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Get visibilty and insight with our managed Meraki solution

BT and Cisco have created the perfect SD-WAN for your branch sites. Using our DyNS with Meraki solution you’ll get the visibility, information and control you need to provide your business with insight. It’s a new formula for buying IT equipment and network services together without tying up your own valuable IT resources. Watch our video to find out how it could work for you.
Recorded Feb 17 2020 4 mins
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Presented by
Adrian Comley, Head of managed network services, BT
Presentation preview: Get visibilty and insight with our managed Meraki solution

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  • How do you ensure security and experience when working from home? Dec 1 2020 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Experts from BT and Cisco
    Homeworking is here to stay, but everybody who works from home knows the frustration of poorly performing applications. At the same time IT leaders are struggling to keep their services secure and get the visibility and control they need. That’s why they’re looking to deliver the same network services they deploy in the office at home.

    In our latest webinar, together with Cisco we explore:
    o why you need to think about SD-WAN at home as an option
    o different options to support different employees in your organisation
    o how the costs of the solution balance against an office solution.

    o Andrew Small, Digital Solutions Director, BT
    o Dominic Elliott, CTO BT global relationship, Cisco
    o Paul Crichard, Chief security technology strategist, BT
  • How to shape your data centre for the new normal Recorded: Nov 24 2020 21 mins
    Data centre experts from BT and Cisco
    The new normal has accelerated the pace of change. Digital transformation means that your existing data centre needs to deliver more.

    In the next webinar of our 'Shape the future of infrastructure' series, we’ll explore:
    •how to implement new technology in private data centres
    •how to get cloud-like agility within your data centre
    •the features of Cisco ACI and what it delivers.

    Our data centre optimisation portfolio expert, Charles Greenaway, will be joined by Louise O’Neil, head of new customer sales and Gareth Furse, an account manager in solutions SP sales from Cisco to offer their views on the options available to you.

    •Jonathan Sumner, Head of marketing, Network, Cloud & Consultancy, BT
    •Louise O’Neill, Director, Banking & Financial Services, BT
    •Charles Greenaway, Customer CTO, BT
    •Gareth Furse, Service creation & portfolio manager, Enterprise networking, Cisco
  • How do you solve the SD-WAN puzzle? Recorded: Oct 15 2020 26 mins
    Experts from BT - Scott Cowling, Anne-Gaelle Santos, and John Spearman
    As organizations shape their new future, they need flexibility and a laser-like focus on experience. That’s why many are accelerating their move to SD-WAN.

    Choosing the right technology is part of the answer to a successful puzzle, but you need all the right pieces in the right places.

    In the second webinar of our ‘Shape the future of infrastructure’ series, we’ll explain the other key factors you need to consider in building your solution, including everything from skills to service to security.

    Our speakers have been involved in the deployment of thousands of SD-WAN sites across the globe, including Scott Cowling, who leads on our network portfolio, Anne-Gaelle Santos, our SD-WAN portfolio lead and Stephen Moss, head of service operations and dynamic network services.
  • How to shape your network for the new normal Recorded: Oct 1 2020 27 mins
    Experts from BT - Scott Cowling, Tausif Awan, Jen Artley, & Bola Robiti, software development research director, CCS Insight
    The new normal has accelerated the pace of change. Digital transformation plans have had to move forward by months and even years.

    As you shape the future of your organisation, you need to build a network infrastructure which can match it.

    In the first webinar of our ‘Shape the future of infrastructure’ series, we’ll explore some recent research that shows how global organisations are shaping their infrastructure to meet ‘new normal’ demands.

    We’ll also look at how our customers are searching for much more than the latest technology to create the right shape network to support their future.

    Scott Cowling, who leads on our network portfolio, will be joined by Tausif Awan, head of our specialist organization, Jen Artley, our sales MD and Bola Robiti, software development research director from CCS Insight.
  • The future of connectivity Recorded: Jun 4 2020 8 mins
    Experts from BT, Microsoft, ISG and MIT
    There’s never been a better time to consider your future network.

    New technologies are redefining what a network can do. Advances in processing power, unlimited connectivity, AI and 5G are creating nimble networks that can deliver things that were previously inconceivable. 

