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Data Xpresso: What changing tech investment plans mean for data and analytics

What are industry experts saying about changing investment priorities? What does this mean for your business now and in the long-term? Find out in this webinar.
Necessity is the mother of innovation as the saying goes and this is certainly true in the current environment. A tough operating climate is forcing organizations to rethink how they leverage technology investments and accelerate their adoption to support the business.
In this episode of Data Xpresso, we'll take a look at what the industry experts are saying and their view on changing technology investment priorities specifically relating to cloud, analytics and machine learning. Most importantly, we’ll be addressing what this means for businesses in the short and longer term.
Recorded Jun 2 2020 23 mins
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Presented by
Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
Presentation preview: Data Xpresso: What changing tech investment plans mean for data and analytics

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  • Black Box KI entschlüsselt - Erklärbarkeit und Nachvollziehbarkeit in der Praxis Recorded: Mar 23 2021 29 mins
    Jens Beyer, Data Science Consultant bei Lavrio.Solutions und Carsten Weidmann, Technical Alliance Manager bei Exasol
    Setzen Sie KI bereits aktiv in Ihre Entscheidungsprozesse ein oder ist dieses Werkzeug eher eine mysteriöse Black Box für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen?

    KI galt lange als mysteriöse Wundertüte, deren Ergebnisse wir Menschen einfach hinnehmen müssen und die von unserer Einflussnahme losgelöst sind. Doch in der Praxis existieren hervorragende Technologien, die Entscheidungen von KI nachvollziehbar und gleichzeitig greifbarer für uns machen.

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar:

    • Wie interpretierbare KI-Vorhersagen die Akzeptanz von KI erhöhen
    • In welchen Formen die Erklärbarkeit bei KI vorkommt
    • Mit welcher spieltheoretischen Methode sich Vorhersagen einzeln gut erklären lassen

    Gemeinsam mit unserem Partner Lavrio.Solutions entschlüsseln wir das Geheimnis der „KI“ und machen sie anhand von Praxisbeispielen erklär- und nachvollziehbar.
  • How to work with JSON in the world of Big Data Recorded: Dec 2 2020 40 mins
    Franz Schwab, Senior Sales Engineer
    Are you spending too much time processing semi-structured data? There’s an answer.
    In this webinar, Franz Schwab, senior sales engineer at Exasol, will:
    - Show you how to process semi-structured JSON data in Exasol using real world customer examples
    - Run a demo detailing the technical steps you need to take to load data from an AWS Kinesis Data Stream and process it with the new built-in JSON functions of Exasol 7.0

    Register now to join the session.
  • How a multi-tenancy setup benefits from Exasol V7 Recorded: Nov 4 2020 26 mins
    Florian Wenzel, Senior Sales Engineer
    Are you struggling with managing your available resources? Do you want to allocate these resources more in line with the needs of your business?
    Multi-tenancy is an important topic for organizations across many industries, especially those such as web analytics, financial services or healthcare.
    Tenants may even have direct access to the database to connect their BI or data science tool of choice for ad-hoc reporting. In this webinar we will highlight new features of Version 7 that allow you to meet additional requirements that arise from such a setup, such as guaranteeing a fair sharing of resources for all tenants. Register to find out more.
  • Strategische Entscheidungen schneller treffen mit Datavault Builder und Exasol Recorded: Sep 30 2020 55 mins
    Petr Beles (Datavault Builder), Carsten Weidmann (Exasol) & Till Sander (areto consulting GmbH)
    Datavault Builder 5 und Exasol Version 7 sind eine unschlagbare Kombination. Durch die Verwendung der neuen Exasol-Hash-Typen und der von Datavault Builder speziell optimierten Patterns kann die Ladegeschwindigkeit für Hubs und Satelliten um bis zu 388% gesteigert werden.

    In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie nicht nur, wie dieses Ergebnis zustande kommt, sondern auch wie Sie dank Data Warehouse Automatisierung ohne zusätzliche Aufwände in den Genuss dieser außerordentlichen Geschwindigkeit kommen und wie viel Spaß Data Vault Modellierung dadurch mit Exasol macht.

