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The Future of Cloud: 2020 and Beyond

Knowing how to remain agile, secure and scalable in today's ever-changing IT landscape is more important than ever. Tune in with experts live from the ExcEL, London, to discuss the latest trends, technologies and advancements in Cloud Computing, to 2020 and beyond.

Topics will include:
- DevOps: how-to's and why it's a must
- Next-gen cloud security and data protection
- Cloud and blockchain in the enterprise and what it means for your organization
- Data Centers on-prem vs. in the cloud
- AI and Cloud: is your infrastructure AI-ready?

This live panel will be streamed directly from London. Join us from the comfort of your desk and get all your cloud questions answered!

Moderator: Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum
Panelists: Sean Roberts, GM - Public Cloud Center of Excellence, Ensono
Sunil Choudrie, Senior Product Marketing, Symantec
Andy Hardy, VP EMEA, Nasuni
Recorded Mar 12 2019 45 mins
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Presented by
Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Sean Roberts, Ensono | Sunil Choudrie, Symantec | Andy Hardy, Nasuni
Presentation preview: The Future of Cloud: 2020 and Beyond

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  • Can Data Centers Handle the Increased Remote Working Caused by Coronavirus? Recorded: Mar 31 2020 61 mins
    Moderator: Elisabeth Thomas | Panellists: Jeanne Morain, Simon Ratcliffe
    With Coronavirus having infected 785,000 people worldwide at the time of writing, many companies are enforcing a remote working rule to protect its workforce and minimize the threat of the virus. As such, there will be increased use of online conferencing tools and monitoring tools to remotely manage IT workloads and continue business as usual.

    Data center operators are taking steps to ensure continued operations, and also to provide mission-critical technology to support first responders, hospitals and public agencies reacting to COVID19’s impact.

    But how do data center operators ensure their digital infrastructure can handle this much use? Join this panel of experts as they discuss:

    - Preparing for the increase of hospitals’ use of data centers for data and image storage and transmission
    - Ensuring business as usual for companies’ sudden switch to a temporarily remote workforce
    - How to ensure your investments in maintaining continued operations during this period last beyond the threat of Coronavirus

    Moderator: Elisabeth Thomas, Launch Product Marketing
    Panellists: Jeanne Morina - Founder, iSpeak; Simon Ratcliffe - Principal Consultant, Ensono
  • IT Resilience in a World of Risk Recorded: Mar 11 2020 23 mins
    Steve Blow, Systems Engineering Manager UK, Zerto (interviewed by Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono)
    IT professionals are under tremendous pressure to ensure IT Resilience and that business technology services are protected and available 24/7, regardless of risk. Lost or corrupted data can cause the customer experience to suffer enormously and balloon into business liabilities.

    Having the right tools in place to simplify and deliver on IT resilience is therefore essential in today’s world of risk, whether planned or unplanned.

    Join this session to discover:
    - The biggest challenges that are overlooked when protecting your organizations from Ransomware
    - How to solve Ransomware recovery challenges
    - What is the level of complexity in installation and management of recovery
  • Surviving Ransomware Recorded: Mar 11 2020 51 mins
    Ensono | Zerto | Crisis Team | Cybersec Innovation Partners | Meta Defence Labs
    The estimated cost of ransomware for 2019 is $11.5bn, more than many global industries and markets. Think about that, the total cost of ransomware for this year will be more than many Fortune 1000 organizations make in revenue.

    The cost of ransomware isn’t simply the requested ransom, something most will recommend you don’t pay. It’s the cost of recovery, the cost of data loss, the loss in productivity, the intangible damage to your reputation and the most direct cost: a disruption of your services. With the prevalence and also ingenuity behind Ransomware attacks prevention isn’t the answer.

    Organizations have never had success stopping attacks. To survive, they need to build a strong internal security culture that mitigates risk. Surviving the accident is what’s important, not preventing it in the first place.

    Panel moderated by: Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono
    Panelists: Steve Blow, UK Systems Engineering Manager, Zerto
    Bill Mew, CEO & Founder, Crisis Team
    Chani Simms, Managing Director, Meta Defence Labs
  • Enterprise Security in a Multi-Cloud World Recorded: Mar 11 2020 53 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Kevin Bailey, Omnisperience | Martin McCloskey, Octopus Labs
    Due to the fast pace of cloud adoption, enterprises worldwide are looking to employ cloud security solutions to safeguard their data and workloads. Join industry experts as they discuss and debate the best strategies for breach prevention and how to make sure your practicing cyber hygiene in a world of multi-cloud computing.