    At a recent event, prior to the pandemic, we quizzed a group of independent experts from MIT, ISG and Microsoft and shared our thoughts on how businesses are reinventing their networks and the future potential this could release. Coronavirus has only increased the need for network transformation to prepare for a new future.

    Watch our video to find out what’s next for SD-WAN as it spreads to the edge devices and why evolving connectivity will inevitably impact your wider IT and workforce.

    Patrick English, Head of Cyber DevOps, BT
    Scott Cowling, Director of network solutions, BT
    Scott Spiro, Senior partner development manager, Microsoft
    Jeannie Ross, Principal research scientist, MIT CISR
    Dave Muller, Partner, ISG
  • How do you prepare your network for a new future? Recorded: Apr 24 2020 26 mins
    Gary Barton, Principal Analyst from Global Data, & BT's Network experts - Scott Cowling, Wouter Belmans, and Jonathan Sumner
    Many organisations have now implemented temporary fixes to support the new network demands driven by Coronavirus, but this could be just a short-term solution to a short-term problem. Although we face an uncertain future, we can predict some of the upcoming challenges your network may face and recommend what changes you could make today to be ready for the future.

    Watch our webinar where experts Gary Barton from Global Data, together with Scott Cowling and Wouter Belmans from BT discuss:

    • where your next network bottleneck could be
    • how you can understand and improve the application experience for your homeworkers
    • what new network technologies could prepare you for the future
  • How to avoid SD-WAN's five key security vulnerabilities Recorded: Mar 13 2020 9 mins
    Andy day, Sales manager; Natalie Walker, Head of virtual security services; and Phil Packman, CISO, commercial contracts
    Without a doubt, SD-WAN delivers in terms of network visibility, flexibility and scalability, but it’s essential you embrace it with your eyes wide open. Hackers can now exploit the fact that your SD-WAN devices are directly connected to the internet and your organisation may be exposed to fresh security vulnerabilities.

    So how do you protect your critical assets and data from these new threat vectors?

    Many enterprises simply transfer their traditional approaches to security over to the world of SD-WAN. They fail to reassess their security needs and leave themselves open to breaches such as a DDoS attack knocking out their network or a hacked SD-WAN site giving access to un-encrypted customer traffic.

    Robust SD-WAN security starts with an awareness of how internet connectivity brings increased vulnerability to cyber attack. Only then can you put mitigating defenses in place.

    Watch our video to discover what risks you now face and how to protect your organisation.
  • IoT: 3 obstacles to a successful implementation Recorded: Mar 3 2020 34 mins
    Marc Flanagan, EMEA Director, Edge & IoT Solutions, Dell; Baz Khuti, CEO, QIO; and Brian Lappin & Andy Rowland from BT
    Many organisations are looking to implement the Internet of Things (IoT), with industry 4.0 being the main driving force. In order to do this successfully, there are three significant obstacles to overcome – implementing the right Edge, securing your project, and delivering a zero touch approach.

    At BT, we are already working with large global enterprises and our partners to meet those challenges head-on.

    Join Marc Flanagan, EMEA Director, Edge & IoT Solutions, Dell; Baz Khuti, Co-founder and CEO, QiO; and Brian Lappin & Andy Rowland from BT to find out how.
  • Driving post-trade efficiencies Recorded: Feb 25 2020 27 mins
    Experts from The Realization Group, EuroCCP, and BT Radianz
    Although the post-trade ecosystem is seen as the ‘plumbing’ of financial services, mainly hidden but crucial, its role in ensuring the industry’s health made it key to global post-crisis regulatory reforms. Firms have now had to deal with over a decade of rapid regulatory changes and the huge operational costs these incur. At the same time, they’ve also been coming to terms with the realities of shrinking margins and the need to both increase efficiencies and work towards a more sustainable business model across the board.

