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Vol. 7 DevOps

Recorded Jun 22 2021 25 mins
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Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Keysight)
Presentation preview: Vol. 7 DevOps

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  • テストコンサルタントが考える、自動テストの課題と対応策。 〜次世代自動テストプラットフォーム Eggplantのオートモーティブ業界での適用事例〜 Recorded: Sep 10 2021 58 mins
    Mr. Takayuki Hijikara ( Senior Consultant), Mamezou & Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive, Keysight Technologies

    をメインテーマに、自動テストプラットフォーム Eggplant の活用方法についてお話しします。
  • Building Confidence on the Battlefield: How AI helps decision makers Recorded: Jul 14 2021 42 mins
    Dr. Peter Cherns, Product Manager; Meghan Danielson, Application Engineer; John Hogan, VP of Sales
    Building Confidence on the Battlefield & Behind the Scenes: How AI helps decision makers fill in the blanks

    After decades of AI advances, “we have algorithms today on platforms we’re experimenting with that can get to about 98.8 percent accuracy,” General Mike Murray said, “so actually artificial intelligence has the ability to make us more safe and make better decisions.”

    Similarly, advances in AI-augmented software testing means that we have a vastly better understanding of how critical systems will react in a broad range of scenarios. Essentially, we take the guesswork out of the question “Is this system ready for action? Of all the things that could happen in this system or interface, are any of them likely to cause issues for us where it really matters?”

    In this webinar, we explored how AI can contribute to a better understanding and performance of the technology that warfighters and commanders rely on. The discussion also addressed the challenges of end-to-end testing systems that include AI components, including those that evolve once they are in production environments.

    This webinar originally aired on SIGNAL Magazine and was hosted by George Seffers, Director, Content Development and Executive Editor at SIGNAL Magazine.
  • 未来のテストの可能性を探る: Vol.7 DevOps Recorded: Jul 9 2021 19 mins
    Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Keysight)
    自動テストの「New Normal」を探るべく、今後必要不可欠となる先鋭的テクノロジーの解説を行います。

    そもそも、DevOpsとは? からはじまって、継続的デリバリーやDevOps環境がもたらす「終わりなきテスト項目の増加」への対応に終止符を打つべく、EggplantのDevOpsサークル内での動きを徹底解説します!
  • Test automation the catalyst to digital transformation - a Keysight story Recorded: Jul 8 2021 20 mins
    Dan Krantz, CIO at Keysight
    Modernizing the application architecture of an 80-year-old multinational company is daunting. When it’s a tech company at the forefront of quantum computing and 6G Wireless, velocity matters more than ever. Hear Dan Krantz explain the importance of iteration and automation to transform the underlying application architecture and introduce new ways of working to strengthen the IT-Business partnership in his presentation originally delivered at Gartner AIBSS.
  • APIs accelerate your business – Don’t let testing them slow you down. Recorded: Jun 24 2021 23 mins
    Patrick Grant, CEO, MCANTA; and Lee Frazier, Solutions Engineer, Keysight Technologies
    The global reliance on APIs took off like a rocket, however testing strategy hasn’t kept pace. Organizations everywhere use APIs to reduce costs and make business processes more efficient, yet testing business critical APIs has lagged behind other QA initiatives. Join MCANTA and Eggplant in this “how to” session to explore making API testing easier, reducing risk, and providing better value to your business. This 40-minute webinar will be filled with practical tips as we focus on using the API testing features within the Eggplant DAI suite. We will use Eggplant DAI as our example API endpoint system and use Eggplant functional to authenticate, request data, parse JSON, and email the results. We will wrap it all up with a downloadable suite for you to practice on. Eggplant functional experience is recommended but not required.

    QA fact - The latest World Quality Report suggests that 70% of organizations don’t meet their quality goals.

    Contact us to learn how MCANTA and Eggplant can help you meet your goals and boost your productivity.
  • Vol. 7 DevOps Recorded: Jun 22 2021 25 mins
    Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Keysight)
  • Doing More with Less: Automation in Modern Health Systems Recorded: Jun 10 2021 24 mins
    Jaspar Casey, Keysight Product Marketing Engineer, and Randy Hesse, Keysight Technical Consultant
    Health systems today are under incredible pressure to deliver exceptional care during an unprecedented time with fewer resources available to them. In this webinar, Jaspar Casey, Keysight Product Marketing Engineer, interviews Randy Hesse, Keysight Applications Engineer, on how some of the most innovative health systems have adjusted in the face crisis due to their existing competencies in process automation.
  • L’Intelligence Artificielle au service du Test Automatisé dans le Retail Recorded: May 25 2021 29 mins
    Thierry Zuzel et Anthony Bianay, Keysight Technologies
    Le commerce est devenu omnicanal et de ce fait les architectures applicatives de point de vente n’ont jamais été aussi complexes. Elles doivent aujourd’hui intégrer différents services permettant le traitement des paiements, les programmes de fidélité, les commande via l’application mobile ou le portail web et le suivi du traitement des commandes et des livraisons. Par ailleurs, il ne faut également pas oublier que les applications de paiement utilisées en boutique ou grande surface doivent également répondre à de nouveaux besoins de service et de fiabilité.

