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Triodos Microfinance Fund update and insights

With the pandemic many of the Sustainable Development Goals have been seriously set back. How are microfinance institutions and banks navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact and how can they contribute to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals?

How does this affect Triodos Microfinance Fund, and what is our outlook? What makes the 2021 wave(s) different from 2020, and what is the fund’s roadmap for 2022?

Also, we have asked Caspar Sprokel to take us on a deep dive into a recent equity investment in KoinWorks, a digital lending platform. This investment in Indonesia marks the first fintech equity investment by Triodos Microfinance Fund.

Register now and join us for this webinar, which also offers ample room for your questions. The live webinar will be moderated by Els Ankum-Griffioen, Institutional Investor Relations Manager.
Recorded Sep 7 2021 42 mins
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Els Ankum-Griffioen
Presentation preview: Triodos Microfinance Fund update and insights

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  • Impact investing in bonds Recorded: Sep 27 2021 48 mins
    Adam Robbins
    For many investors, bonds of all categories are an important part of their investment portfolio. At the same time, many investors increasingly aspire to align their investment portfolio with their values and invest for positive impact. Even if, from a pure financial return perspective, investing in bonds may not look interesting in the current circumstances, the impact return of bond investments can be very rewarding.
    Impact investing in bonds

    Join us for the joint Triodos Investment Management and Wire Group webinar on 27 September. In this webinar, we will shine a light on the current bond environment and explain why bonds remain an interesting asset class. And, of course, we will also show how you can be a successful impact investor in bonds.

    The webinar is moderated by Adam Robbins, Senior Investor Relations Manager at Triodos Investment Management.

    • Rutger Schreuder - Conscious Wealth Portfolios & Impact Measurement
    • William de Vries - Director Impact Equities and Bonds, Triodos IM
    • Adam Robbins, moderator - Sr. Investor Relations Manager, Triodos IM

    Register now for and learn more about:
    • Why investing in bonds in the current circumstances;
    • How to include impact in your fixed income investment decision making;
    • How to achieve positive impact through investing in bonds.
  • Triodos Microfinance Fund update and insights Recorded: Sep 7 2021 42 mins
    Els Ankum-Griffioen
    With the pandemic many of the Sustainable Development Goals have been seriously set back. How are microfinance institutions and banks navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact and how can they contribute to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals?

    How does this affect Triodos Microfinance Fund, and what is our outlook? What makes the 2021 wave(s) different from 2020, and what is the fund’s roadmap for 2022?

    Also, we have asked Caspar Sprokel to take us on a deep dive into a recent equity investment in KoinWorks, a digital lending platform. This investment in Indonesia marks the first fintech equity investment by Triodos Microfinance Fund.

    Register now and join us for this webinar, which also offers ample room for your questions. The live webinar will be moderated by Els Ankum-Griffioen, Institutional Investor Relations Manager.
  • Powerful Potential - Launching Triodos Emerging Markets Renewable Energy Fund Recorded: May 11 2021 56 mins
    Shawn Westcott
    From the triple perspective of impact, risk, and return, investing in renewable energy in emerging countries builds a solid investment case. Combining our long experience and strong expertise we are launching Triodos Emerging Markets Renewable Energy Fund.

    Moderator Shawn Westcott, Fund manager Angeles Toledo and Georges Beukering from Climate Action Fund give you first-hand insight in the urgency and underlying trends in renewable energy and will discuss in detail the selection and portfolio construction of our new fund, its risk profile, but also in its diversification benefits to your investment portfolio.

    Register now and join us for an energetic roundtable discussion on this exciting topic!
  • Triodos IM: Investing with impact through global small & mid caps Recorded: Mar 30 2021 42 mins
    Wouter van Maanen, Caithlin Marugg, Dirk Hoozemans
    Learn more about how to invest in small and mid cap equities from the perspective of impact, risk and return. Tune in and find out more about:
    - How to achieve positive impact and solid returns through investing in transitions;
    - Why sustainability is more than just looking at ratings;
    - Why active management also means active ownership.

    Register now!
  • Time for different choices - Investment Outlook Recorded: Dec 15 2020 48 mins
    Maritza Cabezas & Joeri de Wilde
    Join Triodos IM economists Maritza Cabezas and Joeri de Wilde for our Investment Outlook webinar about recent economic developments and our investment outlook for 2021. Moderated by Hans Stegeman, they will discuss recent economic and socio-political developments that will determine the investment environment and their consequences for your asset allocation.

