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Darryl Praill - Going From CMO to CRO - Lessons From The Top

Sales Development sits at the intersection of Marketing, Sales, Ops, Product, and Executives... and the natural result will be Sales Development Leaders bringing those together in their career to become Chief Sales Development Officers and eventually, Chief Revenue Officers.

But what is the process of becoming a CRO? What do you actually have to do to be successful?

OUR guest this week is going through that process now, and breaks down his process specially, the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is critical listening to all the strivers out there who want to leverage their career to new heights!

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Recorded Aug 4 2020 34 mins
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Presentation preview: Darryl Praill - Going From CMO to CRO - Lessons From The Top

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  • Intent data is the next frontier Recorded: Nov 25 2020 29 mins
    Anupreet walks us through his journey to fully leverage a complete ICP, track down intent data from available data signatures, ascend the sales ranks, and bring in Tier 1 VCs. Hold on to your hat as you learn about the future of account profiling in this quantum episode.
  • Courtney McKenzie Newell The Power of Building Your Personal Brand Recorded: Nov 18 2020 30 mins
    Whether you’re new to your career or starting your own business in an entrepreneurial venture, in order to get people interested in your endeavors, you need something to start the process: attention. And attention is harder than ever to get.

    But where do you start? How do you build an authentic brand for your company and / or for yourself in a way that really helps people while achieving your goals?

    That’s where Courtney McKenzie Newell comes in.

    As an expert in getting the word out and get you in front of the right audiences on a grand scale. She worked with some of the most famous brands and helped individuals build their brands in a competitive market.

    Listen to this master!

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    #SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing #salesengagement
  • Personalization at Scale Solved Recorded: Nov 11 2020 31 mins
    Michael Hanson takes us on a journey to Medellin, Colombia, shares insights into how to personalize, practical tips on effective XDR work, and his motivations in the role on this episode for pros.
  • How to succeed in sales today and tomorrow Recorded: Nov 4 2020 33 mins
    On this episode, Tony J. Hughes, one of the top B2B thought leaders of all time, discusses what it really takes to succeed in sales: Product Marketing Fit, Ideal Customer Profile, Buyer Personas, and the Holy Grail of Personalization. This is the session you can't miss where you get an exact actionable blueprint on the steps to take to succeed at sales in the pandemic.
  • JC Otero - Sales and Personal Development: Your Path to Success Recorded: Oct 29 2020 57 mins
    You can look at Sales Development as a tough, endless grind, where each day you face non-stop rejection, upset prospects and lack of support. Or you can look at it like a learning experience, where your contribution to the company really makes a difference and you have a chance to hone your selling skills every day as you move up the ranks. It’s all about perception.

    JC Otero has mastered the abundance mindset, where challenges are welcome, setbacks are chance to learn, and motivation comes from within. He is a student of personal development, and it’s catapulted his career in Sales Development.

    Listen as we dissect how to shift your mentality from scarcity to abundance, and crush your goals like never before!

    Subscribe to the Sales Development Newsletter for weekly updates and new Sales Development research. http://eepurl.com/cPHLsb

    #SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing #salesengagement
  • New Prospecting Strategy: Calendar-First Sales Engagement At-Scale Recorded: Oct 21 2020 32 mins
    Aaron Bollinger, Co-Founder, and CRO is a visionary, he reimagines the way that content can spark meetings automatically. He reimagines with his tech how all the back and forth goes away, the manual processes bogging down sellers can be automated in a futuristic AI-driven world.
  • Megan Heuer - Where do you start with Account Based Sales Development? Recorded: Oct 14 2020 45 mins
    Through her career Megan Heuer has forged a path to become a renowned expert on modern Marketing and Go-to-Market strategy.

    From leading the research team at SiriusDecisions, to running her own business as a highly sought after consultant, she brings a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to this topic that is unmatched.

    We are lucky enough to dive deep with Meg on various topics such as Account Based everything, how SDRs can thrive in conjunction with marketing, research and advisory services in today’s market, leveraging the powerful concept of online communities, and much more.

    You’ll not want to miss this one!

    Never miss an episode and dig into the Archives: Subscribe to the Sales Development Newsletter for weekly updates and new research. http://eepurl.com/cPHLsb

    #SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing #salesengagement
  • Focused & Differentiated, an SDR Mantra! Recorded: Oct 14 2020 29 mins
    In this episode, Gabrielle Blackwell, the SaaStress of SDRs, teaches us about the Eisenhower Matrix, how to truly "focus" our GTM as new biz dev leaders, strategies for differentiation, plus how to stay inspired and organized. She is an innovator and leader in the space who freely shares and empowers the SDR community!
  • Strategies for VP of Sales Excellence Recorded: Oct 8 2020 26 mins
    A seasoned VP Sales talk to us about staying motivated, hiring, leveraging technology, and keeping the phone fun. An episode filled with practical tips to modernize your approach for both XDRs and VPs of Sales who open, in fact also Senior XDRs.
  • Galem Girmay - Building a Sales Community Based on Trust Recorded: Oct 8 2020 28 mins
    You’re probably heard of RevGenius by now, and may even be a member. How has this community taken on so many members in such a short time?

