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The New Threat Landscape: How to Prepare with Cisco Solutions

There were 3 million job openings in the US for security positions, before the latest pandemic hit us. The scramble to create a semblance of "business as usual" has caused massive rifts in security posture the world over. Unrest, confusion, disorientation – all key ingredients for spam, phishing, and other malicious activities to compromise targets.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the key aspects of the threat landscape that need to be considered when designing a security posture. If you design your posture to address the character of the threat landscape, your environment will be poised to adapt to big shifts in work behavior and market demands. Security design remains consistent, vigilant, nimble and actionable - even when locations, devices, and user behavior change rapidly.

What you will learn:

- Key industry trends for the threat landscape – how do you stay informed?
- How to posture your organization against these trends to maintain control in tumultuous times
- With the tides of change, how do you manage effectively while balancing security needs and limiting hours in the day
- How do you balance security with productivity from the end user perspective?
Recorded Apr 23 2020 59 mins
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Presented by
Ryan Coverdale, Innovation Leader - Cisco; Kip Schroede, Solutions Architect, CISSP - Softchoice
Presentation preview: The New Threat Landscape: How to Prepare with Cisco Solutions

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  • Helping Customers Harness the Power of the Cloud Recorded: Feb 4 2021 24 mins
    Liz Centoni, SVP, Strategy, Emerging Technologies & Incubation, Cisco
    Many companies, across multiple verticals have been embracing “the Cloud” for elasticity and scale. Organizations are now looking
    to move faster to stay competitive, while discovering new ways to securely connect people, apps, and data. The renewed focus
    is the digital experience. This business motion presents a need to precisely orchestrate how organizations develop, operate, and
    deliver the best application performance and user experience. At Cisco, we are helping customers to succeed at navigating the new
    reality of a multicloud and multi-app world.
  • Security Governance: Understanding the Risks of Cloud Workloads Recorded: Jan 26 2021 18 mins
    Andrea Knoblauch, Technical Solutions Architect, Softchoice
    83% of organizations who use IaaS have experienced at least one security incident *. Enterprises continue to embrace digital
    transformation and the cloud, but today’s corporate networks were never designed for the cloud and fall well short on delivering the
    agility and security required to address the requirements of digital transformation. While the amount of security attention needed for
    SaaS is relatively lower than for IaaS, every service has different implications, unique features, and its own administrative interface,
    which creates a significant challenge for IT operations and security to manage.
    During this session, you will learn how and why to follow a life cycle approach to cloud security governance, how to avoid security
    risks from misconfigured cloud resources and shadow IT, how and why organizations need to transform both their WAN and security
    architectures and how to maintain visibility of cloud assets.
    *Source: McAfee
    More about Andrea: Andrea is a Security Architect at Softchoice, working with organizations to securely adopt
    new technology for over 15 years. She currently works with industry groups including the Cloud Security Alliance
    (CSA) on building framework and governance for new technologies.
  • Journey to a Future Ready Workforce Recorded: Jan 21 2021 48 mins
    Shankar Iyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, End-User Computing, VMware, Sean Denomey, Senior VP, Softchoice
    Our world has been forever changed. Are you future-proofed? Are you prepared as an organization to create a culture that fosters employee engagement within a diverse and distributed workforce? Are you building an environment that embraces choice and flexibility, diversity, and inclusion? How does your organization compare to the rest of the world’s leading workforces?
    Learn what businesses of today can and should do to attract top talent, ensure business agility, and employee engagement.
  • The Art of the Possible- Microsoft Recorded: Jan 14 2021 47 mins
    David Totten, CTO, US One Commercial Partner, Microsoft
    Transform the way you work and discover innovative approaches to help drive business outcomes in 2021. Get the insights you need and get moving toward your next normal,
  • Good Cloud Governance in a Multi-cloud World Recorded: Jan 7 2021 23 mins
    Aaron Bogenrief, Public Cloud Innovation Manager, Softchoice & Jeff Pagano, Managed Service Advisor, Softchoice
    The application is the lifeblood of the modern organization – it is how a business competes in the market and delivers value to its end-users. In fact, Forrester indicates IT leaders recognize that by 2022 cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation.