    In this webinar, our experts discuss the key challenges facing the industry specifically focusing on data, regulation and technology and how firms are responding to these pressures and investing in technology to help drive their post-trade transformation.
  • Enabling digital transformation through cloud networking for Ixom Recorded: Feb 18 2020 2 mins
    BT partnering with Microsoft and Nokia's Nuage Networks has delivered a brand new SD-WAN cloud networking solution in Azure, enabling their digital transformation.
  • Get visibilty and insight with our managed Meraki solution Recorded: Feb 17 2020 4 mins
    Adrian Comley, Head of managed network services, BT
    BT and Cisco have created the perfect SD-WAN for your branch sites. Using our DyNS with Meraki solution you’ll get the visibility, information and control you need to provide your business with insight. It’s a new formula for buying IT equipment and network services together without tying up your own valuable IT resources. Watch our video to find out how it could work for you.
  • Application performance management Recorded: Feb 17 2020 6 mins
    Adrian Comley, Head of managed network services, BT
    The performance of your applications is critical. A stable network performance empowers your people to deliver the best experience to your customers and makes them more effective. Watch this video about our managed Infovista service to find out how to make this happen.
  • How to simplify and improve your internet connectivity Recorded: Nov 30 2019 5 mins
    Adrian Comley, Head of managed network services, BT
    Internet is proving the right option for enterprises to meet their ever increasing bandwidth challenge. Sourcing and managing those internet services globally at scale is incredibly complicated. Every provider has a different way of marketing their solution, so how can you be sure you are making the right choice on performance, service and support? Watch how BT are helping enterprises with this problem, whilst driving down prices, plus we demo one of our SD-WAN services which we can deliver on internet to create your perfect branch solution.
  • How to deliver a secure SD-WAN solution Recorded: Nov 19 2019 22 mins
    Anne-Gaelle Santos & Adrian Comley from BT, and Saurabh Sandir from Nuage Networks
    Delivering a new SD-WAN solution is simple, but delivering a secure SD-WAN, globally at scale with the end experience your people need, is a completely different challenge. To do that you need the right skills as well as a quality, stable, secure solution.

    Watch our webinar to hear about what we and Nokia Nuage have learnt from deploying globally secure SD-WAN solutions. You’ll see how we’ve used that learning to create a quality, stable solution. We also shared how we are developing new managed solutions which integrate Nuage’s SD-WAN 2.0 technology with the latest virtualised and cloud based security services, to ensure that when we deploy a SD-WAN solution, it’s protected against the latest threats.
  • Top tips for deploying an Azure Network Recorded: Oct 7 2019 17 mins
    Ann Wood, Angie Jackson, & Simon Walker from BT, & Lucas Searle, EMEA Azure Advanced Networking Specialist Manager, Microsoft
    The cloud offers the promise of agility, scalability and cost benefits. You can spin up space in minutes, something which used to take weeks. But networking is complex. Just because it’s in the cloud doesn’t make it easier.

    In the same way you’d look for support to manage your network services, it has become just as important to find ways of managing the complexity of cloud network services.

    In our webinar, we cover some of the exciting new developments in Azure networking and show you how straightforward it is to hand over the management of your cloud network services.

    We give tips on:
    - what is now possible with Azure networking and how to make it work for you
    - other considerations, including security and your wider cloud and network services
    - how to take advantage of experience-led service and commercial models for cloud networking
    - our views on the future of cloud networking
  • [Panel] The Road to 5G for Industry 4.0 Recorded: Sep 26 2019 61 mins
    Steve Brumer, BH IoT Group | Adrian Comley, BT | Ricky Watts, Wind River | Ken Hosac, Cradlepoint
    5G is driving the future of the Internet of Things, and it’s time for industrial firms to start planning the next step in their Industry 4.0 journey. With investment in the back-end infrastructure - required for edge computing and mobile cloud - not taking place until down the line, how do organizations confidently plan for and navigate how 5G will transform their businesses?

    Join this live panel discussion as experts share:
    - The sorts of preparations industries should be making for 5G
    - What their expectations and requirements should be
    - How to manage Big Data Analytics in 5G

    Steve Brumer, Partner, BH IoT Group (moderator)
    Adrian Comley, General Manager, Dynamic Network Services, BT
    Ricky Watts, Vice President, Industrial Solutions, Wind River
    Ken Hosac, VP of IOT Strategy, Cradlepoint
  • The evolution of the virtualisation marketplace Recorded: Aug 9 2019 4 mins
    BT's network experts: Adrian Comley, Anne-Gaelle Santos, Brian Lappin, and David Llewelyn-Jones
    In the new age of technology, customers increasingly need to deliver services on a platform defined by flexibility and agility. The future promises to enable this with a mass transformation to more attractive, hardware-free, network-solutions.