    Tous ces environnements intégrés accentuent le risque de disfonctionnement impliquant le besoin d’une meilleure couverture des tests fonctionnels sur l’architecture de bout-en-bout.

    L’expérience client est également au centre du sujet, il est donc important lors des phases de test de s’assurer à la fois de la performance et de l’accessibilité des différents services proposés

    Rejoignez ce webinaire pour découvrir l’approche de Keysight et d’IntelliQA afin de répondre aux exigences actuelles et futures de ce marché.
  • Vol 6. DXの「ホンネ」 Recorded: May 21 2021 34 mins
    Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Keysight)
    自動テストの「New Normal」を探るべく、今後必要不可欠となる先鋭的テクノロジーの解説を行います。

  • Designing the modern workplace, a Keysight story Recorded: May 6 2021 22 mins
    Jaspar Casey, Teddy George, Mark Bajan, Aaron Chaum
    Process automation and artificial intelligence significantly affect the tasks performed by employees and, change the profile of candidates sought by organizations. These groundbreaking changes bring challenges to the management of organizations and the acquisition and retention of talent.

    According to numerous institutions studying this subject, many professions existing today may be eventually replaced by robots and work automation. Experts from PwC estimate that 35% of jobs could be automated by 2035.

    Join this webinar to gain interesting insights on the potential impact of the technology on the nature of work in future, delivered by our guest speakers:

    > Jaspar Casey, Eggplant Product Marketing, Keysight Technologies
    > Teddy George, Head of People at Eggplant, Keysight Technologies
    > Mark Bajan, Head of Talent Acquisition for the Americas, Keysight Technologies
    > Aaron Chaum, Director of M&A, Analytics and Payroll, Keysight Technologies
  • The Need for Continuous Intelligent Automation in Retail Recorded: Apr 22 2021 28 mins
    Toby Marsden, VP Global Alliances, Eggplant & Paul Kaye, Founder and CEO, IntelliQA
    Retail has become a very competitive environment. And Point of Sale (PoS) is more complex than it's ever been before, integrating with a number of platforms for payment processing, rewards programs, mobile ordering, and order fulfilment, making the environment increasingly challenging to test.

    Your PoS is directly linked to your customer’s experience — and to your bottomline. Therefore, you want to make sure it meets your customers' high expectations. Thorough testing of it is the only way of ensuring this. Join this webinar to find out how testing your Point of Sale is a sure step on your route to success.
  • Vol 5. 医療業界でのEggplantの取り組み Recorded: Apr 9 2021 26 mins
    Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Eggplant)
  • Reducing Patient Risk Through Automation Recorded: Mar 18 2021 14 mins
    Anne Foster, Customer Success Consultant at Eggplant
    As healthcare continues to become more digital, automation will be a key player to help maintain high performance and efficiencies between care providers. During this presentation our team will discuss the future of automation in healthcare, the importance of non-invasive EMR testing, and how it can help improve patient outcomes and reduce risk.

    In this video prepared for the HIMSS20 Digital Conference, you will learn about real world automation examples, and how healthcare providers are taking advantage of the digital revolution to transform patient outcomes.
  • Vol 4. Eggplant DAIで実践するユーザビリティテスト Recorded: Mar 12 2021 20 mins
    Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Eggplant)
    社会環境の変動に追随するサービス、サービスの変革を実現するテスト。自動テストの「New Normal」を探るべく、今後必要不可欠となる先鋭的テクノロジーの解説を行います。最新のeggplant導入事例を交え、「未来のテスト」を徹底解剖!
    シリーズ第4回は「DAIで実現するユーザビリティテスティング」です。これまで3回かけて説明してまいりました新しいテスト手法の実装例を、動画を交えて紹介いたします。DX時代、最重要ともいえる “顧客主義” テスト。その重要な要素であるユーザビリティテスティング。じつは手動では困難なこのテストの正体と、その実現方法をわかりやすく解説!
  • Prioritizing Quality During Rapid Technological Transformation in Healthcare Recorded: Mar 11 2021 30 mins
    Toby Marsden, VP Global Alliances, Eggplant & Cathal Murphy, Client Director of Life Sciences, Pharma & Manufacturing, Expleo
    As the healthcare industry has grown increasingly digital, thanks in part to the global pandemic that forced technical evolution, there is a growing expectation for seamless connectivity across EMRs and other hospital systems. In this sector, there is zero excuse for performance issues or downtime. If a nurse can’t enter data into a workflow, numerous problems could arise ranging from inefficiencies through to critical point of care decisions. Human errors, poorly designed systems or systems not functioning properly have patient safety implications.

    Eggplant and Expleo provide hospitals and other healthcare centers with these capabilities and addresses industry-specific considerations. Join us at this webinar to learn how you can successfully navigate through the challenges posed by testing complex, interconnected healthcare environments.