    “Investing in impact and transitions will help to reduce risks and offer the best chances of positive long-term returns."
  • Accelerating the food transition Recorded: Nov 16 2020 30 mins
    Els Ankum-Griffioen, Isabelle Laurencin, Thomas Harttung, Benoit Plisson
    The urgency and immediate threat posed by Covid-19 overshadows another crisis already looming, which is how we organize our food system in a world that is rapidly losing fertile soil, where pesticides and herbicides are finally revealing their health hazards, and where consumers are realizing that conventional solutions no longer work, and something must change.

    In the second edition of our webinar series on the transition to a more sustainable food system, we will illustrate trends and market developments. This edition will feature how two companies in our portfolio have been able to stay relevant and financially healthy despite huge challenges in face of Covid-19.

    Our guest speakers are Thomas Harttung of Aarstiderne in Denmark and Benoit Plisson of Hari & Co in France, we are happy to share their stories of creativity and agility.

    They are inspiring pioneers, going the extra mile for the food transition and embedding this in their companies. In our panel discussion, we will elaborate on trends in the food sector in general and how companies in our fund specifically are coping with, or even benefiting from the current situation.

    Register now and join us on the 16th of November!
  • The future of financial inclusion: COVID-19 impact on sustainable banking sector Recorded: Oct 16 2020 48 mins
    Martin Rohner, GABV | Frank Streppel, Triodos IM | Justina Alders-Sheya, Triodos IM
    This webinar is a part of Financial Inclusion Week 2020. In this webinar the lead sustainable finance experts will explore trends, developments, challenges, evolution in sustainable banking and financial inclusion sector as a result of COVID-19.
  • Elephant in the Room: The role of listed fixed income in scaling impact Recorded: Sep 9 2020 46 mins
    Triodos IM | w/ special guests Carmen Nuzzo (PRI) and Jack Heapey (Phenix Capital)
    Join us for a discussion on the role that listed fixed income can play in scaling impact investments. Jeroen van Herwaarden, Fund Manager Listed Fixed Income (Triodos IM), and Adam Robbins, Investor Relations Manager UK (Triodos IM), are joined by responsible and impact investment experts, Carmen Nuzzo, Head of Fixed Income (UN Principles for Responsible Investments), and Jack Heapey, Senior Associate (Phenix Capital), for an open dialogue about what we're calling ‘the elephant in the room’.

    Phenomena like the Make My Money Matter movement (https://makemymoneymatter.co.uk/) in the UK highlights the growing demand from beneficiaries for retirement schemes and pension funds to invest sustainably. We all know that any retirement fund is approximately 80% listed fixed income; however, when looking at the impact investment fund universe, there is very little discussion about this asset class from both the supply and demand sides of the market. How can retirement schemes really approach this massive call to action and reallocate their funds for a better world?

    In this webinar, we will dive into what it means for listed fixed income investors to consider impact and sustainability in their investment decision making and the possibilities of how this massively important asset class can be a scaling force for positive environmental and social impact.

    #ImpactInvesting #ListedFixedIncome #ElephantInTheRoom
  • Driving towards a stronger economy Recorded: Jul 2 2020 43 mins
    Hans Stegeman, Head of Investment Analysis and Economics
    Economies are reopening, but it’s not like old times: the corona crisis has unveiled major flaws and a fundamental lack of resilience in our social and economic system.

    Identifying root causes of a crisis long in the making, we’ve defined roads to recovery. These imply an economic and a social reset, as we cannot go back the way we were. Now is the time to build a better, more resilient and inclusive society.

    Representing impact investor Triodos Investment Management, Hans Stegeman presents concrete measures by governments, businesses and communities. Public funds were deployed on a massive scale early 2020 in the public health crisis, but the lockdowns have caused a chain reaction of unemployment and unrest.

    As Head of Investment Analysis and Economics, Hans will pinpoint the interconnected urgencies in need of change, and how the corona crisis can accelerate a green, resilient economy.

    Main topics:
    •Root causes & the post-corona landscape
    •Examples of sector-by-sector recovery plans and walking the talk
    •The opportunity for private capital in sustainable transition

    This webinar is hosted by Els Ankum-Griffioen of Triodos IM.

    Register now for our webinar on the 2nd of July at 15.00 CET!
  • Financing Green Energy in Emerging Markets Recorded: Jun 25 2020 52 mins
    Els Ankum-Griffioen
    Over the past few years, the prices of solar and wind electricity have quietly been dropping around the world and are now competitive with fossil-fuel electricity.

