data and Artificial Intelligence, Accenture
    Ben Shorten, Managing Director, Compliance and Privacy, Accenture
    Heather Federman, CIPP/US, Vice President of Privacy and Policy, BigID
  • How to Maximize Your Investment in Data: Strategies and Best Practices Recorded: Jul 21 2020 58 mins
    Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions, BigID. Sameer Ansari, Managing Director, Cyber Risk Service Group, Deloitte
    How data can drive decision-making? How should it? Organizations need to be able to balance their risk tolerance while managing defensive regulatory operations with proactive data initiatives.

    Join this interactive discussion with Sameer Ansari, Managing Director of Cyber Risk from Deloitte and Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions at BigID to learn actionable data enablement strategies that will help maximize your investments in your data program.

    We’ll explore how to build a data culture to enable data ownership, policy-based remediation, and transparency for insights and analysis. You will learn:

    -Common data challenges (and how to address them): from breaking down data silos to how to gain traction for new programs
    -Data enablement tips to build a successful data culture
    -Best practices on data enablement capabilities for your data owners and consumers
    -Business use cases where data-focused initiatives have driven revenue or lowered cost

    *BigID has partnered with Deloitte to bring you this webinar. Your registration information will be shared with Deloitte separately. Please go to Deloitte’s Privacy Policy for more details
Privacy Automation for CCPA & GDPR
BigID aims to transform how enterprises protect and manage the privacy of personal data. Organizations are facing record breaches of personal information and proliferating global privacy regulations like the EU GDPR with fines reaching 4% of annual revenue.

Today enterprises lack dedicated purpose built technology to help them track and govern their customer data at scale. By bringing data science to data privacy, BigID aims to give enterprises the software to safeguard and steward the most important asset organizations manage: their customer data.

BigID has offices in the US and Israel and is founded by security industry veterans spanning the identity, data security, big data and governance markets.

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  • Title: Discovering Dark Data & The Importance of Data Knowledge in Privacy
  • Live at: Oct 24 2019 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Nimrod Vax, CPO at BigID, featuring Heidi Shey, Principal Analyst at Forrester
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