    Expleo is Eggplant’s trusted partner for end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation. Expleo help businesses harness unrelenting technological change to successfully deliver innovations that will help them gain a competitive advantage and improve the everyday lives of people around the globe.
  • vol3, カスタマードリヴンテスティング Recorded: Feb 19 2021 19 mins
    Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Eggplant)
    社会環境の変動に追随するサービス、サービスの変革を実現するテスト。自動テストの「New Normal」を探るべく、今後必要不可欠となる先鋭的テクノロジーの解説を行います。最新のeggplant導入事例を交え、「未来のテスト」を徹底解剖!
    シリーズ第3回は「カスタマードリブンテスティング」です。DX時代は「顧客主義」の時代とも言え、Subscriptionモデルの興隆に代表されるようにサービスの在り方は大きく変革しております。そこで、前2回でご説明した「サービスクオリティ (UX/CX) の確認」を掘り下げて、いま本当に求められるテストの正体をわかりやすく解説します!
  • Software Testing at the Speed of Thought Recorded: Feb 16 2021 39 mins
    Dr Peter Cherns, Michael Johnson & Akhilesh Pokhariyal - Product Managers at Eggplant
    Software Testing at the Speed of Thought: What high-speed computer vision can do for you

    With the fast pace of software release cycles, organisations nowadays need to quickly and easily quantify the impact of software updates, both pre and post release, to ensure continuous quality that delivers business outcomes. Eggplant's solutions, Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) and Monitoring Insights aim to help you impress your customers with amazing digital experiences, and make sure you stay ahead of any curves.

    As we are always looking for new ways of enabling you to wow your customers, we are excited to announce a new product release of DAI - 5.1. The enhancements include:

    Script Execution in DAI​
    New QA Summary Dashboard
    Automatic adding of new image during auto-healing​
    High-Speed Computer vision service for iOS​
    Insights from RCI Data sets though the new RCI dashboards
    ...and more

    We will also cover the new features of Monitoring Insights such as WebHooks that can be selectively triggered per monitor/step level and quashed until a defined number of successive failures occur​.

    Join this webinar to learn more!
  • Transform Automotive Software and System Testing with Intelligent Automation Recorded: Feb 4 2021 66 mins
    Marty Gubow (Keysight), Gareth Smith, CTO (Eggplant), and Antony Edwards, COO (Eggplant)
    With the ongoing evolution of car electronics, creating reliable, high-quality, high-impact software and electronic systems for the automotive sector has never been more important. Testing is critical to realizing that goal. But why test harder, when you can test smarter?

    Tune in to this special replay of Eggplant's webinar with Keysight, Transform Automotive Software and System Testing with Intelligent Automation, to:

    - Improve your automotive software and system testing
    - See a live demo of Eggplant Software testing an in-vehicle infotainment system
    - Learn about automation integration
    - Find out how to use AI to transform testing
  • 未来のテストの可能性を探る Vol.2 探索型テストはどう再現する? Recorded: Jan 22 2021 18 mins
    Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Eggplant)
    前回、デジタルツインと探索型テストの可能性について解説いたしましたが... 今回は、「それをどうやって実現するか」についてご説明します。
  • Mission Ready Software: Non-Invasive Test Automation for Command and Control Recorded: Jan 21 2021 33 mins
    Steve M. Barreto, Eggplant Solutions Architect, & Kelly Caulk, Eggplant Account Director for Defense and Aerospace
    Intelligent test automation in defense and aerospace not only enables organizations to test hundreds of scenarios quickly to ensure mission success, but it also allows testing to scale as technology matures. However, as technology becomes more interconnected maintaining privacy and security are critical yet challenging components of testing requirements.

    Penetrating the application or accessing the source code during the testing process could unintentionally introduce vulnerabilities. So, how can organizations introduce test automation without inadvertently exposing classified information or increasing the attack surface?

    In this webinar, Eggplant’s own Steve M. Barreto, Solutions Architect, and Kelly Caulk, Account Director for Aerospace and Defense, answer just that and discuss why a non-invasive testing solution is mission critical for aerospace and defense. Tune in to learn:

    •Why defense and aerospace organizations buy automation solutions
    •What “non-invasive test automation” means
    •Eggplant’s approach to non-invasive automation with a GIS demo
On a mission to rid the world of bad software.
Eggplant is now part of Keysight Technologies.

Keysight Technologies Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) is the world’s leading electronic measurement company, transforming today’s measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions. With its Hewlett-Packard and Agilent legacy, Keysight delivers solutions in wireless communications, aerospace and defense and semiconductor markets with world-class platforms, software and consistent measurement science. The company’s nearly 12,600 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries.

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  • Title: Vol. 7 DevOps
  • Live at: Jun 22 2021 10:37 am
  • Presented by: Mr. Shun Nishimura - ASEAN Promotion Specialist (ADOC), Aika Matsuda – APAC Channel Account Executive (Keysight)
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