    Furthermore, recent coronavirus lockdowns have once again shown much of the world the benefits of clear skies and clean air, underlining the point that now is the time for cleaner, scalable energy solutions, especially in markets that have the most to grow.

    Despite ample natural power sources, the share of wind and solar energy in Emerging Markets’ total power production mix is still low, but the benefits could not be greater.

    Join our webinar to learn more about underlying trends, utility-scale renewables, building mini-grids, commercial and industrial projects and how we work in a network of like-minded investors.

    Triodos Investment Management is a global leader in renewable energy investments and has been identified by the leading resource on renewables, Clean Energy Pipeline, as having the highest number of projects in the world.

    Triodos Investment Management’s renewable energy experts will share their experience in making positive impact investable with investment practices that combine social and financial inclusion, fair practice and good governance in renewable energy, including in off-grid solutions, as well as utility-scale renewable energy generation, power efficiency and the democratisation of electricity.

    Triodos IM specialists Karel Nierop and Gerrit-Jan Brunink share their experiences, with SunFunder’s Ryan Levinson as an excellent example of partnership. Our speakers have a vast experience in financing local projects through private equity and private loans, each from their specific angle. We bring you their insights, moderated by Els Ankum-Griffioen of Triodos IM.

    Register now and join us on the 25th of June, 15:30-16:15!
  • Investing in the sustainable food transition Recorded: Apr 23 2020 48 mins
    Els Ankum-Griffioen
    Join our webinar and find out about the newest trends in Private Equity in the food industry, as seen by and for impact investors. Moderated by Els Ankum-Griffioen, today’s speakers include Hendrik Wijnen of DO-IT and Jurriën Appers and Isabelle Laurencin of Triodos Investment Management.

    Systemic change in food and farming is necessary for the future of our planet, therefore Triodos IM actively invests in companies that support this transition towards more organic, plant-based and healthy food, that is sustainably grown. During this webinar you will find out how we approach this important investment opportunity.

    The topics of this webinar:
    - European consumer patterns and patterns in private equity
    - Trends in consumer behaviour towards more health awareness
    - How investee companies grow more market share
    - Search for yield
    - Lessons learned

    Register now and join us on the 23rd of April!
  • Economic Outlook - Global recession inevitable, but where will it end? Recorded: Apr 21 2020 38 mins
    Hans Stegeman & Joeri de Wilde
    Join our webinar with economists Hans Stegeman and Joeri de Wilde for a live discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and financial markets. Despite all the uncertainty surrounding the corona pandemic, it is clear that the economic impact will be severe. Our three recovery scenarios all result in a recession for this year. The eventual recovery will be determined by the severity and duration of the lock-down measures and the implemented fiscal policies. Hans Stegeman, Head of Research and Investment Strategy: "When the time has come to rebuild our economy, monetary and fiscal policies should follow an investment agenda that supports the transition towards a more sustainable world." Investors can contribute to this agenda. Find out how.

    Discussion topics:
    •Economic impact of COVID-19
    •Outlook for 2020/21
    •Three recovery scenarios
    •Tip of the veil: agenda for sustainable transformation

    Register now and join us on 21 April
  • PCAF: Harmonising data for finance's fight against the climate crisis Recorded: Mar 6 2020 34 mins
    Triodos IM | James Niven and Andrea Palmer
    Join James Niven, Triodos Bank's Head of Impact Assessment, and Andrea Palmer, Product Specialist at Triodos Investment Management, for an introduction to the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF). PCAF is a global partnership of financial institutions that work together to develop and implement a harmonised approach to assessing and disclosing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their loans and investments. This webinar explores the PCAF carbon accounting methodologies and explains why this streamlined approach is enabling financial institutions to find common ground on action against the climate crisis.
  • How impact alternatives add value to well-diversified portfolios Recorded: Feb 27 2020 24 mins
    Wouter van Maanen (Investor Relations Manager), Dirk Drukker (Investor Relations Manager)
    Alternative investments can play an important role in setting return expectations, diversification, and the overall risk profile of a portfolio. During the webinar we will take a closer look into how adding alternative investment funds benefits the risk-return characteristics of a broad investment portfolio.
  • Investment Outlook 2020: Living in a castle in the air Recorded: Dec 13 2019 25 mins
    Triodos IM | Hans Stegeman, Joeri de Wilde, Els Ankum-Griffioen
    Join this webinar with Hans Stegeman, Head of Investment Analysis & Economics, and Joeri de Wilde, Investment Strategist, for a live discussion of our views on the economy and financial markets for 2020, moderated by Els Ankum-Griffioen. Accommodative monetary policies by central banks and fiscal stimulus by governments provide a false sense of security and fuel an unsustainable status quo of lower growth and inflated asset prices. In our economic outlook for 2020, we analyse this worrying cocktail. What we need, instead, and more urgently than ever, are targeted green monetary and fiscal policies to secure sustainable economic development.
  • European Fund Sustainability Labels: Navigating the jungle Recorded: Oct 30 2019 60 mins
    Triodos Investment Management | Guest Speakers and moderated by Andrea Palmer
    Join Triodos IM and guest speakers Sebastian Hognabba of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Roland Koelsch of the FNG-Siegel, and Nicolas Redon from Novethic, for a live webinar discussing the European fund labeling landscape.