    Although, cloud is the new normal, strong cloud governance and management is not yet fully embedded in the tools, processes and people that access cloud services. Cost anomalies, concerns around cloud security and a general lack of cloud governance create risk for business. These challenges are further underscored by a general lack of skills or resource to adopt and optimize cloud native services.

    Join this session and gain insight and understanding on:
    - Key strategies for implementing multi-cloud management
    - The 4 key cloud governance pillars required for success
    - Evaluating the common stages of cloud governance maturity
  • Digital Transformation: Now is the time to think big! Recorded: Jan 5 2021 18 mins
    Andrew Caprara, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Softchoice
    Andrew discusses what this future of work means for organizations long term. Learn why embracing this change that has been thrust upon us will allow you to "swim with tides to new places" and how ignoring it will cause you to sink. It’s as clear and as stark as that.

    In this session, we will discuss:
    - How to enable your people - in a world of virtual offices, what’s next in the future of work?
    - Adapting with your customers - what will they demand, and how can you evolve the customer experience with them?
    - Optimizing infrastructure - what can you prepare your infrastructure today to keep your people and your customers safe and secure, while also creating a foundation for winning with your people and your customers tomorrow?

    If you work in IT you'll want to hear how organizations are developing a deeper understanding of their customers, building agile platforms, and communicating the impacts of necessary IT changes.

    We help thousands of organizations accelerate digitally every day.

    More about Andrew: As the Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Andrew is responsible for leading Softchoice’s Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, and Customer Experience functions. Andrew joined Softchoice in 2014 as the Director of Sales and Business Development Operations, followed by increasingly senior executive roles. Prior to joining Softchoice, he served in senior roles at a management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, and as a Sales Territory Manager at Stryker (a Fortune 500 medical device company).
  • Future of Work - How To Empower the Best User Experience Recorded: Dec 17 2020 24 mins
    Luisa Colmenares, Senior Innovation Manager, Softchoice
    IT investments are becoming more strategic and the role of IT is key to the success of the future of work in every company. The pressure continues to grow within IT departments as they need to make the right decision in a complex environment. Learn how to unleash the potential of your people while optimizing operations and rationalizing costs in this ebook.

    It’s time to enable and execute the right end-user experience with a meaningful collaboration and smart digital workspace approach in providing the right platform, the right device, the right adoption
    While enabling your workforce to maximize security infrastructure, optimize operations and reduce costs.

    In this webinar, we will discuss:
    - How collaboration and digital workplace is built on six pillars that support consistent productivity across all working environments
    - How to align your technology and business needs, through increased employee productivity, rationalized costs, and optimized operations
    - How to design the right end-user experience for your business

    More about Luisa: In her 15+ years of professional career Luisa has had the opportunity to be hands-on for the design and deployment of Cisco and Microsoft Collaboration Solutions. She has been on the sales side advising customers on the best solution for solving their collaboration challenges and on the Leadership side for creating end-user productivity offering and capabilities, taking those to market as well as leading teams of people responsible for offer, standards, and community development.
  • Turning this Moment of Change from Obstacle to Competitive Advantage Recorded: Sep 23 2020 59 mins
    Transforming your business and the customer experience with technology is more important than ever, but your transformation goals must change.

    Join us to learn how you can turn the current global crisis from an obstacle to a distinct competitive advantage. We explore how leaders are going to make big bets over the next 3 years to transform their business and lead the way out of the global recession.

    Geared towards senior IT leaders who are looking to guide their firm towards success in the coming decade, guest speaker Brian Hopkins from Forrester will cover:

    - The five “new normal” created by the pandemic

    - The opportunity to create a “future fit” business that is adaptive, resilient and creative

    - The role of technology-driven innovation in creating adaptive and resilient businesses

    - Major technology trends unfolding that open innovation opportunities for future-fit firms
  • How to Enable a Hybrid Workplace with HPE Recorded: Sep 21 2020 60 mins
    Rewatch an insightful session with the CTO of HPE North America, Joe Vidal, a tech guru who has transformed hundreds of businesses by aligning the best technology.