    Gemeinsam mit unserem Partner areto consutling GmbH erläutern wir Ihnen die Vorteile, die sich aus der Kombination der beiden Lösungen ergeben:
    • Zeitersparnis
    • Agilität
    • Skalierbarkeit
  • Data Xpresso: Working in the tech industry - a glimpse behind the scenes Recorded: Sep 1 2020 24 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    There are many exciting career opportunities in the technology industry and we want to give you a glimpse behind the curtain. Drawing on our experiences from working in different parts of the tech and analytics markets, we’ll share what it’s like to work for an analytics software company and how it compares to previous roles we had as analysts and consultants using analytics solutions.
  • Data Xpresso: Technology innovation with Yellowfin Recorded: Aug 25 2020 20 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    Organizations around the world are ready to go beyond reports and dashboards and are building analytical applications that are fully integrated into every aspect of their business. This impacts the traditional service BI and analytics provide to the business and requires an increasing focus on technology working hand-in-hand with people and processes. Join us for this conversation with Daniel Shaw-Dennis, SVP Global Strategy, Growth & Alliances at Yellowfin, who together with his team is working with customers globally to achieve this technology innovation.
  • Data Xpresso: How 2020 transformed enterprise decision making Recorded: Aug 18 2020 22 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    We all wish we could make better, faster and more informed decisions but many of us are struggling. Yet according to a McKinsey survey there is compelling evidence to suggest there’s a strong correlation between quick decisions and good ones. In this week’s episode of DataXpresso we explore some of the ways in which decision making is being transformed and provide suggestions about how it can be improved.
  • Data Xpresso: Hiring During COVID-19 Recorded: Aug 11 2020 22 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    COVID-19 caused massive disruption in job markets around the world. Who are the kinds of companies looking for talent right now? And what role does analytics play in the hiring process?
    Join us on Tuesday, 11 August at 2.30pm BST as we explore these questions.
  • Data Xpresso: Powering data science with GPUs Recorded: Aug 4 2020 17 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    The availability of GPUs for data science and machine learning applications gives organizations the chance to get more value from their data while remaining flexible and keeping costs under control.
    In this webinar we explore the opportunities that come with GPUs and the potential impact this can have on the work of data scientists who want to accelerate their progress. We will also look at different use cases for running GPUs in the cloud or on premise. Join us and be part of the conversation.
  • Data Xpresso: Industry Spotlight - Retail sector Recorded: Jul 28 2020 26 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    DataXpresso puts a spotlight on the Retail sector. We will discuss how the retail industry is being forced to evolve in light of the changes happening in the world today. What are customers spending their money on and how are their spending habits changing? Tune in to hear more.
  • Exasol V7: an interview with Mathias Golombek, CTO Recorded: Jul 22 2020 24 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    Exasol V7.0 is just around the corner. Hear from our CTO, Mathias Golombek, about the key features and how they can help you extract more value from your data. Mathias will share some behind-the-scenes stories from our R&D team and their development work that turns customer wishes into features and functions.
  • Data Xpresso: How to get your data strategy right Recorded: Jul 21 2020 29 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    Are you building the data strategy for your organization and want to get things right from the beginning? Andy Done shares his experience and insights from years in the data and analytics industry to help you avoid the data strategy pitfalls that startups and established organizations struggle with. Tune in to hear his tips and ask him questions along the way.
  • Data Xpresso: Harnessing customer behavior data to stay relevant in ‘new normal’ Recorded: Jul 7 2020 29 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    According to McKinsey research, organizations that leverage customer behavior data to generate behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.
    Against the backdrop of the pandemic, understanding how key customer segments are emerging, what new patterns of behavior are forming and how preferences are changing has never been more important. Especially when it remains critical to helping organizations stay relevant and plan for the future.

    In this webinar we will explore examples of leading companies adapting to the new normal, examine some of the challenges they face and talk about the customer-driven tactics and strategies data analytics and BI teams can implement now for long-term success.
  • Data Xpresso: How NLP can revolutionize analytics/how we ask questions of data Recorded: Jun 30 2020 23 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist, Exasol
    Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be a game changer in organizations that want all of their people to work with data. But what are the opportunities of using NLP in everyday work?

    In this webinar we talk to Simone di Somma, CEO and Co-Founder of Askdata, a Y Combinator-backed technology startup working at the intersection of NLP and Data Analytics. We’ll dig into how NLP can be used to get answers to questions from the data by leading the process with the user experience and creating an intuitive interface for analytics.
  • How to Work with Row and Column Level Security in Exasol Recorded: Jun 25 2020 36 mins
    Zach Adda, Pre-Sales Engineer, Exasol
    Row Level Security (RLS) and Column Level Security (CLS) play a key role in protecting your organization’s data and helping you adhere to compliance regulations. But how do you get started?

    In this webinar, Zach Adda, pre-sales engineer at Exasol, will take you through a step-by-step guide showing you how easy it is to use, setup and maintain RLS and CLS, all in less than 40 minutes.
  • Data Science als Verbindung von menschlicher und künstlicher Intelligenz Recorded: Jun 24 2020 38 mins
    Carsten Weidmann, Tech Alliance Manager bei Exasol und Oliver Bracht, Chief Data Scientist bei Eoda
    Die Verbindung von menschlicher Expertise und künstlicher Intelligenz bei der Entwicklung von Algorithmen, sowie bei der Auswahl der passenden Technologien in der Anwendung dieser Algorithmen, gehört zu den zentralen Erfolgsfaktoren von Data Science Projekten.