    We’ve already witnessed the arrival of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) — moving away from the necessity for box connectivity and towards an array of virtualised services across a software-defined network. But when the global NFV/SDN market is set to grow at a CAGR of 25 per cent between 2018 and 2023 , how can we expect the network evolution to continue into the years ahead?

    With the emergence of IoT, the growth of 5G capabilities and the unbounded possibilities of edge computing, the future of the virtualisation marketplace becomes a huge and exciting unknown. How can businesses cater for such disruptive and expansive transformation?

    Watch our video to discover how our experts view the future of virtualisation.
  • Embracing the power of virtualisation Recorded: Aug 5 2019 6 mins
    BT's network experts: Adrian Comley, Brian Lappin, Anne-Gaelle Santos, and David Llewelyn-Jones
    After more than 20 years of stability, networks are going through a period of dramatic transformation. We’re seeing lots of exciting developments in the areas of virtualisation, orchestration, service chaining and APIs, and the global NFV/SDN market is forecast to grow 25 per cent between 2018 and 2023.*

    Many organisations believe virtualisation will offer advantages in agility, flexibility and control, but still view it as an emerging technology with inherent risks and uncertainty. They want to know what the real potential and indeed the limitations of the technology are.

    In this video, our experts address some of the following major concerns regarding VNFs:
    •What are you trying to achieve by virtualising network functions?
    •What are the key things you need to consider?
    •What are the common misconceptions in the market about virtualisation?
    •What’s BT’s approach?
    •What are the benefits of a ‘bring your own’ VNF option?
    •How is the virtualisation market going to evolve?

    * 2019 Trends to watch: Network Services, Ovum, 15 Nov 2018, ENS004-000044
  • Redefine your data centre environment with Cisco SD Fabric Recorded: Jul 17 2019 2 mins
    BT and Cisco
    Want to benefit from cloud-like software-defined services without giving up your own private data centre? Together with Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure technology, we bring you SD-Fabric; agile, secure, and easy to control. Find out how you can redefine your data centre environment with an integrated solution that modernises your IT, increases automation, and grows easily, in accordance with your business needs.

    To find out more visit bt.com/globalservices
  • Top 3 security risks for your SD-WAN implementation Recorded: Jun 24 2019 30 mins
    Kevin Brown, Adrian Comley, and Peter Sader
    The visibility, control and agility that an SD-WAN can deliver to a global organisation makes it very attractive, but it can come with significantly higher risks. In around 80 per cent of the bids we see, customers aren’t actively considering or aware of these risks. SD-WAN is highlighting the tension between CIOs, focused on supporting the business with technology enabled solutions, and CISOs, concerned with managing information security risks. Are you clear on how to deliver the benefits of SD-WAN, whilst maintaining the security of your organisation?

    Watch our webinar where Kevin Brown, our Managing director of Security, Adrian Comley, General manager, Dynamic Network Services, and Peter Sader, Security head of business development, discuss the top 3 security risks you need to consider to make sure your SD-WAN implementation is secure.
BT - Networking
BT has deep experience of the networking business. Our portfolio strategy, IT integration skills, global network and professional security expertise allows our customers to connect easily and securely to the applications and data they need, regardless of where they’re hosted or where they’re based.
We were there at the beginning of several generations of new communication technologies, and with our new Dynamic Network Services roadmap we’re continuing to invest in the future of networks. We have launched a richer set of services for our customers, based on SDN/SD-WAN/NFV technology which we’re integrating into our market leading global network.
Our investment is helping CIOs extend all the flexibility and agility of the cloud to their global communications infrastructure, and build a business that can flourish in the digital age.

Find out more at www.bt.com/globalservices

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  • Presented by: Adrian Comley, Head of managed network services, BT
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