    Why should investment managers label their financial products? How many funds are choosing to label? And who does this aim to serve and how?

    Several of the major European fund sustainability labeling bodies will introduce their system and present how they arrived at their criteria to serve the needs of their local markets. As a group, we will explore how labeling organisations engage with their stakeholders to set standards that balance expectations, while maintaining a high bar. We will also discuss the role of country or sub-regional level labels in the light of an upcoming European-wide fund labeling scheme introduced by the European Commission.
  • Trends in financial inclusion: Regional perspectives from a global investor Recorded: Oct 24 2019 49 mins
    Triodos Investment Management | Regional experts and moderated by Dirk Elsen, Director Emerging Markets
    Financial Inclusion: For What? is a call to action for our community to reexamine our goals and renew efforts to achieve them. During Financial Inclusion Week this year, October 21-25, 2019, Triodos Investment Management will host a webinar with top experts from Latin America, East and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Africa & Middle East. During the webinar Dirk Elsen, Director Emerging Markets at Triodos Investment Management, together with regional experts will explore trends, developments, challenges, evolution and relevance of financial inclusion in different parts of the world. Expand your knowledge about financial inclusion, learn about the most prominent players in the field, ask questions, join the webinar!
  • Sustainable Investing: Tools to spot the different shades of green Recorded: Oct 4 2019 28 mins
    Triodos Investment Management | Andrea Palmer & Wouter van Maanen
    With the rise of sustainable investing, a spectrum has emerged. We call this the 50 shades of green.

    Triodos IM sustainable investment experts, Wouter van Maanen, Investor Relations Manager, and Andrea Palmer, Product Specialist, will shed light onto the most widely used sustainable investment strategies and dive into the key characteristics that make them each unique. They will explore ESG integration, best-in-class, negative exclusions, and impact investing. This webinar will equip you with the tools to identify the different ‘shades of green’ and to assess which of these strategies best fit your beliefs, needs, and ambitions.
  • Theory of Change: Steering tool for effective impact investing Recorded: Jun 28 2019 30 mins
    Triodos Investment Management | Jacco Minnaar & Hadewych Kuiper
    Join Triodos IM's Jacco Minnaar, Chair of the Management Board, and Hadewych Kuiper, Commercial Director, for a live demonstration of how Triodos IM applies the Theory of Change impact management framework, moderated by Andrea Palmer, Product Specialist.

    The Theory of Change model has been adopted by the impact investment industry to apply logic and continuous feedback loops for effective impact measurement and management. A coherent, consistent practice of high-quality impact measurement and management must be implemented at the core of all organizations seeking to understand and improve their effects on people and planet. Effective measurement and management of impact data is essential if investors are to know whether they are actually achieving the impact they seek. The Theory of Change framework streamlines the processes for investors to translate their impact intentions into real impact results.
  • Impact investing through listed fixed income Recorded: Apr 17 2019 30 mins
    Triodos Investment Management
    In this webinar, we take a close look at impact investing through listed fixed income. Fund Manager, William de Vries, and Portfolio Manager, Rosl Veltmeijer, do a deep dive into the various issuer and bond types they use to construct an effective impact investment portfolio. And, surprise! It’s more than just green bonds.

    They will discuss how they apply a critical, positive impact lens when assessing use of proceeds and project outcomes, and will explore the impact profiles of primary issuances versus secondary market bonds. They will also share their opinions on some of the major green and social bond frameworks and give the honest feedback they think is needed to further develop the market.
Global impact investing
For more than 25 years, Triodos Investment Management has been investing to generate social and environmental impact alongside healthy financial returns. We offer impact investment funds that are suited to the aims of institutionals, intermediaries, and individual investors. Visit us at www.triodos-im.com

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