    He provided tips and answered your questions surrounding the topics below:

    - How to leverage intelligent and automated infrastructure to drive agility and efficiency
    - How to enable a “Hybrid Workplace”
    - Consumption-based models to accelerate the transformation
    - All with security top of mind
  • Cloud-native is the new paradigm Recorded: Sep 21 2020 48 mins
    The rapid rise of new digitally native businesses have disrupted traditional business models and destabilized established companies and industry sectors. IDC predicts by 2022, 35% of all production apps will be cloud-native vs. less than 10% today1. All these trends have yielded a new paradigm of software development called cloud-native.

    Learn how to simplify and accelerate your journey towards modernizing your existing applications and building new apps in a cloud-native way using Kubernetes and other Azure technologies. This session will cover:

    - What is Kubernetes, Cloud Native and why it is the biggest trend in application development

    - How Microsoft technologies can help you build modern applications that scale easily, achieve resiliency and leverage DevOps practices

    - How to modernize your existing applications with minimal interruptions

    1- IDC FutureScape 2018
  • Backup & Recovery for Microsoft Office 365 with Veeam Recorded: Sep 9 2020 60 mins
    An interactive panel discussion to learn why insuring your O365 data with the best Veeam O365 backup plans saves your business from a productivity disaster. Learn how to:

    - Gain a better understanding for the need of a backup solution for Microsoft O365
    - How Veeam O365 backup customers are reaping the benefits of the Veeam solution
    - To understand the options available to implement the backup solution in a multi-cloud environment.
  • The Path to Data Modernization Recorded: Aug 26 2020 88 mins
    Do you plan to modernize your data strategy but aren’t sure where to start? Softchoice invites you to a deep-dive exploration of how to migrate apps & databases to the cloud. We’ll delve into important aspects of Data Modernization process and the value of migrating workloads to Azure. This workshop will help answer questions like "How to select the proper migration tool? How to bring data visualization to life with Power BI?"

    Learn how moving your SQL Server setup to the cloud will make your business more efficient and secure. What we’ll cover:

    Data Migration overview, Migration triggers, SQL Server Migration Destinations and TCO value in Azure
    Data Migration tools, frameworks , picking a pilot application and database to migrate
    Using Azure Migrate, Data Migration Assistant, and Azure Data Migration Service
    Overview of Power BI, Deployment process, and typical Azure BI architecture
  • Future of Work: Challenges of Securing a Remote Workforce Recorded: Aug 20 2020 55 mins
    Is your workforce going back to the office, working remotely, or a hybrid of the two? Any scenario creates a whole new set of security related challenges for the future of work.

    Join Softchoice in partnership with Okta, Proofpoint and CrowdStrike as we discuss how to better safeguard organizations by delivering an integrated, Zero Trust security strategy that is designed to protect today’s dynamic and remote working environments at scale.
    Watch to learn:

    - How CrowdStrike protects all endpoints that access the enterprise, providing advanced threat hunting, next-generation antivirus protection, and tools for proactive incident response.

    - What Okta does to establish a Zero Trust that securely connects the right people to the right technologies and secures frictionless access for remote and on-premises teams, enabled by an intuitive single sign-on and powered by adaptive multifactor authentication.

    How Proofpoint protects against today’s complex people-based attacks, defending against phishing, malware and other workforce attacks with deep visibility and behavioral training.
  • Cloud Transformation: How to Put Hybrid Cloud Economics to Work Recorded: Aug 11 2020 53 mins
    Hybrid cloud adoption can be straightforward and cost effective. Learn how to put hybrid cloud economics to work with Softchoice and VMware. You’ll come away with a cost-optimization strategy and framework to help drive lower TCO for your cloud projects.

