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DevTALK: Arduino Microcontrollers and the Future of IoT

By 2020, it’s predicted there will be over 21 billion connected devices deployed across the Earth. From leading smart home technology like Echo and Google Home, to connected fitness like Peloton, to next-generation connected car and mass transportation, IoT devices continue to impact our lives at a deeper and deeper level.

Join us as we explore what’s to come for IoT. PubNub Developer Relations Manager Jordan Scheutz will walk through how IoT devices are evolving in the current market space, and why keeping those devices secure is paramount. And in a hands-on approach, he’ll also demonstrate how accessible this technology is to makers and builders - showcasing the power of Arduino microcontrollers for smart home devices.
Recorded Jun 26 2018 31 mins
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Presented by
Jordan Schuetz, Developer Relations Manager at PubNub
Presentation preview: DevTALK: Arduino Microcontrollers and the Future of IoT

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  • Multi-Cloud in the Age of Serverless and DevOps Recorded: Dec 5 2019 56 mins
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    Pawel Gieniec, CEO, CloudAdmin.IO

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  • Ask the Expert: How Messaging As a Service Extends the Edges of the Enterprise Recorded: Dec 5 2019 26 mins
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    Join this live session with Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub, as he explores how real-time data infrastructure and emerging models of connection have the potential to change how the world communicates.
  • Building Full-Featured Chat Applications with Less Code Recorded: Dec 2 2019 49 mins
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    Every chat API you need to create in-app messaging your users will love.
  • Bringing Collaboration to Media Buying and Planning Recorded: Nov 20 2019 43 mins
    Divyun Raje Vaid, Technical Architect at SourceFuse, Wes Benwick, Bluhorn CTO & Mathew Jenkinson, PubNub Solutions Architect
    Presented by SourceFuse, Bluhorn and PubNub
  • TechTalk: Automate the boring bits of your life away Recorded: Oct 24 2019 14 mins
    Matt Jenkinson, Solutions Architect, PubNub
    There are so many great tools in the software world that can be used to make your life easier, faster and simpler just by connecting things together.

    This talk will outline some of the ways you can use off the shelf software to automate your life.

    Mathew from PubNub, will cover some of the hacks and tricks that he uses to balance his work/home life. From automated alerts when in WholeFoods to, slack alerts when the doorbell has been pressed.
  • WebRTC and You Recorded: Aug 22 2019 20 mins
    Adam Bavosa
    Have you ever thought about building your own Skype or Google Hangouts video chat? It is necessary in futuristic connected shared experiences. Here’s the easy way to do it!
    Adam will go over: - What WebRTC is - Why it is important for developers - How it works - The necessary code to integrate WebRTC into a video chat app - and finally, write a simple website that uses WebRTC. Audience members need only a basic understanding of front-end web development to be engaged.
    PubNub has been an essential resource for WebRTC app development since its inception. Adam Bavosa has taken it upon himself to learn how to develop thoroughly with PubNub and WebRTC, so he can spread the word, and reduce friction for developers building video chat.
  • Serverless Data Streaming for Futuristic Connected Shared Experiences Recorded: Aug 8 2019 22 mins
    Adam Bavosa
    Compared to request/response, data streaming makes apps run better. The days of pull to refresh are over. Your users need to be informed of updates in real-time. Your stack needs streaming data to become smarter with event-driven architecture. Streaming systems and protocols like WebSockets, Queues, or HTTP/2 are abundant and devs need to know which systems fit best in their stack. Learn more about what goes where, real-time use cases, and how to save money with a smarter stack.
  • Choosing the Right Stack for Always-on Applications Recorded: Jun 18 2019 32 mins
    Simon Jones, CMO, PubNub
    Across every software category, there is a growing expectation and demand for realtime data. Yet, existing three-tier software architectures are being stretched to the limit trying to handle the latency, and scale, power, and bandwidth requirements of always-on streaming data. As software continues to evolve from a request/response architecture to an always-on data stream architecture, a lot has to change. This presentation will explore new software architectures that are needed to make it easy for companies to deliver applications that rely on the Streaming Web. Topics discussed include:

    -The APIs and infrastructure that exist (or need to exist) to address the new complexities that emerge from the Streaming Web.

    -The software design patterns that will emerge as architectures change to support a world of always-on data streams.

    -The industry trends and thought leadership that are helping define architecture for the streaming web.
  • Maximising Operational Efficiency with Realtime Mobile Video and Data Analytics Recorded: Apr 2 2019 46 mins
    Bill French, Founder and Chief Analytics Officer, Stream It
    In this 90-minute webinar, you'll discover the vast opportunities made possible by real-time networks that capture, synchronize and persist operational event data in a highly mobile environment.