    Topics for discussion will include:

    - How to adopt a multi-cloud security strategy
    - Addressing your cyber risks and challenges
    - Managing vulnerabilities, detecting breaches and responding to incidents
    - Recommendations for improving enterprise cloud security
    - Why prevention has failed insider threat

    Moderated by: Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono
    Martin McCloskey, Senior Security Operations Analyst, Octopus Labs
    Kevin Bailey, Managing Director & Principal - Security Research, Omnisperience
  • Digital Transformation at the Edge Recorded: Feb 20 2020 33 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono
    This webinar will examine Edge Computing across a variety of environments and discuss how to build a stable, secure and manageable Edge environment that can form the foundation for transformational change within organisations. Edge is not a new idea but exploiting the Edge effectively does require some new thinking some of which is counter-intuitive in the modern cloud centric world in which we operate. 5G is going to unleash a whole new wave of possibilities around remote devices and as IT functions we are going to be under more and more pressure to deliver on the promise so we need to get our houses in order and build a platform that will act as a springboard and not pitch us flat on our faces.
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) – Taming complexity in the digital era Recorded: Jan 29 2020 38 mins
    Oliver Presland, VP Product Management, Ensono and Mitch Mecum, Director, AppDynamics
    Gartner predicts that APM will be deployed to 20% of all enterprise applications by 2021.

    Digital customer experience (CX) expectations continue to grow, while the modern applications and infrastructures that support them increase in complexity. This represents a constant challenge for both applications and infrastructure teams, who need to work even more closely to meet the business demand for high performance reliable applications. Traditional methods of managing application performance are struggling to keep up in a multi-cloud, multi-stack world.

    Hear from leading managed service provider, Ensono and APM software market leader, AppDynamics (a Cisco company) who have developed a solution for enterprise organizations; APM as a managed service.

    Learn about the problems that APM has solved for real world clients and the benefits delivered to business, application and infrastructure leaders.
  • Mainframe 2020 and beyond: Major market trends and opportunities Recorded: Jan 23 2020 26 mins
    Oliver Presland Ensono, Mark Anzani IBM, Matthew Roseblade IBM and Bryan Glick ComputerWeekly
    The tried-and-true mainframe is still alive and kicking in data centres across the world, just as it has been for decades. The difference is that in today’s technology landscape mainframes have new integral functions as key components within hybrid cloud architectures, and even as new foundations for mainframe as-a-service delivery models.

    Suffice it to say, mainframes are here for the long term, and they’re continuing to evolve.

    Tune into this webcast to hear ComputerWeekly’s editor-in-chief Bryan Glick curate a discussion between leading mainframe experts from Ensono and IBM about the role of mainframes in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape – and hear their predictions about the evolution of mainframes beyond 2020.
  • Windows & SQL 2008 Server End Of Support: Your Opportunity To Modernize Recorded: Dec 12 2019 43 mins
    Nathaniel Hang, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft and James Berman, Business Strategy and Development, Public Cloud
    After July 9th, SQL Server 2008 will no longer be supported by Microsoft, with Windows Server 2008 soon to follow in Jan 2020. This means no more security updates, performance updates or patches from Microsoft, unless you take action now to extend support and continue to protect your business.

    In this webinar, we'll discuss:
    - The impact end of support will have on your organization
    - Our 2008 End of support migration framework
    - Case studies: Get first hand insights into what our clients are doing
    - The Solution: SQL Server modernization in Azure
    - The time is NOW to migrate and modernize. Options available for you to get started on.
  • Your Stories of Digital Transformation Recorded: Dec 3 2019 56 mins
    Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum I Beth Williams, Dell EMC | Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono
    In Episodes 1 and 2 of Digital Transformation in Action, we’ve defined what the term really means as we head into 2020 and discussed how to build a skilled, agile Digital Transformation team.

    We’re now ready to hear from those at the coal face.

    How have others approached Digital Transformation in their business, what did they wish they’d known before they started, and what one piece of advice would they give to those about to embark on their own journey?

    Join us for Episode 3 of Digital Transformation in Action, where our expert panel will share their stories of Digital Transformation, discuss how to overcome the inevitable challenges and share their successes.

    Continue the conversation in our LinkedIn Groups:
    Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cloud Group : https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1120997/
    The Virtualization and Cloud Computing Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/57400/
  • AI, Infrastructure and Cloud - is your Infrastructure AI-Ready? Recorded: Nov 19 2019 38 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono
    Discover whether your infrastructure lacks support for AI, where these discrepancies lie, and where the cloud comes in.