    What we’ll cover:

    - Accelerate deployment and migration of workloads
    - Achieve consistency, efficiency, and cost scalability in a hybrid cloud model
    - Better leverage your IT talent strategy
    - Reduce the risk of cloud transformation while improving utilization
    - Lower the TCO in your hybrid cloud environment
  • Get back to Business safely with the Dell IoT Thermal Vision Solution Recorded: Aug 4 2020 45 mins
    Many organizations are working to resume full or partial operations in the coming weeks and months, but without the right technology solutions to enable secure infection control, they may face challenges doing so safely. Learn more about how Softchoice and Dell Thermal Vision Solutions are ready to help meet these needs, from best practices, implementation to use cases.
  • Plan for the future with Apple, Jamf and Softchoice Recorded: Jul 21 2020 65 mins
    Planning for the future is more important now than ever. Software has reduced the footprint of the “office desk” and made it possible to work anytime and from anywhere. Hear from experts at Softchoice, Apple and Jamf how to best empower your employees with the adoption of modern collaboration tools.
  • The Path to Data Modernization: How to migrate apps & databases to the cloud Recorded: Jul 15 2020 88 mins
    Do you plan to modernize your data strategy but aren’t sure where to start? Softchoice invites you to a deep-dive exploration of how to migrate apps & databases to the cloud. This session will delve into important aspects of Data Modernization process and the value of migrating workloads to Azure.

    This workshop will cover:

    - Data Migration overview, Migration triggers, SQL Server Migration Destinations and TCO value in Azure
    - Data Migration tools, frameworks , picking a pilot application and database to migrate
    - Using Azure Migrate, Data Migration Assistant, and Azure Data Migration Service
    - Overview of Power BI, Deployment process, and typical Azure BI architecture
  • Cloud Cost Optimization: How To Avoid Overspend & Control Costs Recorded: Jul 10 2020 59 mins
    According to research by Softchoice, 57% of IT leaders have exceeded their cloud budget at one point or another. Twenty percent have exceeded it by more than 20%.

    Any organization investing in the cloud, to any extent, can experience cost overruns. Cost optimization in the cloud is a universal issue, whether using Microsoft or another provider. The budgetary practices that made sense in the era of on-premises (CapEx) computing are exactly the opposite of what’s required to run cloud efficiently (OpEx). However, in the cloud, because resources are flexible, the opposite approach is optimal.

    What you will learn:

    - Best practices for creating a balanced cloud budget
    - How your cloud maturity can impact cloud cost management
    - Understanding cloud cost optimization techniques to reduce costs
    - How to implement a Cloud Cost Management practice
  • Join a Windows Virtual Desktop Demo to Enable Your Remote Work Faster Recorded: Jul 10 2020 62 mins
    Over the past few months, organizations of all sizes have had to quickly shift focus to remote work. In many cases, that means quickly giving users remote access to their corporate desktops and important applications, so that they can be productive immediately and ensure they are not waiting to acquire new hardware or to redirect internal capacity. Learn how Windows Virtual Desktop built on Azure can quickly provision and scale virtual desktops & applications faster than was previously possible.

    Topics covered include:

    - Explore how to gain speed, agility, and cost savings by only paying for desktop consumption when you need it
    - What do you need to get started with WVD
    - Demo – Features and Functionality
    - How Softchoice & Microsoft can help set up your WVD environment in Azure
  • The future of work with temperature monitoring Health Kiosks Recorded: Jul 7 2020 46 mins
    As governments plan to gradually reopen workplaces and public spaces, returning to work safely will require a holistic strategy that pulls together technology, facilities, and human resources groups as well as senior leaders.

    Learn how HP Inc. and Meridian have teamed up to develop touchless solutions to protect the health and safety of both employees and your customers by identifying anyone with a temperature and monitoring their access to the facility.

    We will cover:
    – How Personnel Management Health Kiosks work
    – How you can monitor and manage your kiosk deployment from remote locations
    – How Softchoice can help you to plan ahead and keep your employees safe as the work environment transforms
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* Our talented team of experts offers unmatched vendor consolidation, licensing and asset management

* We provide a wide variety of award-winning, world-class managed service offerings centered on Enabling Hybrid IT and Enabling End Users

* Softchoice has offices in 30 local markets across North America

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  • Title: The New Threat Landscape: How to Prepare with Cisco Solutions
  • Live at: Apr 23 2020 4:55 pm
  • Presented by: Ryan Coverdale, Innovation Leader - Cisco; Kip Schroede, Solutions Architect, CISSP - Softchoice
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