    Public transit systems - above all other industry segments - represents one of the most difficult climates for real-time data, analytics, and public safety.

    Using the most advanced automotive-grade computing and sensor technologies, learn how the coupling of the Internet of Recognition and the Internet of Things with real-time networks provide operational efficiency and unparalleled safety and security for workers and passengers alike.

    Presented by Bill French - Founder and Chief Analytics Officer, Stream It.
  • Realtime: The Most Important Technological Trend Shaping the Human Experience Recorded: Apr 2 2019 23 mins
    Joe Hanson, Sr Content Manager, PubNub
    The human experience is radically changing, altering the way we interact, collaborate, learn, move, and understand others, the world around us, and ourselves.

    In this talk, Joe Hanson, Senior Content Manager, PubNub will show you why the human experience has reached this next stage of transformation - due to real-time technology.

    The real-time technological trend is changing every industry, product, and app out there today, and driving forward the ones of tomorrow.

    Driven by low-latency, high-reliability connectivity, the real world and the virtual world are merging, and the separation between the two continues to blend more and more. Find out what this means for real-time innovation in this webinar.
  • Realtime Healthcare: Applications for Real Life Needs - Diabetes Case Study Recorded: Apr 2 2019 35 mins
    Jeremy Pollock, Principal Product Manager, PubNub
    Type 1 Diabetes is a challenging, life-threatening disease. If you have it, life is fraught with constant monitoring, hundreds of daily decisions to make and the challenge of reconciling short-term health with long-term impacts.

    Doing this as a parent, with a young child with Type 1 Diabetes, has its own set of similar challenges, with the addition of being pained by the thought of your own child suffering. What does this have to do with PubNub?

    Well, one of our very own Product Managers is using our platform as a critical component of a real-time solution for helping his family manage this disease. Come learn about how real-time - from messaging to push to history to charting to chat to functions - can be brought to bear to help solve such a personal but mission-critical problem.

    Jeremy Pollock, Principal Product Manager of the PubNub core platform, will be discussing how he was able to quickly develop a lightweight, easy to maintain and run but powerful solution using PubNub and other open-source, Do-It-Yourself solutions.
  • The Realtime Revolution: How Instant Connections Transform Products & Industries Recorded: Apr 2 2019 40 mins
    Simon Jones, CMO, PubNub
    There are two industries in the world today: those that have been transformed by real-time connections and those that are about to be.

    Every major technology shift for the last decade has been driven by persistent, consistent, real-time connections: drive-share has eclipsed taxis by instantly connecting riders and drivers; connected exercise machines like Peloton have brought community to home exercise; e-agriculture is boosting yields at rates unimaginable even ten years ago.

    In this keynote we will examine how the always-on Internet is being replaced by the always-connected Internet; discover technologies that offered early promise and are now evolving into something new and different, with HTTP/2 ready to be the catalyst for the next growth spurt; and outline the new design patterns, combining globally-orchestrated real-time infrastructure with serverless and Edge computing, that will be fundamental to the emerging winners across industries.
  • Serverless: Not Just a Buzzword, but a Massive Opportunity For Your Business Recorded: Dec 6 2018 36 mins
    Simon Jones, CMO, PubNub
    Serverless has taken the development world by storm. At its core, it’s running application code on servers that are provisioned as-needed by a third party cloud provider.

    So what’s this mean for your business?

    In this webinar, we’ll walk through the benefits of turning to serverless technologies for both your engineering team, and your business as a whole.
  • Ask the Expert: Next-Gen Applications in Hybrid Environments Recorded: Nov 27 2018 26 mins
    Dave McAllister, Scalyr and Simon Jones, PubNub
    Join this one-on-one discussion with Dave McAllister, Community & Dev Evangelist, Scalyr and Simon Jones, VP Marketing, PubNub for an in-depth discussion on next-generation applications.

    Questions will be answered live and topics will include the following:
    -Middleware messaging and data movement
    -The impact of DevOps and serverless within a design/develop philosophy
    -How technologies such as microservices, IoT and hybrid environments are changing the application landscape

    This interview will be filmed live directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. Tune in from the comfort of your desk!
  • Multi-Cloud in the Age of Serverless and DevOps Recorded: Nov 27 2018 49 mins
    Eric Wright (Turbonomic), Leonid Igolnik (SignalFx), Simon Jones (PubNub), Arabella Hallawell (NETSCOUT)
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at AWS re:Invent 2018 for a closer look at multi-cloud management.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world renowned Cloud, DevOps and IT leaders while they discuss the following:

    - What a successful multi-cloud strategy looks like and how to get started
    - How serverless architectures and DevOps are evolving multi-cloud management
    - How serverless impacts or intersects with microservice architectures and the future of solutions development

    This live panel will be streamed directly from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Eric Wright, Technology Evangelist, Turbonomic (Moderator)
    Simon Jones, VP Marketing, PubNub
    Leonid Igolnik, Executive VP Engineering, SignalFX
    Arabella Hallawell, VP Corporate Strategy, NETSCOUT
  • TechTALK: Innovate without Ripping and Replacing Legacy Systems Recorded: Oct 3 2018 25 mins
    Johnathan Flowers, Sr Product Marketing Manager
    Innovating and adopting new technologies is key to every business’s success and longevity.