    Im Rahmen dieses Webinars lernen Sie anhand konkreter Praxisbeispiele zur Anomalie-Erkennung, wie Algorithmen in Zusammenarbeit von Data Science Spezialisten und Fachabteilungen erfolgreich entwickelt und unter Einsatz der richtigen Technologien produktiv angewendet werden können.
  • Data Xpresso: How businesses accelerate their analytics to get answers faster Recorded: Jun 23 2020 24 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    Organizations want to speed up their analytics and BI to achieve real-time insights and to handle more data more frequently than ever before. They want to go beyond being responsive and gain a competitive advantage from their data. But how do they do it?
    In this week’s webinar we will look at options for organizations to improve the performance of their analytics environment.
  • Das zukunftsfähige DWH – Vorgehen und Erfolgsfaktoren bei der Modernisierung Recorded: Jun 18 2020 47 mins
    Carsten Weidmann, Technical Alliance Manager bei Exasol & Matthias Braun, Lead Consultant bei Trevisto
    Die meisten Unternehmen stehen heute vor der Herausforderung, ihre Datenbestände schneller nutzbar zu machen, um den Weg zu einem datengetriebenen Unternehmen gehen zu können. Um für die Zukunft gerüstet zu sein, ist es jetzt an der Zeit, bestehende Data- Warehouse-Systeme zu modernisieren. Wenn Sie mehr darüber erfahren möchten, wie Datenbanksysteme lokal verbessert oder in die Cloud verlagert werden können, bietet dieses Kooperations-Webinar mit dem Exasol-Partner Trevisto AG einen fundierten Einstieg.
    Lernen Sie weiterhin in diesem Webinar, wie Sie mit leistungsstarken Komponenten der Analytics-Datenbank von Exasol und einem praxistauglichen bewährten Vorgehen
    • ein existierendes Data Warehouse modernisieren,
    • Datenbestände und Reports migrieren und
    • entscheidende Mehrwerte aus Ihren Daten heben können.

    Außerdem zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie:
    • konsolidierte Daten aus diversen Quellen sinnvoll zusammenbringen
    • in einem hybriden Ansatz flexibel und kostensparend Ressourcen in der Cloud nutzen
    • ein Data Warehouse fehlerfrei in die Cloud migrieren
    • konsequent die Konsistenz Ihrer Metriken sicherstellen sowie
    • eine Datenbank sicher „as-a-Service“ betreiben

    Matthias Braun ist Lead Consultant bei der Trevisto AG. Er leitet umfangreiche Datawarehouse- und Migrationsprojekte. Der Experte erläutert in diesem Webinar, welche Prozesse etabliert sind beim Umzug von Datenbanken, mit welchem Vorgehen es gelingen kann, ein Data Warehouse zu modernisieren und warum die Technologien der neuesten Generation besonders geeignet sind, eine zentrale Datenbank sicher in der Cloud zu betreiben.
  • Data Xpresso: Citizen Data Scientists: the answer to the ‘talent’ gap? Recorded: Jun 16 2020 23 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    In this episode of DataXpresso we will be tackling the subject of citizen data scientists and whether the hype surrounding them can really live up to reality.

    A citizen data scientist (CDS) is broadly defined as an individual that can extract sophisticated insights from data while not requiring the skill and proficiency of an expert data scientist.

    CDSs have been heralded as an answer to the talent gap we see around the scarce, and highly sought after skills needed for data science.

    However, while there are some real benefits to lowering the entry level for data science, what are the practicalities of becoming, or working with, a CDS?
    What steps can we take to identify a potential CDS and ensure their success?

    Tune in on June 16th to learn more.
  • Data Xpresso: Moving to the cloud - managing costs and migration complexities Recorded: Jun 9 2020 21 mins
    Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
    The cloud has become pivotal for businesses that need flexibility and convenience but it might not always be the most cost effective option. To help organizations avoid cost explosions from their cloud deployment we will share our recommendations for planning your move into the cloud.
    We will also address the topic of migrating to the cloud. This comes with its own complexities and we will tackle the question of ‘what is your cloud strategy’ to help you navigate the process more effectively.
We redefine how you work with data
We’re redefining what it means to be an analytics database company. Put simply,
our high-performance in-memory analytics database gives you the power to transform how your organization works with data, on-premises, in the cloud or both – and turn it into value faster,
easier and more cost effectively than ever before.
For further information please visit our website at www.exasol.com

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  • Title: Data Xpresso: What changing tech investment plans mean for data and analytics
  • Live at: Jun 2 2020 1:30 pm
  • Presented by: Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelist,; Eva Murray, Technology Evangelist | Exasol
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