    Artificial Intelligence is only as effective as the infrastructure on which it is built. Failing to provide that infrastructure can lead to catastrophic failure of an AI implementation. Building an effective AI infrastructure demands a strategic view of the storage, networking and data requirements of the AI platform. This webinar will examine the very specific requirements for an AI infrastructure, help determine where the gaps exist and make recommendations that can help your AI implementation succeed.
  • Mainframe In The Age Of Cloud, Old Workhorse Meets New Reality Recorded: Oct 30 2019 48 mins
    Chris Gardner, Principal Analyst, Forrester, Jens Teagan, SVP of Strategy, Ensono, Manoj Krishnan, General Manager, Wipro
    The efforts to modernize mainframe operations in the cloud era are more nuanced than many would expect. Organizations that envision mainframe as a key component of their hybrid IT moving forward believe evolving mainframe processes is essential.

    Hosted by Jens Teagan, Senior VP of Technology and Strategy at Ensono, and Manoj Krishnan, General Manager, Wipro, this webinar explores the role of mainframe modernization in various organizations’ transformation strategies, the tactics they choose, and the benefits they expect to achieve by changing their tactics.

    Join guest speaker Chris Gardner, Principal Analyst in Forrester’s Infrastructure and Operations research group, in this engaging webinar as he reviews key findings from a study that Ensono and Wipro commissioned from Forrester, such as:

    -- 77% of organizations are prioritizing mainframe modernization over the next 12 months
    -- More than 40% of organizations still run critical ERP, Finance and HR systems on the mainframe
    -- Surprisingly, 27% of respondents see mainframe running next gen workloads like Blockchain.
  • The IT Architect of the Future Recorded: Oct 17 2019 38 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, CIO Advisor and Mentor, IT Evangelist
    The role of the architect has changed dramatically in the past few years and is headed for even more change as the landscape of possible technology options is only going to increase. Faced with a list of options that is increasing almost daily across a highly competitive landscape, many architectural decisions have become an exercise in avoiding error rather than exploring possibility.

    Whilst an acceptance of failure is becoming the norm in smaller development faced activities, architects must make big decisions that can affect the entire operation of an organisation. This webinar explores some ideas for architectural best practice and mechanisms for reducing risk whilst empowering architects to unleash some of the exciting new options available to them.
  • Learning From Other Industries to Break the Rules of Transformation Recorded: Oct 16 2019 47 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, CIO Advisor and Mentor, IT Evangelist
    Digital Transformation is an over-used phrase and one that is often used to describe what is
    essentially business transformation that is underpinned by technology. Does this mean that
    these transformations are deeply vertical and need deep industry experience to be

    In this webinar we examine how organisations can learn from other industry
    sectors and also from breaking the standard rules within their own industry.

    In this webinar, listeners will be able to learn:
    - How do we look across industries and learn from success in others?
    - How do we escape from the ‘me too’ transformational activity and break away from trying to keep up and get in front?
  • Serverless, DevOps and the Next Generation of Cloud Recorded: Oct 9 2019 50 mins
    Bruno Kurtic, SumoLogic | James Holt, Independent Consultant | Bradley King, Scality | Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at Digital Transformation Expo Europe as they discuss the evolution of DevOps, FaaS/serverless architectures and what to expect for the next generation of Cloud.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world renowned Cloud, IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Architecture leaders while they discuss the following:

    - The evolution of Lambda, Kubernetes and other container orchestration platforms
    - How can your IT architecture be serverless and what does this mean for your DevOps teams?
    - The shift towards Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) as the next computer service

    This live panel will be streamed directly from the ExCeL London! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Panelists include:
    Bruno Kurtic, Founding VP, Product & Strategy, SumoLogic
    James Holt, Independent Consultant
    Bradley King, Co-Founder & Field CTO, Scality

    Moderated by:
    Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono
  • Powering and Securing the Digital Enterprise Recorded: Oct 9 2019 44 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Hugo Harber, Vodafone | Dr Richard Ford, Cyren | Imran Idrees, Cisco Meraki
    Join this live panel discussion with experts at Digital Transformation Expo Europe for a deep dive into best practices for powering and securing today's digital enterprise.

    Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world Security, Cloud and Business leaders while they discuss the following:

    - What it means to become a digital enterprise and notes from the field
    - How to develop a successful digital strategy, including moving your enterprise to containers, backup and recovery, storage and more
    - The key role of security and data protection when it comes to digital transformation

    This live panel will be streamed directly from the ExCeL London! Join us for live Q&A from the comfort of your desk.

    Panelists include:
    Hugo Harber, Head of Enterprise Portfolio, Vodafone
    Dr Richard Ford, CTO, Cyren
    Imran Idrees, Marketing Manager, Cisco Meraki

    Moderated by:
    Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist, Ensono
  • A Guide to Navigating Cost, Security and Risk in a Multi-Cloud Environment Recorded: Sep 12 2019 49 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, CIO Advisor and Mentor, IT Evangelist
    The majority of organisations today are running their IT estate across multiple platforms including private clouds, on-premise data centres, software as a service, and public clouds. Whilst this flexibility can drive significant business benefit, there are a number of key areas of operations and governance that require a different approach. Many organisations have suffered from cost management challenges despite the claims of many cloud providers that their platform will create savings and so we will examine options for effective cost management that actually work – and the pitfalls to avoid!