    Galem Girmay joins us this week on The Sales Development Podcast to talk about her journey co-founding the community, how it helps its members, and what you can do to contribute and gain value from joining a community.

    If you’ve been following this trend and are interested in the background of communities, this one’s for you!

    Want to accelerate your career? Subscribe to the Sales Development Newsletter for weekly updates and new research. http://eepurl.com/cPHLsb

    #SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing #community
  • Practical approaches to research at scale. Recorded: Oct 7 2020 28 mins
    Nadir Mansor built GR8 Insight himself after working at Degreed to solve fast relevance and business acumen. He walks through fearless approaches to landing C-Level meetings, how he thinks about personalization and effective ways to execute outreach. We talk about the future of sales systems and what needs to be built. Visionary episode!
  • Iron Man, Hostage Negotiation, and Communications Excellence Recorded: Oct 2 2020 28 mins
    Josh Braun of Sales DNA has grown wildly popular for writing the Bad Ass B2B Growth Guide. He apprenticed under Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, and was also a teacher. His dedication to excellence in work product for training, coaching, elite athletics, and applying authors like Chris Voss, is singular in the world. This episode is action-packed and may surprise you!
  • Bryan Whittington - What Sales Development Leaders can learn from Outsourced SD Recorded: Sep 30 2020 39 mins
    As an Outsourced SDR company you must make demanding clients happy day-in and day-out. It’s a relentless machine that needs to be kept well-oiled at all times.

    Bryan Whittington runs his company like a fine watch at EBS/Growth, and walks us through lessons he’s learned in working with countless clients on how to drive more appointments and pipeline using modern Sales Development tactics.

    This one is gold for anyone running a high performance Sales Development program!

    Want to accelerate your career? Subscribe to the Sales Development Newsletter for weekly updates and new research. http://eepurl.com/cPHLsb

    #SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing #salesengagement
  • Sales Engagement to optimize the Field! Recorded: Sep 30 2020 29 mins
    Kristin Hersant, VP of Marketing, at Groove talks to us about very specific ways that field account executives can not just leverage touch patterns within sales engagement systems but workspaces to collaborate more effectively between SDRs and AEs. We talk about product roadmap, user-friendly interfaces, and creating champions for SEPs. Great episode to understand what's unique about Groove in the marketplace.
  • Rachel Haley The Power of RevOps in Sales Development Recorded: Sep 25 2020 27 mins
    Rachel Haley and her firm, Clarus Designs, have made a big splash in the Sales Development community by focusing on a need most programs currently have: streamlining and connecting the various systems plugged in to support an SDR team.

    One look at the Tenbound Market Map and you’ll understand why RevOps has become such a critical component to the success of an Sales Development program.

    Dive in here and learn about how they go about turning a Rube Goldberg machine into high performance SDR powerhouse!

    Want to accelerate your Sales Development RevOps? Subscribe to the Sales Development Newsletter for weekly updates. http://eepurl.com/cPHLsb

    #SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing
  • C-Level Laser Targeting Recorded: Sep 24 2020 30 mins
    Steve Hall is the heavyweight champion of going after the CEO. All the way to the top. He has simple tips that all reps need to hear about "show 'em you know 'em." His dry sense of humor powers this episode into the stratosphere. The Tech is getting in the way if you don't nail his laser-focused H2H tips first.
  • [WEBINAR REPLAY] Top 10 Trends in Sales Development Today Recorded: Sep 22 2020 48 mins
    Join your host Tenbound Founder/CEO David Dulany as he reviews the latest research on Sales Development and breaks down the Top 10 Trends in the Sales Development industry today. A must attend for anyone interested in Sales Development today!

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  • Crossing the Uncanny Valley Recorded: Sep 22 2020 31 mins
    Jeremey Donovan, SVP Strategy at SalesLoft, talks about the future of technology, the "uncanny valley" near AI, Diversity & Inclusion email results, and the process of writing books in this dynamic episode.
  • What is a Chief Revenue Officer? Recorded: Sep 17 2020 48 mins
    A few years ago, the CRO role came bursting on the scene, with the promise of unifying Marketing, Sales and Success into one coherent Revenue unit. Fast forward and the dream never really materialized. What happened? And can the promise be realized.
    Join VanillaSoft CRO Darryl Praill and Tenbound CEO David Dulany as they break down how a CRO should operate today.
  • The CEO who Sells Recorded: Sep 17 2020 32 mins
    Amir Reiter runs a 200 person nearshore operation but still gets on the phone himself to test it. He discusses the most cutting edge techniques, mindset, and novel ways of going to market in this episode.
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