    But how do you do that without ripping and replacing all your current software with the latest and greatest? Moving from system to system is cumbersome, time consuming, and resource-draining. And once implemented, how do you know the new technology is actually what you need?

    Join us Tuesday, September 18th, at 9am PT to learn why business are moving away from ripping and replacing systems and services to integrating new technologies using extensible platforms. This movement allows you to:

    1.Increase engagement and improve user experiences, by removing friction from your customer journey with content, data, and information delivery services.

    2.Streamline data sources by integrating systems of engagement (touchpoints) with the rest of the business and enterprise architecture.

    3.Work more collaboratively with across teams inside business groups and adopt more agile development practices.
  • Emerging & Disruptive Technologies: A Practical Guide to Build vs. Buy Recorded: Sep 19 2018 40 mins
    Simon Jones, CMO, PubNub
    When building products, it’s not as simple as deciding whether you want to build from scratch, or buy an out-of-the-box solution. With so many services, frameworks, APIs, and solutions available on the market today, the equation of how much you want to build, and how much you want to buy, can be difficult to solve.

    In this webinar, we’ll lay down the landscape for build vs. buy in 2018. We’ll show you the benefits of both hosted and open source solutions, and when it’s best to choose each. From security, to time to market, to reliability, build vs. buy can make or break your product. This is a webinar you don’t want to miss.
  • DevTALK: Is a game really multiplayer without chat? Recorded: Aug 28 2018 22 mins
    Jordan Schuetz, Developer Relations Manager at PubNub
    The most commercially successful multiplayer titles all deliver fast, reliable ways to communicate. Unfortunately, most game developers don’t have the budget of EA to deliver it. So how do you do it?

    In this webinar, we’ll walk through best practices and design patterns for building text chat into your multiplayer game, including infrastructure, user management, and how it works with your existing game servers.
  • TechTALK: Top 8 Things When Considering Chat and Mobile Recorded: Aug 22 2018 22 mins
    Johnathan Flowers, Sr Product Marketing Manager
    Extending chat to mobile customers is one of the hottest topics in mobile engagement. With mobile devices playing an increasingly important role in both e-commerce and in-store spending, connecting with customers wherever they are has become more important than ever. And just as live chat has become a critical part of customer engagement on your website, it’s just as important on your mobile site and mobile app!

    The shift from desktop to mobile among online consumers is incontrovertible and is accelerating in a variety of ways, including mobile commerce volume, research of products and services, and expectations of service levels. Professionals in e-commerce, marketing, customer service, and customer experience are aggressively deploying strategies to meet customers where they are and to deliver the services and experiences customers want and expect. Live chat has become an expected service on traditional websites and now has the highest customer service rating among online service channels (Forrester, 2017). Live chat on mobile is now expected to standard. Your selection of a great mobile chat solution can have important and enduring implications for your business, and careful consideration of your options is imperative.

    In this webinar, we’ll be going over the TOP 8 things to considering as you think about Chat and Mobile.
  • TechTALK: Why next-generation businesses are focusing on time as their #1 asset Recorded: Aug 15 2018 32 mins
    Joe Hanson, Sr Content Marketing Manager, PubNub
    For the modern business - time is everything, and every millisecond counts. In fact, time is the #1 asset to any business.

    In this webinar, we’ll show you why time is so important and how to best utilize the small window you have.

    Key takeaways:
    *Learn about information decay, and why it’s accelerating.
    *What information decay means for your business, and why managing time is imperative to a modern business’s success.
    *What technologies and services can be used to take advantage of small amounts of time.
PubNub Powering RealTime Apps That Get to Market First
PubNub is the best way to build and scale real-time applications like chat, consumer IoT, and real-time mapping. Build quickly with pre-built SDKs, integrations, and serverless computing at the edge; then scale on a global network that delivers any message in under a quarter of a second with five 9’s reliability guaranteed.

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  • Title: DevTALK: Arduino Microcontrollers and the Future of IoT
  • Live at: Jun 26 2018 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jordan Schuetz, Developer Relations Manager at PubNub
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