    Cloud itself has a well-established security pedigree but managing security and risk across multiple clouds adds a layer of complexity that can lead to issues and so we will explore some of the key risks in such an environment and suggest how these can also be mitigated.
  • [Panel] Exploring Cloud Storage, Networking and Backup Best Practices in 2020 Recorded: Sep 10 2019 42 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe, Ensono | Laura Jordana, Nutanix | Kiran Sirupa, Anuta Networks | Mike Goulding, Virtuozzo
    As we look ahead to 2020, join leading cloud storage, networking and backup experts as they share adoption, practice and deployment best practices.

    From learning how cloud is changing networking, to ramping up your storage infrastructure and implementing best-in-class backup strategies, this panel will uncover all you need to know about next-gen cloud storage, networking and backup.

    Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant, Ensono

    Laura Jordana, Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix
    Kiran Sirupa, Director of Marketing, Anuta Networks
    Mike Goulding, Sales Engineer, Virtuozzo
  • Successful compliance and governance in a cloud-first world Recorded: Jul 23 2019 30 mins
    Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum and Sean Roberts, General Manager, Public Cloud, Ensono
    Every organization is moving to the public cloud in order to scale and innovate. With that comes challenges in securing and monitoring environments as you continue to grow.

    Wherever you are in your cloud journey, if compliance and governance is a concern to you, then participating in this webinar is vital.

    Learn from cloud experts Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum and Sean Roberts, General Manager, Public Cloud, Ensono on:
    •What does cloud governance truly mean and why it is so important
    •The 3 steps you need to take to make yourself secure and compliant in the public cloud
    •.How can customers effectively brace new cloud technologies to drive innovation
    and more!
  • How to Ensure You're Delivering On The Promise of Cloud Recorded: Mar 28 2019 25 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe - Principal Consultant, Sean Roberts - VP Public Cloud, Steve Braden - Senior Product Manager, Public Cloud
    Leading managed services provider Ensono talk about delivering on the promise of cloud and how it is a critical element of your modernisation and transformation journey. Listen to Simon Ratcliffe, Sean Roberts and Steve Braden discuss what to do once you’re in the public cloud as well as other important topics such as innovation in the cloud.

    Simon, Sean and Steve will cover area such as:

    •Once you get to the cloud, what do you do there?
    •How do you get more out of the cloud and continue to drive innovation as well as control costs, boost agility etc.
    •What does transformation really mean?
    •Concept of continuous innovation
    •Cloud as a platform for digital transformation (AI, automation, CX, IoT etc)
    •Intelligent cloud

    If you have further questions for either Simon, Sean or Steve you can email them here.


    Alternatively you can check out this link: https://info.ensono.com/CNT_ENS_Cloud_Transformation_Integrated_NA_Q219_LP.html
  • 6 Things to Consider when Developing a Cloud Strategy and Roadmap Recorded: Mar 21 2019 30 mins
    Simon Ratcliffe - Principal Consultant, Sean Roberts - VP Public Cloud
    Leading managed services provider Ensono talk about how to develop a cloud strategy and roadmap and how it is a critical element of your modernisation and transformation journey. Listen to Simon Ratcliffe and Sean Roberts discuss the crucial steps when moving applications and workloads to the cloud as well as other important topics.

    Simon and Sean will cover area such as:

    •IT Cloud Culture – big bang or evolution?
    •Steps for moving applications and workloads to the cloud
    •Bridging the gap in a hybrid world
    •Steps to public cloud migration
    •Security in the public cloud
    •Budgeting in the cloud – how lots of organisations get this badly wrong and how to budget correctly.

    If you have further questions for either Simon or Sean you can email them here.


    Alternatively you can check out this link:
Operate for today, optimize for tomorrow
For business leaders managing lots of complexity or disrupting the status quo, Ensono delivers complete hybrid IT solutions, from cloud to mainframe, tailored to each client’s journey. Whether you’re leveraging the power of the cloud or modernizing legacy technologies, you’ll be on track to operate for today and optimize for tomorrow. Some of the world’s most successful companies rely on us to help them be great at what they do. We have over 2,100 associates across North America and Europe and are headquartered in greater Chicago, Illinois. Visit us at www.ensono.com

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  • Title: The Future of Cloud: 2020 and Beyond
  • Live at: Mar 12 2019 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Sean Roberts, Ensono | Sunil Choudrie, Symantec | Andy Hardy, Nasuni
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